Amazing SouthIndia – Kanyakumari – Pamban – Rameshwaram Journey

So My target is to stop at Pamban Bridge Look at this guy Isn’t it cute? See we cannot get snow For this huge amount of snow We’re getting salt Train came seriously Train has come So Good Morning Guys Welcome back to the Channel Xtreme Moto Adventure It’s going to be 8 o’ clock in the morning Before starting the journey i’ll show you the view outside Let’s go outside and see the view We have came into the balcony of Hotel Sagar I’m reversing the camera Reverse look at the View This is simply Incredible, Incredible India Incredible India, look at the scene Look at the aura It’s too tremendous It’s fabulous I’m speechless And there is Vivekananda Rock Beside is a museum may be This is the market That is a Temple, you can also go to the Temple I’ll show you the whole view Standing here feeling this cold wind Which is making the heart and body Very fresh in the morning I must say I’m getting the Awesome feeling See there a boat What a view Let’s roam a little outside I have packed my stuff when I’ll come I’ll quickly pick up the luggage and will leave I’ll put this into this Actually i had removed the key chain Because i was thinking What’s the scene, it’s getting out Will put it a little Maybe it won’t get out now All of these done Let’s move I’ll show you Kanyakumari after that After packing we will leave for Rameshwaram I don’t think I will be able to reach Rameshwaram till evening Because Rameshawaram is far from here Either i have run the bike very fast will lock it quicky Let’s go Firstly will go through The Market Move Move This is the main market of Kanyakumari The small one that directly goes to Temple I think the way is from here Which goes to the back side That rock is visible from here The statue what a view Very beautiful Lovely man lovely So this is the way where I’m going So We have reached at the back Let’s see up to where we can go Let’s see Will try to go as far as i can I don’t have the power to pull

If it get’s stuck in the stones, i’ll bring it back Because there are many stones ahead Here i will park it And It’s good here It can turn from here So Reached Shall i go little ahead, there’s too much garbage Ultimate view, Let’s take it little ahead It’s alright here It’s the right place But i don’t know how it will turn Will see it after some time Awesome, SO guys this is A place where you can bring your bike We cannot go ahead because there are many huge stones See whole area how Ultimate this view is Guys i got screwed up while Turning the bike here I took help from a local Let’s go Carefully Many stones here Let’s go brother Move out now I have to reach Rameshawaram It’s 320 KM I took some drone shots but It was too risky getting a drone shot here Actually wind was blowing very fast Drone was not in control Kanyakumari is amazing It’s must to visit here once in a lifetime Bank of Maharashtra ATM Let’s go brother Thans a lot Will meet in Kolkata Let’s start today’s journey It took half an hour to load my stuff This is the most tough work Loading and unloading Jai Mata Di Today’s journey has begin Let’s rock and roll towards Rameshwaram It was fun being here in Kanyakumari I had reached here almost at 4:00 PM I spent my whole evening at beach side At sunset point And in the morning there was no sunrise Actually there were clouds so i didn’t go there Then after that the views you had seen Once i thought drone is about to fall I have got some problem in my thorat What should i do? what shall i eat? Hey brother why you aren’t turning round Turn Turn it on, it looks nice I remember these roads

When i had came here in 2016 What an amazing scene Wow man look at the scene Serious there are many Wind mills One photo is must Lovely place, when I had came in April it was 2016 I had stopped exactly at this same place and i had clicked a photo At that time this place was Not green, right now It’s too Awesome Camera? Yes camera Full the tank Full Making it full Do you know hindi or not? Do you know hindi or not? No he don’t know Are these clothes warm? Yes i feel hot Wear nice clothes then Nice clothes? which are those? This type of clothe, Give these to me then How can i give this this is mine So? Ok Let’s drink water i’m thirsty Free RO water There’s free RO water, I’m getting it for free so drink it Friends eat salt I’ll show you, there’s too much salt I’m shocked in Tamil Nadu Because i had seen it in Gujarat but Salt in Tamil Nadu There’s too much, I’ll show you Here’s the salt Shall i touch? i hope nothing happens to me See it’s salt i think Shall i taste it I hope nothing happens to me Yes this is salt, So guys i have Covered Almost 210 KM From here it is Almost 170-180 My target is to stop At Pamban Bridge near 5:00 PM So that i can capture sunset If they allow to park bike But the view here is awsome Come here Hi Nice guys So you’re 4 on a bike I’m fine What’s your name? Deepak Deepak Country? India Let’s go you can see, Do you know hindi? So you know english I know very less english I have met some kids, they’re very excited Yes I’m riding it from Delhi it’s been 65 65 days Look at this guy Cute? He’s sitting in the front an enjoying Say bye

Bye Bye Take care So Let’s continue the journey ahead How good people meet on the way This journey is going like this Let’s see There’s a way Ultimate, see Awesome Let’s go little ahead and see These are hills of salt So we have came into the different world Great, i’m having fun We cannot get snow here Inspite of this much snow We’re getting salt I had a lot of photography, let’s go now It’s looking like winter Ladakh Those who haven’t seen my winter Ladakh videos You must watch, you’ll surely like them What a place Everywhere it’s white Came on main road, Bye Bye So brother where have you reached We have reached Theriruveli Enjoying with people That was Theriruveli Rameshwaram is 86 yes only 86 Pamban will come before that Pamban bridge is i think India’s most beautiful bridge The view there you see by yourself Must watch this video till end Train goes from here, there’s a railway track Just we have reached Pamban It has started Wow Oh My God, This is Amazing guys What an awesome feel Let me show you quickly, If someone Comes we won’t be able to see Oh My God Look at the scene Sun What a view This is Awesome I’ll show you the view on the other side once, If we get a chance With my Canon G7x Maar ii i’ll record 2-4 videos with it What a fabulous view I hope some Police Man should not come otherwise there will be an issue I think this is No Parking Zone No worries we will see let them come We will see will talk with them How can we miss such a beautiful scene I’ll take out my Canon G7x mark ii Will record 2-4 videos Forget to fly drone here Wind is blowing too fast i’ll try for once I have to go to Dhanushkodi After that i’ll come here I will try to do a train journey any how Bottomless ocean So guys, Train has arrived Seriously train has arrived Awesome, I’m so lucky I’ll say Hi, We will zoom And look at the driver of the train Shake your hand brother guys this is killer What an Awesome view There’s no need of drone

See the view Ultimate brother What a view, This is our INCREDIBLE INDIA Guys If you’re in Tamil Nadu then don’t Miss the scene Of this train Once in a lifetime this view is Must watch it From 2 wheeler we have came to 4 wheeler We’ll ride an ATV He didn’t wanted to come in front of camera He was thinking of some mishappening