VRChat: Samsung HMD Odyssey Test

hey can you hear me it was my microphone working whoa whoa is my guy all oh yeah I’m sitting down hmm where’s my controllers shit okay whoa all right stand up I gotta stand up to play video games this is crap hey come here you come here okay hands at my side oh man it’s so laggy what’s my framerate Oh God 70 frames a second okay let’s see nope not you what’s up trying to get my headset work and I bought a cheap one and it’s not being so nice all right let’s try you guys want to come along mmm no hold on too close to spawn how do I move there we go all right I’m gonna load a custom world if you guys want to check it out drop portal go to the portal oh geez

finally got it working after six hours of hell it still doesn’t fit my head right I think I just got a weird head pull it back there we go pull it back up on the back of my head a little bit my ears got it on my ears ooh everything’s all weird whoa okay all right so I can woo touch my knees look that’s well my knees are right here in real life so kind of Shh Oh scratch yeah okay this is fucking nuts all right oh oh I hate that janky yes well of course that keeps you from getting motion sick is why they do that otherwise you get super motion sick like just doing this kind of makes me a little nauseous cuz my whoo I just got lightheaded here’s my frame rates Oh pretty bad put that put it okay oh man my frame rate is taking a dive I can’t I can’t get close fuck it oh man I got it I got strength hello car mm-hmm I’m gonna have to like close my eyes actually you know what there’s a menu budding menu setting to fix that third person I think that’s the default actually I need to stop holy balls there we go there we go wait up what’s up what’s up guys ah me and got kind of a go this way and go this way shit I got turned around wait I don’t want to stand away from the front of my living room the last thing I need to do is trip over a couch and break a $400 headset or 500 if it’s not on sale god I couldn’t imagine dealing with this if it wasn’t on my face okay all I want to do is eat some goddamn chicken shit oh wait I need to sit down for this oh no whoa whoa whoa what is this it doesn’t detect I’m supposed to be sitting down uh how do you afraid okay let’s try it let’s try it uh I guess you probably can’t can I not like that’s kind of stupid like I have to I could sit down on my couch but I’m not sitting down what the hell it just broke what okay well that’s kind of dumb okay so I have to stay standing but it shows me sitting whew I didn’t mean to do that we’re muckenberger go whine oh yes oh yeah drain the bottle Dre what looks like I’m sucking dick that was kind of lame get out of here oh shit oh oh my burger look I found my burger I found my burger tastes like pixels and it’s gone I’m enjoying this too much now that it’s actually working come here pineapple I can’t reach mine mine ah come here come here you fuck yes low-poly shit who built this level oh I built this level let’s go check out these drunks over here oh no no wanna exercise take a shit doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo oh no here we go but net how do I know well why is it why is it all like twisted I can’t this game’s gonna take some getting used to okay so I need to there we go I need to reorient my view before I do anything there we go okay and nope there man that keyboards way smaller than I I like how

you can like like like move your head around it’s like well this frame rates making me sick though okay oh shit ah ah go this way you stupid oh let’s see I think there’s some more stuff over here to mess with oh I want to see what happens when I fuck up this giant plate of pizza I’m keeping this headset if as long as it doesn’t keep crashing okay nope I need to get a little closer okay but what but okay okay no no no no I think my arm is reaching its shit okay get in the chair okay now we are gonna very very carefully oh oh okay all that pizza it’s empty it’s fucking empty waiter waiter you fuck get over oh shit who made that mess no oh pizza tap pizzas fucking huge nom nom nom nom nom nom no boo chicken who fuck oh whoa whoa who the fuck ordered chicken uh that’s a lot of chicken fat motherfucker it’s got to be an American no okay get okay no no okay ah shit they’re like teleported to me I hear a cat no and it’s like it if my arm extends beyond what VR chats calibrated to allow it to it like flips shit yeah that’s it’s kind of annoying that might be my world designs a little too complicated for the game anybody I’m not online right now siren etic fool don’t recognize any of those names shit let’s try there’s always fun shit happening in a never have I ever Oh God oh my god first of all I need a better fucking avatar see Oh whoa that ah okay I a and D yep there it is go baby now as a stream I don’t even know if the streams going I hope the streams going I can take off my heads that real quick and check stream is live okay no no the headsets not right on my head Shh shit shit shit gonna readjust readjust hello everybody anybody can you guys hear me well this looks so much better in VR holy shit ah damn what’s up bunch of people in here all right where’d my controllers go there’s one controller and there’s the other controller whoa my guy looks fucking weird wait why am i a cat girl now holy shit I’m a cat girl where’s the non achee come here not is she no no that got it oh wow that is ooh ooh interesting what’s up maverick come here I want to pet your ears Sonia come here let me pet your ears why are you taller than me what is that about yes hey myself am i squatting am I like no what look but jump can I jump I can’t jump that’s crap let’s see Oh what nope your ears are not reacting to my hand let’s see

