#87 Ed Talks Starting your spiritual development journey

basically what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna walk you through if you’re now watching I’m going to walk you through the process of starting your spiritual journey I would normally say personal development journey but I realize it’s more as with spiritual than personal development although it is personal development this is Ed talks daily where I bring a motivational personal development topic for you to help you develop as I develop myself right so all of these downloads I’m just sharing them with you in the form of a podcast thank you for tuning in every Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. all right so I want you to sit and actually think of your first time realizing something along the lines of yo I’m actually powerful I want you to literally think about the first time that you thought to yourself yo I’m actually powerful like I can actually do a lot more when was the first time you actually started to believe in yourself and what caused you to believe in yourself that’s the question number one and question number two is when was the first time that you said there got to be more than this like literally it has to be more than like than just this when you literally didn’t only see yo I’m powerful but yo there’s a lot more life when was that time and how did you feel and what did it get you to do okay I want you to really think about that moment and another moment is when did you find yourself seeking? when did you find yourself seeking? how does seeking look like? well seeking is someone who’s not hungry for souls like a hungry ghost but someone who’s hungry to feed their soul I want you to hear that to be curious is not someone who’s hungry; feeding off of other people’s souls, we call these people hungry ghosts but those whose determined to fill up their own souls which means they want to acquire wisdom that’s going to fill them up there’s two different types of hunger the hunger of cannibalism and the hunger of self cultivation now not cannibalism in the form of eating someone’s flesh but cannibalism in the sense of eating up someone’s time and taken up their life and what that mean is some people are hungry ghosts which means they roam around looking for someone to prey on now they’re not gonna eat your flesh but they’re gonna do worse they’re gonna eat up your wellness right these are the people who find out how they can use and manipulate people to get what they want some of these people we call them narcissists we call them Psychopaths these are the people who are hungry ghosts who come in your life to literally take over your life and take over you so we want to be people who are hungry to fill up our souls not people who are hungry to eat up other people up and how does that look like how does that look like well some people find about you and then they use you against you all right so I don’t know if you know that’s happening but I want to bring up your awareness level so you’re no longer stuck in oblivion and the truth of the matter is some people literally know enough about you and your history and they realize the type of person you are, your way of coping, your love styles, your traumas, your pain, your hurt, your family issues they’re clearly they clearly know, they may not be a psychologist but somehow they did their research and they know and these people utilize this information about you to manipulate you, to upset you, to control you who does that the most? the government, the system but other people do it like regular people, your friends do it and what it is is it’s called manipulation by studying you so I know you and manipulate so those people are hungry ghosts they manipulate you to get what they want other people feed you right those people feed into your spirit you walk in a room with them, they’re not trying to take anything from you but they’re willing to give you their clothes off their backs and what’s most important about those people is some of these peopl, they never really asked for anything back, all they want is the best for you those people are so authentic that you need to treasure them and be like them right so I said all of that to say my first question all right

the first question that I asked you was before I got to this point was are you hungry for it are you hungry for knowledge are you hungry to feed your soul all right we want to get to the point where you’re hungry to feed your soul and not hungry to feed off the soul of others okay so what did they say if you teach a man how to fish he’ll eat for a life well if you teach a man how to fish from a pond if you teach a man how to fish from an unlimited pond of wisdom they will get unlimited wisdom but if you teach a man how to rob fishes you’re gonna get leftovers right so do you want to go to the source or do you want to get leftover fish do you want to get the fish they throw off board or do you want to get the fish that comes from the deep ocean it’s up to you so that’s what we do when we’re hungry ghosts we go simply for the remains but we want to be seeking for wisdom all right so how does that look like all right there we go you want ideas to excite you all right imagine you’re reading a book right and they have points this is one of the points you want ideas to excite you which means as you watch this it should be getting a little bit more exciting for you like yo this should cause intellectual curiosity