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Welcome back everyone we’re again here broadcasting from my apartment in Queens, New York and we’re continuing our five day a week Monday through Friday broadcasts about this coronavirus, the CCP virus Today we’re going to be talking about how the Chinese regime destroyed evidence on the virus outbreak we’re going to be going into how it a rallied its united front to stockpile medical supplies. And of course folks before we get started if you haven’t already please remember to like and subscribe Again, we really need your support. Also if you’re on YouTube click the notification bell, you get alerts when there videos are up and I don’t know if you all noticed but something weird happened to this channel, our viewership on YouTube seems to have just dropped by about 50%, I mean overnight, it seems to have coincided with YouTube banning a lot of other channels, cracking down on some channels, not clear whether they’ve done anything to this channel maybe it’s just happened naturally but if you like this show, if you like this video please share it, please tell others about it. Again, really appreciate your support So first of all, we’re going to be going into this story about how the Chinese regime has been destroying evidence on this virus So first off, Daily Telegraph, five eyes report allegedly says China destroyed evidence on how the virus started. Of course, five eyes is this intelligence sharing agreement between the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand And it says a 15 page document from five eyes was obtained by the Saturday Telegraph, which apparently as part of the Daily Telegraph, showing a case of negligence against China. This has tied into one of the big investigations being done right now, did the Chinese regime knowingly cover up information, did the Chinese regime destroy information and of course if the United States and other countries can prove that, very likely things like lawsuits will follow things like tariffs are going to follow and the Chinese regime is doing all it can to prevent that from happening So the article states quote China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the coronavirus outbreak in in what the report says quote an assault on international transparency, it continues, that it cost tens of thousands of lives. It continues saying it states that to the endangerment of other countries the Chinese government covered up news of the virus by silencing or disappearing doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories, and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists who were working on a vaccine. Nothing you all didn’t know already, but hey the government put it in a report so maybe it’s official now. And it continues with something interesting it says quote it can also be revealed the Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists who belong to a laboratory which went on to genetically modified deadly coronaviruses that could be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure and it is now the subject of a probe into the origins of COVID-19 This is a new one and this is disputed now, I’ll get into that just a bit. A lot of folks have noted yes a lot of countries seem to have been cooperating with this Wuhan laboratory including some US financing which is being investigated as well, the US taxpayer money was going into some research projects at this laboratory But continuing on, it says, quote as intelligence agencies investigate whether the virus inadvertently leaked from a Wuhan laboratory the team and its research led by scientist Shi Zhengli feature in the dossier prepared by Western governments that points to several studies they conducted as areas of concern. Few interesting things about this I’m sure many of you saw the documentary Epoch Times put together, which of course featured me as one of the main researchers on it ‘Tracking the Origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus’ if you haven’t seen it yet check out our videos we have it in the videos on this channel. A couple interesting things there we also note in that documentary this scientist Shi Zhengli, otherwise known as the bat woman of China one of the top bat coronavirus researchers in the world. It’s interesting that she’s become a main figure of their investigations because she also became a main figure of our investigations and it’s also interesting that the alleged Australian government trained and funded a team of Chinese scientists working at that laboratory they, mentioned that they made this virus that can be transmitted from bats to humans and had no cure. We do note in the documentary one of the experiments that Shi Zhengli had actually done where they created the chimeric viruses in other words man-made viruses merging together different viruses which they tested on mice and actually wrote about, they had western papers on it showing that they would destroy the lungs of mice and had no

cure and what catches my attention here is that the quote had no cure part maybe they’re looking at the same virus we were looking at that we mentioned in the documentary. They do mention here though that they went on do genetically modify it and that it could be transmitted from bats to humans, the virus we mentioned was the one where they tested on mice and they were going to be tested on primates I don’t think we showed they could test it on humans or transmit it to humans although we do note of course in the documentary and of course this is public now, that Shi Zhengli was known for something very specific which is she had found the bat coronavirus that did not need an intermediary species in other words she had found the key that would allow these bat viruses to infect humans directly. Notably she found the coronavirus, the bat virus, that she believed was possibly the origin of the SARS virus maybe a big piece of this as well again this is all speculation based on documented research not clear whether the virus we’re seeing now is directly tied to this but at the very least it’s being looked