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It’s 56 years since our country got it’s Independence In this 56 years, the constitution written by Dr.Ambedkar has been changed almost 76 times Because of these changes our country has earned the name of the biggest democracy But the Indian Penal Code remains unchanged since independence The Law which was written to bring justice to the people that justice has not reached the people because of the loopholes in the law making use of these loopholes many goondas, rowdies and criminals are escaping the law Is this the fault of the law or the intelligence of the criminals KURNOOL go bring him outside – ok sir! come…come I’m the DSP speaking – Good Morning sir! are you taking them to court? – yes sir! I’m taking them directly to the court are you taking Ankineedu also to the court? – no sir! Why? – He got admitted in hospital for health reasons Don’t tell cock and bull stories as Ankineedu is a councilor and a VIP in Kurnool town you are afraid of him It’s common for politicians to do such dramas. Arrest him immediately Ok sir! All are equal before law. Arrest and produce him in court immediately Ok sir! Hey! Take them away Go Sir Sir Sir… I came to arrest you I don’t like it You came to arrest me? Wan’t to chain my hands? Do it! Do! That DSP never listened my words He gave me orders who? DSP? He has no brains! What happened to you? How much money i had given you? How much i have done for you? Haven’t i given you all these? – Yes sir! Now you say you want to arrest me? Sir.. DSP This is not your mistake… my mistake Why should i hit you? I’ll hit myself I’ll hit myself Sir… sir please do not do like that shall i hit you then? No sir.. I have low B.P low B.P? – come low B.P…..? Yes sir! Low B.P not for you! Ankineedu has low B.P… Tell Ankineedu has low B.P I like it! This dialogue you should tell before the Judge… not here I’ll tell sir! – I like it Go…. don’t disturb the puja..go I like it The accused in the Sireesha murder case – Kanna Rao, Vasu, charan babu and Ankineedu who’s in hospital due to low B.P the prosecution could not prove that they have committed the crime as there is no witness to this murder I’m dismissing the case What’s this injustice? Didn’t they murder Sireesha in public?

didn’t everyone see the crime? If lawyers and judges are afraid of these goondas then people won’t be coming to courts at all What can the judge too do when there are no witnesses? A lot of people saw the murder of Sireesha but no one had come forward as witness Justice needs evidences…. not just truth I am sorry It’s waste to believe that we can get justice here We waited in vain for a year hoping to get justice… but no use We should go to Mantralayam today itself and tell everything to Raghavendra What will Raghavendra do? He’s become a vegetarian and is eating blandfood… – Yes, correct! What correct? Raghavendra is not vegetarian…… Weapon! A knife may get rusted if not used for few days… but it’ll never lose it’s sharpness Raghavendra is like that He’s like a volcano which can’t be told when it’ll explode come… let’s go to Mantralayam immediately Hey, light of Mantralayam Lord Sree Raghavendra We pray to you, show mercy Lord Sree Raghavendra My heart in you is like matralayam Those without belief would be left eager Preachings of the Lord are precious His kind looks are like the Sunrise Prayers to Lord Raghavendra Let us sing in his sacred name River Tungabadhra cleanses away our sins Here is our sacred worship offered to you Lord At the depressed time and our bad times Let your chants become our life At the time of your worship with sacred chants Your foot is the rescue for us Your heart is the purest Fulfill our wishes, hey Lord The whole hidden power of you Should be revealed once again Let the world hear it all from the music of your sitar Here is our sacred worship offered to you Lord My heart in you is like matralayam Those without belief would be left eager Preachings of the Lord are precious His kind looks are like the Sunrise Prayers to Lord Raghavendra Let us sing in his sacred name River Tungabadhra cleanses away our sins Here is our sacred worship offered to you Lord My heart in you is like matralayam Those without belief would be left eager

Where’s Hotel Gurudev? It’s in the next street Should we take left? You can find it round the corner This is it Mantralayam Welcomes You! (says in 3 languages) All items are hot. Please go and have your food We are Raghavendra’s friends coming from Kurnool Oh! you are Raghavendra’s friends – yes! – Let’s go inside. Please come – Rajamma, they’re Raghavendra’s friends – Greetings This is Mahalakshmi, my only daughter your friend Raghavendra’s soon to be wife Is it! Be at the counter for some time I’ll come now Raghavendra has gone outside His parents are here, come Brother-in-law, they’re Raghavendra’s friends Have come from Kurnool Why did all of you come again? why did you come? Why ask like that uncle? It’s a year since we met him! Even if it’s 10 years, there’s no necessity for you to meet him Sorry Uncle! May be we can spend our whole life without seeing this lord Raghavendra we are unable to be without seeing him If he becomes nearer to you he will become distant to us Dear meet him… speak to him, but please don’t change his mind not that, Padma somebody please save please save my child! mother…. mother Lord Raghavendra! Please save our child You came like god and saved our child God bless you! How are you..? – First class!

It’s more than a year since we met, remember? This one year was like 100 years for us We couldn’t believe how we could be without seeing you all these days Do you atleast remember us? I have forgotten myself We will forget the world when we’re in front of Lord Raghavendra you’re into Bhajan’s and bhakti here But there’s no one there to oppose them Yesterday, the case also got dismissed If you are going to be here, then tomorrow they may strike us too This is Lord Raghvendra’s holy place Ask about Mantralayam, I’ll tell But don’t talk about unnecessary things should hear good words, should speak good words but don’t talk about unwanted things, please Hey, come out soon we are dying here If you are in sorrow, you go to god If you want to shit, you come to toilets Is this comedy is necessary now? – I will beat you shouting here since morning, then going away after finishing the job There are 100 families in this colony, taking 5 members for each family That makes about 500 people Even prohibited to go on river beds Did anyone think, how will this one toilet be enough for all these people? I’m not in a position to think about all these My condition is very horrible hey… you..come fast Where are you going? – Urgent It’s more urgent here – customers are waiting there we are waiting for a long time here you go and stand in the queue what… queue for sugar too? sugar? – didn’t to tell that sugar is over and asked me to buy some urgently? you will not take sugar from here ughhhh but don’t you understand from the buckets and mugs these people have? I’m not a fool. They have come to get Palmoil in this and wheat in the bucket I have brains. I came to get sugar in this bag! You will not get sugar here shit! Get lost! How long… you idiot! come soon what’s the problem early in the morning? not possible to manage you Mr.Colony Secretary… came at the right time you should show a way to this problem Why? there’s a board there and a queue here what more way to show? Being the Secretary, why are you talking so childish? Then what? Is it the Secretary to see everyday whether you have done your morning routine? and … is this a big problem at all? – what bigger problem does one have? It won’t be a problem if you adjust among yourselves What adjustment in this problem? When do we get drinking water? – on alternate days This is like that only Adjust on alternate days Even you will say to go one in place of the other – This is good idea What are you doing inside this long? What’s that you’re holding? – Newspaper! Why need paper other than bucket and water? Without seeing the paper, i can’t do it freely But that’s an English paper…. and do you know any english? No! That’s why it took me an hour! Thank God, you did not have Urdu paper Get lost you fool! I understand your condition I’ll solve your problem Thank you. How’ll you solve it? Very simple. Like in STD booth there should be beep for every 3 minutes may be the sound should be different If not nice, we’ll cut off the sound and put a man instead After 3 minutes he’ll drive out anyone inside Hey do not do it here – It is the knee pain sir start the bus

