How To Install LED Dash Lights. New glow to your dash.

hey everybody welcome back to the Fox shop it’s been a couple months since I did a video and thought maybe it’s about time I’ve been on the for month online and I’ve been on there’s been quite a few people doing this and some people have been wanting to write up on it and instead of right up I’m going to do a video it’s putting in here these little LED – lights and these are our remember what they’re called exactly they’re blue bright blue of some sort and doesn’t even stay on the ticket what the hell they are anyhoo I got these on eBay I guess it’s from parts parts and the part number on them is uh I guess K 79 or 20 must be – I don’t here’s the there’s that and then I don’t know what that look that up there is that way but anyway that’s what I want to do today I’m going to show you how to take the your cluster out so you can put in LED lights and like a lot of people are wanting to do that a lot of people have done it you can get all different colors of lights I went with blue I think white would be would be good too you get all different colors of them what the hell else some people scratch off the green color on the back of dials when I’m going to do that I think once you got your cluster out it wouldn’t be too hard to do that if that’s what you’re wanting to do I’m not going to do that and so let’s get busy I will shut you off and bring you back here alright hopefully you can see somewhat in here when the first thing you want to do is pop off these uh trim pieces that are in here just be careful doing it so you don’t break these clips off the backside I just took a little this a little screwdriver and yeah just get back in behind there and just gently pop it out and back behind there you got a there’s a Torx right there’s a Torx Torx screw – t20 or [ __ ] I think it’s a I think I just tried it I think it’s a ten millimeter there’s one over here and then which you can’t see it going over here on this side – yelburton camera up here in milk but you got to get your I’ve never done one of these before so I’m hoping I don’t pluck something up but you got your headlight knob off which I think there’s a slot here somewhere yeah it was yeah right there stick your screwdriver up in there man you know the hell I’m doing I push buttons on take it Wellspring nearly got pushed this little clip you can see it in the back oh and pull it off huh so let me get you off the tripod here just do this without breaking zone okay um you open this other door up so the light over there and shine out which I did have me move that up here closer to the trap handed up by the truck when I was doing my beautiful initial start of the video I knew the lights you could actually see me beautiful day here in central Iowa supposed to be almost 72 today it’s making my floor a little damp in here for some reason I had my heater turned on and I hit it was over 70 when I came in here felt hot we haven’t had 70

temperatures for many a months finally feel good it’s not sunny but it’s [ __ ] off my face okay so I’ll get these trim pieces up if I can do this one again did he really get the camera in this hand here or am i all right just at least what I did I’m at other ones I got in there and pop it out just like that blink one two and then you got got two torques you got one right there the one right there I’ll put you back on the tripod real quick while I get those out known about know all since I’ve done a video up about now everything works bring in here hey so I’ll get this one out over here on this side on my flare side somebody had done this they’d taken this black bezel out they broke all the clips across the top of it just twirl [ __ ] I don’t understand how people do that anyway take these up like I said yeah I think if you don’t have torques a 10 millimeter I think that’s what it is take them out too because they got a we got a Torx head rod they got a hex head on as well so you take those out my little thank you for sitting on them I believe this will just come out I want to break it here we go Oh screw know how you get it over here if you have an automatic you’re gonna have your your lover on the other side you’re gonna have to [ __ ] around with it again I think this would just lift off sure yeah I got my fuel tanks which come off I just lift up and pull god I’m wearing hooded sweatshirt I’m out man that’s all he’s a kick and pretty damn dirty crap up in there okay then back behind here you got more torques which I didn’t know what’s another same size you got bring up here okay you got one there one up there black one and you got same on the other side you got one up there and one hidden behind those wires now in there and I can see that one has a crack in it weird screws into whether it’s gonna hurt anything or not I don’t know got some stuff I think I can fix it with if I have to but go ahead and get that out and go from there there’s some place in here and such as camera so you can see how I’m doing not really well put you back on out here let’s see I can raise this up a little

