نقش مخرب مذهب سازمانيافته در آموزش؛ برنامه نان و گل سرخ

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Genesis is saying that dirt poof’s into Adam and Eve you know so there there’s that they’re always they’re always trying to say it is a it’s 100 in some years after Darwin and they’re always trying to say no that’s not how it happened it still happened by magic and also in Texas and lava a lot of other states the united states and now that the national government is becoming more religious pandering there’s a there’s like even Donald Trump when it came to Dallas he said well America is going to be able to say Merry Christmas again likely they couldn’t say it before like they’re being so restrained by atheists so the point I’m making though is that that the Republicans in Texas Legislature which I know a lot about cuz i live in the state are always gearing a lot of legislation toward telling people what they can say in the classroom what what they can’t trying to get intelligent design and creation is in the classroom rick perry was like well I told a little kid well I think creationism should be taught in the classroom so we have people this public decision makers who are very geared and very very supported by Christian lobbies to undermine science education not just science education history education to like recently the new history textbooks credit Moses with the founding of the United States government not him alone but he has no credit whatsoever and a list of people like Thomas Jefferson and founding fathers Moses is not a credible or relevant to American history at all and that’s then arc our students are learning about that what do you say to people say well what’s wrong with them learning about that it’s just one you know science is one way of looking at the world that’s another well science is the only way that humans currently have of verifying the accuracy of what they’re learning and other other academic disciplines also have some like history a lot of times people have less will go well with Moses in history is that a really big deal but to me it is the truth is the truth and how do you know what the truth is you’re able to verify it so if if you’re going to put for example Moses in history books and and every major historian is is discreet with you when they look at primary sources and secondary sources and evidence whether that’s so archaeology is a science and so that if they’re going to say well and I’ve had a principal tell me that for like my son was in an after-school program and run by a Baptist minister and I was walking by and and and he’s shouting at the kids to just say God made a dinosaur and and let there be dinosaurs and that’s where dinosaurs came from so I go to tell the principal this and she goes well and I go I told him that you’re undermining the the science curriculum sing something like that and she goes well that you have your opinion and he has theirs but science is not a matter of opinion it’s a matter of verifiable fact so if you’re going to say that why don’t you let them say that and you have your opinion and they have theirs it’s not like we’re having a discussion over the passing whole or some kind of how Kennedy was shot opinion a thing where we’re having a discussion of what we should teach children and evidence-based information is only current method nothing that they’ve offered in as a as a counter to that that is as accurate like intelligent design and the intelligent design was a way to try and take some of the best things of science and put a put a wolf in sheep’s clothing there there’s nothing even they say that irreducible complexity is some kind of scientific evidence of creationism but they don’t have any mechanisms or anything that really helps you to understand how that happened whereas evolution has all kinds of like evidence like in different different areas DNA evidence morphological evidence geological evidence it’s backed by multiple disciplines and that’s not so for intelligent design what about the politics you’ve been talking about that

too but what was your concern with let’s say Trump officials president the the rise of the Christian Right and its role in in the US you talked about Christian lobbying where do you see that and a lot of Christians even don’t see Trump as someone who’s actually a Christian when he was speaking of Liberty University he said he said he quoted 2 Corinthians and all Christians know that second curtains so he’s not somebody that’s biblically literate and and some Christians Evangelic coefficients will still choose him over somebody who has huge credibility as an evangelical Christian like Ted Cruz his family is established evangelical Christians and because they say that sometimes God uses a non-christian in the Bible to accomplish his ends and stuff like that but but then some other people will argue well as a secular person maybe and I conservative maybe I could vote for Trump cos he’s not for real what is a list of this Christianity but I gotta tell you just like he came to Fort Worth and told them that we’re going to be able to say Merry Christmas know he has some some promises to keep for all these Christians who are backing him so he is going to do what he’s what he’s promised a lot of them to do so he can stay in office so I he won’t be it wouldn’t be as bad as as Ted Ted Cruz would be as far as the ala Chrissy goes but he’s still not going to govern from a secular perspective and he’s going to govern for what his self-interest is and but i do believe him however on his genuine racism i do believe that he’s coming from a genuine place with that because having grown up in the south i know a racist when I see one and unfortunately he’s pandering to a fearful and hateful part of America not everybody in America is like that but are enough people there are enough people to elect him for president or enough people to think he’s not serious and aren’t really are low information there there are a whole lot of other things to be afraid of Donald Trump being president other than its Christian pandering but I believe he did promise that he would try to overturn the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage so like perhaps by appointing judges he might help Republicans get it a marriage amendment in the Constitution so that would be very hard to come over come thank you you’re welcome omidvaram as Mesabi ball under OSHA to namaz e voce penasaran masala Halima homero ma che mikoni back vamos a hacer el mozo Parvarish Medusa Drake a coup de combat para and Giovanna veteran da souza distortion Davila oh hi eat LOL VAR bir to none but vittoria lavish antibody fake Conan mushkila Marhaba nickname is our entire economy geeky body no fake pony farm into remission if Akane colleges in charge of very shallow Bonhomme de nom elkridge O’Gara’s a hundred shadow Kingdom second on PTSD cosmos wash off the wood k a tawdry say Mass Habibullah Khan and miss a cheese omelet inteligencia la feria as a tourism in a hominid baby number two cali with buddy masala by saying a kiss cerca de Jonge McConkey jame year she coo fried vegetable she will she will she care automotive salgo con and John will be sharp opener hope that Dan at natty java petroleum anemic on batch aha just to toledo almost five edition in rural big like a fake brokenness all Bakunin jamero pitch Ron and I hope your bat German colony my hot dog on over in janitor mass happy in nashua similar name Sean Casey facebook on fri ag0 fiction arrow by matthew druid bahama tecra local number aha me actor EK baar o Inca rush rush no kanojo Americana aha miadora k jewelry in so harmless Osmani Octavia almost by barracuda corner of division fat we’re at marconi have to ask anh tran knows of Anna’s van key yeki AZ Mala Mala see at a syndrome isn’t even Adara gusta que la la yonas in mata Hasina Korra’s not really are a

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