Beating Up Random People in VR! | Creed Multiplayer Boxing

envision a homegrown home, all to review all welcome back to the reality check the HR-question video yet: if any plank read pop Pollo Anita Wachter this is a nice little to no more space for was like a punch in the monitor Sunday often to monitor as much offer so, hopefully we don’t have any problems before I was having some black cat issues and am I still have some black of issues and if I do a map and put a cable that is much to do with it the top roles in viewing the giveaway omission or that’s your little bit of old and boomer planned ahead and equipment to the candor cells into a quick patch right so do as you see not play this game will be guest and live stream that the marchers to us by the CIA, no is clear boxer got boxing gloves right have and the night, like this and will will frame risk of a trough and some adjoined OK one leg and low a though the body near me , or if I can change the somehow the microphones working its way and the only family stone , waiting airy, go ahead and be the big guy and have the evidence by little bit of a restart city him as a source was by little bit before with four setup and there’s one of using me a right to see written to have a move that he leave if the above will read and write a radar radius and that the if I am ready to play writing reduce the level it said berry and have have have generated for this right right of the arm by myself a big security guy that the mayor Mason this musical a punch me in an era

when I read and write ago and radio of 2 minutes to that became 2 minutes with, due in 2 minutes of that beat him after all this should so few has won only be given away some 360 video viewers give your site daily Mater Dei its yield down the road set them and any ordinary set by the new babies and game keys a few of your radios game keystones on the with the audiences and will bend the constrained to 1 May be made in our today in the beloved Levens to rush of four least a few weeks so we’ll go play this loose and go videos saw kills them a kills go but that’s about it to smile last time getting play the rest for a few weeks have its own and do stronghold may hold on the new old shoes and and nine owns a new: two is said to its 2 minutes ago to you, I’m the land and have the routing itself to himself have that if the smug and really given with the mod number one, so I want one the number two all right dairy dairy date with a berry Davis if so, it shows me the readings frozen right now because I’m the menu as it should be as it should be a wonder one if I can even buy computer and handles I will try to move to get to me too much is a lot and fishermen were I can see and seal them that it says to the two is not receiving will soon will sit the role players will use has never seen it do to maintain and that’s where streaming sold or may not notice it isn’t so streaming for you or is it not for streaming and overstock and hope both leaders can see there now , no data can only tell if Chad says a busy people watch as it has only ever notice you guys sexually see the streams you can hear me and a with a quality is like all put a quality is OK for streaming here due to event which same time so should dismiss it as choose one and a better know that analysis of the senses to intense and probably get low because of what I’m doing a year and up the screen above me in the VR world and the

MMI got this guy to join in and have if he wants that are the only night and some of those not yet be the year one of the space Perry Lewis is a good idea not to know where I was going on in a move that if have the tough and should , if the if that and, if they have if the

fifth and the and an online until I got diversity and if all role of women have to have the nexus island sound like to do it , grader get real related guys were orders for the better I go to work item on

the NT tubers have a need on all one lady of the ways OK so he sees making a way to balance of those are so I would wish it will show some guys already underway a couple of the use of this this is not and is not the main stairway that and give away a couple of these these are like all three viewers right so few have fallen and so you think there was seeks to forward their office and the Ross and four have existed, that comes up later your free for via TV deal of your viewers lenses as pop out right near phone so the phones clips and found the edge of it, and you can dislike to phone in a bonded right and then they watched side by side videos on my phone with the sole thing so noted, side by side you’re have run all right and reusable should and should be no disruption hopefully this bill archer but for the state’s backed notes making a crazy wrestlers , the bowl, have shoots the disk or link rate than there somewhere. I do they sell this to disk or lake this, do it as an served as a fifth if OK so to be in the contest you just have to go into the disk or link that’s there and then you just have to simply go into the VR break room and type in the stags and rail route to the U.S. if there’s going to be rich to college October contest has died October contest right so she just crashed at October contest into the discord, we’ll go ahead and the right button here , for you guys into the break room and neither are still be entered into a base in Seattle this person in message and I’ll get the information there a steady to over contest and all rights

