TRUCOS | Comprar un Coche Roto y Arreglarlo con Poco Dinero (Motor + Chapa + Todo)

In this video I’m going to show you how I fixed a car that had lots of things wrong, almost everything: car bodywork, paint, interior, engine I had never bought a car with so many things in bad shape or so many problems to solve but I’ve learned a lot and I hope that with this video you’ll learn too, at least not to get into trouble like that because it also quit on me and I had to repair that I bought the car mainly for concept, it is a compact 4×4 with 1000kg and 100 horsepower with a Japanese chain engine, which is not only super simple and reliable, but it goes very well But this, apart from not looking good didn’t work well either, in fact, when you drove at more than 100-120 km/h, the car began vibrating like crazy When I was testing it to buy it the owner told me it could be the bearings, but that he had changed a pair and it remained the same so I wasn’t going to change any more I told him if it could be the wheels, because I saw that they were MS, that is, wheels for earth and snow so I trusted that it was that and it wouldn’t be a problem, because having hubcaps I wanted to change them There are a lot of rims for this measure, even some of models I’ve already had as the MX5 and since I think those rims are awesome, I looked for some, successfully What happens is that I wanted to try them, but the owner told me that he didn’t have much time so I made a bet, I said “if you have sold them in less than 30 mn, I buy them in half, if not, I buy them for the double” and he accepted I won the bet, although not in the way I would have liked, because I couldn’t test them, they didn’t come out so I took them without testing “What is certain is it will take me less than 30 minutes” and yes, in 15/20min I had them paid and in the trunk They were new, impeccable and above all, I was interested in the tires, so that the car didn’t vibrate They were Michelin Pilot that are the best there can be and they would have cost me as the whole lot I got all this thanks not only to the bet, but also to the fashions because there are people who change their excellent low weight tires for some that weigh a lot and are dented just by looking at them because they are nice “shitty racing” or something like that When taking out mine, the sheet metal ones didn’t come out in any way, nor hammering, nor kicking not even when removing the screws and rolling, they still didn’t come out So I fully loosened them, I left only two, I applied a whole can of oil until it overflowed through the holes and jumped from kerbs with the car and they still didn’t come out In the end, the solution was to make a chained skid from left to right without screws so it did “clonc” and came out, but it cost me all afternoon The tire and hub were rusted to welding level I imagine they put the car by water and this wasn’t protected, so it remained like that So that it wouldn’t happen again, even that with aluminum wheels is very difficult but I didn’t want to leave it like this, I cleaned all the rust sanding with a metal brush and then applied oven cleaner, this doesn’t remove it directly but helps a lot to unscale and then when rubbing with the brush it goes much easier, with a couple of passes it was almost perfect Then what I did was put the screws without putting the rim and paint all this with bass protector which is a very resistant paint This is how it finally looked, I didn’t paint the screws so they were pretty in black but so that the thread wasn’t filled with paint, because maybe then they would work worse After that, besides cleaning well the floor because it was really dirty, I cleaned well the interior of the rims because although it seems not, you notice it a lot But as I said, I didn’t do this for aesthetic reasons, but for the car to go well and it does go well with Senkei aluminum rims of less than 6kg and tires which are almost for circuit the car reached 150-160 km/h without vibrating even a little, without making noise and not only that lowering almost 2kg the weight of each tire makes the car spends less, runs more and is much more agile and on top of that is nice, that is also cool For you to see the difference it looked like this with the hubcaps and it looks like this with the rims, it looks like a different car. But there was still a lot to do When I put something in the trunk and it wasn’t very big, it fell underneath, where the spare wheel is and as you can see, after having taken wheels and God knows what else, it was in a pitiful state Some parts were even missing, such as these plastic moldings, also some in the doors This that looks like a dog blanket was all the insulation the car had and this piece that holds the car jack didn’t hold anything, it was very loose so I removed it I took out the car jack, cleaned it, restored it, greased it and instead of leaving it back in the trunk I put it where the engine, because there was a hole next to the battery where it was embedded and much better The spare wheel was so so, rusty and dented, and underneath it wasn’t very good either First, I removed all the sand and stones with a vacuum cleaner, even some screws Then, I removed all the dust and dirt by hand, because it’s better, and then I removed the side panels which is what covers the wheel arches and where the speakers go I didn’t do this just for cleaning, but because in those areas the car had dents like fists it seemed they had kicked it And even if the small dent seems something serious , the big one was like a belly if you take a suction cup like the GoPro or one a bit strong and you pull, normally you can remove it without damaging the paint, and that I did, I no longer had the big dent For small, deep dents like the ones in the corner, this trick doesn’t usually work but you can try I tried it for a while and seeing that I didn’t, I said “I’m going to push from the inside” And this usually works very well if you know how to do it

