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watch out all right what we’re looking at here is a 2014 Street Glide special this will work for the 2015 the same because I don’t think they’re going to make any changes the color you’re looking at is Amber whiskey now I did an original video on this bike very very popular video however I had a my old recording equipment I’ve got new higher quality HD video recording equipment some better processes in place so I want to do of course I’ll leave the original video up because people do like it but I am going to make a second video on it and hopefully get some different shots for you guys so here we go again I say amber whiskey is the color and I’ll tell you this bike a lot of people put videos out there but they don’t get the best shots even the dealerships they don’t get the best shots they do it indoors you really need to get this bike out in the sunlight to get that color to really pop that amber whiskey which is what I did here now we’re looking at the 103 cubic inch high output the twin 1690 CC motor and I will tell you guys this thing runs like a r88 absolutely amazing a touring bike runs and handles like a sports bike I am truly truly impressed of course it comes with the standard 6-speed transmission now on this motor do not spend a lot of money guys with your regular services when you break it in you’re supposed to do one at a thousand and then every five thousand miles after that now we have a very very popular video and I suggest you go take a look at it you can do your own service right in your garage on the kickstand don’t need to pay $300 to a dealer you can do it yourself and you can do it for the cost of just product you can get that complete maintenance video over at law-abiding biker comm / maintenance of course the front forks there they are larger than past models the diameter of them so a little bit sturdier definitely helps with some of the handling like I say this thing handles like a sports bike guys but it is a cruiser and I’m thoroughly amazed I came from a 2011 street light and this is 150% different as far as the handling and now taking a look at the front wheel this is a 19-inch wheel it’s running Dunlop tires that stock the width is 130 and you’ll see the tires low-profile gives it a really really nice look the wheel itself is not a spoke wheel of course and you can see there it’s sort of a matte tight black it’s really really good-looking easy to clean easy to keep looking good and you will see on this front braking system it’s got dual front disc brakes you can see the right side caliper there but I’ll tell you I’ve been riding this bike for a year now riding it a lot I’ve been writing a lot of miles putting a lot of miles on those tired up and corner and real hard and I have to say those Dunlop’s are wearing very very nice so probably when I have to replace them I will replace them with a dunlop fairly impressed with those tires really really nice is what they put on this bike is an integrated braking system so dual front disc brakes the rear has single disc brake but the front is dual it has anti-lock of course that comstock on it what I mean by integrated guys is you all know that most the time unless you’re doing really low speed drills but most the time you should be when you’re braking grabbing front and back and you should distribute those offsets so more front than back there’s different arguments about how much but anyways you should grab both brakes now what the integrator does is it has a sensor so for example if you were an emergency situation you grabbed all front and forgot to hit the back at all that sensor is going to say hey you know what we’ve got way too much front brake and it’s going to go ahead and

distribute some pressure to the back and it’s going to start breaking the back for you regardless of your foots on the pedal same if you grab too much rear and you start skidding the anti-lock kick and it’s going to go ahead and apply more pressure to the front to even things out so really it’s foolproof I tested it heavily one of the best braking systems I’ve ever used it pretty much makes sure that you stop in the shortest amount of distance possible one of the very nice things about it they also included us that do very low speed maneuvers and cone drills and training you know we have the back brake on a lot when we’re doing those kinds of maneuvers just the back brake and if that integrated kicked in it would kind of screw us up so it doesn’t kick in till 20 miles an hour so very very nice system there’s my Highway pegs just some simple aftermarket it does have a heel shifter guys I just took it off and capped it I’m not a fan of the heel shifter but it does come with it taking a look at the front fairing I’m running the 4-inch windshield right now that’s stock I usually run a six inch but I put the stock on for you so that you could see the fairing is pretty much the same as far as looks they put a new headlight in it it is much brighter than the old stock ones that’s a stock headlight there but definitely not as bright as some of the aftermarket type headlights now as I stated that is a four inch stock windshield that comes with that I run a six inch but I put this on for you guys as you can see in stock condition I like the six inch I run right thousands of miles and I like that little bit of extra windshield to push the air up over my head now the biggest thing on the faring of course is that vent and that is to reduce head buffering and it does so pretty well and will move around to the inside here and I’ll explain this head buffering we’ll take a look closer look at this event and I really like what they did with this interfering this year they finished it off and made it gloss black Wow really really adds to this bike it’s got the white gauges of course and then that black background just looks really nice instead of that matte black plastic finish like they have in past years so I’m glad they finally did that let’s look at this head buffering vent a little more now you can close it you’ll see I can reach up and I can close it now I’ll tell you normally 99% of the time I run with it open the only time I really closed it probably is like when it’s hailing stuff like that but I keep it open and I’ll tell you from my testing it reduces head buffering about 30% and head buffering as that wind hits your