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hello this is Michelle from 211 vintage floral and gift I’m here tonight on the country chic paint group to show you a little bit about blending using country chic paint we are excited to tell you that as part of this live video we are country chic paint is giving away a prize pack you get three floor outs not these paint colors paints of your choice and a sponge if you comment and tell us what kind of colors you’d like to use in a blending technique so I’m here to show you how to use the country chic paint to blend for your painting projects I have here a piece that is in process this one has been blended using Sunday tini the base coat is vanilla frosting here was a blank draw I show you that this is what it started out as that we blended to make this kind of finish blending technique is used by a lot of different people to just highlight a piece like you can see in this piece how it really makes something stand out there is also other techniques you can use it for here I’m sampling this again is the Sunday tea with vanilla frosting actually this might be simplicity I think simplicity with vanilla frosting and it’s blended over to give you that effect I also wanted to show you a blending technique using this was Wanderers up top with sage advice in the middle and then we had Sunday teeth which was used in the center now Sunday tea so after that was all dried and cured this was kind of blended with the Wanderers over it so it gives you it all it makes the whole piece because I’m really cohesive if that makes any sense so as you can see now this is going to made into a sign so I wanted it to be together now this piece here we blended using dark roast driftwood and Sunday tea with a blended overlay of the dark roast so as you can see kind of makes it all one I guess and using that color to blend that all in here we have quite an elaborate difference this is a blended technique using different colors you might want to do kind of an ombre effect you could do different lighter to darker colors you can get crazy and do you know these we have reverie which is here this is Rhapsody and this is moon flower and interestingly enough I chose all these colors but they’re also all seasonal or special limited edition colors I think most of them are still should be still available at this point but that goes to show you how you can make this really cool ombre effect with the blending so what I’m going to show to you today I’m using tropical cocktail now this piece was painted in tropical cocktail as two coats of tropical cocktail oddness I’m going to layer it with a cop with a coat of pea coat now I’m interested to hear about who’s tuning in today tonight to see this video please like us send us loves and likes and comment below remember you get your chance to win it’s a 3/4 ounce jars of country chic paint along with the painting sponge I’m gonna tell you I did something over the weekends with this sponge it was really amazing and I’ve been painting for a long time right we Tina ray along I had a quick project I ended up using this sponge to paint the legs on a piece it took me minutes I’m like why have I not done this before the sponge is amazing and the cost is so it’s so awesome change your life it did it changed my life I really did I said that it changed my life and this sponge is awesome you get one for free tonight if you comment and get chosen as the winner Jackie’s here hey Jackie Gail torgussen is here yeah I can nice to see you and Teresa to Marisa and Donna Marie oh my goodness all my

friends are here I love it so we have tropical cocktail I’m gonna now show to you blending to do blending and a lot of people do different techniques to do this and really what it is is you’re taking the paint you want to make sure your base coat is cured in other words you don’t want to paint this and then a few hours later try to do the blending on top because you’re gonna pull that finish off you want to make sure it’s secured so this has been cured more than 24 hours you want to use a spray bottle of water I like to have on hand some some regular water with my brush and a rec because sometimes you have too much water on you want to be able to wipe that off so for here I’m gonna take I’m gonna start with a wet brush and I’m gonna squeeze out the excess I’ve got my pea coat here which is a dark navy I just dip a little bit in here and I’ve got a paper plate so my paper plate that’s used to just kind of spread it around enables me to kind of control how much paint I have on mine on my brush so to start what I want to do for this one is I want to have the darker on the edge and I want to kind of blend in to the middle so I want this tropical cocktail to show through with a darker pea coat on the outside so we’ll see and hopefully hopefully why didn’t we have tropical cocktails I know during this we should have had room to celebrate next time next time okay so here we have the tropical cocktails going on it’s really on the outside I’m putting this on pull-string and again there are different ways that people like to to do blending this is what I’ve just found to