2020 Toyota Sienna: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Still The Ultimate Swagger Wagon?

What’s going on YouTube? Now of course minivans are not known to be fashionable vehicles But Toyota was the first brand to strike against that notion with this swagger wagon today it is still one of the most fashionable minivans and for 2020 Toyota is doubling down on that with new additions such as a Night Shade model Of course, we do an especially thank our friends at Frankfort iota for giving us access to the sienna SD And if you’re in the market for any new Toyota be sure to stop by their dealership or visit them via their website Which we provided a link to in the video description So with all that said let’s see what changes Toyota has made to the swagger wagon So starting out with the exterior styling the main things carry over unchanged from a recent refresh But like I already mentioned the big change is the new nightshade model for 2020 This Sienna se is already the most aggressive looking model but for $700 the nightshade package will add a fully blacked-out mesh grille and blacked-out mirrors door handles and badging Amongst the standard models almost every single trim has a different grille design and finish The headlights on the other hand mostly stay the same across the trims since they are halogens on all but the limited premium where they become HIDs Additionally, you’re going to have to go up to at least the SE to get the LED daytime running lights and then fog lights are Found on all but the lowest two trims Heading around to the back there have been no styling updates So you’ll continue to find these sportiest styling in the lineup here on the S II Besides for the flared out lower moldings. The LED tail lights with clear lenses are also unique to this trim But regardless you’re never going to find exposed exhaust pipes So overall, the Sienna has definitely not lost its swagger when it comes to styling Especially if you go for the SE or the new nightshade edition Now when it comes to the wheels it’s pretty complicated to determine which ones you get While almost every trim comes with a different wheel on front wheel drive models For whatever reason when you upgrade to all-wheel drive the lower trims then come with these same 18-inch 10-spoke alloys that the limited comes with the SE comes with the largest wheels in the lineup with these 19-inch gun metal alloys or a fully blacked out version with a nightshade model Heading on out to the mears They are heated on all but the base model auto-dimming on the limited and you’ll find blind spot monitoring on the majority of models But of course as a family vehicle the most important features are active safety systems Unlike the competitors Siena makes automatic emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and auto high beam headlights standard on even the base L model and Finally finishing out the exterior every Sienna has a 20 gallon fuel tank good for ranges of 420 miles with front-wheel drive and 400 miles with all-wheel drive, of course using regular unleaded fuel But anyways, that’s it for the outside so now let’s get to the far more important interior So most versions of the sienna do come standard with a smart entry system and this nice cute box on this specific Se this is part of the preferred equipment You can also add remote start as a dealer accessory As far as getting inside the vehicle there is a sensor behind the handle so all you have to do is grab All right, so peeking inside the 2020 Sienna se

