China Censors Data On Dam, Amid Rising Floods; Xi’s Military Orders Suggest Breaks In the Party

Hey, welcome back everyone first off some breaking news on this Three Gorges Dam Now the Chang jiang water resources commission site no longer shows inflow data Suggesting that it may be censored by the CCP. Now, normally the static gets updated when the site is refreshed Some Chinese netizens have commented on this suggesting that again a cover-up may be underway And the situation may be more serious than what they’re being told. now chinese netizen wrote this on twitter Now the water level in wuhan is already at the edge of flooding if the output volume exceeds 40,000 referring to the amount of outflow allowed at that dam Wuhan will be doomed so the water has to be controlled at 35 000 If the ccp is not able to control the levels of the outflow the dam itself is at risk Which means that everything down river from it is at major risk so many individuals in china are very concerned about this right now Also in related news the floods in china are continuing. They’ve now reached 26 Provinces including cities and a couple updates on that. wuhan the epicenter of this new coronavirus is now flooded And shanghai, which is a major technology and business hub in china may be next. now on this note at least 13.74 million people are affected by these floods in china and also remember there is a bit of context to this We reported previously that on june 29th a document from the ccp revealed that authorities Rather than protect the three Gorges dam and people downstream from it asked to start a full flood discharge the day prior and also the whereabouts of xi jinping the head of the ccp are still Unconfirmed you might remember some of the recent coverage we had on this analyzing the different, you know Quote end-quote appearances xi jinping made and noted that many of them his actual location Was not actually confirmed now We’re seeing the same thing repeated now Epoch times reports that Xi came forward to personally command And personally deploy the flood prevention and relief work yet following an ongoing pattern again That is raising questions about his whereabouts Xi’s personal command was only on cctv news a major state-run tv station again which only published text without footage and in related news in a move that is being interpreted as a possible sign of instability in the chinese communist party xi jinping stated at a recent poll bureau meeting this Top leadership body of the ccp that the chinese military must be quote absolutely loyal and ready to fight Now beijing is currently under martial law and 30 provinces municipalities and autonomous regions in china Have begun to place controls on travel to and from beijing. this is again in context of this new virus outbreak They’re having there if the epidemic in beijing prolongs and the situation worsens There may be a coalition of military leaders and local politicians Forming a separatist movement and the old power center Zhongnanhai may become politically isolated along with the ccp Now in hong kong the chinese communist party has passed these national security laws that extends its reach into hong Kong legally Protesters risked life in prison to again take to the streets after these laws were passed Hong kong police fired tear gas and arrested more than 300 of them and they were marching against these new laws Now among those arrested they’re saying that at least two of them could face charges under these laws Which can have people extradited from hong kong to face trial in mainland china and which is broad enough in its descriptions That nearly any dissent from the ccp could be labeled a crime Now as a bit more reporting on hong kong This is according to south china morning post china is going to put visa restrictions on u.s Individuals over hong kong and it says quote any american efforts to undermine Introduction of national security law for the city will not succeed this is according to the chinese foreign ministry Now with that said folks this channel is being censored by youtube. our videos and they first go out have ads limited on them At first many times meaning we don’t get ad revenue We have to request a manual review with youtube and if they do get turned back on it seems that youtube restricts the views afterwards As the views suddenly drop if the light turns green on them Now that said we have launched a patreon if you want to support us you can find the link in the description below reports quote china’s destabilization strategies Show bold plan to attack democracies from within And now this describes a ccp’s pressure on australia through various channels, including political influence now it quotes a

csis report stating that quote Although china’s rising influence has felt all across the globe perhaps no country has been as roiled politically by china’s growing influence And political ambitions as australia’s has over the past several years And the article states that quote First came revelations about the large political donations from groups with close ties to the chinese communist party Then came concerns over beijing’s growing sway over australian universities Fears about undue influence within australia’s chinese language media and civic groups soon followed Combined it appeared to be a bold plan to attack democracy from within And it says unofficial channels were being exploited Interactions were secretive and manipulative Now an important point on australia. the methods the ccp has been using to subvert Australia, the same basic methods that it applies in many other parts of the world including many of the same basic institutions If you talk to many chinese dissidents They will point out something interesting. when the ccp wants to test programs to launch in the united states Australia is the first testing ground. if they work in australia, they move into canada if they work in canada They move them to the united states. Australia is the canary in the coal Mine of what the ccp risks bringing to the united states and many of the programs It’s pushing there again are things we’ve been exposing as well The