RC ADVENTURES – Trail Trucks Pulling Weight! "THE JUDGE" SLED PULL! RUDE BOYZ RC TTC 2017 (PT 5)

– [Cameraman] You just did a full pull at the TTC, how do you feel right now? – Oh it’s amazing, I need to do it again – [Cameraman] We’re all shocked – I love it, it’s the best – [Cameraman] Good job, man, high five (laughs) (gravel crunching) – Extra weight for bonus points maybe? – We’ll see how it goes here I think we’re killing the time – Doh! – [Cameraman] Hold on, look at all these fine trucks ready to go to be judged Nice, first up – [Man] No, we’re not bothering to time – [Man] No time, just see how far this is – [Cameraman] Here we go guys Are you pulling The Judge empty first – I think so – [Cameraman] You wanna try it empty? – [Man] Cause this is a class 1 truck It is fairly heavy – [Cameraman] Oh yeah, man, and the Judge is 35, 38 pounds empty – [Man] Don’t touch no (tweeting) flags (cameraman laughs) – [Man] If I drive through – [Man] Look in the back and that’s your bonus – [Man] Why is it getting easier for you? (laughs) – [Man] It’s downhill – [Man] It’s downhill, that’s cheatin’ – [Man] There’s a good hump at the beginning – [Man] Give it a ring, yo – [Man] That’s all I got – [Man] Give it a ring – [Cameraman] All muddied up from the earlier frame twister and obstacle course – [Man] Trying to do this with a beer in your hand (cameraman laughs) – [Man] You know what they gotta do is they gotta incorporate a cup holder – [Cameraman] There ya go, nice – [Man] A cup holder in the, yeah – [Cameraman] Yeah, as straight as you want – [Man] You might just make some? – [Cameraman] Okay, looks like he’s ready ‘Kay, Dirk – [Man] Come down and I’ll start the time when you’re ready – [Man] Can I check my truck up and center it? – [Cameraman] Yeah, you haven’t started yet Point your truck how you want it Set it how you set it – [All] Three, two, one, pull – [Cameraman] Nice torque, torque, torque monster Full pull – [All] Three, two, one, pull – [Man] Oh yeah – [Man] Oh yeah (men laughing) – [Man] Let’s set it at the block – [Cameraman] ‘Kay what are you saying about weights, Joe? – I think I’m saying class two is gonna pull this, 16 pounds – [Cameraman] Yeah – And class three is gonna pull both – [Cameraman] So class two, just let us know again quickly, what is a class two truck – Basically an SCX 10 or light – [Cameraman] Stock or upgraded? – Mildly upgraded – [Cameraman] So a tube chassis in an actual tough truck, is like a class three and a class one is a? – Is basically a street legal truck – [Cameraman] Great, thanks dude – [Man] So we can probably get Scott in the back there for about three (man laughs) Scott didn’t even hear me – [Man] So we’re class two truck with Dirk – [Cameraman] Don’t hit the camera If you hit the camera it’s 20 points (laughs) Three, two, one, pull There we go, 16 pounds, class two – [Man] Oooh my gate – [Cameraman] Nice gate – [Man] Two gates – [Man] But you can’t steer the sled – [Man] You can’t steer the sled – [Cameraman] That’s true – [Man] 20 points – [Man] Woo-hoo and a gate – [Man] He didn’t once steer it – [Man] Now does the sled count on the gates? Or is it the truck? – [Man] You hit a gate, two gates – [Man] Two? – [Man] Yeah, you hit two – [Man] You hit the gate – [Man] You hit the end one and that second one – [Man] But it was a sled that got it not my truck My truck didn’t touch any gates, the sled did – [Man] Judge? – [Man] The trucks never counted gates before The Tonka trucks The Tonka trucks never counted on gates – [Man] If you’re pulling your RV down the road and your trailer hits somebody it’s attached to your truck, it’s the same thing – [Cameraman] Patrick with one block – [Man] All