G-mod prop hunt #1 – hiding in plain sight

oh this is backyard bridge – we’ve been playing this don’t judge me who’s prop I am I’m a hunter right now be a prop I’m gonna be by myself with them um come I’ll get to play I’m dead yes I’m spectating this round hey Dan you suck yeah oh I’m gonna get myself killed oh don’t you worry I’m not giving you any hints besides the fact that I can see the light of the outside they’re still fucked up just uh fuck up I want this oh I can have it I can’t anything up oh okay I’m a wanderer former one who are home around around around oh that’s all thing 110 take a solo song takes 30 seconds to cover sound too much like the original version to fucking get are you outside or inside I am inside Oh blue I’m trying to dispose of celebrity I saw you now you didn’t know I’m something else now star am i sexy Zack come in look at this second you motherfucker in the mirror goggies look at I’m holding that fucking huge ass can change the colour of my soup Phil I don’t know I’ll just try I will tell you this guy I am inside still and I need to I’ll be right back so I’m let me give you two hints I am looking at a beautiful picture of a family and it can be I’m next to something that can be very Suzie Wow nice what you know hey crimson tear it away okay I’m back sorry about that I saw you kill me right before okay so wide open I will know I can almost taste

I was oh my god Wow it did amazing picture of a river where he is yep exactly I also give it a spin I have a good one now so this is something something to your right or left whichever you want to put it like that right right right right right no it’s gonna be good give me good don’t worry all right you minute to myself to it I’m actually wonder why I can see reading it is China China dinah a stone’s throw away from route 202 nobody who doesn’t live in Maine I don’t get that oh listen to the radio sometimes you six foot seven foot eight foot but have you heard the other version of that the one we’re at right now drop the bomb like comes and we drop the bomb yes yes I love good turn the right room resonator okay I’ll say that in the Attic am I can’t pick up the sword what the fuck what dude I saw all right the player will be will get its revenge one day be for that’s terrified what the fuck I was in the frigid people cabbage Oh snowman snowman come on move it No someone shut the door on me oh man sorry you’re the banana king old person is what Pinkman nope that was right I fucked up Oh Oh Eric oh jeez okay let’s hope this wolf inside outside I am inside I’m gonna get you girl I wanna know you know yeah wow you actually pretty strong to move all those finally captions I do you like motherfucker idea I’m all those that I saw the filing cabinets there you know what’s coming weird though yeah that’s why I thought it was like wow all the other ones moving but this one did we know what Connie Danna comes and you jump and gave them fuck like all right you will never find me I show up blew my camera I’m pretty sure we’re at the VA

so what’s the deal with health wise how random huh you know I think I’m going to leave you Sam okay you know Taylor how do you know decrypted ah you know get feeling oh god oh my god oh my oh well done thank you sir okay I’m by something that that organizes stuff a lot of blue a very difficult head he is spatially by something refreshing spatially blue in here okay taking guides okay now you know it basically next to some buckets thanks tink majestic I’m gonna be able to watch comes in good for me oh there I am L watch him good oh I got this I got the CCTV on him and everything for the camera by the way I cannot see you right now correct I was a little boxed inside the inside the thing Oh God I just made that jump that was the jump of Champions I started jump yeah it was great I want that footage I wanna see that photos you can jump let’s got the one jump that one fucking jumped I made one cup is all I need Skippy – I mean now let’s try to find our friend our valued friend are you

inside or outside I’m not a bitch I’m a dick ah I’m inside what are you and exactly where I find you I’m the truck in the street oh wow do get it I can hear one of you smacking something I should probably take trouble vivia hint yeah there’s that time it’s very smelly in here hahaha that’s a big hit I know where you are with a ball on TP oh my god instantly oh yeah I know what happens in there don’t we all ladies and gentlemen I was a little paper towel I’m a fucking idiot I am inside are you yes I am that was the option I’m going to see if I can get that thing it’s rapidly generated or yes it is greater no how does it see if I can get it tell you mr. Reiner’s yeah the last time is right this is wait oh my god oh you never wondered that I never will be either I hope with all holy cannoli you don’t need a very important part of your look you basically told him hey he’s underneath the bed he’s arguing I don’t know what you doing there I heard you doing that Lobby man you really defined now if I move it just messes everything up so I can move in put it back into place bind I get it I fucked everything up I feel like you need me because I don’t know to what I yes your binder there’s the bed wait a second wait – can you think of a second oh my god oh shit I can do for you

Oh God oh shit Oh oh good oh shit thank you last my caps lock on get out of the car you know so I’m gonna try something what I got rotation lock oh you’ll never find me I’m hiding in plain sight what the fuck that’s creepy town are you inside or outside honestly if you can’t tell then you have not been paying attention nice toss by the way thank you sure hey uh Sigmund you gonna move so hey Hopkins some milk dude hold on I gave some milk do need some milk he’s outside he’s an obvious location apparently yeah I am very obvious but you will never find me cuz well hm hey what if you leave me and my fruit out of this Jesus you know fuck you could say could I get something very refreshing listen one fucking there’s another fucking vending machine around here another fucking vending machine around here you look for a vending machine another set of a vending machine I know but I will tell you this I am higher than everything else or you’re higher than everything else is that it correction not everything else I’m higher than all the others that’s a better way to say it just mother fuckers playing jokes she’s a prankster and I’m not too sure if this will help or not but I have 16 HP that will help a lot actually how do you get up there I’m a fucking jumpin conniving master yep you know this pain is unbearable it’s a fucking barrel you dumb mother fucking barrel where the fuck is he always swear to fucking god you in the back of this now I’m not in that truck aah no I’m not sorry gosh but I will say this you definitely would not want to run into me now that’s a wheel wait a second no I’m not in there IML do you see from this side fucking Matt why

are you well I just something I kind of don’t want to give it what to be this again last round okay so he’s a big hit I will total your cars you drive into one of these things is not like the other one of them is sitting upright uh okay sorry all right I’m going try hard can eating crow here I was higher than all the others that is true only by a few inches them and by unbearable I meant barricade I mean sighs I look what are you doing what shanky ah answer my ta me Norman hey how do you cut rotation lock on our yeah are you saying one thing and man is not happy I am speak why now I said enough self yet you should I just said I want you to don’t worry about doing I’m yeah be quiet I can’t I am I am in too bad of a spot I knew I I love it Oh God a blast from the old that would be biggest state right there I fucked up I fucked up you saw them in I know I screwed it all up alright grace finds away okay you got a lot on try something else either some cards against Trinity with some I guess ooh just you know – oh one of those Hana anyone okay well done guys can end this video here comes reigns