chinese communist party is pushing back against the australian people accusing australia of mass espionage Spreading rumors and stoking confrontation. This is according to the guardian it states quote foreign ministry in beijing says evidence of australia’s spying activities is Irrefutable but provides no new evidence And so what’s going on right now? The chinese communist party has been using this same basic model again To subvert the democracies of different countries to subvert the open systems of different countries. the same model It’s using in the uk. the same model it’s using in australia many of those things are being replicated right here in the united states A lot of my work at epoch times going back to 2008 has been focused on exposing these things One of the main groups I pointed out in my reporting is the united front work department Which is the main tool the ccp uses for this Among some of its sub-branches, the things that is interconnected with are the confucius institutes the chinese student and scholar associations Different front organizations, the triads the chinese mafia in different forms of political and business influence through these networks And again, we’ll be covering some of this in this episode as well. So stay tuned meanwhile in the united kingdom china has been attempting to groom business leaders and political elites in the uk, according to a new book now This book is called quote hidden hand and it shows the ccp’s influence in the united kingdom and alleged that some of these efforts are launched through the 48 group club founded partly by former deputy prime minister in the uk, lord Heseltine Express, uk is reporting that quote. The group’s website has been taken down after the book’s publication and stephen Perry a london businessman who chairs the club has begun legal action to stop the publication of the book In the uk and canada now the article adds quote Australian academic clive hamilton co-author of the book said to the times quote in our judgment So entrenched are the chinese influence networks among british elites That britain has passed the point of no return and any attempt to extricate itself from beijing’s orbit would probably fail the chinese communist party has an internal saying Strangle you with your own systems. They talk about this system of unrestricted warfare. Basically the use It’s a way of thinking where you look at what are the goals of war? What would you want to achieve in war and how can you achieve those exact same goals using Non-military means using means outside direct troop on troop combat The ccp’s model is based very heavily around what the soviets were doing when they talked about ideological subversion It’s a way to subvert open systems again as as the ccp would say Strangle you with your own systems They look to infiltrate and influence the different institutions that make societies function Once they gain control over those that gain control of that community of that city of that local government or of the country And the ccp is extremely aggressive on this on all fronts Now moving on gold that was being used to back chinese credit has turned out to be fake Now is reporting that quote the 83 tons that purportedly pure gold that Kingold creditors held in their coffers as of june Would be equivalent to 22 percent of china’s annual gold production

And again according to this recent finding this gold is fake You might have remembered some of the reports talking about china trying to replace the us dollar and they were building this On a gold standard allegedly that was more pure than some of the gold being produced elsewhere A lot of investors in the us and else were very excited about this especially people who want to bring back the gold standard The ccp was telling people found a way to create more pure gold And it turns out now that this gold purity rumor they were promoting was fake That gold was fake and the ccp was using that to prop up this illusion of the value of its currency now moving on the chinese communist party has taken an unprecedented move forcing banks and investors to give up 212 billion dollars. Here’s an article from the epoch times It says quote china wants its banking industry to share the pain and help to boost a slumping economy To the tune of 1.5 Trillion yuan. That’s about 212 billion dollars again It continues to combat the worst economic downturn in 40 years as a country attempts to rebound from the ccp virus crisis the chinese communist party’s state council Which is the technical government of china has asked its banks to forego up to 1.5 trillion yuan in profits And says it’s an unprecedented and shocking demand and serves as a sobering reminder that china under the ccp Is still fundamentally a socialist command economy And so as we see with that as we saw with the fake gold standard the ccp Even though china masquerades as this open system Even though it masquerades as a capitalist society the ccp the communist party still controls all of that Even including the banks even including the currency even including any part of the local economy and state businesses And so from the broader perspective of what the ccp is doing The chinese communist party is trying to replace the united states as the world leader. part of that means replacing the us dollar Part of that means overturning the basic institutions these international institutions That make the united states the recognized world leader finance is a huge part of that banking is a huge part of that because when it comes to infrastructure when it comes to loans A lot of infrastructure relies on that whether it’s in the united states Whether it’s in any country around the world The ccp understands that by putting up an illusion by convincing people that money is worth something that it is not It can print its own money It can use that printed money to undermine other markets and by printing that money by giving out loans that are worth nothing Sometimes as we see with this new fake gold standard that they’re trying to promote that the ccp can create money on a whim And that the ccp can use that fake money to begin to