Robbie vs. Sugar Town (Ep. 5) – Full Episode – Robbie

– And that bathroom needs to be cleaned twice a day That’s gonna be on you, as the new employee – It’s so gross – Yeah, we haven’t had a new employee in a long time You know, I was right around your age the first time your granddad brought me to the Kreamy King – But you didn’t work here when you were a kid – Because I didn’t have the same opportunities that you have Now, go mop up the floor Anything that looks gross, definitely mop that area Probably the whole floor, actually, now that I think about it – Robbie, I just asked Siri if it was illegal for Caleb to work here, and it is illegal for Caleb to work here – You know what else is illegal? Us dumping our trash in the alley behind the Taekwondo place, but we still do that, don’t we? – Yeah – Besides, he’s just working here a few hours after school He’s trying to save money to buy a drone, and luckily those things are cheap as shit these days – Thanks to the Chinese When I was a kid, we made our drones in America and we paid top dollar – Some of the stuff you say sounds borderline racist You know that, right? – I don’t see racism – Well that’s a big part of the problem – What do I do with all these bugs? – Young man, let me introduce you to the bug bucket – Bug bucket? – Really gettin’ it all in today – Those are all dead bugs? – Mm-mm, some of them are still very much alive So don’t stir that up It’s a pretty good way to get bit (upbeat music) (pleasant music) – Ava you’ve got your nose buried in that book I thought we came here to watch our son workin’ at his first job – Janie, we don’t know each other that well so I wanna be delicate You do know that Caleb’s not our son, right? – Oh yeah, no I know I just don’t know what else to call him – My son – But he’s your son too – Uh-oh, nerd alert! Ava wants everybody to know she’s reading books – You might want to read this, Robbie – “Next Stop Sugar Town.” Why should I care about some train conductor? – She’s not a train conductor She’s Sugar Stevens Do you not know who that is? – No, and at 120 pages, I never will – This woman is an inspiration She was selling ice cream out of her kitchen, and now there’s Sugar Town Creameries all over the South Do you remember that magazine that wrote a little blurb about me and my business last month? – Black People Magazine? – No Janie, it’s Black Boss Weekly – Black Entrepreneur Quarterly – Black Entr, yeah – Which is a bad name for a magazine, but Sugar was on the cover six times – Are you telling me that Sugar from Sugar Town Creamery is actually a person, it’s not just sugar? – Yes, Robbie This, this is Sugar, and she’s opening up a new store here in Carter this weekend She’s gonna be here signing books – Are you goin’? – Absolutely, I wanna meet her – Well, can I come? Can she sign any book? – It is her book signing, so she’ll probably just be signing her book – Oh, well then don’t plan around me I’ll let you know – Kreamy King better watch out Sugar is smart, her stories don’t violate health codes, and her ice cream’s good – Better than a thunder snow? – A thunder snow is barely ice cream – And yet, here we stand But I’ll tell you what, I’mma go down there, I’mma take a look around, see what all the hoopla is about Next stop, Sugar Town (Janie laughs) – Robbie! Like the book! – Damn Janie, you gotta pull it back (upbeat music) (kids giggling) – He’ll help you right down there Hi there, welcome to Sugar Town – Let me stop you right there, because I’m not actually here to buy any of your ice cream Brought my own from the Kreamy King It’s a little melted, but it’s hot out, so that’s gonna happen Mhmm, mm It’s definitely better when it’s cold So anyways, I just wanted to come down here and see where the new Starbucks is gonna go once the whole town soundly rejects, you know, this joke of a business – Oh, okay Well right now we’re just doing our soft opening The grand opening’s this weekend Would you like to try a free sample? – Samples, of what the ice cream? And then how does it work? If I don’t like it, I gotta pay for it? – No, samples are free You can try every flavor if you want – Down at the KK, we only need one flavor, white – Do you mean vanilla? – No I don’t, we can’t legally call it that because there’s no vanilla in it – Oh, well we have all kinds of flavors Some of our bestsellers are Savannah peppermint, front porch lavender, but my favorite is Marietta mud – Do you mean chocolate? Just call it that, we’re all grownups (intense music) Mother (bleep) that is good! I’m glad real mud doesn’t taste like that I would be fat as shit! Let me do that lavender one