where was that cat girl at he’s over here somewhere there it is whoa oh shit oh nope well I don’t think Oh mirrors probably gonna crash my framerate holy shit I’m a cat girl oh that’s trippy can i play with my ears what no I forgot my headset doesn’t have a cameras behind it shit Oh yep I can do it it did it wait wait for it oh shit Oh Tim what are these things I’ve got problems this one’s not I can’t even nope those ears don’t work oh shit hey cat girl wait let me play with your ears let me play with your ears come here lean forward shit nope what it’s not working hmm when I go back to Nana Chi there we go okay now I just need to get it to stand up and that is trippy little little unreal I’m short I can walk around a little bit why I don’t trip over my living room table ooh oh boy can I kind of like turn all the way no oh I just can’t play for my ears shit get away from the music no music okay let’s see I need two different avatar this was gonna drive me crazy you okay well a little better no that’s not realistic it off oh shit Oh Full Metal Alchemist uh definitely not nope definitely No oh shit oh I like this one hahaha see arm the arms are still shorter than my arms though that sucks starting to get a little motion sick again Oh what whoa whoa interesting

we’re working on a new version I wonder if they’ve made any improvements to Knology yet adding flowers to cover the pedestals good idea although those flowers are gonna be a lot of Polly’s this not and she is no different I need a default avatar that’s gonna be like long-armed I need long arms something simple for my framerate business guy did not like too much it doesn’t doesn’t detect that I’m standing up like what it’s like doesn’t what the hell my floor height must be off I can’t fix my floor height in here but I can fix my my height five five eight I have seven five eight no no no five seven should me there we go see the floor is wrong as you can see the floor the floor is not right and I don’t know why just freaking set that up a minute ago so I need to take a good yeah three inches off my height at least okay all right Oh about a five eight five eighths still good okay so we got a character kind of that’s suburban house is pretty cool but they always play music in that one you got the Pug is gonna chug my framerate I don’t know why people like this one so much whoa okay need to adjust my focus on my headset a little bit nope this way no shit it blacked out what project you wearing my glasses oh yeah that chugging my framerate oh jeez need to get out of here Wow like no lag so much lag oh shit my head side just crashed what is that noise a po boy shit you gotta get back into VR chat wish it had a thumbnail okay to get the stream going again here okay so I started I restarted a stream at a lower bitrate maybe it would help a little bit on processor and we’re not going back to the Pug I had the trouble with that world with good graphics cards let alone with a you know having to deal with VR where’s my controllers shit there is right hand up there’s left hand

okay standing up that’s cords in my house this guy look oh he looks creepy as fuck oh hell no oh I like my guy better he’s way more realistic see his arm length is actually like correct oh shit the floor is correct I fixed the floor is fixed now that’s cool so my height now I’m too tall every avatar you’re gonna have to that’s crushing my nose okay okay world’s I could find the Cliff House at night I don’t know why it’s not a new knuckles suburban house would probably crash it I’m using a park I feel like that might be something cool duh yeah this cord though and this headset you could never upgrade to wireless cuz the cord is hardwired so I wish I had lots of money come on load whoa what what what what we’re just floating okay turn oh yeah dude dude seriously won’t stop following me couldn’t me because they know I’m recording they were just jumping through portals to portal to portal ah shit the levers over there no come back wait for me there we go oh well this is trippy oh dude this is gonna make me sick oh this is trip oh yeah I’m getting motion sick already holy shit oh I got close my okay oh shit oh yeah oh that’s okay okay we’re done we’re done oh wow I just got really lightheaded holy shit what’s up that thing made me super motion sick Oh what’s up you got a headset or just mouse and keyboard I just got a headset and still trying to figure it out but oh

man the motion sickness is so horrible on the the rides I would like to have oh it’s a dragon there’s a dragon oh shit oh no I don’t know do away I do not know the way and I do not want to know the way don’t know you have a soda can on your head fuck you won’t fuck do you want noise yeah I can’t get my hands to work right a chronic biological entity identified colloquial designation zombie dude you are hardcore role-playing I’m not sure of what you speak human yeah what are we not are you playing a role I am just made of virtual you oh shit it’s Winnie the Pooh hey give me someone we need to fucking pool give me some honey give me some honey come here give me some honey you need to give me some honey you fucking idiot I got some right here right here right here for you shut up yeah a classification in progress identified as hostile a calculating please is that a Pokemon look it’s a crap what is that hello little little one your agent smash can I pet you my headsets messed up again there we go so cute so fucking cute okay wait for you oh is it gonna make me sick oh oh this is not working oh oh the motion sickness the motion sickness oh I’m closing my eyes I can’t oh okay that’s better okay I’m bailing bail oh shit oh dude you have a scorpion knuckles that is where’d you get that I mean it might see my boot I have a horse over there oh shit is that whoa yo then give me some honey it’s a trap it’s a trap yo James what up man uh-huh um some really bad language for such a little girl

