HP Reverb G2 // Fragt uns alles: FOV, Tracking, Quest 2-Vergleich

yeah O OK now there you can hear yes I have not so is really mostly in the distance much sharper than the quest 2 on the pc me consciously say pc because the quests continue if you play stallone too we can look relatively good now do not say otherwise but the compression then of course you already have like I would say is similar to that Kreis 2 but now I also have mine ip the now also not set that you also say yes that is unbelievable that is razor sharp but i jump has the hardware lyrics as you can see and just got fresh the buttons have to be really and now I’ve already noticed with the pull the siering from the shaft come together yes I have that it hasn’t been that way yet good but i guess that you are there also used to it at some point subconsciously, of course avoids I think and is just three projects frames nice and with one 20 80 yes that is an incredible shame obstacles so good he can be but it is not bad that is really not so bad with the project the namely make all frames yes that’s impressive that is completely different also the light from the headlights back yes that is incredibly hot that is so i haven’t half life honestly so seen maybe he looks particularly calories no better he’s scratching too I think that’s the demarcation to I think marking is really cool that it is exactly where it is right now I don’t know if you can what do you probably see but you are also great then immediately the whole thing was correct that is definitely impressive and that’s what i think about meat

then it is right that does it a lot when you go into the distance can look better especially with chips and something or racing I’ll just assume that we’ll test everything right away I would say I have it now first impression that’s impression is good as it is now, to be honest, yes greater criticism only noticeable at first bigger with cas 2 is good with it not even the direct comparison maybe put on your glasses that’s why I want myself then what exactly no text without top 50 best better would be okay because i would yes i am here times this so the card asked if you read flight simulator x can refurbish that we have loaded here underneath no city required I’m wondering that’s cool that is really cool 12 had a lot of fun not good that may be a thing for themselves partly stand up which means a lot moves no rejection yes but so authority probably his last discovered for us It of course bothers me most of all if that is then of course it is correct power arises at the end of the stand müller hall 20 viewers understand installed then by the way and then you can too With I hope of course that now easily this maybe are going well too we mist had seen berlins ran just not so good with that fourth now especially 20 that’s him and shots what should I say or is not at all real day africa city multan give relations cs that’s probably dead look like the one she got on with and still be better than the best But the band didn’t go out is it going well meant it well when you now not exactly the goal anymore experience value any such bad year and they are in windows xp portal will that not at all how to do that actually does vr tb the simulator hopefully as well especially apparently what’s on that a playful gentleman well but i mean there are games like skat the eyes show test is of course complete if I had set the game as high also like change so why it is 80 I have to bring that to funeral 90 and I put on medium there it also and 90s but good with glasses it very likely a little too reform set with the s2 already think I too but I have to face it I’m gone too and he doesn’t do that too

is unbelievable under 30 has that with the s2 even when I’m in high gear liters do not live everything where actually maximally okay that game are of course also right yes, that looks really great so especially so then the topic starts we have no idea how it is but works cold and promised that it can be done just like that leighton should write one thing yes you have on my breakball thing or not that we have something very small is our other monastery is a plane off I sometimes have a no fly now you should be able to the team is a first time again yes that fade out and now focus on that lower instances we come into play the problem is that I’m on the set upcoming windows button the direction further on the floor so I had to always said to g, then we would have to now lay on the floor and then with the jetty so it was just that

either way the problem is what is missing likely to have again is that both guys again don’t work and that’s really annoying I don’t know the hands or is maybe move and that’s so stupid now that sounds with the controller and if that takes forever we should now times coupling that you try there with can of course not because this is too describe how they will soon they already I say so you can see I’m a little lucky Of course, good texts also help to create we can’t do that either end of being baptized we’re also exciting microsoft yes man can look really sharp into the distance where can i go now really good actions but so little is the lamp to me look at one side, for example namely him I can definitely still if we get from that first going out so 123456 I know I stop all who don’t recognize exactly were the yellow starts I think that can we see you here however the yellow one and one can just see the way you start like the white one so exactly and whether megawatts as well seen riina relax and how out of focus so it really is i can see it and I tend to rather and very important there is a difference can learn again as with everyone others up to now the building the Buildings are of course I make them only for example building is that is born that the textures are also this is where we are, for example, buildings who make themselves sharp like but of course she also manages it exactly the suisse with us with our would stopped doing harm is incredible i see that we would be computers by the way only live version so need again out already understands seven minutes and 13 turkey was incredibly close doesn’t even run smoothly In any case, there will be real pressure do when you get it it’s amazing how spicy you can do that later too and as always I think the free trade are ok this time yes then i would say we’ll come back the next I finish everything from the solar out the fire rethink done that neither can you sell anything abroad and the thermostat close the portal so I can’t get out somehow do already so find yourself stay out beaten that’s not fogging up until now me the animal would have seen what I then mean the lenses around the eyes how are those of the comfort 1000 times better than the rest I know not i can is a cop i yes even I try to do I can I have yes also a bit modified and doesn’t look like it anymore is compliant because i enjoyed its showing the camera I once you see that of course endure little brothers around the pattern first namely find anyway i see so i got here once such a silicone coating on traffic between two then I have one Got a foam pad or something for that strapped because i had the problem that here this stream with which you can pull the glasses tighter they pushed their heads back here until it is of course not like that no question but it is much better in comfort, especially because it is just no longer pushes like me it must or judge it is anyway Thousands of cozier is close but

before has ever said or the box is xps is of course ever better the salvatore but now that’s about it thought is also nothing 350 euro yakubu boys you guys are always very quiet was there you can’t be there for anything We don’t do anything if we do that so free here and bismarck always good mikrofon minar have yes I hope it is left unbearable in the frame especially at the end of the morning even extra written did not work I can look here right now again that came is of course not us now have a wash that I can use again so karl Ammann was used to that again, however definitely something that has been going on for a while there is something sharp for my child pass for it hope charlie is but that can be real money so we see here head from the internet camera also with the ladies with german then orders count and here in the renewal and I also have essays carry trader installed and if it goes well and me look now other times how far I am come without me the tutorial the this of that he prepared the first time posted on this basis, yes everything and me to look at it again some of them have it quite often now good but now of course the problem is is just saving up the glasses again his head a couple of times yes of course it is so that with this one even better this one adjust but I honestly say shows always a few beforehand, of course people but that’s it Industry that was not true with me either now and then my sister is silver his own glasses okay, unfortunately, we can’t do the micro more in the room because that is what the cell phone does stolen that’s just the reason for the camera we can do the bad with one eye ask or so that is unfortunately not possible for that I have freedom when we are whole do a lot just as a bit of the trade off one as first would not have to adjust here I did not understand the boxes of systems are beautiful and therefore made by karl fox badger is there to see the sensor he can be with you so alone once send videos so ok well so sweet spot but it is Still there is always better so you have to be one of those but look a little when they do a pass is the glasses so it works that’s what it’s all about okay and very close the commission puts exactly that on the hp is once on the right the next will follow that the difference is high quality front especially the portions that is of course cool that is not easy and so you don’t see it here again and now go to the theater this reaction to the g2 break changes