sapiosexual and this should cause intellectual curiosity so what that means is as you start your spiritual journey unless you find yourself spiritually curious, unless you find yourself curious to learn, curious to explore then you’re not really in that journey yet right if you find yourself stuck to only your ideas and rebuke any other thing then maybe you’re actually spiritually out of whack right the point is not to make a point, the point is to see the point right we don’t start a spiritual journey so we can make a point and call it a det or find out what is the point like what is the point of life what is the point of being that’s what we’re starting this process to begin with you know what I mean and then in doing that we suddenly find ourselves adding on and creating the point of life all right so the first thing the first question that I ask is are you curious and follow-up to that is you have to become intellectually enthused and you should be aroused y ideas that get in your mind now when you’re enthusing and aroused and you’re excited, you’re erected now what do you want to do? you want to seek now you want to seek for a form of expression like I’m comparing sexual expression because I feel like spiritually growing is a lot like sex right it’s what is yoga mean? to yolk, to make one of multiple systems to make one what is being holy mean? to make one Holistic – to bring all components together as a whole and make one something about one seems to be very important right so from that we could say so the point is to become one that’s interesting, that’s interesting now how do I become one? do you communicate with the one? the one who knows how to be the one remember in the matrix when neo which is the major character is like he’s the one Neo represented a savior for the human race being the one, the one and the Bible also refers to one and only the Bible refers to the one and only if you watch the matrix, they talk about the one so being one with yourself

and being one with the divine have a lot of significance so being aligned spiritual alignment is very important all right so while the cat is underneath the table Hitting up my tripod there’s like ten cats around here and one of them seems to like me and I know you’re about to say yo you got ten cats? I don’t have ten cats I said there’s ten cats around here you okay anyways that’s off the subject quick sidenote let’s get back on point so it’s about coming together, being one so first when you become spiritually you become curious now you’re gonna find out how do I put all of this together? right how do I live in integrity? so we start with curiosity, then we start with learning about ourselves learning about the different things that makes us and then we’re like how do I yoke these things together to live the best life that I can right so when we’re curious and we learn I’m gonna let you know about this and soon I’m gonna transition just from it’s just really personalize it for you but when we’re curious and then we learn there’s usually a gap between learning and applying right and application of what you learn is wisdom right how come we don’t apply what we learned ? where is where is the gap? INTEGRITY when you’re in one, you’re holy but when you’re in one with your values, you’re living in integrity okay I want you to hear these two points and you could research the words in one with the divine, the rules of God, you’re holy when you’re in one with the rules that you’ve adopted and made for yourself , you’re in integrity it is then about integrating what you learned and acquired, downloaded and living in integrity, living in one with what you know so you’re like now okay this is cool I’m let me try to live in one yo I’ve tried it but sometimes I still get off-track how do i how do I get back on there well I need to live in one with what I know so I have to live in accordance to my value but what if I’m not really conscious of those values then how do I really live off values I’m not conscious of? why do they talk about consciousness an nest of consciousness, a nest of conscious beings consciousness is really powerful because literally consciousness is not a movement consciousness is not like a hip word right now, consciousness is the universe the universal combination of multiple conscious beings so consciousness combines different consciousness when we talk about consciousness, we’re really talking about the essence of God we’re really talking about knowing that we’re alive, knowing that we are right knowing the difference between right and wrong but my question is did consciousness come to men when they ate from the tree of good and evil or where men conscious before then? I want you to hear this kind of deep ,I’m just downloading this so when the Bible talks about eating the fruit that will let you know what’s good and what’s evil , my thing is was consciousness introduced to the world when men and women knew the difference between good and evil or were they conscious before? all right those are two different conscious levels the first Adam before getting kicked out of the garden was conscious I mean how can you be a being and not be conscious he was conscious because he cultivated

