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Hello! ¿How are you? Welcome one more time to my channel In today’s video I want to give you ideas about what can you substitute and what new habits you can do daily to generate less garbage Why did I think about this? While talking with my friends the first thing every one ways is that is too complicated to do this that is expensive and that you need to do a lot of changes in you lifestyle. That it is difficult The truth is that it is not so complicated You can save some money And we help saving our planet wo we don’t fill it with garbage and end up looking like this So todaay I found 20 easy things we can replace at home or start as a habit super simple Let’s talk about that today, but before do not forget to subscribe below so you won’t miss any of my videos I upload every tuesday And follow my social media to be in touch Let’s start *I have my notebook here so I don’t miss anything* I hope I don’t miss the counting while explaining lol 1rst: Bottles reusable bottles are like a third arm to me. I never forget them But being honest with you Developing this habit is not an easy thing to do you constantly forget it It takes it time to become a habit It’s difficult but if you start to do it frequently you’ll never forget it and start taking it everywhere. Just like me And now I can’t live without my bottle I have 2: A glass one from my own brand One for water, and the second one for hot drinks mostly tea I take everywhere What are we replacing? All plastic ones that we buy during the day like in my case, I used to buy up to 3 bottles which was a lot of garbage not good for the planet or for me *garbage speech* *talking about ho garbage end up in the water, seas and oceans* So I started to use the bottles water bottles take around a thousand years to disintegrate *in stop being garbage lol* 2nd coffee mugs I take it everywhere In some places like Starbucks you get a discount without a problem This mug works in case you are buying takeaway drinks but if you stay at the place you can ask for a glass there are options 3.- *recent thing I discovered* Amazing thing!

You know we wash the dishes with a yellow or green sponge That you have to change constantly because it wears out *speech about how I hate washing the dishes* Where I live we use the dishwasher but I wait until is full full And you have to rinse the dishes a little bit before * I don’t like it* *talking about hate it* I found this silicone glove with bristles It can last years And because it’s made with silicone is more hygienic does not keep odors, etc For organic trash In Canada, by law, you must separate garbage (everything I’m talking to help you make less garbage in general) Organic trash, you need to put it in a bag or make compost I live in an apartment so I have not found a way to to it but I found this solution compostable bags the brand is Glad you put your garbage here If you put only organic garbage here this goes straight for compost 5.- Just like the bottles A kit I never leave my house without reusable cutlery bamboo straw, cleaning stuff chopsticks, fork, spoon, knife and toothbrush a good product I avoid disposable cutlery *garbage and oceans speech* Help our planet by doing simple things 6 I realized where my trash came from I figured it out it was from 2 places: bathroom and kitchen When I stopped living with my parents I realized I loved cooking shopping and market Most of my garbage were packaging a lot of useless things For example: In México you but your fruits and veggies without a packaging * I miss that*

but here in Canada, everything comes with a packaging like a plastic bag *starts explaining about how it looks* *explains how it looks* I wanted to have alternatives about places where I could find my veggies and fruits I buy a lot of products such as almond flour, matcha etc So I did a research to find where to buy bulk products and there are all this stores here in Canada where you can buy them that way I got my own mason jars from dollarama amazing store I take them to the store and refill them In the store they weight your container *they write it here* when they charge they deduct the weight one of the things that make a product more expensive is the packaging the price changes with the packaging so now we are avoiding packaging and also saving money matcha, chocolates, you can get everything I have all my stuff in this containers and your kitchen looks prettier I even have popcorn *we eat a lot of it* And we stop using a lot of microwave popcorn bags 7 The famous menstrual cup my best friend on my period it replaces pads and tampons A woman can use up to 11 thousand pads in her life a lot of garbage! and the menstrual cup lasts 10 years you can have 2 and that’s all if you think about how many women are in world If you haven’t tried it yet and have many doubts check my video here It’s like a friend chat video to know everything you need to know about this little and amazing product 8 This baking paper sheets I have to say this the main idea of this new habits is to raise awareness It’s not about throwing away everything you have at home No. In the end is the same thing you make garbage gave your stuff away to someone who might use it Finish what you have and then get something more sustainable I have had this paper at home for 2 years and I use it a few times for baking

not the greenest option So I’m waiting to finish it And once I do, I’ll buy this silicone baking tablecloths they won’t get burn and you can use them many times 9. bamboo brush Do you know bamboo grows one meter every day? A tree takes yeaars to grow And It takes us just a second to cut it down and use it Bamboo is an excellent choice for many products now like my cuttery, and now brushes I recommend you this If you still use your regular brushes use them until you not longer can and then change it Do not throw away everything you have just to go on the sustainable side 10. bamboo toothbrush mine comes in a box, don’t like it but is easier to recycle sometimes I try to give them a second use this is mine (: works perfectly and it lasts long *thinking about how long it lasts* but it lasts long 11.- toothpaste you can make it at home or buy there are many good stores where you can buy it, made with natural ingredients you take your container refill it and that’s all Clean it and you can use it many times You stop using the regular one you buy and throw It’s amazing 12.- I also make make my own eye makeup remover excellent choice just as the toothpaste there are many store you can buy yours I make mine check my video of how I make it here I refill my bottles This one is for travel and I have other at home 13. 14 15 shampoo, conditioner and cream stick Good brands who make their own natural shampoo soap products in México you can find “AMAI” good reviews haven’t tried it yet but I will good options here in Toronto aswell

ecological bazaars If you try it but don’t feel comfortable with stick shampoos *explain how much shampoo I use and the garbage that comes from plastic* So If you don’t enjoy it there are places where you can go and refill your shampoo I’ll leave you behind links of where to find it buy the option you prefer and you’ll realize you won’t make as much garbage as before another option 16.- makeup remover cotton pads you can find this reusable ones, made from fabric you wash them and you can reuse them 17.- an already classic and essential product cloth bags /totebags take them to your local market you can say no to plastic bags take yours, so simple when you go for your veggies sometimes they give you an specific plastic bag but no you can buy smaller cloth bags ones for your products I have this ones from my brand that I used for other things before and now I use for my fruits and I put all here