you’re nice oh shit she’s going straight for it can I do this who’s slurping quit slurping I just hit my living room table knuckles light show man no we’re not going to Uganda no no no we do not know the way and we do not want to know the way oh shit I can’t see nothing um who’s in my crotch holy shit give me a get out of this fucking army yeah no one be you’re too young I don’t want to go to jail um yo dude and we need the fucking police it’s not funny yeah I must follow you my cream and what the fuck yo that’s not that’s not legal that’s not legal man I see you I see you I see you dude I see you yeah hello there where’s my fucking load in oh shit that’s a deep voice you got vr-2 yes but it’s also very hard to not do volunteer I know right the motion sickness is so horrible these are too much ends but not with these I know right who’s playing music cut out the music someone’s getting mutant don’t die don’t die don’t die oh shit I just fell over where’d my couch go a loss I told James what’s up what’s up poohbear I want to see something nice what’s your definition of is nice oh god my eyes she’s is my favorite game of all time go give her some honey give her some of that honeypot just um now less than a second no it’s okay no I think um bees in heat um B you don’t have a microphone no I

wish I could play with your cat ears I would agree with I know right what’s up man what’s up you got VR which headset you got um be your trouble maker you know that homies get all up in there oh that’s so cute oh she looks so cute I know right ah I just okay Mike I don’t think I don’t think she does anymore oh shit good news I’m not freaking falling all over cuz i’m motion sick anymore man you rode those rides a little too long huh course I did god I love this headset even if it’s a little cheap I got a Samsung Odyssey it’s it’s okay do it I didn’t do it my hands are in the air how do you is how do you hug people do you have to like get all up in their business or like what’s going on the personal space option yeah I got that’s it way easier you need these little controller things to hug people these are their controller hand things though that you can break your arms with I know I keep punching stuff in my living room whoa Thomas the Tank Engine this fucking Thomas the Tank Engine boo sup bro hey come back here get the fuck back here mmm hello hello hey give me that cigarette I need to know that’s a blunt isn’t it and give me a hit of that blunt come back here give me a hit oh wait that’s the wrong nope what wait there it is oh yeah yeah I needed that Scooby Doo what dude you had a teleporter accident for me okay yeah dude you got a headset it’s gonna make you sick man yeah all right all right let’s do it I am NOT ready for this all right we’re ready yes it is Marty oh yeah I’m already getting sick oh I’m already getting sick come on over there closing my eyes okay even the flashing lights my eyes are closed in the flash again good to go okay screw it I’m out oh oh fuck that what’s that boom B you’re just too cute you’re dangerously like go to jail oh my god you know that yeah I know give me a hug in real life like hugging air your mom walks in – I didn’t invite any of my friends over today because I’m afraid of what they’ll think of me the samsung Odyssey is on sale for 400 right now but it took me like six hours to set up I

had to get new graphics cards and rebuild my fucking whole fucking computer it was horrible it was horrible because I had I had two GTX 780 s an SLI right but VR is not SLI compatible so I took those cards out and put in an rx 580 and then I had to uninstall all the in Nvidia shit and install all the AMD shit in Windows 10 as you know is just a nightmare I mean Windows 10 is yeah fuck Windows 10 wait how are you using Windows 7 with VR is I didn’t know that was possible magic magic damn on bees cute on B where’d you get that avatar you don’t have a mic though I guess you can’t even damn yeah do you know where I’m be came from that’s so cute I want it I want to take it home but I can’t cuz this is VR and I’m already home I got a 3d printer I’m just gonna print her out I’m gonna make a make a copy oh shit she’s like no don’t copy me just every night that looks so creepy oh my god can you guys see me walking my avatar can you guys leave me when I do this can you see me walking around like this like when I move my avatar teleport function it actually moves oh my god that’s so creepy hello Abby although although look what I got I don’t don’t walk in my face look what I got look what I got like I saw like it took six hours I had to rebuild both my computers hey let me touch your nose come here but give me your note give it a fuck oh my God look at this thing look this look at this jailbait look at this little jailbait you are so cute you’re the cutest little jailbait ever you are dude I can’t go on the rides I got so sick so say I can’t imagine uh-uh let me check my friends list and see if any of the knowledge here on I think they’re all like working today online friends nope you’re on right now so what do you want to do what do you want to do I’m just live streaming right now yeah do this poor guys so look at this guy he’s so sick I got a friend request baby badly drawn I don’t know who that is I’ll be up for a request I’m right here oh you’re on this friend request system sucks though like you’ll hit there you are you’ll hit except like three times in a do anything dude you were like oh my god you’re just out what happens if I light hold on I got to figure out where my couch is before I try to lay down I’m not why why am I not laying why my right you are my in the ground your torso is kind of angled up but yeah you’re pretty much on the ground come here give me some troll of oh my god no I’ll be no no I’m live-streaming don’t put it in my face no no no no I’m going to jail now oh my god so white hey you have way too late you should not have lace panties you are way too young for that you know that way too young she has lace panties never looking at that I am NOT doing it on purpose she just put that shit in my face okay where the fuck I I don’t have my room tracking setup so I don’t know where anything in my room is I need to move my table before I’m not gonna break my leg looks like you broke your arm I only oh wait a minute wait a minute I’m on that side of the couch how the hell did I get on this side of the couch so cold I explained why it’s so cold I’m on the hard floor Oh what’s up Caroline I’m

