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What’s going on YouTube? So as you guys know we are rapidly approaching 100,000 subscribers but Honda North America decided to help us start celebrating a little early By inviting us to our first ever press event in none. Other than the beautiful Yosemite National Park We’re excited to be spending the next three days exploring the park all while using this 2020 Honda passport elite as our personal vehicle Now Honda likes to call this the passport to adventure So let’s go ahead and see how Honda’s midsize er holds up on this real-life adventure So beginning things here with the exterior styling the passports toughened up looks Certainly look appropriate here in this rugged environment Now, of course as you can tell it does share some styling characteristics with the pilot what the change is Honda made make it look significantly more adventure ready Up front you have Extensive use of black trim all the way from the headlights down to the bumper which creates a kind of mask effect like the Audi q8 The top part of the grille is finished in a high-gloss black While the lower parts are all matte black to match with the rugged trim pieces that trace around the rest of the vehicle The headlights however are exactly the same as in the pilot So on the touring as well as this elite, they are fully LED with the five crystal design But the other terms will still have LED low beams Versus the pilot the turn signal and the standard LED fog lights are also located in a different area Moving on to the side this is the angle where the styling looks the most like the pilot But even then it’s six inches shorter and if you’re paying attention You can tell that it sets about an extra inch off the ground versus this Big Brother Honda also doesn’t use chrome anywhere on the vehicle Which is why the window trim roof rails and the piece across the tailgate are all black instead And as far as the rear lighting most of the elements are LED But the turn signal as well as the separated reverse light are incandescent Finally at the bottom every passport has dual exhaust outlets and the ability to tow up to 5,000 pounds So overall Honda didn’t make huge styling changes from the pilot they add up to more than the sum of their parts Since this passport looks significantly more rugged and doesn’t look out of place even in Yosemite Now turning our attention to the wheels One of the passports standout features is that every single trim comes with large 20-inch alloy wheels here on the elite We have this five spoke design finished in high-gloss black and a touring one rung below has the same design But finished in pewter gray The Sport and EXL l have a different five-spoke alloy that they share once again one finished in black and the other in grey Heading on up to the mirrors they are power adjusting on all models EXL adds heating and blind spot monitoring touring adds power folding and then the elite also adds auto dimming Regardless though, they will always be painted black and Last but certainly not least we have to talk about safety which is an area where the passport definitely stands out Honda includes the entire Honda sensing suite as standard equipment on every model Which means even the base trim includes automatic emergency braking Lane Keeping Assist adaptive cruise control and automatic high-beam headlights Most of the competition restricts these features to only the upper trims or expensive option packages But anyways guys that that’s it for the exterior

So now let’s check out the inside before we take it on a spin here in California So first walking up to the Honda passport here in the beautiful Yosemite National Park You will notice that Honda’s smart entry system as well as the remote start system is standard on every trim unlike most of the competition And of course like every other Honda models you’re just reached behind the handle to unlock the door Alright so taking a look inside the Honda passport elite that we have right here You will notice that it does share most of the same Characteristics with people and a pilot as well as the Honda Ridgeline as far as interior design, but there are some unique touches around Now like always I will talk about the different interior color and material combinations you can get So what you’ll be looking at is the option of black grey or beige across all the trims Even the base model and you will actually have leather on all but the very base sport model Attorney over here to your door trim. It is very nicely finished you will notice a nice leather material across the armrest as well as a padded plastic for all the rest of it and Then all but that very base model will come would be two-person memory seating As far as your windows, there are one touch automatic up and down for the driver and the passenger window I’ll turn you over here to the seat It is 10 wave power adjusting on all that that base sport model, which will come with a six-way manual one instead And then this leather here, this is one of the things I’ve always liked about The passport as well as the other Honda models and that’s the way they do the perforation design really gives it a lot of character to it And I just like the way that it looks overall Now as far as the cabin materials here in the passport, they are up to Honda’s usual high expectations so we do have a soft touch plastic with a stitching detail that runs across the entire upper dashboard and Then dropping down here to the middle. You do have a