be my way of doing it actually I think I’ve kind of taken the time to like research some other live videos such as this and tutorials and I’ve kind of developed my own way of of doing the blended so now as you you can see how the graining you’re seeing a little bit of it coming through already so right now this is all full strength paints that I’m putting and I’m gonna go I’m gonna go right around to this this inner edge this is a cabinet old cabinet door that I’m using and I am putting this on regular straight okay so I want to get all of it all around full strength on the edge of my piece okay so there we have it it’s kind of messy that’s okay because this does get kind of messy now from here I’m taking my spray bottle and I’m gonna things up a little bit including the inner part so this part here is getting wetted wetted down moistened with the spray bottle and here’s where the fun comes in so glad to get that edge because I couldn’t see it so as you can see the tropical cocktail is showing through this and I’m taking this paint and I’m kind of really pushing it in to the top of the base coat now because I want the the fact is I want this I want this blow to show through and to kind of work this around and over so we’re transforming the actual color of the tropical cocktail so you can see from here all that nice tropical cocktail is kind of showing through this pea coat now this is a technique that’s really kind of you know at your own at your own artistic decision I guess is what you want to it’s kind of what you want how you want it to look I’m taking my sponge now and I’m gonna smooth this and kind of rub it in so Kim’s here thank you better late than never cam I know really so look at how cool that is Wow so I’m taking this and I’m making it

completely different oh I think I want my cabinet well you go okay with it holy finally made a decision on the cabinet’s Dana that’s a good bang just a reminder comment on what colors you think would look really good blended together we have three hydrogen paintings been generous enough to offer up 3/4 ounce jars or on with the sponge which is my new favorite thing along with my brush and if you want to purchase these items or any of these items you can use the discount code 211 vintage ten to receive 10% off your first order online so look at this we went from look at how how neat that is it’s so cool so if you decide now that oh maybe maybe I didn’t like that dark maybe I don’t want it that dark really crazy okay take my sponge wipe a little more off my sponges really saturated with below so I’m gonna flip it over there I have two one hands right you can never have two on hand yeah so that’s cool so look at how cool that is too so now this is a blended finish that is totally different you’ve got the darker and maybe we want to just take a little bit more off of this outside to highlight that how cool is that send some love Santa mama let us know you there send your hearts and light all right have any of you tried a blended finish yep any of you tried the ombre effect this is really cool I okay I wanted to also point out when I sprayed earlier see how I’ve got these little blue spots here these little spots those came off because when I sprayed the inside I got the outside and when I wiped it off look at see the spotting okay so we can fix that we can fix that we just need to get our brush maybe you like the spots spot maybe you like the spot that spot a look is kind of cool but if you’re not looking for that you want to just take your brush again your Pico smooth that out now that said maybe you don’t want to spray this time you want to just lighten this up you take your water and your brush take some of it off with your rack and clean that up again so see how that’s oh you know it just kind of play with it until you get to where you like there’s no wrong as long as your base coat you need that base coat to be fully cured if you try this and this this tropical cocktail is not fully cured you’re gonna you’re gonna pull right back to your bare wood you don’t want that then you’re gonna have to kind of start from scratch so you really want to see I’m now darkening that up again you really want to make sure your base coat I recommend two coats of the base coat drying 24 if you could do 48 hours or more even better like you could just gonna have a better result it’s frustrating to do this and I tend to like to do this like late at night and with the music on and I’m kind of just being creative and if you get you get to over with zealous and suddenly you know things are going bad you know that you didn’t you didn’t let it Prime you didn’t let it cure so so Kim thinks that sage advice and wander s blended would look great or full bloom with cranberry sauce nice both of those really great now full bloom and wondrous blonde dresses here so we’ve got full bloom which is really bright that would be cool kind of like that that look over there you could do an ombre effect now another way that you can work with this product is so if you want to do if you want to do an ombre effect like this or you want to graduate the colors what you want to do is take you’ve got your base coat you want to take and mix your paint so if we took

