Lake Yamanakako Fuji Five Lakes Japan Hiking Guide

yama yo yama yo yama yooo this trail up to myeonjin it’s brutal they didn’t really take care of it it’s got a lot of damage from a typhoon obviously it’s really tough but the good views of yamanakako. yamanaka. whatever people call it different things it’s really nice! fuji five lakes see, we got lake districts too not too bad. Ikimasho! mount myojin and a lot of these mountains around here are made by this red volcanic rock. look this is a from the mount fuji eruption many many moons ago so it’s all this red rock it’s really slippery and hard to walk on but it reminds me of mount fuji which is we love mount fuji mount fuji! the first of our five summits we’re going to do today we’ll see but uh let’s knock this one out. mount myojin ikimsho! i’m coming baby yeah man it’s this this grass that cuts you you gotta earn it you gotta get sliced to walk up this mountain pain! Pain! Pain! looks glad we’re coming up on the summit finally the guy who told us this mountain was easy a damn liar man you lying bastard! almost there let’s get it mount myojin let’s get it right there baby no one else up here still four more to do today? i don’t know about that but let’s push on

we did it Well, should we fly the drone? it’s not that nice but a couple weeks ago we’re at mount kintoki i accidentally knocked the drone out of the sky you don’t need details but it fell from about 10 feet and just shattered into pieces so i don’t actually know if it works anymore. so let’s give it a try. i try to fix it myself and of course i don’t know nothing about nothing so we’ll see but let’s do this or let’s not what the hell man what the hell is wrong with that? that was crazy did i not put the wings on right or something? oh it’s broken disaster! well i guess i’m in the market for a new drone not built to last or maybe they’re just not supposed to fall from 10 feet damn it i’m so sad! ah nothing’s going my way. no drone no mount fuji. which is supposed to be right there man can’t win them all but i did summit one mountain and we’ll get some more so maybe we’ll turn this day around but the clouds are rolling in and it looks ominous let’s find out next mountain mount mikuni let’s go let’s get it basically we’re gonna get up on we gotta go down and get up on this ridge line and walk all the way around and then down so about 10 kilometers it says it said about 10 kilometers five hours but i wasted an hour messing with the drone up here so all right let’s not talk about that anymore but i don’t know other parts of this is supposed to be beautiful i just don’t like going downhill to go back uphill but you do what you got to do this reminds me of mount fuji going down we’re super uncomfortable slippery dangerous not fun not fun i feel like i’ve complained a lot today you gotta cut that out zip it shut your mouth shut your mouth and enjoy the nature see hummus phil shut your pie hole and enjoy the nature shut your gosh dang mouth let’s go so we came from i don’t know if you can see that i’m using a new lens this is a 10 millimeters 10 to 20 mil meter so the first time i’m ever using using it’s really wide obviously it’s 10 millimeters but uh yeah we just came dropped down from that mountain we’re gonna head into the so we’re gonna head into the forest so new ecosystem it’s gonna be a totally different view coming up before we get back onto the ridgeline so let’s see how this part goes i heard it’s beautiful i hope so

25 minutes this is the minutes sign in japanese let’s get it by the way this says beware of bears. kawai yo kawai look at the roots of this tree a lot of trees are like this especially in aokigahara aokigahara forest which isn’t far from here it’s on the other side the trees grow on top of the lava rock interesting the guy who showed us this mountain said this is a leisurely leisurely walk in the forest this thing is hard man that guy must be related to sir edmund hillary or something it’s rough brutal lying b@stard well if you want it you got to work for it we do mountaintops and we complain while doing it and i lost my sunglasses what a day what a day my ray-bans my ray-bans baby so ray-bans drone my tripod had all kinds of problems today i’m waiting i’m waiting for it to turn around maybe mount fuji expose itself not freaking likely what are you doing here in summertime you got a few months to go get out of here it’s not fall yet a row you son of a made it to our second summit it’s really foggy up here yeah number two baby that part was brutal 13 20 and we can pass that’s where we came from next up yes this thing marks the spot for three prefectures kanekawa shizuoka and yamanashi all converge in this spot pretty cool see the other the other wildlife protection sign we saw down there said yamanashi prefecture wildlife protection and this one’s kinda go all right let’s get another one summit number three somebody must this my style right here flat ground it’s what i like we like to climb mountains but sometimes you need a reprieve i’m burned out are we halfway i don’t know i can’t believe that guy i guess we’re gonna find out but this part of the trail through the forest smokey smoky woods that’s what i like after climbing to twelve thousand twelve thousand twelve hundred meters 1200 meters which is like 3 500 feet or something like that that’s what we did today a little workout low calorie burn move your fat @ss, go boy move it that looks like a good seat to me my legs are weary let’s give it a shot oh yeah son oh that’s what’s up i could stay here all night

