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hello and welcome to I’m rigged live the pre-show we are here at Music City Center in Nashville Tennessee I’m Dean Johnson I’m Sean Kleier we have an incredible show lined up for you starting in just about 30 minutes tonight Ed Helms and Jennifer Lawrence have offered to host our show tonight we couldn’t be more giddy about that because there’s superstars which is amazing but there’s a whole host of incredible performers tonight great musical acts from here locally in Nashville Tennessee the Music City we also have a couple of great speakers this evening right yeah so we have represent us to director Josh silver will be speaking we have Kate Gilmore the US deputy High Commissioner on human rights Emma Gonzales I know I mean a superstar from March for our lives we couldn’t be more excited to have her here yeah and then Sasher Zamaata of SNL fame is going to be doing some stand-up for us tonight which is exciting so please stay tuned all the way through this pre-show because the show starts in just 27 minutes right and for the pre-show we actually have a lot of fun things scheduled for you as well that’s right so we’re gonna be talking to people who are attendees or speakers here and asking them a few questions and first off I do want to talk a little bit about Unrig live why are we here in Nashville Tennessee it’s not just for the show tonight it’s actually for the conference which is Unrig Summit it’s been three days of coalition building around the issue of money and politics ethics reform gerrymandering electoral reform and it’s kind of been amazing because this might be the only place in America where we’re gathering over 2,000 people from every political persuasion from the far left to the far right to the center plus people of all ages people from all 50 states over 2000 people are here its the second year we’ve done this and it’s really interesting I mean we have people coming who are writing the laws who are writing the books on the policies that are being passed and we have people who are coming to learn how they can pass those policies so it’s really you know people working hand in hand this morning we had a panel called how they won which was full of campaign leaders from 20 18 victories sharing their knowledge with people who are getting ready to pass campaigns in 2020 which is just so inspiring it’s amazing and people from so many different activist spaces you have legislation and reform in the tax arena as well as environmental reform and different kinds of social change like criminal justice reform it’s all happening here because that its root is the problem of money in politics so it’s so neat to see all these different kinds of people coming together in one space yeah and refreshing me you’re people from the left and the right actually say they don’t care what the other people’s politics are as long as they’re ready to get down to business and solve this problem right it’s a true coalition building space and it’s been a lot of hard work all weekend long I mean everybody here you see now is unwinding and having a drink right now and it’s well deserved because tonight is about celebrating all of that hard work that you know everyone’s put in over the last several years so let’s spend the next little bit of time celebrating some of the guests who’ve come and invite a few of them on stage yeah let’s get started with our first guest right who is a state representative from North Dakota Ruth Buffalo so Ruth come on up hi Ruth hi Ruth welcome yeah feel free to say a hello to the fans at home hi everybody and I’m Kerry singer you know what is your day been like whatever what have you done today today was pretty busy i sat on a panel for women leaders and then I also was the part of the plenary session this morning so it’s been really busy and it’s been a lot of fun I get stoped in the hall ways to visit so its really nice its a good atmosphere whats one of the takeaways from the women leading panel just the empowerment and the common theme of supporting one another and encouraging others to run for office to win and to also support elected officials once they’re in office we’re in this unique space right now where I think a lot of younger people are more

interested in running for office than has ever been the case maybe in at least in my lifetime what do you think we can attribute that to we were just talking in the cab right over here that a young man had told one of grandmas from North Dakota that he was going to run for office and he told her will you support me and she said of course and she said what are you gonna run for and he said I don’t know but I’m gonna run so that’s pretty inspiring you know we are in challenging times right now in our country and there we are in polarized times but I think in any situation people are rising above such challenges and coming together just like here at this event so it’s very inspiring and I’m very happy that I was able to make it out here this weekend for sure well we couldn’t be more appreciative of your attendance and lending your insights and also we’re gonna try and play a game with our guests because like you said these are crazy times so we decided to come up with a game that reflects that it’s called real life or discarded house of cards plotline do you know the show house of cards okay we’re gonna read something that might or might not have happened in American history and you tell us if you think it’s real or if it was a thrown away bit from house of cards I got one okay so the first prompt is a representative uses taxpayer funds to redecorate their office to resemble the set of Downton Abbey the TV show real life or discarded house of cards pot line the verdict says real life real life this was Aaron Schock of Illinois so he spent $40,000 to redecorate his office so it looked like the Red Room from Downton Abbey he got caught he repaid the money but still one of the more absurd things that happen in like five years ago or less something like that well thanks for I think it’s ridiculous to and and does sound like a TV show we are living in a time where it’s like was that that really just happened you know like is this a movie thank you so much for coming and joining us and we definitely enjoy the show tonight please yeah she is lovely she’s so great you were able to interview her earlier today right I did have a chance to talk with her she uh she was talking a little bit about how she came from being a community organizer to wanting to actually run for office and represent the people and what I found really interesting about what she had to say is that it as an elected representative part of you know what she’s doing is try to tell her constituents how the process works because a lot of people don’t know how to get their voice heard and it is a really bureaucratic and hard to understand process so she is using social media to get the word out come to the next hearing to give testimony to the Senate because you can’t just do it to the house anyway it I was just really interesting I think the American people are used to electing someone and as soon as they’re in office it seems like the doors close and we no and we no longer have any access to them after even maybe we went out and made phone calls phone bank for them and whatnot so it’s cool to see a representative committed to bringing us along in their journey making sure we’re included once they’re in office that’s really refreshing yeah happy to have her we actually have our next guests ready it’s Patricia berry who’s coming on right unrig attendee here and she’s joining us welcome Patricia hi hi Patricia how are Im so glad to be here it’s incredible kindred spirits activists I love it it’s its incredible are you an activist yeah I’m learning how to be I said I’m learning how to be by being at this summit well what brought you here to begin with well I want to get a proposition on the ballot in California to abolish the secret way of putting judges on the bench in California amazing what is the way that judges are appointed in California well without getting too complicated there’s this tiny State Bar Board of Trustees of 12 people who secretly appoint these commissioners who then secretly evaluate attorneys that the governor appoints and

there’s just so much judicial corruption and that process because it’s secret invites the corruption one of the things I’m wondering about you just said that you’re learning how to be an activist are learning how to be able to do that by being here what is something that you’ve learned here that you think will help you I learned so much for example learning the ins and outs of even getting the nuts and bolts of getting the proposition on the ballot how to organize how to crowdfund how to develop a list of donors and supporters and people that will go to bat the volunteer team and it’s just exciting then I got to figure out I got to find somebody to write the proposition for me well I’m excited for our next conference to have you back in here that you’ve successfully passed this ballot measure yes I do it will be because of the summit and I will give full credit Wow I don’t think we deserve full credit you’re the one who came here you know that you deserve the credit it’s it but what’s so electric about the summit is that there are so many people here that feel the way I do I started practicing law when women didn’t crab – slaw and it was very very hard and I never thought I could run for an electoral office because I felt that my position was too radical now I’m among my kindred souls I just happened to be 75 but it’s incredible I’ve met women are running for office and I’m going to try to come back to Tennessee to support these two women to get them elected to a local election amazing that’s fantastic one thing that we’re doing on this show cuz you’re on the pre-show for unrig live which we’re streaming live couldn’t be here and maybe now they’ll come next year because if you’re a great endorsement we’re playing a game it’s called real life or discarded house of cards plotline so we put together some questions so Shawn’s gonna read a prompt and you’re gonna say whether you think it’s real life or a discarded house of cards plotline okay a congressperson is expelled from the Senate after trying to help a foreign government take over West Florida real life or discarded house of cards plotline that’s real life yeah okay so you’re gonna want to know our real life so this was 1797 a senator and land prospector named William Blount was somehow trying to get the British to take over Florida and Louisiana to increase the value of the land that he owned so then he was kicked out of Congress and welcomed to his home of Tennessee where we are by a military parade he was celebrated as a hero after trying to sell part of I guess what wasn’t yet the United States but yeah yeah so thank you for playing and I think you have a good point it does sound like there’s no difference real life or house of cards that’s for sure back in history and somebody’s history is sort of repeating itself if you look at some of the earlier corruption well thanks so much for being on this pre-show please make sure you grab a drink it looks like people are starting to funnel in so I don’t want to keep you from getting a great seat and thank you these are the kinds of folks that you meet here you wouldn’t expect are you know starting to build coalitions themselves fed up with laws wherever they are and learning ways to pass them themselves the Democratic way with public support I’m certainly inspired now for anyone just joining who just missed it you missed a really inspiring speech from a woman who’s here at on Unrigged summit who is working on trying to pass a bail initiative in California and Unrigged summit which is where we are is the three-day conference the largest anti-corruption conference in the US and we’re here on the pre-show for Unrigged Live which begins in 20 minutes it’s about 20 minutes away from the show starting and folks are just starting to file in now if you seen behind us this is the group of the 2000 some odd folks who came out this weekend