into and if this 15 page document from five eyes is real, as The Daily Telegraph alleges it is very interesting but moving on based on that, Fox News said a senior US official corroborated these claims and it says quote while US intelligence is not confirming the existence of the 15-page document in other words this five eyes document it says a senior official told Fox that reports of the document aligned with US intelligence that China knew the spread between humans earlier than it said that it knew it was a novel coronavirus earlier than it said and that it was spread wider than they reported to the international community in the first few weeks or sorry the first weeks of the outbreak it continues but there are some exceptions in particular Australia believes the virus originated in a wet market as the Chinese have claimed however the US intelligence community has not yet determined this and is still leaning away from that theory it says quote a senior intelligence source told Fox News on Saturday that most as many as 70 to 75% of these 17 US intelligence agencies believe it came from a laboratory but the remaining agencies cannot yet agree as there is not yet a smoking gun oh sorry is there there is not a smoking gun okay quick correction just what I just read I know that the part about the Australian funded research was disputed I misinterpreted that it says Australia believes the virus originated in a wet market that goes back to a public finding actually thinking about this there were some reports on this that the Australian government had been told or had been provided intelligence suggesting this was a lab leak but they had determined based on their analysis they believed this this this was not a lab leak and one important thing to note here too when we say lab leak it doesn’t necessarily mean man-made you know of course they had many many many viruses at these laboratories which is what they were doing you know research is about these viruses if it leaked from a lab it doesn’t necessarily mean man-made although as these reports note they were working on manmade viruses that were working on chimeric viruses and so you know they had both there who knows what this is. And now continuing on this Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says there’s a significant amount of effort the evidence the virus came from a Chinese lab and so it seems that this alleged five eyes report is being at least someone corroborated by an alleged senior US official and by Pompeo to some extent at least saying there is evidence to suggest that it did come from a laboratory and of course it does seem all eyes are on the Chinese regime’s P4 laboratory right now now you may remember in previous episodes I’ve talked about some cases that have come up where Chinese individuals have been arrested in different countries such as Brazil where there was that Chinese national who was hoarding PPE, protective personnel equipment, and also allegedly had slave labor allegedly had a weapons cache probably was possibly two rifles by his bodyguards that reports might have been exaggerated initially but I noted in my analysis that this looks like the United Front because several of these cases where you’ve had these individuals arrested in different countries hence of commonalities namely that the individuals arrested who are hoarding this gear this equipment just so happen to be tied to Chinese fraternal organizations, called tongs and many of them also had ties to high-level government at high level business some

of them even to the criminal underworld, you know, organized crime of course this is an official government branch of the Chinese Communist Party right the United Front and Work Department sister branch overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the OCAO These are basically one of the main branches of Chinese overt espionage in other words espionage that takes place kind of out in the open it doesn’t always, you know, violate the law. The United Front for example in New York as I mentioned previously is actually listed on the Chinese consulate website at least unless they removed it in the past couple months What is interesting now is I mentioned that these cases seem to be tied to the United Front and this has now been at least corroborated Global News in Canada is now reporting that the CCP or the Chinese Communist Party rallied United Front to stockpile medical supplies it says that in mid-january the Chinese consulates in Canada and around the world issued an urgent call for this and it says quote in just six weeks China imported two point five billion pieces of epidemic safety equipment including over 2 billion safety masks Chinese government data shows and it continues quote through clandestine United Front Networks run out of Chinese consulates and cities from Vancouver to Toronto to New York to Melbourne to Tokyo the Communist Party urged millions of quote overseas Chinese to bulk buy N95 masks in order to shift back batches of scarce supplies to the motherland. And so this is very interesting because it shows that these the actions of these individuals who have been arrested in some countries were part of a Chinese regime plan, a call to action and on a few different notes one being that the Chinese regime was hoarding medical supplies and basically gathering to itself all the international PPE which would leave the rest of the world vulnerable when they knew of course this virus was spreading and it would very likely get out and other countries would start taking it seriously but it shows again the close collaboration between the United Front, the tongs, and the Chinese Communist Party between these different organizations and how they interrelate. Now going a bit deeper into this the Chinese Communist Party allowed international travel when internal travel was banned this is one of the big things that’s being accused of right now the fact that when it banned external travel from Wuhan inside China in other words people from Wuhan weren’t allowed to go to other parts of China because they feared the virus would be spreading