Um, as you can see, the interior has pretty much carried over unchanged now But it continues to be very stylish especially here on the SE Now since there are a ton of different trims, you can get the Sienna in there are also a lot of different interior combinations so we’ll start out with your base models the le le they have cloth seating and ash or dark bisque colors and Then when you go up to the xle or the limited that’s going to upgrade you to leather with those same colors plus an exclusive chestnut color for the limited only Finally here on this SE black with the contrast stitching is going to be the only option and it is also leather That’s hurt you over here to your door trim it is nicely appointed you got a big patch of Softly padded leather rat through here for your arm to restaurant and then you will find exclusive faux carbon-fiber truck As far as the windows, there are one touch automatic for all floor, and then the limited would also have to person and receiving Coming down here to the seat all but the very base L model will have an 8 way power seat with to a lumbar support And like I was saying we do have the leather seating with the kind of white color contrast stitching it definitely looks very attractive especially for minivans So as you all probably know the Sienna has been around for a while however, the cabin is holding up very well Um, you do have pretty good materials. So across this upper part here You got this leather rat with the color contrast stitching and then this top part here is hard touch Driving down to the middle We have more of the same leather rat with the color contrast stitching and then some more of the faux carbon fiber trim And of course as you expect all of these lower areas are hard touch But everything fits together really well and most importantly it feels very durable Now start up the Sienna yours gonna push the button to start And when you do every single model will come standard with this 7-inch touch display, I believe that was added in 2018 Now over here at your gauges, there are a lot of different finishes you can get the gauges in on this specific Se we have the sporty white finish for the tachometer and speedometer But all of them are gonna have the four points too much multifunction display This simply contains all the typical things you expect from Toyota like your audio phone voice commands Messages as well as in the settings here. You can adjust your various safety systems and Coming back to your steering wheel is electric power assistant across the range and you have the nice leather wrapping on the SDN top As far as your buttons, they are the typical Toyota buttons So you have the audio phone and voice commands over here And then on this side of the this controls your multifunction display a couple of your safety systems and then your standard adaptive cruise control Top here, you would find rain sensing wipers on the limited premium only However across the range the steering wheel is manually tilt and telescoping and then heated on the regular limited and up But anyways moving on to interior storage that of course is a Big important part of a minivan and to what it does a great job here So as typical you don’t really have a center console you just have open space so you can float this armrest up Let’s take anything you want to right here Then you can open up this bin and as you can see this goes all the way down to the floor. So this is like Two feet deep you don’t feel lying down the bottom and it goes all the way over there. So definitely a huge amount of space You got your two cupholders And then they leave all this area free. So this is a great spot to stick a purse diaper bag different family items groceries whatever you need to put Up above that you have another nice shelf here Let’s take a phone what not and you do have some more cupholders so you can have four up here in the front And then finally you’ve got your 12 volt outlets your USB port and your aux jack right there So definitely practicality is put at the forefront of this vehicle now Toyota is able to do this because Even though they have a traditional shifter. They’ve mounted it way up here. So it’s definitely out of the way It is your gated traditional Toyota gated shifter, so you just pull down for Drive

You can’t pop over here to the left to shift manually, but no the models are gonna have paddle shifters When we head up into reverse you will find a standard backup camera We do not have a cure trajectory here. But on this se with a preferred equipment package that adds in the parking sensors There is no option for a 360-degree camera system at this time And then kind of heading back to where we just came from you will notice your three-stage heated seat controls These are standard on the SE and up. There is no seat ventilation And coming on up here you will find the standard three zone automatic climate controls As you can see like all parts of the minivan they are very ergonomically friendly So you have these large knobs to make adjustments to both the driver passenger and the rear temperature controls You and everything is represented physically here. Nothing is up in the infotainment system or anything complicated like that Now heading on up here most of the models come with a standard 6 speaker sound system But the limited comes standard with a JBL premium sound system Which is actually what we have optioned on with the preferred SE package So let’s go ahead and take a sample of the 10 speaker JBL Now quality is pretty good and it fills up the large cabin well But anyways that takes us up here to our in tune 3.0 system, so let’s go ahead and take a quick look now Since this is pretty much the same system as in a lot of other Toyota models I won’t spend a ton of time on it, but we’ll go ahead and hit the highlights I’m like I said this is a 7-inch display as you can see you do still have a CD player and then you have shortcut buttons physical tune and Volume knobs and then you have some more controls on that side So just jumping into the home screen like every entune 3.0 system You have some different shortcuts that you can click straight into to expand them Now part of this models preferred equipment package does give us the dynamic navigation system Which is included standard on only delimited trim This is Toyota’s newest system, so it has very good graphics as you can see it is also very responsive And we have menu this brings us to all of our other applications However, most important to a lot of you is the projection button here This is where the apple carplay system will fire up when you plug in an iPhone This was added last year but there is still no Android auto for 2020 beyond that everything is pretty much the same as what we expect from the Intune 3.0 system So if you want to get more information about it Then watch our dedicated tech home video a link to that is in the video description Carrying on up from here most your models do come with this auto dimming mirror with the three homelink universal remotes And most of your models come with this moonroof This is the standard version it comes on the xle and up but it is an option on this se However, there is also a dual panel version that you can get on the limited trim But overall, I think the Toyota Sienna’s cabin continues to succeed at its mission, you know Like I already mentioned this is an older cabin But it’s holding out really really well and it definitely hits all the fundamentals that people expect in a minute Now we’ll go ahead and hand it off to Mason who will finish up the rest of the cabin All right Now like any minivan all you have to do open the rear door is grab this little handle and it is power. Of course And it will slide right out of the way