Stop! Hey Stop! Excuse me! Side please What a girl…… Let’s go give way…. watch and climb A lady is here Hai! Hey! It is Mahalashmi! This dress is very good Hey…. what’s this? – They’re teasing Mahalaksmi I’m telling you She’s looks terrific when angry too what’s this? … unruly? – go! such small things are common in cinema halls and city buses How did you change like this? But who will rescue Mahalakshmi if not you? That Lord Raghavendra will save her Conductor….. stop the bus? Get down…. get down How do you feel? Do you think so cheap of girls? Do you think you can behave as you wish? If your sister was in my place in this bus and if fellows like you touch and tease them will you see and keep quiet? If you feel so itchy and can’t control yourself on seeing a girl, Go home and tell your parents Mom… we behave like a dog on seeing a girl get us married immediately but If you start misbehaving every woman you see then you’ll be made permanently disabled! Mind it! Hey!… Get lost… Go… go Don’t have any work? Mahalakshmi! Congratulations! are you all in this bus? Not just us, Your bava(brother-in-law) is also here! come Bava! – Yes Mahalakshmi did a great job! Hai! How did i hit them? Why are you asking your bava? We’ll tell! That was excellent Bava, if you’re this handsome in this dress, how handsome you’ll be in modern dress? Bava, you look awesome Feel like singing a song with you I waited for a chance and have tried That is why I closed the door Hey Lord, I have asked for romance Hey Lord, I opened umbrella for the moonlight I will make you sing, welcome when I am back I will make you dance when Madonna comes here Hey beautiful baby, listen to me my love Why fights at this romantic time dear? I waited for a chance and have tried That is why I closed the door Is it the beauty of Telugu girl? The brightness of the rangoli? Flowers in the hair or the smiles Singing beautiful melodies Think this is the colour of your love Think are the beauties coming to you You hugging me with love, my life goes vaporising

Give me your heart and see Come to me my dear Is it madness or craziness? You are my couple, dear I waited for a chance and have tried That is why I closed the door Think as blossoming wishes Think as the movements of breeze Catch my walk and my waist Enjoy with my beauty now Nose of the parrot is red May be the twist of the fig Why dance and why that ego? I will enjoy with your beauty now It may be the first love A new feeling is born May be this is joy of first night, new blossom is born I waited for a chance and have tried That is why I closed the door Hey Lord, I have asked for romance sir, please do something about the toilets It’s a big incovenience It’s okay for men… but women are much affected They’re feeling shy to carry mugs and buckets I understand your problem vey well I’ll told the secretary many times about this But he just doesn’t seem to care Today we’ll get an answer for this We don’t have a proper school in our place The one available is in a bad shape The children have to travel an hour everyday to go to Kurnool for studying Yes or no? ….Yes! Then how will it be if we build a good school in our place? Starting a school is not that easy! it should have a beautiful lady teacher Is that important now? Is okay to say that a school needs a board or bench he’s talking about lady teacher…? what you told is correct. But to build a school, we need a lot of money How to collect this much money? Why bother about the money? Am i not there to care of it? I will make all the shopkeepers to accept the proposal and do it First we’ll meet Krishna Rao of Hotel Gurudeva Greetings Secretary! – Greetings Nothing…you know about the problem in our colony for long want to talk about it conclusively I too wanted to talk to you about this, and you too have come So how do you plan to solve this problem? Simple! We’ll build a new one Wow! You have told a very happy news On hearing your word we feel like half the problem is solved Don’t think simply about it. There’ll be four rooms… side by side each can accomodate 25 persons at a time 25 persons at a time…? – Yes! Yes. What he tells is true – oh keep quiet How will 25 persons shamelessly sit side by side in one room? Isn’t it the same anywhere? what… same everywhere? What’s he telling? Please ask him Will you sit in the midst of 25 people? Why now? I’ve done it long back That’s why you talk so casually about it please ask about the water issue atleast will you build a water storage tank, or should everyone bring their own water? Don’t talk so simply when i plan to do it grandly I’ll put a steel can on a stool…. with a string and a tumbler attached to one end How’s it possible with a glass attached to a string? It’s my responsibilty to see that everything is done equally to all those who don’t like, let them bring water on their own. It’s their wish What he tells is correct – correct? But one thing, the black board should be excellent. – Black board? Why that? – Won’t we know who had come or not only then? Those who want to do will come those who’ve finished will go Why count all that? – see, there should be disciplne in everything you know… these two wanted a lady teacher. But, i said no you saved us – I said it’ll be a male teacher only why him now? Does this require a teacher or training? Won’t it come on it’s own? If it had been like that, our country would’ve developed long back these words are all unnecessary you do anything you want but the doors should be strong – there are no doors! No doors? How can anyone use it then? why are you talking without meaning? What’s there for anyone to take away? the matter is… one needs to be peaceful …alone If you want it to be peaceful and alone, pay and take a tuition!

