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Hey, Mahadev, when did you come? What did you say? You are vacating the house It was just yesterday that you kept things in the house I am not going to return your advance Take your luggage and leave from here There has been a merciless murder in Awalwaadi mountain SI Bhansali of Pune is enquiring about this This case is also important because the dead body is of brother of Tamil Nadu’s minister Mohammad Raja ‘A dead body has been found in the Awalwaadi mountain in Pune.’ ‘The one who is dead is minister Anwar Shah’s brother.’ ‘A slate has been found on the dead body..’ ‘..on which it was written Aakash Vadh.’ Sir, the murder took place in Pune and the body is that of minister’s brother. Is this right? Sir, we have received information that the killer is from Tamil Nadu – Is this true? – Wait, wait Our police team has gone to Pune for investigation Press meeting will be held again after two days All information that we get will be given to you Wait till that time – There. Cover this – Okay, madam – This – Madam, there are 112 nails Every nail has been pierced 3 inches in

The nail has been pierced in the throat as well That is why it would have been difficult for him to breathe Go and open that cell I want DNA report immediately Till when can I get it? His sample has been sent for chemical test You can get it by tomorrow, madam Looking at the condition of the body it seems that a wild animal or a bird has attacked and bitten him The investigation can pick up speed only when the report comes It is a very painful death In my entire service life I have not seen such a scary death I will not spare anyone Everything is fine at home There is no problem – Who is he? – Let us see Wake him up Hey, who are you? Tell me, who are you? – Why are you staring at me? – If you wake up a sleeping man then obviously he will stare Get up. Get up quickly They have come to trouble me This is a platform Why are you sleeping here? Sir, I was coming from Mumbai in Rajdhani Express I have lost my luggage so I am waiting for it here Will you sleep on platform if you will not get your parcel? – Leave from here – What is there in your bag? Open your bag and show Sir, I stay in Chidambram village – I sell religious paraphernalia in Haridwar. – Show me – Sir, there is religious paraphernalia – Okay, I’ll see it Sir, what are you doing sir? Everything will become inauspicious – I am telling you to let me do it – What are you doing, sir? Keep quiet! What have you filled in this? Do you fool everyone with this? – What kind of things are these? – You have dropped everything You have kept Rudraksh as well Come on put it back Sir, I was telling you that it was religious paraphernalia – They do not understand anything – Pick this too – Hurry up – They threw everything – Do not come here again – Get lost! Get lost from here – Whose photograph is this? – She is no one, sir She is my acquaintance Uncle, I think school is closed today Hey, this is not a good thing You just go to school for three days in a month It is time to get up – You will get late for school – Here, she comes Okay Every day I have to wake you up Are you getting up or not? – Even you do acting of sleeping – Okay, fine Did you do your homework or not? Tell me Uncle, I had asked you to do acting of sleeping then why are you doing acting of eating? Keep quiet. She will listen So you both are doing acting – Get up. Since long I am screaming – Uncle, run. Come on – No, no – And you don’t get up – What did I do? – Get up. Come on – Why are you hitting? – Get up. Come on get up Come on hurry up You need to have bath. Come on ‘A bomb blast took place in Russia’s capital Moscow.’ ‘After enquiry it was found that terrorists were responsible for this.’ ‘After many efforts..’ Uncle Shiva, tell me why doesn’t anyone keep bomb in our school? No problem, we will keep The weight of books has increased on children so that is why they need bomb What to do? ‘Dengue has enveloped 150 people in Tamil Nadu.’ – The government has offered help for their treatment. – Uncle Shiva Why doesn’t my Hindi teacher get Dengue? We will make sure he gets it – Shall we go now? – No ‘Bring AMT gold at home and spread happiness at home.’ I have to reach shop before uncle Wills Say bye to sister – Bye – Bye Uncle, a very dangerous family has come in our building – Which one? – There is a mad person in that family Her name is Jolita – Say Vishnu – Vishu – Gurudevo – Devo – Maheshwara – Maheshchicha She has a sister also It has been two days since we are here All things are just scattered Your brother-in-law is saying to clear things They have a Swami and the name of their bitch is Namie – Two dogs – Listen, remove the things Her Swami is her husband, uncle His name is Aavudaiyappan He is an investigation officer He is very smart The entire department respects him Such a good officer has hired a bald junior [English rap song] [English rap song] [English rap song] – I have lost her too – Bye This family is total fake This is the song for it