The key is to take something round, like a table leg… or let’s be clear, a baseball bat With that if you can get to the plate from the inside and use it as if it were a chisel and a hammer giving it little by little, the dent comes out Here, after a few blows, the area was quite smooth it is important not hit strong because it could leave a bump, do it little by little, checking the outside and when the area is smooth but a little wrinkled, still not perfect take the head of the bat, the round area and try to mold by friction, as digging, so that the plate is smooth and then give a few blows If you have patience and devote a little time and love, I think you can remove the dent, in this case two and leave it as if it had never been there, without having to sand, putty or paint anything because in this case it hadn’t affected the paint Then, when I had the trunk almost clean I was going to start with the upholstery, but I found rocks, a lot They were like under the seats, and of course, when you drive you hear noises from the trunk and you think “it will be bad insulation” and that was true, so what I did was go shopping for insulation I was well informed about this, because I’ve made a motorhome or camper, and then a trailer caravan The important thing is that it doesn’t absorb moisture otherwise there can appear mold and rust on the sheet also that it doesn’t make your body itch when installing it and if it is cheap, better I took this, which is the one used when you make a speaker box and the one I saw when I disassembled a high-end car, like BMW, in the trunk, in the tray… everywhere and that’s what I wanted to do, because then the car is very comfortable Before doing anything you have to remove the rust otherwise moisture appears and over the years you end up having a hole It can be removed with a metal brush, a mini drill or simply sanding and then paint on top even if it’s in another color because it won’t be seen, but that way it’ll be protected I had so many scratches all over the trunk that I said “I’ll have this that looks like a Dalmatian, then I better paint everything and that’s it” In fact, this is the same can of paint, the bass protection one I used for the wheels’ hubs and I had enough for the whole trunk and this mold which I didn’t intend to change, I just painted black and it was great, like the rest of the trunk because once this paint dries, it remains as very matte, smooth, it stretches and corrects all defects When it had already dried, I could put the insulator You only need to take a meter, measure the gap that is empty and cut a piece of insulation of a similar size it doesn’t need to be exact as it is something soft, at least in this case, you press and it enters anywhere The key to achieving maximum insulation is to cover the inside of the wheel arches because this area when covered with the panel forms a hole, like a cavern, and makes a lot of echo then when you pass over a puddle you hear it or when you pass over stones, you hear everything but if you cover it with insulation you won’t hear anything when you are inside the car or maybe just a bit But for 20€ and an afternoon of work it is worth it especially if you are one of those people who puts the speakers very high or a subwoofer in the trunk which rumbles everything and if you don’t have this the sound quality is much lower I did it because the noises annoy me a little when driving and also to give feeling of quality it looked much better When you finish, you put the panels bac and if they are a little old, not dirty, but whitish, apply plastic moisturizer and they improve a lot All this is hooked with staples that are usually little resistant, so if you put new ones better, because they break over time The areas of difficult access or that are a pain in the ass to clean, you can use an alcohol spray and look at the difference To the spare wheel I simply applied a layer of spray so it wouldn’t look so ugly, I also cleaned it what happens is that it had rust but the important thing is the condition of the tire and that is inflated that many people forget to check it Then, back to the trunk and I already had a spare wheel One small detail to make it look better when opening the trunk is that the belt had a label so I cut it flush, I left it nice and see what a difference The next day I went to the junkyard because I had missing parts and I took a lot of Ignis because there was no Subaru Justy I got the moldings of the doors, the boot and also the user manual, because they are practically the same car Before putting them, I cleaned and hydrated them well because having been in the sun in the middle of the field they were whitish I also applied a little to the protective area of the bumper and everything was much better I put you the quick comparison of the before and after. It also improves a lot with the spare wheel I had the carpet, it only needed to be cleaned because it looked like it had been bitten by a dog I also got the screw that holds the tire, so it doesn’t go up in the potholes I also got the tray, there was not even one, I think because they are very loose and ended up splitting So I preferred that mine had a reinforcement a wooden strip with black screws and so I could leave things on top that is what I was going to do You could see the piece of wood, so I had to paint it, with the same spray I’ve used for everything and so it seemed as standard, but being resistant enough as to put over a camping gas, frying pans, food, things I’ve already done For the following, I had to wash the car, which had scab, full of mosquitoes, sap from the trees forming a mixture hard to remove