Tuition? for this? – you be quiet. I’ll speak Secretary, first you told 25 persons can sit side by side – Yes! told you’ll put a glass on a leash -yes! then told about blackboard.. teacher and lastly no doors for the rooms We don’t want a Toilet with all these silly rules! Toilet? Weren’t they talking all this time about the school? Who’s that? …That girl! Grandma, they’ve cut my hair! my hair… hey what’s all this? you bloody fellows why did you do that? – What’s thsi? are you humans? will they do this if humans? It’s of no use talking to them They’ve cut my hair – so what? Bava… don’t leave them don’t leave them What’s that look? I cut her hair! I did it wantonly will you hit me? Do you have the guts? come and touch my men if you have guts! take off your hands They have cut off the hair, but you should take off their heads Get lost! – You shut your mouth You’re a stupid waste fellow good for nothing fellow even if someone rapes me tommorrow you may take it lightly you’ll take me Raghavendra temple, make offerings to the lord and say i have become pure instead of thrashing those who dared touch even a girl’s shadow you stand as if watching a cinema Do you have any shame at all? When those goons cut your Mahalakshmi’s hair will you keep quiet? Why do you leave without speaking? – Do our scoldings appear like mantras to you? Enough. It’s now known that he knows nothing but eat at home and sleep at the temple I am now going to the police station to give a complaint I will see to the end of those goondas The society should feel shameful about this the time has come for us to think where we are going there is no safety in the society This should be condemned by all He has done that already. There’s nothing left for you to condemn

We don’t need your feelings and reactions take action on him That’s enough! Why make a hue and cry over a small issue? This may be a small issue for you May be my hair is shorter But this is a big disgrace for me Don’t get very emotional Since you told they’re Ankineedu’s men i’m asking to think practically We understand now You’re scared on hearing his name You have given the complaint, I’ll take care. You go now come dear, let’s go I’m Mantralayam Inspector speaking – One minute C.I from Mantralayam Police Station – Greetings, Sir! I’m Mantralayam C.I speaking – What’s the matter? Our men have cut that Mahalaksmi’s hair in public My men do anything only in public So The girl has filed a case I don’t like it! She is none other than, a close relative of Raghavendra, who once had trouble with you He is now in Mantralayam only! I like it! I like it! I’m coming I like this! Greetings! – Greetings… Madam! Are you fine? This is nice! This is nice! I like this! Bava… My prayers are finished Need to go home fastly Will you come with me? seems you all have filed a case on our men? What else will one do for the foolish thing your men did? There’s no need to talk to you Let’s find in court Instead of feeling ashamed for what you did… you’re hitting an old man? Are you men or cows? What’s all this trouble? stop! You hit my men with slippers for just touching you That’s why my men cut your hair You haven’t kept quiet even after that Leave me! – You’ve filed a case on my men What will you do if i strip all your clothes in the middle of the street? Will you still obstinately go to the Supreme Court? Tell? Leave me – Please leave her Mahalakshmi…. Please save her

All of you watch this We’ll tell Raghavendra. Let’s go Why do you all stand like this? How do we know what’s the problem between you two? Let’s all go away. Come Please stop! Are you all real men? Will you just go away even after seeing injustice being done to a girl? Please save my child… please save Sir! Please save her Sir! Please save her Come, let’s go and inform the C.I Let’s go Raghava …. Raghavendra come Raghava Raghava…. you come fast They’re stripping Mahalakshmi Come fast…. They’re beating everyone. Come fast All of you go away Please leave her No No… please Leave me No one else did it It’s you who killed her From this day we’ll deem that you were never born to us From this day, I’ll live as per your wish I’ll live live a paralytic who doesn’t have any sense or feel I’ll not take even salt and spice and will live like a Saint Son Sir… Sir… please listen What Mahalakshmi did is wrong Please forgive her this one time I beg you Please leave her Then the case? – I’ll withdraw it immediately You should come back in five minutes I’ll come back immediately I told them already, that such practical problems are bound to happen Not just stripping, they’ll even commit rape on the streets Won’t we do anything? Why not? You go and save Aren’t you here, sir! – That means…? Is it okay if my life is ruined? – Not that sir! What’s this? What happened? – I’m Mahalakshmi’s brother-in law We are withdrawing the case Is the police and police station so menial to your family? That girls asks to take action You are now saying about withdrawing What she did was wrong. She won’t come to the station hereafter no sir… we don’t wan’t any of this problem what you say is correct Sir, please give back the complaint and F.I.R F.I.R ? It’s not possible to give it to you I liked your approach Here sir. I have withdrawn the case Please leave Mahalakshmi Dear, be calm Cry.. Keep crying We too will sit and cry with you

What else to do? It’s our fate See there… see He stands like a flag post in front of the temple Even a dog tied in the verandah, for the single handful of food we give If it sees a new person, will atleast bark if not bites him You don’t have even that faithfulness You should be ashamed for being born a man I gave you shelter as you were my sister’s son you have now become a good for nothing useless fellow I am fortunate in a way If you had become my son-in-law, for the fearful person you are, If any beggar comes and asks for your wife instead of food You’ll even send your wife with him You are such a useless, cowardly fellow Even the Lord Rama killed Ravana who dared to touch his wife If you believe in non-violence, violence won’t die Only if you kill it, violence will die Remember it! The Temple bell is ringing It’s time for you to go Do your prayers, take the offerings, and keep chanting lord Rama’s name you courageless fellow! we wanted a real blooded man, not one in the garb of a man Forgive me, If i have spoken wrong He stands like a flag post in front of the temple I gave you shelter as you were my sister’s son you have now become a good for nothing useless fellow I am fortunate in a way If you had become my son-in-law, for the fearful person you are, If any beggar comes and asks for your wife instead of food You’ll even send your wife with him You are such a useless, cowardly fellow Hello sir, Please come… sit Raghava has come Hey Raghava! Why you too have come late? See how many girls are waiting? Won’t you introduce the girls to me too? bring cool drinks for all! First the puja… then cool drinks Professor sir has come Please get up – Greetings sir! Greetings Madam! – Greetings Are we late, Raghava? – No Sir. Only he’s late Bring cool drinks Sir, Please cut! (chanting puja) Please come sir! Press ‘Enter’ Sir All can browse now Call for the video coverage hey…please get up Wan’t to see porn sites… will XXX be good or fresh girls open worldsex.com It’s full of hot girls What girls! Let’s leave… come Please… Please see I’ll see what’s going on. You explain to him What’s special about this program is Move… move If you want to watch porn, go to some other place It’s not allowed in our centre Why not possible? You wan’t money We wan’t pictures

