2015 Hyundai Equus Ultimate Full Review /Exhaust /Test Drive /Start Up

hey guys you are looking at the 2015 Hyundai Equus the Equus is available in two different trims level the signature and automate this is of course the 2015 Hyundai Equus ultimate pack the Equus is also called the Hyundai Centennial in some country it is currently in its second generations the Hyundai Equus is an upscale full-size luxury sedan itself as the flagship model of Hyundai model company worldwide it is the largest and the most expensive sedan in the Hyundai’s lineup so the question for today is will it hold up against its competitor in the same segment leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts about it now for 2015 the Equus is unchanged compared to the Genesis which was recently refreshed and it’s more of the driver’s car the Equus is more spacious especially the rear seat sections which offer Kemah lots of high-end luxurious feature the Equus is also more on the luxury side that divide Chris handling respond as well as a comfortable exceptional ride and a suspension on all Equus model now it includes normal in sport mode which now have a noticeable amount of separation it is very smooth and comfortable in comfort mode while sport mode offer little more torque and more sensitivity to the core dry and handling performance up front you see a pair of automatic HID headlamps with LED turn signal light now the Equus does not come with LED daytime running lights but for this much money I hope they will add the LED daytime running lights like all of its competitors offer for future model fog lights does come in LED to help maintain a clear view of the road ahead and in my opinion the chrome accent strip does highlight new fog lights really well and here is a closer look at the grille with chrome insert and the front camera is located in the middle of the grille parking sensor are also integrated to the front bumper intermittent windshield wiper with adjustable speed very classy front end now the Equus has been engineered from the ground up with 19-inch motorized bulk alloy wheels that’s staggering with with 245 45 for the front and 275 40 for the rear behind the wheel is the set of internally ventilated practice and the launch brake caliber for better braking performance all of which not only give the Equus a formidable look but ensure its superior handling body color side view mirror with integrated LED turn signal indicator surround camera are also built into the side view mirror on top is the sunroof that can be tilt up for ventilation or slide open for an open-air feeling the Equus also feature vehicle stability management system electronic stability control with traction control anti-lock braking system with brake force distribution brake assist as well as tire pressure monitoring system for each individual world to the back you quickly notice the full LED taillights with LED brake lights as well as LED turn signal light LED tail lights illuminate quicker and make those behind you aware of your positions and progress at the bottom you find the dual chrome tip exhaust that integrated into the rear bumper as well as parking sensor and here’s the rear view camera it will activate once the vehicle is in Reverse

to help with a much easier backup and there’s the third LED brake light alright on the remote I have the lock unlock tongue release and panic buttons now let’s open it up and check out the interior as you can see the side view mirror will automatically unfold when you unlock the vehicle and will automatically fold in when it is locked now the car does come equipped with smart access key system so with the key in your pocket just press the button on the door handle once to lock after a few second place your hand behind the door handle to unlock and again the mirror will automatically unfold as soon as it detect the key in your pocket and the car does come with self closed on a Mac door on all for naught if you fail to close it you’re closed for you and it works really fast compared to other car that I have seen the exterior color is known as cache being black featuring two-tone interior color with ivory leather seats with black piping black on the dash black and ivory on the door panel with aluminum trims and dark wood trims all around very nice color combination now let’s jump into the driver seat started up and see how it sound so with your foot on the brake push the start button to start now let’s pop the hood and see what the 2015 hyundai equus have to offer under the hood is a 5-liter v8 GDI engine 32 valve DOHC rear wheel drive with an 8-speed automatic transmission with shift on it offering three different driving mode normal sport and snow mode electronic a suspension with damping control pushing out 429 horsepower and 376 pound-feet of torque can hit from 0 to 60 in about 6 seconds top speed is electronically limited at 155 miles per hour in the US epa-estimated fuel economy is 15 TD 23 highway and 18 combined now let’s shut it down and take it out for a short test drive and we’ll see how it perform and accelerate rear view camera and over-the-top camera to help with a much easier backup with guidance line as well and the line will move as you turn the wheel so first impression of the ride is that it is in fact very smooth much smoother than the Genesis but it is also much heavier now acceleration is not that impressive at first but once you get it going it is much better and more sensitive when pressing down on the gas pedal especially when you’re in sport mode now this car was not designed for performance handling like no sport car where you can drive fast in the curvy

road it was designed for a luxury ride and you know just cruising down the straight road or on the highway is where peste performs at very smooth and luxury ride and here I would like to point out the amazing heads-up display that it offer it project very clear information directly onto the windshield in which it display vehicle speed turn-by-turn navigation lane departure warning blind spot detection and smart cruise control in real time so you never have to take your eyes off the road a very nice feature to have and you can always turn it off if you prefer to and here’s a closer look at the driver’s-side door panel it is ivory with black top sections with aluminum trims and dark wood trim on it and all four windows are fully automatic side view mirror controlled and it does offer folded option there’s the gas release button lexicon surround sound speaker that’s the storage compartment on the door panel to position memories hitting equus aluminum dorsal in there Steve peddle Eck was batching on the floor mat as well and here’s a closer look at the seat it is perforated and that’s after heated and ventilated options drive a seat feature 12 way power adjustable seat seat height brake seat back recline and seat cushion adjustment are easily controlled from the upper door panel that memorized the preference of multiple drivers the Equus also employ thermoelectric technology that can chose the heating cooling and humidity of the seat surface for optimal comfort and 10 way power adjustable for front passenger seat the four spoke design steering wheel is wrapped in black leather with premium wood rims on top and bottom sections looked and feel really nice featuring multifunction controls side by side for your convenience with control for audio voice command Bluetooth wireless telephone as well as the most frequent use function in the vehicle steering wheel does feature heated options for those chilly dates behind the wheel on the left you have the light controlled in the turn signal light controlled and here’s the windshield wiper control the Equus ultimate feature a driver LCD instrument cluster that offers its driver a massively brilliant 12 point 3 inch LCD instrument cluster that is impressive in its beauty and function this is fully digital display changes green color depending on the driving mode selected over here you have the driver side event with beautiful woods and aluminum trims down here you have Blind Spot Assist Park Assist traction on and off and the instrument light control and here’s a closer look at the dash in density heads-up display that I mentioned earlier very nice with trims and aluminum trims on the – now the Equus does come standard with lexicon audio system that features 17 speakers the lexicon 7.1 discrete surround sound system included 13 channel digital amplifier that produces 598 watts of power that will deliver an audio experience that will blown your passenger away here is a look at the large multimedia screen it is not touchscreen and there you have the emergency has a light dual zone climate control for the front passenger multimedia controlled and then you have the storage compartment USB and auxiliary input alright here’s the gear lever with the equus logo on top

