जीवन यात्रा भाग -2 : Journey Of Life Part – 2

In the lokik life too, you will observe, that, if the nature of the parents is to donate, then, this sanskar to donate, is found in the children, if the mother & father are intelligent, then, the children are also born intelligent, if the nature of the mother, father is kindness, forgiveness, love, these qualities are present in them, then, the same qualities are inherited by the children too, leave the present Iron Age, because in the religious texts too, it has been said about the Iron Age, that in the Iron Age, the children are not similar to the parents, the parents maybe kind, but the children maybe harsh, the parents maybe very loving, but the children maybe selfish and very far away from being loving, here everything is opposite, in the Iron Age, the Ganges flows in the opposite direction, but, the reality, is about the laws of Karma, that as the parents are, children are similar or alike them, now we need to think, if we consider ourselves, to be similar, to our real mother & father, i.e Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, are we like or similar to Him, what does it mean, to say, similar or like Supreme Father, Supreme Soul? what do I praise or glorify Supreme Father, Supreme Soul ? We should each one of us ask ourselves, what do I have to say about God? Will I say this that God is ocean of giving sorrow ? He gives sorrow to everyone, if anyone feels this, then, it is a very big mistake he is doing, it is a very big misunderstanding, misunderstanding, as today, in this gathering, mostly all are mothers and fathers, these mothers and fathers, need to keep their hands, on their hearts and question the self, that, whether you have this thought, of giving sorrow to your son or daughter, do you have this thought, that, I should give sorrow to my happy daughter, I should give sorrow to my son or daughter, if the child is doing a good work, then I should create obstacle in that, do you ever get such thoughts? You will never get such thoughts, we have heard of many such stories, that the son, harms the mother, even then, the mother’s heart, when the child is walking and hits against something, the heart of the mother, who has been harmed says, ‘child be careful, hope you have not hurt yourself anywhere?’ ‘Hope you are not in pain? hope you are not uneasy?’ Then it has been said, that, the son or daughter will become worthless, but the mother or father will never become unworthy, how much ever the son will be disturbed, the parents will have this good feelings, that the son improves himself and returns home, and once again by performing good actions, becomes happy, and get into the routine of doing actions in his life, always these feelings do exist. So, in the lokik, parents of two or four children, within them, there is such a huge and vast heart, then, Supreme Father, Supreme Soul is the Mother & Father of the infinite children, He is called as, ‘ Destroyer of Sorrow & Bestower of Happiness,’ whenever any one faced sorrow, person belonging to any caste, any language was spoken,

rich or poor, literate or illiterate, innocent, clever or cunning whoever it maybe, they go to the door of God with their application, in order to do away with their sorrow, they surrender to God, in order to get relief from sorrow, they call out to God, when the doctor too says, that, now I cannot do anything for this person, now, if the one above does anything or if this person, has done some charitable actions, then he will be saved, even then who is remembered, who saves that person? Who comes to help? The one above. Who is the one above? He is my Father. By calling Him as God, He becomes, someone distant and highest of highest personality, but, He is my Father, so how close the relation becomes, I have right over Father, in the court, the judge gives his decision, he punishes, the one who has committed mistakes, and whoever has not done any mistake, he releases him by declaring him to be innocent, such a big judge, when he returns home, his son, will make him a horse and sit over him, and the way you ride a horse, by pulling, the reins to control it, will ride over him, that child will tell his father, ‘move my horse, move,’ how much authority & right, he is a judge in the court, but, when he is in the house, he is my father, so, Supreme Soul is also my Father, my Mother, my Teacher, my Guru, my Friend, whatever relation you mention, lover, brother, sister, whatever relation you want you can establish with Him. So, the qualities in Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, how do you praise Him, that his glory is unlimited, He is Ocean of qualities and He is bestower of all powers, that is the reason, that all human beings, go before Him and ask from Him, some ask for wealth, some for virtues, some for powers, even among powers there are many powers, like some ask for power to tolerate, some ask for power to accomodate, some in order to forget the past, ask for the power to forget, some ask for the power to remember, in this way there are many qualities, some think that they should be able to speak, sweetly, some would like to do good actions, and I should be successful in that, some may think that I should not give anyone sorrow, some would like to give happiness to all, so, there is a variety of demand, in front of the Supreme Soul, so they ask for virtues, power from Him, so what does this mean ? He is store house of virtues, He is Ocean of all qualities, even after giving everyone, His store house is complete, what is an Ocean? It does not have any boundary, He is complete, in the same way, He is enriched with all powers, whichever power we need, we go to the doors of God, ‘Oh God, you give me powers,’ and He gives us if we take shelter from our heart and we remember Him through our heart, so, we attain powers from Him, So, there are many, many qualities with Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, He has knowledge, love, happiness, peace, has a large heart to forgive, He has everything, I am a soul, child of Supreme Soul, so, within me, all these qualities, should be coming in some percentages,