bit Showtime all right so we’ll take you out all these tours I’m gonna take this one out first and subscribe see what’s up with that very tight last dirty back in there 22 years old dirty truck hasn’t always been baby like I kind of do now she was worked and she was driven hard sometimes but generally I pretty much always took care of her but I do live on gravel and I always have lived on gravel sup [ __ ] gets dirty get on this last one here I’d be in good shape all right get all four of those out the cluster I’ll just come out gonna have a bunch of wires on the back of it actually wouldn’t mind taking this clay piece off and cleaning everything real good so I make pull the whole thing out bowlers do tip it out bottom first I think and then I’ll turn psycho Condor now I hit my hazard lights they’re um sit here there’s only three harnesses on the back I think I’m just gonna I think I’m going to pull those harnesses out and clean it up I would replace all the bulbs on the vent well I might do that anyway but the problem is those LED bulbs if you put them in and they don’t work you need to turn them around their polarity sensitive I guess but let me get this home sure how these horses are holding huh you know a deal is it more see it where’s my flashlight aha push it too and come on baby all right one cluster out I’m going to take her over to the bench and I think I might take this top cover off and clean it off so I will bring you back in and momentarily all right so the cluster is out I take this house like this clear plastic cover off up these screws are T tens and I don’t have a wrench that’s outside these are mine might be a five millimeter or something although I thought I’ve tried 100 but they are anyway tt don’t fit take them off they’re not in extremely tight and I

would suggest not cranking down on them when you put them back in just cause it’s plastic cause it’s pretty old and you might crack it which wouldn’t be that hard to find it mr. seven one two seven of money outside of this plastic pull that off I’m just going to take some glass cleaner clean that off clean off inside here because get some masks not that bad really for 22 years not too shabby stay I’m going to clean that out when I shut you off while I do that and then I’ll show you the lights on the back side be right back okay so I got the clear plastic and then I cleaned out the gauges to a pretty decent for some spots on this Plaza but it just won’t come off but I’m thinking they’re covered anyway guess you can see what I’m doing and I this is the back of your cluster if you run that and these all these are your lights there’s 17 of them I got a packet of 20 and if you’re like me your abs like my abs light on this green truck and on my flare side of both pin and flashing that’s this one right down here all you do is this turn counterclockwise about a quarter Turner’s pull them out and I’m not replacing that [ __ ] only my ABS light won’t be flashing at me anymore screw that bad thing is you don’t know which way to put these to put these in if you put you put it in backwards they won’t work at least that’s what I’m told so Gail so I’m going to replace all of them pop those up up led in which I had some way to test the darn things which you will hook up a battery or something I’ll never place in that one anyway anyway that’s how you do just turn them half turn or a quarter turn or so counterclockwise pull them out just pull the bulb out and these just slide back in just like a light to come in the hole because I’m a quarter turn quarter turn clockwise just handed so that’s all there is to it I’m going to go and replace them all really doesn’t take very long it’s not a hard job at all the problem is once you get hooked up to the truck and I’ll show you here in a few minutes you want to hook up your cables and your harnesses and then turn all your lights on see which one’s work and which ones don’t and you’re going to have to switch the bulbs around but that’s all there is to it I’m gonna go ahead and change the rest of these and then we’ll get to putting it back in the truck okay so now we got you I should clean this out here [ __ ] well anyway I was going to say we got the the – got the gauge cluster screw it I don’t have the damn clear shield cover thing on right either but anyway next time I’ll do is hook up these cables harnesses Jesus and see what bulbs work and what bulbs don’t so anyway I’m gonna shut you off again while I clean this out and then we’ll get to seen what balls work and which don’t be right back ok so now that we have everything cleaned up and so forth oh no I go resituated I see there’s still some dampness back in here umm alright now put this back in and hook up our harnesses and see which lights work and which lights don’t remember how we

did this I think you did it like this I got all those in my key live turn the genome good beeping I’d never heard that before until a couple years ago I’m not sure why what that is is a it’s your secondary warning for your abs lights for abs like your abs brakes cut or not no for your airbags Thank You ABS probably the sy it’s on but anyway probably cuz I didn’t put that bulb in I’m not sure also showing my fuel tank is a way cool right either I had thought that matter to have everything else looks good my turn like I’ve got several that aren’t working how you better if I shut some of these lights off so it looks like all the ones over on this side aren’t working well I got several I gotta flip around I’m go ahead and do that I’m just going to do it get tired of that dinging I know just go on the back here and unscrew them and flip pull out flip the bulb around stick it back in so I’m gonna do that I also need to get this gauge back down other than that looks like everything is good a shot some of these halogen lights off so I can see a little better I will bring you back in here momentarily hold on I just thought I’d show you real quick here damn thing stuff dinging that um I hope you can see my that my ABS like you see that it’s blinking right come on they’re fine unscrew that bulb it sends that tone now so I gotta have that bulb in there so I think I might just put some black tape over that bulb or something I don’t know might see if he’ll do if I have a Burnout bulb in there but anyway just thought I’d show you that that bulbs not in there you’re going to get that that that tone that’s for your secondary abs warning thingamajig so anyway I thought I’d show you that I’m not done doing the bulbs and stuff yet but be back Charlie all right so I ready to put this back in now I had a problem with one light over here I I guess I couldn’t feel it or see it it was but I got turned around they’re all working now so now just the reverse of taking it out let’s see how do I do that the bottom going first everything should fall back into place relatively easy and most harnesses have been set there a long time so they’re kind of stuck where they want to go right guys put these screws bag yeah like I said before I wouldn’t crank down on those two tighter you might crack the damn thing just snug them up put them two fingers in here number three

