The Serrano family 30 episode (I confess)

My family faces the problems in two ways. one is female, optimistic, based on fate that Gille can change with love and dedication. You have to change because otherwise I won’t be able to correct your grades There’s another grading That’s a new chance We believe in you Right Diego? – Yes The other way is male. It’s also optimistic and based on faith that Gille can change with threats and slaps . This is the ultimatum: if you have Fs next time, you’ll rot here whole summer Are we clear? – Clear – Of course it’s clear So what will you do? – Study. – Yes, and not just that You’ll be good You change, or you’re going to a juvie! Or even better, another stupidity and I’ll have you deported! Am I being clear? – Completely There’s a reason they say that hope dies last, so when there’s a problem, everyone thinks they have a magical solution. Strictness is no use with that idiot He needs to be treated like a jackass, carrot at the front, stick at the back Offer him something in return If you think bringing up kids is easy, do it Excellent idea Blackmailing kids, you’re giving them a nice example Carmen didn’t know that my brother Gille already knows everything about blackmailing and pranks. And someone was about to pay for that. THE SERRANO episode 30 “I confess” Move Gille – I don’t like the cream And I don’t like your grades C’mon, drink up Diego, walk me to school – Ok. – You can’t be so strict Kid, you’ll spill it on me! And then you’ll repeat your year and be an invalid! – There, the worst possible! The Serrano are harder than plow You’re making a delinquent of him You think you’re very smart It’s not easy fighting these beasts Look up to Lucia Tete, tell Santiago about your grades so he stops being furious I have four nines and two tens Tell to this smart missy that you’ll get two tens also Especially if you help him “Marticula cum laedum” You’ll have ten in that too, tell her! – I will In the contrary, you’re not getting a motorbike as I promised Motorbike? Aren’t you supposed to have at least 14 years for that? You’ll drive it around neighborhood – Lovely, you’re buying him off Why don’t you get him a car too? Or a suitcase full of money He’ll get that too If you fail – I won’t uncle! I’ll pass, but one ten is enough You know what this is Santiago? Emotional blackmail That’s what you’re teaching your nephew – What blackmail! The results matter We’ll see who has the point. – Yes! I’ll wait for you at the party tonight, at the partaay No, there’ll be everything, drug, sex, rock ‘n’ roll Yes, that too. Bye Congratulations! – Thanks Easy! Mom, let me go! Congrats handsome – Thanks Hi mom – My son I can’t believe it It seems just yesterday he was kicking me inside my belly and now he’s grown up and doesn’t need me Ok – You know what Lucia? Since I had him at a really young age I understood nothing You’re crazy – Yes If I had a kid now, everything would be different I’ll cook him an awesome dinner I bought him a jacket, he’s gonna love it You’ll see it tomorrow, he’ll wear it for sure -For you or for him?

There’s Batman! Don Aurelio! Hi. How’s your health? Not good my dear – God! They forbid me everything, even drinking wine during the service As you know, wine and pills don’t go together Let’s get to the point How are they? – Excellent, they’re going to love the idea Kids, don Aurelio came to see who wants to be sacristan in the parish! Not you kid It’s just for a few hours in the morning Have some mercy for the love of God! We have classes in the morning, too bad It will be forgiven, as a sin If you do your job well, God will give you a better grade Guys! My uncle will buy me a motorbike if I get a ten! Let’s apply! – My dad will kill me if I start doing church stuff You can do it, right? – I don’t want to work for free Lourditas! – Yes? God will give us a ten if we do a good job? Boliche and I apply, but you must guarantee we will get a ten If you do a good job, God will take it into consideration Kids are curious things In my time, everyone wanted to be a sacristan, but look now Kids, come You’re so cute You seem God’s angels I’ll leave the suitcase with service stuff right here I’m talking! Be in the church tomorrow, 8 a.m. sharp Raquel! Hi. Yes How are you? We haven’t talked in a long time In Madrid? Of course Yes, tomorrow Just a moment In a hotel… Okay Yes, I know where it is. Seven is perfect What… You’ll tell me everything tomorrow Kiss. Bye Horrible! Raquel wants to see me tomorrow. She’s in Madrid Will you give me a pen? You don’t have to be so happy sis How can I be happy? She left you at a gas station And now you’re running after her after just one call. – Enough already Raquel is the only lovely girl who really loved me You don’t get it, Marcos Whatever You don’t get it. Neither this or what it means to be in love What do you know Eva! Remember me? Yes! Come in Long time no see – Yes, very long Where’s your mother? – I brought her a surprise She’s not here but you can put it there Here, let me help you. – Ok, thanks Here Marcos, this is Luis, mom’s friend He’s a famous painter This is your boyfriend? – No, he’s my stepbrother What’s up boy? Eva, you look lovely You’ve grown so much You turned into a beautiful woman You’ve always been pretty, true beauty Let’s have a drink so you can tell me about your life Well… – I’m not leaving until I buy you something Say yes, c’mon – Okay. – Let’s go It’s boring here anyway Bye, Marcitos What’s the result? 0:0, but we could’ve scored 4 or 5 times Damn it! – Intense game This is for me? – Of course. Congratulations honey You thought I forgot about your present? – It’s great You’ve stepped up your game this year – Try it on It’s not your birthday every day If it’s small there are half sizes Although, I think… Look at him – We haven’t forgotten You’re so handsome, you’ve grown in a lovely man