(upbeat music) No! No, no, no! That is so (bleep) good You should be arrested Mm, goddamnit! Orgasm in my mouth, right now Mother (bleep) Y’all should make the spoons waffle cones How fun would that be? Now I’m mixing flavors, look at me (Robbie laughs) Mm, why? Asshole, shit! I’m not saying that to you Shit! (bleep) Mother (bleep) that is good! My god, I need all of these I need all of these in my life right now How dare they come to my town with ice cream that tastes that good? They had this one flavor, peach pie a la mode? Get this, you could taste the ice cream on top of the pie within the ice cream – If I want pie, I’ll eat pie If I want ice cream, I’ll have the Kreamy King white with peanut butter cup – Okay, Beatrice, I used to be just like you, okay? But now I have seen the other side, and I cannot stress enough how much trouble we are truly in, okay? So here’s what I’m thinkin’ Sugar Town is having a grand opening next weekend, so I say why don’t we have our own grand opening? – But we’re already open – Come on bud, you’re thinking too small You gotta think bigger than that Yeah, the KK’s old as hell, but my dad brought me here, I work here, and my son works here That should mean something, and Sugar Town is trying to take that away – Robbie, your dad’s on TV – What the hell? – Hey Coach! We sure are excited to bring our homemade ice cream to Carter – From one champion to another, that’s a slam dunk! (whistle trills) We’re gonna have to keep working on that one ♪ Come on down, come on down ♪ ♪ Come down to Sugar Town ♪ – Caleb? Go take out the trash I don’t want you to see your granddad be a traitor (whistle trills) – We’re gonna have to keep working on that one ♪ Come on down, come on down ♪ (dad laughing) ♪ Come down to Sugar Town ♪ – Wow, Dad Just sittin’ here by yourself, watchin’ your own commercial? – Pretty funny, right? – It’s actually very funny, but that’s not the point The point is how could you? – Hey, I didn’t think I had it in me either They turn all those lights on, someone says action, you just go You find it – That’s not what I’m talking about I work at Kreamy King – Oh come on, I didn’t even think about Kreamy King Sugar asked me personally Have you read her book? – No! It’s 120 pages – Well, you could learn some things from her – I’m not trying to learn from her I’m trying to fight her, okay? And you should think of Kreamy King It’s our thing! The night you won your first championship, you said never forget this feeling And you took me out for my first thunder snow – Robbie, when are you gonna stop telling that story? That was 25 years ago – Well, it meant a lot to me You taking me was the whole reason I started working there – Okay, let’s get in the car right now I’ll take you to a law firm You can start working there – Oh, I see First you break my heart, and now you’re making jokes That’s real funny It’s almost as funny as your hilarious commercial – I ad libbed a lot of those lines (door slams) – Oh, she is so beautiful in person I can’t stop staring at her I’m gonna hug her – No, Janie, don’t even touch her – No – I let you come with me, but you are not gonna mess this up for me – I’m just so excited to meet my first female business owner – What are you talking about? You know me, I own my own business – Oh yeah That’s okay, I’ll stay – Okay, when we get up there, just don’t say anything Pretend you’re deaf – I got in trouble once for doin’ that – Oh my god, Janie if you ruin my one chance to tell Sugar Stevens how much she means to me, I will strangle you – Oh, okay – She’s the whole reason I thought that I could even start my own business We’re both from Atlanta, we’re both single moms, and we’re both strong women who don’t need a man – You’re both holdin’ the same book So much – You know, just stand behind me I don’t want her to think that we’re together – Sure, okay – Okay – Hi – Ms. Stevens? My name is Ava Davis, I have my own business, and you’re the reason I thought I could do it – Oh thank you! – No shut up, shut up – Excuse me? – Oh my god, no I don’t want you to shut up I would never want you to shut up – We need to keep– – No, I just have more to say I’m so sorry I should shut up Shut up, shut up! Shut up, I’m so sorry, oh my god Shut up, shut up, shut up! – Uh-oh, she thought I was gonna embarrass her ‘Cause I’m deaf – [Caleb] Hey Dad! – [Robbie] Yeah? – Look at all this stuff I found in the basement – I didn’t know we had a basement