using the French beams I was like oh I got his big bird run he’s gonna molest us run away are you a maid are you gonna hire you are you on Treach Twitter YouTube I’m on Twitch I’m oh she’s a witch I’m on YouTube twitch won’t pay me so I told them to Fr twitch is better you okay Nina okay now the real Nina’s coming in like two seconds so cool what headset do you guys how do you like it yeah oculus and our sorry to use it with Windows 7 I get like 10 hours a day from this thing why it’s so hard to get it running I want to take it home even though it’s I’m not I’m actually home so I can’t take it home it’s already here reset them with the trigger you can oh yeah the trigger resets the fingers it took me forever to figure that out me I just wish I could play with her ears like her ears don’t react to my hand at all yeah I think that’s a like a game yeah no no like if you have yours on your avatar you can’t I just have to fix something although where’d you go there’s a thing oh I have someone I know that has to tie you can move actually really you can like pick up you can pick up in alright no way a little yeah I know I actually saw someone once where they could literally take off a mask and a hat oh yeah I have a friend that has a magic hat that he takes off and then he drags in the by the way you’ve all been rused uh what they don’t be just talk holy shit I know by the way whatever done what I’ve done to you when you were laying on the ground he’s using very big Benson a friend has a Barry be Benson me either use like the small model or anything with a tail where did you get that from I can teleport to it and show you where it is yeah let’s do that hey where’s al do you guys see the leprechaun although are you around hide you dummy yes oh okay yeah we’re gonna teleport we’re gonna teleport to a new world go on B go go and B go go go oh shit where’d it go oh she forgot the portal we’re stuck here shit she’ll be

back I’m friended her i friended him will be she’ll be back yeah i friended um b i tried to anyway let me see my friend except yeah sure going on this again no way I’m still sick I don’t think I’ll be bad cuz I don’t have a headset you’re dead oh they’re zombies I can’t place a portal oh you know what guys you know where I’ll be went you know where I’ll be went okay in real life this is your framerate messed up standing up while playing a video game dude it’s like the future it’s like it’s 2018 what language is your home language they’re switching headsets I think they’re switching headsets English no I heard her speak it looks like they’re taking his shit sounded like Russian be there you are you were God to drop a portal I could do that yeah we’re gonna follow you just drop a portal so it should be right under the world you know you go to world look on the world and it should say drop I saw the name of the world world you’re there it is there we go to the portal the fact that this world is called boys make the best boys make the best girls that is questionable questionable girls no way you’re not a cat what are you what is that thing is that a squirrel girl oh crap my headset just James look down what Oh what’s up dude I am a bird tweet tweet tweet okay where’s the oh there’s that can do tubes what oh do you know – wait – great

savings you do the way to adorn new mortgage hold on look at this wait wait I don’t look look what I discovered I can play with them I can play with my ears badly draw no way badly John why can’t I play with your ears that’s crap I somehow turned into this zombie zombie where’d you get that character from oh there it is I see it oh shit oh shit I’m a lolly I’m gonna go to jail now I’m a lolly although although come and go to jail with me you don’t want any nasties I don’t need to know the way to jail although although come look at this I’m beat did you know you can did you know you can wait wait for it wait you can’t grab it though you try to pull yourself I’m trying to pull my skirt up but it won’t come up and it look your skirt how do you know I can’t interact with your avatar at all don’t judge are we playing doctor it doesn’t really work when the avatars are the same size what’s up I thought you’d want to be that one which one house this one this one that one in the middle I’m having trouble with Mike in the middle yeah and the middle shelf the second one this good is that the girl Finn and Jake yeah it’s uh what what the fuck’s her name the Finn and Jake but girl yeah I don’t even watch the damn show and I know what it is James you know watch Adventure Time shame on you shame shame fuck you man what I know the way Oh what the hell is this bubblegum um B where did you get is there just like a whole wall of those things come on pick the bottom one this one this one yeah but no the chocolate bar one oh you have no panties on hey you got striped panties just so you know yeah hi there hey don’t sit on me don’t sit on me don’t sit on me no no face sitting I want to eat you here can’t food are you BMO that is a really nope not anymore what is this one oh I’m so small I can’t get a new pope there we go some of these are really well done and some