That’s why first I went to the gas station, applied a lot of soap spray and then passed the water pressure gun It was pretty good, but I detailed it at home, especially the areas where there was glue as in the crystals I also removed the stickers from the windshield, many people say “you have to put them” okay before they were illegal, now you have to put them obligatorily and I see nothing especially where they were put which, is the worst Then I cleaned the windshield well inside and out and also the wipers, which sometimes have grit and if you leave it, it scratches the windshield and the same with the rubber gaskets of the windows when raising and lowering them, it happens even more So I left the glass so well it seemed there was no glass I also cleaned and hydrated the rear-view mirrors and they looked much better Then there was an area that had no solution cleaning the bottom, which was going to rub with the stones and where I was going to use the car Then I saw better to paint it, for this you have to cover the radiator not to leave it spray painted The easiest thing is to put foam rubber over there and cover it as you can and cover the edges with tape since I didn’t want to paint the whole bumper, just the grid below When I cleaned it, I saw that it had been scratched once and they had repainted it a lot or badly so you’ve to sand it well, take a knife and take out the paint that was left over, a lot, and then you paint So that it looks good and the paint doesn’t flake or fall, you have to paint in many layers, the more the better with 3/4 is enough, but they have to be thin You apply a thin layer, it dries, you apply another, and another, and so at the end you have a very solid fat layer what you normally look for, but more if it is for an area that is going to be hitting with stones and things like that The next thing was to polish the headlights which should be made of glass by law because otherwise over time they become cloudy and don’t illuminate anything It can be solved by sanding with very fine water sandpaper 1500/2000, then you apply polish which in the end is the same process followed to polish car paint but for plastic and with this, the headlights start to become more and more transparent until you say “holly s*, I can see now” at that point you can leave it I do it with a drill to which I put a sponge to go faster, because if you do it by hand it can take 1h per headlight but to pass hours cleaning I already had the interior which was as if someone rolled in mud and then rolled in the seat, the doors, the steering wheel even the floor I don’t know. Normally I clean them by hand but these looked like used napkins, so I removed the labels, took them and put them in the washing machine It may sound silly and you may think they’ll be ruined, but no, they look great Besides, if they are white or beige, which with time become ugly and cannot be cleaned what I do, even with shoes, is dye them There are some liquids, you pour them and the washing machine doesn’t break down, I’ve done it many times It doesn’t dye the sole or the plastic or metal pieces, just the fabric And look the result, from being white to being gray, the same with the carpets and you can also include clothes With the upholstery, I don’t recommend it that much because you have to unseal it and sometimes it shrinks, it doesn’t look good, it gets wrinkled What I do is use an injection/extraction cleaner that is basically a liquid vacuum with a spray that pours water I say it, because spending 200€ on something like this isn’t the best idea unless you are going to use it a lot like me and clean very dirty things, from where you take whole cubes of what looks like milk chocolate The carpets, just by leaving them on the floor in the sun are good, no need to dry them, or iron or things like that After finishing it went from being like that behind, which was the cleanest part, to being like that The truth is that I didn’t record it very well with the camera, it has little noise, but it was cool The interior, this is how it was before, when I bought the car, and this is how it is now even though the fabric is a little worn and the best thing would be to dye it But well, in a car like this it is enough if it is clean and the windows go up because for example, the copilot’s window went down, but not up The good thing is that it was only the button, which is very easy to change You have to lever one of the sides, take out the button remove the connector, put it in the new one and put it back in, with that I already had the functional window Even so, I had to dismantle the whole panel on that side and the driver’s, because the door did’t held you opened it and it wasn’t necessary to be in a slope that the door came to you and bothered you because it caught your feet or things like that It was because the mechanism was broken The good thing is that all this I’m teaching you is applicable to virtually any car in fact, I didn’t watch any tutorial to do any of this, I had already done it in an MX5, in a Civic and other cars and is that more or less is always the same system, are 4 or 5 steps at most Remove the screws from where you grab the door, here by the inside, the handle, you get these 2 pieces, the button panel and the door is loose All you have to do is pull down, there are staples, and pull the door up to take it out as if you unhook it If the door has these mini speakers where the mirror twitters or just this piece of plastic, you have to pull it out forward and it would be “Look, this door was blue at some point…” “Here it is, what makes the door hold, of course” “And here … nothing, it doesn’t even have screws”