I said it’s not allowed here We have not brought any blue film Cd and watching it here It’s already there in the net It’s wrong my boy – move aside a minute Wrong? …what’s wrong? Do we mistake god if there are bad images on the temple? Can bad things be allowed in the Temple? Who are you to give advices? We watched it as we liked it We’ll open anything This is my area. My brother’s area So, you came here to create trouble? – Yes Who’s this man? clashing with Kanna Rao gang? Looks like a big trouble is brewing What’s for us. Let’s move from here Stop. He might die stop… this is enough He came to see dirty pictures but you…. @#*…. thrashed him well When you hit him @#*…. thrashed him well you….. @#* looked like that to him What did you think then? If they get into our way….@#$& Will get blasted Stop. You have started using too much of bad words If you don’t mix bad words while telling something, the expressions won’t be right Yes About ‘expression’ later. But creates bad impression for those listening A matter to think about! Don’t use foul language …you too Okay! We all will control ourselves But see there You do not use the filthy language

You do not use the filthy language Control your BP my dear, control your BP If someone comes in dreams for Aishwarya When a lovely lady comes and ties you a rakhi When crow shits on you while trying for a girl When a dog barks while giving a love letter If an eunuch blinks at you If an ant bites you at a sensitive place Do not go mad and use filthy language It is common for anyone, control my dear You do not use the filthy language Control your BP my dear, control your BP You do not use the filthy language Control your BP my dear, control your BP When they enquire of cooking in marriage looks If uncle asks for reverse dowry when you like the girl If the girl gets beer glass instead of milk If the fan does not work for first night If the girl asks to open the window while in romance If wife says no after you get in mood In a helpless position do not use filthy language It is common for anyone, control my dear You do not use the filthy language Control your BP my dear, control your BP You do not use the filthy language Control your BP my dear, control your BP When national flag is hoisted upside down When the Police behave like a goon When the goons become leaders If mad dogs of ISI enter Hyderabad When someone goes mad like laden When he says Kashmir belongs to Mussaraf Getting angry we use filthy language This is common for the Indians we will not control ourselves Won’t you ever change? Won’t you stop getting into trouble every day? They beat the professor So..? File a police case. They’ll arrest them and take to court who are you to beat them all instead? Even the police ran away For that… will you also become a goon like them? If they come back again to bash you no one will come for your rescue Even your friends, for whom you did all this will not come you fool! First stop eating and listen my words Why are you so haughty? Are they your brother…. or any close blood relation? Yes.. I hit them wantonly callousness of people like you is the reason for the rise of these goons

how much you may earn, you can eat not gold but only food We throw away the stones if seen in food We don’t leave a rat alive if seen in the home If a mongrel enters our home, we hit and chase it away This is also like that They are dogs. That’s why i bashed them Don’t talk of logic I’m like that. My behaviour is like that I won’t change for anyone won’t change! See, how he is! What else can we do? Other than cursing ourselves for all that we have done for him Did i ask you? It’s your haste that’s reason for my birth Did i ask for all this trouble myself? I will go away if you feel that you don’t need me I will give my life… if you wan’t Whether you tell or even if i die You carry on with your job of hitting everyone We don’t have your strength and sagacity The god has given us just one heart Everyone has one heart, but should have this should have the strenth to hit or acumen to think We too have it…. go Go wherever you want to See… your son has grown up grown up much He’s beyond our control We didn’t take it seriously the small troubles he fetched when a kid He’s now into grave troubles One day we might even have to hear the news of his loss When our own son doesn’t listen to our words, Will those goondas, who have no one to say their own. listen our words? They’ll come… one day they’ll definitely come to our house and bring disgrace on us for sure and bring disgrace on us for sure Uncle, It’s me Seenu! – What? Some people have brought us here – What are you talking about? They’re infuential people in Kurnool They’ve brought us and all our computers here Urgently tall Raghavendra – Give it here I’m Kanna Rao speaking. Your son has beaten our men That’s why, wanting to see him, I brought his friends here There’s even a few girls among them Your son thinks much of himself Ask him to come and save them Else, they might end up losing even their lives Who’s that? Where’s the call from? – someone called Kanna Rao has kidnapped Seenu and his friends What… speaking Seenu… kidnap Where did the phone come from? – Every call doesn’t come for you Go away. It’s not connected to you May be, but tell who was on the phone? I told it’s not for you. Go inside – What happenned to Seenu? Where’s he? – I don’t know Are you going to tell or not? I’ll beat you with slippers – Raghava! – You be quiet mother Till now you were seeing me as a son Tell me what happened you idiot! If you go there, they won’t let you alive someone called Kanna Rao. Seems he has kidnapped your friends why did you tell his name? Boss, He has come How did you think you can live after hitting my men? Will you hit even after knowing that they are my men? Are you such a gallant man? I’ll kill you now for being against us! Will you do it now itself? – I will do it now! Will you kill me here itself? – Yes. I’ll kill you in this spot Just one minute sir! – seek the blessings of god This is your last day Kill me now… C’mon You know how Rajiv Gandhi died? – Yes That was just a belt bomb. But this is a total body bomb If i just press this button, everything will blast to pieces No. Don’t press! You also will die then That doesn’t matter to me. Aren’t you a goon? You should kill me Kill me in this spot. Stab me here Stab me… c’mon

Leave me – Bomb! All of you run away Please leave me – Are we friends then? Yes, Friends – shall we hug then? C’mon hug me Will you bring the computers? Don’t press. I beg at your feet No. – You should have had this fear earlier Should have had it earlier So frightened of bombs? How come you were born in Rayalaseema Hit me as you like, but be careful about the bomb Is that so? Feel frightened? I beg you Throw away the bomb Bashing an innocent man in the middle of the street? Will you kill? Kill now No…. No…. enough How can you all just watch when an elderly person is beaten? You’re shut your ears like opposition do when the CM speaks in Assembly When a Hindu is beaten a 100 hindus come to rescue When a Muslim is beaten a 100 muslims come to rescue When a Kamma (a caste) is beaten a 100 Kammas come to rescue When a cop is beaten a 100 cops come to rescue but when a human is mercilessly beaten no one… no one comes forward Why? …Why? You know why? Your social responsibilty has become less Am i sitting on your abdomen? Here sir! – come No…. – Don’t worry! You’ll feel better Move away Late as usual! What happenned? – Greetings Inspector! Who did this? – Myself You did this? – I did not do, but saw You? – May be my height is less, but not my sight Will you be a witness? Whenever, wherever, any state or any time, whether day or night, i am ready to depose I am an Indian It’s my responsibility I’ll not leave the person who beat you for any reason Raghavendra…. what? please stop Throw away the bomb Throw away the bomb Why do you laugh? Take the bomb and throw away Why does he laugh? take it away He’s biting the bomb What all this? Tell us first You Boss, It’s me… Our prestige is lost One came to our club, threatened us with bomb and hit us badly Who’s that? Who? – That boy at that Internet Center What’s his name? – They’ve started a new browsing centre Tell his name – I am not able to hear you One minute Police station? – Is Raghavendra your son?

Yes, He’s my son What happenned inspector? Inspector? – some rowdy matter… Shhh Even police are caling nowadays Did you beat Kanna Rao in the market? One has come forward as witness Who’s that witness? What? … Don’t want to live? Oh! Talk in Telugu, you fool Talking disrespectfully? – Are you deaf? Why ask questions then, you halfwit? – halfwit? – Yes Do you need respect? Do you have any big flashback like Rajnikanth had in Basha movie What yeah.. yeah will you depose against me? Did you think i will change myself fearing this one slap? I will show you other cheek to beat Why should i slap on your second cheek? You brought a stick? – Yes Did you think i will get frightened? – Won’t you? Should i? 100 percent If i run away……? Won’t i catch you….? catch me then…. catch let me see Do only you have responsibility in this world? Then why is Bin Laden not caught yet? Bin Laden? What’s the connection between us? Why is Veerappan not caught for 30 long years? Calling your sister for just four punches? Do you need police station and responsibility and cases? Will you meddle with me ever again? – I won’t Will you file a case in police station? I Won’t Are you Chandrasekar Azad? What’s the lecturer’s position? poor fellow He can’t forgive even small issues How will he keep quiet for this? No doubt. It’s all over for that short fellow and his sister Definitely. As he has more responsibility, his life is now responsibility of god Kothaveta… Old Bus stand – What did i ask you? Stages..! – What are these then? Bus stops between my home and the college Get lost! – You only asked them Understand clearly what I am asking What? … Looks like a joke? Can’t you listen for an hour? Okay. I’ll stop. I will listen for an hour without moving let’s see if you teach for an hour without moving What did you think about me? That’s no big issue for me You told you can teach non-stop, but stopped now? I did not stop. But stopping this is not in my hands Brother, wait Is your eye sight good? – What happenned?

You ask what? What’s light is on in the signal? Red light – Where’s your scooter wheel? It’s on the road, right? That’s right. But on which place? – It’s just a little beyond the border Crossed just a little? – Brother What? …Crossed just a little? Will Pakistan keep quiet if Kashmir’s border is extended a little? They’ll be shot like a dog I wen’t a little beyond in speed – It’s not in scooter that you go forward, You should go forward in your life Do you know how many die if you drive rashly and cause accident? Do you know how many die in a year because of such accidents? I don’t know – Don’t know? You know only to drive rashly, cause accidents, hurt people What do you know? You don’t have any sense at all chewing pan and spitting on the streets Parking in no parking areas will buy condom for a rupee you know to buy condom for a rupee but is that of any use see there are people everywhere People like you should be shot Sir, by god’s grace i bought a new bike I won’t do this again. I stop a furlong before if there’s a red light I will leave only after everyone Very good. What’s the light now? Green light – Now take your bike. Go! Go now! – Why did i fall in his sight! Follow traffic rules Every fool needs to be told about traffic rules My god! – Go quickly, brother Sister… Sister… this side – which side? Sister… Sister… this side c’mon.. c’mon He’s not there. – Has he gone? Yes, gone Come, dear Start quickly. – Get on May be he’ll come again Get on – Quick My books… – We can buy new ones But we don’t have anyone else for us come… come We lost the scooter and now have to travel by this bus Brother, What a plight for us How long can we keep running like thieves? What can i tell? It’s a war between the good and the bad Only the god should decide whether the good or bad should win Did you hear any sound? Nowadays any sound appears to be that sound to us Come, dear… – Brother Come this side sister You come this side brother – come this side You come this side brother – come You come this side brother… – come come fast…. -Wait! Wait! Brother…. brother… help me

Will walk along and ask the unexpected, have a look Do not walk along and do not ask the unexpected, go away I am the handsome hunk asking yourself, do not be tensed I am the cute girl and cannot be like what you want Leave me alone Will walk along and ask the unexpected, have a look No clashes at this romantic time, let us enjoy happily Hey daring boy, do you not fear and control even in love? Why stopping, stop fighting Do not hide your beauty No way, you are very rash You are very harsh My naughty age is calling beautiful babe Agree and come to me in romance Do not hurry for romance, status is important Do not come near and be so naughty I am a bachelor, why fear Leave your egos I am an innocent girl, let me live in peace Will walk along and ask the unexpected, have a look Do not walk along and do not ask the unexpected, go away I am the handsome hunk asking yourself, do not be tensed I am the cute girl and cannot be like what you want Leave me alone I had a bad dream. – Me too He took you on a cycle He took me to a hill… – You fell down! He fell upon me

