Admissions Town Hall for Offered Students

[Applause] you hi everyone welcome to Virginia Tech in this virtual space my name is Kayla st Clair and I serve as senior assistant director of Undergraduate Admissions at Virginia Tech first I want to say congratulations the folks that are watching this should either be students who are offered admission who have accepted that offer or friends and family members of students who have been offered or accepted so congratulations we’re really excited to talk to you tonight and get your questions answered so I will be your moderator and I will make sure that I give your questions to the appropriate panelists first we’ll start off with a welcome and we’re gonna start with one hello everyone I’m Huang Espinosa I’m the director of admissions here at Virginia Tech we’re very excited to be able to talk to you today and welcome people from over 30 different states in 15 different countries we have people coming in from as far away as the United Arab Emirates Belarus and Japan so welcome welcome welcome the goal this program is hopefully to help reduce some of the anxiety you have about this process and also answer all the questions you have we want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to make sure this transition is that smooth as possible now we’ll move on to Beth hi I’m Beth Armstrong and I serve as a director of University and scholarships and financial aid at Virginia Tech and we also have Liz that joining us good evening everyone my name is Lisette rebel yet I would I serve as a director for new student and family programs and we bring orientation and other programs to you and your family members we also have Sean here with us tonight good evening Hokies my name is Sean groove I serve as the director of Housing and Residence Life here at Tech and lastly but certainly not least we have Byron good evening New Hokies welcome to Virginia Tech I am Byron Diaz and serve as dean of students thank you all again for being here with us tonight we’ll go ahead and start with our first question which is directed to upon students are really interested in what’s being discussed for the fall semester when will we know if classes are going to be online and should we just perceive like normal right now yes you know these are very difficult times right now and unfortunately we don’t have a final decision yet for this upcoming fall semester we’re anticipating we’re gonna make a decision either between the beginning to middle of June on what we will be doing for this upcoming fall we hope that we’ll be able to have on campus instruction because that is the traditional Virginia Tech experience but we’re gonna wait and see guidance from health officials and make sure that your safety is at the highest priority before making any decisions moving forward so at this point unfortunately I don’t have a final decision yet but we will keep you updated these next few weeks on any plans that we’re considering as we look forward to the fall thank you for that now this next question is for best where can I find my award package so there are two

different places you can see your award notice if you applied for financial aid prior to receiving your admissions decision at Virginia Tech we actually sent out in the booklet that you received with your admission letter there was a portion if you applied for financial aid there was a portion that talked about your financial aid notification and your award notice if you did not receive that or you had not applied for financial aid at that time you can go out to either hokey spa if you’ve accepted your admission or your guest access account and you log in and you should be able to go to the financial aid information section and there’s award package by aid year and you click on that and that should list your awards and then if you are in Hokey spa and you’re ready to accept your awards on that tab or not accept but you want to view them you go to that fourth tab on hokey spa and you can see your financial aid awards there thank you so much now for Lisette can you explain how summer orientation is going to work now that it’s been moved online yeah so for any new Hokies who have accepted their admission and have set up their VT edu email address that is where we send all of our communication and so once you’ve done that you’ll receive an email from our registration system that is asking you to sign up for our program the program this year is going to be an asynchronous model meaning that you’re going to be able to do several of the things prior to your actual virtual orientation date so we will start with three orientation orientation modules that will take place towards the end of May and then early in June and late June and then you self-select the virtual orientation date that date is a time for you to then connect with our orientation team members in a live format as well as in small groups with other near students who will be joining you in the class of 2020 for following that we will continue to have post orientation modules for you to stay engaged with us but also to continue to provide the resources that you need throughout the May through August timeframe before classes begin in the fall semester great thank you so much Liz that now this next question is for Sean our director of Housing and Residence Life and I think it’s a pretty important question as students are thinking about what their living situation might be like and having a roommate and that might make some students anxious so how can students find a roommate and do most students choose a roommate ahead of time well thank you for your question so there’s really a mix of roommates who know each other either from high school or they find each other online and groups that really just kind of go random so about 50% of our students know their roommate group before they do the room selection process so you can certainly find somebody that you know already but it’s also a great opportunity to meet new folks so our star rez portal has a sign-in where you can go in you can indicate some of your preferences you know your study habits how that you like to stay up at night noise level all those types of things and then you can search for people that have matches on there so we think that’s a great option for our future hope you use to meet each other and it’s proven very successful in the past great thank you so much now for byron could you talk a little bit about the resources that are available we had a couple students ask what resources are available for my transition to Virginia Tech as a freshman and also as a transfer student yeah sure Thank You Kayla so I’ll start with you know as either a freshman or transfer student we have an amazing Welcome Week program and I’ll still a lot of Lizette Thunder here her team in partnership with colleagues throughout the division of student affairs and academic affairs and really across campus are really thinking about how do we think about your transition experience from the day that you step foot on campus or in Blacksburg if you’re coming in as a transfer student so we really do encourage students to get involved to go to these programs to attend them there’s an abundance of them they’ll be even more this coming fall as we look towards a fall because of certainly the experience during the summer there’s are a ton of student leaders Welcome Week student leaders as well as staff that are part of Sean’s team and housing Residence Life our Ras who are working and thinking specifically about our new students coming in particularly those are freshmen and some of the transfer students that will be able to live on campus after you get here and you start to make your way through Virginia Tech but you’re thinking about a host over 25 or so our offices within the Division of Student Affairs that are thinking about student programming we’re thinking about our colleagues and academic advising