head and it bounces you around back and forth and all that kind of stuff so this air comes through this vent kind of goes straight up and creates a wall and kind of protects you a little bit so that air coming over hit that wall and both of them combine and they’re supposed to go up over your head now of course out all of it camp and that’s why I say reduces head buffering by about 30 percent but does a really really good job I hope hearty David’s and keeps going with that and I assume they will because it’s got a lot of good reviews and people are really liking it and one of the most awesome things with the Rushmore project and the new touring bikes is the new boom box infotainment system integrated GPS let me tell you this thing is awesome they really stepped it up when they did this the one you’re looking at is the six point five screen its touchscreen they also make a 4.3 depending on what you order I think the regular street light it does it has the 4.3 it is not touchscreen it works exactly the same except for the touchscreen and it basically has soft buttons on the side more the soft button then you see there and you can operate it that way there’s another way to operate on the handlebars which we’ll get to but let me tell you the system was awesome definitely something you’ll want to utilize and it I will tell you that it’s not the easiest thing to use it’s got a pretty steep learning curve and because of that I have three very very popular videos on the boom box infotainment system now the first video you’ll want to look at let me tell you you’ll pull your hair out you’ll turn gray the feedback I’ve got on these videos it is worth it for people to get these videos because you won’t get good instructions with this thing let me tell you and it’s like I say it’s going to frustrate you so the first video I have is a basic video you could hook your cell phone up to it you can play music wirelessly via bluetooth there’s a whole bunch of different things there’s menus you need to set up so a basic operation a basic understanding gets you through get you set up and on your way to using this thing you can get that video that’s the original you can get it at law abiding by Chrome / boombox now understand guys this thing is once you learn how to use

it this thing is just a computer it’s just like your smartphone it’s just like a computer your laptop it needs constant updates otherwise it’s going to get buggy they’re constantly fixing things from complaints and they’re putting you know fixes on it so you always need to keep update also you need to update your Maps routinely now you’ll really pull your hair out one unless you get my video and you’ll realize once you watch it that you can do it and it’s not that hard but let me tell you any instructions you read will not tell you how to do that very good and you can get that over at law abiding by comm / boombox software last is the ride planner it’s a free app on the harding davidson site you can set up Maps you can set up your ride your waypoints your stop points a seven-day trip whatever it may be once you set that on the right planner which again is free there is a way to download that map on a thumb drive a memory stick take it from your computer and upload it into your boombox system so you’re ready to go for your trip of course that video I show you how to use the ride planner everything you need to know about uploading and downloading and mapping and all that that’s at law abiding by comm slash ride planner as I mentioned there’s two versions the touchscreen and the non touchscreen one smaller than on touchscreen doesn’t matter either model the way I operate is with the toggles and the joysticks and of course here on the left control cluster you can see the home button that’s one of the joysticks and then we can move right across the bike over to the right handlebar the control cluster there’s another one there pretty much that’s how I operate the boombox system all the time and while I’m riding so here’s the juke box compartment is what they call it you can push in and it pops right open you can put your cell phone in there you can see the kind of the foam in there you can slide your cell phone back in there I have a phone charger hooked up to the USB there I have an iPhone 5s and so it’s just you can see the USB there regular USB phone charger I’ve got the Lightning connector on the other end again for my iPhone and if you look in that jukebox compartment there is the actual USB that comes with the bike that’s where you can load a thumb drive in there you can update maps update software plug in a charger hook your phone directly your stereo if you don’t want to do it via bluetooth but that’s what that’s for so I put heated grips on my Harley Davidson streetlight I strongly encourage you to put harley-davidson brand heated grips on your bike absolutely didn’t know what I was missing actually I did but I finally did it and I’ll tell you I can wear spring gloves year-round even in sub-freezing temperatures I write year-round and right there a little control you can adjust the heat never even have to turn them all the way up they’re just absolutely amazing and I’ll never go without them again now don’t pay the dealer to do this guys we made a very very awesome very thorough comprehensive video you can do this right on the kickstand you don’t need any special tools we show you how to install these and you can get that video head over to law-abiding biker comm slash Harley heated grips and it’s like you’re right there with us it’s a very very popular video but yeah I definitely suggest you put on and you will not be disappointed and stock is the new not new but stock now on this is the hydraulic clutch so much better if you haven’t used one guys so much better than the old cable clutches you’re absolutely going to love it so that does come stock now is the hydraulic clutch ticking look at the new fuel door not sure why but hardly did not put a lock on it this year so as you’re looking at it is stock it just got a push-button chrome push button there there you go that’s the new fuel door so you’re looking at the stock seat right here guys I put it back on for this video now I’ll tell you if you write a ton like I do 657 here mile days you know or long trips or you write in several thousand miles the seats not going to cut it for you you are gonna go numb not the most comfortable seat for those long trips now I decided and I put a Harley hammock seat on it and I do love the Harley hammock seat very very impressed with the Harley hammock seat I did a complete video and review of that seat it’ll tell you you know how much it put you know sets you up and pushes you forward the comfort level all that kind of stuff I also do a complete install guide because it is a heated seat show you how to wire it but if you want to get that head over to law-abiding biker calm slash Hardy hammock you can check it out you can check the review and the install and find out if that’s a seat that might work for you as you can see not a lot changes on the left side of the bike of course your primary drive there your clutch inspection cover we move back a little

