A Beginners Guide to the Fire Cape in Old School Runescape (Fight Caves)

ladies and gentlemen welcome I’m Josh strife Hayes and this is a complete beginner’s guide to getting a fire Cape in old school runescape this super simple guide will explain everything you’ll need to know about conquering the fight caves and killing the sock chat if you’re watching this video you’re probably thinking about attempting one of old-school RuneScape’s harder challenges the fight caves or you’ve tried and failed several times if you’ve been reading guides or watching videos you’ve likely been bombarded by lots of different information complex tactics weapon and armor swapping prayer flicking safe spotting it can all be very overwhelming so as with all of my guides I’m going to break everything down into super simple steps we’ll go through the whole process of earning a fire cape in the simplest way possible no complex armor or weapon swapping no tick perfect prayer flicking just simple easy-to-follow steps the fight caves are a seriously intimidating challenge however I believe the more you know about something the less scary it becomes so let’s look at exactly what the fight caves are and how you can beat them what are the fight caves the Czar City is the volcanic community within the Kurama volcano there’s a bank some wandering enemies and a few minigames including two of RuneScape’s hardest player vs. monster challenges the ultra high-level Inferno and the mid to high-level fight caves the objective of the fight caves is to fight your way through 63 waves of enemies each wave increasing in difficulty and then kill the final boss the zok jad you can’t rest or Bank during this challenge you have to do it completely solo and getting to the final wave the jad can take upwards of an hour it’s a test of skill patience and a little bit of luck if you’re able to survive these 63 waves and kill the jad you’ll be rewarded with one of the best melee capes in the game the fire cape so we are here to kill the jad our only objective is to reach wave 63 kill jad and get the Cape now we know what we’re doing let’s prepare we’ll need to look at what stats we’ll need what item and equipment we’ll need to equip the ideal inventory setup and then the fight itself let’s start with levels and stats while it’s possible to melee or made your way through the fight caves ranging has many advantages so that’s the style we’ll be using ranging allows us to keep our distance from the melee enemies picking them off one at a time and reduces the amount we need to move around we’ll still have to wear some mid to high level armor to absorb a few hits and praying protect from mage and protect from range is essential because of this it’s recommended to have 75 or more range 70 or more defense and a minimum of 40 prayer although 60 is a good level to aim for magic isn’t needed for the fight and as we’ll be praying protect from mage for most of it magic level doesn’t actually matter if you don’t have these stats don’t give up hope it’s absolutely possible to finish the fight Caves at lower levels it will however mean you’ll be using lower level equipment and will have a much more difficult time so once you’ve got close to these stats it’s time to gear up items and equipment once you’re in the fight caves you can’t leave so we need to bring some hard-hitting weapons and the best armor we can I also don’t want to be messing around with weapon or armor swaps during the fight itself you’re going to have enough to think about so keeping it super simple will make you much more likely to succeed I also don’t want to break the bank not everyone has spare billions so we’ll be equipping ourselves as efficiently as possible you don’t need to be ultra rich to get the fire cape let’s look at the weapons first at 75 range you’ll be able to use the blowpipe this weapon is brilliant it’s fast enough and powerful enough to absolutely shred through the weak enemies of the early waves and then easily good enough to make relatively short work of jad himself the blowpipe needs two different types of ammunition zara scales which are used up at a rate of two scales every three shots and then the actual darts hit fires you can load the blowpipe with any darts you can afford up to dragon for this attempt I’m going to recommend you use either adamant or rune whichever you can afford you’ll need a few hundred of both

darts and scales then use the darts and scales on the blowpipe and equip it and you’ll be good to go no complex weapon swapping is needed here if you can’t afford a blowpipe and ammunition then Carole’s crossbow and bolt racks a rune crossbow with broad bolts or even a magic short bow with rune arrows will work you’ll just have a tougher time at the later waves with your weapon sorted let’s look at filling in the other equipment slots for your head I’d advise a verax helm or a blessed God coif while an armadillo helmet is the best it’s also expensive and we’re focused on keeping it simple and affordable the varix helm will provide great defense with only a minor ranged accuracy penalty the god coughs are cheaper and have better accuracy but much lower defense I used a verax helm for your neck a fury or glory will work fine on your back ideally you’ll want one of a verse items the attractor accumulator or assembler for the ranging bonus if you’ve not got any of those by a god cloak for the prayer bonus for your body and legs you have a choice of three main sets god blessed dragon