so the real as they should be back in the secondary cities can come back we’ll we’ll send you my nose for as much at a time of the week ahead and pay and won the windows in my view are immature room so I can read it up here it says would see giving away and we’re back to the one noticed three stooges the reports that some and not allow for real was no mere wires and you can find the money right now it’s OK not to know that you’re OK but I can do is I can at least the very least to not yet so really do look all festival regular so bogus and go ahead and give away several of these I’ve got just know at least 45 boxes and some right here some money away least four sets of these right now and the notices to have that your three classes are great for looking aside by sodium content I wouldn’t say they’re great for playing any games approach wouldn’t say that any of your headset speed for games of them , the CD one were the lives of this moment im, bso and cola soft but slices this thing can just be folded right up to seek actually a realist nuclear bag and take with you and we will go and have it for 361 contents and likeness of the system of your top TV guys is the good ones are in 360 contents and th sold and have some other 360 headsets road again when I got from sos go open this up and send out these to the people that are viewing like it said a few wants to get put in a contest use have to go discovering that some of the check box below and that a hash tag tool per contest into the VR break room and when I use that to put your guys names into drawing and then the whole city is personal message pitcher address like Atty. Steve, of course each headset is going to come with faded away eyes because you have to be with us and said so and any given because cap and we can do to spend this guy has been his he’s cool but he’s taking super long to get in here seems in the game pretty well he punched me up pretty good and that the means to last the casino was was shuffled around required to we can move too much does and you lose the speed limit, does this instance, Spanaway too long tardy me over the background sounds and the CIA wonder see a quick, see what lonely, consulate pretty good , all rights isn’t a major talk butter a little bit more pronounced all right, it’s want to fight the 1 to 5 that image of the refunds, notes how you can win in its legality kids jump and use up and scored you have tried and take off you’ll still be entered suppose that simple as that is when the way once the stuff that I have so calm and for those of you could you have your weird and keeps open for those of you do have the other watching that you actually have to create keys to give away so weakly we can and can’t give away some creaky slick this game right here to say just about the mixtures mixers and should parties for circling the game moves to those of a willy nilly right to write to the great thing doesn’t come back to the next 60 seconds, for some have to leave and come and go find new opponent to use the number of older plane and 70 time is limited in a midget them to the setup -noon and check the phone for the time, and could lead to ask if the right and

no malice to this case the moment ago that the conditions can or by buddy that it can and can’t seem to suit the week and that he wouldn’t roll me to dealers offer nor not not have any plans to come back to the lows, it’s just messing with me only missed was OK so here we are back in the GM Oregon and they Oregon and Idaho and so you see this game can be pretty a assurance we can play a champion level having gotten past the fourth fight yet to be pretty pitiful only tried twice but even so , if you to you’d ever close a cut in real you’d never have sucked at the villa, seems less human eyes are not bring about it and never touched and fight was, doing the right to open doesn’t take too long to get pregnant game played over and over here and get wet and bouquet the thumb on use of the day you know what this is the last time the interest of interest and though this game’s not this game is not free and fortunately it’s a mystery dollar was when I start in the sure for when the proposed sale price but if you look funny names what I like about as got this couple modes and Alicia De like it but I like it the more like if you’re moving into much you get tired and Mikael reno’s not happening with introducing that I’d ever right now openly so why when you’re done so, combat the menu you select a ghost image your hands tells you where you are where they are pretty cool article and a guy that’s really good jump, jump back into the Manoogian we get back and suddenly right for some reason you doesn’t have a voice for me in here at the school so I guess we’re in the way in here might as well to start opening up these other is a giveaway items and the only guests to lose by the way if you guys did just trying moments in the end is a disk or link in here we can drummer this corner so skittish yield the streaming to join the discordant the past I looked over contest and even go ahead and be entered into getting the other three major headsets to 60 viewer or to the DS has to do that is sold to a table of these until someone joins move on, and the than 1/2, and all the time and that will have the right to life if someone is from people say your of your local headset for liking or sure the thing is when I reviewed who will head to see space and pretty much convinced that the mobile headsets are very good for anything other than getting 362 videos and other gear for playing video games ’cause most cell phones can play games too

well the other of course, some phones with the figure three sixties will not set with the beholder think so when you talk about sees baseball access the work of anything, begins a very good that’s comments you know, with HIV the frame rates up there the qualities of the comfort of their sub expenses and air from bowl with your great force their grief are watching 360 those are great for watching side by side contents, like resembles Gao review Cameron somebody’s using lobbies is, it works a little so I think it’s good for that, go ahead and that’s a shame we got here and if we’re a bunch of these up with your headset so really go ahead and give away the Bellevue where least five going to the right and so a year where somebody revenue was five to be so is going to buy the discord of activity there if continued some of these guys , it’s a bonus, just become like this, one of the day I die because of 50 arias and we do our best and not with the sole should be I talked will have a slightly crazy to the half and the have had that it’s right for a stay down already has been to the longer the little guy to stop is that plane and stop is a racist remarks in as little serve a little added seeing server the details in the Saint Thomas more independent and, shorter can legally down like this employee and when the plate is this whole thing and friend base have you tend not to see me they really have to talk like that bring the status you when you load the amounts go there was ready to go over here new push ready is ready us easily as evidence to justify me and one to beat these guys up a little trash talkers well niceties, garden city giving us busy the lighting, crazy play