yes ok or about that i think it goes now the mouse at which ten had to and how I can imagine the comparison to I would have done the same thing each time we would both be i think i like them today g1 also not to no that’s that problem we can only do the comparison to rift sc kosmos heard compared to 2 but we can say although the formation came here exactly and that something not measured in the video now fully industrial that is something like that from mtv fits yes he has mine in a video I believe that there are many glasses even the g1 is happy to gradually is of course only once on youtube more vw papers tv 2 and then could you could do the svww can and what I mean by that then we would probably be one too something similar must be done with the 1 the colors and that’s what I say so now get the information yes we can, like we did at etv 1 yes good youtubers look all in So order is a problem but he is I can show different oma pass through I have already done the first one happy now right now i have too the microphone moved you have to me listen first of all and then too louder and yes you see her all the time here the obs ne 2 castro goes windows then press the flashlight and now you can do both with brian controllers here like a flashlight look I said that earlier is funny but yes it would be nicer if you would just see everything immediately and not when someone stands in front of you and with you’re talking where are you up to because yes that’s a little bit that but here you see the problem pass through and go as far as possible to the outside vw is actually not about the camera bring across in no case so we have to do other tests but now you have the pope remote seen here you can see my living room sat luca yes there is the camera and here you can see also here i go i get to the limits of the play area yes and here is so my tv everywhere i go You can see the lamp lit up right environment it’s quality is worse than in quest 1 and 2 but that’s not good either and the quality will be mine now really wouldn’t me now really bother with the flashlight is kind of weird yes I would like to see everything right away ok so i learned earlier where to go and then grabbed you do that I think off again yes works ok now must I will hire the VR team once that the programs are started when do not freeze in the case and start now I seven new how did you think because luca this animation if you have that starts and also really harm that makes it right again, yes somehow sitting positions I don’t have friends reset found the button someone played me very friendly and now you can luca you take a controller and please now we have to couple them as far as I can knows it could be already on the dollars are pegged by mine other windows installation But we’ll see that right now please ok as far as I’ve just got it over just like that I say pressure here now please press this menu key until that as far as that goes, we already have something

if it happens directly he can I doesn’t have to do anything normally you have to use the coupling I already have that back then made but above all we want to work with the video test how well it works and not how to do that yes and now one other please the two head of stations are then also recognized and now we have to be super now we just have to still calibrate ok now i have to open the windows mixed reality controller off and then turn on again in hope that then again the primary controllers are because they can do it do not control the menu of course not good okay so now I open space kelly boards and now I look once in fruit only that was wrong I wanted identifier devices do not do not calibration okay this is the left controller I started so with knuckles starts I agree oslo and now i would give you the right one old ones and right now I have to now i would do the quest again through the lens here that is not possible so the control does not have to be here being somehow close now is what matters it’s about them not move and the same axes as it were have or at the same angle to each other stand and now I just have to calibrate I’ll do that now by just being in here one eight the test pool very many give coordinates and dates and see we are getting closer to 250 samples values ​​samples and now we have to actually already see dollars you can see that luca is seeing it now you can look just like me to confirm the hp controller that even swims more than the index and trekking yes now max wright and the historical ones once Please but that is always correct strangely, that’s really strange yes so now I like to calibrate it okay i’m doing the front door I don’t want that anymore also the nice thing that you can make them out can you do that with the ok das touch you can’t do that with the quest just make it a bit awkward hold down the windows key exactly until it goes out so now I have here the bare controller and it is accurate same as I get so top I now make a copy here copy boundaries and that’s it now i can do anything and now let’s go into the questions first exactly what do we have here 11 uwg 1 expect when i hope we could help charlene henkel exactly gt2 I did with yes we can test that

I’ve already done it in the first team the microphone was very good out of the box at least that’s what the viewers have haven’t heard it myself yet they just said i am but just too loud they said that micros still good exactly I’m doing it very loud now as it was at the beginning, here too 100 percent will see how I am here in the red area and now tell me how you do that mikrofon thinks it’s out of the box when you talk to someone more full yes hello hello test sst peter parker peter parker would have to tell us how the microphone I have to scroll down of course or would you best tell me? yes, they really have something made sascha müller asks what is obs that is the abbreviation for openbroadcast us software with it you can be free computer and everything on it is connected to record the we use here to stream do I have 64 67 lpd from kai lueg a 67 and but he has just not hired and still had no problems from that we can conclude that that I’ll turn it down a bit again probably the micro out of it we conclude that that he is nobody ip over 68 or under 60 has it that’s the range of the g2 from the pds unfortunately that he will have no problems Of course we can only go where exactly but suspect if someone is 70 or 58 then I think it’s okay I just lean out like that fan is since exactly castro battery you mean that this about oculus is with the couple too unfortunately you can’t call that can only do that with the flashlights do ok smell she says controversy between mrt from where you yes i have that too I believe observed from both sides it would have been good if but you everyone he always learns what we call it started the stream without us it happened live that it was subjective is that it’s only for me and only for luca as we see it so lukas yes not yet measured in comparison now but i’m ok someday unfortunately so we can here with our test 0 or just say with our sv vitesse by no means already both but you can achieve both values, so to speak something in between so leave yourselves don’t be unsettling let the glasses ordered the glasses don’t let them deliver to unsubscribe and then exactly what I would say where I asked myself the ones I ordered back then I repeat because I believe you you can no longer hear so well I turn it on again because one follows says this switch otherwise he would have a little more better a bit quieter terrace hill where i was there yes i was actually one of the lucky ones and first immediately after the mtv video tellabs who ordered double and you also received within two weeks So I’ve had it since according to airbus or something, I’m fine now continue so that’s not awful knew the channel not someone from brother me follow so nice that you are there very much good months now what callers roll want to know tomorrow we would call her can keep the 78 degrees horizontal and how of probably not explain yes but you also have in his second video seen is he knows lives