to care and manage the garden how would you know how would you do that without consciousness right how would you possibly do that without being conscious but then at some point they started to derive away from the clean and pure consciousness of God, so they stopped being as holy as they were there was no longer became in one as much with the divine because now there are not only conscious of good but there were also conscious of evil and then the battle between good and evil started from that point and then Cain and Abel then just said let me really show you this mental battle in the physical world, so I think the story I don’t think but the story of Cain and Abel came to show what happens when we become conscious of both sides which means that we was never unconscious to begin with but we became conscious of other things which means now we must choose what we’re going to choose to be conscious of What we’re gonna do to empower in our conscious there’s one thing to be conscious of it but are you going to empower it in your conscious? so I could be conscious of evil but will I empower evil in my mind? if I’m conscious of good, then I will empower good in my mind and in my reality will I be holy to good? would I be in one with it? would I be in integrity with the values of being good okay so now that shows you that it’s all about you being conscious every day so that you can be spiritually aware of what’s happening what that is saying even how you’re reacting even what you’re doing even the way you’re taking in information based on how people are acting towards you we can start to be conscious and observing those things and then we can do something about right so we started by being curious and let’s be let’s go back to Adam and Eve Eve must have been curious hmm what’s gonna happen if I eat this I wonder what I’m gonna know this is just remember this when you’re starting your journey on spirituality it isn’t always just good because when you go through this spirituality is not just connection and communication with what’s good it’s connection and communication with spiritual forces and spiritual forces, you know there are all types of spiritual forces which means you start your spiritual journey you’re like what will happen if I eat the screw it might be you’re gonna wake up either ways but you might wake up on the wrong side of the bed you know I mean you might wake up somewhere else so you got to be conscious of that right So Eve was like what would happen? Eve was curious Eve was like I’m curious, what’s happening here? and it’s like you know what Adam come come here come – come – you might find something up about us I think God is not telling us the whole truth we want to know everything right so we’re very aware and we’re curious okay so they’re like boom I’m gonna take the action let’s just heat it and now oh shoot I didn’t take the fruit I don’t realize I’m naked okay now I realize my true origin right I’m just I’m gonna put this in laymen terms when we eat the fruit of truth we see that we are actually naked right and what does that mean we become conscious of our animal nature’s we become conscious of our mammalian brain and I’m making this relation science and science

and religion science and spirituality because when we see our bodies we realize oh shoot I have a penis or I have a vagina thank you realize you’re naked so you’re seeing a sexual organ but the thing about sexual organs and also your animal nature and your reproductive system is that a lot of the choices that we make are based off of it right which means we are making our choices based on our body urges and when we become conscious of things we just start to be conscious of what we’re doing with our body and then we can either cover it up i before if everybody ruled the world naked and it was okay but now it seems it’s more holy – how close are them to be naked cuz make it a shun upon so in the beginning being naked is being just part of nature every animal is technically naked right every animal besides humans we wear clothes so I’m really wondering right now and this is another thing about your spiritual development about your spiritual development you want to develop spiritually so you can download insights that other people don’t help you see so the point of spiritual development is to see it’s not to live according to laws but it’s to directly download the laws into your being that you don’t even have to think about the laws, it comes so naturally it’s almost as if and I’m not gonna say laws but the principles of God is hardwired into every being but you gotta tap into it so we think about I’m gonna become a spiritual person I got to follow everything in the Bible am I gonna say don’t no I’m not I’m telling you whatever the scripture that you read I must have nothing follow it I’m saying you gotta get to a point where you’re not just following the Bible and don’t mistake me on this one don’t take me wrong, when your being becomes the word in the beginning, there was the word and the Word was God so if we are made in the image of God, we should be the word we should not just know the word or meet the word or follow the word we automatically know, it should be in our consciousness to be downloaded into our soul sometimes I do the podcast in my human being when I’m not being a vessel to Express normally I don’t explore those thoughts around the realms of those realms of thought when I don’t initiate the process of tapping into it I guess in the living world, not in the being world In the physical world, Thank you Dayjah conscious understanding, Thank You Bradley In the living world I’m just living life but when I get into the spiritual world I start downloading information that I