“No! I want to be yours.” “Yes! I want to be yours.” “No! I want to be yours.” “Yes! I want to be yours.” “Hey boy, so coy. You’re toy..” “Let’s see. You will be mine..” “To get dressed..” “Your talks, dear.” Hey! What are you doing here? “To get dressed..” – Hey, what is going on here? – What is going on? – Nothing. Just doing exercise – Okay “Till when will you eat tasteless food of home?” “I have learnt from you how to fight with world.” “Do as much cheating as you want.” – “No, no. no..” – Hello. Hello Shiva, they are tenants in the flat on the floor below us – Oh! – Come on. My sister is calling Look here. What kind of society is this? What is going on here? I beg of you to stay calm Please come, sir. Is this your dog? Yes. What is the problem? Look for yourself Didn’t you understand? Your dog was making love with my bitch in the lift The dog is very intelligent You are victorious You are a champion I also love a girl from last one year but could not woo her Come on, let’s take a selfie Ready. Come on smile What are you doing? Will you now take selfie with a dog? He is just like me, boss – Uncle, good morning – Don’t call me uncle I am your boss here People who leave late reach office earlier than you Go to beauty parlor and color your hair Otherwise, I don’t care “Eat simple food..and come closer..” “Don’t be of anyone Did you heard it?” “Keep your heart open and I will send you OTP dear.” “We are very crazy.” Let’s go “You are my recharge and I am micro sim.” “We will meet openly Whatever you may do.” “I am aadhar card and credit card too.” “Do cheating openly.” – Hi. Hi, sir – I am Aavudaiyappan – Private detective – I am Shiva. I stay in flat 404 – Is he with you? – Near Verichulli I have a heritage shop Do visit whenever you get time Antique shop Even I like antique things – See you boss – You are just like them, boss Like them? How? He runs aunt’s shop He does not run aunt’s shop but he sells old antique things It means the same, boss Good morning, sir – Commissioner sir is waiting for you inside. – Sir! Sure Hello, Aavudaiyappan Sit down. Take your seat Thank you, sir Sorry Mr. Aavudaiyappan, I have not called you for this case The matter is very serious – Sir – I will talk to you personally Minister is on the line, sir – Sir, minister wanted to – He is a torture By the way she is deputy commissioner Miss Shreyachandran Bold and sincere officer – Have you heard about child abuse case in Coimbatore? – Yes – She is the one who shot at the culprit – Yes You will be shot at You are saved boss – Please, come. I want to talk private matter with you. – Okay – Department needs some help from you – Yes, tell me You must have heard that owner of AMT hotel Mr. Tanikachallam ‘Bring gold of AMT and spread happiness in the house.’ We do not know what happened to him He is missing for last three days He is missing for last three days? His son Maheshwar is calling us for last three days If we deal with this case then the matter will be leaked That is why we want you to solve this case Just as you solved the case of Mr Dharamchand before it went to press so in the same way if you solved this case then it would be of help to us They need help – Sir – Yes This mail has come from Pune regarding that murder

Rudraksh? This 32 faced Rudraksh is very rare Often there are two types of people who commit murder The first kind, commit murder and leave without leaving any evidence The second kind, commit murder and leave behind a wrong proof to confuse the police – And in this case – I am handling this case Let it be Sorry, Mr. Aavudaiyappan She will handle this case You just handle AMT’s case People do bitching about me They call me monkey on my face Till when this will go on What is the matter, uncle? What happened? – Are you going to school? – Yes – Whosoever is coming here today – Yes are asking me whether I am selling a toy monkey? – Look, someone has kept a toy monkey here. – Yes Get back a little and you will understand everything Till now I have gone to 80 schools and I am warning everyone regarding child abuse If we do not talk to children about this then anything wrong can happen anytime It is good to tell children about child abusement Actually, I am doing it as my work In the books of children between the age group of 5 to 10 years we should include it in syllabus Dear children. Now I will tell you what is good touch and bad touch Good touch is when parents hug us and teachers touch us to pat us And friends with whom we shake our hands This is good touch Bad touch means if someone comes and kisses us whom we do not know They make excuses and make us sit in their lap And try to touch our private parts This is bad touch I am telling you all these things because today there are many children in society who do not understand anything Who and why is anyone touching us? What is wrong and right? It is very difficult to understand all these things in this age So if you have information about it then you can become safe from child abusement Thank you, sir Blackie, I want all work to be finished in the time I tell you It will be done, sister-in-law I know that half of the jobs of my husband is done by you You are right, sister-in-law I will finish this half work that is left to do – Hey! – Boss Don’t make things complicated Do you know what is to be spoken when? – Come on get up and go from here. Go – Brother-in-law, I am also ready – Oh! She is here. Please come – I’ll come too Where is she going? Look, if a young girl is with me then I get superb ideas Sister, rather than baldy if I stay with brother-in-law then he would get help in cases Right! Come with me No, you get inside Your final exam is not over yet – Get inside – Brother-in-law Boss, he stays in a very big bungalow He went missing at 4:30 am Father himself drove the car and went Near Ambartur bridge we found is car empty We cannot understand where he went, sir She is my aunt – Greetings, sir – Greetings We are great devotes of Lord Shiva I have taken a vow for him Father used to donate idols in the temple Even then this happened with him My grandfather is a very nice man Krishna, uncle’s underwear is handing there to dry – Go and get it – I will not get it Do I go to school to do all this work, uncle? – I will not go. You go – Damn it “My heart becomes restless on seeing you.” “Tell mw when we will meet openly.” Idea – No one can woo me – Hey! Hey! – Hey, wait. What did you do? – You got it, right? Why don’t you agree? – Can’t you take care of your underwear? – Sorry, sorry This child threw it down. I am coming – Disgusting! – Why did you throw it on aunt? Does your son wear such big underwear? Do you think I have never seen underwear? Idiot By throwing the underwear of boss on me sister-in-law wants to woo me Disgusting! Oh God. When will she accept my love? What am I asking for and what are you giving me? What happened, child? Why are you crying? Tell me, what happened? Tell me, what happened? I did not eat chocolate so my tuition master thrashed me He thrashed you for not eating chocolate? Tell me clearly, as to what happened? My mother goes for work in the opposite apartment Till she comes back I go to tuition master Then that tuition master did with me You should have told this thing to your mother

