PRESENT Overpowers PAST Karmas: Ep 55 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris Welcome, Sister Om Shanti Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections Thank you We had an important discussion last time About children The way we label and make them that – dumb fellow, useless fellow Weak, careless, selfish He doesn’t know anything, how will he survive? He is a failure, coward What an impact it will have on kids, and make them that way I was thinking, on the one side It becomes a reality, but But if the child has brought with him or her, such a Karmic account What if it is written in his destiny that he will become selfish, dumb or a failure? So did it happen because of the mistake of the parents? Or they mentioned because that is what is destined for the child? We should never complicate Karmic accounts or Sanskars to this extent They are very simple By thinking this way, we are giving up on our responsibility That it is in the child’s Karmic account that he should become like this And that is why parents spoke that way Everything cannot be blamed on the past karma or the Karmic account If we always and for everything blame Karmic account Or blame the past karma Where is the power of the present karma then? Yes, present karma is very powerful The power of present karma Regardless of what Karmic account that soul has brought with him Whatever is the past karma he has brought with him What is the power of his present Karma? Always needs to be on the present. What is the power we have at present? And what we do today in the present will influence our future tomorrow If we let the past go on as it is The present same as past and future same as present – this will just go on So where is the power to change? Unless you change it is going to continue even in future lifetimes Just as you read out and mentioned last time Often when a child is born and his horoscope is prepared Based on that horoscope we get to know a few realities We will call them realities It is written in the child’s horoscope The child has brought that destiny with him It is reality for everybody Whatever is written in that horoscope is the reality The child has brought that destiny with him When we believe and speak such strong lines We let go of our power The child has brought that destiny with him as mentioned in the horoscope. That is true But what is written in that horoscope is based on? Past A particular child’s past What about the new Karmas which the child will create now? And our influence over his new Karmas? If we just hold onto a document of the past And not use the power of the present Keep reading, referring and believing the past And re-affirming the past Then the past becomes the present And the present becomes the future This is definite Because that horoscope is a piece of paper based on the past Simple On 31st March a closing balance sheet gets prepared, for businesses On 1st April that becomes the opening balance On 1st April when that business house looks at that opening balance It is actually a balance sheet of the past And today they will be working on it I was reading in the book titled Ashtavakra Geeta There was a line which I was happy to read, because it reaffirmed It said that the past Karmic account

It is like a very old and weak man And you are today’s Karma is like youth It is a perfect line Past karma is old Very weak Present karma is strong But what happens is We look at the past Believe it, and think and say the same thing even in the present The power to change the past We can change only when We can see something in the past, but we think and speak of a different thing in the present We need to overpower it Create a different karma You mentioned past is weak Present is powerful But if you create the same present as past Then this becomes powerful So the opening balance sheet as on 1st April Is that horoscope which Is right and is science It is the balance sheet as on 1st April Supposing in the balance sheet there is a loss If I say there is a loss in the balance sheet itself What can I do, I am a loser Not just that. We say – this company is destined for loss As soon as we say this line That the balance sheet as on 1st April is the destiny of this company It means this is what it is always going to be Is that true? When I was speaking negative, someone told me There is a saying that God’s ears are always open Think before you speak anything Which means think before you think and speak Your vibration creates reality God does not make that our reality That saying says that but we need to understand our power in it Otherwise whom will be start blaming? God If we believe that the balance sheet on 1st April is the Destiny of the company What will be the way in which we run the company? How will the workers perform? They will say we anyway have to work under loss Automatically the energy changes across the company But if we have the awareness That this balance sheet is only as on 1st April It is only reflecting the way we did business last year It is not reflecting our next year’s business This is very important 1st April balance sheet does not decide our next year’s business It only shows our previous year’s business I was a champion in swimming competitions at school In freestyle swimming, there was a boy who always used to come first But I did not say – today also I will lose to him And that day I finished first and he finished immediately after me I won by a difference of half a second That still is easier to see This is a past experience It happened then and at present I have to create a new thought Some people cannot do it because they believe what happened in the past And do the same even in the present But doing it is easier I lost last time That’s okay, I will win now Last time I did not pass, this time I will Last time I came second, this time I will come first Creating this thought is easier But when something is written in the horoscope We believe such things also In our family when two kids were born, somebody said That one kid will blame the other when he grows up How can we predict their whole life? They are saying the right thing based on today as per horoscope The document present today Which is based on yesterday Today whatever the product will turn out to be completely perfect if and only if We don’t bring in any changes in ourselves If we change, then the document will not be right for us