every every few seconds a lie down and then happened all right or places in the great this alliance, do what to do the bottom of each time and tells you own screen, is going down the have is a latino and I know you know the game should have and have half of that have have what it is to be useful to know what the weather just did a lot of us have to build the talks to me , they say ride the United States human lives to suspend the nice guys right of the right to enter qualities of men seen before we get the the hams one center called the hands one virtual reality glasses right so that was enough for these old bag should come right up to you and to go ahead and give me a guy comes with little hands one we love you will instruction card but for those of a leak and the like of the virtually got kind of an ice was only call fabric. It doesn’t say it’s not a hard plastic feeling its board of fabric damage and thus you know if the Baxter, if nothing special the ability to a real tells the balloons is your wits and wear lenses this isn’t the thing you’re so you can actually went directly to move into things back and forth unusual guys so at least you can change are to do with it and was great museum of a Velcro strap that your phone so eager, spoke as reading many for the cover on just to keep it so that nobody can like seer phone or plea for fun falls off a dozen called for in the course on top to go to focus that there was going to be moving the whole unit inside and outside the legal and forced to sell the assets of basically I would not call those of your game device I would call those of your 360 viewer or side by

side view of your results can be and the fruits of gas and that and we got its handling of the giveaway five bees will go ahead and give away five of these other smaller use of guys as well so maybe do least 10 things to give away and ending yet the good times and fifth with new ways war fighting for industrial and fives ward activists from as little as isikoff and watch a watch repair one later than one should have seen with us so yet so use eyes should have all stick easily come off back from right would see any of the music is so cecily right still waiting to Ms. 19 fact, and is somebody isn’t near what so we don’t have to choose on the back to where to go ballistic use on as you know you’ll have to lay eyes on your own success of the guys doing a story that a this is a nice guy and if if consumers can hope that not all the guys right will screen real concerts selected for standards OK and an end , she had to

end the death of the Hyundai fourth half and the if the if he even the is staggered me three times that he will stop you to stop until that the fights of the researches and and alright year we got guys have a rival rights was the bad news was close other and he slipped in the arena he better bet you and tools to win right now who you had made to begin their core UW startles out using water on the disk in the hall will call play the file using play sorry guys of no one wants to keep the donor was a good match, would you like going missiles afraid that can say he was afraid or to switch to go ahead and say to the scared to deliberate have sold over and, looks like Milo and the big as the small ones, but he said the big ones to not let their kids can be old review an easy way to the senate over contest and Mandela and and seem change their skins right so innocent fun here is enjoyed the last fight and really have much better fight even some Intel is quite a quite like this tall, the reader rocked to is ready to rock using here for Sears business and Greece are weird and seven below where to put in Jamaica surprise to us, we

if and if the your body , sheriff , shipped off to eyes glowing to get a better to its students difference to this difference is that if an off , come on if the if the were a nap and am be as if I believe that the guy had neither or minus landed but he hit better ones apparently who deals body year and

the first to Spartan we agree and then rematch that he’s better he’s he’s ready to take me on the work hard for work hard and should nose and I sit folks hope of another factor

who write close to do and where he’s going all crazy and garlic two good kids happy to add me but I had him on to get hits it for president was kind of runs from tools to play anymore , he was a plague and so once again guys on the just go ahead and sends out there and to run away and give away but still 360 your headset so you want to be on in the involving the giveaway to be said, discord linking the description below and discord and then just post and the break room fast AG October contest and clearly contest and I get a private message for the whole was in use in the art and science and sisters of course to: the man fruits and I got got to the bone to pick an enemy of all , all you got me sad that men got smart guy , one slap

since last line and the night is ready to rock , come on and off and will help stop and the double clients the data and he had made her of the notes the game the yelling at me blocks 67 hits died his likeness and back and forth what they’re eating its aroma the status quo and everything come to book a last one to last fight Western Thrace for all the marbles are to be in place to be one so the wind shears five highway and skim over and an

have the big buses that has awesome and to get intense that every last light and slammed the sudden storm all come on and off the off a dozen one ago The size of the stop them wanted to stop IE easily jump back in their deletion of the idle as if the same things I believe and now is due back in stop the old and William go so you may live and stop playing for tonight because I need to be ready for travels into, go ahead and click cents an ounce of these assets over want to go ahead and put the hash, that contest and escorts of the only likes doing this in bowl, as the eagles and the headsets is the second time in queue for tenants can all work was a licensed of crimes can be few weeks before it to do the streams again, be traveling and I don’t support and think so, until then we’ll see guys around it, was not