He told me that if I tell my mother then he will kill her when she is cleaning the road. – I’ll kill her There is no need to get scared Listen, even you should know that no one should touch your lips, neck, throat, chest and private part Like your relatives, your father’s friends or tuition sir If they touch you then you should tell your family members without any hesitation Understood. Do not get scared [playing on TV] Sir Why did you refuse when I was giving chocolate? Sorry, sir Stupid, you should have done this earlier Hey, who are you? Sir, I am from a decent family I belong to an educated family, sir You can go and do my enquiry, sir I am 40 years old and haven’t got married yet so that is why I made a mistake, sir Sir! Please forgive me, sir Leave me. Leave me, sir. Leave me You make others eat chocolate Now you eat and enjoy – Listen, baldy! – Yes This is a very special place so do not use your brains – You just have to keep a watch all around. Okay? – Okay! Don’t smile – Hello, sir – Hello I handle this jewellery store So you are the in-charge of the jewellery shop? Yes Excuse me, sir ‘Now boss will not be able to do detective work.’ Boss, what are you doing? We have come here to do investigation What am I doing, Baldy? ‘He will never change.’ ‘I wanted to become James Bond by staying with him.’ ‘He has made me a fool.’ ‘Hello, sir. Nice to meet you.’ – Sir is in meeting and has asked you to wait. – Hello – Hello. Shall I tell you a joke? – There is no need – Come on – Yes Look at your face He has got the current and you are giving me the shock What is happening, God? Do something – Okay, Manimuni – Boss Have you ever seen devotees? I have seen many devotees, boss Devotees flow in devotion just like a flowing river That flowing river seems to have come here, boss Even I can see that He might not be aware as to how much jewellery is kept in his house – Right! – Did you call me, sir? He is Mr. Ramarjun He is working with my father for last 38 years He is with him for last 38 years Only he knows that father is missing I see He had warned me earlier that some trouble can befall on father How did you know that some problem is going to befall on his father? Because, I am working with him for last 38 years – Mr. Ramarjun – Yes, sir Can you give me your phone number? But why do you want my phone number? Nothing. The thing is that you used to remain with boss all the time so I might need your help If I have to ask something then I shall call you directly – Baldy! – Yes I do not remember the phone number that Ramarjun had given me – You should have noted it down – I forgot to note it down – Is it? – At least you should have noted if I forgot Boss, I have already saved it – Really? Good! – Yes Go and give this number to the police Get the list of all incoming and outgoing calls Make a duplicate sim card of the same number and give it to me – Understood – Okay boss No, please don’t do this Please don’t do this

No, no Please, take it sister. Yes This incense stick is nice Have a look Yes. Even this one is good I will give you a good rate – I do not want it – What happened, sister? Where are you going? Hurry up and move ‘She escaped on seeing me.’ Tell me, one thing There are jails in India where all dangerous criminals are kept Can you tell me which is that jail? Tihar jail Till when can you run a family with one wife? Okay. I have understood your case I will solve it Now you will have no tension Sir, Nambi from your village has come to meet you ‘Nambi?’ He is saying that he will not go without meeting you He is not listening to me, sir Why has he come here? Ask him to leave from here Go. Go away from here What should I do? – You are still standing here Go away from here. – Okay, sir Why has he come here? Keep this Sir does not want to meet you. Go/ He does not want to meet me? – I will meet him. Get a side – Hey, I asked you to leave Can’t you hear? If I had a weapon in my hand then I would have killed you by now – Mr. Shiva – Yes sir Let’s do one thing In Kaashmeera there is an agent by the name Ismail – Okay – Go and meet him Yes tell me, Jyolita Brother-in-law, all the details have come of the number that you had given AMT pays the monthly phone bill of Ramarjun worth 10,000/- Oh, I see And from this number he has called Ismail many times, brother-in-law Okay, rest we will talk when I come home Okay, I am waiting for you Boss, why did you scare AMT’s Ramarjun? Look, if he gets scared then he will make a mistake – Or he will try to hide the mistake – Okay We will have to keep watch on him – Okay – Now I have trapped him Let me see till when can he escape? One day he will get trapped totally Blackie, now I don’t want to stay in this apartment The owner is also saying something like this, sister-in-law What did the owner tell you? Brother does not spare any aunt so the owner will obviously throw him out – I am not worried about that – Why do you want to leave? Do you know where did he give shop to the people who stay in the above flat? He had a narrow escape. Now I don’t want to live in this society I have a doubt, brother-in-law Is this really an accident? It seems to be an accident but this was just to scare us But why so? I think someone does not like we getting involved in AMT’s case But how did he come to know that you are involved in this case? We do not who they are and what they do? If they know who we are and what we are doing then that means they are keeping a watch on us Brother-in-law, whom do you doubt the most in this case? Either Ramarjun who always stayed with AMT or Ismail whose number frequently appeared in the list Because they had a chance to kidnap If we follow Ismail then we will surely find a clue

Boss, where have we come so late at night? – This is Ismail’s house – Is this the light house? Not light house but this is night house Hello dear Hold this Baldy Why are you changing your get up, boss? This is a special glass Why do you want to wear special glass? Video recording will be done in its camera of people who come in contact with you You are great boss I am feeling very happy being your disciple today Rather than being your master I should hang myself to death Leave that boss. You are great Boss, look at him Please, take it Hey Sorry boss Tell me is this for the first time Yes, first time Then what are you waiting for? Shall I call for girls? Yes, call for them Baldy is quite eager Girls. She is from Rajasthan – Hi – Hi She is from Kazakhstan She is from Uzbekistan She is from Pakistan Is there anyone from Amazon? You are from there baldy Boss, shall I select one from each state? I think he did not like any of these I have someone special for him Tell me who the special one is Sir, shall I show you? So girls? “I adorn myself for you.” “Look at me, dear.” “I lost peace of mind after getting you.” “I adorn myself for you.” “Look at me, dear.” “I lost peace of mind after getting you.” “My blouse has become tight and I am not able to concentrate.” “My heart just thinks about you, my dear.” “Don’t make my heart jealous.” “Don’t make me jealous.” “Great.” “My beauty is overflowing.” “Come on my dear, enjoy my beauty.” “I adorn myself for you.” “Look at me, dear.” “I lost peace of mind after getting you.” “The flowers on my hair ask that till when you will come, my dear.” “It is difficult to pass the night only. Till when will I flutter alone?” “My conch bells ask that till when you will come.” “My conch bells ask that till when you will come.” “Make some efforts to make my heart stop fluttering.” “Make some efforts.” “Great.” “My beauty is overflowing.” “Come on my dear, enjoy my beauty.” “I adorn myself for you.” “Look at me, dear.” “I lost peace of mind after getting you.” “My eyes always look for you.” “Come closer to me Why is this helplessness?” “I have dressed myself for you Till when you will come?” “The time is passing by Till when I will flutter?” “Till when I will flutter?” “Great.” “My beauty is overflowing.” “Come on my dear, enjoy my beauty.” “I adorn myself for you.” “Look at me, dear.” “I lost peace of mind after getting you.” – How did you like it? – Very nice – I want to meet brother – Brother? Hey, I want to meet brother Ismail Baby boys follow me Brother does not usually meet everyone But you may go and meet him How do you know Ismail? – Ramarjun told us – Are you friends too? You are two people so it would cost 5lakhs Is it okay? Hey, come inside Here they are…enjoy Come here

