11/6/19 Contra Costa vs Marin Women's Volleyball

and welcome to the bay area sports TV long time since two thousand fourteen for myself Jim banks producer of bay area sports TV I will be your voice over rather than your commentator for the live volleyball game between the Contra Costa comments and the Marin mariners here at the college of Marin and we’ll start off with the starting lineup for the comments starting off with Jenna Galang Jamie T. N. R. O Anna Michelob Kimberly caliber Nadia Thomas and Sydney thatch as we move on to the mariners the line up we’ll be Colonna Kalani Kwan sigh and that is Markham can’t pronounce actually the didn’t get a name check for the number three Sasha urban man Golia Johnson roomy pals men Laura Perry mackenzie Dugan and jade Williams and shortly we starting the national anthem and for all purposes will

new to sound so the if we don’t pick up any copy right here on YouTube this is a fantastic well it’s in your column first number one game well twenty one twenty six and high school number one be a by two months of course this is C. N. as in the five nice little six right hello the reason is the number seven large if I number eighty later as a matter of fact number three was not on the list from the coach for starting lineup it’s actually a four Sasha urban

and then just a minute we’ll find out who is who will be the first to serve this will be the first volley ball comets volleyball game of the season bay area sports is live streaming and the next live stream will be on November fifteenth S. T. comments will be in Alameda against the Alameda Cougars and starting off we’ll be number five magnolia Johnson the first Sir and the mariners score first ace mariners with a three and three conference record in the comments with a zero and ten Jamie T. an arrow now serving in the kill is out of bounds kill attempt it’s mariners in position lower Perry now serving and again mark Perry with the kill successful kill five to two the comments Jenna there was out of bounds

with or there was out of bounds play too late but nice bike by number eight McKinsey Dugan number twenty six the nice server cross city batch and she’s now serving four hits the call Kinsey Dugan now serving Sydney bench makes real good attempts to get it over now serving number twenty one not on the roster at least the Jersey number isn’t anyway so we’ll find out in between sets somewhere along the line she’s a change the numbers and it happens quite frequently without and smart enough for the comments to let that go and with okay I guess that was in that’s about the second to second call I’ve mistakenly what was your inbound or outbound the opposite Sydney thatch it’s over Kimberly caliper now serving and this is this one camera volleyball production

is just the way our bay area sports TV started out back in two thousand eleven the volleyball coach of volleyball coach of a battle just about the high school there in Vallejo California the request to delay community access television to cover an ace and that’s what started the label sports which where he shortly evolved to bay area sports TV with live streaming the comments make make great effort in this game by Sydney batch covering the back in as a fellow one sigh serving for the mariners hi Stig nice save by Jenna delaying and she is now serving was Sasha with the score now serving number ten which is also not on the roster check who’s who in between sets Sasha going forward the mariners are just crushing it comments are fighting hard and she tries she’s doing a great job playing against a very tough team mariners that the completes

de first set so we’ll go to a quick commercial break right after this perfect one of one I’m right here for me you go to a month yeah no it looks like a lot of stuff but I think the one dollar movers the more you can get a real deal with Donald’s buy one get one for a dollar deal is here by one of your face and use another for just an extra box choose from the big mac filet of fish quarter pounder with cheese and ten piece chicken McNuggets but only for a limited time be sure to tune in to bay area sports TV here right after this game which will be the redwood giants versus the Merrin Moran mariners men’s basketball tournament tournament starting at seven thirty this weekend the Yuba forty Niners at Contra Costa one November ninety Saturday at one some number ten is Hannah globe and number twenty one is Nadia Thomas for the comments so now that we have the correction of who’s who so we’re on the second set if you’re just now joining us online here at your own bay area sports dot TV and Nadia Thomas will be now serving starting the second set within nice ace starting off comments magnolia Johnson the kill with spike the first point second set

for the mariners she’s is now serving then let’s take a look at here and that was truly in at first to me it looked like it was out of bounds but looking at the replay and Johnson since it out of bounds next up to serve Kimberly hello remote serving nice one over for the marine mariners mother kill yes Patrice Hebel and Kerry something for him both is jade Williams as she comes in dressed in black off to the far right on right side cannot abounds quite make it good attempt so we have got to get this figured out correctly before an illegal rotation is called number three tier narrow hello she served that one she serves again serve and the comments trailing by three playing a better second set against the mariners is in she goes again and it was in no one was home cannot abounds Rumi Feldman with that serve good speeding good angle just

too far to the right enem Michelob in the comments saying on just spoke too soon now serving number two Gilani Kwan side too much into it twelve the six Moran mariners now serving are still serving Kwan sigh that was Kwan sigh scoring that point point goes to the comments now serving Sasha or Sydney batch not finger tips not abounds too much too much force that was where the replay the trees word John a delaying delaying with that one good response in the mariners come back with the kill number four Sasha urban now serving Nadia Thomas now serving

to double it or for referees call an almost see good effort but the comments playing a better set here in the second not of bounds Sydney batch try to do that back will kill in some of the points can just the be given to the opponent by such as a serve I have to say that the comments of actually done pretty good with the it seems with a lot of their search is that the the mariners have been having numerous kills in this in this game hard to compete against that’s a good example right there ace in the hole another ace all the which was the great thing to do Jamie to narrow she’s been pretty good call the no shots right here she calls it and sets it up one side to deliver that’s team work I take that back north number twelve Kimberly calla second set they switch sides in and then it’s easy to get confused so the mariners win second set as they continue to I would like to win a street see here in this third set in the meantime we will be right back after the commercial break

others can deliver food but can they bring this box bring you instant hero status turn back time with the turn of the others can bring you food we bring you a little more delivering Donald don’t agree be sure to join us one Saturday for those interested for the at the Yuba versus country Costa football game November night and the they’re having sophomore day come and kick it with us and eleven AM so there you will be able to meet he head coach Patrick Henderson and his assistant football staff also be sure to tune in to bay area online sports network in their live streams Friday a Diablo valley college verses Laney college eagles November eighth at seven PM N. F. one PM the ship gladiators verses the San Matteo Bulldogs add one PM Saturday November night they will also be live she and shortly after this game at seven thirty PM will restart the live stream of the men’s basketball game red would giants verses the marina or Merrin Moran the third set started off there was no call and they’re all pointing at each other like okay as many times and be sure the coach it’s a no Hey we got a call at that’s out of bounds Kimberly cal up now serving good attempt and the trees in lotus delivery was crucial looks like that was

really count up she was caught off guard with sleeping block Jenna delaying and she’s now serving serves an ace that’s cool Gilani Kwan sigh came in for that back role just the opposite this time wants to be unpredictable and that’s what makes volleyball pretty good sport to see the unexpected four hits to narrow now serving nice attempt save attempt by the comments in a spike in the kill straight over but out of bounds and again Laura Perry puts a little too much into it she’s mailing points to the comments by

delivery by express delivery is that she made sure she got that in bounds and found the sweet spot off to the right if they can get this one over home yes there was a nice save we’re doing a Kumble’s sport here thirteen five mariners and there was an ace magnolia Johnson and that was inbound or outbound a skill nice soft kill right in the middle now serving

Sydney thatch and the mariners made ticket home from here only two away from a complete said of three and that will he the end of the comet’s verses mariners women’s volleyball game here on bay area sports TV and hope you enjoy the live stream please join us for the next next game here at seven thirty the men’s basketball game red woods the redwood giants verses the Marin mariners coming up here shortly in it’s been a an experience being the voice over on a on a game it’s been about a good two three I I can’t I can’t can’t even remember the last time I did a voice over on a live stream but definitely needed to cover this game if anything want to tnk