What holds the door has a pin that is removed with a hammer and a chisel or pliers if you don’t have that you take it out, in this case I didn’t need to remove the screws because it didn’t have them you grease the new so that it doesn’t squeak because if not it’ll sound later when you open the door and it is annoying and you put it from the inside, you screw it and put the pin, is quite simple With that, you no longer have to be holding the door to get out, nor do you fall on a slope, that’s great “Good!” Since I had the door disassembled I removed a small dent that could be noticed by light, hammering inside As it’s a flat area you can hit it directly with the hammer and it looks good The following was to put insulation here too because where you’re driving, if the noise filters right next to you you hear it a lot more and it’s double annoying, for sure The door had no insulating, and even if this looks super thin, which isn’t going to do as much as the back one it is like a rubber and then an aluminum layer that sticks to the plate, reducing vibration and heat Besides, there is no other option since the window has to lower there so the insulation has to be really close to the plate It is also better to do it in several pieces, don’t try to do the whole door at once because it isn’t possible you’ll wrinkle it, the glue will stick to other things and it will be a disaster Better in 3 parts, or in as many as your door is divided because for example mine, well and most, have as 2 bars which form as 3 holes You measure with the meter, even if you put it through the hole, cut the piece and put it The last touch, so that it looks great after having put this aluminum with rubber in the plate is to take the fat insulation I put in the trunk and put it at the door’s bottom where you normally hear all the noise There are two types of insulation, one that doesn’t let pass the sound, makes it bounce and another that absorbs, this one, so if there is any sound wave, this foam absorbs it and we won’t hear it It’s something stupid, but it gives it that professional touch and when you close the door it sounds like a BMW I’m not exaggerating The next step was to find visors because the one I had, the driver’s, would fall down, so it was always on and when you went through a pothole it moved The previous owner solved it with Velcro and in the scrapping yard I saw that many people had also done it some had even put screws, so it seems it was a common problem, so finding a good one was impossible “Come on, look, there’s an Ignis there” “Shit, it doesn’t have visors” So well, first I changed the mirror, which I did find because mine was falling off the edge and it didn’t have the light’s tulip, so I took one which was complete I began to restore the visors, because I couldn’t find any I first tried to remove the glue from the Velcro and it was superglue, so there was no way, I had to sand Then I painted it with spray so it wouldn’t be noticed and didn’t look bad, but the most important thing was to hold them up For this, I applied bi-component putty on the shaft, to be able to put it by pressure so it would hold It worked well, took me a while to put it, but the visor was super hard and held up and down The only thing was that the top glue couldn’t be easily removed, so I bought a light of these and cover it because I didn’t feel like disassembling the whole roof After I finished all this, I found some visors “Wow boy, the visor. F*, that goes well” “And this one the same” “I’ll have to take both, because I’ve already painted them” They were in Hungarian, which isn’t that I care because I can paint them, but they had a spring, you can see that they make the car better there Something that bothered me was that hands-free microphone, it was like having a fly while driving so I smashed it, at least the casing, not the microphone because I wanted to stick it inside, make some holes like those of the casing and leave it embedded so it wouldn’t be seen in the panel It is better and you can’t see it from where you drive you have to look out and when you speak, as the voice bounces on the glass, it gets well to the mic The next thing was to repair the dashboard since this central part, when it went through a good pothole moved and I had to put it back in and there was a lot of loose cables down here that bothered even when stepping on the pedals What I did was directly to take out everything: the radio, the hands free… I removed the cables, the flanges they had on, because I didn’t know what cable belong to what so I made a new scheme, I put them behind the radio, I put new flanges… it was very good Anyone who wants to change this radio in the future or anything is going to see it very clearly Other cables, I passed them inside the dashboard instead of underneath simply remove a couple of screws, run the cable inside and it looks much better Just like with some car cables that came a little loose as standard and I like to have everything well put if not it’s laziness The only thing that I left hanging, had to be so, was the horn, because the steering wheel button didn’t work and as this usually fails in the future, I saw better to leave a button there and ready With this I went from dodging cables while driving and seeming to have a stolen car to having one in good condition, without any visible cable and pretty Though inside there were still things that were lame For example the central console, I tried to pull this to remove the cigarette lighter that didn’t work and I almost took out the entire central console. It was missing a screw, I just put it and I could pull this out