Now checking out the rear seat itself, obviously This is a very important part of any minivan and the Sienna does excel in this area It has 38 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of rear headroom, which is obviously plenty of space for any family However, that does place it a little bit behind the Honda Odyssey Now as far as the seat itself it is a beautiful design here in the SE with A nice color contrast stitching and you will notice that we do have captains chairs on this model if you were to remove this metal seat Getting in obviously to shut the door I have to do is push this button And looking at the door trim itself, obviously it’s not too elaborate or anything But you do have a fully automatic window as well as rear window sunshade surprisingly on all that the very base l model Now here in the center area on this SC model it does come very nicely equipped So you will find these two smart charging USB ports as well as a household Stop outlet on the xle trims and up and down below that you will also find two folding cupholders And up here on the roof you will find your standard three zone climate control So as you can see You can adjust your fan speeds as was your temperatures and this is standard across all of this in the lineup now Beside that you will find your vents as well as your subscribed coat hook and lighting Now as far as where space is concerned obviously as with any minivan there is plenty of it So behind cruise seating position, I probably have about two feet of rear legroom So tons of space and my feet can slide easily up under the seat sliding over Even with it all the way back the seat is adjusted all the way back. I still have probably a foot or so of space Now I do also want to mention that this model Like I said does have captains chairs But you do have these nice folding armrests and this middle seat can be removed if you do not need the extra passenger back here And to get into the third row all you have to do is let hit this little lever and it will fold the seat kind of like a sandwich and Then all you have to do is slide it right out of it now as far as your rear specs are concerned it is rated at thirty six point three inches of rear legroom and thirty eight inches of rear headroom So let’s go ahead and get back here and see what it’s like for an adult So first sitting back here I am extremely impressed This is a very very comfortable third row as you can see I have several inches of rear leg room to spare and it is worth knowing that this C is scooted all the way back Now as far as my feet, I also have plenty of room for them So they’re very comfortable and off to the side. I do have some amenities as well So I’ve two cupholders as was a little storage area It’s actually not very little it’s plenty of space in there. And you do also have a rear window sunshade as well Now in addition to that you do have some vents as well as an assistant So overall this third row is actually a very wonderful place to spend time This is going to be a lot better than what you’ll find in a lot of large three row SUVs And before I get out of here I do also want to mention that on the premium models You will have a 16.3 inch rear seat entertainment system I did fail to mention that in the second row but that is on all of the premium models the XLE, SE and limited And to slide it back into place all you have to do this push forward And then push this button to slide it And it does go right back into place Now coming around to the tailgate itself, it is power on the SE trims and up So I have to do is look at the button under the lid and it will open right up Now once inside the cns trunk you are going to find a ton of space even for a minivan You’ll find 39 cubic feet behind the third row seats Thanks to all this space down here being a plenty of big enough And if you want more space you can fold the third row seats and behind the second row You’re going to find 89 cubic feet of space now if you want the maximum Amount of space you are going to have to remove the second row seats and that’s going to give you a massive 150 cubic feet which is about as big as anything in any vehicle on the market today

Now it is worth knowing that that is larger than the Honda Odyssey if you want that for reference And there are several ways to fold the seats. So it’s very difficult to do with one hand so I’m just going to insert a little clip that shows you how to fold these third row seats flat with the floor and also how to fold and adjust the second row seats But if you have all of the rows in place and you need the maximum amount of People in here as you can tell there is tons of room down here. This is a very deep area We fit all of our camera equipment back here. No issues and off to the side. You do also have some more storage bins We will discuss the pricing in just a minute And the passenger seat is also a four-way power adjusting on the upper trims Now as far as your storage areas you do have plenty of them so you have a nice nicely sized box it is dampened and Up here you do also have another little pop-out storage area here that can fit plenty of stuff as well Up top you have a Sun Visor with mirror in length, and it does also detach and it does extend as well But anyway guys that sums up all of the third row in second row areas at the Siena So let’s go ahead and get on the road and see how the swagger wagon performs All right, so getting into the powertrain information here Basically everything regarding that does carry over. So you’ve got the three and a half liter v6 engine. That’s the only option Of course several years ago. They did eliminate the four-cylinder option so you just have the three and a half liter v6 and then a it’s 296 horsepower and 263 pound-feet of torque It is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and You have front or all-wheel drive, which I believe is still class exclusive to standard minivans But the electric Pacifica might have all-wheel drive, I think But as far as the standard gas powered ones This is the only minivan that offers all-wheel drive across the lineup fuel economy is pretty good the front wheel drive version is rated at nineteen City twenty six highway 21 combined and the all-wheel-drive version at eighteen twenty four twenty There anyways now we’ll go ahead and take it for a spin and see if it lives up to the exterior Go around that little corner there I Have to say that the steering actually is pretty heavy it certainly feels heavier than what I expect from a minivan The SE does have some more touches on the sport side versus the other trams So taking off and getting up to a highway speed Definitely feels like the that it’s got plenty of power You know, this is some very similarly sized and The same type of engine as the Highlander and that’s kind of what it feels like