Come here She is just thirteen and half years old. Go Boss, why are you taking here? Just for fun Boss is on the wrong track now Till now I have been to 117 schools to talk about child abusement By making small girls the target and do child abuse are on an increase here Even heterotrophic animals spare the small animals of their family But human being is doing it What is the reason for increase in this crime? The culprits escape easily They do not get punished by law We had gone to jail to meet few of such kind of culprits We enquired from them as to why they do such heinous deeds? The answer from the culprits was even more heinous We target those children who are separated from their parents They agree if we talk with them lovingly Then after enjoying with them we kill them Parents of such girls are busy and do not pay attention to them Things become easier Along with others you spoiled your life as well Our life hasn’t got spoiled We are getting food and drinks here After four years I will be released I will enjoy again once I am released Our life is going on in a great way It becomes a problem if we touch a big girl A small girl does not make any sound Because of fear she does not even tell about it at home Life and dignity of a small child has no value in their eyes Who is responsible for this? Culprits who eye girls who live alone and parents who do not pay attention towards their children There is only one solution Girls should always be under safe care of their parents They should be alert as to with whom they are being friends with Who are you? Do not park your car here. Go away from here Don’t you understand? Go away from here. My boss will scold me Who is there who is creating a scene? Oh God, how come he is here? I am asking you to leave from here Tell us what is the tension? – You stay here and I will be back – Can’t you understand? Go away from here Ramesh, you go away I will talk to him Why have you come here? The work of this place is done Go away from here I need 5lakhs Even I need it Who will give us, you fool? Don’t you understand anything? I do not know who will give you but if I don’t get it then Don’t scream..wait, I am coming Take this and go Hurry up and go from here He has got into the habit of eating without doing any work He will never change Please leave me. Please leave me Please leave me You are trying to trap thios girl Will you take her to Africa?

Did you understand? Boss is waiting. Come on Who said I will take you to Africa? I will take you to America Listen, we have got a gift coupon of 5000/- from Chennai What are you saying? – Hurry up and come – We are going, father Bank manager has come and is waiting inside. You meet him – Hey, I am asking that who is inside? – Okay, bye. Bye Everyone has gone mad. Who has come? Hi RJ I have sent you some video footage I had given you AMT’s kidnapping case And you are trying to find case of Anwar Basha and Senbagamorthi’s case – They both are one. Right? – Yes sir. I am damn sure How can you be so sure? I had doubt on Ramarjun when I met him for the first time Then I had a talk with Ramarjun in the police style Has the treatment started? Look, so much money is there Half of AMT’s illegal properties are in his name He is going to bring a tsunami in illegal properties What is the relation between Ramarjun and psycho killer? Look at them Do you know who they are? No, I don’t know them, sir – Are you sure you do not know them? – Really? Then is he your brother? Or maybe he is your twin He had said that he does not know both of them But at lawyer’s death they were all present at his house That was the time I believed my doubt was right Ismail, the one who served your master is being thrashed hard by police He has revealed the entire truth to police I do not know anything Now we do not know why did you do all this? Maybe you are greedy for money With the help of a coolie you kidnapped him or killed him No Tell me where you have hidden AMT after kidnapping him What are you talking, sir? Why will I kill sir? As it is rightly said that on every morsel of food has a eater Maybe my name was written here Is he an honest man or a goon? Whatever my family and I eat is because of AMT sir He is a double faced man Don’t doubt may leave sir Brother-in-law, I have found many flight tickets to Vietnam in his house and four flight tickets It has Vietnam’s visa as well Just have a look A.M. Thanigasalam Anwar Basha, Senbagamorthi and Daniel Who is this Daniel and where is he? Mr. Ramarjun, it is very good to have faith but it can be danger to all if you have faith on the wrong person Your entire family can be in danger Sir, as you said my boss AMT, businessman Anwar Basha lawyer Senbagamorthi and Daniel are well acquainted My sir had taken a vow in Vietnam to make Rudra idol Sir had a weakness too What is that? I came to know as why they used to go to Vietnam often Five of them misbehaved with her What can I say sir? According to statement by Ramarjun AMT has a weakness and this serial murder is a part of that chain Because all are connected with each other And that real estate agent Daniel is in foreign so that is why he is safe No Look at this

This is written in Tamil and is very strange These things are often used by those people who make idols – Jolita – Yes, brother-in-law Go and show this to Professor Ramchandran and get information from him as to who does this kind of sculpture Okay brother-in-law – Do you know AMT? – Yes sir, I know him Come if I call you for enquiry Now you may go Tell me something about Anwar Basha Have you seen her somewhere, sister? I have seen her in the opposite apartment Okay thank you sister The murderer is a great devotee of Lord Shiva Because he named his first murder as Aakash Vadh To the second one he named Jal Samadhi I think he will name it as Panch Bhoot Till now wherever he has committed a murder there is a Shiv temple nearby And people know all those Shiv temples as Samva Sthal He must have followed his target for years And then he must have kidnapped them This is called twin sketch brilliant planning He must not be a great criminal but must be a common man He has already made Anwar Basha and lawyer his target among those wrong people Daniel is not in the city So the next one in the line is AMT His revenge is quite clear in all these murders Because if he just had to kill then he could have done it anywhere But he took them to different places and killed them mercilessly Water, water Please save some water Water Save me Water What was mixed in this? Save me Shiva, what was mixed in that? Save me This is not water but polished acid You are alive because of Save me, Shiva. Save me Where am I? Save me Shiva, save me I am your brother You are an animal If you give someone shelter then he will not loot the one who has given shelter But you are worst that that You escaped from village and hid in Haridwar I forced you to come to Chennai through my sister Parvati Why are you calling me again and again? Every time you say that you are coming but you do not come – Okay, I will come – I want to meet you Okay. Now I am in Mumbai I’ll meet you once, I come back in Mumbai I forced a devil like you to enter my house Yes, everything else is fine