right, give me the countdown – [Man] Three, two, one – [Cameraman] Pull No way No way Ohhhhh, busted back axle Wasn’t spinnin’ – [Man] Check you wheels, someone’s busted, broken – [Man] Let’s see what’s up with that – [Man] Fix yo shit – [Cameraman] Drive shaft? – Sure – [Man] You wanna? – Hang on – [Man] Okay, outta here for a minute? – [Man] All right, you’re on the cross bridge – [Cameraman] Yeah, perfect Ready, three, two, one, pull Oh 2s 2s trying to inch it forward Man – [Man] Can I back up or no? – [Cameraman] No, there’s no backin’ up It’s all forward and that’s it You’re done, you can’t pull – [Man] Oh no, he’s movin’ – [Cameraman] Oh you are? Good, good – [Man] Get over the hump, come on! – [Cameraman] Look at this, look at this

Inchin’, inchin’ – [Man] Get ‘er done! (cameraman laughs) – [Man] He’s not done movin’ yet – [Man] Nope, he’s still goin’ – [Man] Where’s Seamus? – [Man] Awwww, that’s it – [Cameraman] Ohhhhh, still movin’ – [Man] You did it (all laughing) – [Man] You want to go past the tanks – [Man] I want score cards after this All right, I’ll take that And my event is timed – [Cameraman] James is ready to rock – [Man] This is one run and then we’re goin’ on – [Man] It has to be your TTC truck – [Man] If we change that we’ll pro-set it in – [Man] So I can’t run the 8×8? (man laughs) – [Man] What the (tweeting) is this? – [Man] All right three, two, one – [Cameraman] Nice pull, nice pull, look at that, nice pull, nice job – [Man] Good job! – [Cameraman] Yeah, he’s class three – [Man] Use up that thing on there, I appreciate that – [Cameraman] What, that’s huge – [Man] Ya know what, it’s like you get one person (mumbles) – [Cameraman] Don’t put it on his tube – [Man] Shouldn’t we just put the 17 for class three? – [Cameraman] Yeah, that’s huge, yeah I agree – [Man] That’s 30-something pounds there – [Cameraman] That’s almost 70 pounds – [Man] Yeah, you’re never gonna pull that – [Cameraman] Well he might actually (man belches) – [Man] We can do a second pull afterwards – [Man] Give me a gate and I’ll be happy – [Man] 16 for class two, 17 for class three – [Cameraman] I agree – That does differentiate but it still keeps it kind of fair – [Cameraman] Sure, sure – [Man] I’m gonna be reworking that chassis anyway so – [Man] There ya go – [Man] And he just dropped a bunch of weight – [Man] That’s right – [Man] that’s the 17 pound weight – [Man] The 17 and 16 – [Man] Yeah, he’s class three though, yeah I know – [Man] Get up, get up – [Man] He’s on – [Cameraman] Let’s go, yeah – [Man] All right yep, you got it – [Cameraman] You can pull your truck all the way forward There ya go As tight as you want There you go In three, two, one, pull Oh we got some wheelie action Look at this weight, heavy, heavy – [Man] Come on! – [Man] And he’s workin’, you’re workin’ Ohhhhh you’re done, nice – [Cameraman] Good job, good try It’s a heavy rig – [Man] Whoo! – [Cameraman] Yeah, nice – [Man] Two, one (truck growling) – [Man] What’s shakin’, Lyle? – [Cameraman] Lyle’s being judged like always – [Man] Oh I smell motor Someone’s motor – [Man] Oh it smells good, do it – [Cameraman] Lyle that’s almost the furthest you’ve ever made it – [Man] Is that a record? – No I had 27 feet the last time – [Cameraman] Oh did you? – Well it was the 6×6 – [Cameraman] Oh the 6×6 – [Man] Well good try buddy – Do I get five tries? – [Man] Hey we had to start with something – [Cameraman] I think you had ’em on how many times you went back and forth (man laughs) – We’ll have to see the video – [Man] Yeah, that’s the deal – See I put the locking and unlocking – [Cameraman] Oh listen to it eh – [Man] Servo – [Both] Oh now it stopped – [Man] There ya, you can