and mixed some Pico say we wanted to do a graduating effect if I did this over and I want it to go from pea coat just down into the tropical cocktail what I would do is take the Pico to a level then I would take in a mix Pico with tropical cocktail so you’re combining those two colors together to then bring it down into the other so if you want to make if you want to have a graduate effect like this like for this for this one and this is just a board this was just quickly done I mean if this was on a piece it would be a little bit a lot different but because I would do a base coat before the end I would if I was gonna do this on a piece of furniture I always start with a base coat so you’ll want to probably start with your lightest color that’s my preference other people may do this differently but my my preference is okay if you have a piece of furniture my base coat here is the vanilla frosting if I was going to do like an ombre effect on this with a vanilla frosting and say I wanted to graduate down to driftwood which is this year driftwood and and use the Sunday tea I would do my lightest color first as the as all around I would do my driftwood on the bottom and probably go up from there mixing the Sunday tea with the lighter colors to graduate up so you’d want to mix those two colors together to create that effect if you have any questions about it is there any projects that you have in mind that you’d like to learn about or if I can give you any ideas on something you might like to do please comment again comment because you can win the filler ounce for ounce jars of our country chic paint you can also win the sponge so comment away please let us know what colors you’d like to use if you want to purchase things from our website you can save 10% today by using the dude discount code 211 mintage Tim that will give you 10% off your first order online can anyone tell me where you’re calling where you’re tuning in from tonight we have anyone tuning in from Canada usually usually we do because country chic paint is based in Canada sherry Mitchell’s here loan Mucha is here Wow bill gales from pax 10×10 yeah do we have anyone from my latest workshop over the weekend they were saying they wanted it to tune in tonight I’m wondering if any of them made that Oh Cindy Gold’s in Arizona all right when you go to Arizona say hello to my daughter in Tucson she’s at the University of Arizona I don’t think she’s tuning in right now she’s probably on class no no Mia yes late classes no she’s three house difference oh yeah no she’s four yeah I know she does have monthly Theresa we know where she’s from Theresa Worcester Shrewsbury Oh shoes bro sorry the trusox Andy Smith is in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Wow cialis Savage is in Edwards Ontario awesome how have any of you tried to be blending technique on your own or is there something you’d like to try Shari Mitchell it loves country chic paint she’s from Roberts arm Newfoundland Wow oh great this is a great product I can’t tell you how how much I enjoy this product we you know we we get so creative here and the feedback just from our workshops the feedback from the items that we’ve been able to create they’ve got the they’ve got a great product line you’ve got some fun things I know that a few of my previous tutorials went through the texture paint kind of hoping to get a little fancy with that maybe next time and show you some blending texture paint like you could you can just you just add onto this and it goes it goes crazy you could just get really creative with this now ladies you have to say what colors you want to blend if they don’t know the name of the country chic paint can they give us like a January that’s one of general colors that you would lovers if you want to win I’ve only seen a couple comment with actual colors like them right so if you want to win yes we gotta start putting your colors only they should grab we should grab a color card oh good idea we should ever have a color card I think if you want to show them a little bit more detail on this I’ll get it okay take a clip what you call me

Jackie she’s calling me Jackie again she does that all the time o-22 fabulous women I can see where you mix this up nice Donna she makes it look easy right she’s so good at this Oh Sharlee Sharlee and you took the easy way out she says I love the colors she’s using right now there you go Charlene Jackie says tribe and space yeah oh very nice all right ladies here’s some colors ready Jackie sorry Regina that she does that oh I’m I’m flattered yeah yeah okay here’s your colors can you read those hey could I go and you can see me use tropical cocktail and we used a Pico and you can see all of my hands I don’t like to use gloves sandy Smith would like blending of purples purples we got that’s what Jackie just said Jackie is a purple she likes the tribe you for Purple’s you want to go with our limited edition colors tribe and what’s the other one she said that tribe and faith and faith yes faith is the new and then let’s see Cheri Mitchell would you cranberry licorice