hide carol’s or variks the god blessed dragon hides offer ranged accuracy bonuses and small prayer bonuses and mediocre defense while the Barrows armor have higher defense but also cost more personally I’d recommend a verax skirt for the heavy defense bonus and a god blessed top for the ranged accuracy bonus although you can make match here if you’re using a one-handed ranging weapon like a crossbow you’ll be able to equip either an unholy book a book of law or a blessed spirit shield although these aren’t cheap items if you absolutely cannot get hold of a blowpipe or a Carroll’s crossbow and you have to use a rune or dragon crossbow then a basic spirit shield is better than nothing for gloves the highest gloves you’ve unlocked from the recipe for disaster quest if you’ve not done that quest then God blessed VAM braces are also fine for boots blessed God dragon high boots or snakeskin and for your ring the archers imbued ring from the nightmares own is best if you don’t have that the Explorers ring from the lumbridge diary will give you a small prayer boost with your weapons and armor set we now need to look into what you’re going to take with you your inventory with 28 limited spaces everything needs a purpose we’re going to need to boost our ranging and defense stat restore our health and restore our prayer with that in mind here’s what we’ll need saradomin brews super restores and Bastion potions let’s go through why the saradomin brew is a great healing item with an annoying downside a Serra brew contains four sips each sip restoring a certain amount of health based on your hit point level at 60 hit points it will restore 11 points per sip that’s 44 hit points per inventory space which is amazing however each sip of Serra brew lowers your strength attack magic and range which is not so amazing thankfully you can combine the saradomin brew with a super restore potion each sip of super restore will restore any drained stats including prayer however it won’t restore hit points these two potions can be combined in a three-to-one ratio if you take three sips of a saradomin brew first then one sip of super restore you’ll restore a large amount of hit points and prayer and your stats will be where they should be if you’re used to just eating food you’ll need to remember taking one sip of a saradomin brew is not a good idea it’s best to wait until you need to take three sips in one go and combine it with a sip of super restore to make your supplies last as long as possible I took ten saradomin brews and sixteen super restores this is an expensive choice but also provides the best healing and prayer restore you can have in the fight case a cheaper option is to swap out a few super restores for basic prayer potions you’ll save a few thousand but remember you won’t be able to counteract these stats training saradomin brew with normal prayer potions that leaves us with a few inventory spaces which we’ll be filling with Bastion potions and a stamina pot a bastion potion is

essentially a ranging and defense potion combined boosting your range and defense substantially a stamina potion will allow us to restore our run energy quickly if we need to escape an ambush now we’ve geared up and have a full inventory of stat boosting health filling prayer restoring potions we are as ready as we can be you’re about to start the fight case so let’s take this time to examine the arena you’ll be fighting in and the enemies your face and then discuss a few tactics for each one first the arena the fight cave itself isn’t the usual circular arena shape it’s an odd almost square shape with several areas jutting off around the edge the area where most concerned with though is commonly known as its elite rock this piece just here because it looks the same shape as the country of Italy so what is Italy Rock and why is it so great the path finding an old school runescape is questionable at best enemies will often take the shortest path to you and in doing so gets stuck on corners and around walls the fight caves are Noack Italy rock is small enough to easily run around and large enough to trap enemies on we can use some clever positioning to trap enemies on the other side behind other enemies or even on the corner of the rock itself and then easily safespot them with our ranged attacks while inside the fight caves heads to Italy rock and remember with a little bit of creative thinking you can use this simple bit of terrain to control the flow of the fight so now we’re familiar with the arena and we’ve got the safety of Italy Rock to trap enemies on let’s meet the enemies we’ll be facing the fight caves contain eight specific enemies each wave has a specific set amount of enemies that will spawn it’s not random so you can know exactly what you’re going to face before they appear from first to last let’s learn our foe this is a zhurqis it looks like a small flaming bat so we’ll just call it a bat from now on they’re melee fighters so we’ll fly straight toward you however they only have ten hit points so you’ll almost always be able to one-shot them they won’t hurt your health much but if they do hit you they’ll drain your prayer the prayer drain is equal to their damage +1 so even if they hit you 4-0 they’ll still drain one prayer point prep points matter so killing these first is important the next is eight is qeq it looks like a blob so we’ll just call it a blob it’s another melee fighter and has an annoying recoil effect whenever you hit it with