Terraria Let's Play Ep. 2 – Soul Eaters on Multiplayer

I’m probably just going to find the most entertaining ways to die uh you would I’m actually going to go looking for stuff in mining me and Joe are actually like being serious on the server oh really yeah this is a serious server we’re just gonna like actually we’re gonna have fun but we’re gonna like actually try and build and survive and oh my god that was close that’s what I wanted you because you’re the really creative one slime you you read slimes I have bad experiences with you so how far down can you go here oh I wouldn’t drop down there yet you don’t have a grappling hook yeah without a grappling hook you’re likely to die of course I am I’m likely to die period I need to find out how to make it Bradley hook so I need to make you one real quick alright so I fold a bunch and what did what did Joe mean don’t dig him out of the hole he was in a little hole and you cannot take him out because because why because he doesn’t want to be dug out of the hole okay hey I found my psyllium wait ah what’s hitting me damn bats ah I’m being hurt by vines grappling hook okay what the ordos the alone like what I’d scorpion what the pho with those all right I need to late wetter what what what what or what I told you flying one-eyed while they was all crap pictures yeah those are the flying eyes hey bunny also if the blood moon rises kill the bunnies because they will kill you what yeah evil bunnies huh it’ll say when the blood moon rises but if it does also if a goblin army attacks get out of there like as fast as you can cuz you will die a lot o it I’ll bet I died a lot fighting my first carbon army I died instantly probably considering they do I think ah more children more of the pictures no no glue how much that fire ah ah y’all right up there any me come help you I’m hurt and cornered you need me to come up there I think I’m fine alright for now whoo that’s silver down arrow no no no no no no no no no no no no no it’s definitely silver get down here you can’t get down here get away get away get away mm oh ooh your face was torn off ah just my face your face was torn off by eater of souls well that I kind of expected I mean come on let’s get real I’m going to come up there and make you some silver armor so you’ll last longer so I cannot die as quickly not as quickly on the bright side I got rid of a bunch of thorny vines or whatever those look like in the area that’s to the right of the house nice the mycelium looking area yeah oh that oh that’s the corruption don’t go in the corruption thanks for telling me I did not even I forgot what you were thinking you were talking about like what was it that’s it I’m like oh the mycelium looking area yeah that’s the corruption that is the place where you go if you want to start challenging bosses I’m on it you know where the end you know the Enderdragon right I don’t know so I’m not familiar with the

concept he is a compared to the lowest level boss in this game cool i’ll go uh I’ll go trying you can’t summon him yet I can try I you actually can’t you would need a lot of dirty pics be able to summon good how do I get out of here crap crap crap crap I am out of I don’t have any torches I’m gonna head back up I need some baggage here I’ll make you some torches and just set up wait oh crap hi my dick how it goes with Vegeta my molten hammer says die here have some trees John you enjoy that fiber so much fiber I’m gonna be so regular yeah all right follow me back into the house but I want to make my own house you will eventually just let me help you first God let us help you all right now so now slime no no nose there where are you no come to that come to the house for Parker I’m safe all right I’m going to come in in a second just to get to you put wood over there again at first off make something for you 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 22 299 for me ninety-nine torches for you oops there you go yeah and then here take this which is where is it how can I bring down this wood here you go like that did you grab that yes okay and take this get the armor armor probably put it on your equip thing actually I don’t think I did I tossed it to you can I get vivax is it check hit escape and it should be in your inventory oh there it is silver chain mail and then put do you see that uh that huge spike ball thing that’s a weapon use that how do I put on armor you see equip and like right you know where the shields are that especially about equip oh I say there you go ha ha and then that that thing will basically do a ton of damage so I’m just going to open this up pretty quickly I’ll kill everything that comes near us I want to try okay the first time I’ve killed stuff let’s break that with the first come on so murdering also that that uh did you get the Trident in the boomerang out of the probably a test you might want to do that because the boomerang is a long-range weapon I’ll go find some piranhas to kill in the meantime to get you a hook we’re just Joe of a hook no idea Joe ain’t got yes sure Deacon but no hook God dang it Joe come in yours yours a long-range weapons so I’m invincible oh you haven’t seen eater so you haven’t seen the destroyer he will murder you he murdered me and Joe dude I got this sure you’ve got all you over there alright I’m going to look for something that wait here on the word i put my torches very much Horace want to light up the sir oh