they still allowed people from Wuhan to travel internationally and so this is of course one of the main points being used right now to look into whether the Chinese Communist Party intentionally allowed individuals to spread the virus abroad were they intentionally spreading the virus abroad and now it comes out with this report saying they made this call to action through the United Front saying that they knowingly and intentionally hoarded the world’s PPE protective gear against this virus which left most of the world vulnerable and there’s a very interesting part to this too. So in early March when the virus was beginning to spread more while the abroad Xinhua news wrote an article saying that if the CCP restricts pharmaceutical exports the United States would be quote plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus now the Xinhua’s of course in the United States listed is a foreign mission of the Chinese regime in other words it’s not just a media company it’s basically it’s recognized in the US as a branch of the Chinese government this is an official mouthpiece of the Chinese government and this is interesting because it shows that the Chinese regime would understand the importance of medical equipment and medical goods facing this virus and of course going to this a bit deeper the CCP destroyed evidence of the outbreak, concealed information from the world directed its overseas networks to buy up global medical supplies then announced through a mouthpiece media how vulnerable it can make the US if it was denied if the Chinese regime denied exports of pharmaceuticals of course the Chinese regime controls most of the world’s pharmaceuticals. And so based on this I would say when it comes to proving intention from the Chinese regime we could at least the very least say that they knowingly carried out a lot of these acts and made very hostile statements around these acts. Now moving on based on this the Nikkei Asian review had an article saying China knew of lab safety concerns from last year now it notes that Xi Jinping the head of the Chinese Communist Party ordered that biosecurity add labs needs to be a national security issue and of course it took place when this outbreak was taking

was happening and he made that announcement in context of the virus outbreak the article in the Nikkei Asian Review cites a Chinese political source it does not name this individual claiming quote at first glance Xi’s February order to enact a biosecurity law seems to have come up abruptly that’s a big misunderstanding China has been preparing for it carefully for quite a long time conscious of how the country was perceived overseas on October 21st last year well before the first infection acknowledged by the Chinese government the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress China’s Parliament received its first report detailing the draft biosecurity law. Now this could mean a few things it could mean the Chinese regime is of course moving forward on this biosecurity issue at its laboratories prior to all of this knowing that this was an issue in other words it was putting in place safety requirements that really should have been there already in October different reports suggesting that even as early as October the Chinese regime may have known something was going on and it adds quote the carefully curated draft law is watertight but the measures were not introduced in time for China to prevent the Wuhan outbreak instead information was initially covered up and China’s first steps were delayed and so again pointing to the fact that yes there were probably very likely safety issues at this laboratory of course a lot of the individuals tied to the laboratory you know the ones who have been allowed to come out have been saying there’s no issues with security at a laboratory may have seen some of the mainstream media articles citing these individuals saying that and this article from the Nikkei Asian Review says otherwise the Chinese regime did have laws but these laws were not passed and not implemented now moving on to something that could impact all of us a bit more directly there’s a report now saying this virus outbreak could last up to two years now hopefully that does not mean governments will try to keep us on lockdown for two years because I don’t see how that’s ever going to work so this report is from the University of Minnesota’s Center for infectious disease research and policy and it was put out in April 30th and it’s an analysis based on eight global influences since the 1700s including 4 global influenzas since the 1900s including the Spanish flu and it looks at similarities and differences between those and the current virus we’re facing it says quote based on the most recent flu pandemics this outbreak will likely last 18 to 24 months and it says it likely won’t stop until 60% to 70% of the population is immune. Now again this is just analysis it’s not necessarily you know it’s not hard science they’re analyzing it based on previous virus outbreaks and what we saw with them and using the data from these previous virus outbreaks and comparing it to the current one based on historical precedent it could last 18 to 24 months and may not go away until 60% to 70% of the populations I guess around the entire world right now become immune to it. Now moving on to some questions and comments from readers it’s of course Monday so first question up from sujoy chanda China understands that world will stop buying their products and so they will stop labeling the products as made in China they will only use some other short of short form or not put any labels in their products so how do common people identify China made products I think you’re right to an extent but when it comes to the big companies when it comes to things like Xiaomi Huawei China Telecom they’re the ones that have bigger influence the high tech ones of course we know they come from China and those ones that those get hit of course that whole markets gonna die when it comes to the counterfeit goods of course it’s hard to crack down on unless you go after the marketplaces themselves I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s tried buying electronic equipment on Amazon and had trouble finding products that were not Chinese knockoffs so for example I’ve been trying to buy a webcam because the webcam I have my computer isn’t very good obviously looking at the different options there are on Amazon it seems like a huge portion of them are Chinese knock-offs I would imagine going forward the knockoffs are going to continue in other words this you know all the low-end technology the more basic stuff is going to continue unless platforms marketplaces like Amazon and others are cracked down on and are made to stop importing those types of goods there was an update saying some of these marketplaces were going to start

