(re)Freshers 03-02-2020 – Wheel of Ologies

welcome to student have live this is our fantastic wheel apologies quiz if you’re brand new to the Open University this is perhaps something well it is something unlike anything else you’ll ever experience but we do it every six months because it’s heaps of fun and it’s my favorite time of the day I’m because I get to have a nice chilled break and spin the wheel and try my best to do the scores because our quiz master is the fantastic day rather a professor of planetary geosciences he’ll no doubt give a plug for his module and we have some great teams in the studio but of course you at home are going to play alongside our studio teams and let’s see whether you win again an HJ is going to be feeding all your responses and have every one of these super excited very well we’re very excited it has taken some time but we’ve come up with a team name which kind of combines everything so we decided to be called team cabbage Cape Coast Kitty’s the winners and we think these addresses as such every time you come across team what team cabbage cake ghost Kitty’s the winners pre-emptive but we’re quite confident and of course everyone can play at home either using the live widgets just so the left of your chat BOTS or just put your answers in the chat and we’ll see collectively how we do I do need a lot of help myself so please why are they saying do we get a hee-haw because we decided on such a fantastic name of course all right no you don’t and it’s very collaborative and it’s very very good so yeah that’s great but team home you’ll fall down on the scoring again whereas I’ll be doing it in the studio so that’s your challenge to see how many correct scores you can get and then try and work those out that’ll be the big thing for everyone at home Dave welcome welcome to another deans Chris doesn’t time pass by I’m on the s-1 11 module team so any s1 1122 B students special big hello to you anybody’s going to do planetary sciences next year s 283 is a wonderful course so that’s the plug so let’s let’s meet the teams so on my left the Apollonian x’ and their captain jest please tell us who you are and explain your names and we chose a classical mythology inspired name cuz I’m in from the Classical Studies department and Apollo is the god of music and Sun which was kind of appropriate because we have a musician Bob Samuels mercury psychosis bonus there okay and on my right I don’t know if you meant for the predictors of the Predators train please explain this strange name explain so we are the Predators as a we’re all editors basically so intentionally we spelled the word incorrectly no so this is Anna also needed to like I say we’re all editors and Sonia and I’m Shea I’m also a student at the OU you studying s21 seven at the moment and I’ve also got my lucky hat on just reminding all students to dream yeah also my school okay as per usual yeah we googled predators and we found out it was a combination of producers and editors which we agreed with because many students may not know how hard we work to create brilliant one two materials and then how amazing you guys make it when you edit it and combine it into something that really makes sense for the students so it’s brilliant that you’ve come along thank you at home as well HJ I have you said all you want to say for now yeah we’re still trying to work out the scoring system we recommend start off with ten points for having the best name I think icecream vetoed already well we’ll get some extra points in some where you’ve got the most illegible name because I try to write it down I think we’re ready to go so no yeah it’s a general knowledge quiz there are six categories a question orbiting on the wheel there alyx peril ologies sort of I’ll explain what etiology is the first time we we meet it so I’ll ask Karen to spin the wheel and we’ll see