he discredit himself so it is just no move no it’s easy so that everyone feels it differently but the next train here of course clear and clear and this for all of them that would test it is always worth it get along that’s similar to tips like spot marco and i would deliver his So do not hold normal now worse than other glasses though of course there are people in the world and of course they were great too sweet spot completely as bad feel and too small and that stop subjective is simple and will try and it is definitely I can do everything better than with cosmos former owner yes no thanks for you throw it one more subscriber wishes we now all subscribed to clear we have only just started and now is finally the g2 would be the content were made by molina to not participate wanted to start the review video just how small round of discussion it is if you can look big, of course one decides to turn off immediately gps point that they show what to follow has that it first has to be too loud and then has to turned down again now you hear again the micro camera so the iphone which is safe despite the lion apps anyway pds ost how would be cool if the video was yes, of course I’ll be like bono or also n-tv no idea the pi makes with 500 gb as well as on request but not again that he tries did you or the index the coming do two weeks with me as inspector when you come off this ball and then of course you can watch it then that is something so great but like coming getting from rich jacobi it is for us always been the same and would have been nicer of course nice but it is not now the talk with the fans before is disturbing all on this fun and probably even smaller exactly whether you have the better display there you can rely on the one of yourselves someone already has the g-20 who has theirs thanks for the subscription online subscriptions come he thank you thank you believed it point when i can play that is exactly the same as the difference Put your glasses up and it is so that’s exactly like in real life quasi that is madness and of course much better than trap that you immediately notice that for 3050 too expensive but that is true I just thought complex index or the g2 with mackel 2000 plus minus 50 euros that was exactly the same now I still have nothing though he is good and one must not forget whence the lighting and most of it but everything is really priced in for me as presented 534 euros after fitch the now cost-neutral so always the same of course costs 1000 euro short question of then that the controller reveals something initiator of various pickets 300 exactly 300 and the light houses together and want or need both actually for optimal training then it also costs another 3 320 even exactly I have the 3000 is actually used that htc buys easy from the club 2.0 that is of course a risk the court also not everyone I would still be with

the way meat is always a statement by not on the euro but that’s true what one must not forget each of the So everyone has or start the I’ll either get it reimbursed the price of the game i have the 40 euro refunded the cftc or pre-sale is 40 euros cost or you get the game around eight with the controller so there you can not to say but lay west we have now, for example, as a whole official war but that’s not permanently so but where now that is yes I notice that briefly in the round give who can not have it yet and 12 there is also in Germany even if it first proved this is in Germany not reimbursed clearly then you just have to contact the english cities actually is ob I made it or the city of joh that’s even officially now of cars was said then there was a stop more protected and yet you have to yourself if you put before this deadline has to get the letters himself and that is exactly what I believe in Germany not one not am not sure since it is in germany ok so we have this is a port said in germany is not available but as I said then just that English cities write and then I miss that he noticed instead of after unfolded at merzig has that too worked ok now speak of three cases where there is worked out so bitterly for me them together now this little bit beautiful what you see is normal that has nothing to do with any ability to do everything in order and this a bit on top of each other that again this afternoon is mine first impression and furnishing that device now were mainly your questions that’s practically everything and everything you want in the life we ​​tried would have tried than are to start is once try or same mountain religion so play something they see we want everything before to there still one compared to chris 2 if that brings you exactly battery actually dwindling striking but you can no longer look at the light also out as it really is now on TV it is important that it is not a direct one light is indirect but when i would play that is of course ours tip of the 650 euro together if I see that correctly that’s right kw foot So the verses of the next graduation head house and us for the second of course also uses the other is i believe a plus point yourself december this i would have it for 40 both welcome this first link namely to an expensive side the problem but they are no longer everywhere yes i have i exactly that is actually know that doesn’t bring you now but it is a bit like the 30min video or the hp2 die g 20 30 live there will still be her dress 10 80 I have time of approx brings me is something he can’t do something to explain and I can do it once don’t show you guys that bring it up so that nvidia a few years ago actually so should the starting position so is a technology that has evolved that with asset operation everyone that with scw the graphics card one eye cattle that means less flat to me performance in the vrs is the name of a first c90 gti would land the left eye and that the second c respects that right there no manufacturer can do it developer who doesn’t use technology it is the same as with the 3 monitor set only game which no distortion I just applied it for me this is a technology racing that is right and left in which are completely at certain angles normal it feels like you are still wants to sit in the car, for example

no manufacturer uses that either Wasserliesch I hope it comes Nevertheless but it’s actually over that technology then no later than 30 80 I say the new mainstream map now it doesn’t support it can we assume hen egg problem it was by no means too expensive then it comes suffer the suffering even though one does it could use and so on that’s real So a shame in a nutshell no it does not bring anything in vrn flirt either bit i thought about 20 game just a second one then i got from a property experience yes and then I have it Experienced six jump through at once since müller is already there, unfortunately we come not today but we will do it later right everything on my other windows tradition an installation there it is namely an installable euro too numbers grandma there is a hello marco marius neyer that one can wait soon a look through the german or to dispose of their enemies biggest is yes that’s a friends are us with st there happened again that the boundary of the demolition stuck didn’t work when they did some tv years when nothing happened I can tell you take care of the lamp industries stand for that later Bad luck inexperience the pressure for des face pad unfortunately no because you have no expensive advice but if you can take care of that somewhere like arisen there asks why we are now a thank you would have to use the e2 the consequences are used the two controller i wanted to because of one play what can i ran due to the both is exactly once which is after calibrate it has now so on and after we might go through it now are wanted to test the game boys of case would be if videos it is merkels and 2 we can already say that the g2 controller even if you are very much can not be settled exactly for the whole package with the prices the good the opel is sv 2 1 2 i think so better i don’t have the christians decent better also through the landlord over p2 so far someone is still driving privately so I have earlier we can maybe also like to have a look they must so please I said that they users, we can do that Of course I don’t remember otherwise would please just write spend ins bed then forget what you want to see we say we can go one after the other so I tried the grass with riva contractors played along with this player eagerly played for the first time that’s so mega good traders spd is in forums and how well and how easily you can comes in very short goal shooter 8 megapixel as well as mine exactly he is clear that this will be another question somehow bigger if the setting on max that’s like that on 68 put I can just do it So with the ps2 which is not the case 12 in my experience has that become led that one rather pulls the spell so just answer it with my eyes like those of the family bigger when I then wrote it on it but how is that always anyway the hood on you do what does actually develop because that’s here not like in quest 2 the velo installed a panel and the lenses or be moved and then more pixels are equipped here we have installed two panels with central islands so can move actually do not change anything from the svw as they always say now

npd in addition to the measurements like this really has it collects is not so Isn’t it the biggest point of yours? it is more of a role reading eye relief, so to speak not the x-axis of users actuality axis he should but if both have it at the end not the steam confirmation though at $ 27 back then but i wanted i because I am using this year’s miss around exactly there you have to update the firmware I haven’t forgotten anything else just another one is not angry means we also gamble the trader good idea was that is the idea but now in the end he made the experience first became us I always have this offline made easy or a world from freaks and from the performance it looks really good here though at the latest when you don’t feel like it shimmers and there I go for Executives in front of children in arms everything has to take up between on again have a fact but people i want to once with the files hurt with you that you well that works like that much you have for you we know about asking about child seats and yes that is here sascha 50 euros have been exactly that we already said there is but I’m looking make me where unfortunately today for it that is what the basics want set up and that is now in the framework jump tonight but let her abo since i have to make mine back once we do in any case and you once per game as well as seaworthiness everything here works the way they do physically too camera directed 90 court or 45 year old so if you has to be like that, that’s a bit delayed and now right right not the organ cherix open besides, he judged think yes that has something to do with it in new Issue bonds because we’re right now still had the other and then know yes not which prioritized the vfl is somewhere that has not right direction because of that is it with the stuff you sell both are there you can see that so now has nothing to do with the method of doing yourself i play with a camera he is too I can’t walk, look, consolidate yes that could say next time i happen to be flirtatious of course be everything unfortunately that can be united if But this was something with the maus team because I don’t have any money I didn’t have a name in imst before we probably don’t do something with someone right shoots him past so that we exactly you can see him off so it was in the morning have to use that’s possible now I had to decide yes but the way if it doesn’t work now then we better leave but then it is basically we want then always meet all requirements here see this at the actual topic actively ended and started again at one from otherwise he is looking forward to it I was then and still the walking time we will never dissolve easily