Mom, don’t get soft now I’m sad because you used to be so cute and chubby Beauty! Mom, stop smooching me – You’re a real guy now Let me go. I’m sorry, you used to be so chubby Mom, don’t mess with me! – Let’s have dinner Turn off the TV, Fiti – I’m going out with my friends Give me some cash to treat them This is great! Eat. Leave me some in the microwave Raul, eat with us and then go out with your friends Let them wait a bit Fiti, sit. – Ok My friends are waiting, they really made an effort Otherwise This is great No, man – Sit You don’t think he’s going to sit with his parents He’s at the peak of his youth Here. – That’s ok dad It’s your birthday man! Take it and don’t stay out too late. – Ok I love you so much! C’mon, pass the ball Don’t throw yourself, move on! What’s wrong? – Candela, I need a huge favor Christian fell and broke his teeth Can you babysit the girl? Thanks. Bye You’re awake Look how big she is – Make the swap! Fiti, look how big the girl is. – Yes You’re so big! Look at those earrings You are beautiful You remember Raul, Fiti? – He’s hurt, he doesn’t play C’mon! Yes! Curo! I want to see – It’s not yours Look, they’re announcing the movie you like Great! “Brother bear”. When will you take me to watch it? I’ll take you if you’re good Leave it Curo, it’s not yours! Hi! – What’s this? – It’s for you Some Louis guy brought it – Louis? That’s weird. Why? What did he say? He said he knows you and that it is a surprise. He’s an artist Yes, it’s an old acquaintance of mine It must be a horrible landscape Let’s carry it to the garage Wait woman! If it is a nice painting, we’ll hang it on the wall No, really – Remove the wrap It’s Lucia’s portrait You won’t like it, it didn’t turn out well Let’s take it to the garage – Wait, let us see woman You’re naked… – Louis has a wonderful imagination He made me pose and look what he did It’s a good painting. It’s excellent What are you looking at? Idiot! I don’t want you to see Lucia naked Close your eyes kid. Go over there Let me ask you something I just want to ask a simple question What does that Louis guy want and where did he get the audacity to paint you like that? – Like this No! How, when and why? One more thing. If you were naked, what was he wearing? The question is, if you’re naked – Diego, stop! It was a long time ago! Don’t start with it because I know you’re going to cause a scene He’s a well-known painter He may be famous, but he’s an idiot Just look at that painting If you knew how he was looking at Eva. He took her for drinks Where did he take her? When did they leave? – A while ago This is not art We’ll destroy the painting You said it was trash We’ll destroy it and throw it away This might cost more than ten million! Wait a minute! Ten million? Dad, think about it It’s better if we sold it What are you saying idiot? We can’t sell naked Lucia! We’re not selling anything! That kid is not home yet I’ll show her. – What kid! Come in Let me grab my jacket Hi Chuki! This is when you come? What are you doing here? You were with Louis all this time? – Yes Why? – What are you doing with a guy like that Eva? He could be your father He asked you to pose for him? Yes, I’ll think about it – No, you won’t. I forbid it! Don’t you dare Eva Are we clear? You posed for him? I don’t know why you won’t let me then You don’t get what I’m saying? – No That guy’s a womanizer He does it to everyone: first he asks you to pose for him, then he has sex with you