and they do happen, but, whatever is present within me, to increase it is my work, the father will teach his son the tricks of his business, he will involve the son in his business, why does he do it? So, that the child in the future, can do his business independently, not only do business, but in the business, he should increase the earnings, increase the wealth, should expand it, so in order to earn wealth, he teaches his son, all the techniques of business, now if the son, does not learn the business and brings about a loss for the business then what will the parents tell the child, they will continue to teach the child and ask him to do business, so in this way, continuously, they will make efforts on the child, and finally, they will see to it that he succeeds in his business, till then, they will not give up trying, similarly, Supreme Soul, Father, too gives us children godly knowledge, that knowledge, to be imbibed by us, in the form of power, meaning, the divine qualities should come within us, we should be enriched with powers, for that He teaches us Raj Yoga, and with godly knowledge and Raj Yoga, how to imbibe the divine qualities, how to make your life a success, that action is also taught to us, that, which actions, when performed, will make your life a success, and along with that, whatever we learnt from Him, as God gave me, He is bestower, he bestows everything, He is bestower of qualities, powers, whatever you ask Him, He is Bestower of blesings, He is a great donor, He is World Benefactor, so He gives us, so what should we learn, so we should learn to give, only taking is not our job, as we are children of God, so, we are not ordinary children, as God is highest of high, then, His children will also be highest of high, the son of King will be prince or princess, ordinary poor subjects’ child will also be like that only, so we are the highest of high child of God, so, as He gives everything to us, then, we too, should make ourselves as bestowers, meaning, the creator of those, we are gods, one who gives, the children of Bestower, we bestowers are gods, so we have to inculcate the divine qualities, if we do not imbibe the divine qualities, then what happens, like, the parents teach good sanskars, if the son or daughter do not imbibe them, then what happens, the parents prestige is gone, so the parents become very unhappy, so Supreme Father, Supreme Soul gives us godly knowledge, easy Raj Yoga, by teaching us to imbibe the divine virtues, He also teaches us to donate & do charitable actions, donate to others and earn reward for the self, because when we earn rewards, these rewards, when I am faced with such a situation in my life, then, that action, which earned me rewards, will protect me, they will help me, and that reward for actions done, is called as the true earnings of life, and this earning will go along with us, other wise how do people go, empty handed, how much ever palaces, fields, bank balance I may have, how much ever wealth, gold, silver, diamonds I may have, pearls, ruby and also have a very big family,

100,150 members may be there in my big family, but, all of you have understood, when we go away from here, the soul when it leaves this body, then what goes along with me, will anything from above go along ? Nothing will go along, yes, if anything will accompany, the lines of charitable actions which I have made, of earnings, they will come of use in the next birth, they go along with me. It has been said, that Sikander had won all the kingdoms, in the world, but, when he was dying he said, ‘when you take my body, after my death, you keep my hands open, you may tie other parts, but, my hands, let it be seen to the world, keep it open in that way, why? So, that people should know that Sikander won the world, but, how did he go away, empty handed What goes along with us, for that, we need to start to move on that path if we are children, even then, we need to start, if we are young, even then, we need to go ahead on that path, and if we are old, we are retired, even then, we have to go on the same path, this path, does not ask us to leave the home & family, leave the business, leave the job, we by keeping all that, we can make our earnings, but, we have to learn the method for the earnings, we have to learn the methods and ideas for it, so in order to learn that, when God comes to this world, He opens a Vishwa Vidyalaya, opens a Gita Pathshala and in that Vishwa Vidyalaya, all Baba’s children, belonging to any religion, caste, language, Baba means, Supreme Soul father, children of that Supreme Father, Supreme Soul, come to that Vidyalaya and attain these teachings, you go to gatherings of Guru, and read the religious texts, Why? Why do you do devotion? Why do you go on pilgrimages? You donate & do charitable actions, give food to the poor, gives clothes to those who do not have clothes, why? Those who do not have a home, you provide shelter, why? Because by doing all this, our earnings, for charitable actions are accumulated, so God comes and gives us true knowledge, powers, and on the basis of them, inside us, which divine qualities, we need to imbibe in our life, He teaches us that and for earning, rewards for charitable actions done, what should be donated and what should be given to everyone, as a bestower, that He teaches us. Whenever anyone leaves his body and goes, then, at that moment, we all get this dispassion very nicely, we go to the cemetry and these thoughts keep arising at that moment, and no other thought comes to our mind, at that time we get all the thoughts of detachment, we will do like this, we will do like that, very nice elevated actions, we will perform, such thoughts come to us, the monkey which is present within, which was peaceful, will slowly start to jump, then once again, that vice of lust, anger, attachment, once again that affection, attachment, greed, anger,

all will once again start to emerge, and where ever we we were, the same way, we will proceed with our life, everything is forgotten, the good things are forgotten, those which we cannot remember, we become like the bullocks of the bullock cart and we continue our life cycle in the same way, and then when we are faced with sorrow, we once again run to God, repeatedly we keep aking, children of Bestower, we repeatedly go to His door and ask for alms, not only do we beg for alms, but, that Bestower, who is giving us, we bribe Him also, saying, if you solve my this problem, then I will do this, I will do that, the different actions of devotion, to light lamp, to garland, offer flowers to the deities, to offer food to the poor, give clothes, we think of many such solutions, and we think that God will become happy, will go to the temple, the Bestower, has bestowed a lottery of Rs 1 crore, I became happy, went to the temple and put Rs 101/ in the donation box, and I tell God,’ Thank you God, you have given me this,’ but, what did we give God in return, did we do justice, this we need to think God has given me such nice clothes for the entire life, what am I doing? Did I give any poor person, clothes, God gives me such nice food, how many poor people have I fed food ? When we think of all these things, these are physical things, but, how many people have I given happiness, how many people have I given peace? how manty people have I shown the path for doing good actions? Try to do accounting of this, the year is over, Diwali comes, March month comes, whenever the time comes, we keep the books of accounts and worship them, but, in reality, is my books of accounts worthy of being worshipped? Really, have I created my Karmic accounts like this, that I can worship that Book of Karmic accounts? So, in order to make your life elevated, in order to make the Karmic Book of accounts of your life, whatever God says, that we should do