a melee attack it will reflect a small amount of damage back at you however we’re ranging them so this won’t be a problem for us these guys are slow weak and miss a lot so they’re absolutely not on our list of things to worry about however they have one more interesting mechanic when a blob is killed it will split into two smaller blobs these versions don’t have the recoil effect and are even weaker not dangerous just annoying then we meet the TOC Zil this is probably the first enemy we have to worry about they can punch us if in melee range and launch accurate hard-hitting spikes at us from across the room we’ll refer to these guys as the ranges as they’re ranged attack is the most distinctive they’re melee attack does hit slightly less often so running up to them and forcing them into melee mode is possible however that involves a lot of running around and positioning and prayer changing so let’s keep it simple we’ll stay away from them and kill them quickly killing the Rangers is important once we’re praying protect from mage these will be our biggest source of damage at wave 15 will meet the it med cot he’s a melee fighter so we’ll just call him the Millea this guy will close in on us and hit relatively accurately for a max hit of 31 on top of that he’ll heal other enemies around him you might be thinking a hard-hitting melee healer that sounds bad but honestly not really he’s stupid enough to get stuck behind other enemies and our favorite place it’s Ally Rock his healing effect isn’t that great either you’ll be able to kill him before he does anything too annoying just don’t stand and let him punch you at Wave 31 will meet the cat Zek this creature will launch accurate high hitting magical ranged attacks against us so we’ll refer

to this guy as the major despite being the major he can still smackers with Mellie if we get close once these guys appear it’s time to pray protect from magic at all times they’re slow and stupid however and if you’re smart you can use them to block or trap the larger enemies protect from magic will negate all their damage then finally add wave 63 you’ll meet the big boy himself that is talk chat by now the jad has an almost mythical reputation he’s intimidating ferocious and terrifying able to hit up to 97 damage using all three combat styles and able to spawn healers mid-fight however if you’re intimidated by the jad you don’t need to be all of his attacks are telegraphed ahead of time all of his damage can be negated and even as healers aren’t that good I’ll cover the jad fights specifically later in this guide with a basic overview of the enemies let’s discuss an importance order or who do we kill first one kill the bats they only have ten HP and they’ll drain your prayer always shoot these things first to kill the Rangers they’ll hit you the most once we’re praying protect from mage so these have to go down quickly three the big melee dudes remember you can trap these guys behind other enemies or on Italy rock while dealing with other stuff so try to never go toe-to-toe with them always find a safe spot for the blobs useful for trapping enemies behind and not actually dangerous 5 the majors once their peer will be praying protect from mage non-stop so they’ll actually never hits us so they can be killed blast so with that basic order of importance and knowledge of the cave mechanics let’s examine the wave composition or what we will face on each wave before we begin turn Auto retaliate off you don’t want to randomly run toward an attacking enemy and be out of a potential safe spot wayde’s want a 6 are all these small annoying enemies the prayer draining bats and the blobs you’ll have no problem here use this time to familiarize yourself with Italy rock wave 7 is when the Ranger will appear for the first time protect from range will completely negate its damage but turning prayer on this early will drain your points you can tank a few ranged hits while killing them quickly or turn on protect from range your call depends how high your prayer level is wait 15 is when you’ll see the larger melee guy for the first time this is the time to start using enemies and Italy Rock to trap stuff and safe spot it from Wade fifteen onwards it’s fine to keep protect from range on and trap the large melee fighter behind other enemies then attack them blobs make great shields wave 31 is important as soon as wave 30 ends activate protect from magic you’ll be leaving protect from magic on for the rest of the caves right up until you reach the chat the mage enemies can hit often and high so negating their damage is essential however this means you’ll now be taking the range damage from the ranges and any unlucky hits the melee guys or blobs manage to get onto you this is where the fight caves become somewhat difficult each wave is a puzzle to be solved you’ve solved the major problem by keeping protect from magic on you’ve solved the prayer draining bat problem by shooting them immediately but you’ve still got to solve the Ranger and the big melee problem always kill the Ranger as soon as possible they’ll hit you most over time you can even run through the Ranger and trap the melee fighter behind them until you’re done then use it early rock to safe spot the melee fighters and the blobs from wave 31 to wave 62 it’s simply a case of solve the puzzle on each wave how do you maximize your resources while killing the enemies quickly remember bats Rangers melee blobs mages use Italy rock to trap the melee fighters whenever you can stay calm and don’t panic once you reach wave 62 you’ll notice you’re only fighting two majors one of them will be orange this orange major is where the jad will spawn on the next wave so kill the normal major first then make sure you’re on full health and prayer points drinker

