4000+HP Brawnys Play! Ranked Games! – Dota Underlords Guide!

this is a running game so I try to play brony in it so let’s see how it goes okay so we got a nice start so you got the brittle background it’s not fire mm-hmm I don’t think that I want to put magnets in here so it’s because I don’t want them to still get of the brony units so brininess is really strong in the early game you get those units especially the bristleback very powerful let’s see no I don’t think can go kill the bed rider come on you know the heels of the water is very strong okay guys so we don’t get the kills in the restaurant so let’s see what other units that we got in the second round okay so that’s wrong so we got the chin nose yeah general is very good for the wrong units we put that under the bristleback let’s see okay you got this nice fire I’ll put that you put more units in a brownie mmm I’m gonna sell the plot seekers yeah I don’t think that that the agent bonemender I’m gonna put that I think I’m gonna but yes I’m gonna one pill you got that yes okay or you shed I mean I hope you get killed one more yes I think we got that on the back okay nice so I got three girl or the Ronnie in it or you’re lying let me see what we got Oh Legion commander yes I’m gonna use that for what agent coming down yeah I think so the veggie burgers to tank the enemies damage I don’t ever get to kill from the door I have it on let’s go okay one more yes my fire died okay let’s go over the bike you can do it okay one more yeah look at this on a battery we got six killed that’s a good start so in the run part you need to be sure what kind of Alliance that you want to build because this is the crucial part hmm no Brown unit I’m just gonna put another burn unit i leveling up you know we fighting Tito hmm mr. white I think this one goes on the back hey come on kill again you can do it no no damage one more two more on the back oh come on no it’s so close take it away doctor okay

Oh – okay claps guys know why the oddball unit I think it could be fun hmm no no oh yes we got the Usenet fire give this monster sandpipers respective is monsterous no fire a little bit in the middle yeah Hatteras I’m gonna take the five first oh I’m gonna take it for these never to cast a spell on you no the vote on unit is very strong right and literally getting anything to kill the angry ogre yeah you’re often it it’s really okay if you play the brown unit but you love because you get the free roll and if you win you got the guilt for the brownie uniform and so we got the brittle right you can roll here Oh just gonna put the river back mmm do I want to salvation I don’t gonna solve the legend he’ll come on kill the lawyers is very strong here in the early game warriors with healers so it’s the counters for the groaning team hmm no yes definitely not gonna win this one wonderful deck one more no no the rhetoric is fine way to talk okay I’m gonna put the fire first and then solve the aging yes gunshot oh no I’m not and go forth with or – Ganapathy nevermore the shade up in the region there we done eaten once the fire one game give me growing units our house is on the 87 I think pretty good so far can be damaged from any another player tomorrow and the brittle they stay strong and they’re all a change okay so see mmm sneaky okay I know shut up either play the brownie okay I’m gonna roll this master says we get this marks first come on to start about these matters hmm I hope that we could get the disruptors here so maybe after this I’m gonna roll a little bit more and interesting I was to get more than to be placed on the board Mon cher one ever one bristled IP maybe identify one more to show the demons house is fertile okay hero yes we got the stone Hawk Club it’s very good for the running is because unlike the pie just on ha the pipe that give damage based on how close doesn’t have limited limitations and it gets higher I’ve heard this one you gonna take that so the stone whole club is very powerful you get a long limit of