people from various walks of life all different ages all kinds of cool political perspectives and they’re all finishing up their drinks and rolling in to see the show right now except for our next guest our next guest Ryan staggers and attendee Ryan tell us where are you coming from North Carolina Greensboro amazing and what brought you to the Unrigged conference just the sense of you know connecting with other people who are doing organizing work down this out well what I thought it was down in the south of course it’s across the country I’m kicking with them getting their perspective on things and skilling up with them amazing yeah what is you think so far one of your biggest takeaways from having attended my biggest takeaways um I’ve heard be bipartisan a lot yeah and that’s something that I I haven’t tried doing so something I really want to take back to my community and do and work on more yes for sure yeah what’s up what’s a highlight so far from your your you know going to any of the sessions or talking to anyone here um social media I feel like you know building your social media presence and your policy on how to engage with people online is like the biggest thing so skilling up around that we had a panel on that that was my biggest moment that was the highlight of everything and what I’m most excited about you know getting back home and actually doing hopefully gonna be a social media campaign er I’m trying to be a communications lead so hopefully if I can skill up around there and you know learn from what they taught me here I can do that yeah incredible did you come with anybody else you just come by yourself I came with the North Carolina Greensboro branch of the n-double a-c-p very close oh we came with them we came with NC ignite which is a group down in Durham in Greensboro and yeah I think that’s everyone who we were able to come great it’s amazing that we’re getting groups of so many different political persuasions and I think typically when we think of a summit now we think it’s like one group with one belief system and instead it’s such a collaboration of belief systems in one place and everybody’s getting along somehow right I mean have you fought with anyone I know buddy yeah yeah no definitely not I feel like everyone here you know my biggest apprehension was coming and working with the right and the left and you know you know usually and on the online you like they don’t get along and I was a little worried what was gonna happen but everyone here’s been pretty cool I feel like yeah so it sounds like some of the perceptions that we have from the media is really not necessarily the case when we’re all getting down to work together or at least once you have an issue that you have common ground on it’s easy to build from that if you start yeah sorry go exactly and I feel like the opening planetary that we had this morning really highlighted just loving each other because we are all human all fighting for a common cause you know just to be together you know that’s amazing that’s amazing and North Carolina could sure use that I mean you’re in the middle of your own gerrymandering fights and all kinds of stuff yes working together is definitely what we need it’s not something that’s highlighted and it’s definitely what they try to or what we’ve seen try early divide us yeah when really working buy-in bipartisan waste as I’ve run here has brought many people together I’ve done with the summit very cool very cool well so you may have seen we’re playing a game with people who are coming on the show all right good good good this game yeah the game is called real life or discarded house of cards plotline because our theory is truth is stranger than fiction these days so much strange stuff is happening now but also throughout our history so we’re gonna read you something that may or may not have happened you have to tell us if you think it’s real or something that the house of cards writers had to throw out because it jumped the shark all right cool okay great so here is your prance a member of the House of Representatives is forced to resign after they’re caught using campaign funds to purchase Michael Jackson memorabilia real life or discarded house of cards fault line that sounds a little too rational I would say real life it’s true it’s real life you’re the first person to get it right everybody else’s house of cards oh yeah so here’s what really happened Jesse Jackson jr. from Illinois spent seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars of campaign cash on Michael Michael Jackson fedoras cashmere capes he also bought stuffed animals and elk heads with the money yeah I don’t know maybe Michael Jackson stuffed animal like just stuff animals of him or like I don’t know I remember he had the chimp right maybe was it was

Michael I think maybe there was just some Michael Jackson memorabilia then also stuffed animals that the elk had I don’t know where that comes in I don’t where money’s going do you want to play one more do you have time for another so a representative is kicked out of Congress for assaulting a fellow congressmen they are then reelected to fill the vacancy caused by their own removal house of cards no this is real level Harrison Russo of Kentucky in 1866 the weapon of choice was a cane this is the second time one representative was beating another one with a cane I’ve been to canings on the floor of the House of Representatives in American history I do have the idea of two caning now I don’t know if this is true but someone did tell me the only reason that either of them stopped was because the cane broke right that’s what we so there have been more violent and I guess you know there’s been more aggression in politics in American history it’s not just today yeah I know people used to get beat with like switches and whatnot or a belt I do not think I would want a cane that sounds too hard yeah no really any of it unacceptable so what’s that thought she was a different weapon just no thank you so much for spending some time up here with us we hope you’re able to grab a drink before you go in and enjoy the show Wow he’s really good at that he’s the only one who’s gotten something right only one the world a one for four one for four so far so far and we only have nine minutes until the show starts so people better start getting them right soon all right I know because otherwise we won’t start the show we won’t start the show until people until we cross 50% line playing along you can also answer these questions real life or discard it has a comment section and if you have good prompts for us put them in there too we’ll use them next time that’s right for sure that’s right well we have another guest we’d like to bring up Heidi champion is joining us right now hi Heidi such a pleasure to meet you thanks for joining us what brings you to Unrigged Summit this is my very first summit I’m here with future 500 and Bill Shireman and we’re just focused on a bipartisan effort bring those guys center right center left make a nice big happy sandwich and focus on some focus on some policies that we can all agree on yeah have you been able to find some common ground with folks here lots especially around rank choice voting that’s a new concept to me it was introduced in the seminar I went to earlier everybody saw mag ahead agree Bernie Bros agree Hillary’s everybody even newly running supporters all of their guys they agree that we should have some choices we should be able to rank those choices and better reflect who we actually have our trust in and not just be stuck with like duopoly and that’s it absolutely it seems straightforward the way you put it were you surprised at all by what it was like to be in a room with people who are just agreeing even though they’re coming from a different place I was very surprised if you watch the mainstream news your not really getting that message You’re Expecting the guns blazing you know the fire torches my sides better my sides better and all this tribalism but everything here has been very open and inviting even from the other side that’s genuinely curious like why do you feel the way that you feel here’s my story on how I came to my conclusions even if you don’t agree you end up like understanding them and able to connect with them more and I think that that’s really important it’s crazy how quickly that civility seems to have dissipated in this country and I heard somebody talking earlier today about how the media is fueled by that antagonism that’s what sells that’s what gets advertising and so it’s cool when you actually bring people together they find common ground they talk to each other like people and so it’s really cool to see that what do you think is one of your biggest takeaways that you’re gonna go home with to your community from having been here at the summit when I go home from this summit I think the largest takeaway that I can have is it’s been reconfirmed to me that perhaps all the fighting and the hostility that’s

