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This is Fred Wahl the VisaCoach Todays topic is: What Questions are asked at a K1 Visa Interview? Visa Coach Fast, Easy and Personal I am Fred Wahl, the VisaCoach, I am known for the personal one-on-one relationship that WE share, (thats you, me and your partner), as WE work together, as a TEAM, to overcome the many challenges of immigration, Don’t risk your happiness, Don’t go this course alone Alone, its too easy for you to make mistakes that cause tears, delays and expensive denials Do Pick up the Phone and speak with me directly, so that, you and I,can get to know each other This is the free consultation I talk about later If we are compatible, thats the beginning of our beautiful relationship to get you the immigration approvals you need This is what two of my clients Imar and Trang, had to say: Trang comes from Vietnam and I helped her get her Fiance visa., Throughout the process, simply knowing that your experience would help the interviewer trust in our sincerity helped lesson our anxiety immensely Effectively front-loading a petition is no joke! On her interview day, my fiancee saw so many applicants walk out of their interviews in tears She, on the other hand, left with a big smile on her face after 5 minutes! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts Now, lets talk about the “K1 Fiance Visa Interview and what questions are asked” While helping VisaCoach clients achieve their dreams of spending lives together in the USA, by getting approved for their Fiance Visa, after the interview is over, I always ask the happy couple to tell me about their experience at the consulate And I always ask what questions were asked This has allowed me to compile a detailed and accurate list of sample questions that are actually asked I use these to prepare VisaCoach couples for their interviews If you are the foreign born fiancee of an American citizen, the final step before your visa is granted, before you can start your new life in America is an interview at the US consulate There the officer asks questions about you and your American fiance sponsor You must convince him, that you have an honest and genuine relationship Only then, will he approve your visa The official is tasked to look for fraud This is the last hurdle before the visa is issued and the last chance for US immigration to catch any irregularities that were not spotted before He plans to determine whether in “his opinion”, you are of good moral character, followed the IMBRA rules, and if the relationship is genuine He is seeking to trip you up to catch “sham marriages” by couples who fraudulently marry solely for the purpose of obtaining entry to the USA He also wants to determine that you and your fiance followed the laws of the USA, specifically the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA), that legislates what the “acceptable” ways for you to have met your fiance During the interview it is ESSENTIAL you are calm and poised That you don’t stumble over your answers, or take too long to answer, or give too many “maybe” or “i don’t know” responses There should not be any question the consular officer may ask that surprises or finds you unprepared to answer The following are questions that might be asked at YOUR interview American Fiance’s Background Who is your Fiance? Write his full name in English? Where does your Fiance live? What is his date of birth? What city was your Fiance born in?

What state was he born in? Do you have a photo of your Fiance? How tall is your Fiance? How much does he weigh? What is his religious background? What do you like best about your Fiance? What is his favorite dish/food? What kind of food does he like? What is his favorite football team? What are your Fiance’s hobbies? What does your Fiance like to do? What is his favorite song? What is his favorite movie? What kind of camera does he have? What is his favorite sport? Does he own a car? What kind of car does he own? American Fiance’s Family What is your Fiance’s mothers maiden name? Have you met your Fiance’s parents? How do you get on with them? What is your Fiance’s Fathers job or profession? Does your Fiance have brothers or sisters? How old are they? What are their names? American Fiance’s Living Arrangements Where is your Fiance’s home? What does it look like? What is nearby? How much room is there? Does he have a garden? How far is it from his work? American Fiance’s Marriage History Has your Fiance been married before? Does this matter to you? What was your Fiance’s ex-wifes name? When did he divorce his ex-wife? Why did he divorce his ex-wife? Does he have any children? How many children does he have? What are their names? What are their ages? American Fiance’s Work How much is his annual income? What does your Fiance do for a living? Foreign Fiancee’s Background Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever been refused entry to the U.S.? or had problems with U.S. immigration? Do you belong to the Communist party? What is your adopted English name? How did you get your adopted English name? Where are you from? What is your date of birth? Foreign Fiancee’s Family How do your parents feel about you going to America to marry? Have your parents met your Fiance? How did your parents get on with him? Do your parents/family approve of your marriage? Foreign Fiancee’s Intentions Why do you want to go to the USA? Will you marry him in order to get into the U.S.? Why are you only seeking a U.S man? Why don’t you find a husband in your country? Why did you look for an American husband on the internet? Why don’t you marry a man (of your same nationality, race)?