we’re also thinking about how do you get adjusted to the academic experience here at Virginia Tech getting to know your academic advisor is gonna be absolutely key to that and understanding how your faculty can be of assistance as well to you we think about the Dean of Students office which is the team that I get to work with and can work closely with we are thinking about you particularly if you are a transfer student you are most likely going to be living off-campus and what does it mean to become not only a student at Virginia Tech but also a resident of the town of Blacksburg and to understand you know that those identities really do kind of cross together and so there are opportunities to get to know this place in a deep way I think the great thing about your transition is that the okie community is not only a big community but it’s a community that is very connected so people want to know how you’re doing so everyone from you know the the facility staff that might be working in the residence hall who’s keeping the place looking nice to the staff member that’s working in Dining Services it’s there to you know to greet you when you are ready to eat to our team that’s over in McComas Hall that’s thinking about you in rec sports and potentially thinking about the counseling needs that you have everyone’s thinking about you and your transition as a new student and think about how can they connect to you how can we help you but what we really want you to be able to know is that it’s a matter of just simply asking and we are gonna be here to really truly answer the call we have a coordinated care and approach to how we work that we are all very much interconnected and so if you are struggling in one place and all likelihood someone’s going to see that and know that and make a proper referral for you even want to get to know you and to know you know your experience really as individualized as it can possibly be so the key thing for really transitioning what’s available it’s just to get out and get involved and to get connected you know the excitement that you’re feeling coming in right now let that really kind of push you in as you’re coming in to Virginia Tech and starting and let it kind of carry you forward and we will be here to receive you throughout all of our offices across campus thank you so much firing I think that was a really great way to recognize how many identities our students bring to campus and how we need to encourage our students to be their full selves when they come to Virginia Tech and not just who they may have been when we offered them admission so thank you for that now for one I had a student who asked if you could talk about the deferral process for this year and what they need to do in order to defer yeah this is a great question we actually have relooked at our deferral process and we have revamped it so I want to explain what that term means deferral means essentially that you as an offer student if you would like to defer your offer admission to a future term whether the semester or up to two years from this point we’re gonna allow you to do that and we re looked at the process and revamped it to also remove the restriction to where you weren’t able to take classes at another institution we’ve lifted that we recognize this is a really difficult time and again we’re trying to find ways to accommodate you as much as possible so this will allow you to now suggest or to to identify what term you would like to start in if you like to start from a year from now and do some courses at your local community college so you’re still moving forward academically we will work with you to make sure you’re taking the right courses and those courses will be able to transfer in for credit now there is a little bit of a risk involved with this though your performance in those courses can have an impact in your offer same with your major selection as well so it’s really key that if you do decide to defer your offer admission to a future term that you reach out to our office and you clearly outline a set of courses if you do want to take courses during that time to make sure that you’re not a skewing from your current path and academic progress I cannot encourage you enough to reach out to our office if you have any questions about this process the forum will go live within the next couple of days they’ll be located on our undergraduate admissions website and you will fill out that form and request a deferral and state the reason for that deferral as well as list what term you like to start great thank you so much now this next question I think it’s one that many students might be thinking about right now especially as we are navigating some uncertain times and financial situations are changing on a daily basis for many of our students and families so that I had a question I had a question from a student who said my parents have been laid off due to coronavirus and my financial situation has completely changed can I get a different financial aid package yeah thanks for that question and it is a very timely question it does it depends so we need to really have that family reach out to our office and we’ll look at it a case-by-case basis we are not there isn’t it well let me stop there is an

appeal process we are not evaluating any Appeals for loss of income due to kovat 19 specifically until June 1st however we are looking at appeals at that time but we are evaluating each family situation on its own merit sometimes it will result in more financial aid sometimes the students already received the maximum financial aid so that package will not change and sometimes it does not make a difference but in the cases it does it could result in more financial aid I think families sometimes are are told that it’s a dollar two dollar exchange if your income goes down by a dollar your financial aid goes up a dollar unfortunately that is not the case but the best thing to do is reach out to our office my office and we will assist you with that process and give you the best information we can Thanks thank you so much now for summer orientation some students have been asking since summer orientation is online are there any plans to do extra programming or an in-person orientation in the fall Thank You Kayla so as Byron said he stole some of the Thunder but welcome week as he explained very well is a wonderful opportunity for all of our new students who to be able to connect and so we have grown our Welcome Week here at Virginia Tech over the past few years significantly and we are looking to continue to do that for this new incoming class knowing that this summer looks a little bit different and so we have that in mind and we are thinking about new and creative ways to engage each of you in building relationships with each other but also as byron mentioned relationships with our faculty and staff and critical offices and resources that you will need throughout your time here at Virginia Tech we want to make sure that you are integrating to our campus and the community during this time frame and so you can expect to hear more from us as to what we are going to be offering during that time frame and know that we are thinking about how we can make that a meaningful experience for anyone that’s not to