again you make the swiss tested so the foundation is spreading but that’s of course a good one idea that ten competitors raise will not be here so now i’m at exactly that too made a good video because the life I honestly want to have it I of course therefore also experience this info service I think it is actually so, though ludwig whether it is not there I don’t want it right though according to how much do you hear after all that as many wanted to know what can you do with them so no speakers know that overhang the way you would imagine you really hear the same way little like in quest 2 from the outside completely good with him the room is something to play something else or something and me am honest so that’s great too that’s everything for trekking little finger everything everything works goodbye nice that you’re out there and from us We also exactly compared the allegations up to 2 that is actually the substance of the bigger one is of course a good case yes me is I have to say that I think I think not very different alex is different now so i stuck 2 okay then of course we have in that hope that’s then that’s true somehow and that does what you said a fps i have and adhere to that new recordings we come to a question from kai we met in the penultimate still play frameworks british top we had the idea why that is we definitely have ideas whether you but I should help him somehow yes driver version what the fair that but that can of course also be attributed to play for example with which sorcery I have three cups, it’s not over at all the head i wasn’t exactly though sometimes everything is going so far and i have every 30 80 probably but some know which social such as the opponent and the latest version the playout is then you can’t gamble away can you be that of a city is one of the am best and then fully refund with the games if it goes, always let it go old windows 7 the I’ll probably have to do that again don’t have to now you are now at the desktop you have to just above life is this problem also it will go a long way with him open then ended but we would have to actually the soup from them celebration is the game over and me

am it that will make something expensive makes sense now is gone and it’s so open because it is in the fight there a bit as before i have at least i see no graphics because I am now it is yes or do you have to do it like this to say really what’s going on is actually you have to look at this vr open options or press releases from left as well as sv esting scene before it should actually be in there now if you press on a homogeneous controller but when i do here is not so that I like you the way you are it’s okay okay i’m sorry then we have another video about one have a second man or one the end of the binding that is unfortunately very complex when I play the game now just try it out once one mustn’t work that I do this for as long as I can prompt to install So if I’m still free like in star wars demand it should arrive extra but do that 7 for determined to install so so i’m pretty good at saying it already that is actually also in christ 2 looked really impressive and me I’m really curious how be2 is drawn yes but i think there will still be notice that the textures are partial right under the skin so don’t take a minute and then you can ask a few more questions art yes and I’ll look at half of it only now was the and for the provider looks that is really great so I have to then the middle place 21 et e with the 92 fs fun to get that i have so i will continue with one festive the whole stuffed with the me didn’t play much either, but I did would have been in a good position 1000 percent from the but not always now done it ok, that goes on the left appear that is due to the maintenance and the setting options are therefore in the 2 definitely better than quest 2 with fully inflated setting that is definitely heard and also has used the rice fields again also from the setting minutes one has been up a bit but you don’t feel at home either district election and that was also possible through the information speaks that that super seven link on tv he’s wrong

or the in the margins of that display is over 3,000 pixels per eye on 100% that’s not true what that team was he is that’s true about them lenses the gate is our country compensate for that automatically i call there times supersampling active but it is standard is more with every sample or less but they come ideas are a different display so if you would have the native resolution she’s not 2160 x 2160 but that are these over 3000 I have it now Buy them a baroque pixel x 3,000 pixels and about that but god you don’t make thoughts or one more supersampling so you can use the I put them on the table beforehand and that present and then you have the word yours because it is so great need not be overlooked it is that You can’t go on a strict diet either can grasp because the computer is not just create something like that so no longer for postpaid tariffs actually turns out differently kisses right here are free 2 on now probably from looks yes okay what to hear what am i protesting so was just looking like him as free man short game also from the sharpness I now clearly have my brothers too on muscle or to compare and 12 is also sheep you can’t say differently but do you know where it’s dark I guess standing like that when he’s not at all where we do together in the big room stand that we have to, sorry yes of course everything is expensive because of that because i believe i the retired contagious level but will buy maybe that’s because or noted so i prefer about this and that too in a hurry and tobler what we do now so far yes i take there i have not so I mostly wore many players virtually is chris installed I notice that is definitely lives significantly longer than Jako knows notice if it works two woes there do you have the front wheel anyway generally others also in the house is finished holmes since i don’t know how many now the second know this division so you will know so by default also little changed it is a unique sharper that is too the stand alone so now not pc celebrating is just a little anyway fancier but with compression we shouldn’t have any great requirement to be there or look like that not bad at all if the quest turns out really well exactly are not bad making t2s around 1 a tick better is a tick hotter and it’s a noticeable one too difference now fall into the far away well you can see the leaves, for example in the event that you are the clientele not much but you can tell from the one drawn sharply that’s not about the text calm that I send to the market anyway but the performance is cut off can’t get that far I can younger the controller in maybe you can have the hand

I care how versatile – two already seen have now preferred you would also ask the christmas rose but it is not abandoned now of course there aren’t many that are same size with the coke now you can say I have now look at this here is christ 2 controller looks at first glance you can see that at first glance reverb the two controllers much bigger but if you look carefully looking at that is actually the case they are actually almost the same size only has this huge ring of den makes a difference but ultimately they are of the size yes quite similar even if you do sideways look what is about to happen good is that the same is the decline is smaller and you have to do a little more encompassing where the two controller yes so much more area ok then let’s do it it will turn us on the first thing I’ve connected here start with the download but just dance 2 played then you play first look at yourself just the first impression and seven Expert report first caller brands if he wants in the boss’s room is the smoke protected and offers you recommend yourself sit very similar to pants it’s a a bit more pleasant one day even today we can do it almost equally performance in the second comparison of course it depends on how you do it quest pc if you and wii ps2 complete winter gaming and all possible resolution complete superscript that the a 100 percent then you have a better performance with the revolt 2 yes i believe it is even a bit like yes or yes anyway not bad help but it reveal that it would be better the result better said not so if you now finally visually the same if one tries like the two now on that the same visual level again how to get the 12 then the g2 goes of course run better now in the resolution in all on education mode for example, positive is also relative you can’t get better from there say depending on how you do it I just want a karabey a second behind then you stand there I think something like that said of course everything costs money and so this work should have started usually with opus 15 despite the prediction, aha is me honestly i have to say i have heard from people that the 105 said I thought I missed it but maybe that’s even a limitation of the austria system for spex no whether That said to me before that means that would not have counted and not so is great because I sit down on the easy was enough

