South Cheshire Chamber Annual Business Luncheon 2013

to our trailers annual dinner and a GM we get to the edge where we said we’ve got our annual bunch I’m delighted to welcome our guest speaker today John twig from Manchester Evans I don’t know Jonathan many years and you won’t find anybody any more enthusiastic about the airport than John there’s always something exciting going on there and we are really fortunate to have that facility on our doorstep just try and do it in the time I’ve God is just how to try and bring the airport to life in a way which perhaps you doesn’t when you’re you’re passing through going off on holiday or going to wait for run for business and probably also talk about wants to look at the current issues because i always think with these things probably need to be a little bit provocative just to just to stir some some life into it if you do know that oxygen masks will drop down from the ceiling i transcend ever seen you know you know all that short for mention that we are now a bigger group so i’ll just give you sneak preview of some of our recent investments were you looking john building down the top maupin is holidays oh hey she’s actually a very own industry some of they go to 75 years off this shows us some fifth birthday and now it’s very much a part of modern life it used to be the preserve of the rich you have to put your mink coat and your bowler hats and get dressed up to go to the airport not quite all right now he stood not a friday night sir in the summer when when I look out of the window and as one of our old chief execs have a habit of putting it but you know at one time flying was dangerous sex was safe that’s not all change and I guess he will melt related to fly not being to preserve the rich anymore but he says commonplace everyday thing that you do I my father fluid is his fifth is I flew in my teens my kids clue where they won’t do is sort of still enough it’s so I think probably all of you will have grown up with that change from visit the charter of they know you got your first child I’ll damn sure and we’re moving to now it’s really an essential part of Commerce an essential part of life essential concept of trouble but something of those horizons but for all of us so fill our way I because you pay on their thoughts group since we gotta a modest level down in the south coast down step in February that’s all those other business overnight so we’re about a three billion pound business now our first overseas ventures when we got home beside a few years ago into Prince the point past in Yorkshire without a pixel Ballmer since solvents I thought East Midlands are now boss down step so we require an interesting group we’re owned by the local factions greater manchester still where our shareholders but also at the Australian films company the providing us to the monies for us to to buy stansted so when we quite an interesting business and hopefully they’ll try and show you airports themselves are quite interesting businesses and quite interesting places that’s all human life is that where we’ll dig 0 is safe it’s really hard to make an apple concession bore you cut across quite harder to grow long ago and super because they do have all of human life now when I was at school were sort of three hours but aviation is quite complicated so actually I’ve got four hours and I really wants to use this as a way of bringing to life awesome some current issues and just some insights into our business into to our world and then your discussion about by the airport Ramada concessions all about wrong ways I’ve got my my scars and t-shirt from the second runway which was one of the things that gobbled up a few years of my my professional life usually satisfying as a project book still mentally unwelcome visitor pass and Motley not step I’m afraid so runways and currently along with Heathrow London both Ireland and this down your gaze is always a good topic but couldn’t meet the topic specially for the media will go back to normal beginnings of Manchester when used to hop over the fence when you park your bike by defensive and hops on the plane

Manchester today’s is very much a different player we are a serious player on the world stage and we think of ourselves as a national air of what happened to be in the UK region in the northwest and so our competitors are not the other person in the north or even in the UK particularly although being who complete on the margins but some of them but we look to our competitions being Barcelona Munich Copenhagen were bigger than many European capital city of course that’s the market we’re competing in that’s the world that our business operates in and we’re also music has got a real mix we still got and on 12 15 seats of passenger aircraft on shuttle services and we’ve got fun than fifteen seaters will give the a380 we’ve got Charles we’ve got mom clogged up shop or got domestic cargo and that’s been one of our strengths in that but we can send our handsome too many things in for Marquis struggling generally these little omelets that’s doing quite well so I gives it a very broad base of the business which is useful but also means you see a real diversity when web placepot a heaven you know they’re doing just look logos doesn’t that’s a strange creature will get some aircraft spotters well I think visitors into the current two fingers like this those don’t know or don’t go back quite scary of I was interviewing park a few weeks ago into it when this conversation one’s going to telescope because the serious ones use telescopes not been options I just go ahead and it sort of made good trailer the 11th wins over a new things got Dunlop tires on today and not good years you know the stuff they know is just just like scary room the world