what do you do I landed where am I hey there’s my old tombstone oh you should stop doing that but I like this area so hospitable yeah yeah just probably gonna have to just rip down my my little base I’ll do it later eater of souls i have a lightsaber what are you gonna do eat his soul can t my soul hi what’s up not much I’m gonna go to hell oh that’s not hell the hell is underground now behind the water what’s in the water nothing ooh star on time soon as we enough falling stars I’ll make you on the inner corner you’re gonna need that definitely in fact I’ll go searching for 20 hide zombie what’s up brah they can’t swim now they can’t the big eaters can’t slip yeah nothing comes from really cooks piranhas and sharks take that taken that no that’s what the underground mine was Oh dead I should just sit here this is like a money mine scale-out died and i can use know huh zombie you fell into a hole you won’t get will get out no don’t know you’re dead what hey Dan hmm I kind of trapped myself can you you come dig me out yeah I’m got Matt behind ya I need the captive painful I told you is actually fun even dying is actually fun because of just messages and all the goofiness ooh jellyfish jellyfish a jellyfish blue jelly fish perfect our Krabby Patties will be complete I know right oh crap worm died Thank You wife saber what in the hell decapitated that thing yo mama do mobs decapitate other moms they can all right I’m gonna tell if that silver or not that is silver that’s a lot of silver huh I want to get you silver armor in the very in a couple seconds going back to the little death please now that all grabs grab some more weapons now I’m fine with my whatever that’s a spike ball ball over hurt my the ball Oh hurt I gave you yep we’ll have fun don’t talk to strangers I’ll murder them I won’t talk to them just friggin worm seriously you’re pissing me off come here kami you got nothing on me you got nothing on me got nothing what happens if they don’t like explode into pieces never mind they paid it away so to shift automatically go to torches

I think so yeah get away from me you don’t belong here I don’t belong here no John continue digging this one a lot faster yesterday are a couple days ago because Joe had a drill oh they refuse to give let me borrow it apparently it’s his baby oh I’m standing in the guts of one of the soul eaters Oh wreck I didn’t bounce all that you can make them better actually yeah ah that was lucky build a bridge so I don’t fall into it yeah that might help oh I know it helps i tried to drop off the silver oh wow i molded sit ah dang Frank that was a good health pot I needed that way died right there it’s me off also just cuz i don’t know 300 health anymore and only have one under because because you’re normal it’s a tagging Joe is Joe actually on online yeah unfortunately he is and I had to go find him and kill the worm because attacking him nope nope nope oh the way get away I’m sorry for everything I’ve done please just leave me no oh god they saw the corpse of their brother and then I kind of stopped yeah I finally killed it is attacking Joe and I’m just like God dang it that’s a big chasm come on bat I have a lightsaber yeah sure oh that could been so bad ah they’re coming from below yeah they do that well now I know where I am I gave you all my health pops didn’t I I think so it’s okay i had one left not really gonna do much considering in a little house but still oh boy all right do i jump this chasm there is there’s something I can use okay sweet gold dynamite I need I don’t know is what led to the platform’s either invisibility potion that’s nice flaming arrows would

put that their regular arrows will put in there what can I do with eight cords how much nothing can i do with acorns not much I think it grows see trees and grows them well that would make sense argh argh argh argh argh I got you a present what’s that health crystal what does that do gives you hell Mike if I can break this stupid golden chest hey I can’t hey wait skeleton i just realized i need your bones where are you hi yeah my molten ham will catch you on fire yet hey hey sure I said I said I says good No ah and now trails were ripped out by the eater of souls well that was fun that was definitely the farthest I’ve ever made