can directly apply which means when you get and this is happening right now right so which means when you spiritually develop You get to a point where if you sit with your higher-self you can ask your self questions you need to get the answers and that’s really cool it says if I need to have a conversation with God what are you gonna do when you have a conversation with God? you’re gonna sit in prayer now I want you to think about it God. there is 7 billion people on the planet and we say there’s one God 7 billion to one when I was a kid, I used to think about that visually I was like, if I had 7 billion kids, how will I be able to know all of their issues and problems and troubles and pains and how will I be able to prescribe solutions? how would I be able to heal beings, 7 billion of them hear their thoughts, monitor their actions, judge them for what they do wrong, imprison them for their sins and forgive them regardless how will I be able to do that? I’m just saying all the images that we’ve heard I’ve heard of authorative parental figure as God right and now it’s been completely left skewed; a white man with a beard which is not true okay

which is not you right so if God is a spirit which means that when you communicating to God you’re not communicating to the white man and the beer or the black man and the beer shout say God is more of a woman than the man but I’m not going to say that we don’t know people to come out but God is a spirit right and I and I’m not confident I’m just saying God has no face in that sense that we see it but somebody said we were made in His image though I think maybe when they talked about the image there wasn’t talking about just how you need like how you look maybe they were talking about the image of the Spirit I say that all that to say when we’re communicating with God and I’m not saying I’m right or wrong let’s just explore these ideas when information with God it’s almost as if our spirit is getting in touch with the spirit of everything right and in that communication with communicating and then we’re able to get insights sites we’re able to get answers we’re gonna get words we can see more we have visions we can envision the solution right so conversations with God is normally starts from the God within yourself but when we’re if the Holy Spirit want to find a place to reside is the Holy Spirit gonna live in a unholy place I don’t think so I think the Holy Spirit is looking for a holy place greater one that’s in one with the spirit which means you want to become in one with everything first you got to becoming one with yourself there are practices that are spiritual but it’s not adopted by all spiritual people in fact spiritual people often shunned him because of maybe there’s a taboo or a lack of understanding towards that so let’s say yoga or Qigong or something like that a lot of Christians don’t want to do yoga because they’re like is it demonic is it what I’m like would God not want you to okay madam diminish the worth of yoga what God not wants you to yoke all your different chakras together well God not want you to stretch out the tightness and release the stagnation so that you can be aligned and so you can open up your third eye you can clear out you pituitary gland and detoxify your pineal if God gave you all of this don’t you think he wanted to opt for a menacing anymore what you want God wanted to operate at its best of course God wants you to operate your best so sometimes we must the dots of their practices so that we can get a line spiritual is not just virtual is also physical spiritual is not just spiritual but it’s also physical and what I’m saying by that is to be a spiritual being you can’t have your physical being out of whack and no offense to all the Christians all my folks who grew up with them with the church together but I’ve been the church I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t take their health as seriously but their spiritual but spiritual have to do it like the poor so we read the verse the Bible the book is your body is a temple if you like okay my body is a temple but I think my temple deserves fried chicken and then we’re like my body is a temple I can’t wear your dresses well okay I get you that was alright but yeah the body is a temple you cannot wear short dresses that’s good but make sure you eat best food you’re like ah I don’t know I’ve been growing up on chicken my whole life that’s good I don’t want to try that in you you’re like what’s wrong with it

anyways my body is a temple wash what you put in it okay you say your body’s a temple and then you don’t you don’t exercise you don’t even work out you don’t go to the gym you don’t even breathe you don’t even breathe intentionally you don’t sit and meditate because apparently meditation is is for the devil what and this says meditate on my word all day but meditation is somehow you see what I’m saying so there is a disconnection with the things that’s spiritual we don’t even do them and we say they’re bad we shun them away I saw somebody said sound healing is witchcraft I was like what I was like we sound hurt on the cutting of the we sound hurt all the time we do sound hurting things I think that’s more witchcraft inside healing what I mean by that is if I’m listening to 528 Hertz that’s scientifically proven to help me heal right if I’m have a bowl that’s sending those frequencies and vibrations because I am made of frequency and vibration then that’s good