[Boom Series] #11 The Very Best of Hana

Hannah and gun it’s a bright new morning at the garage Ghani is the first one to wake up rise and shine little buses time to get up Wow you’re up early are you looking at oh I was wondering what that was the clock that wakes us up every day oh I see but it doesn’t seem to work on Wragge nothing much this is going to take some time is that okay okay ah you’re here good morning you guys we just came by to say hi before we went to work mm-hmm well drive safely everyone have a good day Hannah okay bye-bye Lani Oh Donny huh aren’t you going to work I can’t go yet ah you have to go through training right uh-huh Sedo told me to wait here for the training session today oh I see Hannah please could you hurry up yeah be right there well I’ll talk to you later Ghani I’ve got to get back to work okay these are should be here any minute are you okay hmm I’ll need a smaller screwdriver for this no I was using it just a little while ago where in the world did I put it Tanna try looking in your pocket huh my pocket oh here it is all right now back to work Oh Gani yeah you know it was in my pocket oh I saw you put it in there just now God he is very observant I’m gonna be late for my shift all right I’m coming one moment huh what do you used to find tools for me whenever I lost them hmm I remember time saying something’s strange about Ghani he’s new but he does everything perfectly and knows everything huh did Bonnie really in here Bundy’s memories thanks Hannah see you later bye drive safely isn’t it Seto here yet no oh here he comes hi Ghani good morning Hannah hi sorry to keep you waiting so long I had to take care of some emergencies that’s okay well then let’s head to the training course okay wait up guys Oh what is it Seto is it okay if I train with Donny for today you Hannah of course you can oh that’s great all right Donny let’s head to the training course it’s this way okay good luck you two what’s come over her this is my chance to see if Gandhi really does have one of these memories Oh Gunny wait up this way Gunny pull up to this line okay ice and easy now the video on the screen will react to you as you drive start the video starting this big test video Wow now try moving forward okay Wow now try pulling over to the side alright you see how it works now uh-huh then let’s try the actual test now you’ll get a score when you’re finished it a score now off you go Ghani huh oh okay one day always got a perfect score how

will God do his score is even worse than most of the other buses I’m so sorry Hannah don’t worry about it it’s always hard the first time now let’s just head over to the training route okay tayo the little bus he couldn’t have failed the test if he has one of these memories did I expect too much from him well I am NOT going to give up just yet let’s practice picking up passengers at a bus stop okay you’ve got to come a little closer yeah you did it now try opening the front door okay oh I’m so sorry it’s okay it’s okay you’ll get better as you practice don’t worry about it should we go downtown hmm but I’ve never been downtown by myself that’s okay okay with you all right let’s go perhaps Ghani hasn’t inherited any of one of these memories after all huh that lady’s bags looks heavy we’d better give her a lift Oh Jonny what’s the matter Anna she seems to be struggling with her bag can we give her a ride huh okay sure how far you going I have to get to that intersection good then we’ll give you a lift ma’am you really don’t have to we’d like to help please let me carry your bag thank you young lady boy hello and if I’m am i up to and thank you one Ds to help people like her all the time well let’s get back okay huh why is optics so back down hey what’s going on are you okay ah I broke down I’m so sorry Anna it looks like the car in front of us broke down Bonnie could you please let me off are you okay I don’t know why but I just can’t move may I take a look or this seems to be the problem but I know I can fix it um Hanna huh yeah I think we’re blocking the road we better pull over to the side and fix him oh yeah you’re right this should go over here Andy are you on your shift yeah don’t worry look over there you always get so caught up making repairs that you don’t notice anything else now why don’t you pull over to the side what’s wrong Hanna it’s nothing they definitely have something in common I think I need my tools to fix them Donnie could you go get my tools from the shop sure I love you right back thanks a lot oh wait Donnie doesn’t know the way back to the garage here you don’t know the way oh why did I ask him to do that huh Connie are you coming from the garage uh-huh the toolbox is right next to my door you found it wow it’s true amazing he’s got one of these memories for sure you’re all set to go so much

alright fine now okay Connie tell me how did you find your way back to the garage well I’m not sure it’s okay you don’t have to explain I think I already know what what do you mean oh you just remind me of another bus I used to know Oh who is it well he’s retired now but he was a warm-hearted hard-working bus that everybody just adored Wow one day you’ll be a fantastic bus just like him you think so of course but you’ll have to work really hard on your driving before that you need to raise your score if you want to start working okay now let’s get back to the garage and practice a little more okay okay let’s go thanks to Ghani Tina feels as that she’s been reunited with an old friend Hana’s day out it’s getting late but the little buses are nowhere to be seen where could they be let’s try that again I know I can do better oh you don’t think that I can oh you got me now you be it this time you guys oh it’s time for bed Hannah can’t we play a little longer just a little more huh no and taiyo Rogie I told you it’s dangerous to play tag at the garage I want to practice a little more now now nice buses go to bed on time she always tells us to go to bed so early I know I’m not even sleepy but we have to do what Hannah says oh I wish I could stay up late even if it was just for a day hi Seto good morning good morning everyone I see you’re all awake are you going somewhere mm-hmm there’s an important event for tour buses in the neighboring city so Seto and I will be going to an important event sounds like fun so when are you coming back hmm around lunchtime tomorrow you’ll be okay without us it won’t you don’t worry I’ll be fine right guys don’t worry you are not planning to stay up all night long are you oh hi well I’ll see you tomorrow stay out of trouble while we’re gone they’re coming tomorrow tayo was happy all day at the thought of staying up late Oh shine you seem happy today uh-huh Hana is out of town and she’s not coming back until tomorrow what’s so good about that then she’s not here we can stay up as late as we want Oh shine do you want to come over sorry but I don’t know if I can free up my busy schedule oh I see that’s too bad I guess I’ll see you later bye I would have said yes if he had asked me again sheesh I’ll be the first one what