piano black trim Your lower areas here. They are hard touch But like I said as typical with Honda everything fits together absolutely seamlessly and feels extremely solid Now stained area cross every Passport you do have push-button start When you press that you’re going to notice this 8 inch display fire up on every model except the base model Which will come with a 5-inch display instead Now as far as your gauges here you do have Honda’s newest reconfigurable set up and it is standard across every single trim level Now you do have two analog gauges on the outside edge But the vast majority of the information is going to be contained inside of this 7-inch display here Now to control this you’re just going to use these little arrows right like that. You will notice some specific information Prevalent to this car and that’s gonna be like your all-wheel drive torque. For instance. You know, that’s helpful because you can take this passport off-road Coming back to the steering wheel You do have an electric power assisted steering setup as well as a nice leather wrapped steering wheel across all models You have piano black around these buttons here for your audio phone voice commands as well as your multifunction display We do also have standard adaptive cruise control and heating here on the elite as well as the Touring also on the elite we have rain sensing wipers and Then the steering wheel itself is manually tilt and telescoping across the entire range Now like I already mentioned a lot of the best characteristics of the pilot as well as the ridgeline interior do carry over to this passport and one of those I would consider to be the excellent amount of storage So what are the things Honda goes for here, which I don’t think any of the other rivals do choose to do This is to go with this style armrest here Which can fold up that leaves this entire area open to set something on top of it like a bag or something And then underneath of that you have just an absolutely massive amount of space This is kind of like the space I expect on a vehicle

at least To size categories above this one. So as you can see, this is very deep inside. We do have our Charging USB port as well as a 12-volt outlet And then up in front of that we have our two cupholders, which do you have ambient lighting We also have a wireless phone charger here on the elite for this front storage area And then finally, there’s a another store shelf that goes right here So all in all you definitely have a ton of storage here on the passport Now of course as you can see We do have the electronic shifter. And this is one of the ways that does say some space allowing for all this extra storage So this is very simple to use. It’s just push button style You’re gonna press down for Drive, press once more to activate sport mode That’s where you can start to shift via the standard paddle shifters, which are mounted right here on the steering wheel And then full reverse you have a totally different function here you’re going to pull back on this trigger And when you do you will notice a standard backup camera is going to fire up across all models as far as the dynamic guidelines those are going to be standard on the EXL and up and In the front and rear parking sensors will be on the touring end up. I Am also noticing that our mirror here does tilt down in Reverse to help you see the parking lines better Orientate in this case here in Yosemite maybe a rock or something that we may be getting raise your back ends Now this button right here this is an important button here on the passport and that’s going to be your drive mode controller So we do have normal but we also have snow mud and sand modes that of course being because this is an adventure Minded vehicle. So you do have those extra drive modes that allow for that But coming back over here to the more boring interior stuff we do have our climate controls This is set up the same way as it is in the pilot, which is a very ergonomically friendly way to set it up so we do have three zone automatic climate control So, of course you can adjust the front driver and passenger right up here All the buttons are laid out physically You can also press this button here to adjust the rear temperature From up here in the front or of course. They can do it from the back Now you will also notice below that we have our three-stage heated and our three-stage ventilated seats The heated seats that comes on all that the very base sport model and then the ventilation is exclusive to the elite All right, so now that brings us up here to our audio system Of course this being the elite doesn’t mean we have the upgraded 10 speaker premium audio system. So we’ll go ahead and take a sample Overall sound quality of this system is definitely excellent Already so that brings us up here to our newest the newest version of the hondalink system Let’s go ahead and take a quick. Look. This is the newest version of behind a link system It was updated last year So you now have these little tiles here to make it a very simple to use interface with all your applications Just kind of lined up You’ve also got some shortcut buttons across the top as well as some capacitive touch buttons along here on the side Now just kind of hitting the highlights here. We’ll start the navigation. It is Garmin based navigation system This is going to be standard on your touring elite heading back to the home screen here But a few more different features the big ones I would highlight of course is Android