of them are kind of questionable well welcome to the club yeah we actually we have like a whole group of people on a discord where we do not achieve raids but no no one’s online right now it’s kind of sad yeah the Roku we rock boys is the one we’re not it she is step into the cabinet that helped all those actually although where are you although there is no I don’t want the worst experiences it’s not going to be nauseous but it’s going to be scary well no not that haunted house touching myself and other people I think that’s O’Shea guys news portal make sure my stream is still going oh crap where’s the couch Oh stream is still alive okay oh man my face is all sweaty and shit Oh guys I’m gonna need to get a drink real quick I’ll be back I think there’s a little too much for you there there’s plenty more miles and try again James there’s a disclaimer for you the fuck happened to you I think he died don’t even deal get a drink ah go do one of those under construction signs and you’ll get this one bingo demon super jump on this level go to you on this world huh boo your emotes in your menu yep and then there’s a dab one oh yeah of course there is but there’s like another good player mouth yeah yeah I saw that I can’t imagine having to go through all roll one don’t know you think isn’t that one in America which one it’s like exactly but I’m still still taking a drink guys you haven’t give me a couple more minutes take your time damn that’s a good shot Oh Oh go get the headset back on oh that’s Wow oh man you can’t see where your rollers there are I don’t like this mirror oh god I’m a lolly still there’s like a 30 second delay on the on the stream yeah I did that on purpose what I did is since I’m not answering anybody’s comments

right I put it on a high latency so that it’s a more quality stream even though my internet sucks so it’s only 720p um bu just like being shorter than people don’t you quit looking on my skirt pervert if I had my controllers in my hand I’d smack you okay where the hell are my controllers wait wait there no there’s one there there we go oh my god oh that’s that’s fucking creepy oh oh and now you’re taller give me a hug come here give me a hug you’re like you don’t have oh yeah that’s right I have keyboard no I don’t I don’t like horror stuff oh you got spiders all disease models behind Jim oh that’s a lot of them Oh 30 cat girls oh shit there’s so many why do they got him later holy crap that’s a lot damn they’re kind of not organized very well though like they shouldn’t I mean it’s brand-new shit damn so many so many they’re all like oh wait there’s a dead cat nope that’s not a cat girl where is the cat girls I don’t see any jeez that’s a lot of avatars here’s one where where where are you what’s up uh I can’t won’t let me there we go where’d you go oh yeah this one this one no no stevo’s in the hair oh I just oh okay this avatars not there’s something’s wrong with this avatar it’s not like oh wait there we go I got it what’s up at the Nano Chi yeah there’s a portal to the world over on the corner there yeah the RAI cricos alright let’s go let’s go let’s go Dona Chi not a chi up actually wait you have enough for that no you’re right um um B let’s uh yeah can you take oh it lolly lads oh I’m going I’m going wait there’s my controllers nope made him invisible again my focus is on every time I frickin put the headset on and off I gotta fix the focus what the fuck it’s a prison Oh fucking hilarious that is fucking hilarious uh wait so there’s no lollies here no oh man that was that was a good trap though I mean I had you have to admit okay how do you get out of here are we trapped hey um B can you take us back to the world with the well okay all right all right so let’s let’s hey Aldo let’s both let’s both be the same characters um be and then we’ll go to another world and just like troll people okay um be where’d you get there is a guy yeah he’s shaking his head like yeah I’m a guy you douche tendinous just say stylin yeah too close it’s VR shit oh I forgot I can walk forward in my

living room I really need to move this table you’re so cute you’re so cute hey go away this is private I’m just waiting for you to trip over something you can give everyone a good laugh I know right all right okay let’s see let me drop a portal I’ll be I’m gonna drop a portal hold on we can’t go to the pug because it crashes my headset so I need to pick something a little less hold on I could sure we could try a open mic night probably be the best I’d but it has really low requirements let’s see 29 people drop portal and heads it’s starting to hurt my nose a little bit maybe I need to tighten it up off my face hello hello you not the Queen you too spunky the Queen you oh shit my headsets you you are you are a nuisance you D nuisance you don’t know the way you do not know the way your eyes closed that’s weird I would not be able to say my eyes open no yours are open so it might because your headset holy crap I thought it was multiple people it’s just one person wait watch out for the oil watch out for the portal oh shit who’s doing that hey whose portal spamming can’t get through hey quit with the portals I can’t get through with my VR there we go hey quit portal spamming fuck you who the fuck’s doing that he blocked me I don’t care oh crap I’m too short I can’t reach him you exactly you crack me on the portal bed you’re a fucking big ass douche walk I blocked him fucking chode although your eyes are closed and it just makes me want to press you more come here what lolly party what the hell’s going on over here oh wait cat girl hey cat girl come back here what’s up girl I think your ears are cuter than mine I’m pretty jealous what how I think you’re usually like that seven out of ten yeah uh I got a rabbit in my face what the fuck where whoa hi there oh thank you oh wait so cute do it again do it again all this opens it working yeah it must be it must have something you have your eyes closed now I have my eyes closed they’re like smiling everything yes a glitch or something my art is my mouth your mouth moves at least is my mouth working yeah when your eyes are opened okay that is really weird I wonder what that’s about um bees eyes are open um bees your mouth working do something yeah come on I’m watching it from bye from my phone it is good see oh yes my eyes are closed