He treated me really bad Do you understand me now? Sorry. Eva, are you coming to Raul’s birthday? Your stepmother has good hips I want to hug the painting for a week Curo, mind your own business Did you take the pill? – Yes I don’t remember but it doesn’t matter Everything’s fine It’s all fine until something happens Honey, let it be in the hands of God I’m up for a surprise – Surprise you say? We play with fire and later all hell breaks loose You know what happened with Raul, I’m still scared. – I’m serious Now’s the time for second baby, otherwise there will be no more chance A kid would make me younger With that face and these ears Wait Candela Let’s look at this issue form different perspectives Calm down. – Ok, let’s look from a different perspective No Candela, come out What’s wrong? – This is serious We can’t make a kid just like that Remember your pregnancy You’d throw up all day long Your mother called you pig and hit me We were 16 back then, now it would be different I have a great respect for your mother since then So, you don’t want it? Do I want it? It’s not about that I may want it, but remember how it was You had a difficult pregnancy and we are no longer young I don’t want you to suffer Don’t be mad ok? And while we think about it, you wanted to look at something from a different perspective I agree with you, I’m scared of pregnancy too We could do something else Adopt A girl. A small one, Fiti A small girl What do you think? Adopt a kid you say You mean adoption? – Yes Of course, you want us to adopt a foreign kid From south Sahara or East Ok We’ll think about it What’s up Gille? – Hi dad. Good morning I made you breakfast I am going to the service at eight, that’s why I’m wearing this cloack Do you have to wear it around the house? –Of course I wake up a sacristan. -Yes Let’s see… This may be another one of your stupidities What did you put in the milk? Detergent, vinegar? I’ll change, that’s why I want to be a sacristan I’ll help you around the house But, of course, you don’t trust me You just want to skip classes, and he’s getting bigger grades -Gille listen to me I’m not forgetting the grades just because you’re wearing a mantle Let him be, it suits him It’s harmless You can do whatever you want, but there’s no way you’re avoiding tomorrow’s test Wait for me to bless the table, Maria Teresa Lord, bless this food we are about to eat, and this lovely family I don’t deserve We all agree there, you don’t deserve it at all Dude, move! You’re a nightmare! You spilled coffee all over me and you’re the one yelling! Let’s see if there’s more than words here! -Quiet! As I said, Lord bless this family to be back in your arms Amen. – What’s with this child? Has he gone mad? – No, he’s seen the light and became a sacristan It’s a sin mocking someone else’s faith, you’ll go to hell Gille, honey, living with you is hell You’ll let him get destroyed? Let the priests ruin him? Santi, that’s kids business He’ll be over it in two days Let the kid pray With a bit of luck he’ll be nothing like you What have you learned in school beside giving the under eye? Ignorance is so rude! – Why are you angry with Santiago? He did nothing to you – I apologize I’ve slept poorly these days I’ve been having nightmares I0m holding back because she’s your mother-in-law, otherwise..! – Quiet!

Peace and love Kid, church is bad business Take this Go play pool, you’ll become a man there -Horror! God bless you, uncle. By the way I’ve been working on getting my bike already One ten, one bike. – That’s correct Motorbike You’re so stupid The guy painted your naked wife? Why do you let her pose you idiot? He’s a famous painter and that’s something that happened long time ago, before we were married Here, Pakillo The problem is he waited until now to give her the painting It’s in the house, I don’t know what to do with it. – You don’t know? – No This idiot says he doesn’t know what to do Fiti, what’s wrong with you? – With me? – Yes Candela’s driving me crazy She wants to adopt a little Chinese girl A Chinese, from China? – Yes, from China One of the abandoned ones Here’s the birthday boy He’s dead, it’s his fault What, hangover? – Dad, be more quiet What’s going on? – What do you mean what’s going on? We have a problem with your mother and you’re out partying She has a maternal instinct and she wants to adopt a little Chinese girl That’s the problem! Let her adopt – What do you mean let her adopt? Dad, please, speak quietly I don’t care, as long as I don’t have to change diapers and get up at night. – Yes Your stupid dad will change the diapers If you don’t want to adopt a kid just tell her and that’s it I’m off to school, we’ll talk later. Bye The kid may be right It just hit me I’ll just say I don’t want it and the end. –Fiti, be careful Don’t go against a woman If you go against Candela’s wishes we’re screwed She’s stubborn, we know her -That’s true Let it flow, those things disappear on their own Maybe he’s right I’ll let it flow because those things eventually disappear on their own Hi! – Hi Candela Fiti – Hi Honey, Fernando will sign us up for a course so we can learn more about adopting. – A course? Ok, we’ll take the course, you know I support you in this, you’re not alone We’re adopting a Chinese! Beauty Tell me when you’re seeing Raquel. – Today We’ll talk and smooth things over She’s in a hotel now, the apartment – In a hotel? – Yes That’s the best spot You’re my idol What idol, you’re my hero! Touch me, give me some of your pheromones! – Enough! I want to take this opportunity Ok, there’ll be sparkles but I want to be with her again Marcos, stop babbling so much and work. It’s the matter of hours I’ll give you my phone, it has an excellent camera Put it on a table… – What? – And make a story Of course! – Imagine, Raquel naked and you fucking her He painted you in five minutes? Lovely. That’s really excited It’s just a sketch, I didn’t take my clothes off He wants to paint me naked but I’m embarrassed Embarrassed? You won’t do it? Don’t be stupid Imagine yourself in a few years in Queen Sophie, as a muse Do you know how many girls would pay to have him paint them naked? Me first Yes, but you’re crazy My mom would kill me. She says he’s a dangerous guy. – Really? Look at Marcos Drooling after Raquel again, so annoying I don’t understand. You live together and you’re crazy about him, and you’re not doing anything to get him. – Doing nothing? Africa, what else am I supposed to do? He only loves me as a sister, don’t you get it I see, but what once were never stops existing There’s still something we can do How about we test him? If he had to choose between Raquel and you, who would he pick? Raquel He has a big date today, right? – Yes So, you’re posing nude today?