subvert other countries This is a small piece of the overall picture of what the ccp is promoting and what it’s pushing for again using this program of unrestricted warfare And now related to that in the united states in north Carolina The ccp’s influence in the education system is being exposed by the north state journal Now the report on how the ccp is influencing k-12 education north Carolina follows previous reports that they’ve done on how the ccp is using the confucius institutes to subvert higher education It states in the news story that quote these confucius classrooms were not just for higher education They also spanned in K to 12 kindergarten through 12th grade It says according to NAS. There are roughly 500 k-12 schools in the united states that partner with Hanban of the chinese communist party And have quote confucius classrooms And so from the broader picture of what the ccp is doing again, it’s not just economy. It’s not just banking It’s not just finance. It’s not just political influence. It is our kids schools. It’s k-12 education It’s higher education. It’s subverting academics. It’s getting into our research and development I think we should all do well to reflect on why the ccp is doing this What are the institutions that allow a country to function? What are the foundations of a functioning open society Of a system that say runs on democratically elected officials and what is the basis of that? How do people make the decisions that direct their country? How do you determine who you vote for? It’s based on your world views, right? It’s based on what you believe and what information you choose to believe. if you’ve been indoctrinated by a false worldview or a worldview that supports Only one set system in the world, then you’re going to vote in favor that system

You’re going to promote that system within any institution that you get into. the ccp understands the power of ideology And by subverting our academic institutions going down to kindergarten The ccp is demonstrating that in the united states Now shifting gears a bit in the united states a new autonomous zone has been formed in new york city Now the hill is reporting that de blasio has agreed to cut one billion dollars from the new york city police budget This is out of its six billion dollar budget And this is happening as activists have occupied the local city hall since june 23rd And you know this journalist well known for his coverage of antifa posted a video on twitter and wrote this quote Inspired by seattle militant left-wing protesters have created another autonomous. No cop zone around the Nyc’s city hall now meanwhile in the autonomous zone that is working as the model for this violence is continuing This is the chop or CHAZ site in seattle And activists are refusing to disband as the local government is now trying to remove the site A 16 year old was recently shot and killed alongside a 14 year old who was shot and injured Andy Ngo again reported on this He said on twitter that after the teenagers were shot the car trying to bring them to the hospital struggled to leave the site Since activists had blocked the roads with barriers. He had a video of this. video of that very same car Attempting to transport the victim to the hospital And you can see driving around the chop zone unable to get out of the area To get that person to the hospital due to the barricades. looks like they really didn’t know which way to go Or what to do and meanwhile back to new york city bill de blasio The mayor here is talking about putting an ongoing restriction on restaurants He wrote on twitter the quote we’ve seen covid19 outbreaks in other states linked to outdoor bars and restaurants We’ve come too far in this fight to throw that progress away We’re re-examining plans to restart indoor dining here in nyc And meanwhile on the note of these different anti-government protests anti-police protests and other forms of protests We’re seeing. the trump administration has formed a new task force to target quote violent anti-government extremists of all persuasions And in its description it is using these same methods that are used to fight organized crime and terrorism Attorney general william barr issued the memorandum to all heads of department components and united states attorneys Announcing a quote department of justice task force on violent anti-government extremists Now this letter states this quote We have evidence that anti-government violent extremists including those who support the boogaloo Which is the say joke name some individuals have given to the idea of a second american civil war. He continues quote those who Self-identify as antifa and others will pose continuing threats of lawlessness Some of these violent extremists moreover may be fortified by foreign entities Seeking to sow chaos and disorder in our country And now so what does that mean? Foreign entities looking to sow chaos in the united states. This is not just a say investigation into domestic say Extremists and it’s also not just an investigation into antifa Now as I noted previously a lot of media said that trump was going after antifa. The real quote was antifa and similar organizations And now in this official task force being formed that appears to be carrying out that order that trump mentioned Where they’re looking into these different organizations using the same methods used to investigate organized crime and terrorism They’re going not after just antifa but all of these extremist groups including the boogaloo, which allegedly some of the right-wing extremists would be part of Now the document adds a quote the department of justice will respond to these violent groups in the same way We respond to other organized crime or terrorist networks By disrupting their violent activities and ultimately dismantling their capability to threaten rule of law And it continues stating the task force will develop detailed information about violent anti-government extremist individuals Networks and movements and will share that information as appropriate with federal state and local law enforcement especially in places where these extremists pose a Threat. now trump has been pushing on this as well He sent out several tweets of wanted posters of several individuals who allegedly engaged in tearing down Statues and vandalizing statues in different parts of the country. and so what’s the broader picture here? We’ve seen these protests across the pretty much across the entire u.s. And even in other parts of the world. It’s not just protests It’s riots. some of them extremely violent