and cheesecake oh you know one thing I’m hungry and then Alice Savage would do Rocky Mountain Pebble Beach and lazy linen I can tell you that I’ve I’ve done a few pieces they tend to sell quickly so I I don’t have a lot of photos of them I have some very small bonus but I did pieces with like the Pebble Beach with licorice on top and it creates a really cool really cool effect when you do the black over a dark color like that if you want to get crazy you could do like the fresh mustard with full bloom and you know Jackie just said mustard and businees these knees yes these too Gail says sage and gray Cindy said hope and faith charity no no Donna says elegance Sunday tea and vanilla / yeah that would be oh okay so and wanted to just show you one other thing here so so this has been stamped standing for a while for a couple of minutes here and sometimes I’d like to go back over the blending a little bit with some water to see how I just pulled that all back so what’s later all right you might get it dry and say ah you know what that really wasn’t the look I was going for and you want to pull some of this back then you just use your brush with a little bit more water and this is very similar to a white one in some ways if anyone has done a wash finished it’s just diluted paint really but you can achieve the kind of whitewash effect using this blending technique by putting it on and kind of just moving it around really so I hope that this this video has helped inspire you to get creative with country chic paint it’s a great product I love using it we have a really great feedback from the people who have started with it it’s a little different than your it’s not the same as P it’s not the same as the paint that you’re gonna get and you know Home Depot it’s different its mineral based clay based I should say paint and it enables you to rework it like this so so you get to do all these cool bonding techniques with it is there anything else you need to share with me about what everyone’s saying Darlene says love the cranberry juice too with that what would look good with that whatever you say Marie she said cranberry juice with a memory sauce is right here yes cranberry sauce is really cool if I I’ve done like a crimp like a cranberry sauce with the licorice again I like that dark with that dark black over it gives it a really unique look cranberry sauce if you’re gonna do like an ombre effect be nice with the with the vintage cupcake if you wanted to get cool with that like look at how cool would cranberry sauce cherry blossom and vintage cupcake that’ll be a cool combination if you’re gonna do an ombre effect Sharlee and I’m trying this right after this video is done with my crappy pants no no try with your crabby but then commanded the real thing the real thing

yeah no you need to you need to keep commenting with color I said like a win in your class yes come on into 211 vintage Charlie where Charlene from Charlene where are you Charlene where are you from we need to alma Charlene’s being called out now yeah sure and then Katherine Williams has never tried it but she’s planning on buying some to test it out awesome well Katherine don’t forget you can use this code and get 10% off when you order two little vintage 10 to 11 vintage 10 now I will say you’re gonna do the blending technique you may want to because of some people oh I’m gonna be below and not in blue in an unhappy way but I’m gonna be blue tomorrow and have to go the doctor’s first thing in the morning so I’m set to explain if you were tuning in no don’t tell them they’re the paintings day if they think yes I’m a nothing going on I think my work is getting to me but first design is blue fingers right so again I want to go back you see this technique you see what I’ve done on some of these boards here this blending kind of it’s just these are just really fast boards but you can see what’s kind of taking one color and it was able to change and I guess mate mate thumb it’s not a good term probably not combine them so they’re equal Jackie says strength and icicle me oh yeah drink where’s strength strength is AC is the limited edition culverts ah no matter what colour is that but it’s a nice blue very nice blue okay yeah which ones I basically is here that would be really nice oh yeah nice awesome now I want to talk to you a little bit about this great paint brush to by country chic paint as you can see I was using this to do my my blending along with my cool sponge this I will wash out and reuse and reuse and reused but this brush is I love it it’s very comfortable in your hand it holds a lot of paint as you can see it it holds the water if I want to if I want to get in there and it has enough water so this blending technique look at this look at this I’m taking I’m changing that all up just adding some water to that now oh we decided we want it to be a little light we want that a little lighter so we take and we pull it off so see how dry I’m dry from taking off some of that water I’m drying it off by dabbing it on my on my rag here I got this whole cool effect look at the difference hold that up and you can see voila love this brush