Worst Flood in History of Venice Chongqing Fens, Hongyadong, Yangtze River Floods in China Update

Hi, I just wanted to provide you with the latest situation after the worst floods in Chongqing and Hongyadong at the end of last month So far the flood level has dropped by at least 150 feet, but it is still a long way from normal All major roads in Chongqing have now reopened This road was submerged in water during the flood The road next to the river is called Jialingjiang Binjianglu. I don’t know why they don’t use the english translation the English translation means Jialing River Riverside Road, but they use the mandarin pronunciation instead Jialingjiang Binjianglu, what a mouthful [Applause] From here you can see the Hongyadong. In fact you can see the basement level, the first flood and two floors of basement level of car park are no longer submerged in water However the other two floors are still submerged in water Continuous heavy rains in recent months have caused floods in a wide range of areas in mainland China The floods have been rare for many years It is expected that there will be more rainfall in Western China such as Shaanxi (陝西) and Ningxia (寧夏) in autumn, and the flood situation will be severe This is the night view of Honyadong Hogyadong is now reopened and you can see large number of visitors are flooding in Hogyadong is a very popular destination for tourists excluding import cases there are no Covid-19 in China for more than a month In Chongqing, no Covid-19 case for more than four months already It is not compulsory to wear face mask As you can see, most people do not wear face mask. If they wear face mask, they use their face mask to hide the double chin rather than to cover the mouth. You do have to wear face mask for public transport Let me show you some drone footage during and before the floods last month so you can compare them Hongyadong has 10 floors above the ground floor level and four floors below the ground floor level or the basement During the flood, all basement levels and the first two floors were flooded or submerged in water From this video, you can understand the severity of the flood You can see a lot of people coming out to take pictures

The 2020 floods in China is the worst in the history of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) The rainfall is due to the increase in stream produced in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Some experts believe that part of the cause should be attributed to climate change and such events may become more frequent in the future Chongqing became Venice overnight This should be a river now it looks like an ocean to me In here you can see the water normally is very clear, you can see right to the bottom of the river Normally you can walk to the bottom of the riverbed However, during the flood the water change yellow color There have been torrential rains in many provinces across the country in June The authorities have counted that 751 rivers have flooded beyond the warning line, more than 70 million people were affected, about 4.7 million people were relocated in emergency, 70 thousands houses collapsed and direct economy losses amount to more than 210 billion yuan Renminbi (RMB) or equivalent to 31 billion US dollars There are 271 dead or missing so far From the perspective of forecasts, autumn rains in West China will start earlier than usual in this fall. The rainfall is generally higher, especially in southern Shaanxi (陝西) , southern Ningxia (寧夏) and southern Gansu(甘肃). There are too many abnormalities, and the autumn flood situation is severe The Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters stated that it is still in the main flood season, and it is necessary to continue to do a good job in preventing geological disasters from mountain terrents and typhoons In Chongqing, after a flood that hit the city in late August 2020, which has not been seen in a century, Chongqing has another nickname called Venice Chongqing Fens Indeed in this great flood, Chongqing has changed from a “Mountain City” to a “Water City”. On the one hand, it reflects the optimistic character of chongqing people. On the other hand, it also reflects our attitude towards disasters, which is full of positive energy This sudden flood is indeed a bit unexpected for the people in Chongqing. Chongqing is clearly in the sunshine and high temperature During this period of time, there is no rain. Every day the barbecue mode is around 40 degrees celsius. Ushering in such a flood, the highest water level observed by the Cuntan Hydraulical Station is 191.55 meters which is higher than 191.41 meters

in 1981 which is the previous highest record. Several riverside roads in the main city of chongqing were all flooded, and most of the celebrity spots in chongqing such as Chiqikou, Hongyadong and Chaotianmen, were not spared. However these are nothing to the people of Chongqing In the past few weeks of the flood, what I have most impressed me is not the flood, but the people supporting the old and the young to see the spectacular scene of the floods with great interest They are crowded with people watching the floods holding mobile phones and selfie sticks, with joy on their faces, as if they were going to a fun fair or feast The media is also full of firepower, ushering in another wave of flood, fighting the emergency resecue After the flood, the workers and firefighting service were working very hard to clear the damage oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] You can see Hongyadong is now reopened The first basement level of the car park is also opened However, the ground floor and the first floor remains closed Although you can see the damage is severe, however knowing Chinese I’m sure they will work 24 hours non-stop to make sure that they can reopen as soon as possible I asked quite a few shop owners and they told me that they have not insured for flooding because in fact insurance company most of them they don’t accept flood insurance or even if they accept it, the insurance premium is very high, and you don’t get compensation from the government for business flood damage

Good people and good deeds commanding the reporting the grand event Most of the stories appeared in the major media were “Chongqing Water Light Rail”, “Drifting Light Rail”, “Venice Chongqing fens” and other stories and news. In the past few weeks of the flood disaster, I also went out to take photos, and witnessed the lives of ordinary people under the worst disasters Generally speaking, the people affected by the disaster are calm because, they also know the disaster is not just their family, but many people face the same fate as them This is the so-called Bacon’s Law, sharing happiness can double happiness and sharing pain can reduce pain by half. When many people face the same pain, the pain can be reduced to very low level. Everyone suffered the disaster together, and thinking about it, it will be psychologically balanced I have always felt that Chongqing people have a sense of fatalism in their personalities of “pleasantly know their fate, so they are not worried.” They have a strong resilience in life. They are ordinary, small, and even humble But at the same time, they are tough and real oh

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