Shiva I am your brother Will you kill your brother? Save me No, no Save me. I will die Tears make a person weak It is really hurting me to make them, priest If you win then do not think about that If you lose then think of surviving Think about how you came to me You will not feel the pain [sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] [sanskrit chant] My entire family finished. How will this child live without the, priest? I have calmed Shiva the devotee of Lord Shiv Now this Rudra will take sacrifice You will support him as per his wish Okay, priest As it is said in Aarudram Veda by sacrificing on sacred place demons are not born again Rudra is with you For 15 days I was out of the city in the dense forests of Sri Lanka regarding my project I came back to Chennai last night and two of my friends have been killed That too they were killed after being kidnapped And now brother AMT has also been kidnapped What is going on in this city? I just can’t believe this Okay. As of now you need police protection Thanks But one thing is there No one can harm me I will take care of myself First you find that murderer and kill him immediately Okay Brother, Daniel is back Don’t you want to meet him? Why have you asked us to follow that detective? I know everything. Just follow him Kamal Hassan has strongly opposed the heinous deed with a girl in Jammu and Kashmir To protest against this he made an entry in public He gave this information on twitter as well He is very disturbed by the heinous deed with a small girl because even he is a father He is worried about the fact that in what direction is our society heading to The girl had gone to play and then 5-6 people kidnapped her and was continuously raped for 8 days This was not enough They killed her later Doesn’t God see all this? Injustice is increasing Shiva, nothing is going to happen by giving lectures in schools We will have to find a solution, Shiva Daniel came back yesterday but a complaint has been filed that he has not reached home Sir, Daniel was talking to me in his office yesterday at 11 He went out with a bag with someone at around 11 He said that he does not want security And he himself drove the car You are a champion in being detective but he is a champion in kidnapping Stop. Just go a little back Little more..freeze

Can you zoom this a little? I have seen him somewhere But I am getting a little confused I have a Heritage shop near Verichulli Do visit whenever you get time Shiva, you need to send the parcel very soon at this address otherwise there will be a problem Okay. The van has arrived so I will send the parcel Shiva, Aavudaiyappan – Welcome sir – Hello Since long you were saying that you would come and today you got the chance Welcome, sir Have you come here to buy a gift? No. I wanted to make an enquiry Yesterday morning you were not at home. Where had you gone? I had gone to meet a special person, sir Who is he? He is a real estate owner His name is Daniel Why? Actually sir he came back from Ceylon yesterday He had called me in office Actually we have a litigation property in ECR He said that he would help us to get it sold That is why we both had gone there Shiva, you were saying that someone has illegal taken over your property Why have you brought me to this cremation ground? Sir, three projects have got over Only yours is balance Since last two months you were following me and today I have got a chance to come with you A person comes to a place where he is destined to go Hello, it is time to enjoy Why have you brought me to this cremation ground? I don’t think anyone is going to take interest in this Let us see the place for apartment Shiva, Shiva..where have you gone? Shiva Shiva, Shiva Shiva, where are you? What is this? Have you gone mad, Shiva? Don’t call me Shiva. Call me Shivam Do you remember the one who made Rudra Idol? When did you come back? He dropped me at 1o’clock and left Why sir? What has happened to Daniel sir? No, nothing Have coffee – Why didn’t you have? – Thank you Sir, Shiva is a devotee of Lord Shiva On the day of Pradosh he does not have a drop of water Whosoever is committing these murders would be a great devotee of Lord Shiva What is there in this box? This is a French clock; it has to be delivered in Delhi Is it necessary to parcel it in such a bog box? The length of the clock is around 5feet so the box has to be this big Boss, the clock is running fast Hey, the clock does not run but tick tocks – Okay – Keep coming, sir

What happened sir that you came back? Did you forget anything? I want to see what is there inside this. Open it Parcel has to go to Delhi. We have packed it with great difficulty Will you open it or shall I open and see? – Hello – Yes boss Sir, I had told you there is clock in it Will you pack it now as well? Do it. Don’t take tension Okay, sorry. Let’s go Now you will understand that what is fluttering? Jolitha, wait for a minute I will just be back Brother-in-law, I had found a diary in Shiva’s house There were different types of diagrams in that Just have a look if it is of any use Is it possible that any person can be parceled alive? Good question Just as a set up is made to store oxygen for heart surgery this must be surely like that Look at this. this rat is alive in this box for many days The reason is that it is getting proper oxygen inside A steroid injection has also been given All this is fine boss but won’t the parcel company have a doubt if 60kg man is parceled to Delhi, Pune, and Kerala? Won’t anyone check it? If you and I send parcel of our size then anyone can have doubt and can check But the one who has business of boxes would be doing this kind of parcel every day No one will have doubt and will not check also So you believe that Shiva has done all this No. But in some time I will confirm Boss, did you work in lock company earlier? Boss, police and CBI are not able to catch a person And we are going to catch him This seems quite enjoyable, boss Hey, quietly come inside The police must be on their way All the things are black here Madimuni, I have some doubt on seeing this Even I have the same doubt, boss Nagpur’s queen used to write such things in 1898 Now after so many years he is also writing the same things That is why I am having doubt, boss – I thought you had no brains – Thank you, boss Now look carefully at what is written here This kind of writing was written on iron and copper during Maratha times in 18 century Is that writing and this one same? Boss, catching the point