that’s how the x3 is from a single source makes no sense you should actually benefit from the performance would be strong enough and the 9000 in any case not so the quality at the same time controller that’s been since i found it to shake hands again explained So it is said that the ps2 it happens that i feel much worth the feelings when the g2 elementary school is vibrating his school is definitely better but otherwise clear the buttons are takes getting used to with those at over Maybe it’s already working now really of the quality and the quality, I wouldn’t like that find a big difference when the difference between quest 2 and g2 to the windiest then sooner so i can tell you i’m 30 80 and the east west to 1.7 good performance tegel most play it there are of course exceptions, the asvler on the whole is actually running quite well and I think even at 120 80 I’m actually less able to do that beaten everything great but that is not so I start giving everything now do you see what is important you see them teacher can clearly see that too better than guest, we make him clear too only the children we do that too soon so just stayed and remembered ok so again the same performance what always you see I posed probably low with that too we don’t start running smoothly a recording but okay to stone christiane recording play against what does it say you want to leave do the anti cheat is all so more pain then you have to probably installed the isi anti cheat you now have a real third yes sometimes it works here or with them most things of the white fan of mine in ok impressions report little actually has me many times pressed in there doesn’t make any anyway difference is built is relative easy difference is investing something happened there I got to solve it that’s okay, i have no problem with the latest drivers and four blocks this is vr accident as a result he’s brown is coming back but is similar to the one before or at or comes he comes out of the record now though also about that he has so there I have hardly understand is you can you see you now have half too what that specific driver version could exactly what you see but now you are just reading is by the way pc fans drop it off but i have it

such games have to be these games yes today also libraries and then there and after that everything plays clear that actually just asks what you’re asking which we despite the first deadline as far as that is a field it is only for the tree protection is very good but that is venerable side certain triangular windows itself and with base is likely with that then also really welcome window are done i would slow you windows how often we don’t start because you have the keyboard so now I would like to press laboriously back again finally you look at everything is black red the city is still black you can see it one view the question of whether he is now comes back about what we’re doing now then nothing on the monitor you can see that that is the only question then what I am doing is still few driver version the songs often tell that they are drivers but yes institute I ask that of course off test that’s so extreme you are unfortunately yes that is always something strange then is clear from Cologne already held a thousand times at first it always worked yes okay i had the idea worked yes yes we see that yes he gave me that over several symbolic are likely to I am seeing that is in sight however, or hdmi database with 67 the child benefit applies calmly that the quests two are constant on 1 score but i have to say when a game not running properly then I look whether he is in the settings before the game around and tries it to see if we that it works better resolution is the most important resolution in combination with apps is always active with a good experience but yes it is why do I see looks anyway even if that looks bad but is the sheep it brings nothing of his opels

or here is great this also applies to this is no home sure but i thought that gives me a bit the nation to me I can start the operation right away I just hit it, I see it now of course not so good too to solve yes that has been too high for over and over again price maybe I can do the settings face the appearance that one day we have previously hired first video is that certain nation racers big ok now no longer do very much smaller than someone then we go too with training and you don’t go there either much worse training exercise we’ll do a rollover when we all came so I’m fine then allowed to take so long now has the worst seems like awesome is that because I said to her I have please know me next from the point but i will look there i have already makes appointments, so to speak but winter the thistle from not quite so look far like in real life no shit I see it as a sheep and there is nothing behind it, there is none here herb cakes or because that you can make friends and statements about the festive season impressive from therefore i’m happy put on me the light is on wants to be able to put on the glasses in that play unbelievable cockpit i think so it’s a shame that you don’t feel like partying they are xbox controllers again limited is oh you shit it is I can do anything I know everything they read the green indicator is all the questions and the brightness of this incredible me see these dots on the monitors because the neck and monitor are before We want that especially in the green look like the noise for should that be a bit like the rule but hey age is no longer cool what that right accept at the ball shoots a bit by yourself in fights or something but where can I yes calculate concludes I believe that us in the stream yes that’s again because of the rings me a bit bad because I just got me scared but that’s just about what i know as old must forbid really horny before and this fire on saturday that is probably the game he is meeting times and a graphic performance richardson just now at 550 I can still adjust that elisabetta recording and the g1 things which I unfortunately don’t have now a comparison to rift it to the ps2 for fixed a pretty full forget and two funds exactly and playstation 3 oh yes forbidden those I like very much the ps has significantly better the iec is

so now take until i adjust that but now a degree the fps so at 65 to 70 I think I still knew it take up with the kettcar is the extremely right because we are therefore of have one eat ketchup but when I record via laptop which capture card is not loss and then I can I have again show the construction if you but I am only saying the question further I could want to test us we did as they did for us It looks unbelievable but now especially on the days of course performance server say game is now applications alone, of course I also thought what do you want you guys have of course a lot behind who read about it this is the future But if we are now in the fourth fight to several people on me notice yes you of course it is that your expenses basement you can meet others online play and come off yes that they are so mega people buy it you buy it the two or conclusively supplies if you’ve already introduced yourselves, I have have now waited five months and yes it depends on every day and me just wanted to come to the day that is you know we know yes but details from which this the haptics but top already clear that it is well so why not a good one or something but the discussion is really cool the me that’s right there really its complicated therefore heard there that that too bad you there works but yes it came to me patch with the head and the patch has that performance improved a bit I heard but overall that is of course no lx level but you can not really compare it either of course and not exactly me we will test worthy g2 maybe like someday back on if maybe it goes now also ends with the first vaccination then a little bit back of the year maybe rtv can do his energetic game to the you do that then definitely because he of course his rent also has problems now so to speak under the 1 what I can understand right where if you go there I was still after that Not so we will definitely be tinners paid a small contribution from the christians he always thinks about his performance fire politically perfect again I would do it right right away but I also want to order immediately never on so i’m for it I need to fly through and copulate time it’s unbelievable and I have that now Quest case advise here it didn’t matter that I am exactly in the Rostock districts that was right it is a constantly the game is really loud that’s unbelievable every time and thousands of phasers 6000 index im hour chart you say everything because of the compression of the providers see that but there is also such a huge difference that köppel and yourself in detail one made of coal and looks easy too really going on completely looking at that looks really good that’s just the way it is for both this game razor sharp also there everything one can see that so well even if you now fly more often these details this ball these squares but I know that the seven are extreme have been on such a long distance know what i mean That’s incredible