auto and apple carplay They are standard equipment on all but the LX which has the smaller display But anyways that pretty much history highlights However, we do have a very detailed tech help video available For those of you who want to learn more a link to that video is provided in the description I’m moving on up here We do have an auto dimming mirror with the new frameless design as well as your home link universal remotes on the bottom of it this is on the EXL and up and Also on all with the base model you will find this power moonroof This is just a regular sized moonroof, but we do have a twin bathroom Once again, like I said, it is standard on all of the baseball that’s pretty impressive for this class And overall, I have to say that impressive really kind of sums up the interior, you know, it is similar, of course

Like I said to the pilot and the ridgeline but I think there’s a really good reason that Honda keeps these similarities and that’s because It’s really hard to come up with anything to complain about. This is such a solid cabin It really hits all of the highlights that a family is going to be looking for All right, so that’s going to do it for the front area now, I’ll go ahead and hand it off to my brother Mason to check out all the back All righty, so heading around to the rear seats of this Honda Passport You are going to find a really good amount of space for you and your family You’re going to find 40 inches of rear legroom and 40 inches of headroom Which just put it on par with its competition like the Murano and Ford Edge Now turning over here to the door trim, of course it is very nicely appointed especially here in this elite trim So we do have a leather armrest portion all through the bottom up here This is even a soft touch plastic and on this elite model We do also have rear window sun shades, which is a really nice touch Now off to the side, we have two cupholders down below that some storage as well as another little storage bin here. That’s quite deep Now turning over to the seat itself. It is a nice design. I really like the perforation here and it does also slide and recline Now Honda does throw in really nice standard equipment for all models So you will find these vents across all of the trims and down below that you will also find your climate controls So as you can see you can adjust your zones as well as the automatic function and temperature and fan speeds and Beside that you will also notice one of the nice features about the Touring and elite and that’s that it has three stage heated rear seats and down below that we have two smart charging USB ports that actually comes on the EXL trends and higher as Well as a household style outlet Now here in the center we have a pen done armrest with cupholders on the side and As far as the rear legroom is concerned Like I said, this is on par with most in the class if not a little bit bigger So behind your seating position, I have about eight to nine inches of rear legroom So everyone in your family is going to be comfortable for all of your road trips? Now heading around to the trunk of the passport you will find a power tailgate on the EXL turns and higher and it is also Hands-free if you opt for the touring or elite trim, so in order to open it just wave your foot under the bumper And it does open right now Now once inside the passports trunk you are going to find a really large amount of space You’re gonna find forty-one cubic feet of space behind the second row seats and that expands to 78 cubic feet if you fold them Now, like I said, that is a large amount of space and it’s quite a bit larger than the Chevy Blazer Now as far as how Hannes Honda finishes it back here, it is finished very nicely. So we do have a carpeted floor board Underneath of it. We have another large storage compartment. So as you can see, this is about a foot deep across the entire floor Um, so you can fit a lot of stuff up under here hidden from view We have another little storage bin right here as well as a 12-volt power outlet and You will also notice that we have buttons to fold these second row seats from back here so just push it And as you can see, it folds right down in a really easy fashion a lot easier than some of the rivals Now coming over to the passenger seat of this four-way power adjusting on the EXL transit higher And in front of the passenger we do have a good-sized glovebox it’s decently wide and goes back quite a ways And up top we have a Sun Visor with lights a mirror and it does also detach and extend Well guys that sums up all the practical stuff about the rear seats of this Passport

So now let’s go ahead and take it out on the road and see how it performs there All righty, so let’s go ahead and talk a bit about the powertrain situation here Of course as you would probably expect Since this does kind of share foundation with the ridge line and the pilot you are looking at these same three and a half liter v6 engine making 280 horsepower and 260 to pound-feet of torque That engine is going to be paired with a 9 speed automatic transmission and what you’ll be looking at is standard front-wheel drive or the optional torque vectoring all-wheel drive system for Every trim except for this elite. This one’s going to come standard with that torque vectoring all-wheel drive system You also have standard auto start/stop on this passport. And that does help it get a pretty good fuel economy So what we rated at is 20 city 25 highway 22 combined And then when you opt for all