what all the jet lands on not yet all right logical question I will rewrite the first epistemology question and it’s multiple choice it’s either Avis beaver see the other or do something else and whichever team buzzes in first gets to tell me what they think the answer is and I need to know a B C or D and you’ll be playing along at home as well and we just hear what the Predators bell sounds like okay so honking horn I said boy and gunner honking horn okay so we don’t need to spin the wheel it’s been pre spun so epistemology is the first subject to come up and epistemology is the nature sources and limits of knowledge it says here so your first epistemological question is the largest constellation in the sky a Indus B us a major C Perseus or D Hydra okay Apollonian x’ guessing I think they’d be some beers Ursa Major yes’m major is that big well leap well done for having the go but you’re wrong it’s big of an Ursa Minor do we get we will go for D which is why do you say that maybe it’s a big it is well it is the right answer it’s it’s it’s the watersnake and it measures over 1,400 square degrees very good what bonus question what’s the smallest constellation in the entire sky no just tell me the answer no I’d be sealed room near the Pleiades fly this is not the constellation what it’s smaller than Ursa Major but it’s the smallest sky is the Southern Cross crooks Australia’s smallest constellation is some Southern Cross crooks Australia’s so no bonus plump you have one point HJ how do they do at home did they know there hydras from the constellation well I mean at some Libby David and Jamie was straight in there they knew it was Hydra me and Tyler just had absolutely no idea I think Victoria’s got a bit of an edge because she knows someone who works as a space archaeologist which just sounds brilliant so did they get a point or not because some new it decided because the majority said it one point to team home one point for predators in no point at the moment okay well we’ll spin the wheel again see what we get Oh zoology which is the study of animals supposedly but when we see what’s on the cards the fourth largest lizard in the world of a Parenti can move up to speeds of choice of four here it’s a six miles an hour is it be 17 miles an hour is it see 25 miles an hour or is it D 32 miles an hour redditors I’m gonna say C which is 25 [Applause] then you’ve got a free one chance of giving it the parenthese native to australia reaching links of over 2 meters how did we do at home

well Jeremy and Sharon they got straight to it and me and Darrin of decided put in all the wrong answers just to balance it out and make sure that the teams in the studio don’t feel so bad about how right we are oh that’s never different ology all right nan geology is the study of ninjas random bonus point questions questions questions relating to ninjas remain elusive questions so here we go pay attention your first ninja logical question which were following was the first DreamWorks film was it a Shrek be ants see Madagascar or D Sinbad I remember ants from when I was it’s the first three much so I remember I think yeah you’re right one point it was ants was released in October 1998 followed by the Prince of Egypt in December of the same year did they know they’re ants from their elbows at home it seems so a lot of film fan so we’re even Sam straight on it there David as well I wasn’t too much sure myself but we do work as a team so I’m yeah overall they balance me out I’m just relaying everything here I don’t know anything so far at 4:00 we boarded ourselves a bonus point we’ll see there might be some more bonus points coming up for us it and what was your bonus point for this for the Southern Cross all right what’s on it – what you like – every round I the allergy the study of words and their origins what’s your period yes it’s a very restrictive period between 420 and 420 to be seized hard luck which one of the following words was in was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2018 was it a nothing burger was it B type a gram was it cease Brummer or was it d firenado d firenado because I’ve only ever seen fire near disappear and then use relatively recently the wrong answer come on let’s get it right for for nil in its type the gram that’s no points to team home [Applause] it’s something that is or turns out to be insignificant or lacking in substance for example of the phrases just a big nothing burger so is for nil yeah I ran a writer home ate che we’re doing oral okay we’re we’re don’t we think we should get bonus point for effort on that question points from somewhere [Laughter] afterwards and a retrospective answer can be changed a Gannett ology field of

human ignorance what happened to the star Betelgeuse in late 2019 was it a it’s color changed from red to green is it be it was reassigned from the constellation Orion into the consolation of menorahs is it C it grew brighter causing speculation about it going supernova or was it D it grew dimmer causing speculation if it’s C which is brighter no full answer for question today oh you don’t want the full question we think it grew dimmer I think 37% damu recently did indeed grow dimmer if you go out and look at all Ryan tonight you’ll see they start the top left Betelgeuse it’s consumed leaf ain’t right Rigel no cuz it might be wrong but but there is a bonus question about the wrong answer date was reassigned from Orion to – eros – eros is a real constellation name what animal does it signify no Mon ulcerous control YouTube press assist Monoceros okay one point for getting the right right description of what people do at one point here for the bonus points home Sharon was quite good she got straight there with D we do think a you know donkey is better than the unicorn I’m not sure if we get any bonuses for that I think it’s a fantastic idea Libby what does want to know what will happen to a Ryan if beetlejuice go supernova do we know well nothing because the stars in Orion aren’t in fact close to each other Betelgeuse is a long way from most of them so a little different it’s not recognized that we go ahead Betelgeuse means the armpit of the great one it’s Arabic not Greek all that so he hasn’t got ahead anyway okay it won’t change for conservation boundaries question we should ask team home first and then hear their answer and then then ask the studio audience though try that yes okay buzz in first one in we can’t do that I’m sure we can think of a way [Laughter] right which is okay right what is whistle jacket is it a big supplier of emergency flotation devices to the airline industry that’s a is it be a French protest organization is it see a painting of a horse I think it’s painting by George Stubbs it is indeed did you go and see it yes it’s normally the National Gallery it’s been in Milton Keynes since November he’s gone now were they quick enough at home to recognize what missile jacket is I think Libby got in there quickly and she said see painting of a horse a lot of us haven’t quite got to our answers yet so you know I don’t know if that counts or not better