If we don’t bring about a change then it will be perfectly right It is again like the balance sheet on 1st April It is on the basis of 31st March 31st March balance sheet is on the basis of? The way the business was run, the previous year If we run our business exactly the same with this year also Then it will continue like this 1st April’s balance sheet itself And possibly it will decline even further Situations may change and there could be more competition this time But there we don’t allow it to happen. We won all the employees to perform, else they lose jobs You better bring better business Because there were know There we have the knowledge and power That 1st April is just the beginning From today if we change the way this business is run We work hard and we will also have the faith that we can turn things around But here we people don’t have the knowledge that our destiny is in our hands It happens because when we are given that horoscope Often the person who is giving it to us And explaining it to us What do they tell us? That this is exactly how it will turn out That tomorrow it will happen this way This is about to happen for sure They will not tell us – this is the destiny you have brought with you And whatever you want to change today is in your hands They are predicting our future Actually the horoscope is telling us about our past Is it not telling us about our past? But at the time of listening to it We make it the basis to predict the future That is what we have been doing When we are predicting the future people listening are believing it We had some people who could read horoscopes in the family Even if somebody came home they would just see the horoscope I would forget what they said but my family would remember everything Sometimes it’s my wife or children would ask if I am feeling well I would ask them what happened So now I understand why they would do it I used to feel why are they suddenly so concerned, when nothing has happened Misconception about it It is not a misconception. It is a belief based on information Misconception means I am just anxious that something should not go wrong That is misconception But other thing is belief based on information I once read a book on numerology It said that I should avoid 4 and 8, they will trouble me So I started checking whether my travelling dates are coming to 8 There are 4 people sitting in my car Car number was adding up to 8 Even at shooting the room number allotted was 71, so the digits add up to 8 I was constantly thinking about 4 and 8 I bought a new lock and it was written as 31, so there also the number 4 Basically everywhere there used to be 4 and 8 It felt crazy after reading all that information That information created so much anxiety, worry and fear So the anxiety, worry and fear that is created That brings more problems I have seen film producers leaving their jobs They will have one of these predictors present 24 hours I mean some of the producers make so many decisions after consulting with them, right from the time to shoot, colours to use, actors to cast. And despite all that, the movie doesn’t do well That is the proof About what you were supposed to focus And what have we started focusing on We focus so hard on those things, that the power which we had We stopped using it We need to understand every science Preparing a birth chart or horoscope is a science

Science which is reflecting to us The soul’s Sanskars and Karmas of the past birth This we need to understand It is a science which tells the past karmas of the soul And a document of the Sanskars which that soul has carried It is scientific and right But we need to always remember It is a document of the past It is not a document of the future, but is of the past The choice of creating the present and future is with us I asked a Pandit Ji once About the accuracy of birth charts How they can foretell about what is going to happen Since it is based on the past births How will the present Karma not influence it? Today if we are 40 or 60 years old, we have performed so many karmas in this lifetime So if I do a wrong karma, that document should change If I do a good karma, even then the document has to change How can it turn on to be right? His reply was beautiful. He said it is prepared based on Sanskars The Sanskars which the soul has come with, the birth chart is prepared based on them Planetary effect is on what? Planetary effect on the Sanskars of the soul Because the soul has Sanskars, and as there will be planetary movement Depending on the time going on Suppose you are 20 years of age today This is your Sanskar and this is the planetary movement This planet will have an influence on this Sanskar of yours Hence these things are going to happen in your life. Which means they will prove to be right So they will anyway prove to be right So he said a very beautiful thing He said a majority of the people are not working on their Sanskars So he is so sure that because The Sanskars don’t change, even the birth chart or horoscope will not change This is a deep realisation He said they will obviously get proved as right They all prepared based on the basis of Sanskar And the planetary effect on the Sanskar – that is the calculation Suppose a soul has a Sanskar of insecurity That soul has carried that Sanskar from past birth Now a person is looking at the birth chart of that soul Who is now 30 or 35 years of age and wants to start a business Nobody tells us that we have the Sanskar of insecurity We are only told that at this time, the planetary movement Based on that, there will be these influences Because of which we may face a problem in business at this time What is the reason for that problem? The problem is because of the effect of the planetary position on that Sanskar of ours We cannot change the planet But we can certainly change our Sanskar But that dimension is not being explained to us. We don’t have that information What is the information we are given? This is the planet and this is going to be the result What can you do in this? So like you said, we do Pooja Or charity Performing Pooja is beautiful What should be the intention while doing Pooja? And the faith that by doing this Pooja, I will get rid of this problem I have this Sanskar I can see this problem in my destiny right now Based on the effect of the planet on this Sanskar And then I perform this Pooja Doing this Pooja I create a firm faith or affirmation By performing this Pooja my work will get done successfully And everything will be fine Affirmation worked It will work but I did not change my Sanskar I just created an affirmation based on that work which had to be done Which is also very important But that Sanskar still remains the way it was Which means after a while there can be some other planet’s influence And then another planet and another influence We are not being informed about this dimension That you change this Sanskar and everything will be fine

Because changing Sanskar is something which every individual should do by himself And most important is the belief that our Sanskars cannot be changed We are ready to do everything else The closest word to Sanskar in English is a habit? More than habit, it is nature Usually we call a few external things as habits Nature, my personality My Sanskars For example if someone asks me – you don’t take good care of your health? And we agree that we have not paid enough attention always They say it is written here in the horoscope In the health aspect of your horoscope, it is visible that you are not taking care You will not take care of your health. It will not come to you This is a strong affirmation that we are given That – You will not feel like doing it Your personality doesn’t allow you to do it When I wanted to come on the path of spirituality They look at my horoscope and said that I cannot even give up non-vegetarian food You cannot be strict about diet. You always want a lavish lifestyle As per your horoscope you will get a lot of wealth But you can never, ever be a spiritual person It made me feel so low because I wanted to go on the path of spirituality I aspired for a vegetarian and satvik lifestyle But I was told that I can never be Satvik It is like giving me a curse that I cannot become No, he is telling you the reality Because based on the Sanskar which you have carried as per the horoscope It is written that you have come with that Sanskar Only and if only when you change your Sanskar, you can start moving towards satvik lifestyle I did not change anything yet it happened But you worked on yourself If you didn’t take Gyan everyday if you did not meditate everyday If you do not follow purity or increase soul power Then those habits will not change People would say I am a strict non-vegetarian We need to understand this We need to understand what they are saying They are telling us everything based on our existing Sanskar Let us sit back, reflect and see Which is that Sanskar and change it The person who told me – this will not come to you to change your health Whenever the person met me, the question was – is your health fine? I would say – yes, it is fine And then they say in this particular year there could be something And then you will not take care of yourself That understanding Made me realise that now I have to take care of it I need to be behind it, that I have to take care of my health So even if I have a Sanskar of not taking care of my health Then I can also create a Sanskar of taking care of my health Let us do it then A numerologist told me that I will leave my wife because my number is 8 and she is 4 Her number is 22 and you are 17 I can give a guarantee based on what is written in numerology that you can never live together I told him I will prove you wrong, you meet me after 20 years And I decided it will never ever happen What was that information and what is the reality today? So present and future got changed? We need to always remember this We were talking about labels last time That if we put a label based on present information Then that Sanskar will continue And because we don’t change our Sanskar Then what is written in the birth chart or horoscope It starts proving to be right And because it starts proving to be right, our faith in it It increases all the more We say – whatever they said, has come true. Whatever they say is right Because we are not changing our Sanskars The person who told me this is all about Sanskar I asked what if somebody changes his Sanskar If someone works on himself

He said a very beautiful line If a soul connects to the Supreme Soul Works on himself And changes his Sanskars This document will not be valid for that person This was his line Very honest and nice of him It is an understanding of the science It was so sweet of him to tell the truth He is empowering you and not making you dependent on him Many people make us dependent on them It is science and we need to understand science the right way Let us understand it correctly and use it When we understand that we have come with these Sanskars The vibrations we create now, our Sanskars change Destiny will change So no matter what we have brought from our past Karmic account It could literally mean anything that we have brought Present is very powerful Past is finished Present and future and yet to be created So where is the power? What is to be done has all the power. What is past is finished and has no power It is powerless When we get our children’s birth chart horoscope prepared, or when we look at it later Do it with understanding Do not say – this is written, so it will happen. He has predicted, so that is sure to take place Whatever has been told is on the basis of the past All of us will together change the child’s destiny We have the power We can do it and we will Just by listening to it I feel so empowered. Thank you so much, Sister And I believe now that we can change the luck of luck also Thank you so much. Om Shanti Om Shanti Thank you