perpetuated in the media all the time isn’t actually a reflection of regular everyday Americans they have similar concerns very worried about their children they’re worried about their schools they’re worried about their right to work and how that best benefits them state to state and protecting those things for all Americans is what’s really important so never being repulsed or like take an edge to someone because they’re on a different team than me or they feel differently about politics levels of importance or any of that always be willing to engage be willing to talk to them those are your neighbors though could be those could be your friends and you shouldn’t write them off for just simple differences no matter what kind of fire fuels the mainstream media you should just really leave that alone really well said I wish we did someone write that down can we get that yeah we’ve got it to take credit I’m just gonna read that later and take full credit for it is what I think I’ll do warms your heart because really if all you’re watching is anything on cable even sometimes YouTube like I try to get and expose myself to different mediums of media you really think that people are a lot more angry a lot more hostile to each other and this conference is the exact opposite of all of it yeah that was very refreshing amazing that’s exciting well we would like to play a game with you that we’ve been playing with all of the guests who come on the show other people on so far so far has only been one in four answers are correct so but you love games so I think you might be our winner so the game is called real life or discarded house of cards plotline we are gonna read you a prompt Shawn’s gonna read you prompt and you have to tell us whether you think it actually happened or it’s just a plot line that was discarded from house of cards okay you ready a representative who happens to be a paraplegic is forced to abandon their re-election bid after opponents reveal that they falsified their war record and are in fact not a paraplegic at all real life or discarded house of cards plotline discarded plotlines Oh real life real life so that is unbelievable right but that was true so Douglas R. Stringfellow from Utah and can you guess what year no nineteen from Utah in 1954 he then you know his political career ended and he became a landscape painter here’s what I thought I thought about one of the Roosevelts and I was like no they seriously were sick gotta be Game of Thrones flat or not Game of Thrones House of cards good to know – 1954 it’s in here thank you so much for spending some time with us please enjoy the show I hope you grab a drink before you go in and enjoy yourself all right we’ve only got four minutes left until the show that’s incredible so yeah it’s coming right up I hope everybody who’s tuned in has enjoyed us show so far we’ve got what we’ve got one more time for one more guest we’re gonna make it really quick maybe just one question for them and then this and then we’ll play the game okay let’s uh so we’ve got Charles Crocker Charles come on I’m going up Charles all right hi Charles where are you joining us from I’m from Nashville so I’m here now but I wasn’t easy gotcha Nashville’s gorgeous by the way oh thank you so much I built it myself yeah well amazing okay brand-new what’s uh so we only have a couple minutes here so really quick you’ve been here for the summit tell us what’s a highlight what’s the best moment you’ve had so far the highlight I think it’s just seeing everyone coming together for like one purpose um you all you often get lost in the world without seeing people that have the same ideas as you but seeing everyone under one roof that wants this whole thing to work out for everyone is incredibly inspiring so I can’t put any moment on it but it’s the concept of it that keeps me inspired and keeps the work that I’m doing worth it amazing man I have so many more questions I want to ask you but again the show is like gonna start any minute now so we’re gonna go ahead and play this game with you we’ve

been playing with everybody who came up because politics is so weird right now we think truth might be stranger than fiction so we’re playing a game called real life or discarded house of cards plotline very cool I’m in so I’m gonna read a prompt right and then you have to tell us what you think real life or discarded house of cards Pilar big all right well without definitely without okay so a representative shoots and kills a United States attorney in broad daylight right across from the White House and gets away with it real life or discarded house of cards plot line keep in mind this could happen discarded plot one real-life no joke well it’s an 1859 that’s why it’s a very deceptive but it’s kind of interesting the guy he killed this is crazy is Francis Scott Key’s son the guy who wrote the lyrics to the national anthem so that’s that’s even stranger so but he got away with it because he was acquitted pled temporary insanity well yeah I mean it’s not temporarily insane when they kill somebody really crazy but it goes to show that this is not necessarily the craziest time in American history weirder things have happened all throughout history okay maybe not okay maybe not Hey man thank you so much for joining us go enjoy that show all right yeah real Nashville person we timed this well we got one minute left until this show you guys that’s right I think it’s time to thank everybody for tuning in and if you’re someone at home who’s been engaged in the fight for electoral form campaign finance reform and getting corruption and money out of politics gerrymandering reform thank you for tuning in and watching any of the live streams that you’ve seen this weekend following along and sharing and fighting the good fight everything that you do to stay informed and to tell people about these issues really does matter because that’s why some of these people came here tonight who you just heard are going to actually fight for campaigns you know a monumental time for this movement and it wouldn’t be happening without the folks tuning in the folks here so right now we should talk just for a second because I think we have another minute about some of the victories that this movement has scored over the course of the last just year in fact mostly in 2018 absolutely so in 2018 we won more anti-corruption victories than that on any other time in US history right which is phenomenal because the year before that was also a history-making year we won victories that were on single issue as well as specifically anti-corruption packages that were won in places Michigan Utah Florida Maine North Dakota incredible and it’s a reflection of people being sick of the system not working for them and so in taking matters into their own hands because we’ve tried waiting for our politicians to do something they’re not going to fix the system at themselves it’s like trying to get the Fox to put the lock on the head so people like the folks here today got up and started making those changes themselves that’s what’s so cool about what’s happening right now in this movement right and it’s working I think the thing is there are a lot of people out there you know rightly so are angry frustrated with Congress don’t trust Congress to fix things themselves until they throw in the towel they think you know what my vote doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter what I do or what I say we can’t really do anything about this but actually the people who are here are proving all of that wrong right because we can win we can win there is an actual path to victory and it’s happening in North Dakota alone a couple of people known now as the badass grandmas who they’re gonna get an award tonight they started a movement that ended up passing a constitutional amendment in their state and it wouldn’t have happened if the two of them didn’t decide in a given moment that they wanted to start doing that and they were inspired by the first victory in South Dakota were they with the first statewide anti-corruption act amazing that’s amazing it’s just it’s incredible to see all these people sharing their learnings with each other and building on them we have people who are sharing what works for them in their states and then new people who are planning for 2020 so we’re about ready to head on over to Unrigged live which will be emceed by

Jennifer Lawrence and Ed Helms thanks for tuning in and enjoy the show tonight take care little more gusto this time folks ladies and gentlemen welcome to Unrigged live 2019 this rendition of the national anthem by Ali Blake and Angie Aparo give it up Unrigged we’re in Nashville thank you for coming my name is Zach womp for 16 years I was a u.s. congressman from this state the state of Tennessee I ran for governor in 2010 against a multi-billionaire I would not encourage that I’m not the governor he is or he was but we’re so glad that you’re here we thank unrig and rep us all the groups for bringing the Unrigged summit to nashville tennessee I hope you’ve enjoyed it it’s crazy sometimes it was crazy on lower broad last night I’m gonna tell you if you stayed on Monday you’re automatically a Tennessean if you stay til Tuesday your cousins will show up so be careful you’re in the deep south and we have a saying in Tennessee that I was country before country was cool and I want you to know that I was country over party before country over party was cool and so and so is Unrigged because I was then I was with unrig in New Orleans last year and we were talking about country over party then and now everybody seems to be talking about country over party a quick story 20 years ago I joined the Democrats as a Republican and signed the discharge petition to bring mccain-feingold to the floor and they wanted a conservative so I closed the debate on the House floor and a Republican president signed it into law three years later our Leader Tom DeLay held a vote open on the House floor from prescription drugs for Medicare for three hours they tried to get me to come back and change my vote to yes I wouldn’t go and then I called on him to resign and he did and he did now I want to tell you that because that’s the kind of country over party that we need today but I want to tell you this from the bottom of my heart if you think for a minute that one party or the other is going to fix these problems or that one party or the other gave us these problems I want to tell you the reality is we all share in the guilt of this problem and we all have to be engaged conservatives liberals Republicans Democrats independent in fixing the problem we have to come together we have to put our country over party we are here to come together to find common ground to move this forward the tipping point is near we need the next generation to lead and we’re here to make sure that we transfer power to a

pragmatic generation an Unrigged is a beautiful organization it’s a movement sweeping across the country and it’s my privilege to introduce our co MCS tonight ed Helms and the remarkable Jennifer Lawrence yeah welcome to Unrigged live and also to anyone who’s watching on the internet I hope you have pants on but we’re glad you’re watching I mean honestly is there anything more joyous than getting a group of people together because something is horribly broken it’s like being at a wedding where the couple is horrible for each each other but there’s an open bar so your like a ed wrote that joke I think cuz he found out he wasn’t invited to my wedding I’m still holding out for the invitation okay okay I’m just gonna wait okay all right you can wait all right so we’re all here because our government is broken and I think it’s safe to say that if our forefathers were alive today they would be rolling over in their graves Ed how would they be rolling in their graves if they’re still alive that is a great point I phrased that badly what I meant to say is if our forefathers were alive today I’m pretty sure they would be pretty vocal on Twitter our political system is painfully broken and that’s why we’re here we see government of By and For the People slipping away the very foundations of this country fading into the rearview and we won’t stand for it we’re here because we believe that if we work together we can fix our government we can Unrig this system and we can restore the promise of America and just they’re just the past 14 months we’ve proven it by winning the most laws to unring the system in American history all right why am I here I am here because I’m I’m being paid a disgusting amount of money your tickets were expensive because Eddie needs a new Lambo right no that is not true I’m here for the same reason that you’re here because I think integrity is awesome and that’s really what it comes down to integrity is one of those few things that we can all actually agree on America is so divided right now I mean we can’t even agree on whether or not ed Helmes is sexier with a beard or without a beard this is tearing America apart right now okay but okay the answer is both but thanks for waying in there are people who actually don’t like integrity and not surprisingly those are people who are in power and the reason they don’t like integrity is because it threatens power and so what winds up happening is that people in power they use their power not to run the government or move the country forward they use their power to simply perpetuate power and they do that by rigging the system and they’ve done a ferociously efficient job of it and we’re all pretty screwed right now because of that but it’s why we’re here and we’re gonna do something about it we’re going to unrig the system literally tonight we fix it all no we’re gonna move we’re gonna move this movement forward and and Jennifer and I are so proud to be a part of it and we’re gonna kick things off tonight with our first speaker we have so many great musicians and speakers on deck for you tonight and right off the bat and back perfect our first speaker for tonight is the he’s an extraordinary guy he is lovable and delightful and brilliant and he is the executive director of represent us please welcome Josh silver all right I got to follow that okay this is awesome thanks everybody for being here I’m Josh silver and I’m going to start tonight by telling you a story a