wheel drive that’s going to drop to 19 city 24 Highway 21 combined It isn’t a worth noting that that is pretty much in line with all the competition As far as a personal note from the driving we have done here in Yosemite For the last few days really seems like we’re at 3/4 of a tank. Yeah, I’ve been driving a lot I mean we drove down to Yosemite like twice there in back and it’s like a two-hour drive so Definitely yes cars in the real world here. It does seem like it’s sipping gas even curving up the mountain roads But anyways with all that said let’s go ahead and take it out in the road and see how it drives All righty guys, so as you can see we’re doing something a little bit different here I’m actually behind the wheel for this car because Honda has allowed me to Drive the passport unlike some of these dealerships who have a 21 year old Insurance policy so I actually am behind the wheel here and I can give you some driving impressions about this 20/20 passport Now as you can tell we are in a very curvy little road here. We are just outside of Yosemite so Obviously the roads going to be pretty curvy up here So we will give you some driving impressions about how to drive on a road like this As well as probably a freeway here in a little bit All righty, so getting started here in this passport test drive The first thing that kind of strikes me is just how this car has plenty of power for what it needs you know as you probably know this is the same powertrain as what’s in the pilot and Ridgeline and with that comes about 280 horsepower so So it is going to be definitely plenty for this type of vehicle. This is a pretty Small vehicle. Obviously, it’s smaller than the pilot You know but more so than even the power, you know, we’re really just impressed by how smooth this engine is We’ve been in this car a lot of different times not this car particularly, but this engine is in a lot of different Honda products and Just every time we get in it, it just reminds you of just how smooth an engine can be This is really an extremely comfortable like car like in terms of writing and that engine really Accents that nicely because it has such a refined feel to it. Even if you throw the hammer down. It’s still super quiet And it just has a very very refined feel to it. You know, it’s deserving of an Acura MDX So it’s kind of like a luxury car engine being put into this passport It sounds pretty good, too. Yeah, it really does it’s naturally aspirated many of the competitors are going to turbocharged engines You know, so if you’re not gonna get this level of smoothness and refinement from my turbo four-cylinder, it’s just not gonna happen And there is sixty miles an hour very very smooth And now that we are up to highway speed Definitely want to talk about how comfortable this car is Something that we’ve really run to appreciate during our like two or three hundred miles that we’ve driven this car I mean this car it really does take comfort to a new level I mean, we’ve seen it in the pilot and also in you know

The MDX this car is SuperDuper comfortable when you’re cruising along. We’re going 56 miles an hour. I Mean, it’s pretty quiet in here super comfortable seats. It’s just a really really quiet and refined ride Now I do also want to talk about the transmission so like Drew said this does have a 9 speed automatic transmission in this car Definitely a very good transmission. You really cannot feel when it shifts gears If you just throw the hammer down you can get that power instantly It just drops it here like that. And it definitely if you’re just easily accelerating like in everyday conditions You are going to just the transmission is just going to blend in the background I mean drew could probably not even really tell when this car shifting gears because this is a really really good transmission and I It’s gotten flack in the past. Hasn’t it about that? Yeah, yeah I was getting ready to mention, you know A lot of people we still take a lot of comments from I guess believe back when the pilot first came out in the MDX some issues with the transmission, so we still get people that are concerned about it, but It’s been through like several iterations since then they reprogram lots of different things. I Really don’t think you have anything to worry about with Over the course of this few days. I have not noticed anything That would be concerning about this transmission And I mean if I just They just drop a gear like that And it’s really quite smooth and doing so, I mean you can see the RPMs go up But you really can’t like feel it like it doesn’t really transfer into the cabin You can just see that you’re going to get a little faster than the RPMs will go up as you can See we’re heading up like a giant mountain here and it’s really handling it very well You know, one of the important things about this car is just cuff the middle ground that occupies in the Honda lineup you know, they talked about that during the press briefing about kind of the reason why this car exists in the first place is Just to you know, there’s just so much space between the CRV and the pilot you the pilots very family-friendly You know, it’s really big and then you have the CRV which is or significantly smaller But you get you’re also looking at having a four-cylinder and stuff like that. So it’s like a matter of there was there was really no middle ground between four customers that you still want to have like a more of a luxurious experience you have the v6 for instance like you know, not