Trying foods from an other country!

I reached it I’m gonna bring hey guys hello oh okay so um I mean toyed with creative Cassie I don’t know you’re eating green min 26 green man’s what it takes and rockstar games yeah or green Maggie you are you because of your son’s over there yeah I’ll let us see anuradha ok that’s so we’re tasting foods her mother we’re in the country today um Chinese food I’m pretty sure trainees all right you love my foot to Chinese Chinese right Chinese or Japanese okay i know there is a center for me so where’s stylo we’re starting off of this one what is it SS peanut ago so there this time yeah but I can’t open it and she’s a part of this crew ok oh oh we love these sodas too well I person would have these before I do all I can be sure we’ve all had ease I actually haven’t had the two flavors that they have so you met right orange no because when I would somehow box a neatly offers this and then like okay so wonderful Walter so they look like they look like those things that are filled chocolate my perfect mine’s like 50 there are those beats two marbles I feel like that you’re just cylinder down again I think they’re full sure go little buddy hey a ballpark drop the gun crimes everywhere really good um Walter cacheable overlooked hmm move over a little more to do our little out of frame huh so first one is thumbs up little make them don’t make the middle or thumbs down I’m not explain why some okay next thing so let’s cut it says dragon kids they’re like puddings oh I took this one I saw them and I was like is like very mostly characters on the front or something no no both the hair reminded me of it how cause like you know the spiky hair change well I’m not we have tomato coach economic in a nice way can I be cheap let’s try to eat you first huh we’re trying to eat you so give me a voice to meet you Luigi yeah luckily I campin it I swear if that as we have most the way you open these things there’s like there’s like opener I can’t open it copy so this is very clearly so I finally open it got on my dress Oh a niche keeper he was very good that’s all I guessing okay so soon one goes to oh my god oh she’s real guys not pudding oh it’s not putting it giggles oh yeah spoon with him if not you I don’t know it tastes like Cassie know you’re frightened who knows i’m at the same time well melons lebanese are yours take it over your plates wedding phone if it falls on what you’re eating off the ground smells like okay so water get back in here are you getting brain I was opening my son it’s like moving started putting it feels like jello oh very wet how you feel okay I’m just 21 I can’t feel help good I like that phonique it’s a great way your baby wipes I know this movie whoa there’s a very nasty aftertaste that’s all I guys I say we try another flavor so it’s in the middle for me yeah more more on the top face hi writers later maybe goes back to visalia so slimy go back later okay so this is all Chinese or Japanese they look like wafer cookies or something they look like they

look like way to change things in there yeah we can’t read them whenever you turn on flavors java no that’s after that yeah I don’t feel my soda in case I say something really well dude oh you’re playing really nasty known as I didn’t shake my coat up before him I didn’t shake mine up me then crawls over there is it yeah I’ll go show I’m not opening my video okay now smell okay smells photo/charlie three layers and it looks like it’s in between something like a Saltine cookie but it looks like this take your knees like a chocolate 3 them to wait what it’s kind of bland black blue mill go to the outsides plan oh I like this something I’m up nothing finishes I’m going to do a half thumbs up leading to the top only because I could have distributed the inside better so that when you’re biting the outside clicky it doesn’t just tastes like you’re eating a plane cracker okay just blend i’m outside i’m pretty sure these been similar to the nutella sticks oh I’ve had these before I don’t know how to pronounce like crap from your mom there’s a so stick for Walter Oh God what there’s nothing duck go first win there’s one arm oh I broke it what’s on your word I cranky oh ok well that’s yours kallu stop it this is Walters how’s yours because you weren’t supposed to eat it yet kind of site i’ll just eat this whatever mine says Moo they sell this like around I’d never so I bootcamp the set on ya don’t pay it thumbs up thumbs up oh yeah I need it yeah whoops you’re so late I’m like okay thumbs up middle town I’m leaving something for the last as I know I’ve had it before all right every seal this I got original all right anyway there’s a lot of different place in here so who wants to try coffee coffee coffee I’ll try coffee Oh coffee coconut i dont trick off you guys just look nice out do it hi I’m trying pocketbook like here cool girl mm-hmm so this is a hard candy here’s the whole bag take it sorted that’s messed up that it doesn’t reseal my accident I guess not weird I have nail which looks for this it says smells like shun going on one Chung Ling um Wow smells like coffee completely just like looking does have any minute I just thought the same thing I will ask you to take somebody’s home any bees in the morning that I don’t coconut ones good rally chips like poker I can’t read chinese I like this well to figure out what I presenting them I’m going to leave this here from side yeah because if I like it’s really hard so hopefully i forgot my house fit back for a reason i’ll use it as represent we ain’t just fit back hey something called you have delicious chinese or japanese food wow if it tastes really bad you want it back so you’re gonna lipstick Oh next we’re almost through I didn’t get a lot we will start with less time you can go fast things my favorite thing that I’m going to leave for last what what is it is it sushi off streets here is it dumplings aren’t sweet turn up anything wrong it relies on y’all I wouldn’t do that that’s not watch me I’ll get there hey everyone wanted kung fu panda okay so you got the hard candy take it out put it on your plate for me this reminds me of a wafer cookie just ya later I think I grabbed he’s in a rush oh they’re Italian huh I grabbed these in a rush Italian so baby we just let me wake her

yep guys very good oh ok Roley blow all right take that back nope how many more yeah yeah just leave is that they start out sweet and it again really like shower for normal wafer it’s good though keep both um three thumbs up for the coffee one Jeter comes all right thumbs up girl starting from jamba soda and this homicide some food with you you know what so this is honeydew melon mini cake Oh what is it why I don’t like honey you know 10 I don’t understand that she was like my new melon or theirs look at god that is like terrible i will try it anyways but Oh smells weird is it I think I should be so how did you melt inside of it um okay we have like three minutes actually much because extra level of 115 oh it looks like that in the inside it looks like green like googoo smells senior guy smells like what’s gonna call John okay hey wait go like Jones what he’s like for my knee fig newtons no baggy I like it but that’s not good oh my god you know okay mixmash put I would open my father but what is can you open that anyone for me out there doing it I want you to I’m not contagious I’m not believing that the right over like to like rats the pudding we’re going back strawberry oh my god the aftertaste is so it’s like flavored action do I have to eat another flavor of that gel stuff what no this is a different flavor this might be better Walter I always no leak you with a freer fruit that’s why I gave it to you even to visit get read exploration is to Jimmy’s not pretty surely good they take everything hot like six feet away thank you okay so surprised I should have done some awesome super no just whisper glasses back wanting to drink up oh you’re not supposed to know what I am okay Straub I have little smaller piece my idol cusses I don’t want to do that fine I want to be a wimp okay three two one I will just eat it but just not as bad I like that it reminds me like rocks off limit thing everyone keep something cough medicine that I’ve had before but sunk at lunch and yapped it okay good pass it on to me for stealing from your spoon right all right keep going out so the video not change because of my egghead ran out of storage so we’re record so dry foam another one yeah record on my phone we’re trying pineapple / corner yeah I told her so freaking liquid soap our way I should have bought a closer okay oh my god could eat better hahaha your spoon we couldn’t have oh it’s like one of those things if something’s gonna swing shop the am i need another rod I need night napkin you only have one why money tonight no more it’s so slimy it’s like okay are you care to tip the spoon because are you trying to swelter sure hey get him some Chuck it’s moving okay just giving them peace I’ll give you another piece anyone such a big yeah here’s my but not you know ready no I also picked up okay three two one all the time hmm

blam that’s your traditional I have to start a kind of fake pumpkin take I’m bunking pineapple say that’s what was not a real pineapple period that’s just the way I carriage it quant real crime net flow yes let’s definitely not it’s it’s not putting either not putting labelling try and trying to Japan whatever they say would you like to put it on like oh hey look no get the pudding forget the book it’s more like freaking lat on the water danger it’s fine mono okay I’m probably stay over I don’t want a fishline only have a little bit left I bell rang my buzzer good it is nice like oh hell no pension it is a lot of cream puffs we’re is Emma tires ready yes your spot my 60 like a hundred billion person who’s going on any mark Park fans out there please Nene are you watching Nene okay okay next do I keep going with this uh what you want to go there let’s try something different then we’ll try the rest of them this is a rare hope you like 7i need to develop later okay what what’s good okay is this that is moon cake looks weird it’s full of red bean red beans those that one it taste it so 3 i’ve already had this in turn oh the Latin these two over here right now very good see what oh well I don’t okay all of us Walter doesn’t like that I don’t know if he knows who to listen I didn’t see your video don’t spit back um yeah wait whoa look what um I don’t like this oh great oh my yes chamille cuz I many other things full the same thing but I think it started rock look what are y’all so good as a weird text not so sure about the texture actually you know what I don’t think I racket that’s half way you can definitely tell that answer me know because it tastes like these yeah where’s the stone in Tokyo this one says this is a mochi what is that the OG mochi and give you a half each cuz you want you out visit robbery know a little bit cuz it’s wrong like the red bean let’s fold it the same thing okay fine I wasn’t no I’m sorry good okay like gummy some with like it’s like Joe it’s called daifuku mochi red bean rice cake now does anybody see Oh what I mean if you ever see one of these in your life it reminds me of Kung Fu Panda yeah it’s like she don’t play she don’t want he’s funny home this is definitely sweeter than the other one I go back like this that’s what mr. bean’s on just like terms and have a bath possible by advances alert okay I’ll clean this off it would bounce it sometimes but what I did it like long I’m saving these for later hopefully maybe okay so all we have is a pudding fluff my fingy back cover to the lychee butter your what right coffee thing you know what we need a good name for the weekly thing bubble a righty buddy bottle there so its way in it smells like big boys um bleach there we go introducing our new frog please play yellow good point not even like yo you want to know introducing our new product oh we’re not bleach silicone mine is up wit ya half wigs out up up middle is halfway I think they could have more towards the top on this song but everybody can improve on the moon cake thing by putting the texture of the beans in this no it doesn’t that completely then that one’s better why

don’t like the beans but I like that that’s it we’re out of food okay um yeah we’re gonna go horde on these yep so Oh already hold on the front are they taking somebody’s thank you so much for watching if you liked it please press that like button I let your light shine your light shine oh yay oh why and whatever you do do not eat this melody big meech silicone pudding and don’t eat the snow away any of this food it somebody snd I get you up why wait grabs onto the bus that goes way up head by this is hard come here wasn’t joking good so we weren’t joking it’s a squirrel your best friend on the Chinese like I’m a squirrel’s best friend and we’re best friends Oh jacksepticeye harfan rockecenter crazy