but there’s bears let’s go all right we reached now the summit you want to go to fuji international speedway four kilometers that way enjoy groom well also fuji cemetery i don’t know what that’s about i mean i think i know what it’s about but i’m not going over there what do we do is this the summit no not yet not yet it’s still up on the mountain pass this is a zuna pass zuna pass basically we’re just walking along the ridge line the spine of the mountain grabbing multiple peaks it’s nice up here i mean the day started off brutal i broke the drone lost my glasses oh shut your mouth we already know all right let’s go let’s find something good foreign foreign how are them nuts these nuts look at this tree that must have been one powerful storm damn got a little shelter here natural shelter a little lean to cool trying to make it there cagos uh pass cargo pass hey uphill again if you look on youtube for this hike there’s nothing there’s there’s like one dude who’s not like a garbage video sorry and i wondered why because panorama died around lake yamanako sounds awesome but why would there be no videos no one doing this hike but i think i know japanese already know don’t be stupid stupid it’s not like it’s not terrible i mean you’re getting multiple mountain summits but two brutal uphills down a lot of ridgeline now another uphill and why this forest is beautiful it’s nice this is definitely certainly not the worst hike i’ve ever been on it’s just uh i don’t know how to say that some bad luck but it’s definitely beautiful the best part about this hike is the weather man it was like 30 celsius

so you know close to 90 yesterday but in here it’s like 65 feels like 65 you know shirtless i mean i could do that because i’m a fat bastard but keep me cool i feel good weather-wise but i’m bummed about the other things i’m not i’m not saying don’t do this hike if you’re up for it go do it but just expect for a rough day that’s all i’m i mean to say it is no walk in the park like that one asshole said freaking jerk. You jerk! lying b@stard i’m sure when this is all over though i’ll be happy and satisfied i want to come back in winter when mount fuji is uh you know crystal clear and snow-capped and when i have a drone that actually works can you tell how smoky it is in here it’s dark and ominous yeah it doesn’t really pick up but man it’s so foggy and smoky in here koio kauai koyo scary check out this tree it’s like an elephant elefante wait that’s not japanese did i just make that up maybe that’s spanish or i made my own language i don’t know but it’s elephant strange very strange elephant can you hear the fuji speedway it’s porsche day at fuji speedway today i don’t know if i can pick that up on the rode videomic pro plus find out when we get home i feel like we’re in the middle of nowhere but fuji speedway is four kilometers away i mean we are in the middle of nowhere don’t get me wrong but i’m totally be i’m tired uphill my eyes are burning the quarantine repent i think really put you down put you out of shape but you got to start somewhere that’s why we’re here we got damn kick my ass kick in my ass but when you get home and you reflect on the day you’re like oh that was a good day just went in the middle of it you’re like damn this sucks it’s just a constant uphill trench constant uphill trench summit number four summer number four on the day 1383 meters that’s uh that’s over 4000 feet if my calculations are correct i believe so not bad not too shabby not too shabby but we still got more to go keep my show all right it should be all downhill from here we’re looking at 70 minutes wait the map said 60 minutes this says 70 minutes those liars so 10 minutes so scared liars should be all downhill 70 minutes to the pass and then another hour back to the car so another two hours and more for us because we’re slow so jesus jesus help me we’ll see maybe we can find a taxi taxi let’s get it

hey hi how’s the hike so far so good so far so good my @ss is rough yeah i know don’t lie man yeah tired tired let’s do set all downhill from here the lies man the lie he’s probably at home just laughing giggling yeah these guys are going uphill brutal if i ever catch you if i ever catch you mr geising that’s your ass boy i’m on it let me ask you a question me no the freak’n ghost behind you do you think that guy’s video that we used for reference is truthful what truthful no no way he picked whatever the easy part he picked the easy part he made it look pretty yeah and it’s not i mean i’m not saying it’s not gorgeous up here i’m saying that basically you lying bastard you’re lying bastard he cherry-picked and showed what he wanted i wasn’t expecting it it’s my it’s my own fault but mentally i was like oh it’s going to be a easy day walk in the park i guess you should be prepared for everything but he tricked me all week i was like oh yeah it’s nothing it’s not gonna be nothing here we are i’m dead bury me over there at the fuji fuji cemetery all right it’s official video official there’s no fish on my ass that’s no official you can’t say this is not beautiful i mean it absolutely is all the complaining i did today just because i wasn’t expecting the course but look at this place there’s nobody up here we haven’t seen anybody it’s so green it’s absolutely beautiful don’t don’t get me wrong especially with this fog i know it’s not coming up on the on the cat i mean i don’t know i won’t know till i get home and process but um the fog is really thick so beautiful it’s nice it is very nice i’m just a complainer don’t listen to me man here’s a different landscape very dolly sods-esque if you’re familiar with that area of west virginia one of my favorite places in the world this is a good spot i wouldn’t mind throwing up a tent right here actually we made it to a zombie dot which is just a clearing where i wish i had the shut it shut it shut it you already know not too bad i wonder why it’s roped off what do they what do they got going on here not sure why it’s protected i mean it is nice but all right carry on that fog rolling in okay what we got what we got give me some good news what another two kilometers you bastard we could get another mountain summit in 0.7 kilometers but hell no my legs are jello another gosh dang it man kakosaka pass cargo i’m gonna boil up some royal milky push so try to get a little energy for this last push and we are out here there is nobody around here we are in the wilderness awesome i love that milky in the middle of the forest on the side of a mountain beautiful well looks like we’re coming up on the road

it’s been uh we started at 7 30 and i was like 3 3 15 or so it’s a long day and we still got an hour walk back to the car on the road unless we get lucky and get the bus or something which the end is a graveyard so that’s fitting that makes sense total sense considering today my legs belong in that graveyard a lot of incense for me you