including country of origin the difficult part is where you have Chinese company companies operating in other countries so for example in Italy right now there’s been a lot of controversy around this because there are a lot of Chinese, made in China goods being manufactured in Italy that are being called made in Italy and the government has been concerned about them affecting the Italian brand because they of course don’t meet the normal standards that Italian products are expected to hold and of course the other factor to this would be supply chains this is so this is a big issue actually in fact the US government US government US military trying to deal with this for years now there were some different analysis that was done on US military equipment including things like fighter jets and they found that some of the basic components were coming from China and of course there was a lot of concern about it about how do you you know get rid of these issues because there was concern that some of these products may be non-functioning some of them may have say embedded cyber security threats which does happen there’s been a lot of analysis on Chinese electronic equipment showing that within the firmware a lot of times you do have embedded threats and of course individual companies can argue oh well we don’t do that we don’t do that they’re kind of right it’s a Chinese regime doing it it’s it’s part of Chinese law under the Chinese regime’s national security law all technology all information needs to be secure and controllable all companies will have to provide their data to the Chinese regime if they ask and so if you’re operating in China you have to follow Chinese law companies manufacturing electronic equipment that would impact data are going to have to monitor data and make that available to the Chinese regime you know they can’t function otherwise and so yes you’re right there is gonna be I think a bigger push to crack down on these made in China products so three points to this when it comes to the big brand-name Chinese companies like Xiaomi Huawei you know China Telecom very likely we are gonna see a big crackdown on them internationally and their goods are probably going to be either boycotted or people are gonna you know maybe governments themselves are gonna move away from them for example Huawei’s under a lot of fire right now not just in the US but around the world when it comes to the products being sold on things like Amazon allegedly they will start including country of origin you know maybe if there’s enough pressure on these companies or on the US government to crack down on these product streams something will be done notably a lot of people complain that when you put their products in Amazon they get you know ripped off and then Amazon sells the ripoffs which then compete with them on the same platform and so some of these platforms do allow Chinese knockoffs to compete directly with the products they knocked off at prices they can’t compete with and the third factor would be the supply chain threats the Trump administration has announced that it’s going to be doing some things on this there have been see reports on it this goes back to the Obama administration when they were doing the initial analysis of supply chain threats with the US military we’ll have to see where this goes Now moving on to Neil K. Josh you probably know better than most CCP propaganda very often seems juvenile that’s right it’s like some high school kids are behind it seriously it’s also rife with supposed quotes from foreign governments for example the U.S. that uses phrases no American would ever use it would be hilarious of a didn’t come out of a very dangerous nation a friend of mine from China sent me some of the propaganda that has been blasting them there at home for weeks now she asked me about it because she was alarmed and concerned by the onslaught of propaganda against the USA and inundating their Chinese media some of the stuff is utterly ridiculous but for the average Chinese person they have no idea what to believe my main concern from some of the stuff she described this is an effort to prepare their people for war the rule of no one wants to think they are a bad person and so most manufactured justifications for their actions this is fundamental human nature think the cheater in a relationship when discovered telling the other person all their faults that drove them to do what they did so two points here one being Chinese propaganda how affected are Chinese people from it and whether this is Chinese regime preparing through war on the war part I don’t think they have the capability for it right now the Chinese military doesn’t have this strength at least in my analysis to do something that drastic right now if they were to launch anything it would be through their unconventional warfare systems which the Trump administration has been pretty heavily focused on and so I know I don’t think they’d have the capability for it of course I wouldn’t put it beyond them I know some other researchers have been of course saying the Chinese regime does appear to be preparing for war great friend of mine Jeff Nyquist actually I had him on the show before he does believe that that is the case I have had some conversations