I’m healing myself how’s that witchcraft yep you see where I’m saying Easter I’m coming from so and your spiritual development you got to open up your mind don’t close your mind with the walls that were limited for these okay and call it understanding don’t stand under your limiting beliefs we call their understanding so you’re like yo this is what I believe is – I understand you may be standing underneath limiting beliefs and not understanding nothing so don’t stand underneath your limiting beliefs and call it understanding which means don’t look at what you think is right and say this is only right if you hear somebody say this is the only right way run out okay just remember this if you hear somebody say this is the only right way there’s no other way but this you have to run out you have to run out now I’m not saying to not have firm beliefs I’m saying have firm beliefs with a openness that there is a possibility that maybe wrong the wisest of them all know that the what I do know is that I know nothing what I do know is that I know nothing and in knowing no thing I’m allowed ‘add to get in touch with everything because in nothing everything sits and no thing everything came from from the darkness came the light in the beginning there was nothing and then boom there was something right so when we’re not attached to nothing we’re tat we’re connected to everything when they’re not attached to nothing we’ll connected to everything if you will not attach to our status in the world not attached to our ideas and beliefs not attached to our past not attached to people not attached the money not attached to anything but connected with everything the law of attachment when he starts you’re great with journey you’re gonna learn certain law I’ll be bringing in more laws to earth to you but the law of not attacking two things is really big in this world of spirituality in the spiritual world because really what keeps us box is our attachment I want you to think about you and get stuck in the ring when you’re stuck in the rain the reason why you are really worried it’s not because you’re worried about getting wet to be honest you take a shower all the time you are worried about either your phone getting wet your clothes getting wet your keys your bag your something you have or your hair and then you’re probably worried about the feeling of how you’re going to feel being wet in a

place you’re supposed to be dry so you are attached to the things and then you’re attached to like the way you want to feel or beat so it’s all at attachment about what’s going to happen and it’s not living in what’s happening we’re not dancing in the rain anymore because we’re so worried about getting wet but you actually love taking a shower you love staying on the water for 30 minutes when you pay for it but when God blesses you with it they’re like no it’s like we go on a roller coaster for a thrill and then God says let me take you on this life roller coaster you’re like god this is too scary for me I don’t want to deal with it but yeah we’re gonna go to Disney World and get on the scariest ride and feel very excited so why don’t we ride on life with that level of excitement where the level of letting go less attachment more excitement attack more excitement less attachment that’s my message and I’m sticking to it somebody said keep it short and sweet and I’m gonna sweetly shorten it up take a cup a sip of tea as my message and I’m sticking to it thank you all for listening for watching every time I’m done with this I’m like holy crap let’s go back take some notes remember you got unlimited power in you to start to connect with the most high download everything you need to know but start with your level of curiosity improve your belief improve your openness don’t close your mind with your limiting ideas and vision but open up your vision don’t get stuck in the tableau that you don’t get to do what you were meant to do don’t get stuck in thinking everything is taboo don’t be the skeptic 4d be the mystic the reason why people call people mess statistics is because they’re skeptics so like I’m a skeptic so you must be a mystic but I’m not a mystic I’m just a spiritual being I’m just connecting and telling you what’s happening because I’m just in connection what’s happening they like you’re you’re a mystic don’t do that he escaped don’t be a skeptic and don’t be a mistake don’t miss take things don’t miss take you for a thing but take on the fact that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience and I say all that to say until you believe in that power the world forever miss all your gifts all your talents and all the great things you have to offer let your light shine don’t hide it don’t dim it thank you all for watching once again go to the podcast listen to it anchor FM /e d talk daily i want you to like this share it to somebody leave a comment all of this stuff is really really really going to make a big big big difference okay there was for those nine seven people watching on instagram today and believe it or not I haven’t gotten more than 15 people to watch long so every time you come to share it to 10 people let’s get the 15 people by Monday how about that contain people by Monday watching live on Instagram so with your help share this to your friends let them know tell them the holistic motivator drop some gems all right so I’m gonna let you enjoy your day thank you thank you thank you for watching alright Joe he’s