A lot of shit came out because I didn’t clean it, but as I was going to change it was nonsense It’s as easy as pulling up, changing the cables from the lighter to this new tray and pressing down I also had to disassemble something else because of this simple piece of the seat that regulates whether you lie forward or backward As it was loose, I had to disassemble the seat a little, which in the end it came in handy because as I had a broken behind, I took the fabric from another seat I cut the seams not to spoil it and put it in my car So I didn’t have to buy the whole seat, which is expensive with an airbag. I fixed the roulette wheel and changed the emergency button, to turn it on it had to be out, and to turn it off inwards, it was inverted Surely it would be very easy to fix, changing the pins and stuff, but it’s easier to buy another button for 2€ and change it as if it was Nintendo 64’s cartridge I disassembled it, but it wasn’t necessary to remove the screws With that it went correctly and I moved onto the radio At first I thought about putting a screen and many of you will say “Why didn’t you do it?” Well, I bought 2 because I didn’t decide, but I decided for a typical radio, with USB, audio jack and so on because I’m going to use this car carelessly to go to the countryside and go with the bike, etc and if people see a screen they’d probably break my glass to get it, even if it costs the same A radio with screen, android, a lot of ram… costs 80 € and a normal radio costs the same but if you they the screen they’ll break the glass, so the solution was that, because then I use it for the same Buying 2 was because I took a portable screen that can be connected to the lighter or anywhere, and is 1080 ips, great What I usually do is connect the play 1 to these screens or the 2 or the one you want, and play anywhere So at the end combination of normal radio with its din adaptor and portable screen I actually prefer the radio with physical buttons, roulette and be able to turn it on and off in a second is more comfortable than the touchscreen. The antenna was missing on the roof but I put it on in a moment And one of the pieces of the bars was badly fitted When I noticed, it had a bit of silicone outside but when I looked inside it had a lot, the piece wasn’t from there The bars were super loose, which I discovered thinking “wow, I hang here as in Baywatch or Ranger of Texas” and no, they were so loose that they could almost fall But they were fine, it was just tightening the screws or nuts and they were very strong and you could hang even if they aren’t for that but to carry things tied When I took this piece from the end of the bars I did it with the trunk open and almost left my hand there As I didn’t have a bag because that day I was passing by, I took an airbag, which are very good “This is the best, they are nylon, so you cut it and…” After changing all the broken pieces, I put began with the plate, I had already removed dents but it had as a cut just above the door that had begun to rust, so I had to treat it, not just painting but removing the rust with a metal brush of these With a mini drill is much more precise you don’t remove so much paint although you’ve to remove quite a bit by the edges otherwise the rust gets in there and persists When everything is quite smooth, you clean it, degrease it with alcohol and paint it with an antioxidant primer or with a can of oil paint, which also holds very well To avoid having to cover the whole car, use cardboard or foam rubber, insulating tape, and then wipes around which absorb the paint but don’t fly since they weight a little due to their moisture When it’s dry, you have to fill the dent and I did this with the usual, bi-component putty, it looks great then you can sand it and stays smooth it’s like body putty but when you do “toc toc” it remains as if it was sheet metal But, you have to apply several layers because it is very liquid and hard to fill But it began to rain a lot on these days my neighborhood was flooded and not only the headlights were filled with water, which is quite normal but the car stopped working, it left me pulled, not by something electronic but by the clutch The next day, I stepped on the clutch, I tried to engage the first gear and it sounded awful, scratching a lot you couldn’t use the car If without moving, the gears are engaged, it means the gearbox is ok Since the gears came in with the engine off and without pressing the clutch or anything it meant the gearbox was fine. It would be the clutch, the hydraulic or something like that So, what I did was throwing the car backwards with the help of people because it was on a slope put the first gear, and pull the car down trying to start, and with that and without changing gear I reached home Going slowly, with the high car revs and the emergency lights, if it’s by city, you shouldn’t have any problem I arrived, I stalled the car, because I couldn’t remove the gear or brake or anything The next day when my friend had some free time, we towed it with his car to his garage and started to fix it Well of course, the days before I bought the clutch kit, the hydraulic, all that And honestly, I had never changed a clutch or wanted to do it, in fact, I hate it But it was that, or calling a crane, going to a workshop, paying money, etc. and the clutch in this car is cheap