it’s weird I don’t understand why I can play with my own avatar but my avatar can’t interact with the other avatars that’s really weird it seems like a huge like oversight in the programming of the game like they legit need to fix that quick ah oh my god oh your arms all messed up Lisa hey do you know the way do you know the way hey hey do you know the way spit on spit there it’s the Queen spit on the Queen spit on her hello my friends yeah your eyes are still quite all right get your crotch out of my face quit facesitting bah no run Oh watch out for music can do music I’m gonna get copyright strike shit run away from music a milk yep Robert hey come here and give me a hug he say your your your a scamp what’s up hello Pat me Pat me Oh it’s so cute let me pet you let me pet you I can’t tracking if I reach too high I’ll poke you back how do I do it I think I found the Queen okay hello hello small hello small people hello do you know the way do you know the way yeah it blows – wait do you want do you know you know that’s another way Ebola did you say it boy are you trying to give me a bola yeah no no no hey spider-man don’t know much I’m just hanging out look your movie oh thank you thank you thank you I was a pretty good one too no you’re fucking awesome yeah can you hug hug I might have to lay down though but here we go okay just just okay calm down I’m from I’m from homecoming Oh teenagers Kerber what’s up there I can see your panties just so you know how you like them small girls there’s something wrong with me Oh Pepe go white Pepe Kota cos

nice he’s nice shit where the hell am I in my living room no I lost my couch where am i oh no oh my where’s my couch where the fuck you live living just come over here my real living room I don’t know where I am right now no I have in the game too do it do it is under there chicken nuggets – dude is that like she looks kind of like that chick from kill the kill oh no no oh yeah hey why don’t you drive down tomorrow and try this headset out I

would tell you to buy one except they didn’t oh God pedobear get the fuck away from you pedobear hey hey turn that music off you’re gonna get my stream band hey turn the music off damn it I’m straining for the music then how do I know which tank I’m blocking all the tanks okay music we go right here I’m right here what’s up oh hi oh crap my headset Thanks I I gotta go I’ll Andi real quick let me add you dawg I send you request at least I got old mr. possible look behind you look behind you do you know like sore balls was a long time yeah where’s like oh like sticks to you and you like you look like a fucking magician it’s like none of those yeah I like how his twitch name is in his that’s not you know that’s not blatant advertising or anything yes I gave you a friend request I got a go my dude I hope you have a good one well when did ISA gets smaller than you think he’s slightly taller than you she was a lot bigger earlier wasn’t she soon he’s sister I don’t think so she’s always been super fucking spunk you did okay hey quick hit the music was let’s put the music I’m blocking you my stream is gonna get so many copyright strikes from that music he’s playin is retired oh yeah I forgot I got ya no no we can’t do that yes you can see shit what’s up although here I’m gonna drop a portal guys I’m gonna drop a

portal let’s go eat dinner dinnertime my streams on what uh okay your character flies I don’t think anyone else game oh no oh well dude dude you gotta check out how cool it is to hold on so you can’t come tomorrow what about a I guess yeah today’s the weather sucks so like one of my friends already wrecked his car this morning is not good that’s I’m just finished painting it – poor guy okay alright dude look I can actually kind of walk around in my living room just a little bit I haven’t set it up I’m kind of shuffleboarding okay here follow me yeah yeah I tried to there’s actually a feature that cuz whenever I move my character its third person like I’m actually my head stays here but you can you can change it so you move with your character but you get motion sick so fast I mean fat like I got hella motion sick really fast so I gotta like do my little teleport jumps dude you gotta come try this as soon as you can I guess next weekend like no not next week in either house are you working work work work no next weekend I got other stuff but maybe the weekend after that okay that works okay dude here so check out this pizza plate my watch what happens if I oh I forgot the characters too hold on I need to change into a normal character give me a sec I want to stop being a lolly for now guess I’ll go back to my business guy actually works pretty well oh shit what the hell hold on my stuck is a lolly no you’re the you’re the business character when you’re squatted my my game shows me as a lolly still oh no I’m stuck as a lolly respawn that didn’t work shit I’m stuck as a lolly fuck the last thing I need is to be stuck as a lolly yeah oh this is a good good time to calibrate mine focus right about there where the hell wait where okay I have no way of knowing we’re in the living room I am because I don’t have my virtual borders set up I need to do that I guess before I end up banging into something that I shouldn’t be banging into there that says this says this is see I can feel my cord wrapping around my leg though like I have no idea where in the hell and I am in my living room right now okay there now I’m back to normal so friends although although I’m back all back are you round although although are