number four I’ll head it flipped about six bulbs around this that’s my bad yeah I can’t quite see it voila bring this back over we’ll get in was my 4×4 yeah I never did check that it’s not blue range oh it’s probably I don’t have that I’ll have this all the way on so it’s reflecting off with other times Oh some issues there we go and you just gotta put these two torque screws back in the helmet wherever the hell my Turks driver went the hell let it go hmm it’s eluded me well I must have taken it over to the bench well anyway just put these back in then you snap those uh trim pieces back on let me shut these lights off and I’ll show you what we got I can pull off hold on hold on take you

off the tripod here plugged in down there okay of course the other doors open to God oh okay I can’t like grab the darn light switch there we go focus so that’s what all new LED lights um I didn’t know as you can see I didn’t scrape off any of the green green stuff my keys a steering wheel jack a little bit sure why my abs what I did over on the house I gonna say I don’t know nasty but abs white hood on anyway on the chicken or the airbag light I just put I put an old bulb in there so it wasn’t real bright and I’m not sure why that ABS light is on it’s never been on or it was burnout I bet it was burnout [ __ ] I should do is take a bag out and just take that ball belt I really don’t give a [ __ ] anyway that’s what she looks like you saw my oil my oil needle jump right there oil pressure went from where it is now over almost the middle of that snap back down those are just dummy gauges those don’t actually read your oil pressure all as all it does is tells you if you have a oil pressure or not and I think my sending units going bad that’s going to be probably one of my next videos is how to replace the sending unit I’ve got a new one it’s it’s kind of fluttered around once in a while for the last few years especially if it’s if it’s cold out but once the engine gets warmed up and everything it seems to kind of settle in but it’ll still kind of fluctuate a little bit anyway that is with the newly LED lights and I will I’ll finish this up here in a minute be right back okay oh my god oh yeah finished up here um turn the lights on there we go pretty man okay saw that before but anyway that’s what it looks like with blue lights you can scrape all the green off and then you would have all blue I guess or if you put white lights in there and be all white which I think would look pretty good actually but I had I had some burnt-out lights over on my tack back I don’t think any of the ones with my tack worked um I just kind of sucked at night think I’m gonna take you off here I don’t think I have much bad I got out I think yeah that thing that so anyway that is how you put it in LED lights on your belt 92 to 96 or if you have a heavy-duty three-quarter 1097 here’s the burnout lights I had one see one two three four I guess how I’m still good and when you when you turn them around when I said turn around you don’t have to actually pull the bulb out and turn it around that works but you can just pull the the sock out of the hole the plug it whatever thing thing the freakin bulb plugs into just unplug that and turn it 180 degrees and stick it back in but so anyway that’s that I think I might might replace my the cargo lights up there

with LEDs and also the the door light problem that I see only got three left no I’ve got four so I could do that I think I’m gonna go ahead and do that that’s pretty self-explanatory well the door lights got to take the panel off with us not a big deal they just pop off but anyway thanks for watching and hope that straight I know some people have been asking about how you how you do that I’ve got to say it’s got to be one of the easiest jobs I’ve done in a long time that was really I mean pretty simple heart almost hardest part was cleaning the [ __ ] up the old dirt and stuff but kinda messing about the bulbs a little bit get them turn the right way and stuff but other than that piece of cake so thanks for watching we’ll catch you next time bye well I went ahead and I did the cargo lights in the the door lights there looks pretty good now I just need to get yeah I just need to get that one replaced and we’ll be set oh yes aren’t I I think they look pretty good I do I do – light whole set I got to replace that one now that seems a old and outdated now Oh anyway got that job done and it looks good anyway just thought I’d give you a little update on that as well so thanks for watching we’ll catch you next time