He followed you – But i started to run He pulled your saree – He took me to…. Stop! I now understand. We both had the same nightmare Even in dreams he’s killing us with that carrot! What happened brother? What happened? See there I understand one thing clearly Even if a murder happens, in front of our eyes, we should not care about it or talk the truth Come Hello… one minute Yes… Who? – I’m Chandrasekar Azad, M.A, M.Phil speaking Oh! Great man. If Gandhiji is father of the nation, you’re Son of the Nation I’m not that. Please be quiet I’m in a life or death situation At that time Alluri Sitaramaraju showed his heart to the Englishmen You now stand against injustice and lawlessness My heart is getting bashed in the hands of that Raghavendra Oh!.. Really? How can you ask like that? I didn’t know that truth is like fire that’ll burn you, if you dare to take it head on I can’t bear it if it burns like this I can’t eat or even drink water Can’t even sit in the toilet peacefully in the morning Oh… Is that so? – You please tell, whether i should dispose against Raghavendra? You don’t fear anything Leave Raghavendra matter to me Give a quarter Kg Carrot – Please give five rupees Sir…. See here…. Come here Fresh fishes are available… Want? Sir… Please come here Nice bangles, ribbons, Necklaces You get all nice things here Here sir, please take this Will you give me some water, please -Okay Are you Raghavendra? -Yes S.I sir wanted you to come to station. – What for? -He will tell that at the station. You come Want Carrot? – Nothing. You first get into the jeep Did you send for arresting Raghavendra? Yes sir I wanted to give him some treatment. Now that you arrested him, you do it Is this stick a real one? – Yes sir! But he’s not making any noise. – What can i do if he’s not crying in pain? Sir, Phone for you Sir, I’m S.I Kishore speaking – Tell, How was the treatment? We bashed him in the cell as you told But he kept smiling all the while You treatment is not enough then What he did is not a big mistake We don’t know whether to file a case or not Let it go. I’ll take care of him What? …like a dog? ..Go Lord… Parameswara Maheswara You showed that justice still prevails by having that Raghavendra arrested

Great Lord! Seek the blessings, dear I am now feeling so happy. – Me too Feels like my mind is flying on the air here, eat this How did he come here? Let’s run. …Oh my god! Brother…. – Come Oh Brother! He’s here! …come …come I thought the Law had a thousand eyes Now i know it has none Let’s talk about law later First, let’s see about us ‘ Free Food (Annadanam)’ Idea… See there…. come Someone committed mistake and we have to hide like thieves! Are you searching your wife? No, my Husband! You have your food Hey, bend down Will you shout carrots? – Why are you beating me? I will kill you. Don’t you have any other vegetable? Get lost Carrot….. saying carrot This is the only way to escape from him Brother, is it paining? No. But my body parts may soon become like spare parts Who’s this inbetween like a road roller! Brother – Watch your way, man Take it…. take Kill me In one way that’ll be better It will be honorable to die here. Kill We don’t have anyone else for us We were born together, and live together So, please kill us together How much’s the bill? – Twenty rupees, Madam Okay, I’ll take care of it Please watch your way How much? – Four rupees – Here just a minute just a minute You made a big plan What? Plan?

What then if not a plan? Lorry…. Sireesha…. saving – Hey stop! It’s Lorry matter. Not love matter to make a plan If there had been any error, I would’ve been under the tyre Oh!…Story! Finally he got that girl Got troubled on hearing the sound of carrot? I have come to your place I am in front of you, face to face What can you do? You can’t do anything You scared with carrots, but now have come into our hearts Especially, in Sireesha’s heart That’s why we’ve brought carrots for you. Take.. . Have it happily Sir… Hey, bring some Tea We’ll have it the next time – We’ll give a sendoff. Come You saved her life. You now have her heart and soul with you What’s going on? I like your style Your smile is my life and you are for me, which is a joy Stop bluffing and this friendship is enough You are my bonding and it is my joy My innocent heart is driving me towards you Your wet hairs are calling my name I like your style Your smile is my life and you are for me, which is a joy I am lively when you speak I die for you, even if you do not speak I too am a boy like all the others Why do you have so much love on me? In your walks of manliness There is some unknown power That is drenching me in romantic thoughts Are you day dreaming or in some trance?

Come out of the dreams I like your style Your smile is my life and you are for me, which is a joy There would be one in hundred like you To be straight, I like your anger I never believed that love is blind I am to believe now after seeing you The twist on your eyebrows Is driving me like a force That has made love to be born on you Your heart is like the honey in a flower I salute to your love, I like your style Your smile is my life and you are for me, which is a joy Stop bluffing and this friendship is enough You are my bonding and it is my joy My innocent heart is driving me towards you Your wet hairs are calling my name I like your style Your smile is my life and you are for me, which is a joy Don’t be scared. Am i not with you? My parents won’t ask you anything You look ravishing in the saree Padma… duet.. duet – What’s this at this age? Not us. We thought our son knows only fighting He also knows to sing a duet. come My parents won’t ask you anything Am i not with you? We’ll leave in 10 mins Leave now My mother…. my father – Greetings Greetings Please sit She is Sireesha, doing her B.Sc Her parents are not alive Her borther is a lectures at STBC college She also studies there She’s with with her brother Biodata looks good, but this is no office What job shall we give? Daughter-in-law post is vacant no? Give her that If we don’t agree? – Even then we’ll get married I love Sireesha and wan’t to marry her. That’s it Dear, We ask many which stone will suit the ring we wear Did you take anyone’s advice before falling in love with him? If it’s gold or clothes may be we can ask where to buy, but should not ask anyone’s opinion when we find a person with a heart of gold We might end losing them So, how did you find out about my son’s attributes? When we see god’s picture in a calendar, there’s no need for anyone to tell who it is Though he’s not like god, we have the responsibility to tell about him My son doesn’t smoke or drink Doesn’t have any bad habits He looks handsome. Very intelligent too But easily angered – Truth lies in the anger, Uncle I don’t get angered Am i not righteous? Isn’t that what she told? – That’s what i told.. not keeping quiet How did you like a conceited person like him? Did you see… You too have lots of anger Okay. There was just him. You too have joined now. What can i do? Do it

Don’t mind his words Come here, Dear Dear, after marriage you should change him completely Mom…. please… have you started this pestering now? am i not speaking to her? You keep quiet A man needs determination and a woman patience So, lessen his temper and raise his sensibility That’ll be the biggest gift you can give us Usually they ask the husband to take care of the woman, But, i wan’t you to take care of my son It’s in your hands now Keep quiet…. I’ll get sweets for both Well Sireesha, you saw my smartness, truthfullness, temperament and fell in love I have a small doubt -What? What made me fall in love with you? Why do you have such a temperament? Either you are hitting or abusing someone anytime Have you started it here now? – No. How can you hit someone? Shall i tell you something? When i beat your brother before you, you hit me Likewise, i can’t keep quiet when injustice happens before my eyes Uncle is a very good person Oh! … how good? He’ll ask to show the second cheek when slapped on one… shall i? But why Uncle is always.. about you – should we talk about him even now Do you really love me or not? – very much Isn’t that so…. um.. so sweet Go Ameerpet Dhoolpet are in the same city (that’s his song from Eeshwar) I’ll go and get some Beer – Yes, bring it Sir, please move the vehicle This is no parking area I don’t know who you are No problem It’s a problem… you first move the vehicle from here Hey… give him. He’s asking for a bribe Ask for a chilled beer -Here, put it in his pocket See, because of your 100, no parking will not become a parking place He’s showing police power. Why don’t you try doing movies… will come up well That’s why we gave him an 100 Rs advance I don’t need your advance. Will move the vehicle, or shall a book a case? Will you dare book a case? If you dare touch a policeman on duty i will book a criminal case on you Oh! He’s on-duty … what shall we do now? Are you on duty now also? I’ll put your badge too You are unnecessarily creating trouble Shall i call the police station? – Do whatever You did the mistake but beat him instead? – First see to him What happened? – Do you know whom i beat now? No problem. But, one doubt….whether anyone had seen this If they see? – They will go the police station and give a complaint If they give? – I will go and hit them If you hit? – He will shout sister… sister So….. If he calls? That girl will slap on my cheeks If she slaps? – I’ll fall in love with her If you fall? – What’ll be your position after that? you Come sir! They are here We didn’t ask him anything

Brother, he hit us without any provocation There’s no mistake of our’s in this They had trouble only with the constable He intervened unnecessarily Is it true? Yes Boss It’s that Raghavendra who hit us! You antagonise everybody Aren’t you afraid? Why? Are you scared? – Why should i be? Tell the truth. Will you be safe with a person like me? No. I am ready to die this second for a person like you I’ll hit you if you speak like that I am a Municipal Councillor My name is Ankineedu The men who you beat are my persons Why did you beat them? Did your men tell you why? They did rowdyism… So what? What’s your problem? Did they trouble your mother? .. your father? your relation.. or your friends? Need not be a friend when they cause nuisance in public So, you won’t keep quiet when injustice happens before your eyes? Yes. Not just me, any discerning person will not keep quite Stand by your word Prove yourself a man by stopping the murder to happen before your eyes I’m not going to murder any public or police Your friend… your girl friend I’ll murder you girlfriend in the same place you hit my men save her if have the guts Sir, come… please look He’s a very good person go and stop it please -Do you know who he is? you too sir? – We will lose our lives if we go against Ankineedu come… let’s go Hey.. stop! Stop Don’t kill… He’s not conscious He should see her die First wake him up… wake him see

See her… see… you can’t tolerate injustice… what’ll you do now? You can’t even pluck my hair on this bald head Someone please help us Someone please help us Atleast now leave your anger and fury Listen to your parents’ words For my sake… for our love’s sake leave it all Unfairly they killed her No one had killed her… It’s you you have killed her She died because of you If she had loved any one else, she might have lived long This innocent girl has lost her life for the mistake of loving you If you had died instead, we would’ve been nonchalant We would’ve assumed we never had a son There are no enough words in Telugu to abuse a menial person like you We need to find another language had i known that i would be the unfortunate mother of a person like you, I would never have born as a woman I beg at your feet for our mistake Go away. Live as you wish Whether you become a rowdy or a goon or a criminal, it’s your wish you have lots of social responsibility, isn’t? whether you may kill that Ankineedu’s men who murdered Sireesha, or even if you die…. because of this Go away But… please don’t come into our lives again I beg you Give us one boon for the sin of getting you as our son Don’t ever show your face to us all our life Atleast allow us to live in peace Venkat Rao! …Sir! – You should leave this place at once

Not that Sir! – Your job? You have to leave that too If there’s any anomaly, you all will meet the same fate of that girl Okay! …. Okay Sir Will you leave? Yes, We’ll leave Go… Go Venkat Rao, You should leave this day itself – Okay! Now itself! Greetings Madam! Forgive us. They got enraged You are vacating the home, isn’t? Atleast it stopped here Let it go. We take leave We will leave -Go, but don’t come back. – Okay What is all this, Dear? Why are you packing the things? – Take this What happened mom? Mom, I’m asking you What happened? Why are you not speaking to me? If we remain talking with you, that Ankineedu’s men will kill us too We are leaving this place as ordered by him All this is because of you Don’t! There’s no requirement for you to come with us If you persist coming with us, what happened to Sireesha, may happen to us Go away… Go Not that father, please listen to me No. You don’t tell anything I came here when you were small, but leaving now like a destitute I can bear anything, but not my widowhood From this day we will presume that you were never born to us Go… Go – Mother Okay… hereafter i’ll never interfere in anyone’s trouble will not get into altercation with anyone I want to be near you wan’t to be with you I will listen to your words, as you have listened to that Ankineedu’s words Just give me an answer to this one question of mine If someone snatches your money at the bank, will you shout for help or say your son will come to your aid

you are leaving your job and vacating because of that Ankineedu Will you leave mother and go if he asks for her? This is not to insult you, but my assumption Okay, father From today i’ll live according to your wish I’ll live a vegetative life like a paralytic I will live a ascetic life abstaining even salted food I swear this in the name of guru Raghavendra I will live like his devoted disciple will live blissfully will live happily As long as this saffron dress and rudraksh garland remains on you, you should not get provoked by anything happening before your eyes If you ever get into anyone’s trouble again, belying us You will lose both of us Why do you look like that? That day i made you wear this rudraksh to rein in your anger i now want to see more anger, than that of a volcano in you Thta’s why i ripped the rudraksh I’m a fool who instead of killing the pest that infected the flower, plucked the threw out the flower out I never realised that though honey is sweeter, the sting of bee is painful I had wished god to grant all the boon to myself, but forgot to think about others We have committed a big mistake. Forgive us You were born to us after 10 years We wished you to live for a hundred years but failed to realise that if you take one step backwards, this country takes a hundred steps backwards I selfishly wanted my son to think only about his home But, when no one came to the rescue of my niece when she was disrobed, we realised how wrong we had been in your case A lifeless lamp too shows way for many people A man like you can show the way to this world There’s no need for you to be here like this wearing this saffron dress Even the police who shoots the thieves, are composed only here Even the sanyasis here will kill the mosquitoes that may bite them You need not be smug just because of this saffron dress or rudraksh We now know that one need not be known to us to do good That’s why we need that old Raghavendra again You should live as you are should live with pride The society needs persons like you Yes…The society needs persons like you …Go! Get into the Jeep

You have come on time Remove your clothes Take it off!

It’s not enough. Remove the rest too Brother, that Raghavendra has stripped our men in the street Get up…. Take them away Go… Go Bravo! You gave them the correct punishment We’ll give the balance treatment You did a exceptional job after a long time we are seeing our old Raghavendra We’ll celebrate this occasion call the calcutta pan Who is calcuttta pan? -Don’t you know who’s that? Just came today from Calcutta Hey look, I ate the Calcutta pan Wipe your lips with my lips My heart is lost in your song In the game of touching and catching the waist Do not make me go high by praising One shot is equivalent to a dozen You have flowery melodies within you I have seen the cyclones within you Hey look I ate the Calcutta pan Wipe your lips with my lips My heart is lost in your song In the game of touching and catching the waist Beauties not hiding anything Cheeks without any dress Can we get the beauty with a stopping? Will you get the kisses and romance? Kisses belongs to the cheeks And to the beautiful lips How do I inform in so many? Kisses are born in the heart Will you feed me or make me drink the kiss? Shall I give and overwhelm you? Competition is good and now is the game left We shall play and I shall win losing it Hey look I ate the Calcutta pan Wipe your lips with my lips My heart is lost in your song In the game of touching and catching the waist My whole body is heated up I will come to you, touch and see

Mixing sugar in buttermilk, will give in dreams, please go I spread my sari like a flower, colour me and make me smile Come for holi festival and see Will fill it and send you back Why to postpone to build a bonding Tunder is needed for a rain You have the lightening and that should shine in me Auspicious time should come for the festival My heart is lost in your song In the game of touching and catching the waist Hey look I ate the Calcutta pan Wipe your lips with my lips Do not make me go high by praising One shot is equivalent to a dozen I have seen the cyclones within you You have flowery melodies within you I have seen the cyclones within you You have flowery melodies within you Sir, the councillor is coming with an axe. It’s not us, no? What have we done? – For doing our duty correctly What happenned? … Please listen to me What happened is Please listen to me Please listen to If a woman is in lodge or if my men are jailed, it means losing the honour Do you need to live after losing your honour? No Sir… Please listen You made me hang my head in shame in Mantralayam You have to die…. have to Please listen to me a minute Just because Sita was in Lanka, it doesn’t mean she lost her purity I brought them not a file a case on them, but to save them Yes sir If they had remained like that, the public would’ve hit them with stones that’s why i brought them here and not for the sake of duty Please take them sir Please take them sir – Leave me Hey, come Hey, come Sir, why did you leave them like that? He’s thinking with his political brain If he kills them here, and had made a lock up death case on us, We would have been suspended or dismissed I did this with some practical thinking This is gross injustice. They’ve been in just five minutes of arrest My son risked his life and caught them Instead of taking to court, they’ve been released by political interference You are worried about what has happened I am scared about what’s going to happen next They’re sure to take revenge on us The other day they disrobed my daughter in the street They might even gang rape her now Atleast then there were just seven This time 70 men might come, Even that Raghavendra, can’t do anything It’s a waste to trust these FIR’s and police I don’t understand how to deal with this will you keep it yourself? Hey…. thief ….thief! He snatched the chain catch him… thief…. thief

Why are you beating him? – Why do you ask like that? He snatched the baby’s chain Did you see that? – Not just me, All of us in the shop saw it Will you give a complaint as seen by you? Why not? Even now we’re ready If to depose before the judge? – We’ll come to Supreme Court too Will all of you in your shop tell? – Sure When a girl was disrobed in the same centre the other day, why didn’t you thrash those goons like you’re beating this thief now? Why did you run away on seeing the goons then? Which is more important? A girl’s honour or a chain? So many of you are beating a man for a chain worth four thousand What happenned to your guts then? Even if they dare touch the women of your household tomorrow, You can’t do anything A student who fears his teacher doesn’t bunk the school Likewise, if the goons fear that if people give complain and, if the police take strict action then they will not indulge in such acts The mistake is not with the society, but in the law If the law can guarantee their lives, they would’ve recued Mahalakshmi then There’s no guarantee that police will arrest the culprit if complaint is given There’s no assurance that the culprits get punishment, if they depose in court But, the one who deposed against is sure to get murdered That’s why they all are quiet with fear Though they may lack civic sense, they have the common sense, of not going to the police or the court That’s why, it’s not the people who need to be changed, …it’s the Law The Law should be strong for the betterment of the country Even for a very expensive car, the tyres should be changed, if punctured Likewise, even if the law may be written by great men, when it does not bring justice to the common man, it needs to be changed Go, do some job Go… Go Why do you shout like a goat whose ear is chopped? We are not deaf! Threatening people, ordering them to vacate their home, isn’t this a routine for you? it’s not a dream You were afraid to even talk in front of me, how did you get to guts to dare oppose me? i haven’t come here with my son just because you warned us I made him wear the rudraksh, out of my love for him If i hadn’t done that, my son would’ve killed everyone of you, and had gone to jail He’s a small fellow, can’t do me anything Do you Raghavendra a small fellow? He’s like electricity. Only when you touch, you’ll know it’s power Ankineedu! Take your hands off Look, my son will come to your place… to your area If you really have any guts and courage save yourself and your men’s lives… Get lost! Who are you to bring them out from the police station? Are you a ingenuous person? or god? Yes, I’m god. Here, what i do is right and what i tell is law I’m this area’s godfather I’ll do as i wish So, you mean you’re the king of this area? -Yes

you mean what you do is right and what you tell is law? You are getting tensed, right? You should. I like it That’s why, here.. in this place before your eyes… murders will happen it’s none other than… your men your brothers not one or two but seven murders not any outsider… your men’s your close aides men close to you like a blood relation and your blind followers save all you men here if you have guts! Kill him! It’s not Raghavendra or the people who killed this Ankineedu. It’s the Law

Unless the system changes, such happenings will keep occuring in every street and places