napoli really got me in some that was but it comes and looks really good out in the dignity and I’ve already been 123 good despite confusion, I think the other two fekter these people too arrived but only one can of course also connect then he will then also whether he is now with his and can make videos and transport and even in gamble if you are a bit gate pass has decors the theme you can reach him beforehand also do or how it works luca already played the game he is also blown away and finally firmly 2 of course now there we are not bad so it’s up to spaceship I find it so fascinating that that is razor sharp you can see it details complete I’m only relative was simple and then I am now I’m looking forward to daytrading the precise game is also poop too without recording from the stand in the livestream buttocks or no example at all seen in the video of me but still I’m excited and that has to be described again back here are these individual ones so far so spaceship believe it is I I have my service as complete or I also know there is a cloud represents the whole thing here yes incredible that’s really so impressive when you come to us I really like to play before now was flat that’s cool that’s really cool because of that therefore the conclusion is only recently but when I end up saying no more heard the g2 is worth so much like mtv said definitely ours problem is that we are the fixed two a lot I got there sooner yes not all of this half way bought up and through it difference is still very clear also much better but eat and still not so big anymore and that’s why it is no longer as justified as he is but always save before the fixed free space still justified except for facebook that there are advantages and we in europe now how i can benefit I would have gotten joy so far say that all problems have been fixed except for controllers with some but there the manufacturers have little influence on the glasses then it should be more like that first school I often go to – controller for each game in front of the field solved better on it because you have to quite normal with a little bit employ flows also talks yes but this is how it looks the production is nice drawn and it goes even lower than that is not even the lowest level like oh so it is in the graphics quality im vr you can still one and now is too okay yes exactly that says everything clearly We absolutely recommend it if you something like that is just in advance really cool make right believe that fly is and if you are also in this fighting is more worthwhile to do so it’s really cool is razor sharp it’s unbelievable what today so now see lower performance today respectively really cool I don’t want to put it on firmly because now now was a direct comparison to make quests in the two games we now we need now meanwhile come over to the vr

because do it with a second 8th but always nothing is decided I didn’t think so, but that means yes even with the district town team lame thinks he is sitting down and no longer who hand here ok and squeak that’s that this mini is noise however it is important is class it is should be cool this time that’s not straight forward we say yes differently Mortis picture couldn’t see now how to look at the tape again agreed that I think at some point Of course, it also has its advantages listmann because you can show it even or have to take off the glasses make but I think the emission better everything shown better in the league no question is not worth underestimating is it happens this comfort that one does not work can look under and the version to get therefore confirm we are always recognized now i’m going directly to the department I was probably gone for you have myself I hope that I do too bought for yourself it would be okay as dissident ins or the trailer vote for an elderly nation or a liter of the satellite it is in the area of ​​the 2nd we never do that follow as 30 then I would say through first then we do something that you do the upright monitor from paessler now have to bend mixed reality formats or had to shoot again so but I’ve finished it now I have my 60 now on 6246 mother must pay attention and in the system tray left wish better ok so the example was now at an advantage

via the register only manufactures as accept controller and because that of course because if I am now too to shoot this month in contrast if you start investing in sebastian rescheduled for next summer or one determined the railway legal director actually but you have to continue to like ok so big screen of christ 2 that got us already very moving that was already I seem to earn real money it is not likely again better even if it’s not yet have tested yes I couldn’t imagine that must be really cool big screen in the gt2 with really awesome Quest 2 is still important and then let’s go I can actually can I that is the medicine the window the nord stream follow they see that yes then also the changeover ubs left I have ten but if you just take the picture course I think that again first of all power that neerstedt does that is in about the team understood that’s why it’s so you have to his life completely so he’s after all the team works has to do with the citizen right in take momentum haberstock that’s dangerous she was please the electricity or no enough it doesn’t separate the complicated of this are ok but now a first first time are now two separate resolves the same other is more than did you know now it works with james only go on immediately to the topic compare my life you have nothing – the one on it, yes it goes fast that’s exactly that you can stop with a short test three titles in a row soy is had through good idea subordinate it is already noticeable was a bow with the imminent screen effect not at all there is no big so not at all Oh by the way, what I see here now I don’t have that now impression of actually solid on it I can’t find out i will probably play that they notice it

but not infrequently it is also moderate Super except the geometric until you get the christ had if you got to the point fixed on the straights on so with line for example relaxation can be seen how that swims that has me most of all the index not like that at all that is totally solid but very strong not so nice to say now we rather refer a little hans-dieter asks can still do a lot work that’s found nice in any case with it differs in our opinion i don’t think so I think about the fire overall then you found the keyboards helpless julis and not around no edge city ​​there is nothing we say I’d rather have three monitors recommend I would recommend it either way though not just to do that yes that’s better marco is 20 80 and I only have 30 80 I agree and so it is immediately as far as I can get he means the target and the computer with the we the current fire is the 20 th computer with din en 9100 so start now are which are to be converted please enter actually which look a bit worse though no more of course we have here now compression problems so no much worse I don’t want to see much worse I want it best, we should too the hertie houses test a dog’s life quiet quiet city rational whole or the game of the game at home games and 8 votes against Hopefully it is better now so manager desktop is much worse there is a lot of compression since i can i see already out of focus when I click here this this engine group it’s not that hot anymore I have an evenly sharp one for that lose, I say

you can do it with the g2 yes that the cattle really loved it the difference is clearly accurate is clearer but I prefer to be in please really sharp at the edge a bit sharper than even blurred picture that sounds like the call is so I want to say player but for player needn’t own me move So the cable must be completely irrelevant the quest no option at all when i started the g2 it fell worse looks good we are not allowed to confuse what i mean good and bad but better mine so the game looks great but compared to 2 gg 200 percent are the new master the quest goal is 50 percent if we but consider all glasses then is you go on the quests two whole front at least that we ourselves are already waiting for but no came what is interesting we have been on sick leave yes also no streep spot the problem is that in real life, of course, if I now something ball is a country of course also out of focus because I mean eye move somewhere focused that he anyway and that is of course in the glasses when you move your eye is such a blurred picture that is the problem a little swissport why you you also have to get used to that head moves instead of really around the eyes was that’s right for please street- right at all but when he agrees what we do with it mean I mean how fast I can do it you make glasses or attachments mean now is so correctly defined that not everyone got a bit now someday I’ll be different tomorrow speak it is not wrong because it appears to be there is no definition given by students performance better but how said it will be in the stream no relevance no it’s a lot looks worse and still lives yes now that’s just got me that said that is a direct one play great anyway but when i do the possibility of a previous pc without to have compression both maybe even then this both glasses was the best until 24 game day where I’m on the ground you have to help you have to talk and everything others quasi also bizerba I never understood that that looks like pc or that is Incredibly much better than inter press Otherwise, the duo will even get it to the bvb so in the food less but felt like saying that it’s just my personal feeling I feel differently measured it is sociability in the gt2 larger somehow measured but when i put it on but now I always have that it is neither positive I wouldn’t say that negatively that is definitely not negative but it is also due to the sharpness the g2 does not fail positively either the larger, as measured, informs so it is also felt that way know the same measured differently you hit the hammer on the left can you fast are you were you are you however, was finally against opponents okay, that’s his job for us also that hermann can name simon we have successfully all the things happen I just fly around everyone had put on the screen was small then i bought a short cable that now always hangs when I battery the 1 I would have rather that song is comes with a battery but that doesn’t exist more and did not exist as a medic sap because I like it actually nice and not so murdered that is from writing from a camera I recommend getting it done but I didn’t just try it yesterday and I still had it now so you don’t need why also do not buy again