say that we are not addressing critical resources during our virtual orientation I’m so some of you to your question with Byron was about what resources will there be available your online orientation experience will give you the opportunity to learn about the various campus resources here at Virginia Tech and how you can continue to develop relationships with them or maybe you find that you have a new interest in something based on what you learned during virtual orientation so we are thinking about both and ensuring that you’re having timely information provided to you this summer and then also when we return to campus great thank you for that now for Sean could you explain the housing process I know I had several students who asked if it’s a guaranteed process how do they sign up when do they find out their housing assignment and any deadlines associated with that well thank you Kayla so June first is our housing contract deadline and you can fill out your housing contract by just going to our website so that’s housing BT edu and you’ll just fill out your contract takes just a few minutes select your meal plan and all of those pieces as far as guaranteed housing that depends again a little bit on your student classification it is Virginia Tech’s current policy that all first-year students live on campus obviously as one indicated earlier there’s a lot happening this year and you know this up the health and safety of our Hokies is the most important thing to us and so it’s possible that things could change as we evaluate the community health impacts but we we intend for all the Hokies that live with us to have just an amazing experience we’ve got a great group of staff who is really prepared and ready for your arrival and so we can’t wait to have you on campus thank you so much Sean make sure that if you’ve accepted your offer that you are doing things on time and getting them in by the deadline that is very very important now this next question is for Byron how does Virginia Tech keep students from not feeling lost at a large institution Wow you know that’s a tough question because I’ll be honest I don’t know that we can keep every student from loss at a big school you can’t even really do it as small school and quite honestly we can certainly try and I think part of that is I think embracing a philosophy of no one be known it’s something that we talked about quite a bit and particularly as it relates to our staff

and those our faculty and those folks that are working directly with students but to have a sense of connection to someone and that someone could be in the division of student affairs again I mentioned earlier it could be an academic advisor or a faculty member it could be any random person on campus but that’s one way of making sure that people feel like they are connected to someone who cares about them and really has eyes on their experience we think a lot about certainly being involved in on campus and you know a lot of times I’ll talk with students I’d say you know I’d rather not really be involved my first semester because I really just want to spend my time thinking about my coursework I’m transitioning in academically and I tell them that’s great and that’s wonderful and that’s important I also know too that students who are involved on campus generally tend to do better in classes and tend to have a higher GPA and part of that is because you’re making a connection to this place they may they feel a little bit more like home so in those first couple of weeks during Welcome Week you know we’re gonna have plenty of opportunities got the gobbler fest which is a massive Student Involvement fair that takes place out in my drove build it feels like a carnival because it truly is a festival but it’s a way of being able to go out to walk around at different tables to talk to people to understand about ways to get involved again how do you make this place feel a little bit smaller and that is why the involvement piece matters so you know you can take this experience of 30,000 plus students and if you are connected to a group of 10 students because you’ve found your way to getting involved this place doesn’t feel so big anymore but we’ll be honest it’s gonna feel big for a little while it felt big to me for the first couple years I was here just trying to figure out who was who and what building was ‘watch was which based on our hokey stone so again this is a massive place but we really tried best to talk to students about get out get connected Shawn’s team and housing and Residence Life particularly our students are living on campus they do a phenomenal job staying in touch with students doing check-ins quite often again we don’t have a desire for people to be lost and if someone feels lost we want them to know that they can start with just about anyone to be able to get reconnected families can feel the same way there’s nothing wrong with calling the Dean of Students office for example and saying hey my students really not feeling connected there how do we how do we help them we’ll give them a call we’ll shoot them an email or a text message and say hey come on in let’s talk about and let’s see what we can get it kind of helped out so again we put a lot of emphasis on it because we know that if we don’t do it well in that first six eight first six to eight weeks there’s a good chance you won’t stick with us you know for your entire experience thank you for that response I think that connection is so important to our well-being as professionals but especially as students navigating campus so I hope that all of our students listening find those clubs and organizations when they join us as a Virginia Tech Hokies now one this next question I’m hoping that you can talk a little bit about pass/fail grades but I had a student who asked could my offer be rescinded because of the grades I am earning in online classes I’m not doing as well as what if I were taking those classes in person it’s a great question before I jump on that question I do want to circle back to the deferral process because I left a couple of key points out it’s important that for you to defer your offer admission you do have to accept the offer of admission first by submitting a deposit or if you eligible for a particular agency waiver that you’re working with our office to accept that the second key point that I left out is that your financial aid package is not guaranteed in any way so you have to work with our office as well as best office for when you re-enter the specific term that you’re gonna be aiming for now for the question about grades please understand that we get it this is a tough situation and again we’re trying to make it less anxious for you we want to find ways to make sure you’re gonna be successful so the short answer is we’re not in the business of taking away offers of admission that is that it’s not a goal of our office but what we are focused on is making sure that every student that we select they’re going to be academically successful once they arrive here at Virginia Tech so we’re looking at your final grades this year and remember you have to submit your transcripts your final transcripts by August 1st when we’re looking at your final transcript and comparing it to your self-reported academic record we’re making sure that you’re continuing the trend that you had now we get that with the with moving the online learning it’s not for everyone now you might see a little bit of a decrease in the grade so I’m not saying you get a couple seeds we’re gonna resend your offer but if you’re typically a strong ad student and we’re seeing these and F’s then we’re gonna be concerned and we’re gonna reach out for clarification but again we’re recognizing the situation that we’re in and we want to find ways to work with you but we also want to make sure that if you do come here in the fall that you’re gonna be set up for success great thank you so