That’s probably where all the bugs are comin’ from Whoa, those are some bigass scissors Good god, I bet these are the scissors they used in the first grand opening for Kreamy King And we are gonna use ’em in the grand re-opening I mean, I know you’re just working here ’cause you wanna get that drone, but it’s a pretty big deal This is something you’re gonna remember for the rest of your life My promise to you, though, is that I’m gonna remember it too – Look at this! Kreamy King used to have a mascot – Shut up, that is cute as hell That’s goin’ up on the wall for sure – I’ll make something you can put on the wall – My god, what is that? – Well Sugar Town has all those fancy flavors, we have one flavor – I don’t know if we need to advertise that, and that sign comes off pretty racist White only? – We’re not allowed to say vanilla And also I told you Robbie, I don’t see racism – Well I do, and you holding that sign is exactly what it looks like – Fine, I’ll throw it in the karate dumpster – It’s the Taekwondo dumpster! They’re not the same! One is Korean, and the other one is not Korean – I still can’t believe I told the person I respect the most in the entire world to shut up – Oh I know, you were like shut up, shut up, shut up You said it so many times – She probably thinks I’m a total psychopath – Mhmm, probably! – And can I tell you something? I really thought we would be friends – We are – Oh I meant, I meant me and Sugar – Oh, oh yeah I thought that too when I met Christian Slater, but he just wanted me to stop sittin’ on his car – I was hoping that she’d be like, you and I are both black female entrepreneurs, let’s hang out! I didn’t even get my book signed – Why don’t I sign it? No one will know – Janie, I’ll know – Yes, but I trust you You’re not gonna tell anybody (feedback squeals) – These new ice cream shops come to town with their shiny counters, and their quality ingredients, but they don’t care about you! And they don’t care about your families, or your traditions, but you wanna know who does? – [Both] Kreamy King – Right, let’s try to put some energy into it We don’t shoot fancy commercials here, and we don’t have Coach Walton and the Carter Cougar on our team, but we don’t need ’em! Don’t take my word for it, hit it banjo playin’ Abe Lincoln! (lively banjo music) Kreamy King is re-open, confetti cannons! Beatrice, shoot the cannon, come on! – This damn thing – You’re ruining it, just shoot it! – I’m trying! (crowd gasps) – You shot Abe Lincoln! Come on, everything here is fine Nothin’ a little Kreamy King ice cream can’t fix – Call an ambulance – Come on, you gotta suck it up, man I’m payin’ you to be here Well, not sure an ambulance being here was the kind of advertisement we were goin’ for, but those flashing lights, we’re gettin’ some good looks – You shot a man in the face, Robbie – No, Beatrice shot a man in the face, and why are you even here? – I thought about what you said, I think you’re right – What’s that now? – I shouldn’t have done that commercial with Sugar – Oh Takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, and it would really help if you could say that in a commercial for Kreamy King – I don’t want to be associated with this place – What, why not? Kreamy King’s great I mean, it’s not great, but it’s good enough And you know what, good enough used to be good enough for people All this new crap moved to town, trying to replace us It’s not fair – Robbie, that new crap is better Just ’cause you got a thunder snow with peanut butter crumbles here 25 years ago– – You remember what I ordered? – That’s not the point This place doesn’t matter It’s the past, move on – That’s easy for you to say, Dad You’re a big celebrity, makin’ hilarious commercials I have to work here I need that to mean something – Robbie! – I am the Kreamy King! All right, we’re calling that our soft opening – Robbie, I think you should see this Caleb was puttin’ away the decorations, and he found a photo of the original opening of the Kreamy King – Great, anything we can steal? What the (bleep)? Kreamy King was founded by the KKK? It was called Kreamy King Kastle? – I know I say I don’t see racism, but I see this – Is this why our only flavor is called white? – Dad, I don’t think our mascot is ice cream It’s a hood

– Oh my god Do I not see racism? This is bad! This is real bad! I just told my dad that I am the Kreamy King – I shot Abraham Lincoln in the face! – Okay Caleb, you do not work here You have never worked here, you understand me? – Will I still get paid? – No, absolutely not It’s dirty money – So I was a slave? – No, I’m gonna pay you I’m gonna pay you double, but right now I need you to go out to my car and get the gas can out of my trunk, okay? We are gonna burn this place to the ground – Robbie, you know I love a good arson, but we could call the Health Department The bug bucket alone will get this place shut down – That’s probably less of a felony, too – Should I go knock it over? – No, I love this place more than anyone I should be the one