Libby did a good job there well well interrupted there yeah so that’s we know six well we are we’re about halfway through day would you believe her [Laughter] ninjalah g study of ninjas approximately how many cups of tea are consumed daily in the UK is the a 70 million be 135 million C 165 million or D 210 million we think it’s B is that 135 million yes five million but but that’s the wrong answer it’s not the bonus question how many cups of coffee per day in the UK 210 million it’s only 70 million so at home of a FA with the tea drinking habits uh we’re a bit split on that one to be honest we thought we do we did think we do better students you know as we’re always caffeinated but yeah not quite with that one we can get the next one though that’s more than twice as many cups of tea as coffee learn and live everything isn’t it Jack we’re on the moon did the Apollo 11 moon landing take place was the a the lake of hope was it be the Sea of Tranquility did they know that at home in time aced you loved leaned ed straighten their BC tranquility we reckon we’re out about eight points now maybe the other options were going to be the Bay of success of a land of manner none of those other three wrong ones exist anywhere on the moon only if I get one as well because I also watched it so six three carry on still one at one point per answer all the G your next logical question the British submarine HMS Trident played host to what animal for six weeks during World War two this is really zoological isn’t it was it a a Scottish terrier be a reindeer see a horse or D a koala you being tactical you reckon is better to let them get it wrong dope hey which I think it’s a terrier it’s probably the most plausible what it would fit into a submarine what I do but no it’s not the right answer well on the basis that we think it will also fit submarines have a large supply of eucalyptus leaves know the answers reindeer because submarines

have a lot of muscle on board only it was right here called Pollyanna who was a gift from a Soviet night Soviet Union naval Admiral Pollyanna apparently adapted well to life on board and lived out the rest of her life in a zoo so the reindeer from the Mann School where did they get straight to reindeer or did Victoria forgive her we did very well and we got it straight away if we go by our collective mythology mythology we didn’t do so well we’ve kind of evenly split between a B and C well there we have it so six did you put the point on there no no nobody got it did they double figures yet and their points um do you know I haven’t been keeping tabs on E typical yeah right Netaji ignorance humans have how many senses according to Aristotle is it a 5 B 10 C 15 or D 25 according to Western Western folklore but now I’m gonna say C with 15 no it was D 20 I’ve taken that two questions there yeah iris iris awful identified by alright okay it says here Aristotle identified five senses sight smell taste and touch that’s for humans can also sense balance acceleration and pain depending on who you ask you could have up to 20 it’s included a sense of temperature space and time according to have you that’s the question and the answer is wise the answer here is 20 clearly has got to be five except it says here I’ve sorted it identified sight smell taste and touch which is [Applause] hierarchy that site was the top one Tosun touch don’t you think – yeah and – a point for the student have live team telling us it was twenty listing for – two points nothing I think at home HJ we’re just actually confused by that wonderful did you give the point you did six talk tant ology that’s life the universe and everything isn’t it nylon was first commercially used in what product a stockings be fishing line see toothbrush D guitar strings what do they think the majority say stockings already no that’s wrong it’s toothbrush first commercially used in toothbrushes in 1938 been stocking Seoul commercial in 1940 during World War Two all nylon production in the US was diverted for use in parachutes and parachute cords so it’s no points to anybody spin it again place I can ecology chewing gum when swallowed stays in bud stays in the digestive system for approximately how long is it a seven hours is it B seven days is it C