much now that I know that when students are filling out the FAFSA there’s a lot of stuff on there and there’s a lot and that comes out they’re a word notice that they may or may not understand and so could you explain what work-study is and what opportunities there are on campus for work-study students Kayla thank you absolutely I love federal work-study federal work-study is a financial aid program that allows a student to earn money while they’re in school working for either an on-campus employer or a not-for-profit off-campus employer and earn money basically spending that you’re paid just like any other staff at Virginia Tech’s campus different jobs have different hourly rates the reason why this is considered a financial aid program is that the federal government is actually paying 75 percent of the students wage for work study the other reason why it’s considered a financial aid program is that income earned from federal work-study jobs is actually excluded as income on the next year’s FAFSA so I always explain the families that if you get a job at a restaurant and earn a thousand dollars and you earned a thousand dollars under federal work-study position the next year when you complete the FAFSA the student who’s working at the restaurant off-campus earns a thousand dollars they put that income on their FAFSA that’s counted in the calculation the student who’s in the federal work-study position they put that thousand dollars but then there’s a spot later on the FAFSA that says hey was any of your income earned from a federal work-study job if yes enter that amount here and so then it’s subsequently subtracted back off so that’s why federal work-study is considered a financial aid program you’re not going to earn enough money to pay your rent you’re not going to earn enough money to pay a car payment this is really you’re spending money while you’re on campus to be able to go out buy some clothes go out to eat go to a movie or order out as the case is right now but that’s the type of money that you earn in federal work-study there are jobs all over this campus I like to tell our Dining Services positions because we have fabulous food at Virginia Tech and Dining Services needs student staff to help with that that’s a great way to earn money they hire students who are using the federal work-study program and just wage physicians there are work-study positions in fleet services to help out so some of our mechanically inclined students will get a job at Fleet Services and work with the cars we have research labs we have faculty that are looking for students to help out with research or academic units and administrative units who need help there are some great opportunities some students love to compliment their education and they want to have a job in their academic department some students want a break from that and they don’t want to think about anything they just want to be able to work and earn some money so once you accept your offer at financial squeeze me at Virginia Tech this summer through career services or scald the system’s called handshake and our work-study employers will post their positions out there you submit a resume or they might have an application process and then they will contact you for an interview they do consider this a professional interview so be careful about the resume you upload or your email addresses that you use and then students can find positions that way some universities will match students to federal work-study positions we do not do that the student can go out and find a job I hire about 15 to 20 students in my office each year to assist us with with work so there are a lot of opportunities off campus the YMCA thrift store that helps the community the lyric theater they all have students who will assist them and it’s just another great opportunity to serve the community as well as earn some money thank you for that we also in the undergraduate admissions office we hire some students each year with work-study funding that is actually where my first job was on campus was in the admissions office opening mail it was very glamorous lots of paper cuts but it did not deter me from a career mission so you might find a career out of your work-study position um now I know that a lot of students are feeling a little anxious about how class signup is going to work now that orientation is online so I think students would really love if lives at if you could talk about how that’s going to work this this summer absolutely so our office partners with our academic colleges to create

experiences for orientation and so while you won’t get to come on campus this summer to meet with your advisor we are working with them to create that experience and so you will have a set of modules that your college will ask you to complete prior to selecting a date for orientation so if you have selected a date you’ve probably experienced those already but if you haven’t once you register and go into the system you’ll complete a set of first modules for for your specific College following that though be a set of varied modules that will prepare you for the next step which will be your meeting with your specific advisor in your college and so you will have a chance to meet with your advisor and discuss your course schedule as well as your plans for your time here in your specific area of study or maybe if you’re exploring the possibility of adding a minor or maybe double majoring they will have time for you to meet with them and you’ll get to sign up to do that when works best for you and your academic advisor over this summer great thank you so much I’m glad to hear that students are still gonna have that opportunity to really have that personal connection with their advisor and really figure out what those classes are going to look like for this fall semester now as students are thinking about living on campus I know that there’s a lot of questions about should I do a living learning program or should I not do one so Sean could you talk a little bit about the advantages of our living learning programs on campus absolutely thank you so much for the question Kayla so the question of whether you not you whether or not you should do a living learning program is absolutely yes so we have 16 1 communities on campus so three of those are what we call residential colleges the residential colleges are really unique model so they have a faculty member who teaches here at Virginia Tech who actually lives in the facility and meets with students all the time so we have three lovely faculty doctors Eggman Bohannon and Tara’s Agha who hosts weekly teas have reading events for students and just a general opportunity to meet interesting people in and around campus we also have thirteen other programs around campus so they have a full-time faculty or staff member that’s dedicated towards creating a wonderful experience so I can almost guarantee that we have something that matches what you might want so at Virginia Tech LPS are just what students do so our living learning programs range everywhere from an arts and creativity based program to engineering that has engineering and maker spaces in the residence halls so it’s really just a fantastic opportunity to form community with people who you know have