story that starts here in the Marin Yan River in northeastern Peru the year is 1995 I was 26 years old I was on an epic adventure I was out to raft the headwaters of the Marin Yan River into the into the Amazon basin I was with this guy Patchen Miller from New Hampshire a close friend four days into our journey on this 15 foot by 15 foot raft we had built with with 55 gallon floats and a month’s worth of food we were ambushed and Patchen was shot and killed and I was left for dead and I went on a seven-day Odyssey it took me a long time to get to a hospital and when I got to the hospital the doctor was picking these seven pieces of lead out of my leg saying Mucha suerte and he explained how the the bullets had come just a centimeter from my artery and if it had hit it I would have died as a centimeter between life and death and I came back from that trip as you would expect and I was feeling lost I was feeling this early awareness of my own mortality and an acute sense that life is short and I wanted to do something really really good would this this blessing that I’d gotten of this life I wanted to focus on things that mattered most and for me the things that mattered most were overwhelming at 26 it was like okay refugee camps maybe I’ll do that I care about poverty I care about the climate I care about education I care about so much and it was overwhelming and I talked to smart people who helped me have the same lightbulb moment that has brought you here right this this oh my god moment where you say the rigged system is preventing progress on all these issues and and we don’t fix the system we will never get the leverage to actually fix the issues I care about and so you know it’s the leverage and it’s also deeper than that in 2019 today the rigged system is the primary cause the biggest cause and there are others of this soft civil war in our country that it is driving everyday Americans apart in a dangerous way it is driving our politicians into gridlock and extremism and polarization and yes these are wonky arcane issues of ethics and transparency and and money in politics in fair districts and voting and elections and congressional rules which don’t mean much to most people but will soon that these hold the key to the future of our country and our future of our country is in a really tricky spot I mean this is a headline from just a year ago almost half of the US families can’t afford basics like rent and food 43% really think about that now I want you to fast forward to 2018 as we’ve talked about you know while the Democrats and Republicans continue to tear each other apart and with it the fabric of our nation we had these remarkable remarkable victories that we’ve been talking about really incredible yes Michigan that’s you that’s you the most wins and what’s really powerful about this is that if you look through the arc of history this is how change happens women’s right to vote on gay marriage and so many other issues it gets to a point where this rush of state activity ultimately leads to a change in federal law this is how seemingly intractable change happens so how did we win last year you did it just as Joshua Graham Lin said at the opening plenary together you put country over party you you showed that that a divided country what uniting looks like you beat the naysayers you said hell yeah can you say hell yeah when the party and power said not in this state you said when the pundit said this is impossible you said when the establishment said not this year you said you proved that transformative reform isn’t just possible it’s happening now it’s happening right now right now so the logical question for all of you for us is what’s next and I would submit to you that what’s next for this group here and for the millions of people who are not here in Nashville but are with us as it is upon us to take this nascent democracy movement and turn it into a big powerful badass democracy movement can you say hell yeah we’re gonna take the momentum from the local victories and we are going to shift it from a political movement to a cultural movement what do I mean by that if you

look at other issues like marriage equality criminal justice they managed to take those issues which were once obscure and made them kitchen table issues that millions of people were talking about around their Thanksgiving tables and to do that we have to get three point five percent of the American people actively engaged in this cause that’s a very nerdy number so let me break it down they looked at a hundred and six years of data between 1900 and 2006 and found that every political movement in United the United States and around the world that got that percentage of people actively engaged one so it’s time for us to set a new goal of 11 million Americans engaged in democracy reform from across all these issues that we work on we are part of the same family the same movement and the question then is how do we do that because that seems daunting to me I don’t know about you and I think that starts by realizing that this incredible map look at that map that’s 2018 victories alone people mm Vicki that’s just that’s what you guys did just just last year we must embrace that these are all interconnected that the sum must be greater the hole must be greater than the sum of its parts embrace this idea that we must bring together conservatives and progressives because as I said last year in New Orleans it’s about math 26% of the country are liberal 35% are moderate and 35% are conservative none of those win alone and all of them support unrigging the system and we must focus on policies and reforms that sit at the intersection of impact and political viability those that are transformative and game-changing and can be one it has to be a shared movement with shared resources shared volunteers we must be together singing from the same hymnal sing it sing from the same hymnal in a way that resonates deeply that means what do I mean by that less let’s do less talking about policies and how they work and let’s talk about how these policies solve real-world problems let’s talk less about politics and let’s talk about how are we improving people’s lives that’s the key to winning that’s how we build this movement because if we do we can envision and manifest a future where our leaders do put country over party where voters matter more than big donors where we have real meaningful choices when we go to the ballot where civility and compassion define rather than defy government Abraham Lincoln said America will never be destroyed from the outside if we falter and lose our freedoms it will be because we destroyed ourselves there are many of us in this room and around the country who feel correctly at times that we are destroying ourselves from within but I have faith I have three reasons why I believe that we will prevail number one all of you and all of our friends that are not in this room but are with us care so deeply about this earth and all the people on it all of them just like I did when I came back from Peru number two we all have made that lightbulb moment that these these Unrigging the system this movement this holds the key and three we see that there is this movement that is extraordinary it is on the rise it’s like there’s something very powerful right within our grasp right now in 2019 even know things seem dark so while my faith in government is wavering my faith in this movement has never been stronger I’ve never been more certain that if we take this 2018 map and if we unite around this vision that map is going to look like this and a couple years later it’s gonna look like this that’s right so for all of you who love your country as much as I do I have just a few questions for you before I go are you guys ready you to unite around this vision are you ready to build a big badass democracy movement are you ready to rack up more victories are you ready to put country over party are you ready to unring the system thank you folks Thanks

Odessa Kelly is one of Nashville’s strongest voices for the Public Interest she’s led the charge against corporate welfare and boondoggles rigged for special interests a colleague once said trying to describe Odessa is a bit like trying to describe the Grand Canyon she will unabashedly challenge you when you’re out of line give you a hug and a pep talk at the exact moment you need it and fearlessly lead the charge into battle for courageously do I wait for you to finish okay yep sorry for courageously standing up and speaking out over and over again to the people of Nashville the first 2019 Courage Award goes to Odessa Kelly and stand up Nashville thank you never thought I’d get award for pissing people off it’s awkward to get a word for what you’re supposed to do first of all I want to say thank you to my family who was here – my family is not here to stand up Nashville I don’t do this by myself matter of fact stand up Nashville doesn’t do it by yourself it’s a collective like meaning you know so we have a big support base and I appreciate all those people as well someone asked me why do you do this and I’ve been loading and loading over because there’s so many answers right – why we all do this and one of the things I was thinking about this dad now I’m I’m gonna tell you because you see I ain’t the best Christian but I have faith in God which mandates me to have faith in you and faith in everyone else and if we’re gonna unring this system we have to do it together so thank you to everyone out here – all of you is doing the hard work like a great woman out of Georgia said we are coming for you to all the people of the working class those who work 9:00 to 5:00 every day and feel like the dignity has been stripped out of your job understand that we’re not gonna stop fighting for you we’re gonna be right here thank you Nashville is America’s music city so tonight three incredible songwriters have agreed to lend their talent to the movement it’s a little taste of Nashville right here inside unrig let’s give it up for our first performer Katie Pruitt real I wrote this song when I was 19 and felt like I didn’t have a voice and I think that’s part of why I’m here tonight because young people need to know that they do have a voice yeah the song is called ordinary helping my eyes look outside find an akin to get her after a night of heavy drinking and all the people on the street got deadlines to meet and they’re just go about their day no time for blinking it just got me thinking here am I just another silhouette a face behind a cigarette who hasn’t found their purpose yet in this cruel world I’ve heard of people who were great have changed the world or gone to space and all their names go down in history then there’s me what does that make me him I just ordinary him I just ordinary am I