with him about this recently but again all the cards are in place it does appear that they’re trying to do it unclear whether they have the strength to do it when it comes to the issue of Chinese propaganda yeah a lot of it is pretty juvenile a lot of it is pretty poorly done at the same time it is pretty effective at times a lot of the noise stuff like that you know the comments you see on social media isn’t as effective I don’t think because a lot of time that’s their you know death by a thousand cuts approach those are the 50-cent army folks who you know pretty much just low-level grunts carrying out this kind of work when it comes to the more refined high-level stuff though, I’d say they’re unfortunately very effective for example you can see a lot of big media directly citing main Chinese mouthpieces like Global Times like Xinhua for example like they’re an authoritative media you also see some media even running direct inserts like China watch published by China Daily I think 30 major US publications run China Watch inserts in other words taking money for you know for China watch from China daily which is registered as a foreign mission of the Chinese government in other worder it’s a branch of the Chinese government in other words are taking money from the Chinese government to publish this propaganda and of course other issues such as you know certain outlets running directly South China Morning Post of course South China Morning Post was more respected before but then they got bought up by Ali Baba’s Jack Ma in other words you know playing they’re still playing a chord to the Chinese regime the game they’re not gonna have non bias stories they’re not gonna have uncensored news you know they are to a degree a mouthpiece to an extent and so it’s it’s hard for people to see through this it does appear there are authoritative publications that are directly publishing Chinese propaganda and of course when it comes to Chinese diplomats when it comes to say Chinese academics who are sometimes working on behalf of the Chinese regime giving quotes to big-name media or criticizing them and then getting their you know quotations published like their authoritative figures I’d say it’s really hard for people to see through stuff like that and so yes the low-level stuff they do is is juvenile and ridiculous the high-level stuff they do is I think terribly effective sometimes although I do think people are becoming more aware of it when it comes to the Chinese people themselves being misled by it it’s mixed a lot of the Chinese netizens actually see right through it they joke about it they make fun of it a lot of the average Chinese are unfortunately very misled by it because a lot of them you know even in the US a lot of the you know first-generation immigrants they’ll still use CCP run platforms like social media platforms and all of the media on those platforms are all CCP media and so they’re not hearing anything outside of that their entire worldview is shaped by these by the information that’s presented to them and they have nothing beyond that and so a lot of them are pretty brainwashed by it honestly they don’t get opinions outside of it and of course a lot of them were raised in that system and they just think like that they don’t have information they would allow for them to see outside of it so a lot of them are actually misled by it, in fact Vice news had a great story on this saying that in China a lot of Chinese most Chinese it said believe that this virus came from the United States because that’s what Chinese media have been saying they call it the USA virus. Now moving on Tony V Joshua I think perhaps you are missing a part that is being covered up under international agreements and Accords creating and/or maintaining biological weapons is a violation of those agreements and Accords I suspect that China does not want any information out that would prove that. Tony you’re right of course the China regime signed on to the biological weapons act in 1984 and a lot of countries are also part of that there was actually a State Department report that came out before this whole virus thing even started I think it was 2018 stating that the Chinese regime had continued its biological weapons programs under the guise of say dual use technologies in other words they can say they’re working on virus research or things like that but it also has a military component to it the State Department report notes that when the Chinese regime signed the biological weapons act in 1984 they did not even acknowledge the biological weapons programs the U.S. knew they had before that in other words the U.S. knew for a fact China had biological weapons programs they never it the CCP never admitted they had those programs they never showed evidence of getting rid of those programs and so it’s ink on paper nothing more and they haven’t been held accountable for it at the same time when it comes to international communities including China a lot of time that this

is what I’ve been told by pretty good sources a lot of times countries and pretty much every developed country unfortunately does it for what I’ve been told they call their biological weapons programs defensive programs and so they run them under the guise of defensive programs but basically the research is the same and so this this is one of those dirty international topics in my opinion that is unfortunately murky and masquerades behind an international agreement that really doesn’t do anything at least as far as I can tell Now moving on RG hey Josh first-time commenter here was just wondering what types of threats or pressure you have received from the CCP as I’m sure it’s happening to you might make for a great video keep up the great work I appreciate it geez so I’ve been a reporter with Epoch Times since 2006 and I’ve been an investigative reporter since 2008, I did a video with American Thought Leaders actually then I tell the whole story of it if anyone’s interested we can include that below in the description so long story short my whole foray into investigative reporting was actually unintentional I stumbled across the Chinese