similar interest to you who have similar experiences and similar career ambitions and so I would just encourage everyone to check out our living learning programs on our housing website and then if you have any questions please let us know because we’re happy to help help you understand the LP process and what it takes to be a part of a great community here at Virginia Tech thank you so much I’m seeing a theme of how important community is at Virginia Tech into your experience so definitely look into those living learning programs like Sean said now I have a question here for Byron I had a student who asked what are the benefits of going to a larger school versus a smaller school oh thanks Kayla um so yeah I went to a smaller school in college my wife went sort even smaller private school and I can appreciate that experience but here’s what I love about the big school experience particularly what we have here at Virginia Tech is that it is the opportunity to collide with people that are different than you and so certainly you know our country a whole lot to work a work to do with when it comes to diversity and we have work to do when it comes to diversity and inclusion experience here at Virginia Tech but with thirty thousand plus people at the school here in Blacksburg you have the opportunity to meet someone and to be around people that you’ve never been around with before when I’ve met with students before who have talked to me about having a hard time making friends are staying connect to the people that they’ve met and not feeling like they’re finding their fit with people I tell them you know if you just walk a different way to class tomorrow you will see seventy different people that you’ve never seen before if you go to the dining a dining a different dining hall for example then you normally go to you’ll see a hundred people that you’ve never seen before so there is always that opportunity at a bigger school to just simply meet people and be around people that are different than you it also allows us I think to specialize our programming and services in a very significant way so you know we have a robust cultural and community centers program that allows us to be able to particularly think about subpopulations of underserved and marginalized students and underrepresented students that are

on our campus we can add a first-gen support program for example for first-generation students that is specifically thinking about that experience and not necessarily trying to think about that experience along with other types of experiences here we can have an interfaith program for example that allows us to bring people together who believe differently from each other to be able just simply learn more about each other because of those differences so I think that’s what the big school experience does provide for you it also allows you to be able to redefine yourself throughout your time at Virginia Tech so if you have a pretty tough first year at Virginia Tech things don’t go your way maybe you’ve gotten into a crowd of people that probably rubbed off on you in the wrong way because of how large this campus is and how large the experience is that next year you get to be around different people that are in different classes and you get to change a major and again find different circles of people so that’s what the opportunity provides is just that opportunity to say hey I’m always gonna be in a position where I can find someone that is different than me I will always have the opportunity to meet and connect with someone new the other awesome thing about a big school experience is you know when I travel around the country and I fly often I typically wear something where Virginia Tech on it and what happens as a result of being part of a big school expand is there’s always somebody that I see an airport on a plane in a new city that’s a Hokie you know no matter what and they you know they notice they go Hokies and you say go Hokies back and that’s again a another connecting point that goes beyond Virginia Tech in Blacksburg throughout the country and around the world so that’s part of the the unique factor you know and I have never met money most of these people that I see but we still have the opportunity to connect in a very significant way and again that connecting point can be the starting point for something more depending upon if that relationship proceeds or not so that’s why I find it’s been the benefit of being at a big school it’s not something that I had as an undergraduate experience and it’s one of the reasons why I stay at Virginia Tech thank you for that Byron I know that for many students and many of our Virginia Tech alumni you will be noticed out in public simply because of our school colors no other school has Chicago marine and bright orange as their school colors for good reason not everybody thinks it goes together but it’s a really a rite of passage – we’re here a far get those yells on the airport or a completely different city across the country or across the world so you really are a part of pokey nation as a Virginia Tech student now this next question is for one and I had a student asked if the deposit deadline is still May one and what if they need an extension sure so the positive deadline is still May 1 now if you have to any external waiting circumstances and your family’s had has been hit pretty hard by the current situation please reach out to our office we want to find ways to help and if the way to help is to give you a later deadline date and we’re willing to do that but we’re gonna do on a case by case basis so please again reach out to our office communicate with us let us know what you need we’ll try our best to meet that that need thank you for that and transfer students you still have until June 1 to accept your offer but freshmen your deadline is May 1 unless you have an extenuating circumstance that you need to contact us about now that’s are there opportunities for scholarships after freshman year this is a question I received and if a student should notify Virginia Tech about outside scholarships yes absolutely there are scholarship opportunities after your freshman year Virginia Tech has a decentralized scholarship process which means our academic colleges have scholarships that they award every year to students and we have donors who specifically given scholarship dollars to juniors or seniors those are who the intended recipients are so each year Virginia Tech well my office opens up scholarships central and the scholarship application is posted and continuing students can go out and apply for different scholarships because some are major specific use the College of Engineering as an example some of them are very department specific so there are for mechanical engineers or aerospace engineers so absolutely there are opportunities there are also opportunities for study abroad scholarships so students can go apply for the scholarship on a semester basis before study abroad travel in the future if that is taking place and when that takes place again so there are definitely opportunities to answer the second question is if you have an outside scholarship do you need to report it I would say yes because out of many institutions Virginia Tech is one