you over here there he is okay so I can actually like I can walk a little bit yeah through my living just like some bread sir give me oh yeah I forgot it why are you flying no that’s can’t take it hold on I don’t know it’s let me show you the pizza thing now that I actually okay watch this watch this watch this watch watch watch watch don’t worry about the fried chicken look look just trying to throw it under the fan look look look ah look at this you can like I can stack objects pre since everything in my world’s a box Collider look do-do-do-do-do-do throwing shit at me weird are you flying I didn’t even realize that was possible I don’t know I had been just jumping some avatar world’s and looking at stuff and found this one shit here hold on ah damn overthrown look at the first fan I got some fried chicken up there hold on check this out though well okay there’s a glitch in the game like if I get too close to the table it flips shit why is it glitching out yeah I don’t know something about the way I designed my world I fucked something up because it itches whenever I get oh I want to plant and it I know you’re enjoying this but you won’t place you really need to play the no no the borderlands 2 Dungeons & Dragons expansions – what it’s it’s a D&D type type add-on if I played through it on my met character it is fucking awesome so we need to play through it together on on the two we were doing shit I don’t know if I still have I guess it’s cloud save so I could reinstall it I don’t know if its installed dude that’s a good idea though I mean I I wait till I get bored of ER in about two weeks I’m gonna stab you with this Fork I didn’t work give me a knife no oh shit I’m getting wrapped around my court holy shit okay I need oh boy do you break now I can’t I’m stabbing your eyes out yeah the way I the way I program this world is kind of not good yeah I got it I got the fork okay hold on no I need to get it oriented so I can there we go look look the forks in my hand now come here I mean you’re fake ah yeah we lost everybody that sucks yeah no one else went through your portal yeah I know it’s pretty you know this is this games mostly uh anime fans and just randoms not many carbs yeah okay let’s see uh hold on let me find something new world oh Sh I won’t be able to drop a poor hold on let me get myself there’s food all over the floor okay world I wish this cord was longer than 10 feet apparently if you tried to plug an extension into it its it just crashes which I mean I had enough trouble with it as it is for some reason that that world where it’s like the house on the clit on the you know like the the penthouse at night or whatever it’s not in the Papa popular section anymore I don’t understand that suburban house we could try suburban house here here’s one with 22 people hope we’re not too hectic

but there’s forward wow I am way turned around okay well is it six o’clock is did you just say it’s six o’clock no something else oh okay I was gonna say okay girl what’s up hi there can I pet your ears can I pet your ears oh so cute so cute thank you thank you well you got foot trackers oh I’m jealous I just got a Samsung Odyssey it’s okay well I’m in what is this what is this I’m inside of somebody oh shit it’s a zoo hey Zootopia guy the Fox whatever the hell his name was are fuckers oh shit he’s playing music cut them cut it out with the music block got him it was a happy face guy he’s blocked does blocking people only block them for this world or for all time I don’t know say hi to the camera ever he’s watching well that was a holy shit yo it’s fucking lord hey lord of wool good night hi there hi there a little character hi there my headset just oh no my headset just it doesn’t realize it OOP there we go okay what’s up hey come here come closer come closer I want to look at myself who’s playing music again ah this fucking tank douche again a father way a father away he’s too crazy but I found it away I found away hey Aldo you there yeah let’s bail out of this is not damaged it’s a little too crowded I’m gonna be there was something I saw earlier people were playing a game whoa hold on I’m trying to use my menu here let’s try this headsets kind of I wonder if I need to put some stickers on my walls in my living room so it can track better because it was never have I ever how to play game it started with the players lining up first player says a simple statement anyone who at some point in their lives has done the action that the first player says must not move must drink it play with alcohol players remember on set action for long oh this is just a self moderated I thought this was gonna be like a wait hold on these guys look like they’re about to start hey guys no how can you even hear people from that far away Oh bad Lee John hey when did you come back right now hey lad you got any cool places to go like we’ve been having trouble with people coming around with music and they’re fucking my stream up all I got is private war that’s my only idea sorry but I cannot drop no that’s good that’s

not gonna end terribly nevermind okey never has my oh here you guys got to come meet this one guy oh shit I can’t drop a portal as friends only okay I’m gonna have to Oh cuz I mean the way no it’s no it’s cuz it’s oh let me see if I can get an invite no that’s the wrong love this lag lag it won’t let me try to join us this soup is no playing friends only oh he has the world blocked that’s interesting UK guys good thing I know I don’t make oh let me just turn around and try that again hmm here you go a friends server oh this is faux whoa whoa whoa okay so as it wait is this it just a courtyard or is the doors like exercise anything here something in them discipline or interactable down here and on the second floor wait this is a women’s bathroom there’s urinals what the fuck kind of toilet do it what the fuck is that a macrame ground I know the actual toilets are only two women can use them now what the hell are those are those urine floor urinals what I have no idea I legitimately yet don’t know the toilets you can’t sit on them well I guess I could sit in real no I can’t because I wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait oh no no no step forward okay I’m done with that I’m gonna take a piss hey come in – James come in to one of the classrooms they got paper airplanes no way what young people where do you know my favorite games to do with the airplanes to do with the airplanes is 911 oh don’t you fuck that’s so fucking horrible me did they’ve actually fly they do not fly so bad oh my god and you see there’s even Markos here they sit on weird words Oh marker see you can okay so James there’s also marker so you can do stuff like this no way what where where where over there dude I forgot they had air drawing in this game dude oh my god that is so trippy no fucking way do you see this where the first thing you drew was it boobs oh yeah I’m gonna draw my wait how do you make it stop okay I’m gonna draw myself a penis because I’m missing now someone give me a white marker quick quick get a white marker oh wait I’m erasing just just get the peepee redrawn need to draw some veins lots of hair I don’t change at all dude there’s something wrong with your dick there’s something wrong with my entire fucking life how do i erase this shit where did the other kid where they go did he go I guess he went to find a different color marker this game is nuts this headsets I mean for 400 bucks I