regime’s United Front while doing some local reporting in New York City and basically uncovered that these tongs these fraternal organizations were working with the Chinese consulate and beneath these they had Chinese mafia operations that were running they were threatening Chinese individuals in these communities in it was at Flushing, Queens one of the largest Chinese communities in New York I did most of the reporting but of course found they were doing it in all the Chinese communities in New York I had people telling me that they were threatened I remember one woman I won’t forget she said she was from Taiwan matter of fact so she wasn’t from the mainland she told me that these people told her they could make her disappear I found that people on American soil Chinese people are afraid to speak out against the CCP because they’re afraid their families are gonna get attacked and they’re afraid for their own safety because of these networks and so between 2008 and about 2012 the bulk of my work was investigating and exposing those things I did a lot of reporting on that. During that time I did get I did actually get a lot of death threats I personally don’t think they were official death threats I think they were individuals who I was exposing at that time getting annoyed at me some some pretty serious stuff one of the one of the official death threats wasn’t directed to me it was directed one of my sources at that time they slashed the tires of his car and they told him they hired a hitman to chop off one of his hands personally I don’t I have never felt in my life was actually at risk a little bit back then I did go through kind of a mental process where I you know I was of course discovering pretty concerning things I did have to decide whether it was worth dying for if it did come to that you know my thought process was basically in the end well if I don’t do it who’s going to do it if I don’t expose it who’s gonna expose it and at that time there were there weren’t really any reports on the United Front this this stuff was largely unknown at that time and so the process of you know uncovering it and exposing it was putting me very much on the frontlines if you want to call it that these days I don’t I haven’t gotten threats and years least not serious ones at least as far as I can tell I do get monitoring issues I do get attacks so for example after that documentary came out I was doing a lot of interviews all you know media all around the world and the Chinese consulates in some places did shoot back against that and so yeah there were some personal attacks from Chinese consulates you know very recently I also had a very bizarre experience very recently as well where I was I was doing an interview on a radio show and they told me that there was another call on my line and they said the individual on the other line was speaking Chinese and of course I was doing this call from my home and there’s nobody speaking Chinese here I did not personally hear it but that’s what the radio you know controller people were saying and so you know there’s some weird stuff going on personally I don’t feel at risk in any way but of course doing this kind of work you just get you know get used you get used to it just being honest. Moving on, plums &berries Mr. Phillips please get some rest you don’t look so good you will exhaust yourself to death exposing CCP which is a lifetime’s work because these are evil people please take care of yourself and thank you for the good work yeah really appreciate it a few of you commented I look very tired and you’re totally right I’ve been very tired lately that documentary we did got geez when we were censored by Facebook across all

platforms in other words Facebook YouTube and NTD which is the sister media of Epoch Times and The Epoch Times website we had about 70 million views on it and I think the number now is over a hundred million views a lot of the enquiries on that were directed towards me and so I’ve been doing non-stop international media interviews US interviews and so on and of course getting a lot of researchers come and are contacting me and so luckily that’s starting to go down now it’s I’m not getting nearly as many now and and so folks again really appreciate you thinking about my health that said I did get one other question someone asked about this painting and some of the I guess furniture I have actually interesting story it was a friend of mine at friend of my wife’s actually long story short her mother was you know her mother’s older and she was dying and of course had an apartment and a lot of old furniture she was trying to sell this furniture now this is pre this is pre Chinese Communist Party Chinese antique furniture including this chair and actually a lot around in my house I’ll explain how that happened basically she was trying to sell it she couldn’t sell it she tried giving it away she tried donating it to like thrift stores and Goodwills they wanted her to pay them to take it and so you know she called up my wife and she’s like hey I know you guys like you know classical Chinese stuff would you be interested in this furniture if come pick it up it’s yours and I was like yeah I’ll take it totally and of course I’m critical of the Chinese Communist Party but I love I love traditional Chinese culture now that said folks again we’re going to be broadcasting Monday through Friday so please don’t forget tune in, we’re gonna be focusing very heavily on this new coronavirus the CCP virus. Next episode we’re actually gonna have an interview interview with Sean Lin he was the army virologist featured in the documentary and so yeah don’t miss that we have some good stuff coming up also that said if you haven’t already please like and subscribe again we really need your support and apparently if you have subscribed before please double check and make sure you’re still subscribed because we’ve been getting a lot of reports saying that people are seeing that they’ve been unsubscribed that said folks again thank you appreciate your support that take care of yourselves I’ll see you next time