Pete Pridanonda at the Magic Castle::Saturday Brunch

but you can’t do it how did you debut performance ago it went perfect Oh bodice huh he had his debut performance here at the Magic Castle don’t you have a minutes ago oh I know I get so excited I’m like jump and run around but I hold everyone as they left the room I said how did you do they all knew it was his debut they all said he was awesome so he just turned 16 years old he just got into our junior program and in September I believe yes definitely September to get into the program you have to be professional level I mean you have to be as good as the big boys to get into this program and to actually perform here well you’ll see you’re about to see how wonderful these young people are and why I always say the junior program is the jewel of the castle and it would make fun of me but it’s true so if I didn’t aim right we’re gonna do very well ah please welcome Pete pre duh thank you thank you very much now like he said my name is Pete and uh I’ve been do magic for about three years and over a year eventually found out that are a lot of good things about being magician now how many of you know what they are let you have the good things are being rich in it you said I can actually show me an empty and make money well you see you can also take the money I split it into two so now I have 25 cents and 50 cents well you see being addition it can also keep money wherever I like in this case I keep a third corner up my sleeve so now there’s 75 cents right but if you think about it these aren’t really a lot of money to spend except in the olden days right but let’s say you actually do something with these coins okay could you please them open your hand up and only have one to one of the something that strange happens that quite seem to just disappeared right let’s try this I was once you make money you can lose money very easily but you see something is very even stranger than this because if I take the money and put it in my pocket right you can see the quality of my fabric right sometimes when you can actually slips away thank you somebody think I’m going to put the coins into my hand yes we travel up my sleeves and in across my chest that makes it one disappear but actually it does have a secret the secret is actually in the coin itself because no matter how high dam holding on to the coin the Quadra seems to disappear and that’s the mystery that even I cannot figure out now let’s try some carnage okay how many of you have ever seen a magician do card tricks before almost all of you right so what are usually the first thing that ministers do we take seven different parts actually he takes of cars out of the box first really important thing I know after he checked your cards out who usually have you pick a card and then remember the part right back in it maybe give the cards a shuffle or two but today I’m going to try something completely different okay so I’m gonna need that one chair to help me so with somebody help me please okay now what is your name Nancy Nancy my name is Pete nice to meet nice to meet you is your first time at Magic Castle yes thank you you have fun here yes now I’m going to show you the first streetcar trick that I’ve ever learned all right and I’m gonna provide into one huge trips you can see them at the same time okay I would love you to actually concentrate look deep into my eyes right I love how you take out the card that I think will be similar to the card you will pick in the future so let’s see I got this movie by prediction right

I’ll leave it over here for you I’ll get back to you but first I’ll have you so do please say stop wherever you like s everything okay the right here now since I see this part of issue support right above it all right so if you please take a look at this card show the card around do not show can everyone see the car and keep the car face down all right and go ahead and place it back on top of this pile and I’ll cut your card back in the deck okay make sure it’s lost now the first trick that I learned was how to find a car you see my magic spell really really mysterious magic spell have you ever seen a magician find clark’s you see a magic spell before well I’ll show you what it is right now okay what did stay with the car do you eight of diamonds right so watch carefully okay e d HT see magic spell not like a water spill so 8o what do you say the air diamonds that means D I am and ah yes actually predict the future in this case right move the cars from the beginning right so hopefully my cushion is correct this car should be almost the same as this car so what should it be and I was thinking about it should be the eight of Hearts right same suits same value same color the mate of the card no you see that nursery was actually how to locate high cards in the deck right now what would you say is the highest card into the parts it’s the forest it’s basically right yeah so I wish eights we like me to find first I’ll try to find it forces which ace we like Nick’s place you just feet are you sure I can switch it up yes makes actually a really good choice it as most people I’ve seen space and usually the hardest one to find my only did I find the easiest things but I’m also fine the ace of diamonds not only that but I’ve also changed your core into these applause Andy Ace of Hearts I’m actually managed just nothing thank you very much now let me show you something with these four aces okay it’s actually a gambling taking eight that card sharks actually use in a real card game now if you were actually holding on to these aces how do you normally turn the cards over like grab it like this and it may turn over like this right but I say some people would even care the course and turn it over you know very sneaky way like this or you say being a magician I don’t have to do any of these I use a slightly different take okay just this squaring action right here I caused the Ace of Hearts to turn over did you see each of our doing this movement and prostates of ours to turn face down and causes another face to turn over in this case E’s and clumps and if you look you can see so now we have two aces down and 2 more asses to go right the next ace would be the ace of diamonds do you see anything happens I’m actually causes the ace of diamonds yeah I’m actually using my cards my playing cards have you ever seen my parts before well actually these cases are actually more on the pattern there are little red dots on these corners very very special in your coin by one can you see the red I don’t see any wind up high maybe bigger so you can see okay just apply a little bit of heat and that makes a red dot so in this case

is on the piece of space okay now let me show you the other markings on the rest of these aces okay so we have one two three left you go change to the markings on this we’re not very difficult to see my glasses my glasses it’s actually microscopic it’s very very small certainly is you actually have to have ideas in this case friction this case is on the east of club now let’s see if you can actually locate the markings on the rest of this next a very small you need a special train I train able to see markings are very very small but if I apply heat you can actually see the so now all the answers are basically marked on the back right of course if you want to use this in the real part game because they would catch you out the your single cars and that would be a very very bad day so let’s see we can actually fix this okay now you can see the ace of cars has a red backlight different from the rest of these imagine you will keep yourself too different from the rest of the other cars right put your hand on top and now do you think you can do the game with piss on races do I put it you can put all them at the same time in your hands and now that you know the techniques of how with issues actually use a cheating and playing cards I would like to show you how actually they practice their techniques okay they actually practice it by using a game called the the three-card Monte is anyone even heard of that game before the three-card Monte it’s actually played in on the streets in Las Vegas and many places yeah we have to find it odd cardamom any other among the other cars so obviously the Joker’s for this you have the Joker’s are now a size from the Joker’s we’re also going to be using the Aces okay quit and interference you can table now let’s do the ace of clubs and Missy will use another age so for you please help me out sure your and each other two aces I’m not going to use okay so I’m going to just move it back in the deck like so just to make sure that you thought need to play it right now since three-card Monte is usually played with all your three cards I’m going to get rid of one of the Aces and in this case um let me get rid of the ace of clubs who says this is your favorite that’s right I’ll get back to it a little bit okay I’ll leave it or if you ever can see it the whole time okay and all you have to do is keep track of the ace of diamonds right don’t follow the Joker’s because Joker’s are very very confusing now where is these diamonds just for practice all we see in the middle right but if I make it more difficult by flipping it face down like so actually I’ll leave it protruding out you can see it the whole time but if I mix the course I’m so where should that bring me should be able to talk while the top right here you’re actually correct let’s try it again okay I’ll take the ace of diamonds I’ll put it in between the Joker’s you can see it here in between the doors really family no where’s ace of diamonds in the middle should be in the middle right it’s actually on top can we see the weird thing is even if you take the ace of diamonds and clearly put it on top of the Joker’s it just seems like it

actually went all the way down which is very strange think about it now I’m since we’ve been using the ace of diamonds the whole time let’s get to your ace of clubs okay I’ll TBS diamonds and I’ll leave it aside for now so nobody can get to it all right and again okay the stalkers and I’ll put it in Tweenies now doesn’t practice where it says it’s in the middle should be in the middle right but you see if this is a strange part okay I snap my fingers it seems that there are now these values any ace of clubs now you know the reason why these cars are very difficult to follow along the Joker’s because the Joker’s are very very special they have super powers they’re very special Jokers you want to know why yeah I’ll show you I if I take the Joker’s and I’ll you might put one on top and one on the bottom all right you see the Joker’s are inseparable they’re best friends and you will they don’t want to be far apart you like to be close together it is you can see one on top one on the bottom right what do you watch carefully one two and you can see it switch places with the Aces just like so now let’s try it again okay I’ll take um it’s the Otis on the bottom here I’ll put it again but this time I put it face to face like so and again I’ll put it down over here from now so this should be the easiest right but the ring is over here I have the Aces and I’m here now we like to see it again but this time in your hand so you can shake this time object in your hands okay the Aces and I’ll put it on face to face like before you can kind of see it being face to face right oh you are right hand left hand right hand is looking great up put the right hand on top of these pieces over enough really tiny little thing and now I will cause the two jokers to actually swish aces with the Aces can everybody see the Joker’s they like to stay together there’s only one I’d love to stay together it’s really strange yeah you can try to actually separate daughters the joggers are very difficult to separate obviously as it’s not going anywhere you have to use a different method yes actually brought this joker like wait a moment Robert Sugar’s under back what wake up we’re done another one to you on the other sons are separate same let’s go into the Joker’s I think I’d like to stay together so much that we should get him in the temple you should leave them and now in our pockets so um since my shoulders always coming to an end I would like to leave you off with another culture but this time something that really really strange okay who please people are a little bit of a shuffle please now how many of you ever have ever opened a decoupage and found some of the cars or misprinted in some way you know well how do you find this I would love to have that card so you can just imagine okay you sighs finding Carter shuffle yeah will the other day I opened it apart in the middle and I found out that some of the course of being actually really miss printing you can see that the courts really are misprint in this actually hasn’t been printed yet which is really really strange right but let’s see if we can actually try something with these commas okay but first I’ll have you pick apart we’ll leave it for now I’ll have you um I’ll have you say stop it upon okay say so but ever you like

stop we like to call it more yeah go stop thank you now I’ll take it out for corns all right is it a one which makes it more interesting okay now do you believe that these cars have special properties on them that actually print any cars you like in this case you’re gonna print the cards that you selected okay let’s start with this one right here you think this card is right okay all right excellent excellent display the fiber parts right I know our psychic I’ll leave it down here for now and these cars would find your prints the final parts okay we just a shape over the floor you can see so we have three more parts to go do you think this Court is rid of that red red he’s actually that but nice try nice try little pops right you can see that the rest of these cars are still all times right but let’s see if you can print it so now we have two more parts to go right this course you think it’s done rate of that don’t worry you got one more time to go yeah okay punch right I’ll leave it down here for now you can see this part is still misprinted ready but let’s try something take these cars and push it through my hand once twice and three times is great of them you are correct well you see you’ve been across something different with this car okay we’re just going to tap it on the queen of clubs and it actually creates an essence in the post on the other side of course on the site yes you can take a look excuse some markings of something not really not really but do you know why you cannot see the queen of clubs I know how the admissible yeah but you know how it actually works see when you touch the ink to this cart you transfers it making it the queen of clubs and also the other car is also transferred today thank you very much that’s the end of my show huh thank you very much Renault amazing you all be wonderful onions