guess it was worth it but I can definitely see why the vibe is number one cuz this thing doesn’t track perfect it’s close are you giving me flowers you fag yeah I’m very sorry sir but there’s no white markers just yellow yellow works wrong direction here although come over here we’re gonna make a movie we’re gonna make a Kanye West movie Kanye know Kanye know whose it I just tripped over my couch where am I in my living room look read what I just wrote somewhere look what I just wrote well I am best what is that what does that say traps what TR a PS I don’t see what hanging hanging oh shit no way I got this you don’t need the job to the Jesus okay hold on uh how do I drop it okay oh my god the guy’s not really gonna be hung the guy’s not really gonna be hung that well okay let’s light this again there we go okay how many letters do you want the word to be one to ten I don’t just just pick a word you pick pick word four five six holy shit seven eight nine it’s three words yes oh no shit wait don’t you have to draw a piece of person but oh yeah yeah where did do we lose Aldo yeah he went out that door oh um hey let me think they’re in no L fuck I’m gonna die we’re um hold up where did although did although quit hold on a check he’s here somewhere okay M nice II okay oh he found the avatars okay you got you got an e here up there so I can’t even see what avatar you’re cute give me a hug it’s not gay well this is pretty gay because we know each other in real life so I just don’t leave it half the stuff it has a timer a time limit we’re trying to play hangman but I’m a retard chi-chi this okay continue ed she des okay continue continue continue I have no clue man so there’s an M M II know what was I don’t even know what’s what now that’s me and not

today come from my side come to come to my side that’s probably good idea f is it fuck me it was the bottom part no is it no it’s five letters isn’t it five letters is it is it fuck me senpai No Oh what was it it’s not tracking your words very well okay that’s daddy Oh dude you’re a different character now this time limited black I see how it is entire shirt I have another idea hold on let’s go let’s go find those avatars this way the hell this way at the roof yep yeah do the avatars care girls he’s gonna capture behind this one look at this one this one it’s so it’s so beautiful this picture oh that’s creepy as fuck I know it’s the one thing that got me that’s not a girl that’s just headband oh oh this is not good for VR the eyes are way too deep in the head I can’t move my skirt that’s lame my headsets not tracking right at all with this character all these characters on me all these characters no just look down look down a little janky wait I’ll see it on the street okay I mean check my social this mappy guy if he wasn’t in a private world request to invite I mean see if he’ll invite of course then I’ll have to invite you guys I’m bees still on wait hold on I just got some kind of request oh my god they’re in the the Church of marriage okay I’ll have to invite you guys once over there whoa okay show me the floor so I can see where the hell I am in my living room oh we should I might have to get off soon actually just casually and then take a seat wait don’t move don’t move Mathi what’s up hey dude yeah it’s a I had to rebuild my compartment yeah yeah holy shit sorry sorry still working are you tripping out right now dude dude last weekend man you missed the most epic fucking raid party ever dude we there’s 12 or 13 of us is not a Qi have you seen made an abyss yet I haven’t oh my god we’re these cute little cat characters and we just fucking ambush people all fucking night it was fucking legit so yeah when they say we have any addictions just say yes we’re gonna

start can you tell them mercy to walk down there I’m probably gonna get off here in a sec I just want to pull Aldo back into my world so I can and my care my headsets fucked up again what I am NOT come on come on headset come on why why does the vibe think I’m sitting come on vibe not vibe I don’t have a vibe for the how am I saying ah why is everything all sharp-edged like like look at this like what is that about I don’t know why I thinks I’m I’m gonna have to recalibrate the damn thing hey Aldo although hey what I’m gonna have to get off for now my headset just lost all its calibration it thinks I’m on the ground and I’m standing up I’ll probably eat dinner okay yeah it’s it’s lunch slash dinner time so I’ll uh hold on yeah one sec one sec one sec okay I’ll see you later man all right badly just joint hey sorry man I got to get off my headset lost calibration mmm I’ll catch you later Holmes oh shit thinks I’m sittin down over here in the corner of the room where there’s no light