yes and that’s why with the device and that’s why I have to hold my own here little headphones that I don’t always plug it in yourself must hang down but great talk there seem to be big going my system I do not know why either some free state is petrol can do not compare at all you can’t compare that max no not at all I actually have mr estate as a happier just being able to walk to go and it works so far not broken it will think soon I can go again for that So balance is how rate it is here now therefore quality and everything highest and yet it cannot with the same not even that at all cockpit and I think that’s complete is so much blurring and in the distance so she still looks good patient already said you can too having fun with the s2 don’t ask yourself or of course I can do a lot of that too so no comparison to wii is better the 2 it’s still fun it is despite two groups, I have mine saudi’s team reported the best time was the way you are not now either expensive until so that I stay and I think immediately as from that the greatest lies maybe she isn’t sitting here either right now don’t know how youngest deep however deeper that is a beautiful not pretended not to conquer adjusted to expect the first time but that is also I don’t think it’s strange at any time with 1 2 the game yes that’s right kaiser tests out in a film yes news.at how learn but then he knows no longer with the quest since we already have again over it payment at the channel once let’s look at the 2nd emphasis that is also my god set yes the infinitely violent I have yes really already risk this there So stand take your nose and date and you see it better cared for yes my that’s it or yes I have actually, of course, that one can prevent a bit how many viewers the 39 that is so shortly then you understand at the same time between care by us because of outside the goal the gate is very mobile of course I know always from the office aa has he had already tried one bit faster in somalia where it is often I worked better

already prepared but what does that mean preparation do your head, I don’t have that big in buying like marco so now let’s see how it comes equally bad for me so I’m back in the vr there you can reach someone so that this is for interviews and i know not which city is not bad ok I should the stronger it is just like that colors actually got me in first moment not so generated so that’s the way it is should be much better now but im in retrospect but it’s better me already as well as stuck on the track overspending one connects who has stuck in the you shouldn’t go through under any circumstances you want to make out yours made that is probably the best of all in one livestream would like to need today you can see that I have unpacked i also had difficulties plug in and I tell myself not sure how it work though then I noticed it myself is right and then never happens again I saw that you can’t make it so that was missing peter himself would of course be nice if that therefore only write that as an excuse others end so the pc ends only that do not turn off the headset itself and without asking you still have the problem that this fisherman no actually good ask that was probably will be tomorrow no more shower and fresh lenses because otherwise the day before has always been put on glasses and that was the reason the glasses are really cold, though I let you upgrade for a long time namely now so that you only have mine problem i mean is in my eyes who praised nothing to do with school doesn’t have it or I don’t have it at all and I no longer and what resolution did it have Good ones too, I ask I just suspected something the team makes 100 as 264 x 2092 percent that’s right that’s not not correct not doing less is a direct act little performance but the good ones calculator didn’t try as close as native got through on how to do it the panels native this is not this yes now never happens again that’s really it has nothing more to do with do that’s easy that’s also with

touch function that is the right one resolution 100 percent custom 1 percent and for not that anymore unless you have to dig bike paths in Africa or something like that then of course but if your the power ups that the correct resolution does not make any higher it is as hot as it gets but he thinks that the quest 21 team even higher that he already puts made a video to video as I did District 21.7 had was the lot quality high 90 kilos achilles and into the team before I was made 100 150 both players all right that there is also only a few areas best game we can test our reference and I have no difference recognized if you yes I am it is it a compression there you can’t because I put it up quite normally but it is a shame for such then mine services then eat theirs stock exchange want the example anyway not going so well the irisl on the sorry there it is I say leave the presented here somehow I’m really excited like to drive in 27 games as far as she is concerned I just have to say so they let me start here that asked the total worried the question is as soon as he is in japan now the open source solution is entirely yours namely can see the on – resolution for you it’s 107 or 108 and they are 100% svr different that’s about others percent So the resolution is the one native resolution of quest 2 again over left so very important if you do we then played via virtual desktop that also solutions no one over 10 then the pictures of grandpa settings in the streaming day there There was concern about high this was then for the resolution at 100 percent was he so i can go up to here too see the trees sharply it’s incredible so played steering wheel but that changes nothing in the graphics it looks so much better looking and despite mark west turned out better than quest 2 are much better than the quest fear but that is once again a shovel I’m happy with the steering wheel too finally play and it feels great at what can I say what can i tell you i was one stage back and that hears a lot here and will be here one day check this is yes appalling to the rash I really don’t have you see obs but i watch the street day on the money pot and there everything when got closed when i go now you can me First the video will be two windows as well as two audio we are there I switch to have again respect people i have the courses are already pulling you the g2 nico much hello hello so everything should actually be fine again

be yes think the saarstahl animation I think that’s great from whom he so I have to tell you who I like it really well I can don’t say why find what everyone hates I bullshit this this debate about the fact that you can do it all can now each without additional programs every windows for every windows program put me in vr while i play in the team VR or somewhere else mega us soldier off go so you can see him obs now what’s still great what i do I can certainly do window mode nothing you don’t mean the tone please write if you could have done his everything has to be repaired here because I’m back ten times overturned well thank you instead it’s so spicy instead of 100 over guitar, seeland lowers group 30 okay we’ll introduce ourselves again as museum brando push for shit false start yes i’m realistic too now no matter just gave point deduction your sees that from i must i have a bit wrong height here you have to duck but that finally looks good at last the way I wanted to play there was one all the time even the trees get worse no more that annoyed me so much now it is how good that looks at the lowest settings just to see how that graphics get everything out after the resolution got my apology so low never played but i just have to times so okay all textures are of course crap but it looks good so even if your not a good one computer and the building game would have to because it is not well optimized it looks well out because everything doesn’t matter if sheep the texture itself under or under itself economic not detailed i can see the colors great back there i cannot share scripture from these read here on the left madness in the face of the people look they don’t move madness that’s great so any races simulation generally the best glasses don’t think about the quest for something like that to be able to play only if you both and want you to have too much money want to spend then yes but if you says I invest two glasses or The g2 is especially important to me it looks absolutely unbelievable and even those of swapping are done no longer true because you’re running you play very differently you fixate yourself on a note at the very back and then if you drive away then a little actually moving the head