Why do you like him? How did you learn about the _dating___ web site? Where is she now? Foreign Fiancee’s Interview Preparation How many emails did you bring with you today? How many pictures did you bring with you? Foreign Fiancee’s Marriage History Have you been married before? When were you divorced? Where is your ex-husband now? Do you have any children? Foreign Fiancee’s Work What do you do for a living? Do you work? Are you studying? What subject? History of the Relationship When did you start to communicate with your Fiance? How long have you been communicating with your Fiance? When did you love him? When and where did you first meet? How did you come to meet each other? How often have you been together? What are your respective ages? What do you two have in common? When and how did your Fiance propose to you? Does your Fiance send money to you? When did you two start to communicate with each other? Did he come to visit you? What did he do while visiting you? How many times has he come to to visit you? Why did he only come one time? When did he come to visit? How long did he visit with you? Where did he stay? How long did you know each other before he came to meet you? International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA) Who introduced you to your Fiance? Did you pay to be introducted to your Fiance? Did you first meet online? What was the name of the website you met at? Was this a dating service, designed to introduce you to Americans? Why did you join? Did you pay anything? Did your fiance pay anything? BEFORE you were able to communicate with your Fiance: Did the service inform you about his marital history? Did the service inform you about his children? Did the service inform you about his criminal history? Were you provided your Fiance’s info in English or in your native language? Were you asked to sign and date a statement, in your native language that listed your Fiance’s info and asked for you to allow him/her to be able to contact you? Do you know your fiance has a criminal background? What do you know about it? Communications Does your fiance speak and understand your language? Do you speak and understand your fiance(e)’s language? How do you two communicate? Do you talk on the telephone? What language do you use?

How often do you talk on the telephone? If he does not speak your native language, how do you communicate? Wedding Plans Do you have any wedding plans? When will you get married? When did you decide to get married Where will you be marrying? What kind of ceremony do you plan? How many people will be invited to your wedding? Will you have a Honeymoon? If yes, where? Why do you want to marry your Fiance? How can you marry him having seen him only one time? Do you know him well enough to marry him? Future Plans Where do you plan to live in the United States? What is the address? What do you plan to do in America? These questions should provide you plenty to talk about with your fiance and provide you the opportunity to get to know him or her much better I like to call this playing “Relationship Trivial Pursuit” The interview is a stressful time The way to minimize the stress is by preparation Not only to prepare for the interview itself, but to prepare at the start of the process Prepare EARLY by hiring VisaCoach to guide you safely through this journey Normally VisaCoach clients have a very short interview: 3 to 5 minutes only, with only a very few easy questions asked This is due to the high standard that VisaCoach applies to preparing for you a “front loaded” application, The VisaCoach “front loaded” application anticipates what red flags the consulate officer might find, then answers them positively using your evidences and photos First we make a good “first impression” that satisfys the officers doubts and suspicions, then the interview starts, leaving only a few of the friendlier, easier questions to be asked and “your visa is approved, welcome to the USA” If your application was not crafted to VisaCoach’s high standards, expect to have a less pleasant interview The weaker your original petition, expect more questions, tougher questions and a longer interview Hopefully things may not be so bad as to turn from interview into interrogation, but that has happened Especially if a poorly prepared petition, reveals red flags and raises more questions than it properly answers This is when couples who prepared their own petitions, or hired budget”form filling” services, really get into trouble This was Fred Wahl, The VisaCoach Please “like” or add your comments to this video Then go to VisaCoach.com and sign up for the VisaCoach monthly newsletter Each month it is full of tips and advice on immigration And its free of charge Finally, when you are ready to get started, call for your free consultation and speak with me directly, Before starting on your immigration adventure, before entering an arcane maze of rules, regulations and procedures, before commiting yourself to a risky path that could mean an end to your happiness, speak with the VisaCoach and ask for his Free Consultation He listens to you to learn the red flags and strengths of your case, your eligibility and goals He will suggest which visa is right for you, the best strategy to get it, and how soon your love could join you The friendly advice and wisdom he’ll freely share with you, might make the difference between approval and denial, and could save you months, or years, of lonliness and separation What have you got to lose? Book your free consultation today