accented by aluminum exiting trims very nice just pull it down to get into reversed and once you’re in Reverse the backup camera and the over-the-top camera will appear on the screen and sign for your mirror will tilt down to help with a much easier backup and guidance line does move when you turn the wheel and you can also – between different angles of the camera to be displayed on the screen very nice safety features down again for drive and over to the left for shift chronic mode and that’s when you can push it up or down to change gear for a more aggressive ride alright there you have your different driving mode all right choosing between different mode will change the color on the screen and here’s the controller to the infotainment system with a chance to win $5,000 turn terrible horrible no good very bad days into very good very nice around town and the knife in the middle you can move around to move around screen you can press down to select well you can also move it up down right or left and then you have the menu buttons home phone and back map destination and the blue link buttons right there and down here you have the heated and ventilated seats options test the camera buttons in the suspension height you can choose between high and normal that’s the rear sunshade all right Center storage compartment with two 12-volt power outlet glove box compartment and you have the trunk lock now right and here’s a closer look at the seat on top you have to like controlled the room which is for every light in the door light on and off door light one touch open in closed moonroof now you can either tilt up the moonroof for ventilation or you can slide out for an open air feeling sunglasses holder and here’s the rear view mirror then you have the SOS buttons to use in case of an emergency and the universal garage door opener Sun Visor mirror with the card holder all right here’s a look at the rear seat rear seats are really spacious and offer sitting for three in the back rear seats does offer a 60/40 power reclining rear seat with multi power adjustable options alright located on the rear door panel you have the control for the power adjustable rear seat you can power up or down the headrest including the power lumbar support and like I mentioned before rear seats does offer six p 4t power reclining rear seat with multi power adjustable options there you have the ashtray rear windows are fully automatic and there you have the control for the rear window sunshade very convenient and nice feature lexicon speaker Equus aluminum door seal for the back now let’s jump into the rear seat and see how few in the back but let me show you to look to the front cabin

first very spacious cabin and here’s the look to the top and here’s the bottom with dual event now rear seats are really spacious and offer plenty of legroom I’m five eight and have plenty plenty of legroom left and in the back eight feature two large LCD screen then you can display the navigation system or watch your own video DVDs and you can also adjust the audio system indeed entertainment system from the rear center console on top you have the mirror one on each side and here’s the light control for the back as you have the hook now rear seats is really comfortable it is very well padded now this is the rear seats center console controlled out of the comfort of a home media room are now in the rear seat this is the ultimate package that feature offer control of the rear seat entertainment system and either of the two 9.2 inch LCD rear seat multimedia display screens rear seats passenger can also adjust the angle positions in temperature of the heat and cool rear seats experience the power lumbar adjustment even change the heating air conditioning or fresh air flow okay the last thing very nice now at the bottom you have the relax button just hit the relax button and the front passenger seat will slide up and tilt down forward to give the maximum space for the rear seat now that’s when you’re going to be really comfortable in the back very nice luxurious feature and just hit it against to bring it back to normal positions all right on the center console you also have the storage compartment and dual 12-volt power outlet for the back and here’s the look to the rear sections feels really good in the back now let’s pop the trunk as well as the gas cap the gas cap is located on the driver side it does not require premium fuel but you can use premium fuel for better performance and more gas mileage and it holds approximately twenty point three gallons of fuel now the chunk in the 2015 Equus offer sixteen point seven cubic feet of cargo space which is pretty decent for its class plenty of space for your groceries and luggage or maybe one or two got back now let’s see what we have under here here you have your tool one touch close overall D 2015 Hyundai Equus is the top-of-the-line vehicle for the Hyundai brand it offers sitting for five passenger rear seats are very spacious with tons of luxurious features for the rear passenger with 37.7 inch of headroom 38.8 leg rooms 58 shoulder room and 55.1 hip room which is more than enough for anyone to be very comfortable in the back the front cabins however are well crafted with high-end material with great upholstery and premium wood rims

due out now let’s jump into the front passenger seat and see how it is in the front very spacious in the front and very comfortable alright guys that is it for today’s review I hope you guys enjoyed the 2015 Hyundai Equus now my last question to everyone is that would you spend this kind of money for this type and brand of vehicle let me know in the comment section below and for those of you that haven’t subscribed to my channel go ahead and subscribe for more future video review and I’ll see you guys next time