just ordinary is there anyone at all anyone at all who sees when I bend sin whether it’s war or divorce or of course politicians disagreeing and yeah try to speak my mind but sometimes it doesn’t mean a damn thing no cuz me I’m just a small just a small small part of a world that’s never listening is anybody listening Lulu eyes nobody listen yes I’m living in the 21st century Oh without an identity then I’m choking on economy honestly how could I be anything but ordinary I tripped my life would be extraordinary but I don’t wanna be just don’t lay down my head to go to bed I slip into a pensive state of mind with all this pressure that I’m under it’s no wonder of be losing sleep tonight Thanks I’m back their courage made Michigan one of the movements most inspiring 2018 victories the second Courage Award goes to Katie Fahey and her colleagues at voters not politicians of course whoo so with a Facebook post I accidentally started a political movement in Michigan it literally said hey if you want to help and gerrymandering in Michigan let me know smiley face the emoji was very key to saving democracy the funny part about receiving a Courage Award right now is that I actually made that post because I was afraid to go to Thanksgiving dinner I didn’t want to talk about who voted for who I wanted to talk about something that I thought would relate to all of us it backfired turned out my family didn’t know what gerrymandering was and didn’t really care they ended up caring but amazing people like Jaime who was one of the cofounders of voters not politicians said you know what there’s a strange person on the internet he wants to end gerrymandering might as well give him a shot and what was really cool is we started meeting online and for months we never even met in person yet we trusted each other as other people who were there to make a better Michigan for everyone regardless of party thousands of people across Michigan put their lives on hold day in and day out for two years giving their time energy creativity money to try and stand up for a better future when it was just some twenty seven-year-old making another social media post I feel so thankful to everybody who gave in their time and did trust strangers and each others that this could be possible if we band together and the really beautiful thing is that on November 6 two point five million people voted YES to end gerrymandering in Michigan so to everybody who’s out there whether you know your cause yet or not I hope

that in 2019 right now that you make your own Facebook post to change the world because the world is waiting and there are certainly a lot of problems but there are far more solutions and we are all the keys to those so thank you so much in 2016 when Katie Fahey posted online that she wanted to take on gerrymandering in Michigan she had no idea that she would end up leading a statewide ballot initiative to victory when the establishment told them to stand down Katie and her team at voters not politicians stood up their charisma leadership and courage has inspired our movement and the nation when the Parkland school shootings devastated the nation a remarkable group of young activists stood up including our next speaker her speech we call BS called out the big money in politics that skews gun safety policy please welcome Emma Gonzales hello everybody first and foremost I would like to say thank you to unrig for inviting me to speak here today I am very very thankful for this opportunity second of all I’m about to throw a lot of information at all of you in this next ten minutes in the hopes that you will take it and run with it putting aside your political ideology and absorb the fact that the 19 year old standing in front of you is one of thousands who has watched their community fall to pieces with no one to put it back together again I’m speaking out against gun violence for selfish reasons I’m trying to protect me my friends my family in in which we’re trying to make a future in which gun violence stops existing I’m about to give you guys some tools to fight against gun violence too but if you look at me today with the closed mind you’re gonna have to open back up or this problem is never gonna go away I’m also gonna tell you good people about gun violence in America the NRA and what we as a collective can do to stop the cycle that our country has fallen into before I begin I’d like to clarify that when I talk about the NRA I do not mean the members who are within it I mean the people who run the organization at the top I would also like to say that I along with the other students that I work with it with March for our lives are not trying to steal the guns away from the citizens in this country it’s not actually something we’re trying to do in fact if you look up our website March 4 our lives calm you can very clearly see under our policy agenda tab all of the changes that we do want to make in the effort of making our country safer like extremists protection orders comprehensive background checks mandatory safe storage and fat reporting funding for gun violence research and high-capacity magazine bans just to name a few we want all of these at a state and federal level nowadays anyone who knew what the NRA was like when I first started would be blown away to see what it’s become now but for us the shift has been so gradual that many of us have missed it and assumed that it’s just always been like this my dad came with his sister and parents from Cuba in 1968 and move to Ossining New York he and my abuelo joined the NRA as soon as they could and as soon as they got here one day my dad was at the shooting range that all the kids in the area went to my dad here’s the ceiling behind him he hears God you good-for-nothing worthless piece of shit god what a fucking disgrace it was a full-grown man speaking to his child holding a gun taller than him as soon as my dad saw this it was like this is not my culture this is not what I signed up for this is not what I came here for revoked deleted reported goodbye and he canceled his membership to the NRA immediately the NRA used to be an organization in which responsible and proud gun owners could be in good company celebrate gun safety participate in sharp shooting contests and firearm collecting whereas now the NRA is an organization that takes kickbacks from gun manufacturers bankrolls politicians that they want in power and has lobbyists that make sure that the bills the NRA likes are the only ones that get passed that’s a dramatic shift they went from being

nonprofit to for-profit while remaining under the nonprofit title the NRA gets money every time a gun is sold they put that money towards putting politicians that they want in power every time a shooting happens sales go through the roof the NRA isn’t fighting for your second Amendment rights anymore they’re fighting to fill their wallets and get into the pockets of politicians everywhere profiting off of perpetuating murder that is some water news from monsters and global fucked up one of the main reasons that most other countries do not have gun violence on the scale that we do is because they don’t have the NRA pushing with everything that they’ve got against its gun safety legislation the NRA has been utilizing anti gun legislation reform propaganda to twist the minds of Americans into a mob made up of various talking points made to refute common-sense and shut down conversations a good guy with a gun would stop a bad guy with a gun guns don’t kill people people kill people if a bad guy wants a gun that bad he’ll find a way to get one cars kill people should we ban cars now he was a crazy lone wolf over the summer I had conversations with people all over the country on the road to change to her that we had and I heard many of these talking points thrown right back at me from a lot of people and every time they were brought up I countered it with some good old-fashioned common sense and I’m giving you these talking points so that you can tell them to your relatives that you don’t really want to talk politics with over Thanksgiving like was just mentioned to quote a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy with a gun the common-sense answer is one why does the bad guy have to have a gun in the first place oh yeah the NRA made sure he can buy it second of all if someone is shooting into a room with an air 15 it is not safe for even feasible for a good guy in the situation to shoot towards the person shooting because in real life life isn’t a video game there’s no outline showing who the bad guy is in many cases there have been police officers on the scene of shootings that were not able to take down the shooter or help in any way with their firearms as they would have shot another innocent person three there have been several cases in which black men have stopped shootings got no recognition or murdered for it James Shaw jr. Waffle House shooting grabbed the gun from the shooter with his bare hands and Jamel Robertson a black security guard who was shot and killed by police after detaining a possible shooter for we need to keep race in mind when addressing gun violence because police brutality white cops killing black kids because they look threatening that’s gun violence and that’s racism five how do you know if somebody actually is a good guy sounds to me like we need some background checks we sure incidentally supported by 97% of the people within these United States wait what common sense gun reform ladies and gentlemen the NRA has been defeated by its own logic I had a really fun time writing that line over the summer in Utah one of my co-workers from March of our lives was confronted by a man who asked him so you don’t think I should be able to protect people in a time of crisis with my firearm my co-worker said you’re not a policeman in the scenario are you sir and he says no just a concerned citizen and he responded with weapon sir you just described yourself as Batman the NRA banks on this vigilante hero mentality to sweep their mobs of people before they can think so that they speak over those who have survives telling them next time I’ll protect you but there shouldn’t have been a first time protection why protect yourself from a problem you can stop from happening in the first place two quotes it’s a bad guy wants a gun that bad he’ll find a way to get it the comments ends answer is but wouldn’t it be better to make it harder anyways in so many places in the country it’s already as easy to buy a gun as it is to buy a burner phone if there were more laws in place to make it harder for someone to get a gun don’t you think it would be harder for someone to get a gun the reason behind this talking point is that if it’s easy to get a gun the NRA more makes more money because they get money every time the gun gets sold see it’s this whole circle thing where the owl is just comes back to the NRA making money and using it to fuck over everybody to quote guns don’t kill people people kill people the common-sense answer is granted partially true guns don’t move on their own and animate objects don’t tend to do that but that exact reaction that I just had here is what the NRA is banking on logical people to think because it completely steers the conversation away from guns the purpose of a gun is to

kill or injure an animal or person and this phrase tries to make the people talking about gun legislation and forget the physical damage that guns do tec-9 for example there’s no way any one person could injure 17 people and kill 17 people in less than 7 minutes with knives without being stopped gunshot wounds have an incredibly high rate of mortality not to mention the trauma that the victims families communities are left with after those wounds heal we need to keep guns in the conversation when addressing gun violence I didn’t think we’d have to actually outline that one but apparently it’s you know important to quote carrs-q a lot of people should be banned cars the common sense answer is cars are modes of transportation and guns are weapons also in today’s society we acknowledge the cars are dangerous and kill a lot of people and have addressed it properly when shootings happen no one blames the gun just the shooter and victims but when cars crash we evaluate how safe the car was for the driver cars have airbags and seatbelts now it’s legal for children to sit in the front seat they’re made of different materials that respond to crashes better and you cannot buy or drive a car without having practiced driving before without having a license to prove that you can drive in the engineered safely two quotes he was mentally ill he was a lone wolf he was a crazy person the common sense answer is look at the pattern that the media and the NRA follows they only say this when the shooter is white if they’re brown they call it terrorism and if they’re black they call it gang-related the messaging that the NRA puts out in regards to only associating mental illness with mass shooters is disgusting and pathetic and that alone has set us God knows how many years behind in our fight for mental health reform and awareness people who are mentally ill are more likely to kill themselves than anyone else sixty percent of all gun violence in the United States is made up of suicides when talking about gun violence we need to address this create better systems that prevent people from taking their lives and get real treatment for those with mental illnesses rather than listen to people on TV scream that they’re crazy and evil this train of thought brings me to school safety merch for lives is not an organization that only cares about stopping gun violence in schools we care about stopping gun violence in America if we only stopped some gun violence in schools where does that leave concerts front porches movie theaters bus stops night clubs churches front steps of churches if we stop gun violence from happening in one place it’s gonna keep happening in other places and that’s not really stopping gun violence it’s almost like saying guns don’t kill people places kill people and then build those places out of Kevlar to protect the people in them instead of actually addressing the guns no part of my talking about school safety is directed at any person or people fighting for school safety but as someone who’s still in school I have a lot to say about this cuz it’s fucked up adults want kids to be safe not feel safe they want schools to look like prisons with barbed wire fences and single points of entry and metal detectors and clear backpacks and furniture bolted down to the floor bulletproof glass and hard corners students want schools without shooter drills with trauma and lgbtq+ trained mental health professionals with administrators who don’t treat us with the contempt that they would for a cockroach they’re gonna step on with healthy lunches with our music and athletic programs with teachers who get paid a reasonable salary and are forced to carry a gun we’re police officers don’t roam around with ar-15s and arrest the black and brown kids for behavior no worse than their white dueling counterparts under the guise that they’re there for the student safety where our basic human rights are denied on a daily it should be easier for people to get access to trauma trained mental health professionals especially students but it’s easier to get a gun than help in this country the NRA has made it that easy long story short I am tired I’m tired I’m sad I’m wearing a shirt today that says I don’t want my friends to die anymore for a reason the reason is that they keep dying everyone I know is filled with sadness trauma rage terror grief pain a lot of feelings that don’t make sense to teenagers and we feel this way for reasons that a lot of people in charge of this country still don’t understand and a lot of them are still in power because they’re incumbents or because of gerrymandering or voter fraud or any other fucked up shit that some representatives pull to stay in office it’s up to us to change the system that allows them to do this just like how in the last midterm election we saw an incredible rise of youth voter turnout

voter turnout all over the country that led to more representation in our government than in the history of this country it’s our collective duty to vote in 2020 and in every election after that is just as important for all the people that we believe will bring lasting positive change to our country don’t get distracted by who is running for president focus and get down into the nitty-gritty look who’s running in your district for house in your Senate in your state for Senate in your County for school board regardless of party affiliation because your vote affects more than just your life and party identification alone doesn’t always tell you what you need to know about the candidate more than voting you can take your stories in person to the representatives and Congress people and tell them what matters most to you their constituent that they get done in office all I know is that all of this is common sense that everyone in this country deserves to be safe from gun violence and that when we work together we make the change that we need to see in the world thank you ladies and gentlemen Courtney Murray Anders you’re a guru and a good friend you got a good heart even when it’s busting lipstick and perfume underground quieren oh it’s like a Gaston for the hold the see but if your kindness remain broke on a barstool throw-in your paycheck away Oh brands booze slots fortune might buy diamonds Oh shining but it can’t buy happiness love that is true the richest of people aren’t rich with houses cars are Fino they’re not rich with something it can be bought arranged no its kindness that makes them beautiful don’t cost a dime so if your when North Dakota received a d-minus in a state government integrity report

Deana butcher Ellen Chaffee and Catherine Tweedy took matters into their own hands these self-described badass grandmas built a right-left coalition gathered thousands of signatures and passed the North Dakota anti-corruption amendment one of the nation’s toughest ethics and transparency laws I could not be more excited to present the third Courage Award to these badass grandmas Allen and Dena come on out thank you you’re lying I’m Dina butcher and I’m Ellen Chaffee I’m a Republican and I’m a Democrat and we are citizens united and the Bakken oil boom have been pretty hard on the land and the water and the air in our beloved state but it did bring us what some have called the best state government money can buy three years ago some of us said no and came to the conclusion that’s been alluded to here tonight fixing corruption fixes everything it’s the root cause of everything we need to have changed what we may not have fully appreciated at the time was the odds that were against us because I think it’s best if you start these things and with some level of innocence about what’s ahead of you at the end of the day we ended up with 19 out of state and multinational corporations trade associations the ACLU and the Catholic Conference on the other side of the issue so one of the things that we have learned to do as bad as grandmas is ready but seriously one of my most vivid memories recent times was two years ago when I was talking to Dan Krassner on the phone and I was kind of incredulous at what he was telling me and and what he summarized it by saying was no seriously there is a pro-democracy movement in this country and it just opened a whole new vistas I think for all of us and we came to unrig last year and that kept us going I think of it now as the democracy community and so many of you here and certainly many many of our wonderful friends at home wrap themselves around us and said you’re okay we’re gonna get this done we made a lot of mistakes but people here and there made it safe and inspired us to continue so in closing it occurs to me that there are synonyms for badass grandma that make a lot of sense to me a synonym for badass is fierce a synonym for grandma’s Desmond is love so our new friend Steve suggested that badass gramma has already become a movement we said yeah we’ll have to go see what we can do you know other people are telling us and he said no no no you don’t have to start anything it’s already there and based on the reactions that we’ve had from many of you today we are announcing the National Movement for badass grammas we have a hashtag in swag

hashtag badass grandmas and our our swag will be on the internet someday to be announced thank you all right she made us laugh on Saturday Night Live she’s the host of Sears that made a party time please welcome sasheer zamata hi everyone Aloha I’m so glad I was invited to be a part of this inspirational event to give you a break from that inspiration I’m the clown for the night I’m gonna do some stand-up and some jokes I’ve been labeled as a political comedian before and I keep getting labeled as that which is fine I don’t really talk about politics in my act cuz I don’t care no I do care I just don’t know anything but I think I get labeled as that because I talk about my life which sometimes entails being black living in America being a woman and sometimes that’s political I don’t mind it you can think that but I like talking about race in my set sometimes cuz I like to make a room feel comfortable and I found sometimes people don’t like that which I get it makes people feel uncomfortable I’ve done shows where you could like literally hear assholes tighten up like right but I won’t but I don’t think race is such a touchy taboo topic that we can’t discuss or laugh at or think about like we could talk about this stuff and I also think it’s good to like ask questions and talk to people who are not like you so you can actually know if you’re stepping on someone’s toes or offending someone or you had a blind spot your whole life that you weren’t even aware of like when I was in college I live down the hall from this foreign exchange student from Korea and she kept asking me if I knew different people some people already know where this guy should be like do you know John I’d be like no you know shayna right maybe like no and I’m not sure what tipped me off but I started to wonder if she was only asking me if I knew black people so I asked her I was like are you only asking me if I know black people and she goes yes and I was like do you think I know all the black people at this school because I’m black and she goes yes I was like you can’t do that that’s a stereotype that’d be like if I assumed you knew all the Korean people at this school and she goes I do we all know each other and I was like nevermind it’s a good thing we kept talking if that conversation had ended two sentences before that I would have walked away being like that racist bitch and she would have walked away being like what’s wrong with this antisocial black girl she’s not hanging out with her friends I’m glad to be here I think this is my first time in Nashville I have no specific jokes about Nashville yet I’ve barely explored it y’all do get drunk early my god someone like bumped into me and I was like it’s 6 p.m. like go inside what are you doing what show me the money that’s such an old movie and I have no idea what the references cool are you drunk

and that’s cool too I didn’t realize this event was let’s get late I have been to Memphis which is not this okay we’re far right it’s like hours away from here and I told this ghost story at a show in Memphis and I’m convinced there’s now a ghost following me this is a story I told so I was in New Orleans falling in love I fell in love with my current boyfriend soon-to-be-ex know it’s getting burn out in New Orleans and it was really nice we did mushrooms which and I suggest that to no one I mean yes do mushrooms not in New Orleans my god I could feel every spirit every energy every life force living and dead it was inside my body and I was like I gotta get out of here I remember like standing on the street looking in the window at some gallery paintings and we’re like this is cool and then I felt a tickle on my back I turned around and my man was not next to me he was like a few feet away and I was like Did you touch me and he’s like no and I was like we should go to the hotel we go to the hotel try to make out failed miserably it was so I don’t know if anyone’s ever trying to like make out on drugs before I felt like his head was inside my head and mine was eating his is just like I don’t know where we are so we stopped went to bed and in the morning we were talking about our trip and I was like what did you experience he’s like what you experience and I said I felt like the door to our room was wide open and there was a third in the room just standing in the corner and then he said the exact same thing which means there was a ghost who was maybe a pervert of the hotel and their mission was to like watch people hook up in this hotel and it worked as I told this story in Memphis and it’s totally separate show and then rain started pouring down really hard and the light bulb above me burst and I like hit the floor because I was like guns what’s happening I know I’m in the South I don’t know what’s going and then the people of the audience thought that I like brought pyrotechnics they’re like did was that part of the act and I was like no this is a bar show you think I’m bringing pyrotechnics to the show and then I like didn’t want to touch the mic cuz I was like is this okay and their staffs like no and I might kind of even scared to like talk about NACA like is following me still I think this goes just like keep my name out your mouth bitch I helped you in your boyfriend hook up and now you’re happy now leave me alone I guess supposed to get off the same plane time okay I am this year I’ve been working on my emotional and mental health I think it’s important thank you yeah I’m mostly doing it because the people around me told me I should and I’m also working on listening I went to therapy years ago and I stopped because we got in a fight not my fault I think I was confused she was this older woman yelling at me and I was like is this love it’s not I’m learning and so now I’m in LA trying to find a new therapist and I just forgot how hard and arduous this process is like I’m not even at the point where I’m meeting people I’m just like making phone calls and even that’s a lot like I’m calling these offices and sometimes they don’t pick up which makes sense it’s a business maybe they’re in session or something and then they’ll ask you to leave a message and I think that is so cruel you know how much strength it took me to get to this point to make the call you think I can’t compose voice and the first time it happened I was so not prepared I didn’t have a script ready I

don’t even know what questions to ask it just beeped it was like please leave a voicemail and I was like help help me help me help me she called back immediately cuz a literal cry for help and when she called back she let me know that they didn’t have any more room for new clients and I was like this rejection is triggering boom cough and I’ll find someone all right I’ll leave you with that bye bye thank you guys okay everybody you have to bear with me I think I’ve been talking to too many of you but it’s been a pleasure so I am Joshua Graham Lin co-founder of represent us and thank you look despite this horrible voice right now I really could not pass up the opportunity to introduce our next speaker because I think she’s a truly incredible woman I first heard Kate speak about six months ago about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights she talked for about 20 minutes and in those 20 minutes I swear I learned more about our responsibilities as humans then I had in 20 years and so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I asked her to come speak here at on rig and she said yes and part of the reason that she’s here we discussed is that American democracy is not just about America right we have a place in the world and if we don’t protect our democracy that place in the world it’s not protected either and so for America and for the rest of the world and for all of us our responsibility as humans will you please help me welcome the incredible Kate Gilmore thank you thank you for this privilege you Trailblazers you movers and shakers bare-knuckle troublemakers thank you for disrupting indifference for despite defying despair for disturbing deep down descent into defeat thank you for refusing to let sector your community your tribe become your border become your wall become your darkness thank you for dismantling the worn-out boundaries of old party platforms and old political polls thank you for reclaiming party for dancing although personally stay away from the pole thank you for understanding we can’t shape this world unless we take responsibility for their shape this world is he thank you for thinking bigger for seeing further thank you for wanting more for us all thank you for this food for soul this sauce for heart that only acts of connection and acceptance and engagement provides thank you for seeing in each other in all our diversity and all our difference and distinction that precious truth for which there is no conscionable alternative that which the universal declaration of human rights expresses thus born we all are free and equal in dignity and in human rights born with rights to life liberty and security of person that we may live and love without fear rights to education to health to shelter to decent work so we always have to hand dignities essentials rights to live free from discriminations hatefulness from arbitrary arrests from

the cruelty of torture that we safely may assume those who have power over us are accountable to us our right to speak out to stand up so that we may not be malevolently rendered silent rights they’re not opinions then are arbitrary not ideological they’re codified legal standards set out by international law and treaty tested now and jurisdictions to world over friends rights are not a privileged project in modern form they I’m from admits the rubble rack and ruin wrought by the gravest violent extremism in living human memory world war two and in 1948 they were drafted into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights an enduring encapsulation of what it means for a humanizing relationship between power and relative powerlessness but you know rights they’re no more only modern than wrongs are only recent the sixth century BC King of Mesopotamia recognized he better up all these people’s freedom of thought and movement long before the United Kingdom’s 13th century Magna Carta sought to bend the Kings knee in a little closer to the rightful will of the people in the same century that Africans manned and charter promised gender equality which was three centuries before William Shakespeare denounced London xenophobic riots as mountainous inhumanity that a promise is poorly kept brings no shame to the promise the 19th century and his slavery struggle the 20th century anti-colonial Strauss the 21st century hashtag me too and black lives matter movement down through the centuries across culture faith and tradition I’m telling you universally we hunger for food we thirst for water and we long to for justice in this there is no north or south there’s no east or west there’s no right or left humane and the humane yep it’s tough times tough times for rights because they’re tougher times for most and turbulent times for many stand apart nationalism that defying populism law defying leadership corruption of public purpose and hood that distinguishes much of our politics today and you know it’s never going to evolve our systems of governance legal financial political into ones that are better suited to this unfamiliar world a world a big data Global Financing of extreme inequality of intractable conflict of mass migration of ecological people a world where policy pivots and are more than a tweet where the local is made by technology somehow less geographical in a world where so-called social media is just so antisocial we won’t manage this world of disruption of transformation by manufacturing content for the foreigner by baseless trust to those who look or love or worship differently by clamping down on the freedom of the press by encroaching on public movement by closing borders against people fleeing persecution by gagging activists to the country these denials of human rights they lead only to death ends dead ends death ridden ends and the pounding of those malicious fists grows on the doors on our privacy mental and physical and against our freedoms and we must resist we must stand up we will stand up to the narratives of hate we’ve got to tell Tonga stronger truer more humanizing stories about robust

compassion about cooperation what competition about how most of us would rather live in a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity we’ve got to stand up for greater equality you know with next to no effort at all invested by leaders to prevent extremists greed and corruption in the aftermath of the 20 2008 financial crisis inequality has only deepened Naurang further away but those with the least and around the world growing public fury is evident at every ballot box but friends no one’s hope can be rooted in another person’s hopelessness this concentration of wealth and resources globally into the hands of the few remains largely uncontested let’s stand up let’s stand up against wealth son just concentration against its moral and fiscal corruption let’s stand up to greed let’s stand up to for a more intimate security of course fear of terrorism looms large in our public narratives but you know in most places it does so disproportionately far more corrosive far more prevalent far less spoken of is the public impunity granted to the private crimes of high priests of culture Commerce and church the hashtag me to movement said it’s time to stand up for a personal intimate security on the streets in the workplace from the boardroom to the bedroom stand up against sexual and racial stand up stand up against the abuse of power on which those hatreds depend and we must stand up for truth these public lives masquerading as if they were public truths falling so readily from the mouths of public leaders fake news election manipulation its left most of us unclear unable to distinguish the real from the false let’s stand up for truth capability but stand up for pluralistic public and local media but stand up for accountability from Big Data companies and greater investment to strengthen our community’s discernment effect and evidence let’s stand up for greater civic participation not only for democratic representation you know if it were not for civic activism there would be very few breakthroughs in art in technology even in politics without activism no end to slavery no affordable anti retrovirals no protection of endangered species low exposure of child sexual assault no marriage equality we must stand up for activism it’s our human right we’ve got to stand up for human rights activist we must stand up against their persecution and their silencing friends an extraordinary literary disrupter Ursula Le Guin just before she died she warned us hard times are coming when we will be wanting the voices of those who can see alternatives to how we live now who can see through our fear stricken society in its obsessive technologies to other ways of being poets visionaries realists of a larger reality let’s be realists the far larger a far more generous and more compassionate more justice loving democratic reality let’s be realists and in this I just want you to feel you can take courage for even in the darkest selves of the cruelest prison hankered down in resource

depleted refugee camps huddled together in fragile settlement perched high on remote mountaintops shuffling along barely shoulder wide alleyways of sprawling Suns peppered among street workers and Street walkers heard in the mutterings of the farm laborer the murmurs on the factory floor the chanting of indigenous people the cause of student protesters even in the absence of well intended global elites well at times possibly still a small and sputtering flickering flame still always always there are those who will not lie down who will not be silenced who will stand up for their rights in defense to of ours they stood up for us let us stand up for them let us lower the fists extend the hat stand up for our human rights please welcome taylor goldsmith hello alright I wrote this song a few years ago but then when I was asked to come sing here I felt like I wrote this song about unrig the system without even knowing I did it’s kind of a political song but beyond that it’s actually just about how we communicate with each other and how we more or less forgot how to do that and how I got to this place where we’re waiting for everyone else to shut up so they can just get back to yelling at them and forgetting that everyone no matter how misguided or irresponsible their attitudes or opinions might be the fact that these are human beings and the only way we’re ever going to connect with each other as by civilly respectfully just talking and not yelling and not being so angry and it’s hard to do this whole thing isn’t forgiveness one way or the other songs called crack the case you I will do your interview try to explain what I’m going through give you something to read into in a million different ways a sick version of telephone starts out the Clipper the microphone a game we thought we had all our own but still everybody planes ignoring all of the remedies believe in all of the rumors we their endless database I wanna sit with my enemies and say we should have done this sooner while I look them in the face maybe that would crack the case you I got a friend who’s been thinking about finally kicking her husband out his second life as a talent scout filing got him caught while she was throwing out all his clothes she heard a voice from beyond the throws punish him for the

life he chose but forgive the past that he did not it’s really hard to hate anyone when you know what they’ve lived through and once they’ve given you the taste she said this is for you to overcome but I will always love you in her perfect state of grace maybe that could crack the case now that we’re through with formalities what is it you want to ask of me I’ll answer open and honestly whatever that means finding out that we occupy somebody else’s opposing side on the banks of some grain divide two versions of a dream countless revisions of history trying to tell us the future between each commercial break I wanna call off the cavalry to clear no winners or losers and forgive our shared mistakes you can pick the time and place maybe that would crack the case Desmond Mead went from homelessness to the president of the Florida restoration rights coalition in 2018 he and his incredible team passed amendment for the largest expansion of voting rights in the United States in half a century restoring the Voting Rights of 1.4 million Floridians with felony convictions Desmond and his colleagues tireless work and unwavering courage serve as a beacon for voting rights advocates everywhere courage award goes to a campaign that defied the odds the Florida rights Restoration Coalition redefined what is possible for the voting rights movement in the 21st century a big Nashville welcome to Desmond Mead thank you thank you they must have known that I can’t stand behind the podium so they gave me what they call the portable mic or whatever you know I first wanted to just think represent us unring summit for for recognizing the floor the rights restoration coalition and the work that we’ve done and I also want to give a special shout-out to the love of my life my wife seen the mead who was back home at my five kids rollerskating without me you know as I was self appointing myself as a member of the new badass grandma

movement sitting there I I thought I figured out what I was gonna say when I got up here and and so after I figured it out I said well let me go and use the restroom in and get ready right and as I exited the restroom I ran into this young man who who hugged me with tears in his eyes and telling me that because of our work his mother got the right to vote back and as he teared up and he just shattered whatever it was that I was going to say to you all and reminded me that what this represents is far more than that great amazing victory that we had on November what this represents is that each of you that’s out there that have dreams and you have hope you have desires for creating a much better society a much better country a much better world it can happen and it can happen what this represents is that that word impossible now means that I am possible that we’re possible it means that under rigging the system is possible but there’s one thing that we we can’t forget we must never forget you know I remember growing up and hearing somebody say that that we must want for our neighbor what we want for ourselves understanding that the things that we desire are things that we must work towards making possible for other people so understanding that I’m possible know that you’ve possible understanding that I’m possible know that I must engage in tearing down this system and unwritten this system in such a way that leads with with love because I must not do it for me and my personal wishes or my desires but if I can focus on making your world a better place if you can focus on making somebody else’s world a better place whether they fall under the letters of LGBTQI whether they label the immigrant whether there are young folks whether they labeled a felon or returning citizen that we must deep in our soul want what’s best for them and only when they get it do we get it and so when I was here last year and I opening that clothes with that Pledge of Allegiance that said what I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty with liberty and justice for all for all as we move forth after this summit after we move forth to unrig this system we must always keep those who are weakest among us at the core at the core of what we do and want for them more than we want for ourselves and that’s when we will under it the system that’s when we’ll change our society and make this world a better place for you and for me thank you Hey your at the podium she said go to the podium, she said podium before I left but I’m like out here I’m a drift how are we doing I think we’ve had a pretty awesome night so far I feel like I should go back to the podium Banter lets go back to the podium So I have one question for Jennifer Lawrence that I think has been on everyone’s mind since the top of the show Oh

which is why am I not invited to your wedding Its just friends and family man yeah you know we don’t know each other Banter do you like Banjo music at your wedding Ya Ok He plays the Banjo Yes and as someone in the audience pointed out I can throw a killer bachelor party even though I have not met your fiancĂ© you can’t even remember his name say it whats his name his name is Darren’s Derren’s Derren’s Clackolddorf I don’t know if you guys can tell but we don’t have anything on the promoter this is very tightly scripted don’t worry everything is being held together we got this we are professionals we were made for moments like this this is why they hire pros so who did a better job tonight Jennifer Lawrence or Ed Helms Banter do you have any questions for me no not really yeah so let’s keep this show going what we’re gonna do is a little of this asking someone a question has never been my strong suit Banter we’re gonna take a question from the audience raise your hands no one is raising a hand o my god ok the loudest person here (Inaudible) Banter what is the name of the movie that we would do together the Beauty and the Beast that’s so horrible that you wouldn’t refer to yourself as a beast I think it would be the The Hunger over Was that a fat joke he’s like I’m screwed because it was well we would love to keep this going because yeah this is amazing but we’re wrapping this up with such a special treat we have a very special guest on stage right now please welcome Nashville’s own the new respects thank you guys so much I’m not gonna lie we didn’t fully expect you guys to

be dancing with us so what a pleasant surprise

once again we’re the new respects from right here in Nashville Tennessee it is truly an honor to be here to be a part of this amazing event so thank you guys for having us thank you for welcoming us and thank you for dancing the whole time that we played music this next song we wrote in LA and it’s basically about we’re all family and it’s about doing the right thing and forgiving each other before we let the Sun go down so if you’re mad at your sibling forgive them and the world is better when we just forgive so that’s what this next song is about