that they was it but but I catchment of the way we draw passages pretty much northern Britain we really act as the only big long called gateway output outside London so we could pass these down from Scotland on our on the Isle of Man as well as our sort of core catchments all types of cheshire the decider and West Yorkshire so wherever a relatively big beast in league in ages of that book and jungle now one of the things we’re really trying to do is a constant refrain we have to try quite how to get our voice to Debra’s level of the penalty of heathrow but if you’re an hour line and you’ve got all these aircraft and you look at enough of the world you know where the tiny tiny blip so we’ve always tried to punch above our ways and the current debates about one that is to say well come come we’ve got facts of capacities we’ve got two runways we’ve got modern facilities we’ve got three circles we can grow quite comfortably from twenty of millions of 50 million you don’t need to go throwing your millions and billions of pounds of investments at the southeast just yet because we do perform that that national rail so that’s one of our real thing pushes to government is to say don’t forget region levels not just us you’re the burning of the new customs bristles all go to roll as a play and happily on the last of the 12-18 months we’ve seen growth coming back hopefully you’re all traveling a bit more and that’s a solid people feeling a bit more comfortable yes okay I’ll have a holiday abroad now or imagine the winter holiday because of people just afraid with some holiday because people tend not to give us some other days or do most things are putting our cars so we’ve seen growth coming back we’ve seen businesses investing you seen our ones making investment decisions so happily when we’re now packing up with trend an issue is looking looking very good we’re going five six percent which on the 22 million classic Japanese is quite a good number of passengers and in that one of the things that the airport tends to do with actors the catalysts economically so we we are quite very intuitive Northwest becoming obvious because of our own activity and spin and we’ve got three good comments on cyber nineteen thousand jobs but also to spill off into into the supply chain and into the the other businesses in the northwest that can grow stay expand because they need a s services they need activity inbound tourism in with investors all need airports in some shape or form at the top of the list is generally than the top three or four ounces of dr investment decisions so we think we’ve got a lot to offer we think there’s a big opportunity of the UK and so if you happen to bump into a please just reminded that there are airport outside london which is where the westminster book just tend to focus its attention quite often so things we’ve seen recently and it’s always quite amusing it with people in the industry and they sort of say well even live manchester feel proper proper on the pair body the propellers are you stopping yo then i would say well god so some flights a day to the Middle East you’ve got Emirates flying three-day to nearby Oh two of them happen today three active because plane in the world that doesn’t generally fly to non capital cities until a day to divide to a native to Qatar all right this isn’t just a little tin-pot region but why we thought it was this is the sort of pages even coming out the fray sorry so we’ve got a departure board that’s got a lot of European capital cities on we’ve got Washington back now got Moscow little is

better a new Carol Carol governor want to push at the voltage at home we’ve got that good spread of business destinations we’ve got a good crop of alleged destination so we’re seeing growth really right across across the board I’ve got the dealer fool everyone thought I thought you need to know your audience to these things always sex or something this is the audience for these sorts of destinations I’m sure to put your Las Vegas i’m going to use as well what do apples has I’ve London that to go to those Caribbean destinations so we’ve got that spread of opportunity and just getting 50 people but you can now fly somewhere you couldn’t previously it’s quite a challenge for us and China’s big one that’s the big prize we’re afraid service in China we’re determined to service and thinking the next two or three of them probably will get a ring to China moved over stuff it seriously we’ve got it out I think we will I don’t know name is done business in China but it’s quite challenging quite interesting is quite different and it takes as long as it’s going to tell you they think is take five years people take five years ago shell circuit but we’re making it an awful lot of progress with the airlines with the airport so that we really will be a good prize in one short value by the business community as well as the the leisure market justjust without Freddie it’s not on there just simply a little bit of the the Cinderella because it was saying earlier you know the parcel doesn’t prop itself within the club at night saying either really wonderful experience flying on easyjet out to Manchester the plastic tends not to say very much and it goes on at night a lot of it but when your car breaks down I advice in tonight amazon or you know you’re trying to do a deal getting contract documents there overnight generally aviation will have played a part in that east midlands hosts Rome else goes Kozma operation for the UK market DHL where do a worldwide network of routes and a Manchester most of our friend roles in the belly hold of passenger aircraft cuz that helps sustain our passenger rooms so go few people at the front a lotta money double back up not so much gonna fill the belly hold up you’ve got a serviceable make make sense of it and make money so we move most of our afraid anymore in archive exception is brilliantly do see racehorses and bentleys and then your box of boobs for Middle East and stuff like that Syrian for the eclectic mix our cargo business and it is well it’s quite easy to forget you when will we all depend on our subjects there is I realize that thank you because you open up call me after Sidonie mean you lost my bags mr customs officer was serving concealers go what we do we don’t try and I certainly a lot of the objective years about awards and enough that we do we pick up a cheap a airport very very regularly so within we’re getting moldings right most of the time so things like around with developed which don’t rely on business class but you just sort of buy those products the way would rebound security royalty back try to get rid of most of the huge transmitted slipper notwithstanding the UK government’s tricky more rules as I think get think of and they don’t look like on a Friday afternoon they say well through multi morning when you just like search every passenger liquids or take all the shoes off or are thanks very much and also in retail and some people criticize others you know if you want to go shopping over to go to the trap and says you know what about to go through all your shops we get no public funds we have to fund our own business or an infrastructure we get on subsidies or outside what are the transport so we have to make our own way in the world and that’s of the profits that we make most of our profits come from commercial activities so car parking property retail because the airlines are so competitive try to give you tube fares that they don’t pay us very much money so this ends we cross subsidize those who pass the business so that’s why that must look like like shopping centers sometime put again we try and give people that the range and the quality and all the things that they that they want and it’s probably one other thing just take talk about passenger facilities is if we’re quite an odd business because people comfortable because one somewhere else so our object is to get rid of our passengers which I’m a bit strange really well you’re only cooking schools as in necessary part of getting to somewhere else so what you up for muzy seamless quit in and out like it’s called a little bit it was some money but really I had is how to get out of this place you know how do i get to better really really want to be like that’s quite unusual for a business the second value most of you recognize us cuz you think in the air so we’re going back to when i get get into the office did this afternoon and we just like lots of other businesses suffer immensely from red tape and the burdens of regulation the indigenous trees is an internationally regulated business which causes old complications the one that just wanted to to dwell on because it guess some of these others sooner the

last two you’ll probably all recognize SI yeah we really bad about this country that passenger duty if you look close with your ticket to your invoices you will see that he’s going off and often all he started as a fiber in the mid-1980s the top band is Neville community for pound so your charisma taking profoundly explore and and it’s unusual because the UK is about the only country in Europe are still hanging onto a CD and it’s hugely damaging Nautilus your pocket but also to the business because it’s putting our lines off investing in new rules we were on the verge of a service to kuala lumper news between us and paris at the end of the day the airline was so worried about the impact of the taxi was paying we went to Paris so no go so sequelae notes that brutal in an Arctic place and the chaplain tells us y’all need to find three not billion poundage when it collects in it the agent of a small the source of that one you have to tell me what it doesn’t accept or doesn’t do anything about is the fact that the cost of the UK have not having growth lieges about more damaging than that but just give you an example the airline to pay is about 30 million pound the earth for landing fees parking economic passages there is then 260 million pounds or twice as much pay to get genuine air passenger duty that’s the scale of the tax that we’ve got this animal killer bag so our tax regs the business is about fifty to fifty three percent without apt to be about 3633 about how the most businesses so maybe we really get ourselves about some afraid so sorry to like vertical bit but it really is damaging it and certainly hitting you in the pocket and also denying you opportunities for new routes which brings over to the other one is that there are still quite bilateral restrictions from just up in the Second World War where a country’s car look who could fly to where and usually set that state airline and so the reason we don’t have room to a number of countries is because because of it a sort of political power game about when one country wants to give another country soon rise to fly over it we had on come on sale than the Russian society I useful stick to it do you think it was over headed about something else so we lost it because Cathy lost their their rights but the fact that we should have to negotiate with countries to get roofs casings will speak a nonsense and then the last two were very topical all of those says if you have got red tape stuff that gets in the way then you will find government is receptive as long he did two things one is giving the evidence not just going out alone to sail with red tape too terrible do something about it or goes in with real specific because we’ve been doing that for a while now and we’ve certainly seen ministers quite receptive to very specific examples of things getting in the way of our business and holding us back to investing or growing so I’d encourage if you have got those is to go and start knocking on some doors in Westminster so my third are so I thought I’d start with the you have to be claimed the top left there so because that’s commit as all not not very soon but what transport is one of those vital bits of glue that helps train train attentiveness realizing it particularly now where we’re operating internationally as well as nationally and history shows that trade and transport waves are are really right at the core of the business and commerce and so in no exception no access to us by road by rail fundamentally important part of our business and that’s why we keep the seakings like hs2 and another investment then you can’t get to the check-in desk then you don’t fly or you can’t ever you can’t work and it’s not good turning up saying you know she couldn’t work sometimes chuckles tell this one started a bit late you know we all sympathize with I would all being there trying to the check-in desk that you won’t get a lot of sympathy because well so we’ll play us go and that’s not quite what you want so emotional history is being very much founded on upon its accessibility next to multi network dedicated railway station we’re getting metro Lincoln de tráfico pulse Network a coach network so we really are joined on with everything other than those are going swampy news makes traffic coming through the bottom one day so we obviously arts and passengers coming by bones and that network putting out into it is really crucial important part of why because survey the areas that we cancel within two hours trouble song with about 20 million people forget how many how many businesses they’re pretty day the thing I like about my job to keep coming across all these are the quirky things move about the rail network and we have 24-hour trains and we’re particularly strong serves on transparent Express we come to go through for this field and he was waxing learned about the trains in the station group right we don’t quite like it all sort of feedback and said yo if you fly a lot i saw a little bit of a plane in your life he says what i look at others feel they go drinking in leeds and no matter what time and what stakes i’m in is always a train from leeds till the skill is going to the airport that’s

only alright ok so now reached us does extend a little bit further issues that we face and resetting crucial to up to our success but questions about how do we use em safety a fire plastics we’re not a big chunk of the traffic on that it’s really important so if you’re going to enter into the airport reliability is crucial to us so we’re quite half of the house agency to deal with because we’re not big in volume but we’re very strong on the cross pin your reliability is our big thing I guess the same is true of the rail network is that we need passengers to be able to get to as quickly reliably conveniently with a decent product like some of the trades that could serve them sub to say another I was to have been owes to welding transi transi vehicle together on a relative sometimes it feels like that sometimes with this one of our services our services to crew applaud we have one an hour except for that really useful time the Quattro eight in the morning for the trailer I’ll reveal on the couch to get me to the airport as a gap and that’s really because we’ve been add those sorts of squeezed out our panel a note on the legend so one of the things that hs2 does for us takes London traffic off west coast main line of the local regional Network and gives us the chance to get much better stopping service down to crew west midlands east midlands fox racing into Wales that’s a huge market for us which in the moment we have one variable service to two crews of us very high in our and our agendas again if you ever get involved in discussions with never a trade operator just reminding the services from the South up or from the north that pretty they’re pretty good with nine trains an hour if and we could lost our catchment to the south we need to do a lot better an NHS to just leaves was most natural thing in the world to provide a capacitive of business and pleasure needs move the west coast mainline step onto something that he couldn’t built as a new railways one until it’s straight and quick there’s not about speed it’s about capacity and you don’t use it as like a friday night you know most trades alike that the notion in 20 years time that would still be okay with you I’d extra carriage I don’t buy them afraid so we’d be very strong lobbying and obviously you probably know as a station it’s just for the airport it’s really serve thats our national cheshire market so I’m just rather passengers it really will access ER the service for the big catchments it obviously is a debate about the crew or book for us is get the damn thing build again you’ll prosper me go and get on it much more quickly and shameful ethnic more of a building 400 mile high speed rail in the next five years well we’ve been looking forgot some little paper signed off in Parliament fur for online I thought it was worth just in the context of our recovery and growth just to mention airport city to you which you may have come across this was a concept go out of capturing the economic value of the thing that the airport brings in terms of economic growth things that we also try and capitalize on that so we spent a few years looking at airport stitches across the world and then as it in our typical northern great ways okay that’s how buddy else does it will do like this and i always think that sort of north of Lily minding the soul cycle is great because oh that’s why they’ll offer such a fantastic place to just things you don’t get on with it and says yeah okay we see nobody else will do bigger and better what Apple cities always found is they needed land areas they needed certain key part so we said what’s the awful works for Mounties do because we got me you sitting a sports if you’ve got the regional center what’s the bigger as to those and makes them bigger than the sum of the parts and we all some things founded on connections and accessibility was actually that was the niche to go for so it’s a concept built on connections by air by rail by bro but whilst by tram by coach so it’s very much aimed at businesses who are into moving things people Goods even ideas so it’s quite unique proposition a unique in the UK and not seen worldwide which of the base themselves around Trump squad up quite a severe for okay until not have that that drive behind them and then it capitalizes on on Manchester’s key strength sonic on his academic expertise in scientific expertise its growth sectors of the economy and also fits into a wider picture of regenerating parts of magically winning show so we need to catch this concept which timing-wise was was very helpful because when the Chancellor was looking around for stimulus to growth and create an enterprise zones you said well we’ve got here pretty well and wasn’t ready so we start back on site in the autumn it’s bigoted about 4 million square foot of mixed environments or very much aimed at businesses not just offices but also logistics are in the cargo handling

companies that actually won’t connect today I’ll be moving people in the core business and the thing that make sense to us as well we’ve got successful business in wanting access to air services they are asking for that core business and if the core businesses bring it in Berlin has been been good for that before that seems to be a bright bright new formula 6 150 million powiedz big spent over back about 10 years and we reckon on top of the airport jobs which will grow bad another fifteen to eighteen thousand we probably get another twelve fifteen thousand jobs in I in those industries groups around us it’s meant to be good quality and that’s what masters expected our facilities that’s what global businesses want and we’re very much talking about international European market probably a good example you’d actually demonstrates one of two things he’s Etihad the national carrier for Abu Dhabi who also co-sponsored Meyer bill other blues which and other happy bonus they put absurd since mansions other databases altamonte whole group we’ve got just like any other airports then we got some maintenance activity off them then we got some back off this it starts with Destiny’s Manchester it now rather you’re in call center so all of a sudden that airline there could have been a bit Footloose and sail goes somewhere else now really put roots down in the north where people that part and parcel of local line an airport city has given them the capability to get facilities so the european wide network of call centers and back office now rooted in manchester so that’s a really nice example of what we’re trying to achieve and without force it will be just our lines it would be very much blue-chip global companies that we can attract in those of you who know the geography round back to the airport of the bottom got the only 56 running up the middle then the n64 this really around was to the Native women sure where you’ve got the hospital which is now an international center that so if you’ve got very employment sites business parks so this sort of necklace of opportunity is what set the heart of the enterprise oh and we’re trying to join it up using transport links and Metro League to actually make those places good viable long-term growth prospects which because there’s sixty five hundred thousand people living in the middle with huge areas deprivation and challenge we’re trying to get a really nice skip out local employment and local labor so north again just to give you sort of a job for lesson looking staff across the airport so you come up with 56 down to the hilton got the station terminal to terminal 1 terminal 3 so you come in approaching the airport the sights on your left is this sort of scrub London and car park that becomes transformed into a big business district which is that this shot underneath and again you just pick out the station then that the unit across the bugs away then he leaves two New Yorkers in a High Line rich one of those across about gazillion lanes of Oaks way it’s very much modeled on that with sort of landscaping and a really nice of traffic environment that will come across the motors away and i will put any part of this area within 60 seconds well for the station it’s very much reliance on all of those means of transport getting in there you see that in the scale the scale of opportunity and the nature what that is so crew back to Chicago so fooled around his booking site from the very devil 26 community Junction sex for existing cargo center there are textbook lincolnton shares and then the airpipe the background so that the area of land in here which is on your right as you go never 26 down songs under the wrong way so it’s do to the right way we’ve just been spent a few months on moving the books and the bodies and their green slimy things that have been lost back to my life and stop that is nowhere to go on site we start back in the autumn and we just signed up for suicide one without stand second unit up for big logistics companies their games to give them growth and magic to give me the opportunity to expand given the ability to to have a future for that businesses so I hope that’s wrong place to live a little better hope you found something there of interest