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disciplines of that i’m sure everybody else out there to the u_n_ wants to lead to sell hero what last year do you realize you were so you go along all the sudden here press that your service at the graduate came along with the character what become a songwriter yourself in the office and one day you were yesterday gradually came about pakka while some songs of freedom covers kundu anymore as desdemona slowly guidance on which is sort of graduates when you’re acute u_n_ ins and lead to something that she did retire you know that’s probably high school and and uh… charities in college was invented you were as a rock and a repairman fifty f soft money that go with their status there that things are very encore suddenly started so did you write songs for the day is our i’ve got a couple but it was a real big integrated even college it was after college stick he started to think about it limited is situated remember what was your first concert your first day date format concert you went to in in how to devastate well i guess somebody that i saw um… you know uh well you know your your your first concert when your son after the crowd watching these guys that there be rockstar this you know i don’t think it’s going back to the jobs yet at the hotel is is that radar detectors discovery europe used to go davinci concerts and i think one person to person with neil young and straight after his uh acoustic stuff set up the n_f_l_ spread one of the earliest looks like from you know yeah suddenly and i saw the ah… the when we came out with there was this big fender amplifier level he doesn’t have a go ahead rage eliminated the first part is seeking the distinct separate came off the air for distribution around this issue really of level discovery believe stage and they have a cedia why do i have a c_d_ out called to keep them and it’s a lot of uh… tropical flavored stuff on there it did to keep them earlier we recorded and a first in a unit comes back from the makers and in like you had at your hand and looking down at dole and he really is what do you think how does that make you feel coming in and people kind of imagine that out there the whole world i can get a record and when i finally get one back which did inevitability accomplish something of sadness in your records a good record from first started we planned that yet we like knowledge of a rather slowly dana and i like having a big problem that may have had an email when else will somaria disconnected picnic also nice outfit alleged that’s what you know what size detail what is being good morning to go back out and see where i’m pointing here since some bites and uh by cds from their arrival itunes as well film and i just wish you all the luck in the world thank you for coming a_t_f_ absence for some stupid yeah fifty more so i think that idea that it’s a great place against that works for you know a lot speaking ability ke time cd that i have a appeals to not enough to know if that cd something like this one without the reggae band and also what i think uh… there aren’t enough in uh musical here and uh… actually everybody runs them but music also fabulous place that one thank him for have a nice spokesman said um fifty or sixty years are brand rocking and just got its own kadhi u_n_ great there is a big storm brewing on the little rascals just remember there’s going to be browder days when they’ll be symbol

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