Shut up! That’s a secret – Sorry Someone’s getting nervous You think you’ll be alone with that evil painter? Africa, I’m going to kill you, you know that? -Yes The lord is sending me ill health I can’t even drink wine during service Kids, you brought young wine and everything else? – Yes Light the candles – Boli! Where’s the suitcase? – You have it – No, I gave it to you at home Damn it, we left it at the billiard club! – Idiot! Cup, hostions, young wine, everything was in there This is bad! Now what? Prepare for the start of the service I can think of only one thing I don’t know if it’s gonna work, but I need that ten They’re here This is all we could find – Let me see It’ll have to do Hi! Give the brother peace – Gille, they’ll kill us If he doesn’t die of vermouth because he’s not allowed to drink alcohol Blessed be the guests of Lord’s dinner You can go in peace Ok, nothing If you want, you can start the introduction on your own We are Mateo and Eloisa We’re here because Because my spermatozoids They’re lazy You need to know to hit the center Mateo We are… You say it We are Fructuoso and Candela I experience really difficult pregnancies Yes, but we’re healthy My spermatozoids are top notch I’m not impotent Right honey? Fiti – I want to ask something If a problem comes up with the kid, if it can’t fit in the family or has a flaw, can you replace it later on? Fiti! – After a while Fiti, please! Everybody’s thinking that but no one dares to say it I’m just putting the doubts out there Social worker said she really liked you You were the most honest about displaying your doubts She’ll talk to you today to see if you’re right for this Today? -Today? Good luck – Thank you Fiti, did you hear? Today! – Did you see? – Today, already! Yes… Today? This one’s dying – No man We’ve left the trail, we’re going to jail Don’t be stupid, it’s just a nap The important thing is that no one notices Your grandma will notice, she’s been waiting for half an hour to confess Let her confess if she wants to Let’s go! God! Father! Father, hang in there! Sit back Ave, sinless Maria Likewise Don Aurelio, you’ve lost your voice You have a strong cold Ok, I came because I have to confess I have sinned This is a bit hard for me It’s just that I admit having thoughts

that are not in accordance with the 6th commandment 6th commandment Did you kill someone? – No, God! 6th! I had a dream, a nightmare, a bit impure I think it’s a sin You had naughty dreamy? – Oh man Ok, you could say so It is a sin. Worldly and one of the worst What exactly did you dream my child? God, don’t make me go to details I dreamed How to call it? Physical contact with my son-in-law’s brother It happened only in the dream My son-in-law’s brother It’s my uncle Santiago! What did you say father? – Nothing… proceed my child I think I know how to get the second ten I just feel like braiding hair and smooching a child I did not expect it – Lovely honey House is cheerful when there’s kids – Yes, mom! I’m really happy And what does Fiti say? – Mom! Have you seen my sport bag? No but check your room – Thanks You know what are men like for these things. Protesting But he loves the idea – No wonder, I envy you Honey, you’re happier than she is. – Yes Then they should send you two children -Good idea They’re already big God, Lucia loves it Horror! They’re big already. – Yes – And you would help me too Picture a little girls here Pig, what are you doing with your sister’s panties! Dad, calm down! Look! – What’s that? Louis painted Eva – Naked? God! What a passion – Move him! Damn painter! I understand now why Lucia was worried He’s an idiot dad Eva said she was gonna pose nude again. – What? Cover it! She’s really that stupid? We have to tell Lucia No, better not! Lucia will go crazy if she finds out I know! Don’t leave Eva’s side, become her shadow Follow her and let me know if you notice anything strange. – Fine. – Will you? Marcos! Faster! Panties got lost Watch them Eva Going? – No Yes… – Yes or no? – Yes, I’m going What a dude! Psychologists, experts in female psychology! What do I do now? – I heard, Fiti. – You did? Because of your brilliant idea to support Candela, everything’s so smooth Smart ass! Social worker is coming to talk to us Waiting list is huge but she put us first Why does the girl have to be Chinese? People will think all kinds of things and don’t even get me started on language Chun li up, chun li down They won’t think it’s for the Chinese restaurant If only she’d take a Russian, they look like us He would work here in a few years za siću. – Santi, ne budi glup The least of your concerns is the fact she’d be Chinese Is this the time to return home? In your room! You’re grounded! The look of the tiger, for your dad Diego, we have to stop this no matter what. – Yes Lucia loves the idea too Maternal instinct is contagious

It hits you when you least expect it You have to talk to Candela Now you’re telling me to talk to her? You talk to her, don’t mess with me! – Fiti, listen to me for the love of God! Lucia told your mother she envies you Because of the Chinese, you get it? Copycat That’s not good, huh? – Yes Like you need another mouth to feed And those come hungry Shut up, Santi We have to do something because we’re losing control. – I know everything They’ll see we’re a culturally high standing family, and a lot more. She’s a headmaster and I’m an entrepreneur In the end, they’ll give us two Chinese kids Act all tough and the adoption will go to the ground You think Candela’s stupid? We could help him – Yes Yes Fiti. We’ll help you Call Raul, maybe he can help too Call him and let’s end this story No, damn it! I can’t do it Listen… – Yes? – Just a moment Raquel! Hi Yes, at hotel’s bar I was just about to leave Kiss. See you Eva, which… – Sorry, I just need to make a call I think I should wear this one or… – Louis? Hi, it’s me. Yes I call about the offer to pose nude I accept Yes… Great right? Ok… In an hour? Yes, ok. See you. Kiss. Bye So – Stripes You’ll pose to that idiot? Yes, does it bother you? – I don’t cate It’s your problem, where you’ll take your clothes off and why Don’t whine afterwards, I warned you Cutie I say the same thing Run like a dog after Raquel, but don’t cry tomorrow when she leaves you again Striped shirt looks better on you I’ll hang the laundry Lucia! You were so cute at the service as a sacristan I knew you needed that Yes, the church was calling me – Of course And now you have a desire to be good, right? That’s true, you learn a lot in church And you hear a lot of things – Thank you son I hope you’ll become useful finally, and that you will no longer be a mischief The problem is I need to confess first but I’m shy No reason. It’s between God, the priest and you You confess, God forgives you and you feel brand new I know, but some things might be unforgivable Let’s say if my grandma had sinful thoughts about my uncle Santiago God may have forgiven that but I wouldn’t be so sure about my uncle Santi What are you talking about? Where did you hear that sinner? You forget that insulting is a sin too I heard it by accident while cleaning the confession room You’re devil! – What you’re doing is a bit horrible too You dream about stupidities at your age I’ll tell this to don Aurelio and he’ll excommunicate you We better talk as less as possible on that subject Someone could hear – Don’t you dare talk! God, so embarrassing! – Calm down We can make a deal and I’ll bring the secret in a tomb with me What deal? – It’s simple Get me the questions for my literature test tomorrow They must be among Lucia’s stuff. – But You just need to find them, right grandma? It’s a deathly sin! I won’t do it! Wait! I’ll get you the questions, but don’t say anything to your uncle Santiago Hi. – Uncle, I know which bike I want

A friend of mine has one Ok. – Weren’t we supposed to meet at your place? We came to pick you up and then we’ll take the car You’ll let us in, or keep us here as encyclopedia sellers Come in Bye – Bye honey Eva, isn’t that too revealing? – Dad! Not now Marcos. Sorry This is a peace of art What breasts! – And chest Nice painting. It doesn0t matter if she’s dressed or not You didn’t come to pick me up! You came to see Lucia naked! Out! Dad, we have to talk – You too? Don’t be a pig! It’s Lucia! – It’s about Eva She went to pose, I couldn’t stop her Eva went to pose? To pose, pose? – Yes, dad Naked? – Yes, naked -Oh my God! And that’s not it – What? Tell me Lucia said that guy was sly and… – And? Spit it out! – Talk Marcos! First he paints them then he sleeps with them I’ll kill that painter! I’ll beat him so hard that he’ll paint without hands and teeth for the rest of his life! Let’s stop the bully – That’s the spirit! Let’s go over there You like looking at naked women from this house? What about adoption interview? I wanted to help but you can handle it on your own We’ll solve this. Let’s go Marcos – I can’t, I have important things to do Marcos, son, what could be more important now than your sister? Damn it! Let’s go but fast Diego, that’s you? – No! It’s me honey, I brought the ironed laundry Mom… What are you doing? What are you hiding? -Me? Nothing, I’m just tidying up Everything is a mess honey That fell on the ground Mom, are you stealing my test? – That’s a test? Mom, it wasn’t on the ground but in a folder Don’t be dramatic, I won’t sue you But I assume there’s an explanation for this I wanted to steal the test. – I got that So embarrassing honey I don’t know where we’re going This is for Gilley right? – That demon child is blackmailing me Blackmailing you? – Yes – That kid is unbelievable He’ll never change What is he blackmailing you with? He got into the confession room while I was confessing He got into the confession room? – Yes – Horrible! He’s no sacristan! Don’t ask me how but he heard it all That criminal Now he knows something horrible – Mom, for God’s sake! As if you killed someone, you’re scaring me What did you tell him? – Nothing, it’s better if you didn’t know Mom, please! Tell me – So embarrassing! The other day, I had a dream One of those dreams With Santiago A dream Erotic dream? – Yes. – With Santiago? Mom, you’re crazy! Sorry, I’m sorry That’s stupid, dreams don’t mean anything. – I don’t know But How was it? – Terrible We were naked on a table in a Chinese restaurant People were watching us while we were sweating My whole body hurt I’d rather die than have Santiago find out He can’t, for nothing in the world – This is what we’ll do mom Santiago won’t find out and Gille will be punished Give him the test and I’ll take care of the rest Naked female body is the most suggestive thing in the world A an artist, I feel satisfied painting woman’s body