– Baldy, click its photograph – Okay, boss Glucose with steroid Wow! A beautiful woman has been sculptured I need to kiss her for sure I think Shiva must have kidnapped everyone and then parceled them from here – Brother-in-law, come here – What happened? Brother-in-law, it is possible that Shiva must have parceled AMT in this You are correct Take the camera and fix it there Okay, boss Boss, Amt is not inside but there are many evidences ‘Aakash Vadh’ ‘Jal Samadhi’..okay, keep it away ‘Vayu Vadh’ Hold this Hey, why did you switch on the light? It’s not me but you switched it on, boss I am standing in front of you Brother-in-law [sanskrit shlok] [sanskrit shlok] Do you know what I did with those 5 sinners who supported you? I have done sacrifice of Panch Mahabhoot Shivam, stop Since long I was finding you How dare you kidnap my boss? What are you looking at? Thrash him hard Go Eat this sir. And now drink water One minute What are you looking at? Kill him Don’t worry sir. see, they will thrash him hard and chop him off into pieces I want to see him die in front of me Hey, why did you switch on the light? It’s not me but you switched it on, boss Are you mad? Brother-in-law Boss, Shiva Shiva, the thing is that What is this sir? Instead of doing shopping in the morning you came at night We went for a night walk The door of the shop was open so we Whosoever comes to our shop once always comes again and again Okay, cool I will come directly to the point After kidnapping four friends of AMT you mercilessly killed them And now we have a doubt that you want to kill AMT also That is why we came here You have changed your name to Shiva You roam around innocently But you are a psycho killer

Am I right? You are quiet so this is the sign of a loser. I think I am right We have found proofs in the box as well I had parceled this box to be couriered to you He is again confusing us I cannot understand one thing, Shiva Often a psycho killer gets happiness and satisfaction after committing a murder But aren’t you bothered about the pain and suffering the families of the deceased would go through Why did you do this? Tell me Shiva Tirumala village is my motherland Ours was a happy family who sculpted idols of God In my family there was Chamudi my mother Aaroo my younger sister and my uncle Villumoorthy And I Shivam lived with my sister and brother-in-law Ours was a happy family Shukla, I was born in this village Everyone is born somewhere or the other brother-in-law I am talking about myself and you are talking of the world Son, do you know our Shivam is well educated What is it called? Aroo, what is it called? D Pharma, mother Yes, he has studied about medicine Even after studying so hard he makes idols with his father – Take him along with you – Sister is right Where are you stuck even after studying so much? Why do you want to continue with this art? Someone else will do this I have opened a Heritage Shop in Chennai I shall give you 20,000-25,000 pm Even if you give one lakh he will not come with you He sculptures idols of God Greed for money will not work Dear Parvati, I hope you have no problem I have no problem, uncle Only door has changed Life is going on in the same way You make four idols uncle and we also earn Then what is the use of going to the city Look, he is also just like him Brother has said that he would buy a scooter for me next month – Really? – Aroo Then we will go on scooter to school Aroo Brother, why are you riding the cycle so fast? – Today is your maths exam? – Yes Then how could you forget? Pad, paper, geometry box..I have not forgotten anything How is it possible? Brother-in-law took the bike so I came here riding 1km on cycle Do you know that? Maya, look there is white crow that side You look here I have brought this ash from Shiva temple which is 10 kms away so that you pass And this is what you were forgetting Now you will surely pass Don’t tell this to Maya – ..otherwise she will also pass – My dear brother Don’t show her. Keep it inside – What are you doing? – Shall I leave? – Okay! Now you both go carefully – Okay What is this? Do you want to pass alone? Can’t your brother tolerate if I pass too? That is not the case Brother loves me a lot You are my friend so even you will pass Bye “My dear doll..” “Always stay close to your brother.” “I will sing like a cuckoo bird in your house.” “In your house..” “My mother is like a Goddess and father like a God.” “My mother is like a queen and father like a king.” “Everyone is happy together.” “My sister is a doll.” “Always stay closer to us.” “She will sing like a cuckoo bird in our house.” “In our house..” “I do not want anything more than you..” “You speak like a cuckoo bird the entire day.” “I always wish happiness for you.” “My brother would fight with world for me.” “Father sings religious songs all day.”

“I have more right on mother.” “Father’s happiness will never be less.” “I wish father and mother always stay together like this.” “This is our world.” “Listen to me..” “I am your doll, brother.” “Always stay together.” “I will sing like cuckoo bird in your house.” “In your house..” “I see my reflection in you.” “I have forgotten everything I don’t have brains..” “I do not like my friends..” “ I love my brother more than them.” “This story is because of you, sister.” “No one can understand the difference.” “Your happiness is my strength.” “I do not want anything else from God.” “I am happy that you are my brother and dreams for me.” “Listen to me..” This is his house, sir – Yes – Welcome, sir Father, sir is a big man He is the owner of AMT Jewellers Who does not know him, son? He is himself standing in the jewellery advertisement He can be seen even if you switch off the TV – Sir, please have coffee – Sir, coffee – I don’t want it – Here, take it Okay. Let it be I have promised my family Goddess I want to get a Rudra Idol made I have heard no one can make other than him – You are right – Start it as soon as possible Take this – Father – Take it son Okay What is the need for so much money? – Keep quiet – Keep it – The one who makes idols of God is equivalent to God. – What are you doing? God resides in his house He considers his parents’ as God – You are also too much! – Here comes our dear daughter – Have you met him? – Yes By calling me dear daughter you make me do all work Keep quiet Great. The girl is talking very well [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] Hey! What are you doing, stupid? Go away [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] – Welcome sir – Welcome, sir – Welcome, sir – Take this Why did you call him so early? Sir really loves our family – Really? – He has brought gold necklace for the younger one Sir, that is acid. Don’t touch it – Wash them. – Hurry up and get his hands washed and wiped – Hurry up – Come on Such an expensive necklace Okay, fine. Let it be there Aaroo baby, are you going to dance class?

I think you have put on weight No, brother-in-law. I am just 36 kgs 36 kgs? You are not less than 45 kgs No brother-in-law, I am 36 kgs I will come to know only when I weigh you Okay, you can weigh me ‘We take very good care of young girls in the house.’ ‘But what can we do if a family member..’ – ‘..eyes the girls in the wrong way.’ – You can weigh me My brother-in-law was the wrong person n our family We never thought wrong about him You will really pick me up? – ‘took wrong advantage of our faith.’ – I was just joking Leave me. Brother-in-law, leave me What shape I should I give to Rudra’s face? Be carefully Do it very minutely, son If the face is not made properly then we will have offer it to Panch Bhoot Sky, water, fire will get angry with it This is sculpture art Meditate and ask Rudra what shape to give She will answer [chanting prayers] Brother, I have brought ginger tea It will It will soon strike your mind Aaroo, come here No brother, it is prohibited There is no prohibition for you. Come You have power of fire in you Keep your face like this What have you done, brother? Wait for a minute. Look into this – You spoiled my face – You’re looking very beautiful What have you done? – Isn’t it? – It is very nice [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] [sanskrit shloks] However hard I may try I cannot understand this maths I was a scholar in maths, Aaroo If you wish then shall I teach you? Who? Will you teach me? – Come closer – Okay, tell me Come here. I should know what is it, that you do not know – I cannot understand anything – I will explain it to you – Tomorrow I have my exam – Look here – First look here – First, tell me this Look here. Look at this video Look at it. You will feel relaxed What are you doing? It is important to learn all this as well You are just worried about maths Aaroo had doubt in maths so I was explain that to her – One minute, I will be there – Nothing I want to give the idol for magnet polish I want someone to hold it No problem You explain to her and I will manage Shiva, wait. I will also come along No, there is no need for you to come – It is not a difficult job – I will come along with you Look, I have managed. I will go And will come back soon as well – Mother, I going to get the idol polished. – Yes – I will be back by 5 pm – Okay, fine 30th of next month your child will be born. Doctor has said so Look at the way he is feeling shy. Go – Let’s go mother – Come, dear Brother Shiva, why have you started working so early in the morning?

– Eat this betel leaf – Okay Parvati, why are you looking at us? You do your work. I get disturbed Shiva, Aaroo is very weak in Maths I am feeling worried I saw that maths teacher was scolding her She was crying bitterly – There is a coaching centre in the city – Have this butterrmilk That teacher teaches very well Monthly fee is only 1200 rupees I have paid that The class is just twice a week Only Saturday and Sunday This cannot happen, son Who will go to drop and pick her up? Who else but I will take her? Can’t I do this much for Aroo? Mother, brother-in-law is right You take her brother-in-law – And bring her back too. Go – No, I don’t meant it – Listen. – Why should we get worried when you are with her? If we have had faith on Nambi then there is no need to think It is not about faith. Doesn’t Nambi have any other work to do? How will he drop and pick her up every day? – Leave me – Sorry, sorry ‘How should I tell everyone that brother-in-law Nambi..’ ‘ misbehaving with me?’ What will they think about me? Is God merciful, brother? God is always merciful on His children Then why does he create Lion to hunt deer in the jungle? Then how is he merciful? ‘Where has both of them gone?’ Shivam – Hey! – What is it, mother? I have brought the offering Come down and eat Okay, we are coming Let’s go. We will talk tomorrow Shivam, you will feel cold upstairs Come down ‘I will have to tell brother about Nambi.’ Mother, hurry up. It is time for the Kumbha consecrating I do not understand what you are doing inside. Come quickly, mother Hey dear! What is the problem? Since yesterday I am watching you and you seem to be lost Tell me, what happened? Tell me – Nothing has happened, brother – Nothing has happened? Yes. Let’s do one thing Let’s get a rose flower from our garden Do you know what is to be done of that rose? Keep it on your head It will look as if two rose flowers have bloomed How? Shall I show you? Come, come My dear sister is lost in which thoughts? – Brother – Come, come Hey, my little sister laughed – Hey, why are you troubling her? – She laughed – Don’t trouble her – Let’s sit here – Sit comfortably. – Does anyone pick up a young girl like this? – Are you crazy? – She will always remain a child for me Make her swing if she is a child for you? She is 15 years old Till when will she remain a child? Mother, father and I are going for Kumbha consecration on the coming Wednesday Father, hold on to the seat in mini bus Okay dear, I will leave I have many things to do – Hey, Shivam – Yes It is raining so heavily – you can go tomorrow morning as well. – Mother, how will work happen if I worry about rain Okay, I will leave – She think I haven’t worked before in the rains.. – Mother Yes? What happened, dear? Tell me How is a baby born? What are you asking? How is a child born? Stupid, why are you asking such type of question? How dare you ask such type of questions? Don’t you have sense as to how to talk to your mother? What kind of question are you asking me, stupid? This is the result of pampering you – Stupid – Father and son have spoiled you Why are you scolding my dear daughter? Look, what is your dear daughter asking? ‘In our families when young girls ask such questions..’ – ‘..then parents’ become worried.’ – I’ll beat you Every day my daughter goes for tuition so far – Her legs must be paining – You pamper her a lot What is this dear? Where is your anklet? – Brother-in-law has taken it for polishing. – Okay Mother, now I will not go with brother-in-law for tuition The entire day he is busy in picking and dropping you and you talk like this about him Aren’t you ashamed? Chamundi, keep this here and go. Go – I will talk to my daughter – I had warned you not to pamper her Listen dear, I am going for Kumbha consecration to the neighboring village Smile and bid me farewell Won’t you smile? Smile You have spoiled her Look, is she listening to you? Life may keep you happy will make you cry at the time of death That is why smile till you are alive Smile once. Father is leaving