should we do I’ll practice the things I missed last night hey slowpoke are you making fun of me okay almost there I thought I’d score over 90 this time why do I feel so dizzy Gandhi feels dizzy from staring at a screen for too long Kanna would have been able to help me if she were here I’ll see what I can do how do I know what’s wrong with me oh that’s it first I stand here hmm what do I do next huh it’s automatic it’s easier than I thought oh but I’m not sure I understand how to read the results huh I’ve always wanted to get on this thing tayo the little bus tayo tayo tayo you can’t just keep hiding hey are you mad how do you move this thing I wish Hannah were here but we didn’t do anything wrong yeah we were just playing tag why you lit up oh no the repair shop is a complete mess are you okay Danny can you get me down this is awful roki how do you lower them I don’t know we’ll have to go see if the repairs novel please get me down your fault what you were coming after we didn’t do anything wrong you guys what happened what’s going on you guys better tell me what’s going on huh Gani Oh can you get me down please how did you

get not there jana Ghani now you tell me what happened now it’s all my fault I went into your repair shop without your permission what God you mean you did this all by yourself Ghani didn’t do anything wrong I’m going to tell the truth whether I get into trouble or not Hannah yes actually it was all my fault I’m sorry that’s not true we made a mess playing peg I’m sorry actually it’s my fault it’s all my fault if I hadn’t come to the repair shop you guys they’re in big trouble now aren’t any of you hurt what you really could have gotten hurt you little rascals you really should be punished for this but since you all seem to be feeling sorry we’ll forgive you this time me neither oh listen to what you say and go to bed early from now on anyway I think it’ll take forever to clean up this mess great then we’ll all do it together although Hannah is Stern with them sometime the little buses absolutely adore her in a special day it’s early morning and Hannah is hard at work you’re all done thanks Anna oh I’m tired it’s been such a busy morning huh and I’m all out of supplies I’ll need them for the afternoon I know I’ll just ask one of the buses to take me to go buy some hey guys huh where’d they all go that’s strange they all should be off today hey huh hey Nuri good morning huh what’s that on your face you mean this is nothing okay what brings you here today oh I’m off Rick today so I wanted to get a checkup you’re off today then Nuri could you take me into the city after your checkup is finished tip city I need to go buy supplies but there’s no one to take me oh well then I can take you there you will thanks Marie after the checkup nori and Hannah went out to the city oh I’m hungry I haven’t eaten anything all morning chicken hates burgers oh it all sounds so good Oh nori what’s wrong oh I’m sorry Hannah but I just remembered something urgent oh do you mind waiting here for a little while here yeah okay I’ll be right back okay I wonder where she’s going I’m so hungry something smells good oh wow hey guys huh Hannah what are you doing here we’re helping a friend hand out free food samples you can have some cute samples oh wow chicken pizza burgers golly it’s everything I’ve been craving oh great you can have all you want I’ll help myself ah that was good uh Hannah sorry for making you wait it’s okay thanks to you I had lots of yummy food well that’s good hmm

okay we’re here oh thanks very now let’s get some shopping done did you buy anything huh all the supplies I’m looking for sold out oh no what things did you need I mean engine oil and cleaners but too bad let’s just go home okay what am I supposed to do now hey nori huh oh hey shine where are you going well I way too many maintenance supplies so I’m looking for someone to get them – huh maintenance supplies which ones huh oh hey Hannah want to take a little look now are you ready and engine oil and cleaners and they’re all top-of-the-line you could take them if you like really of course I wanted to give them away anyway are you happy uh-huh shine gave me everything I needed at the shop I’m feeling lucky today that’s great Hana tayo the little bus what a strange day today good things have been happening all day long huh what in the world is that you are the one millionth person to across this bridge now we have a special person for you being the one millionth person we want you to wear the dress for the pictures really all right now come stand over here okay now smile one two this looks great how is your day today Hannah it was incredible I’ve never had a day like this before I’m glad to hear that Oh what’s getting late I hope no one’s looking for me don’t worry we’re almost there huh why are all the lights off huh what’s that hmm hey that’s air I wonder why he’s here okay you guys ready okay everyone okay now we’re going to build a special stage for Hannah rubbing you clean up here and then the construction crew can begin building the stage okay we’re on it that’s all surprise Hannah see you yogi is the food already all set chicken pizza and burgers right yeah and it’s gonna be so full after this

Mississippi I got them and they’re all top-of-the-line Wow nice one shine Thanks ha we’re still not there yet we’ll need another round but Taiyo we’ve already been around 10 times sorry bong bong but I’m afraid we don’t have very much time left I really want to make Hana the 1 million person to cross the bridge okay well I’ll stay with you ty oh thanks bong bong eat oh no tile looks like we’re gonna be short two cars Oh No Oh what should we do don’t worry huh we’ll take care of it guy all right now so everything had been planned by the bosses but why have they planned something like this you guys huh Wow what do you think what do you think of our present hmm it’s wonderful I’ve been so busy I forgot it was my birthday thank you everyone you’re welcome thank you for always watching out for us and taking care of us Hannah we’ll try not to cause any trouble and be good from now on me too Oh guys time Yomi Lani Jonny having met all of you is the best present I could ever have all right now let’s begin Hannah’s birthday celebration today was a day that Hannah would never forget with the little busses as friends every birthday will be special