of the few where our university bursar and that’s the office who will send you your bill actually will post as a pending credit any outside scholarship that you have received so you have to report those to the office of the bursar they have a form online if you go to the Bursar’s website and just type in their search scholarship reporting form for the 2021 academic year it’s already out there you just type in your name who the scholarships from and the amount and they will actually post that as a pending credit so that’s critical there’s a lot of institution will not do that until they actually receive the scholarship check but our office of the bursar is really flexible with that so that’s a great option Thanks thank you so much for that it’s good to know that you will reapply each year and you’ll be able to be eligible for future scholarships as a Hokie now I know when we think of orientation we typically think of that experience where there is a super excited current student who’s typically like yelling and singing songs and getting you to do icebreakers is there going to be an opportunity for our prospective students and students that are intending to come in the fall will they be able to interact with current student students in this virtual orientation experience absolutely in Kaela I think you know this student very well because you were one of them and I know that you were a transfer orientation leader during your undergraduate time here at Virginia Tech and I took out my polo today in honor of the fact that we will have orientation leaders this summer working with all of our new students and they will have a polo with them as well and so we are working to get them all of their orientation polos in our very specific custom-made colors so orange and maroon and they will be joining you virtually on your orientation date and even before that so we are currently working and ensuring that they are prepared they’ve been in a semester-long class with us since the start of this spring and they are eager to me each of our new Hokies we are going to start the engagement process with you and your orientation leader at the end of May versus the traditional timeframe which usually would have been on your orientation date so you will be hearing through your BT email address from your specific assigned orientation leader at the end of May to start having conversations about what it means to be a Nijo key what are those traditions if they want to make sure you’re aware of and keeping those connections throughout your time over the summer as you’re transitioning as well as just being someone that you can lean on to answer any of those questions that you might feel like you don’t know where to start you can go ahead and talk to them and they’ll connect you to other research as well on campus so we will have orientation leaders this summer and they are super excited to work with each of you I’m so glad to hear that it was one of a really great experience for me as an undergraduate student and please know that there is no question too small or too big to ask those students so please take advantage of that that’s something that I think it’s really important to ease any anxiety you might be feeling before starting in the fall now this next question is for Sean we have a lot of students that are eager to know what residents life is like at Virginia Tech and what their residence hall might look like so how can students see more pictures or video tours of the residence halls that we have so we had a really exciting kind of photo production set for this semester to show all of our great spaces with students in them and obviously things have changed a little bit for our campus but actually just this afternoon we’re working through some great students that we have living on campus who are going to be conducting some tours of their rooms and their facilities to kind of show everything that we’ve got to offer here in our 47 communities on campus so we have multiple styles of layouts so a traditional room with a bathroom down the hall we have a few private bathroom rooms we have Suites so we have a number of different types of facilities you can find a lot of information on our website and we would love to be able to show you everything we have to offer all of those so again housing Beatty edu so you can find information about floor plans how many students all those types of things and I would also say if you have any questions please call us so five four oh two three one six two oh five or email us at housing at bt edu we will answer any question that you have about any of the buildings and we’re just really excited to show you

everything we’ve got to offer great thank you so much please make sure that you’re reaching out and asking those questions obviously the space that you live in it’s really important so don’t leave any questions unanswered if you have them now this next question is for Byron I think that this is kind of on the top of many students Minds right now just with our current climate current situation that we have with Kovan 19 so I had a student ask what if I have a family emergency when I’m at Tech can I miss class can you address what that looks like for our students sure Kayla so yes we we know that life happens it continues to happen for our students while they’re in classes and while they’re at Virginia Tech so we do have an absence verification program that’s administered through my office and if a student has to work with a family emergency is something that’s happening back home even if they’re not going to that emergency if it’s just simply taking them out of their ability to be able to continue progressing in class they can work directly with my office we can’t provide notes to faculty and that covers other types of commitments as well that might be happening their life that might be essentially just beyond their control so there is a way for us to be able to communicate it doesn’t necessarily get you out of anything so it doesn’t get you out of the work that you have to do and we still would hope that a student would work directly with their instructor to be able to see what they’ve missed and to see how they can make that up but we provide just some assistance there in advocacy for our students to be able to help communicate to our instructors that wife did happen for that student we can verify it and if there is an extreme family emergency we’ll also continue to work with that student another way to be able to provide support sometimes it might mean financial support and we can certainly offer that as well given the issue and whatever that need might be thank you so much I love hearing about the advocacy and support that comes out of the Dean of Students office and I just want to make sure that students know that that is a place that you should reach out to if you need support at any time now as we think for our students that are going to be coming in those who are going to be taking AP exams had to take some are taking some modified AP exams so one can you tell us if we will be accepting scores from modified AP exams yes we will so the modified AP exam was going to be a 45 minute exam they take at home we will be accepting those scores and to piggyback this answer any changes made by the school system that might be impacting how grading is going to be awarded for the rest of the year please don’t stress we’re gonna work with you we realize that different school systems are trying different things we’re gonna accommodate while maintaining the academic standards here at Virginia Tech but don’t stress about that we recognize that’s well outside of your control and we’re going to do everything as an institution to again this is the theme accommodates you as best as we can during this process we want to make anything any harder we were trying to find ways again to minimize barriers and make this process as smooth as possible thank you for that now this next question is for Beth and it’s kind of a longer question but I had a student who asked what if I need additional loans beyond what was awarded through FAFSA how can I do that when do I do that and how do I accept my financial aid package I’m gonna start with the last one Kayla how do you accept your financial aid package the only thing that we required to be accepted at this point our federal loans so once you’ve accepted your admission to Virginia Tech you can go out to Hokies spa again once you log in you go to your financial aid by year it’d be the 2021 school year and then there are gonna be four tabs and on that four tabs it says accept by financial aid you can go out there and accept your loans right now with loans the federal government won’t start processing we won’t start originating loans which means we’ll send them to the federal government they’ll say okay great this is a proofs in the back there’s always you’re a student and we certify it you’re eligible in that case then you will be able to do your master promissory note and entrance counseling it’ll all get tied together so that is how you accept loans and there’s also information on that on our webpage if I flew through that pretty quickly when it comes to financing the rest of college there are a couple different options available one for parents there is the federal PLUS loan which plus stands for parent loan for undergraduate students then it is a loan that is through the government parents you must apply it does go through a credit check and if the parent

is approved you can borrow money for educational expenses to pay for school obviously or housing anything that’s educationally related the interest rate on the federal PLUS loan is a fixed rate and parents you may choose to defer that loan while your students in school at least half time or you can choose to pay on that loan and that will start 60 days after the loans fully dispersed so if you apply for a parent loan for the year which is what we recommend then that loan would go into repayment in March if you are a student and you plan on taking out a loan in your name there’s what’s called private student loans and those are through private lenders usually students will have to have a credit worthy cosigner they are credit based there are all different types of private loan products Virginia Tech doesn’t have a preferred lender list some schools will have a list what we do have is a list of all the lenders who Virginia Tech students have borrowed from in the past and if you go to our website and you search fast choice it will take you to our private loan page and fast choice is just a platform that allows you to research lenders and to take a look at the private loan process we’re glad to talk to you about it what what you what we can I would encourage families to start looking at that now parent loans I think as long as you apply before June or right around June that may ensures plenty of processing time that it will show up on your bill in July and for students as well with private loans I would not apply for a private loan until until a little later meaning June please what we CI is that families will sometimes apply for single semester loans I would encourage you to apply for the entire academic year because you will forget to apply in the next semester which can cause some issues also circumstances could change but I would also say do not wait until the bill comes out you can look on the Bursar’s website when we have our tuition and fee rate set for next year and estimate how much you need to borrow because we will be extremely busy certifying loans all summer that’s what we do and we want to make sure that you are set to go and then you don’t have to worry about that process once you get on campus thanks thank you for that now Lisette I had a student ask when do invitations go out for orientation as soon as you accept your offer of admission to Virginia Tech and you set up your VT IEP you email and your dual factor 2.0 check all of that you will receive an email from our automated system that instructs you on how to login with the same credentials that you use here on campus with email and dual factor and it will take you through the process of selecting your virtual orientation date as well as explained our pre orientation modules and post orientation modules and the information that you will be provided throughout orientation it also allows you at that time to register your family members who wish to attend our virtual orientation process and that will also receive all of our family orientation experience information once we collect that so we are asking that all of our family members who would like to continue to have more information provided to them specific to orientation and all of the resources that we connect you to also register when your student registers and there is the availability that the to do that via guest and you can list their information there and then we will continue to have contact with them as well as you Thank You Liz that now Sean what is the most popular residence hall for first-year students and are there any housing opportunities for transfers oh man the most popular residence hall so let’s see I think that probably depends a lot on what you’re looking at again I mentioned we have several different different styles of buildings on campus so in room bathroom suite style traditional private and so I think you I think you really need to spend some time on our page and getting used to the facilities we have a great checklist on there that will allow you to see different facilities by rate type so we have we have over 29 different residence halls in addition to some of our housing out in Oak Lane for

fraternities and sorority life so it’s hard to say you know this is students favorite hall or not it really depends on what you’re looking for but no matter which community you choose we have student staff who are there to help create an amazing opportunity for you we have in room or in building professional staff who are there to help transition and help have you make sure you have a great experience they’re all surrounding our dining halls on campus so there’s really no bad choice it really just depends what you’re looking for what what size how close to campus and so I just encourage you to check out all the options that we have on the website and just know whatever you choose it’s going to be a great option for you here at Tech thank you so much for that now for Byron when should a student reach out to the Dean of Students office is it just for big things is it for little things as well you know when do you encourage a student to seek your office of services yeah that’s a great question Kayla and the answer is whenever and however they whenever they need to quite frankly you know our opinion and the Dean of Students offices is start with us so start with whenever you need anything we are thinking about your experience personally socially academically you know quite often your needs here at Virginian Second Life are never really singular to one particular area and so we’re gonna be great at being able to deal with particularly those those needs that might cut across different areas or when you’re just really confused and you know we’re we’re not intending to create a challenge for you to be able to get what you need are to be able to thrive here we’re doing a text so starting with us is a great place and we can refer we can also try our best to be able to submit to drill-down we can also be in relationship with that with you throughout your entire time here at project at Virginia Tech so the key thing is to reach out whenever you need something and however you would like to reach us and as often as you’d like it’s not just simply come one time or only talk to us when the big crazy awful things happen that will happen and we certainly will be part of those but even when it’s something that’s pretty small reach on out and let us know how we can help you out thank you so much for that now I want to be cognizant of time we have about three minutes left but I would love it if I could pose one final question to our panelists and it doesn’t need to be a long answer maybe just a sentence or two but we had a student asked I’m having a hard time choosing a school why should I attend Virginia Tech so if one can take that first and then we’ll bounce around to the other panelists I got so many great things going for it you know we’re top 50 research institution last year alone we had over 500 million dollars of research taking place we have an exciting partnership with Amazon that’s going to lead to our innovation campus in Northern Virginia we have the admission of youth prism which is Latin for that I my search our students are constantly trying to find ways to give back and they’re doing so during this crisis Virginia Tech has stepped up the credit zone kovat 19 tests that it will be working with local healthcare providers on and we have alums and grad graduates that are first responders or graduates from our Virginia Tech Medical School and you look at this to school spirit gosh it is unmatched I get that when when people look back at their college years they always do with the smile it’s different when you talk to a graduate from Virginia Tech they are excited to talk about their experience here you know Byron earlier talked about how when he wears VT gear he gets the the go Hokies no matter where he’s at I’ve experienced that not only here in the country but all over the world and realized that as you’re considering attending Virginia Tech you’re joining a family something we call it a Hokie Nation but over 250,000 living in lumps all over the world no matter where you are at you’re always gonna have a friendly face and someone rooting for your success nearby so that’s as short as I can make it Kayla all right well we’ll pop over to Beth and see what she has to offer I I’ve worked at four large universities and I will say Virginia Tech students are rock stars they’re amazing and the community that they have is amazing and that’s why I would choose Virginia Tech what about you Lisette I would say our commitment to making such a large place feel like home and that you belong here and have connections and affinity to many different pieces of your identity and that you can learn and grow here in unique ways thank you for that Sean what would you say for why students should

attend Virginia Tech well I’m the director of Alden beautiful affairs on campus and I’m here so that’s why I think you attend Virginia Tech but besides that for Dad joke I would just say that this is a fantastic campus it has amazing energy and this is a place that you can belong I know Byron got some questions on how to make a big school feel small and I think we do that at Tech and some just amazing ways and so we would love to have you here and be able to show you that experience Byron what do you think why should a student attend Virginia Tech nice why not I mean it’s the only place where you can go and wear orange and maroon and feel really comfortable about it and love it for the rest of your life quite frankly um you know in all seriousness when I first came here someone told me you know the worst thing that can happen to a Virginia Tech student is to not be at Virginia Tech and I’ve noticed it even during this period of time where students have been taking classes online I talked to a student yesterday I said how’s it going he said I’m just having a hard time I said what’s so hard about it said because I miss Blacksburg I miss Virginia Tech I miss being on that campus I missed that that is the finding kind of Who I am so you know no matter what identity you’re bringing into Virginia Tech we don’t expect you to set it aside in order to be able to embrace being a Hokie and being part of this community our students our faculty our staff our alumni people that live in this region who will never step foot on this campus to work or to go to school still have an affinity to this place I think it’s because of the passion and the commitment people love being part of this university and love being part of this community and I think that is what has kept me here for the 12 years that I’ve been here is just that feeling that sense of if it truly does feel like home and again like any home we’re gonna we have work to do to be able to make it feel like home for everybody at all times but even when I talk to students that might struggle here sometimes and may have challenges here they’ll say the reason why I’m so critical about Virginia Tech is because I love Virginia Tech I want it to be able to be its absolute best and for people to be able to have the most phenomenal experience they can have and to me that’s a that’s a good reason to choose us I definitely feel that and I echo everything that you all have said I came here as a transfer student in spring of 2010 and I am still here and so there’s no place like Blacksburg and no place like Virginia Tech I’m gonna go ahead and hand it over to one to just give some closing remarks and then I’ll wrap things up in just a minute thanks Kayla great job everyone thank you for taking the time to join us you know I am a graduate of Virginia Tech and I’m surprised that no one mentioned food that’s one of the favorite reasons the common Virginia Tech that’s also another plus here look I hope the message you got from this program was that every part of this university is ready to work with you and make sure you have that smooth transition we want you to be successful you are welcome you’re wanted here at Virginia Tech and we’re ready to do whatever we can to make this process easier for you these are tough times but Virginia Tech’s been around for a very long time and we’ve we’ve seen tough times and every single occasion we’ve always stepped up and we’ve come out of that tough situation stronger and more united as a university and this I have no doubt that this will be no different so please if you have any questions reach out to us our phone number and admissions is five four zero two three one six two six seven our email is admissions at bt edu we’re still answering the phone they’re being ratted to our homes you might get me on the other line and we’re still checking email we are worried about you we’re thinking about you and we’re doing everything we can again to make sure that we get you started here in the fall with a smooth transition so thank you for tuning in and thank you again for all of our participants here this evening please stay healthy and we look forward to seeing you on campus thank you again for joining us tonight for those of you who asked questions that were not answered especially if they were pretty specific questions we’re gonna be working to divide those up among our staff as well as some of the college’s so if you asked a specific question about the College of Engineering or the College of Natural Resources and environment we’re gonna make sure those folks get those questions and we’re gonna try and get back to you as soon as we can with those answers but thank you so much for joining us we hope to see you in the fall and go Hokies you