to destroy it You two go wait outside But, obviously if one of you wants to do it, I don’t wanna get in the way, okay, I’ll do it It’ll be me (Robbie sighs) (people chattering) – Well, if it isn’t the Kreamy King himself – Hey Dad, can we talk real quick? – Didn’t we talk enough yesterday? – Well yeah, but I just wanted to say that you were right about everything, so I am movin’ on from the Kreamy King Really tell everybody, really spread the word, I’m out over there – What happened? – Nothin’, I just thought about what you said, and you said some pretty good stuff – What happened? – We discovered that the Kreamy King was actually founded by the Ku Klux Klan – There it is – Yeah, wanted it to mean something to me, but don’t want it to mean that Called the Health Department, they came in, shut it down – For being racist? – No, actually the Health Department didn’t care about that part They were more concerned with our bucket of dead bugs And our disgusting bathrooms, and turns out, had some poisonous black mold growing in the walls So that was slowly killing us – Geez – Yeah – Well good for you, son Sounds like you made the right decision – Yeah, no it wasn’t easy, but I stepped up to the plate Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring – What’s that? What are you doing? – Callin’ in a favor You know? Now that I’m not the Kreamy King anymore, and that was my only source of income, I thought I’d come down here and maybe have a little chat with the star of the Sugar Town ice cream commercials See if you couldn’t give a call to the Sugar Stevens, and maybe put in a good word Unless of course you think I’m too good for that place too – The bathrooms will need to be cleaned twice a day As a new employee, that will be your responsibility – But they’re already so clean – Yeah, ’cause we clean ’em twice a day – Hey Robbie! – Janie, what are you doing here? – I gotta talk to Sugar Stevens Hi, Ms. Stevens I don’t know if you remember me We met the other day I told you I was deaf, and my friend told you to shut up right to your face – I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you don’t seem deaf – Yeah! I was pretending, ’cause my shut up friend told me too Anyway, she’s right over there, and if she just stands here and doesn’t say anything, do you think you could sign her book? – Who should I make it out to? – Ava, my name’s Ava – You know, Ava’s actually how I first found out about you Yeah, she’s a pretty big fan Y’all are both single moms, and you also run your own businesses – I feel like I’ve seen you before Were you in Black Entrepreneur Quarterly? – Shut up Don’t shut up, why do I keep doing that? – Isn’t it a terrible name for a magazine? – It is – What was the name of your company again? – Grace Before Beauty – Also a terrible name – Hm? – I’m kidding, we like to have fun here at Sugar Town – We sure do (Robbie laughs) – Robbie, are you working here? – Yeah, I came down to check out some of the flavors, and that turned into me shutting down the Kreamy King ’cause it was started by the Klan – Oh, I’m not surprised Most companies in the South were started by racists – Mhmm – Yeah, it’s like I always tell my dad, you gotta let go of the past and move on – Oh it’s not just the past A lot of businesses are still racist I’m talkin’ (bleep) – Yes, also (bleep) – And (bleep) barbecue – The museum of (bleep) – Yeah, and don’t forget Kreamy King I once heard that place was started by the Klan – Janie, I just said that You heard that from me – Oh, sorry I’m deaf – Now before you choose, I just want you to know that you can have a free sample of any of these flavors that we have – Oh that’s okay, I’ll just have a small Marietta mud – Are you saying that ’cause you feel like it’s kinda not fair for you to eat a bunch of free tastes before you eat your actual ice cream? ‘Cause I know it does sound crazy

I used to work at a place, we just had one flavor, but here? You could technically come in here, and just fill up on samples, not even order a damn thing You could say, get me 25 samples of Marietta mud That’s more than a small – I’m just gonna go regroup with my family – Yeah okay, let ’em know what I said Spread the secret – [Sugar] Robbie? – And have a Sugar Town day! – Since I’m not able to be at this location all the time, I need a manager who can run things for me – Oh yeah, well I have manager experience – No, I already hired someone I think you two know each other – Like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes – Oh, you hired Beatrice to be my manager That’s so fun – You got time to lean, you got time to clean (bleep) (upbeat music) (pleasant music) – [Child] Read a book (whip cracking) (pleasant music)