the HP that you can get from the Celts so let’s go back come on kill let’s go the water sorry thank you you get nine armor and then if you get if you got 19 hours and it’s close the trouble for these big pillars coming to just unfortunate okay okay let’s go you know healers you know no no he was you know mmm I’m gonna get Joey yes I present you this very good okay more damage and without the enemies whoa yeah troll no whoa three black licorice guy can i cloud put more brownie so we could catch the more killer it’s very important for us to get these strips and to get it kills let’s go jewel come on you’re fighting jewel i don’t know i knowing that maybe this time flying around very long one one more no the captain stopped very low HP come on give me jack or give me the structure roll back again she’ll be telling him and the disruptors we could get the Warlock Alliance going so it would give the hearings coming for the burn unit so it’s a very sustained in a play that you want to bro do you I mean it if you get the bristol back in the early games and other bran units like this mattifies I think it’ll go to play it groaning but until the wrong part if you don’t get the wrong unit I think and just go to other play other Alliance yes we got all the kill because it’s very troubles because when you’re not getting more killed in the middle game then you’ll be in trouble because no because the middle game will be harder and harder and you don’t get any kills hmm come on just put morning so chess hum then let’s go this one is on the baguette that fire no yes we got this one here we just need one destructors order to get the one stone the other parasites oh let me guess gonna take that put it on the fire Roberto back and this masters I’m gonna take that later yes to get the interest coming all right just for the economy let’s go take the bushel bag these muscles so kill the

fiber scaling hook just too strong for us the older and the trend is really good with the drip line the relative later so I hope that we don’t go down from that help you smile search yeah I’m gonna take that no Marie I hope that I could get easy shoppers to get the pro Alliance point more HP and sustain ethical with the other players so you know one do the dance okay so we arrived at 40 kills and if you get the the shop stressed and it will be like 1000 HP edition of HP HP nickel fold mmm do we get enough of all I don’t think that I’m gonna take that next round the Warriors players look at the stock looks does enough one shadow fiend do the damn it again yay there’s no you know he could go for the a picture and if you see the no you know no your killers you know no residue you could go for the antic the annex with the columns because it provides ears for the central and I think I don’t think it’ll be good for the brownies team because it needs here this attained yes Father let’s go for three stars on fire now the game will give it to us right the other sprong units they got the source shot one kill yes I also not recommend attack speed home game because it strong for the Hopkin to pass spell yote hmm so the fibers could be swap kill piece which with the Dragonite yes recognized very good even though it’s our five stars in it I just also good skills the dragon sprite is also good I’m gonna get that pipe two stars Magus players to me just by your sighting hmm three stars being want to semesters I’m gonna take that mmm yes give it a shot I’m gonna get this the structures people have to get more brownie Alliance let’s go we have to pipe it’s get first no I’m sure put the shutters a little

more near the enemy that the doctors can get the spouse already come on kill very cat is on the back hey guys let’s keep the streak going at some levels to get more in it so you won’t need eight spinach every place before the prom 20 because around 20 most players will get the eight units in there a bird and you also want to have the your units to be two stars in people run 20 because if you’re not getting any units then you’ll be on trouble because about 20 it’s already going to the late game you need to complete your two stars in it okay hmm just a favor sheriff you shut up in and I put the data later in this a sheriff in think it’s already growing in its die to keep the minutes are more going mm more yours I think you’re strong enough let’s go yeah good look at that damn in there look at that under it I want talking and hundred is it to HP in additional HP okay so far so good let’s go for 4k HP ok additional HP I think we could get that Wow yes the structure is versatile bag so the problem is that if you got three stars units for the Brawn unit then you don’t have any other units ethically put so it’s a dilemma because you want to have as many as pro unit but you don’t want to get it to the three stars unless you have extra grown units let’s go silence and silence the structures yes this roster is very good against the biggest players you got a lot of kills due to the eye on a balance you know I don’t know how to pronounce it so let’s see roll make up I’m gonna take the mic on to keep their heels come roll a little bit yes we got these shutters histology structures were cast I hope that we could get the refreshers on the destructor it’s also very good to sound all the enemies oh the run units the bronies other runner players oh the enemy’s two shots are on the back I think that you need to put each other in the pan you cat all right that is very you got trouble if you got