dose serve Bastion potion kill the orange major and prepare to face the jet the jet it’s likely you skip to this part using the links in the description so here we go the T’s talk jad has a terrifying reputation and while he is indeed dangerous he’s absolutely beatable his attacks are slow and heavily telegraphed and even the healer phase can be defeated with relative ease the scary thing about jad is simply the amount of time it takes to get to him he’s intimidating because of the time investment you’ve put in right we’re always afraid of things we don’t know or understand so let’s get to know and understand jad a bit better then defeat him at the end of wave 62 one of the majors will be orange this is where the jad will spawn kill both the mages step a few tiles away from the orange one and activate protect from missiles jad has all three attack styles melee mage and range however as we’ll be standing away from him he won’t use Malek he’ll only ever used range or magic using the correct protection prayer will negate all the damage from his attacks so all we need to do is watch the jad and put on the correct prayer you can use the sound cues if you like each attack has a different sound but I personally find visual cues much easier and quicker to respond to if he slams his feet down on the floor hard it’s a ranged attack put protect from missiles on before the rock drops from the ceiling if he lifts his legs up and dangles them in front of him it’s a magic attack put protect from magic on before the magical energy flies out of his face I personally find it easier to keep protect from missiles on all the time then changed to protect from magic whenever he dangles his legs then after absorbing the damage immediately changed back to protect from missiles this way I’m not panicking about getting every single attack right I’m just defaulting back to protect from range then asking myself is the next attacker magic attack is he dangling his legs if yes switch prayers then change back jad attacks every 4.8 seconds and the Telegraph animation gives you about two and a half seconds to respond to each prayer change it sounds scary but once you recognize the different attack animations it’s much less stressful so with the correct protection prayer on attack chat and change your prayer as you need to you’ll keep attacking him until he’s on half health then he’ll spawn four little healers the healer phase makes people panic there are suddenly more enemies and the chant is getting health back what do you do the first thing is to stop them healing jad this can be done by attacking them and getting their attention on to you once a healer is attacking you instead they’ll keep attacking you a solid piece of advice here is do one thing after each jad attack don’t try and do it all at once watch jad pray against the correct attack then click on a healer then watch jad again pray against the correct attack then click on another healer you can walk around jad in a square as long as you’re doing one thing at a time and not panicking remember don’t walk directly next to him he’ll punch you in the face you don’t need to panic or play fast you just need to get them all eventually once you’ve managed to attack all four healers and they’re all on you you’ll need to make a choice there are two ways to deal with this situation one attack and kill each healer once they’re on you they only have 60 health so this won’t take long you’ll need to keep prayer switching against dad’s attacks while doing this and the healers will hit you for some melee damage but once they’re killed it’s back to you against jad or to just tank the healer damage while killing jad it’s totally possible once all four healers are attacking you to just accept you’re going to take some male damage and keep attacking jad killing him before they kill you you can keep prayer switching as you need to against his attacks and just saradomin brew then super restore yourself back to health as you need to personally this is what I did it’s less effort and less click intensive and I’ve only really got to focus on Chad and my own health once you’ve got all for healers on you and either killed them or tanked them continue attacking Chad continue

switching prayers to match his attack animations and eventually you’ll kill him if you did tank the healers be aware they’ll remain alive for a few seconds after Chad dice once he’s dead you’ll walk out the fight caves victorious the proud owner of a fire cape you’ll have conquered one of RuneScape’s hardest solo challenges and likely be feeling a serious adrenaline rush the fight caves both is and isn’t easy the mechanics are simple and easy to identify however the nerves adrenaline and knowledge that a single mistake could mean disaster makes it feel incredibly intimidating keep going keep pushing and eventually you will have the fire cape thank you very much for watching if you’ve found any part of this guide useful then let me know in a comment below and if you want to chat to me live then come say hi over on Twitch I’m usually streaming five days a week at twitch.tv forward slash Josh strife pays thank you for you time and have a great day