pick it up Jefferson off 2:11 vintage 10 surely wants to see the colors at the top because the comments that you can swipe right and remove the comment Charlene for a second if you want to to see all these colors I know what she’s saying the comments were blocking color trailers yeah right this there you go take a screenshot right now so you have your colors move the comments to the right and then take a screenshot of this or are these on the show they’re on the website somewhere oh yeah actually I have I’ve posted them a few times on my page what’s your Beach revived relics we are also to 11 vintage so if you aren’t following us please do we do have some workshops paint your own piece we will be adding a technique classes such as this as our as our base broadens we have right now some painting around peace workshops going on so if you’re in the area and interested in learning about country chic paint that’s a great way to recreate an item you already have it’s carry you and you when you carry the piece in and it’s a two-part workshop so check out our website to 11 vintage calm to find out more about that again if you want to win the four routes jars you need to comment with the colors colors you’d like to blend yes rut this cool sponge I think they’re gonna be picking their winner soon big awesome so the sponge is really great for blending too

so we wet that and we say we want to pull some more back you just rub a little bit look at that oh that looks so cool I bet it looks I bet it looks much better in person I even then on the video it looks really good really yeah yeah yeah so you could take it and so so my sponge here again we have the water hey Carol Carol shots here all right Carol glad you could show up what do you guys think is that can you see how beautiful these colors are I can i zoom here I do love this color combination the tropical cocktail is a great color but look at it it takes on a whole different you said if you were here for the beginning of our video how you know it was really bright and how different it looks with just blending and as you can see like say you want those really straight why I’m gonna say how would you leave the finish how would I leave like what do you want it to look straight or depends on what you wan like it just depends on what you want you can at this point it’s kind of dried in a pattern like that but say you wanted to crazy it up now it’s always best better I should say to work when your pieces horizontal to blend but I’m gonna show you by rubbing most of this off how much difference my sponge is really saturated with this is my wet I also have I also keep a wet rag too so you can oh wow that really did take it off yeah so then you go look at the difference here so that’s just a little bit of a thing well that looks really cool doesn’t that look meet you yeah says you make it look so easy it’s really not that hard cuz country chic paint is awesome and you can create this so easily with the country chic paint really just need to play play play play until you find what you like again you can see how there’s such different books here you’ve got a darker lighter really light in the middle you’ve got say you just want to you know say you want to just highlight see how this is dried and now I’m just taking a rag and I’m rubbing off it’s kind of drop it’s already dried there so look at that you get this cool distressed look there by just rubbing it on so so do you have 16 more of these to do my kitchen yes these cabinets I do actually I think Jackie can you answer that phone alright thank you so again hey you see those spotted where I’d sprayed it over spray it on here but some people like that look so sometimes you want to just make it a little sprayed and wipe it off and you’ve got like the little specular look really depends on what looks you want really so see here that’s kind of cool but other people may not like that they might wipe that off so and then you can start all over so okay I didn’t like that but now I’m gonna go and I’m going to have some more people onto my brush and I’m gonna just layer it up again taupe I play and play and play until my hands are completely blue and Carol you do need to come and play at the workshops yes well she was here for our workshop Regina thank you mrs Chow Shaw was yes oh she wants you mister all the signs yeah yes okay so I’m gonna just Oh we picked a winner it acidity gold all right Cindy congratulations that Cindy well done Cindy I hope that you enjoy the country chic paint products that you’re winning I hope you will share with us what you’ve created with them and I thank you all for tuning in again if you want to save 10% or during your own country chic paint you can use the coupon code 211 vintage 10 and save 10% I want to thank you all for tuning in and if you want to follow me revive revived relic stop sorry my page revived relics or 211 vintage 10 to 11 mintage

does carries a full line of country chic paint if you are in the local area and you mention this video you can save 10% to so come on in and see what we have to offer take our workshops and we’d love to see you hi everybody thanks for tuning in