seven months or is it D seven years the alternatives are seven months or seven years yeah right most chewing gum is indigestible and passes through the digestive system approximately at the same rate as other foods it says over foods here I’m sure you would have spotted the typo how is team’s home digestion working we’re making the come back we majority voted for seven hours as well yeah maybe we’re getting a bit wiser seven four well at this point in the competition questions go up to two points per correct answer which country did the first human heart transplant take place see a France B Canada C South Africa or D New Zealand [Laughter] somebody say a France that’s purely a guess it’s a wrong guess but well done for having a go no what do they think at home homey reckon see South Africa and Stephen says was it to do with Christian Bernard well that was my bonus question so as a bonus point for team home third of December 67 in Cape Town points two points to team home okay far too complicated for teratology again who invented the light bulb was it a Joseph Swan was it be Thomas Edison was it is not be so full question to the Predators a Thomas a Joseph Swan be Thomas Edison C Alessandro Volta or D Warren because do you have to burn those anyway say a swamp I want this team home thing J uh Victoria reckons falter see most of us the majority did say B though Thomas Edison so well victorious you in engineering so she might well no she’s wrong one of these tricky ones because it was invented several times but the answer here is Warren De La Rue I didn’t know this warren Delarue enclosed a filament in a vacuum tube in 1840 however the cost of his platinum filament made it made it expensive in 1850 that’s ten years later Joseph Swan developed a more efficient design using carbonized paper filaments Edison submitted the first commercial lightbulb patent in 1879 bonus points for more things that’s almost Edison did not invent why space-shuttle

like like the phonograph and the cinema camera both of which he is credited with inventing and he claimed to have invented tremendously good businessman what you’re doing there Rob you cease your several points behind you’re eating into your time which you need badly for more questions to cut yeah so you don’t get a bonus spin the wheel please we don’t like that so next epistemological question in 2010 the government of Ghana increased the salaries of police officers as part of an effort to reduce bribery what happened bribery was a eliminated be decreased see it stayed the same or D it increased [Laughter] increased it did split second yeah with other psychological experiments where they make you pay a fine and you actually do the thing more because you feel as though you can cuz you paid for it I’m gonna keep going to more and more speed awareness classes [Laughter] davin guest Diaz well it increased we were a bit split on this one so I’m not sure really if we’re being honest do we really deserve a point points at state epistemology again for three points who was the longest-serving Prime Minister of the United Kingdom see a Margaret Thatcher be Robert Walpole see Winston Churchill or D William Gladstone we said D William Gladstone nope it was Robert Walpole and I think it depends whether you count consecutive terms or not I think Lester may have served more terms we’re not consecutively okay well anyway you’ve got the right answer Walpole written in the Whig served 20 years and 314 days from 1721 to 17 42 short is living promise it was George canning only hundred 19 days this Borah succeeded in May 1980 the World Health Organization declared the world and all its people’s freedom there’s an apostrophe missing from this by the way it might appear the same on the world and all its people’s freedom from which disease a rabies be smallpox see rubella I think it was indeed small pop three points all I say has taken the Apollonian Xin to the lead did they have time to guess it smallpox not really zoology okay I’m gonna keep it at three points to the end of the competition they’re so very hard everybody there are more second chances pandas are a part of which animal order is a Corrupter a– b Carnivora c foley dota or d cat artiodactyla guitar tio duck Tyler Foley dota Carnivora Foley dota or cat