hear it broken in there – [Cameraman] Yeah, that was from us messin’ with it – [Man] Plastic Traxxas Servos, that’s what that is – [Cameraman] Yeah we were messin’ with it – Traxxas make metal gear servos please – [Cameraman] At least a spline count, like come on – [Man] There we go, thanks, yeah – [Man] Three, two, one, pull (tires squealing) – [Man] You’re almost across – [Man] I gotta get over the hump – [Man] The hump! – [Man] You’re welcome – [Man] That is not goin’ anywhere (tires squealing) (cameraman laughs) – [Man] Redo, redo – [Cameraman] What? – Better than average, you got 7 inches – [Cameraman] Nice (all laugh) – [Man] That’s what she said – [Man] It’s so heavy this thing – [Cameraman] Aww, good try, good try – [Man] Yeah, I would’ve too – [Cameraman] Still a sick looking truck though – [Man] Bye-bye – [Cameraman] Aww nice, this one will get some traction (men chattering)

Very nice – [Man] Let’s see how it does – [Cameraman] Well tractor tires, I think you’re gonna get quite a bit of pull as long as you transfer that power to the ground, man Good luck, yeah, have it taught – [Man] No, you wouldn’t wanna do it up taught – [Man] No, no, no this comes off – [Man] Oh okay – [Man] Ya know that way it hooks to the clip like that – [Man] Yeah, yeah – [Man] Oh yeah, do I get mine back? – [Man] Nope – [Man] Okay – [Man] He leaves it for the night – [Man] All right, are you ready? – [Man] Yeah – [Man] All right, three, two, one Man – [Man] Three, two, one, don’t go anywhere – [Cameraman] Awwwww – [Man] Three, two, one, don’t go anywhere – [Cameraman] Awwww, other side – [Man] Oh man – [Man] Awwwww shit – [Man] I think you just lost a screw – [Man] Oh yeah no, you lost the top screw No you’re broken – [Man] That shit’ll buff out (man laughs) – [Cameraman] It’s this initial hump that’s hurting us but because we’re in the middle of nowhere basically, in the mountains, this is the flattest piece of ground we could get and of course with a huge, heavy block in here guys are just inching forward today We need to see some major wheel speed Brother, what’s your name? – Cameron – [Cameraman] Cameron, and what are you running today? Tell me about it – [Cameron] An Axial Race, Castle 3800kv – [Cameraman] This machine really hurt you on the hill climb but I think this may be your event, bro – Let’s hope so – [Cameraman] Good luck Are you ready to pull? – [Cameron] I’m ready – [Man] Three, two, one – [Cameraman] Pull! Ohhhhh, torque, torque, torque, torque, torque – [Man] Look at that, nice That’s the way, go, go, go – [Cameraman] Awwww, yeah Nice job, man Short but sweet Good job, man – Whoo! – [Cameraman] Torque down, I didn’t hear anything break in there either That was a show Tyler hookin’ up his wraith Are you gonna try to use rear steer today in this? – Um, we’ll see – [Cameraman] Yeah, see if it helps? – [Man] All right, Tyler, are you ready? – [Tyler] Yeah – [Man] All right, three, two, one, pull – [Cameraman] Nice Tyler, ohhhhh gate right away Aww, back off the line, you’re out of bounds Should I give him a new one or what? – [Man] Yeah, yeah, line yourself back up – [Cameraman] I think he has potential – [Man] Line ya back up, line yourself up nice – [Cameraman] And make your line taught, Tyler There ya go – [Man] Put some effort into it cause if you cross that line again that’s it – [Cameraman] Yeah, that’s it – [Man] Three, two, one, pull – [Cameraman] There ya go, get her over the hump There ya go, nice power, nice power – [Man] There it goes – [Cameraman] Yeah, yeah, yeah Ohhhhhh, done deal, good job though, bro Good attempt The Judge is being so harsh today Such a heavy gate – It’s definitely a mean tow – [Cameraman] Oh yeah (laughs) Sentenced – I’m gonna tell ya now – [Cameraman] Patrick comin’ back – [Patrick] Had an axle transplant – [Cameraman] Axle transplant, awesome Such an amazing looking rig too Beastly, classic looking, big tires Very tight, short box yeah? – [Patrick] Shorter tires than it used to be – [Cameraman] Yeah, I know, it used to have monster rock crushers on here I think – [Patrick] Yeah, now it’s running the Pitbull Rock Beast – [Cameraman] Nice, good tire choice Okay he’s gonna give it (men chattering) Good luck – [Man] So, when you’re ready – [Cameraman] Three, two, one, pull Aw Patrick laying down the rubber – [All] Ohhhhhh! – [Man] Got a flag, stop – [Man] Awwwww, man – That went off last year, too (cameraman laughs) – [Cameraman] Good show, bro – [Man] Epic! – [Cameraman] Tough trucks Going up against The Judge on an uneven surface What a boss (men chattering) Okay, another power hitter What are we running for motor today? – 2400k Castle – [Cameraman] Nice, three cell? – Three cell, yes – [Cameraman] Very good, very good (men chattering) – [Man] Not on the axle, link to the chassis (men chattering) – [Cameraman] There we go Yeah, tightening up – [Man] Let’s do it – [Man] I’m ready, are you ready? – [Man] I’m ready – [Man] Let’s see how this does – [Man] All right, three, two, one, pull Nice, get it goin’, get it goin’, get it goin’ That’s okay, that’s okay Nice job, nice job

Good work driver (laughs) Thinkin’ of you, Parker (laughs) Ah you got it, keep goin’ Back and forth, back and forth, you got ‘er, you got ‘er, you got ‘er You got ‘er – [Man] You got ‘er, come on! – [Cameraman] Oh yeah! – [Man] Oh you got ‘er – [Man] Come on! – [Man] Yeah, full pull – [Cameraman] He’s even dragging the weight on the chain – [Man] Ready now? – [Cameraman] Sure – [Man] You ready? – [Cameraman] Scale Town goin’ to work – [Man] Three, two, one, pull – [Cameraman] Nice Oh nice load here, oh playing it safe, did a good job, look at this Empty tray Empty tray – [Man] Ay-oh! – [Man] Whoo, that a boy Rapill, that a boy – [Man] No but we’ll do it anyways (man laughs) – [Cameraman] Here we go, Rob, good luck dude – The motor here is spur gear – [Cameraman] Good – [Man] You’re gonna need a new one – [Rob] It’s been a lot used, yeah – [Man] Three, two, one, pull – [Cameraman] Nice power Keep goin’, keep goin’ Oh once ya stop Yeah, there ya go, grind it in, grind it in We’re all here for fun anyway Oh gate Out of bounds, yeah Out of bounds, out of bounds, out of bounds, out of bounds Dude, yeah, out of bounds – [Man] Was that out of bounds? – [Cameraman] That was out of bounds (laughs) – [Man] Where are we for distance? – [Cameraman] Not bad – [Man] 344 – [Man] Of course mine happened to be tightening – [Man] Mine didn’t do anything when I turned my radio off – [Man] No, I don’t know what it is – [Cameraman] You were running Spectrum 2 though right? – [Man] Yeah, not that it mattered (men chattering) – [Man] Three, two, one, pull (tires squealing) – [Cameraman] Oh right there, right there Done deal Nice try, nice try Nope everybody ends up going this way so I’m just trying to prevent ya (tires squealing) Look at the speed on this Just throwin’ dirt behind him Oh yeah, ohhhhhh! Yeah jumpin’ out of the way, he’s still goin’ Still goin’ still goin’ Nice, got himself back up there Listen to that wheel speed (tires squealing) Awww, that was an epic show Best show of the day thus far expect for full pulls, that was amazing Good job, dude (men chattering) Joe runnin’ his second truck, the Hillbilly Deluxe Here we go What do you think, Joe? – I think it’s gonna break (cameraman laughs) – [Man] Hammer down – [Man] Hammer down – I have full plastic drive skins – When it doubt, throttle out – [Cameraman] That’s right, full plastic Here we go, good luck bro Brushless, sensorless Could be a surprise, start slow, start pullin’ it Three, two, one, pull (tires squealing) There ya go, get some grip, get some grip Get some grip, there ya go Nice, lookin’ good (men chattering) (tires squealing) Awwwww Oh look at it back there Nice show – [Man] I didn’t know you were allowed 4-wheel steer in class two – [Cameraman] Judged, sentenced, and executed (laughs) Good job, dude – [Man] Shift the bed where? How far? – [Man] Three quarters up the way (man mumbling) – [Cameraman] What about you? – [Man] I haven’t run yet – [Man] He hasn’t had his chance to run yet with all the weight (men chattering) – [Man] Oh that was probably just a slipper Do you have a slipper clutch on that? – [Man] Yeah – [Man] Oh okay – [Man] Oh yeah, we’re good – [Cameraman] How long has it been in there I wonder – [Man] It’s an old coat hanger – [Man] Friday – [Cameraman] Coat hanger Friday, yeah – [Man] No I picked up all the gates for that reason – [Cameraman] Yeah, of course – [Man] Oh here we go Gotta love them slippers (tires squealing) – [Cameraman] Fillin’ the Judge up with dirt Power! – [Man] See you guys later – [Cameraman] Yeah, bye (laughs) Nice, Max D – [Man] So epic (laughs) – [Man] You can tell the guys that all have plastic gears racing

– [Cameraman] Yeah, yeah – [Man] After that truck that I’m running this weekend, all metal gears, and that’s the way I got it – [Cameraman] Nice (men chattering) Cool, man (men chattering) Onslaught – [Man] Here we go, great, go – [Cameraman] Yeah, all power No problem look at this Aw, the trolley wasn’t movin’ but it is now There we go, easy Look at the torque twist (laughs) – [Man] Cheater! (cameraman laughs) – [Man] Three, two (tires squealing) – [Man] Come on, Max D There ya go, there ya go, back and forth Back and, there ya go (tires squealing) Good, man, good pull, good try – [Cameraman] Good try, man, good try It looked good – I had to try it – [Cameraman] Yeah, man – [Man] That’s it – [Man] Just continue on – [Cameraman] Whatever, the finish flag is still there – [Man] The finish line’s there, that’s all that matters – The faster you run, the faster you can go – [Cameraman] Sorry, yeah This looks like an excellent entry What are you running for a motor today? – I don’t know but it’s a Power Wheels – [Cameraman] And what is your battery? – Oh it’s a 4-cell – [Cameraman] Oh a 4-cell – 4-cell Power Wheels – [Cameraman] Very good luck with The Judge again, sir – Thank you very much, sir (cameraman laughs) (men chattering) (cameraman laughs) – [Man] I’ll do all the weight, just leave it at the front – [Man] Downhill Power Wheels racing – No you need to pull it like a normal sled Yeah, well we’ll hook it up I don’t know, it’s up to Aaron – [Cameraman] What? – He may or may not let me put more weight in it – [Cameraman] Yeah, go ahead – [Man] We don’t wanna overload your rig – [Man] Oh my God, bonus points for Power Wheels – [Cameraman] Nice, right from the body Uh-oh (laughs) – [Man] It needs way more weight than that – [Man] Oh I will, oh I will – [Cameraman] No, lay it across No those go in, they lay across like that And slide it to the back Slide it to the back Then it won’t move – [Man] Can you sit on there? Medic, sit on it – [Cameraman] Yeah right, eh Too much weight on the wheels, bro – [Man] Cross one of these heavy rigs on top (men chattering) – [Cameraman] Nice, there we go, that’s heavy And more stable Nice job, nice job – Are we ready? – [Cameraman] Are you ready? – Let’s do this – [Cameraman] Three, two, one, pull Nice, look at those, oh my God (laughs) Full pull (laughs)