But you can definitely get up to highway speed Plenty well and safely You have playing Transmission gears of course having eight so it you know can get in the right gear to give you the power that when you need I mean with this car, obviously the power is not going to like Knock your socks off or anything like that It is a minivan after all. However, I would like to just point out that you know with this car If it’s adequate that’s really all you need, you know, this is a car that you’re going to be driving around your family in All their friends and all that stuff and you really don’t need a hot rod to do that and this car really does it well And it delivers that power smoothly And it doesn’t matter if it’s not super fast. It’s still delivering everything that it needs to do for a minivan You know, and now that we’re up to good speed here I do want to talk about just how comfortable this car is Obviously, this is a minivan. So the confident the comfort is the top priority and the Sienna definitely does this really well You know Even though we are in the SE trim level you would think that this would maybe be a little bit more hard-edged But I’m going to tell you that it’s extremely comfortable so don’t Walk away from the SE trim just because you think it’s going to be too rough or anything as this thing rides extremely smooth You have great seats see seats are awesome tons of space and you know It just really is very quiet and nice place to spend time with all of your family here Where is the transmission it definitely does a really good job I’m just out quickly and smoothly So you don’t have any herky jerky any hesitation between shifts or anything You know like Mason said smooth and comfortable. That’s what’s important And it does also, you know, it doesn’t hesitate to downshift if it needs to get you more power But overall the sanno definitely does a good job on all the important things You know, this is is this sporty no, it’s never going to be sporty or Particularly fun to drive it is a minivan. You know this It is the swagger wagon. And it definitely I think is still very eye-catching on the outside and you know, if you’re gonna drive a minivan, why not drive the one that’s stylish but Definitely like Mason already mentioned don’t be concerned don’t think that you’re giving up on comfort or anything like that the SE E is a cosmetic thing this it’s still tremendously comfortable and It does like I said all the good minivan things with space comfort and reliability Now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing of this twenty twenty twelve to Siena now There are a ton of different trim levels for you to pick between so basically you pick whatever you want So for the very base model Which is the L trim that’s going to come in at thirty one thousand four hundred and fifteen dollars the LE at thirty four thousand two hundred and thirty-five dollars the xle at thirty seven five 65 The SC which is what we have here at thirty seven five 65 xle premium forty-one to 255 the SE premium at 43 six sixty be limited at forty four thousand three hundred and ten and The finally have the top-end limited premium and That comes in at forty seven thousand eight hundred and thirty dollars and it is worth noting light drew was saying there is all-wheel drive

As an option on all of those trims and that’s going to add twenty five hundred bucks Approximately 2500 bucks And even though it does have an outrageous number of trims Don’t be like intimidated as you’ve seen throughout the review there, especially the premium versions. There’s a very few differences Now as far as how this particular model is equipped we do have just a regular SE trim But we still do have a few options added on top of that so we have the SC preferred package for thirty eight hundred bucks as well as carpet floor mats for 239 and finally when you add in the Destination charge of one thousand and ninety five dollars this particular model as equipped comes in a forty two thousand seven hundred and fourteen dollars Which is pretty much right in line with all the competition Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 Toyota Sienna se please hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you. Next time as we sample more the latest automotive delicacies!