that there’s anything wrong with the power of The CRV but like on these mountain roads like we’re going up and down today You know, it’s just it would be significantly more of a struggle for a four-cylinder engine just the way it’s going to be so You have this middle ground where you can have something that’s not super huge and unmanageable Something a little bit more stylish and then also have, you know more power just a better overall experience. It’s really nice to have This option added to the lineup Yeah, and not everyone once a third up, you know, if you go for the pilot you’re driving at something big You know and a lot of people didn’t want to make that step So this does is a good alternative and it’s about six thousand dollars cheaper in an equivalent ally trap passport to a pilot Now one last thing that I do want to mention is the steering setup for this Passport So I’ve been driving it for a little bit now So I kind of have a good feel of you know The steering and how you know kind of performs it is a very light setup I haven’t really been in a lot of crossovers to kind of compare it to But it is very light. It’s probably lighter than my Elantra if I’m going to be honest, but It is precise we talked about this on Kind of off the camera on our way in Yosemite yesterday It’s a very precise student so it’s not it’s light, but you don’t like just fly around everywhere You have a good sense of where the wheels are placed, you know And that’s a really nice thing. so many rivals. So yes that just don’t They really don’t do that very well and just it’s so numb the steering setup that You’re turning you have like a big dead spot, you know It’s just really awkward and you just find yourself kind of you’re all over the place, you know and here in Yosemite They don’t know what a straight road is, you know, there’s no such thing as a continuous

continuous curves yesterday But they said I had no problem with that whatsoever You know Honda I think they value like a little more deenis and dynamics a little bit more than some brands you know, so they’re kind of showing you can be light and Comfort oriented, you know easy to maneuver whatnot But still have the accuracy there versus just having a bunch of numbness and no sense of real Really where things are going Alright guys, we’re about to head up a mountain. So let’s see how this car handles this That’s pretty it’s very pretty I remember saying this way Appliance at so say okay drop the gear It’s all something on this was like I believe that it’s definitely statement dropped to tears. We’re still going the same speed down And that really is the benefit of this v6, you know four cylinders get breathless that’s So like the v6 will give you that power But overall, I have to say I am very impressed without his passport drives I’m not gonna lie to you guys I haven’t been like in the driver’s seat a lot of crossovers at this point because normally I don’t get to drive them but in the light from the passenger seat I could already tell that this car is like super comfortable and stuff and Now that I have popped over to the left side and get behind the wheel I can appreciate just how accurate the steering setup is in this part and I of course can attest I have driven most of the competition You know, and I’m not going today, but I’ve driven this very extensively last couple days You know and it really does it really does strike a great balance you know, that’s kind of the main thing that stands out to me is just like how easy it was to just Kind of adopt the passport take it up into Yosemite and meet All of our needs you know Pulling off out and hike into the ditch or whatnot like we did yesterday to park, you know See you guys likes the armored capability whether it was the Comfort when we came back off of our hike Completely sore cuz you exactly get down Sit down in the truck, you know You know the space to all their equipment around You know it just really it’s an easy vehicle to just kind of adopt into your lifestyle it really it really meets a wide Variety of needs which is what You know this vehicle is intended for All righty, so now let’s go ahead and discuss the pricing for this 2020 Passport So for the very base sport model, you’re gonna come in at thirty one thousand nine hundred ninety dollars The XL is gonna be thirty six thousand four hundred and ten if you go up to the Touring that’s gonna be thirty nine thousand two hundred and eighty and Then if you go for the elite trim with standard all-wheel drive That’s gonna be forty three thousand six hundred eighty And for the touring EXL in sport, if you want to add all-wheel drive that’s going to be nineteen hundred dollars additional Now like we mentioned earlier we do have the fully loaded elite model and in typical Honda fashion We don’t there’s no light options on any of the trim levels So we have the base price of forty three thousand six hundred eighty and then you add the destination charge of one thousand and forty Five dollars to get the total to forty four thousand seven hundred twenty-five Which I have to admit is definitely on the low end of this segment A lot of the rivals like the Blazer Murano are actually going to run you more money than that And some of them don’t really have the off-road capability of this car Well guys we’ve enjoyed watching this in-depth look at the 2020 Honda passport elite Please hit those like and subscribe buttons if you haven’t already and we’ll catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies!