between the country that we’re in and the country that we have to go to we’re in some of the worst head spots in the world they’ve been leaving out of the air force base group eight but today we’re leaving out of jorge chavez which is the international airport this lady is spraying down each bag before they come into the airport this is what an empty airport looks like it’s really happening we’re leaving peru almost every seat is taken in this thing like look look back here we’re alex and lindsey two travelers who are exploring south america when suddenly strict lockdown began leaving us stuck abroad we’ve been here for months and even though lockdown is lifted things in peru are far from normal we’re documenting the whole thing and sharing it with you we can’t believe it we’re on our way to the lima airport to leave to mexico city and then to finally go home somehow we managed to get all of our stuff in two bags a carry-on a checked bed with a personal item and two hats oh and two hats campers let’s go so usually i’m a backpacker or we’re both backpackers with only backpacks but we were in cusco so long and we had to get so many gifts and souvenirs for people that we got a couple of these as well and peruvian sweaters of course we have to get like 20 of those yeah when lockdown hits and you’re somewhere for six months you end up accumulating items the two hats aren’t coming off we literally started feeling like we were never gonna leave peru after six months so this feels surreal right now i can’t believe we’re actually leaving so if you didn’t watch our other video explaining we’ve been in peru for about six months stuck here since the lockdown and luckily last minute about a week or two ago we found a kind of like a repatriation flight to mexico for mexicans and we’re able to get on that and it’s a lot cheaper so we thought we better take this we better take this now because the country is going on to strip the lockdown again and they don’t know if they’re gonna open their borders for another year or half a year and peru is the second highest in deaths in the world for kovid despite their strict lockdown measures things still aren’t good here so we feel like it’s time to go home and we know things aren’t great in the u.s i’m sure it’s going to look a lot different than when they left it yeah not much better in the us between the country that we’re in and the country that we have to go to we’re in some of the worst head spots in the world but we don’t have much of a choice at this point so we’ll see what this process is like uh they’re having us arrive about four hours early to the airport which is double the time that we would normally arrive so we have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of paperwork and standing in lines great this is going to be a fun day good thing i brought chocolate cake we’re going to try to show you the whole process or everything that we’re able to show you i don’t know if they’ll allow cameras or what but we’ll try foreign outside to get into the airport previously they’ve been leaving out of the air force base group eight but today we’re leaving out of jorge chavez which is the international airport so hopefully that’ll be a better process so you wait in line here you go through this door and then these cameras get probably temperature and look right here this lady is spraying down each bag before they come into the airport everything is wrapped in plastic so they have the dog sniffer sniffing everyone’s luggage as they come in

it’s like all the protocols and security measures at airports now it’s all for us yay instead of a million people so pretty interesting usually these repatriation flights they’re only for the people of that country to take them but we’re meeting people and seeing people from all over the world we’re taking a mexican repatriation flight so they’re allowing us on but also from canada it looks like all over the world from asia europe so it’d be really interesting to hear everyone’s story i’m sure each person’s is so unique okay we made it through and lindsay somehow made it through with this big old bag here well we’re not on the plane yet we’ll see they might make an issue out of it because it’s a small local airline we just waited in line for about an hour and a half an hour and a half in just one of these so it looked like something that would have taken 10 minutes maybe 15 but it is going i got here early yeah it is going slow today it’s been kind of nice we’ve been talking to some people that have also been in the same situation as us waiting for a walk down the end waiting for flights to open back up and then eventually we all realized that wasn’t happening so we had to leave so we met several canadians now so i guess it’s mostly canadians and mexicans on this repatriation flight luckily we got on so now we’re gonna go find our gate so now we’re going in because of the circumstances we didn’t have a choice we had to overstay our visa totally empty wow and look at this you’re not allowed to sit in every other seat see this should not tell you wow nobody at the airport and this is kind of a big airport too this is what an empty airport looks like almost nobody they’re probably at the gate the people that are going with us but nothing else only a couple of these places decided to stay open and look at this even this little uh what do you call it even this little move-in moving sidewalk thing has these wait what’s the name what’s the name of this thing it’s not an escalator it’s not a stairmaster i don’t know let us know if you know up to date on the turn but best thing about airports going home kind of really going home we’re going to mexico first we are going to mexico for a few days every other table how much does it cost for a cafe con later the price is in dollars okay already some reverse culture shock is setting in so we’re at a restaurant at the airport we know that airports are expensive but still it’s quite a shock to what we’ve been having so a torta de chocolate a chocolate cake 8 us dollars 50 cents 25 soles for a slice of cake and normally that would cost like five solids the whole time alex was looking at this menu i’m seeing it upside down and i’m like oh that’s not too bad then so like for a croissant yeah it’s ten dollars this is gonna be hard to get used to four dollar coffee hope it’s good normally this would be two dollars we we’ve been used to good priced food finally we’re here at our gate we’re this much closer to getting home and we are thirsty people right now and