It’s also vandalism being carried out including the tearing down of statues of america’s founding fathers Not just people engaged in slavery even individuals like statues of gandhi are being targeted by vandals Now those of you have been following our reporting on this channel we’ve of course named several of these organizations behind these riots and protests And again based based on our own research based on public reporting including direct statements by these organizations themselves We can say very very accurately That many of these protests are not grassroots many of them have been very carefully organized It’s not saying that everyone on the street is part of this very likely 99 percent are not But there are groups with very radical agendas who are trying to pull the strings of these protests And turn them into violent riots with their stated goals of creating revolution in this country And now in some other news the who is sending a team to china to investigate the origins of this new coronavirus and now a bit of background on this you might remember reports of the united states, new zealand, the uk, australia many different countries calling for Investigations into the origin of this virus that became this pandemic that had many people locked in their homes for months Now the chinese communist party said it would refuse any such investigation but said that would allow the WHO to go and investigate. a big question here What makes the who different when it comes to whether it will allow any kind of investigation? Why would it allow the who to do so after stating it would not allow anybody to investigate? What does this tell us? Well, we can say based on previous reporting based on facts that have emerged and even based on the trump administration’s official reports assessing the actions of the who and of other official assessments around the world. the who During the outbreak played very closely to the narratives of the chinese communist party It is being accused based on this of not showing independence from the chinese communist party And so now the who is the one conducting these investigations Into the origin of the virus and very likely we can expect a report to come out on this That are very likely going to show the narrative the ccp wants the world to see. now again This is just my own analysis. So take it for what it’s worth, but I would say based on public reporting This is where things are pointing. This is this is the trajectory we can be looking at now in other news The epoch times is reporting that pompeo is demanding the chinese regime and disturbing forced xinjiang Sterilization program. you might have seen stories on this stories have come out saying that the chinese communist party has been using birth control on muslim uyghurs in china to suppress their population Now the chinese communist party has been doing things like this going back decades and for example, the one child policy Which wasn’t just forced abortion It was forced murder of infants after they were born in some cases One of the leading experts on the stephen mosher was one of the first academics from the united states to be kicked out of china For exposing that and so here we see the chinese communist party continuing These type of genocidal practices where it is suppressing populations of select groups of individuals based on their beliefs based on their ethnic background Now in some other human rights news austria and belgium are standing up against the chinese communist party’s forced organ Transplant policies Epoch times has a story on this noting some different governments who are taking a stand and calling it out And this is happening as the as the u.s China commission is backing calls for the united nations to hold the chinese regime Accountable for its human rights abuses some background on this the chinese communist party uses prisoners of conscience as living sources for organ transplants it is a Murder-for-profit campaign. the largest victim of that has been falun gong practitioners, but they also target other religious believers in china Now moving on india has banned Tik Tok and dozens of other chinese apps and this comes after Tik Tok and many other applications were caught spying on users iphones Among those apps as well were weibo and also this very popular game player unknowns battlegrounds of Tencent again These were caught spying on users iphones accessing the clipboard data of these iphones And moving on from this china’s influence via wechat is flying under the radar of most western democracies This is according to zd net And in addition to this nbc news is reporting spyware hidden in chinese tax software was probably planted by a nation state. This is according to experts that it’s citing. now it says here earlier this year a Multi-national technology vendor doing business in china was instructed by its chinese bank to install software to pay local taxes And it says the tax software was legitimate but embedded inside it was a nasty surprise according to a new report by a private security firm a

Sophisticated piece of malware that gave attackers complete access to the company’s network Now we’ve talked before about chip level spying The chinese communist party is infamous for this And many companies many chinese tech companies have been caught doing this on a regular basis Now that said folks again If you haven’t already, please don’t forget to like and subscribe again really need your support on this channel And also we’re going to be broadcasting monday through friday five days a week and also on sunday’s live q a for our patreon supporters Now that said folks, please take care of yourselves. Stay healthy. Stay free