bit there you can see of course there’s passenger foot pegs now one thing to note I really like the looks of these new bags you can tell they’re a little more rounded they have a new opening system which I’m going to show you in a minute but really really like the looks of these and of course these open different like I stated a lot of you are used to this like I was and you reach up and there’s that flap on the side and you can pop it open the only thing there now it doesn’t pop open there but you see the lock mechanism there that is where your bag is locked now but yeah if we simply move up and over the bag you’ll see one really nice big latch that you can reach back and or if you’re off the bike you just pull up on that and the whole lid comes open it is so nice I’m so glad they came up with this system we’re all used to at some point our bags flip it open with that side latch so I shot far and wide really really did my research I wanted a really good looking pipe a good sounding pipe I wanted something with some back pressure for obvious reasons and performance and I settled on the finally got the Vance and Hines twin slash rounds very good-looking pipes sound really really good nice and throaty like a Hardy but not not overly obnoxious kind of deal I don’t really like the ovals that’s just me you know what I’m talking about the monster ovals these are actually round you can see and they have the twin slash they’re really good look and of course they are from Vance & Hines but overall very very impressed with these pipes and so I did a really really full a tutorial video and a review video on these twin slash rounds you can get that over at law-abiding biker comm slash twin slash rounds really need to wear earphones for that video it’s a very very popular video you’ll be able to hear I do a comparison between the stock mufflers that I had on it and then the twin slash rounds like I say wear earphones hopefully it’ll give you a good idea of what they sound like but these are my stock headers right there so I just put slip ons those are stock headers – the cats and I will tell you that if you guys are going to do any of this kind of stuff regardless you should immediately when you get your new motorcycle you should remount the fuel injection now especially if you are going to do pipes and intakes and things like that now there’s a lot of confusion a lot of people are uncertain about mapping let me tell you we can sum it all up for you if you head over to episode 34 of the law abiding by curt podcast it’s titled what are all these motorcycle electronic fuel injection EFI mapping gadgets and are they right for me we go over a ton of stuff you could also just go to law abiding by comm slash EFI tuners again episode 34 if you’re an iTunes or stitcher or anything like that but you need to remap it raises your rev limit at minimum and then you know there are some aftermarket things like the Power Commander 5 the auto tuners of course you can get a download from Harley but check that episode out and see if see what how you want to proceed with remapping your fuel injection but definitely something need to do and we also have a Power Commander 5 video in an auto tuner if you decide to go that route but definitely at some point remap your fuel injection looking at the stock intake for the 103 cubic inch now usually I change my intake and I’ll tell you on this bike guys I don’t think I’m gonna do it I really like the looks of this intake it’s got the screen on the front so it’s basically a forced air type induction like I said I really like it you know for the regular type biker out there if you’re going you know not a race or anything like that but us you know what motorcycle majority that get these bikes if you’re going on this 103 if you’re going to get an aftermarket intake it’s really going to be for looks it’s not really going to be performance because I think this does a really good job so I did this intake I’m gonna leave it at stock I did my you know the cats are out of the headers I put the twin slash round mufflers on map the fuel injection and this thing absolutely runs like a r88 it really does it has a great power band great throttle response all that kind of stuff so that is a so if you do choose of course you can change your intake but again for most of us I think that would strictly be for looks that you wanted something that looked a little bit different than that and of course again like I state you really need to remap your electronic fuel injection so that your bike runs optimal after making the intake and the pipe changes so matching on the rear wheel we are

running a Dunlop now same wheel same black matte finish now the front is a 19-inch wheel by 130 with the rear wheel is a 16 inch by 180 in width and this is a wider tire than on some of the older model this thing corners like crazy and really like that rear tire again single disc brake on the rear we do have a rear wheel removal video law-abidin biker comm / rear wheel you can do it yourself we also have a complete front wheel removal video and save yourself some money remove your old front wheel you can head over to law-abiding viacom / front wheel and check that video out well I hope you liked the video don’t forget to head over to law-abiding biker comm check out the podcast videos and vlogs don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel because I have a ton of stuff coming up for you guys I’m gonna do reviews like this on a ton of new Hardie models and different colors so stay tuned for that subscribe so you know when I put out new videos