Bizline Ep137 Legal Shackles on Sharing Economy in Korea

you why are sharing economy businesses like uber and Airbnb suffering in Korea introducing the world’s first upper torso humanoid robot with fingers for human life decision I speaker light the Bluetooth speaker charger and mood light in one package data storage on USB drives is not forever find out more on today’s is line the sharing economy exemplified by companies like uber and Airbnb has become the source of controversy whether these services tap into a new market or constitute illegal businesses under a different name continues to be a legal debate we take a look at the debate and the future of the sharing economy sharing economy services have become a trend in the startup industry sharing economy refers to collaborative consumption in which left over resources owned by an individual can be shared with others who need them in the sharing economy individuals borrow and lend services and products breaking away from the traditional economy typify by mass production and consumption we’re on jeito de ranita marooned Amanda ganja Oregon mr. me plantarum gradually panel allodynia JK yes Matt turkey giga is also a period and I got even 11 and the pin bank plc engages in a smarter technology conjugate aankhen young yang Jung ji-hoon CD shropshire hunk o Oreo unique yo new younger Otto chamma sota new Bogota torrent pimpinella in a new linen gala okay sir Otto Oh visualizações okumura to Sevilla guitarra wanna come group today I’m knocked on I new graph uber currently operates in 300 cities in 57 countries the company was valued at 17 billion dollars last June but this sword to 51 billion this year after another round of funding it had tripled its value in just one year Airbnb has 1.5 million houses registered in 34 thousand cities in 191 countries it is valued at twenty five point five billion dollars a sub comparable to the market cap of Hilton the world’s largest hotel chain however such global growth has not been replicated in Korea uberx entered the Korean market in 2013 and was met with a series of controversies finally its operation was completely banned under the revised passenger transport service act this March which forbids all forms of unlicensed taxi services Airbnb also entered Korea in 2013 and is used by 200,000 people annually however it was ruled in September that it is illegal for hosts to rent out their rooms without registering as an accommodation business hosts found to be in violation had to pay fines the justification for these regulations is a hotly debated issue within the country where you don’t choose a rotten from younger avena chickasaw no I mean are you son Soviet lu engineer awakening coupon detection or moons around riveting texts are you getting that extra mile at Taco John’s over saratoga Terry on John and hot papi Oh volunteer poopit are gonna kill you so much fun and easy way to donate Gabriel givers have an opportunity Yukimura hanukkah wearing them check on charting your door ha ji-won yo yo honey demon on a burrito could you run an errand notin yo goodra choctaw reduce toi qui own toe Qaddafi NJ even more dude I think your dog chile on yonder persuaded jaw of pocket in your door crisil 22 alleged aliens colonial America da safety is a core issue when the controversy over the sharing economy in Madrid Spain a boy staying at an Airbnb accommodation was raped by his host in India a uber drivers sexually

assaulted a female passenger leading to the service being banned no communion guarantee minus say a 10k Iran moti ranch I’m joking cho chi minh on cratan jiao mobile an emotion my trans avocado pic avoid obscene boonie creo que tomato harada amelie Tony Iran gujarati nope similar and as I will add the digits as historian children on more onions I’m enjoy I think you stay poor to Vicente commune de touhina suiko remove indeed a sternum Chocula and oxygen and pure dogs in alameda CA s RI su-yong have 101 are more coriander on you hesitating susanna the can go in vitamin K nietzsche google can tongue then you’re gonna get along William rock to get her cornea ha Yahoo telling us and John are in there Baluchistan again general or getting an ocean antonio supreme one’s own body heat collected is horrible and i’m getting jamba walls horrors I’m gonna pound carnage on way don’t waver years old crone MJ dirty she’s on mechanism there’s a kegger it a good yeah then there is also the question of whether these activities that generate profit from existing resources can be seen as sharing however there are those who view the utilization of idle resources as a valuable contribution of the sharing economy communication w ya know ya charlatan ginger Putin regarding k in java java heroin and yeah presentation picky Iran and Iran danke khushi be presented on an oil immersion yo yamcha yatta yattaman Academy Reno paducah telling your ketchup on your pillow Johnny acromion injure your tongue door when I Reggie which I wonder too cynical han- tell me I’m going one on tires ergonomic doku doku controversies aside it is clear that the sharing economy model is an attractive one for consumers as they were born organically in the balance of supply and demand majority opinion is that Korean regulators to try to incorporate them into existing institutions rather than impose blanket bans san antonio de economia amor ESO el caso australia Dorantes contemporary America equal just waiting on acrimony so apropos MJ approach imbalance 2011 y cuando llega clicking je yo lay at anchor incarceration decatur sinan creatinine a man in tsim sha tsui kedah so sahaja yogi superleggera Ganga Joe moriyama taj entro chick rotten year and injunction manipulator sorrow honiton shinda near coastal buil kijan jihan incursion hi Dylan Joan Shannon kolkata wall even timida as sharing economy services come into direct conflict with existing industries many issues have to be worked out before they can be stable e incorporated into the korean market the verdict is still out on whether the sharing economy can rise above the wall of regulations to become a rational option for consumers robotics is a key industry expected to drive growth in future economy robots are taking over more and more tasks that used to be performed by humans how far has korean robotics comes we introduce a humanoid upper-body robot that embodies the state-of-the-art technology in robotics technological advancements have led to robots that look increasingly human-like and move with greater precision to enrich our lives currently humanoid robots can walk on two feet dance and even shake hands however scientists are still working on the missing piece in humanoid robotics a perfect robot hand that accurately performs human hand functions while robot hands studies are being conducted all over the world a team at the korea institute of industrial technology funded by the Ministry of Trade industry and energy has made a breakthrough it has produced the world’s first humanoid upper body robot that manipulates objects with robot hands case wound up teen young women to che hanno panda is all done and zona en donde levantate moon a yogi so2 givenchy kids hoodies I don’t charge to the quad Rita reversibility quinta de manha gay mundo y octopus you gonna cross on your person to women give on Mandalore so ya know that always hungry with sitting with look at them when and how often do you think London’s one of the Untied from pure sangeeta the dignity of to them

this is a humanoid robot with just an upper body which is placed on top of the workstation for usage the camera embedded in its head recognizes various machine parts then it uses its fully articulated hands with fingers to pick up and assemble the parts emotions that perfectly mirror are humans kiss ha Myung no butter crunch hago will hug you guys oh cool head on brutally with scheana more chatting ayurveda tongue border tanaka guy who is where them that you are you cheatng it over my own couldn’t talk on jumbo virtual dizzy and oh no John Dory arrow luchar por ESO jaja sir Declan ha inizio door jai jai Ram Charan Google naruto-kun give oil vegetable Helen Chihuahua her sweet rope and then young work I’d young Chingy in the mercenaries in the hands of this robot each has four fingers each of which has four actuators this enables it to perform a variety of sophisticated task which had to be done by human hands previously Tom Curren wada today gave etobicoke de Sun Calgary oreos ok puta y SI no se que todo bhutto a Ontario to Joanna sensible patelco Santa system yahoo in nevada very soon tener presente puto hijo en una puta pero potato so she’s Tammy terms of occupation days when a planet ha given a high level of control is required to have a robot hand behave like a human’s each joint has been fitted with a sensor that accurately detects a shape of the object so as to precisely control parameters such as power location direction and speed the team developed this technology independently and named it blind grasping row Campo Harvey to jagger ha ortonville cherry to Jakarta Naruto cachinga near sweet roll on to agenda so you do know damn go Hannah go ciao Roberto see action buoy jorasanko parent on Moodle Savannah’s a telehandler playing the recipe known as a string direction and speed of the motors can be controlled to fit all shapes the hand can pick up any object regardless of shape it can also perform precision assembly with the miniscule tolerance range of 0.01 millimeters moreover existing robotic hands were highly costly making them difficult to apply to real world uses this hand works perfectly even without strength sensors that can cost up to ten thousand dollars for peace thus it also represents a step forward in the ultimate goal of commercialization geez 1lr in robohand rotten young women todavia soho cravat blonde kuchizuke something asagiri ánotá eunsang ganapati pooja kiven Jeremy de toi aki toyosaki barranca robot and watching young women could hijack pivot ensinando mani cam vechicle Superman Angela kahuna jayanagar gay Corriveau queer to nana’s una muy Cuchi in J&K others in denton tameka’s me robot human interaction