Do you have all the paintings for the exhibition? – Yes Yours is the only one missing You will be a woman with a hint of innocence, melancholy and very sexy Where do I sit? Relax. Sit here, take off your clothes and take a position Louise – Yes? I’m really embarrassed about taking off my clothes You don’t have to if you don’t want to – Okay Sit and my imagination will do the rest Okay Eva! Relax, you’re tense – Sorry Yes, sorry – Thanks Louise! – Yes? I thought about it I’ll take off my clothes, it’s stupid – Excellent, please. – Okay Help me get up – Calm down, she’s dressed Dad, calm down – I can’t see Now I can. – Dad, please, I have something to do, hurry up Why did you say she was dressed? She’s taking off her clothes, Eva’s taking off her clothes? You’re obsessed with Capdevillas you idiot! Let me see – Look She’s really undressing – I’m going in to kick his ass! Dad, calm down – He’ll eat the brush! Control yourself. – How? He won’t be painting nudes anymore! Control yourself! You hit me! – Yes I’m your father You’re not listening to me dad Listen to me at least once in your life Lucia will be mad if she finds out you’re spying. She’s sick of it You may be right But I’ll remember this slap Go in the car, I’ll take care of Are you sure? – Go Raquel – Marcos? What’s going on? You don’t want to see me? I do but I will be late You are rethinking it all day, I can’t wait anymore. Either you’re here in 10 minutes or I’m leaving. No Raquel? To adopt a child, you need a confirmation that you’re eligible Don’t worry, Fernando gave me some good reports on you, so there will be no problems – Lovely. Ask us whatever you want I brought a video of the orphanage in China, so you can see what it’s like there – Excellent We have no financial issues Fiti has a workshop and I work in a school. We’re good Of course, we’re both bosses That’s really interesting It’s a bit demanding, it takes a lot of time We usually only sleep at the house Raul! – Son! What happened to you? Raul, honey, what’s wrong? You have no fever – Are you feeling bad? I feel dizzy – You feel dizzy? Sorry, Santi. Thanks Let’s go to bed. – Take him He threw up in front of the tavern The youth today takes every garbage there is to have fun! There’s no cure Excuse me – Good afternoon Sorry about the incident It wasn’t a big deal Kid is at the critical age and he has vices, but sometimes it’s better to close your eyes The youth is complicated, but if they have a good role model in the family, everything is Fiti never drinks in front of the boy If he gets wasted he sleeps in the tavern A day or two, as long as it takes – Yes, you need to be responsible He’s rarely home But when he is Firm hand Especially now when he needs to be a role model to a Chinese girl Sorry Something didn’t sit well with him, he’s feeling really bad Do you want something else? – No, I don’t drink Candela, do you have a good communication with your son? He’s at a critical age and sometimes -Yes, but we talk Here he is again. – Mom, come! – Sorry

I’ll talk – Mom! – Coming You were asking about communication? Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, but he won’t listen That’s why we lock him in his room with marijuana to calm him down There is nothing better Leaving already? – Yes I’ve heard enough to write a report We talked a little but if that’s enough for you… – It is Goodbye. I’ll call you to talk in peace Should I walk you out? – No need. – Thanks Lovely, bye She left quickly. – I think – I think we’ll make it! Everything’s going fine We solved the problem. – I hope they don’t take Raul from us Relax, don’t move You changed the pose – Sorry Put your arm here and head like this Excellent. – Eva, let’s go Marcos! – What are you doing here? Stay out of it. Eva, get dressed – Eva’s posing voluntarily She’ll come with me voluntarily -Don’t exaggerate He’s your father? This is artistic atelier not a club -Don’t touch me! This is no atelier but a cave You can’t cross me, clown You think this is art? Sorry. Maybe you’ll be able to fix this Look what you’ve done! Take your hands off my painting! Look what you’ve done! You’re just immature! Enough already! – Crazy man, look what you’ve done! Are you annoyed? Check this out. – What are you doing? Out! Get out of here! Eva, let’s go – Marcos Let me go! Idiot, I’ll see you at court! Idiot! What would’ve happened if I didn’t show up? – I knew you’d come Let me go! Marcos, let me go! Idiot! – You’re an idiot! Because of you I didn’t go to see Raquel You’ve ruined my date, day and life Eva I can’t stand you I hate you If you don’t mind I’m going to bless the table. – We mind Gille! Good morning! Gille, we have a test today I hope you prepared well -You won’t believe it Dad, police! What did you do? – Nothing, I got a bit annoyed Annoyed? – Marcos, they’re looking for you! Damn it! – Go out the back door, I’ll cover for you Dad! – What? – We don’t have a back door What happened? – Nothing, calm down Don’t worry, everything’s fine Marcos Serrano please – What happened? – That’s me You? Come with us to the station to give a statement About what? – Louis Lapuente sued him for destroying his atelier and trespassing to his property That’s not possible, right Marcos? – He’s an idiot What do you mean idiot? What happened? Diego, do you know something? Mom, listen I posed in the atelier, and then Marcos came all Indiana Jones Why did you pose? I told you not to do it! The girl is a bot loose, and she had a desire to go to the wolf’s den I’ll do what I want and I know how to take care of myself! Idiot! I’m an idiot? Enough! Stop it, we don’t have the entire day Officer if someone needs to go to the police station it’s me I encouraged the aggression Let me explain The man you’re referring to is a fraud He takes the girls to his studio, paints them and then Then he sleeps with them Every father or brother needs to – How did you encourage it? Did you all lose your minds? Why didn’t you tell me any of this? You all knew but me – Everyone to the station, the encourager too

Take your things – We’re all going to the station What will happen to Marcos, Diego? Now you’re asking that? It’s all your fault, don’t you get it? You got us into trouble – Diego, I was just posing I don’t understand – What did your mother tell you? You knew what that painter was like and you still went and took off your clothes Honestly, I thought you were smarter We’ll solve the problem Eva, I don’t get what you were thinking about Diego, I – What? I did it for Marcos Out of despair What do you mean out of despair? I’m – What? Ok, I was – What are you trying to say? I was in love with Marcos, and since he wasn’t I wanted to punish him because I was really mad What What are you saying? How can you be in love with him? God, Eva! This isn’t real, there must be a hidden camera It’s not possible! You can’t be in love with Marcos! I wanted him to come look for me, to take care of me What care, what looking! Eva, he’s your brother! Not really my brother – Don’t start with that You’re brother and sister and that’s gross That’s incest, against nature! This will kill me It’s not possible so forget about it Dear Lord! Eva, get it out of your head Make an effort Fall out of love right now, ok? – Yes Fall out of love and that’s it You didn’t say anything? – To Marcos? – Yes to Marcos? No – Good And your mother? Did you say something to Lucia? Excellent, don’t tell anyone anything Calm down, don’t cry Don’t worry Diego… – We’ll get through this together Just forget – Diego… – Yes? I’m already getting him out of my head – Excellent Eva Done God, I barely managed to convince him not to sue you Don’t worry, Let this be a lesson for next time You made a huge problem. The two of us will talk. –No! I talked to her and she feels really bad Nice, but we’re still talking I’m going, I have a test Bye honey! Listen Eva Starting tomorrow morning, you shower with cold water Don’t say it, it’s for the best Horror, we can’t copy Bye motorbike and ten – Serrano, I want dead silence Don’t turn your pages until I say so This is a test, so no requests, questions and reclamations Who lifts their head up, fails. Are we clear? Hi. – Candela, thanks for replacing me I had a horrible morning. We’ll talk later. -I managed them Kids, you know everything, you have 20 minutes for answering You may begin Bruno, don’t turn around, I can see you Gille, I heard you got a ten in Religion, I hope the same happens in Literature I did my best I know all about your marvelous efforts Attention, I have the grades Jimenes, eight, excellent Yoli, six Mustafa, more studying – Ok. How much more? At least to get from zero to ten Tete, nine. Excellent And here are the two surprises of the day Gillermo Serrano and Jose Maria Bellido, two tens like two suns This needs to be celebrated

Excellent. Gille, your dad will be very happy to hear this Mom, I know a child will change my life Mom, don’t be dramatic, why would they give me a sick girl? No, no Mom, I have a child, I know what it’s like Of course I thought about it Fiti what? Of course, he thought about it too Mom, I don’t have a lot of time I’ll call you later. Kiss Sorry I want to remodel the house without spending too much money Hi grandma, how are you? Yes What can I do about it? When my mom wants something Alone? Yes, I thought so too Ok, don’t worry I’ll talk to her Of course You’re the best grandma Kiss, bye Mom, do you have a minute? – Did you break something? Then we’ll talk later I want these stairs so the kids can’t fall down. Upstairs If there’s enough money, I want to replace the closets too, but that depends on what you’ll do -It’s urgent mom I have to talk to you – Don’t worry, I’m not in a hurry Have you seen that machine at the end of the hallway? – Yes That’s a coffee machine Go have some Sorry, I’ll be right there – Ok. – C’mon champ Raul – Mom, you went overboard You keep telling everyone we’re having a baby. – So what? I think you’re obsessed You actually believe Raul, I’m not crazy And don’t worry, you won’t have to do anything around the baby Nothing, I promise – I think you’re lonely You’re like Remember when the door man went to pension, Fermin? You’re like that Mom, you’re not alone. Dad and I love you and need you Either you became a psychologist or your grandma called Grandma I don’t know why I tell her anything. She’s horrible It’s not just about that There’s also dad He doesn’t care about the Chinese girl but he can’t tell you He told you that? Yes Why didn’t he tell me? What’s wrong with you? Am I a monster? Will I bite? – It’s not that Calm down, it’s not that, Mom, please I know I seem as a grown and mature man, but that doesn’t mean anything I need you You’re not alone mom She’s really lonely That’s Candela’s problem and I have woken it up You got rid of the Chinese girl, what’s the problem now? I don’t know why I listen to you Santi, leave this Pakillo, pour me some cognac Look how they hold them Alone all day Have to tie them because there’s not enough personnel Look at the one with the braids Don’t tell me you wouldn’t take her home They cry because they don’t have to eat They die It’s harder for bachelors, right? – What? – Adopt a child We’re the worst I have five kids, but if Lucia wanted we’d have more Maybe there’s still time, Fiti When will they let you know if you got the girl? After yesterday, they’re not going to give me a doll Fiti, move your ass! Call the social worker and say something! Call man! Yes, call Call, damn it! Tell me what’s so important First of all, thank you for coming after everything

I don’t know how to begin I wanted to say I wasn’t being nice yesterday It wasn’t a good day for me And all that stuff about drinking and marijuana was a joke A joke? You have a weird sense of humor – Yes, that’s us A sense of humor is important in a family I wanted to ask you for another opportunity No, listen – Wait! I know this is serious I may be stupid sometimes, but I have a heart All of this adoption thing was way too soon for me, I didn’t have time to think I saw the video My heart tore apart seeing the girls It would make me the happiest man if I could bring a girls from that terrible place and take care of her. Really I’d give her everything I have Our family’s normal – Okay! I believe you I don’t know, we could try Hi honey! How are you? Sit I’m sitting wit the social worker She’s willing to reconsider her yesterday’s impression of us which was not good. – Excellent What are you doing here? Why are you not drinking in the tavern as usual? Weird What are you talking about? What’s weird? I won’t go there anymore Only from workshop to home and from home to workshop Men always promise the impossible -What are you talking about? I better stay quiet or you’ll hit me It wouldn’t be the first time Don’t worry, I’m joking He doesn’t beat me in front of the others I think it would be the best if you bought a turtle. – But What a woman, she’s joking again – Goodbye. – She’s not stopping Are you on something? Stop, don’t go! Damn it! – Fiti, don’t say anything to me I did what you did before me Raul told me I didn’t… – You did it because you didn’t want to adopt I want to, really. I do now – Let me finish It’s my fault. It was my caprice, I haven’t thought it through We need to talk a lot, with Raul too I know, but I’m really into it now If we talk to her again No, let’s go – Maybe it’s her Who’s that? – A Chinese person Chinese? Open the door – She’s out front, they brought her That’s impossible, Fiti – Coming! Move! Hi, come in Surprised? Here, keep the change – Thanks I’m celebrating my birthday right with Chinese We’ll blow candles later What do you think mommy? That’s better -Better, right? Do you like the ham father? – Yes, it’s great This is the typical worldly sin Hi! –Here comes Gille with excellent grades Gille, son, hug me Lucia told me about excellent grades. Let me kiss you We’ve been waiting to celebrate Sit Are you feeling better don Aurelio? – I am son I think I was at the gate of death But it was obviously not my time -Sit next to me Tell me about how much you like being a sacristan A miracle has happened – That’s right, a miracle What do you want father? Olives? – Yes, son, thanks. – Here you go I’ll take two – Okay Father, this father was a black sheep He lied, blackmailed, stole tests, forged grades How do we call that? He was an underage delinquent, and then, like a miracle, he transformed in an angel I’m glad I’ve saved a parochian. –We too To complete the miracle, we’re signing you up for spiritual exercises on the weekend And every day you’ll be helping don Aurelio after school What do you say? It’s a good idea, when would I study? I’m on a roll now

Don’t worry If the church is calling for you, studying will not impose between God and you We know you liked being good, praying, blessing, and you especially liked confessions Right Gille? Confession liberates Lucia asked you a question Do you like confessions? Yes – Yes? Since you like confessions, maybe you’d like to say something Gille, tell us how you got two excellent grades Did the Virgin appear to you? Ok… I stole the test and cheated. – Excellent Father, after confession comes the repentance? – Yes Starting tomorrow, you will get up at seven, prepare breakfast for everyone, and you will have an hour left to revise lessons. Are we clear? And one more thing You will be left without anything Do you understand? Until the end of time Go to your room – Go with peace, son The police station was heated We almost ended up in jail There’s no forgiveness from God for you And Marcos should be killed, but he’s like you. You’re stupid Woman, we had reasons, although we did exaggerate I was wondering How did you convince the guy not to sue us? People communicate with speech, not violence The Serrano system doesn’t always work -Yes, speech What exactly did you talk about? I had to apologize to him After the damage Marcos did, I could think of only one way to pay him off Which one? It’s simple, we just need to return the painting What? No, no Lucia, are you crazy? I won’t allow it Don’t you understand? He wants to show naked you to Spain and beyond! And you know what? That will put you even in Japan And Japanese are rude – Exactly Nothing We’ll pay him for the painting and done. How much do we own him? 62 million You were right We’ll return the painting and be at peace Let the Japanese, Chinese or whoever wants see you! You know why? Art knows no limits, and no matter how hard it is, you’re art Lucia At least we learned something – Yes, yes, you’re art What am I sorry? – Art, you’re art Art I think they won’t notice – So what if they notice Which one’s better “Dresses Maya” or “Naked Maya”? They’re both El Greco and beautiful. –They’re Goya’s I said Goya – No, you said Greco I said Greco? – Yes I wouldn’t say Mya’s Goya’s when it’s El Greco’s I said… – You’re confused – So they’re Goya? Translation: Jovana Jašović