it costs 100€ aprox, the hydraulic other 20€, for about 150 € I had it As he had tools with compressor and those things that you go much faster, I didn’t need tools but help Honestly, I don’t recommend doing this to anyone alone in his garage, because he will probably die Then you’ll understand why, because until now we only needed to remove small parts, screws, and the liquid which incidentally fell half when we removed one of the wheels and stained the entire floor, but well When disassembling this, I also discovered that the kneecaps, the rubber parts, were broken and that could no longer be fixed by any plastic hydrator so I had to buy new ones and on top of that, they came with the whole arm, another 50€ And we’ve to say thanks, because this car has very cheap spare parts as it shares many with GM, Opel, Chevrolet and all those, in the Matiz and those cars the spare parts are good price The problem is that it is four-wheel drive so you have to remove this bar that leads to the rear differential the exhaust pipe, the transfer box… a lot of parts that normal front-wheel drive cars wouldn’t have Also, you have to put a jack to lower everything slowly and remove the pieces little by little because if you remove the screws directly, they could fall and break, or fall onto your head and… Now it came the difficult part, well there’s something even more difficult, taking out the gearbox It is embedded with a few pins, it isn’t just pushing it up and moving it a little first, you’ve to remove the block of the engine and then separate the transmission from the engine with a lever it seems easy but it isn’t. I’m showing it in 2-3 min so it’s entertaining, but it took us 2 days because we weren’t very good at it, probably a professional would have done it in 2-3 hours At the end we took out the transmission and it wasn’t the clutch itself but this round piece that is what pushes the clutch, and it seems that with the waves of water passing through there besides water entering and rusting it, it had gone out of place, it is called collar A collar that moves around, and then comes out Since I had everything disassembled and the parts purchased, I changed the entire clutch kit It’s done by removing all the screws, removing this, which is like a metal plate called a pressure plate and what’s inside is the clutch itself, which is like a disc That’s what normally wears out like brake pads and disc, so it has to be replaced It isn’t so easy, but it could. I’m not saying that it’s like a CD player that you press and comes out but having to disassemble half a motor for it is ridiculous Assembling it back, as you’ll think, is the same but the other way around, more or less The collar must be superimposed, and then, well I don’t know if you have to but I did put a little grease on the metal so it moves more fluid Then, when you put the metal plate with the clutch inside, you have to hold with the finger well, there is a specific tool better than the finger but you can take the ratchet extension, put it in the middle, and that fits right where the engine goes It’s important that it is well centered, otherwise you can break it. Then you fix all the screws in a star pattern don’t tighten too much because the opposite rises Now comes the difficult part, putting the gearbox back My friend said “bah, I’ll raise it from below” as if he was doing bench press, and I said “you’re going to crush your head, boy” So we took a rope from above, it weighs a lot, way to much to be holding it for 10 min but in the end we managed to place it, like “a little higher, a little lower”… But honestly, go to a workshop, it isn’t that expensive for all the work that needs to be done and the possibilities there are to do it wrong, lose screws, etc All that was left was to put the engine block, the exhaust, the differential bar, all that Maybe there are parts that I don’t name well, but as I say I’m not a mechanic, but for now things were going well All that was left was to pour the hydraulic oil from the gearbox, with a water pump that admits oil or a large syringe You have to pour it from above covering the screw below and when it overflows, you close it and that’s it We also changed the brakes, which sounded a lot I think that because of this, and the vibrations that the car had when you went to more than 100 km/h is why the previous owner thought that there was something wrong with bearings, but not in the end, it was the tires and the noise were the brake pads that were very bad, crystallized and worn So, we put them new by removing these clamps and introducing them, as in a bike more or less and all that was left was to test if the car worked “Okay, then give it a try” “Well… move it a little, to see…” “Ehhhh, cool!”

“Well, that’s it” “See how it was going to go well?” So nothing, after fixing practically everything in the car it worked well, I could use it for the field, trusting that I had everything in order By the way, the tires, even if they are a little sporty that don’t match this car, they endured going through mountain, sharp stones… without problem I hope you’ve learned a lot, or something and that you’ve enjoyed it above all I haven’t enjoyed it, I prefer to buy a better car next time “Uh, money” “Nice! To the pocket” “This won’t come out in a lifetime” “Shit the loudspeaker, okay…” “Look how isolated you are” “You’re super isolated” “Perfect” “With plastic and everything” “People have too much money or lack head” “summer clothes Rachel” “okay, thanks Rachel for the box” “what does it say here? Summer jackets, no more summer jackets, who has summer jackets?” “This is really cool, look, I’m going to have Porsche mats” “they’re a little dirty, but… for the price they’ve cost me” “shit, it seems made to measure” “shit, not to the garage” “what’s in there? Ah, f*, this, okay, I almost broke it” “are you going to hold it? Yes” “But 10 min or so, I think” “Well, tomorrow I go to England and we are here almost at 1am” “Tomorrow you go?” “Sure, at 4am”