My dear daughter Aaroo Mother has gone to temple and even I want to go – Is that so? – Give it to me quickly – I have brought it for you – Give it – Give it to me – On one condition – What is that? – I will make you wear it I don’t want to wear it. Get lost! I will not do anything. Come Hey, rascal Sir has come – How come you came suddenly, sir? – Idiot, how dare you? – Let’s go – Sir I will not spare you – Let’s go. Come on – Forgive me, sir Forgive me, sir Arudhra – Mother, mother – What happened, dear? – Are you having pain? – Arudhra Okay. We’ll leave Oh God! Arudhra Tell me, Nambi Arudhra Arudhra! Arudhra! Arudhra Arudhra Arudhra Arudhra, how did all this happen? How did all this happen, Arushra? Who did this with you? Who did it? Who did it? Arudhra, what has happened? Arudhra, tell me. Arudhra Arudhra – Tell me. Tell me, Arudhra – Brother Arudhra, tell me – Brother – Yes? – Brother, brother-in-law Nambi – Yes. Tell me Brother-in-law Nambi. Nambi Hey, why are you scared? Sir has said that he will handle everything Look, sir has come from Vietnam only for this work Listen, I have handles many such cases. Got it? I will not let anything happen to you? Hey, you have brought her here saying that you are taking her for dance Okay, sir will handle everything AMT sir had said that he would be alone but there are 4 people here It does not matter how many people are here but the game is the same Brother, she is a small child Hey, why are you speaking so much? You had asked for 5lkahs. Count them Keep quiet – Go and enjoy now – Now remain quiet, you greedy fellow Okay, fine Come here Come here Come You like pigeons But I like flowers – Okay – Leave me Sir, it is hurting me Let me go, sir Sir! Hey! Hey! Come here No

Leave me Let me go Where have you brought me? This is guest house of AMT sir He wants to see you doing Bharat Natyam – He asked me to get you – Really? – Has sir called me? – Yes. Of course Sir, I hope nothing has happened to Aaroo? Keep quiet. Sir’s BP has shot up Let me take care of him first Done. There is nothing to worry, sir. Her Leave about her, stupid What happened, sir? Then what to do with her? Leave it. We will bury her somewhere on the way Okay. Fine Bring her out quickly – Hurry up – Okay, brother. Okay Yes. Bring her Come on. Hurry up – Okay. Come on – Hey, bring her here – Yes But – Brother, come back quickly – Brother, police – Police has come – Sir, I think someone is there – Come back quickly, brother – Catch him – Come back quickly, brother – Come back quickly, brother – Come quickly, brother – Police is coming closer Brother, come quickly Nambi She was our fairy, sir She suffered for 15 days And at last her suffering ended – She died, sir – What has happened? Get Aaroo back. Get up, Aaroo. Aaroo Hey!

Hey, leave me. Come on Please, sir Hurry up They bribed police with 25 lakhs The case was changed that the family committed suicide because of loan pressure If I did not agree then they threatened that case would go against me – Are you mad? Make him understand – Have you send him? Why do you want to get trapped? Take the case back I had gone mad completely, sir Hey! Rudra How can you stand calmly even after my family is finished [chanting prayers] Are all these chanting false? I will not spare him! What are you for? What are you for? Why should I worship you? I do believe in you I will not do your consecration I will finish you with my own hands I will not spare you I would never like to see you again Go away. Go away from here Only two people were alive My sister Parvati and my uncle They took me to a priest for my treatment And under his guidance I became Shiva from Shivam Then I thought deeply and made plan for each one of them I attacked everyone I just told him that the age of the girl is 10 years and that AMT got trapped in my plan Shiva, whosoever takes revenge has a reason behind it And he is right in his own way I can see that the reason in your story is very strong If you would have gone to law then you would have surely got justice The one who has suffered is also asking for justice and the one who is the culprit is also asking for justice Who will get justice sir? Only money gives you justice here There are not just one or two people who do child abusement, sir Three year old in Salem Five year old in Marakklam and an innocent girl was made target in Chennai He killed her and burnt her Do you know it, sir 462 child abusement cases are being filed in Delhi We do not even come to know that what is happening with so many girls in India Many girls from Asifa to Arudhra are becoming the target of lusty men Tell me how many people have been hanged because of abusing children In 25 years only 3 people have been put behind bars In other countries decision is taken in just week against people who are caught in child abusement In such countries the culprit is killed by injecting poison At some places the private part is chopped off But here the culprit is released on bail in three months And is given a sewing machine so that she changes himself Aavudaiyappan must be somewhere here Search properly Okay It is better I lock everyone inside today People like me are required to punish such culprits The blood of AMT would be less to wipe away the stigma on my Arudhra sir Shiva, it is my responsibility to punish him Tell me, where is AMT? He must be begging at my sister’s feet for death The one who finished my family is yet to be punished Come on Catch him Have you got police along with you? Hurry up

– Madam, this is locked – Don’t worry. Break it Yes, madam You should have arrested him Why were you talking to him? Put his cell phone on trace and find out where he has gone He should not escape. Come on quick – Hey, go and see what has happened – Okay, ma’am Madam, a tree has fallen on the road We will have to go walking ahead No, no, no – No, no. Leave me – ‘Sir! Sir, leave me.’ ‘Leave me. Let me go.’ No ‘Is God merciful, brother?’ ‘Why are you giving so much money, sir?’ ‘Keep it, dear. The one who makes idols of God’s is a God himself.’ ‘If government, law and police are in our hands..’ ‘..only then we will be able to protect the girl child..’ ‘ the womb of a mother.’ ‘Otherwise, these animals will not let them live.’