to say that the car is that hammer ok i think you have one too point again understood your want you here we also say elite start ok madness then you write ask chat is still someone who is interested in lead arrangers don’t care about the day few may not even be there anymore or more of those if that can I’ll download it then was madness that has me now too dangerous again i am the whole day milled or not eaten I’m only here in the flash all clear that enough leaving before that is never there played that is always only this sale buyer otherwise that’s not I still had never such glasses yes I have to five months wait but at least pointed to now it was worth it because the glasses has no quirks when the burst active already directly puked me I say quite honestly that made me feel so honored I believe in our first too again clearly said you can confirm it does not work So everyone who already has g2 and it almost swap swap it works even without scratching, I always mean that is now in a day review about it but if you had to do that immediately then it is definitely worth mine in my opinion I don’t have to be annoyed by that kind of thing let’s delete a little something here here is only one 500 gigabyte Uninstall hard drive or ssd is it always like that about both screens I’m just starting off now that works better a little electricity also put the page to the robbery trading say yes I have asked and on saturday falls sometime come because I didn’t count because that said that they said when next time I have to see it stop already big beats so it is only a strong man under a big one style if you are of course germany what I’m assuming includes German and if you haven’t put that with there that must of course be longer in the first field in the first

that’s exactly the biggest recently has ever been that was the g20 itself and even a europe and even some and so what wasn’t in my first ever that you have to get yourself of course I was really crazy like that one about 15 still goes fast Wrapped up, that’s going on tonight well she is of course an im again picture upload is good, I have one but to live or who i youtube do we can do a short one interruption make two minutes and is the same size short break so we are strong again so that for tom klemm game we also have advantages in what and what surprises me the second also brought something with me the activity is also credited however, many have previously done it themselves so it is now that doesn’t say to go under it annoys me rather that besides what I mentioned earlier the sli support if it doesn’t work with fire and the perfect will also be with the mobile phone he’s really bad one but how can so about okay that post banned in the new generation has been because the choice took place unfortunately he wanted enforce this standard with the index interspersed with it you I mean the golden as one of the first to benefit yes and then you have the last trains more somehow you have problems with it and took it calmly and that was belief I meet then you could cable others up front with a cable that was a great one idea you now have the navi all gone

because with the xl 8-k the soko is also in which league it is nothing to do with the resolution or that is not giving well, she didn’t have that yet inside also have what you are right but you say she had a very bad one pixel persistence that means if you like looked in before then was under to see percent boosting so you have total streaking can even be achieved not describe so not at all use would be less tried anyway but when you moved that was it very bad and then you have the brightness then the pixel woke up fucked up even with the pre-production model and in samsun mittelding and for it do we need more electricity the risk it pcb crisis this stream Don’t ever behave when you’re over an adapter usb a used there come i don’t know how much worth on that media as a host pc over it then we have then the financial problem that’s why every 19 injured is with the lenses don’t know the cats jacqueline if you have nothing for him So if you are into microfiber cloth clean everything that is dry is normal but that does something different without something nothing happens my greatest so no strikes in the glasses contagious, nothing happens anytime soon but that starts with problems give time there something definitely not that we are very bad these are 3d printed two lenses adapter you put on it and then there is no longer any possibility of course you can still do that somehow you expect the normal on have normal glasses on them prescription glasses are no longer available the lenses by accident if you have glasses at all under the glasses so i do but my bet today is at all no way not someone can only people go wrong but yes that will soon also go to buy that i have get sent by someone who the soon manufactures as a prototype where test whether they fit but as you can see that this angular shape is for the g2 and he just didn’t have the g2 that’s why he’s sending me a few samples ubs he was too tight one but it was just so at first a great picture is simply not so you sharp or the number of pixels is less or no it’s a shame but you just see them individual reports ok we forgot something else too ask please excuse me a book writes me something like that here would not live to it slowly towards the end of the stream the should also don’t go too long and do it too times new more streams can you know someone can offer you play jazz with fire but that is played well okay it says not ordered now computation trading not that yet has other rom is namely have but we can happily contractors the game right now that’s me, that’s what I have

later, unfortunately, always games still belong to the bosses say could as a conclusion, contractors make it loans for the 2nd you can have us on in no time has now so to speak makes smile but he could not see or surface here back to schools where maybe I do actually foto factory backs up without controller played very good grades can’t always be too few fans of it all alone you have the first game so far after so that’s really cool yes is also said but for now you saved that we hardly had to go a little play offline what do you have that is a module opened yes mach exists I connected a keyboard so I have two reminders but one bit sorry look one hears there no longer see write us fan mail nobody misses no need again calm and that is exactly what seems to be today not so ours stands a bit that introductory missions it doesn’t work

right in the crash to the crash like probably with the crash once as professionals simply even better looked like and so it just turns no matter what test you always want to stop standing click here deficits that’s just live and given spontaneously to people we don’t have to stop there cut that is very noticeable so in my gut I have to the fact that such a bank account who knows maybe that can be so valuable I specify this course or that is show the camera hold more so people I have to enter this now comes oh yes the whole thing seemed again I would just total it all so easily you can have cake here on the clock that pull themselves into the same thing in july is possible if your game lets apple play exactly flows into the discounting had i don’t know what the problem left or so with it all waiting and so we have to ask them we had connect the number that goes on is itself yes I think we’ll do it right after that study a list of things here we have written yet to do had to like to write again now do not forget the influence angeles was also part of the gala is not the elite of the Indus players and still no owner of the game possibility to start well then comes rektors and after that the end or the man still with the idea adjusts the flow part by 61 air measure up 60 yes it is that’s maybe 3 cm because or fell but not yes no games yet imminent

So I have a logitech here the remote control astra and fictional is as wide as a wider than the box if you now say we do extreme contract and then also the portfolio is no longer through ok and there to stand just don’t write on the up because this freedom are that was okay thank you yes that can’t even to close something contractors that’s what we do now swiss for another time or game videos we’re making more compact now extreme and change that now because there let’s briefly introduce and then the decision today extreme music that wasn’t enough acutely actually not or I can’t save fix is ​​fixed sign and i am I always compliment that is true there is also one on the internet here view but write a lot we definitely have to reals vote no it is i think very good team play that is of course the same thing again in a game like quest 2 we didn’t come back until 200 a little quieter I do a little louder ok and g2 audio and then have we here des vea thank you kerry fox thank you to see one hears one another probably a little again fewer so i am now in the big screen we see

but nothing no a little quieter and even if you make it very loud we rewind a bit earlier on best tested it seems where i have I haven’t heard it myself yet, but loud the audience to be good too loud but apparently not overdriven lukaku ps you can see did you do that again that was the whole thing time as well so i’m the big now screen and if I’m honest then does it look like a quest because it has to look so good there i honestly say i look of course now what about that again what another 3d where the standalone is exactly so many watch trailers star trek the sound will of course be better that way watch star trek trainers at some point here we go sophos in 3d the trailer is not high resolution so stereoscopic effect is as likely with everyone spend well just as with the quest so I would prefer that wireless desire to be on the couch sit or in bed when i have big screen want to do he is his pressure is exactly the same to quest i mean i would be interested if I look at something like a 4k now do so I’m going to my glory now again best on youtube or something also this robot really learns how the keyboard i can just join the team do not know me so well im yet big screen from looking on the web 4k costa rica a youtube trailer which download what this lukas gets up the laptop