the silent so I recorded this on the phone so sorry if there is a white guy talk or no I don’t think that we need to over not anyone gonna put some work in it it’s online so I show you the Brownian it would be safe if you got it to the level eight yeah there’s no need for you to today nine or ten units in the bronze but if I do anything if you got a player’s also sitting at level 8 on the eight units then you could go forty eight or nine minutes but if the enemies go to the level 10 I think you should consider to levelling up to the nine unit or may be difficult to the ten unit so let’s hope that we could get the Ox to hmm so this is the 59 HP players the live sellers could be troublesome for us because left Taylor’s skills the few skills is based on the HP units come on to the dance it’s really good to see the elephants yes they so quality so burn unit of those or it’s also a really good team that can secure you to the top four so in the rain games at least you need to have a fourth place in able to get plus 15 points so you don’t get the – see first I saw it no we done it that it’s gonna save I want to get the three stars not fires and then put more the shutters difficult and ups and I also want to change the fiber one star fibrous is good in the Brownian it’s because you don’t we don’t have any reasons to put the extra goals just to increase the level of the fibers but if we recognize I think it will be good if we get to start checking out oh come on oh yes this island is all very good or for to silence the enemies so your safest know you’re on the yes refreshers I take the refreshers cannot put in I think let’s go it goes to the ends so you’re safe now because there’s all these four players right now hmm oh no three stars no fighters the chance to get snap fire in the level nineties for real oh it depends on your luck I think don’t kill them it is the shutters we kept the cello in HP getting that people to them yes in a minute teammate

is where I’m gonna put the professor’s on the disruptors nothing I think could get more silence let’s go am I gonna go to hand that’s the questions because other players online also have the money to get to the level 10 with it 59 HP players mmm you got room with more tanks okay let’s get the Warriors players all right that’s gonna no looking yes we got this one on the back – I think the words were can eliminate by t15 NH prepare oh and we – – HP next one nothing we’re gonna fish the Warriors players again in a few the structures let’s go for nine I think next round we could get put more units so this is one thing that I will say to you so you need to consider to level or not you’re to get more units to be placed so let’s see nurse the nurse is confused No yeah we get this one back oh the life it’s very the positioning of the lobster is very important when you’re fighting the brawny units because like I mean say it the oh the Warriors got us yeah the positioning of the Life Center is very important to fight the wrong units Sikich organize put the Dragonite sell the fibers because you don’t want the live servers to be hit by the wrong units you need to keep the live sailors stays in the safe position so that he can hit the Brawn units without getting hit by others units no I don’t even need to job let’s see oh let’s go for two stars reckoning let’s go look at that to silent so the one that before the level nine I got lost these players and I think that’s because they got more unit and silent is not a pretty well placed but right now I got two silent and yes so it’s pretty much watch forest so the sound is very strong because the enemy’s only hitting us without using any skills cut the radiance coating the snap fires mmm I’m gonna put it on this knife fires come on we got ox and the structures yeah I’m gonna put the up mm mm I’m gonna keep the two silos this stuff I would be on the bench with that take the shorter no come on to start the structures again come on hmm right it’s what’s on the

right side right now come on silence Oh Trish I don’t know the I oh no I risk going to taste the watch I don’t think that what you can because like I’ve been driving so it’s very fun if you got the wrong unit and the early game so you could get securing the top four top four plate look at that structure yeah your start is not serious no I don’t need it checking out lighting we cook searchers and I’m gonna spell no I’m just well let’s see tell me smooth ITV five seater OS but on the path that’s see I mean just want to sound about you come on let’s go first islands one second column a sponsor oh yeah this one is on the back no the NSX got our ox can show the rock yeah this one it’s on the BET no way that people with a so this much very much an easy game I think so so let me recap it for you guys so the one thing that you really want in the in the Brawn unit is that you need to get more Brown units in the early games so if you see on the run in first on that you got bristleback or be smarter than staff hires then you could play that from units and you need an at level three you want to increase your level two interest to the level four so you get the chance more chance to get the four stars two stars crystal pegs and two stars which master because the 30 units in the before I will be increased or forty percent and with a proper item and the proper role for the bristle decks and these masters I think it will be safe for you to play the brown in this so I think that’s pretty much sums the game I think that’s also thank you for off you guys see you in the next video and don’t forget to Like and subscribe thanks for watching [Applause]