Editing Video with Adobe Premiere Pro: A Beginner's Guide – Module 11: Audio mastering

(upbeat electronic music) – “Editing Video with Adobe Premier Pro, “A Beginner’s Guide,” is the best way to start off on your editing journey You’ll learn essential editing skills like importing footage into your project, previewing footage in your source monitor, creating sequences and adding footage to them, adding video and audio effects, color correction and color grading and exporting your final finished project so you can share it online This in-depth, practical, hands-on course takes you through every step of video editing and includes sample footage that you can download and experiment with I’m Tom Dowler, an award-winning cinematographer and editor and I’ve been using Adobe Premier Pro for almost 20 years You’ll get all the benefit of my experience, along with some tips and tricks to really get the most out of this incredible software Start your editing journey today