there are no drinking fountains at this airport the cheapest bottle of water a small bottle of water is three dollars so that’s crazy lately we’ve been paying like 20 cents 25 cents for a bottle of water or maybe 50 cents depending where you go thank goodness we have this grail water bottle it has a purifier system built in so we can fill this up with sink water purify it and drink it this is one of our essentials we always travel with the grail so you can get safe water anywhere like in airports where if they have a water fountain you can get it out of there you can get all the bathroom sink and it can be safe and fresh so you save money you help the environment and you know you’ll have water everywhere you go alex will leave the link for this below so you can buy one this is a life saver all right i just found out that we had to fill out these forms and they are requiring us to wear face shields which we had no idea about so i have to go buy some and hope i have enough money and apparently they’re selling them here at the airport i wonder how much they’ll charge us okay good news this lady just found me and found out that we actually don’t need the face shield i was about to spend twenty dollars for two of them about to hand over my money she’s like wait i found out you don’t need them on the plane you have a waiver don’t have to wear them it’s good it’s really happening we’re leaving peru this is very bittersweet this has become like home to us until we leave we still have to step on the circles i follow you guys on youtube okay we’re almost on we are going home passport i don’t have your boarding pass want to say hello yes hey guys i’ve been following you so many months okay take it easy so pretty cool we’ve been recognized a couple times already at the airport probably because these are the people that have been stuck in peru so they’re the ones that were also watching they can relate yeah it was relatable other tourists that were stuck here for a long time so it’s fun to meet the subscribers that have been commenting behind the screen yeah it’s more real now as always stuff on the circles sadly we’re not sitting by each other but we’re gonna try to maneuver and see if we can make it happen here we go look at all these masks look at this can’t believe this is actually happening we are on the plane so we know we’re going home so we assumed that they wouldn’t put people next to each other they would social distance at least one seat yeah in an airport they do that in the airport they do that in buses and all these things and here they’re not tell me please wow so we assumed that we were gonna have space in between each person like we did in the airport but yeah but that’s not the case so it seems like a really full flight and that is something also we weren’t expecting it seems like almost every seat is taken in this thing like look look back here we were trying to sit next to each other and it was proven to be pretty difficult because people kept coming and taking their seats but they made it happen they were super accommodating and are letting us sit by each other ah everybody’s trying to get home and look at the flight attendants they’re all in full covered garb all right so for this repatriation plate we paid about a thousand dollars to get to mexico city and then we need to get a flight to go home so in total probably thirteen hundred dollars each we took this flight because the ones that we were looking at before to get to the u.s the whole process of getting back would cost about 3 000 u.s that’s just way too much even though yeah a third of the cost it’s still very expensive but we thought we better hop on this one before flights stop and before we’re stuck in

peru for another half a year which probably will happen to people very soon because borders are not opening so what’s crazy is this flight is almost completely full so that means every single person on this flight has been in peru for six months like we have stuck and not able to return home till now so we think this is about a five hour flight to mexico city neither of us have a window seat so we won’t really be able to show you completely the view that we’re gonna have but we’ll try to show you when we’re flying into mexico if possible and then the next few videos will be in mexico so get ready for some tequila take a look at all the masks and really quick if you’re new here make sure you subscribe and click the notification button to get notified of all our videos because we’re traveling around the world and we’re sharing it all with you we have left peruvian soil we’ve been on the ground in peru for the last six months six months march the beginning of march we’ve been in peru and we are off the ground so we’re not in peru anymore this is crazy okay guys i’m getting bored so let’s do a quick bathroom tour especially if you’ve never been on a flight this might be interesting to you to see a bathroom on an airplane so let me know in the comments if you’ve never been on a plane before take a look at this so you have a sink right here think you have some soap here you can hold on to this if you find yourself in turbulence i don’t know what this is exactly here is the toilet so look at this look at this two rolls of toilet paper cigarette and very small guys this is all you have here just enough to go all right i think we’re done can we sit here wow we just arrived we just landed in mexico we almost can’t believe that we’re not in peru anymore after all this time it will not feel real until i’m home sleeping in my bed so this ended up being a five hour flight and now we’re just waiting to get off the plane and if we have time tonight we’re gonna celebrate with some tacos and margaritas and maybe we’ll film that for you guys if not tonight then we’ll show you it tomorrow because that’s all we’re gonna do when we’re in mexico this is where our south america journey began about seven months ago we started in mexico city and now we’re ending in mexico city the weird circle but we like it in one way because we really miss the food mexican food is some of the best in the world and we’re gonna have a lot of it oh yes guacamole tacos enchiladas margaritas

i look like the world’s biggest dork sorry that you guys have had to look at me like this look at this furry sweater two hats her yellow flowery mask of course we were the last ones out we were pretty much the last people off the plane and then we went to the wrong baggage plane they told us the wrong area so we were last there as well lost out of the airport but we have an uber that came right on time all i’ve had to eat today is cake and an empanada and we’ve been up since what seven a.m yeah it’s 8 p.m and we’ve had half a bottle of water each and we’ve just been thinking about that sweet sweet mexican food and that just makes us more hungry we better still be open by the time we get to here yeah once there be nothing but like a convenience store we’d be so upset it feels so good to be here it’s so weird not being in peru it’s gonna take months to get over that i’m gonna think that like every day multiple times a day whenever we wake up we’re gonna assume we’re still on lockdown it’ll be so weird to wake up tomorrow and i think we’ll probably still think we’re in peru but we’ll be like where are we we’re in mexico of all places and they did stamp our passport for 180 days but they said we could only be here technically for three or four i guess we maybe could have stayed longer but maybe if our flight doesn’t take off then we’ll be in mexico longer we’d be okay with that do you want postcards from around the world right now i am writing and drawing on postcards to my subscribers if you want to join my patreon click the link below you’ll be supporting the channel and you’ll be getting something pretty cool with a drawing from me hey thanks for making it all the way through this video if you want to watch more click one of these videos subscribe because i’m traveling all around the world and i’m sharing the whole thing with you thanks