is also a safety feature in this robot robots have to be able to respond appropriately in the case of collision with humans in the real world eh our apologies harami chicken amor todo kubu compliance lohan da da da so charitable jimenez oh yeah Sarah matticchio detergent rotary center I’ve only to grow calendar app a bongo quorum ok so sensor kakuzu gardendale al gyeonggi harumaki secret Oh Jong jetta leg or EVO pues antes o pandan risotto cudahy mar adentro HR childre Hawaii which included Ahmed clergyman Naruto exponential growth is being predicted in the global robotics industry the market is expected to reach 40 billion dollars for manufacturing robots and 19.4 billion for service robots by the year 2020 Korea is now one of the top three nations in humanoid robotics researchers at the korea institute of industrial technology hope to secure global leadership in robotics their continued innovation dr liu ninja who should help some mega to see you give us or cool robot a jeddak bulatov oceania come from putting it real with one chick boom take up we are with none could puncture whoop that one hour zone them were very touching good in Van Exel abandoning gay so I put a move to get a casa milà plea to guru to me as oh I got a doctor October Oh upward ok Jung about religion robots are evolving to become more and more like humans imitating various aspects of the human body with their

latest humanoid upper body robot Korean researchers have once again proven their leadership in this field this cool-looking gadget is more than just a charging dock for smart devices doubles as a touch-sensitive desk lamp with seven colors and triples as a wireless Bluetooth speaker meet I speaker light a multi-purpose docking station for smartphones developed by a Korean designing I speaker light is now entering its commercialization phase but its design was first unveiled six years ago he’s hung hunan environmental design major had been working as a product designer when he first designed the versatile docking station in 2009 his background in both environmental and product design helped him deliver a sleek design that matches any space Syria hope replied bumble 135th Linda cruising f ing seems yellow snot upon twin da ho toh Mari cuckoo 21 Cynthia told me what I wanna hear on hang you got on pump October you don’t know anything me the tapping did kakashi in the killing 10 years on Terra is a premier said in going to Thailand Ethel urahara to alter gonna hang guru ji ji else in back when the design was first released it was met with great enthusiasm from overseas online magazines one famous American hip hop artist even covered it in his blog post soon big name brands began rolling out its copycat products one after another Tom in the put poodle with a total today because I’m NGO heavy very meaty don’t worry okay 120 sakyamuni here in a travel agency mikasa keiko Canaries travel the booboo hip hop artist karate chop to put pillows I tomahto chick top floor in casa grande que sucedió so movie go come on you know heavy merona risotto al Hashimi Kadir Nelson five years ago he faced serious issues with supplier selection while making a specialized doc for apple products trained as a designer he had no knowledge in hardware or technology that the development came to a full stop at the time only a few companies in Korea can handle the production of accessories for Apple devices later he gave it a second try and managed to reach the tooling and injection molding stages but another problem arose I put a funded cable cocoon Donna some oohs aahs from which I’m not arresting de jun de semana okay cannot uncross g-sync up to my lucky thing with it huh Jim to steal academia okay then it got even possibly get that a single occasion a missile sumida man yes I got hurt again Kouhei the Epley my papaya juice n is 0 writing new row or cubic ID in game day although physically are keeping with a toy eurozone de Coulomb pinata chikni me the Turner who gifted obstacle under high tone hums Naga Delson one day he was approached by a private American investor who suggested that he give it another go this time through crowdfunding crowdfunding can be an effective financing model for one person businesses as long as the idea is solid and creative he launched the I speaker light project on us crowdfunding site IndieGoGo only to reach eighty-nine percent of the funding target he was frustrated but the failures only made him stronger today at Washington delay supremo latest Rico gentlemen congratulations on him eyes on this computer here on visitin also to get a pocket em away from which money to my casa silva hmmm oh yeah mahogany rotondo bubonic a greater tanga tion hegemony tow man very gay porn khyati genética haven’t chosen god oh well nothing but a good product always wins out a local crowdfunding manager contacted e suggesting another crowdfunding campaign he said yes and posted his long-overdue project on what is thinking it would be his last try the result was a success on the idea for I speaker light is finally able to come to life hacerte years chasing an hour 3800mah time today Ichigo michoacana animan Eureka note on crunch a few mins i’ll be seeing young women with the ebu neoton audio demonio apricot monogatari I’m sorry boonton NJ diputado get em in a gray suit a yes plural Athenian shelter a pond ajanta jordan hakeem doin boo boo Naomi soco da mucho tiempo mundo

jajaja tu gusto support random mo cha cha cha epidemiology shatema John Doe Tyga I’m Kelsey tamminen washing those who Jeremy is any money I you see Charlie Carranza nage elegant hittable will each startup journey was full of rough patches but six years of adversity did not beat him down and only made him stronger the latest i speaker light model has enhanced compatibility which allows it to work with not only apple products but also smart devices from other brands top funky then a penguin a panjim a catena shameful one yanira Oh pigeon containers pool Port Gibson me man has a man John Doe I mando thing I Hayden diamond how did our in filling the one the catchy single has his own a hug Eden Damian Emma should pay cut on to the Johnny Carlton single huggin to one Pony nichijou chairman at all me too wanna dance appear at cranbourne dear Papa need a conga wall with eating money no should people also we danke mutti know I’m a single puttana come on Oh to the hell she recommended coloro che cheering a symmetrical he believes the best design speaks for itself and hopes I speaker light can do just that it would be interesting to explore what the long-awaited product is capable of once it is released portable storage devices offer an easy way to transport digital data between computers USB flash drives in particular are preferred over other types of storage media due to their small size and easy axis is a young is an undergraduate student at a local university since she entered her senior year she has been using a USB flash drive a lot more than usual but there’s one thing that worries her jo jo how about a solid surface hydrology boost I oh you know that I used to be got how about is generally karkoc talking and they are who she used to be a two-seamer running in nya we talk to an expert to find out an answer is it true that USB flash drives have a lifespan yes be a dose- smeda yes Ben and a flash memory dragon and a cog in a sec penuche qua immersive a mastectomy tae bong Shi Tong haga de Bona sera q Perdita me de ESA’s even a cigar Co flash memory handset a LP tray jaja go America vanish even eb to tac-van Michigan Sam Bitterroot Ojinaga kos mideh a USB flash drive uses electrons to store information but repeated use can move atoms around making it easy for electrons to escape and taking away the life span of the drive mlc and TLC which store a larger number of bits per cell than slc will wear out more quickly assuming that you write one gigabytes worth of data each time slc mlc and TLC in each withstand a hundred thousand three thousand and one thousand write cycles tier she pebble can wear belghecham a teratogen under a wagon ya can enon panjang daughters hayas jitter an incremental mid ah christina mlc bands in cocoa butter killed it Damon a thousand us spinnin charge a little Amanda’s hierarchy where to Sam Sam known as owner John Doe callinan’s sweet Arabic Cassandra tummeda the easiest way to check the life expectancy of a USB flash drive is referred to its packaging label indicating the type of memory technology used now what happens if a USB flash drive reaches its lifespan lil sip es muy tarde me encuentro la tierra del cerro torre thankfully geneva changes ki madad karo and 80 AD Ithaca and ni modo hegemony misogyny and a tonal yogurt with me Dad yo Robin even unn later a nuestro mundo module per second and they all figure getting it done is an appalling it Daniel head on us a bit of couch an emoji trial USB flash drives can become corrupted for a number of reasons including physical damage to its memory chip and form matter found inside the drive in particular it’s not safe to remove the memory stick from the system while it is writing information yes Bierko Phi D canara receipt a color lil

bonsai rajahmundry pakwan dangos monte toro programa nada raghupati montanita creo que te Moana USP no one teacher oh bag of Oreos I wanna know Karanka charge on my jacket ammonia example of item pattern was a pagar an ocean will squander washing Peter why he gets me that today we learned that USB flash drives have different lifespans depending on the type of flash storage next time you go to buy a USB flash drive make sure to check out how long it can last we wait for your participation of this line please leave your questions on economic facts or puzzling information we’ll try to find the answer on next week’s biz line trends in the global gaming industry seen at g-star 2015 reviewing v10 LG super premium phone and challenger to the smartphone market to death the maker of irritates that are directly transmitted to mobile phones server response times the real reason why you couldn’t get tickets to see your favorite stars find out more on next week’s biz line