RT o duck Tyler what did I think at home we’re guessing be at home that’s three points to team home that’s the right answer okay character are mainly bats Carnivora the most diverse ephemeral orders including comprising meat eaters Foley dota for Teti scales covering their skin and Qatari was spelt differently in two bits a cat artiodactyla our classification of hoofed animals although they dark consists mostly of bamboo pandas are part of your de carne Bora but physiologically they were able to meet eat to eat me okay bonus question name a living example of the Foley dota no okay another bonus we’re in the wild would you find a Pangolin today is it Madagascar Africa and Southeast Asia don’t if our feed and range extends into Madagascar it probably does but you’re winning anyway anyway I was a second bonus so I won’t quite give you back you may well be right maybe team home can do a bit of googling and see if pangolins occur in Madagascar and if so but will be a bonus [Applause] okay probably unlike 48 minutes ago that’s epistemology what is the American equivalent of the quaver because they’re joking about where it’s going to be a crisp or a french fry or slang or is it a a quarter note be a sixteenth note see an eighth note or dear half note what do you think a is quavers not a quarter note beat piece is 16th no the correct answer is an eighth note but be what you held up some question or whatever it was so it still tunnels spin the wheel this is a very crucial question coming up another muggy what does the are in our am ram stand for is it a random a random yes its random access memory we’re talking about do they have time to do that at home no they also get the eighth no thing a couple of us in the on team home are musicians either place of violin so we’ve got a nice team here I know I can call up in the future I need any news on the Pangolin in Madagascar [Laughter] again 10:13 no a little time to go let’s spin the wheel you need to draw level

now predators first discovered penicillin was it a Louis Pasteur was it be Joseph Lister was it C Edward Jenner or D Alexander Fleming thirteen points all did they know Alexander Fleming at home it turns out well they did I did him but yeah majority went with Alexander Fleming so we’re keeping up on the points at Tyler’s counted 27 points with team home so far which we’ll get that verified somehow slightly more than twice [Laughter] rather like Liverpool it seems that they’ve won the competition before it’s over spin the wheel now the Apollonian x’ need to get this right to draw level and it’s pant ology what was Nintendo’s first product was it a playing cards a playing cards yes it says in Nintendo also adventures in taxis love hotels TV network and a good company okay well that’s equalized so you’ll be well level now you’re in the lease of a leads change sighs okay spin the wheel again the vomitorium is the word given to what place in ancient Rome is it a a temple be a latrine see an entrance to an amphitheater or yes it’s a passage below the seats an amphitheater designs will our large crowns crushed enter and exit a venue rapidly the word derives from Latin the Mary to spoof is it is it true yes but the binge and purge cycle of Romans while feasting is a common misconception I think it did happen just not as frequently as Horrible Histories Sixpoint leave now did they know vomitorium material Victoria did I think she’s drawing on her engineering as well design and things like that she said vomitorium is an entrance and she did find it out a long time ago when she was being amused by the name G hubert cecil booth invented what in 1901 was a the electric razor was it be the vacuum cleaner was it cv electric fan or d the portable camera correct he also designed Ferris wheel suspension bridges and factories very quickly a straighter together home no okay 16:19 let’s spin the wheel pant ology what was the first manned flight around the moon was the a Apollo 11 was it B Apollo 8 I think it’s B Apollo 8 correct shame for you did you know that yeah yeah bonus question bonus question what happened to the crew of Apollo 1 they lost in a fire on the launch pad yeah one point there oh dear

spin the wheel your testimony gee epistemology what is the largest island in Canada is it a Newfoundland is it B Baffin Island is it C Ellesmere Island or the Victoria Island we’ll say a Newfoundland no Baffin Island is the fifth largest island in the world after Madagascar where pangolins may or may not question points for 10 points etymology the world the word ombudsmen comes from which language is it a Dutch is it be Swedish is it C German or D polish what would you say if you had a chance to say a chance and what would team home say better joke Alex and Lily you reckon be Swedish as well that seems to be the majority agreement at the moment an ether as well it is in fact Swedish so as ten points to home and ten points to the Apollonian oh very well played predators but I’m sorry enough to say goodbye to you a much better scoring system than in previous quizzes but still not while I’m convinced about anyway we’re gonna have a short break down and you can go and make your cabbage cake if you’d like to and send us a picture of that later we’re back on there at 5 o’clock tonight until ASA o’clock we’ve got a really lovely program this evening I’m including the Open University Students Association and we’re going to be meeting the graduate school for that bake your cake research competition so they’re going to bring cake and tell us all about that that’s going to be super we’ve also got colleagues from the Open University Law School doing a fantastic session and that firearms so join us tonight you can see the whole program on the student hub live website and enjoy the rest of your afternoon and I hope you can tune in later see them [Applause]