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nobody tries to think about death until they’re 90 years old unfortunately it doesn’t work that way for everyone you know every day let the father’s power guide you and joy whole Juliet now this is where we came our first date all right we’re here buddy out we made it Wow pretty guys take this amazing right this is so hey why don’t you guys go and play and we’ll call you in like 2:30 okay okay thank you Chris don’t you guys go too far this place we did did you come here long every summer do you guys go camping up here have you ever wanted Sivir so you guys think we’ll be best friends forever of course we will rubbers a long time or like a club we need a name though yeah like the cool kids club no now how about the Bulldogs you know they slobber too much hey how about the face club I like [Applause] are you kidding [Applause] [Applause] well now we can take these guys yeah they pushed me on to dad come on guy pick you up yes Oh mom’s right we can do this let’s do it let’s get it right we’re like The Three Musketeers number six of us here oh we’re like the six Musketeers Oh [Applause] hello I know this is Rick this nut chris is in the middle of game okay guys hang on hang on again hey Chris you know what Timothy John rocky and ki ranch has been an accident you

might want to go Thanks okay hey can you take over okay you got this respect she ripped be right Eric with something actually wouldn’t love right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] yes welcome to the Book of Life Community Church what was amazing grace as we think back let’s remember the good times let’s remember the good that has been done to others let’s remember the happiness that’s been brought and the miracle of the loaves and fishes Jesus working with one small boy of faith to an average meal and he fed thousands of people and it wasn’t about the food it was about one young man willing to step up and believe well in conclusion let me quote from the words of the mighty man Samson when the book of Judges said and I quote their spaghetti dinner tickets let’s eat excuse me could you tell me what happened with the funeral service today I was supposed to be for Tim John this is a different event the funeral was a couple of days ago thank you Rick so what exactly do they tell you when you took that message for me Timothy John Tucson do you think there’s any way possible they told you two days ago you know it’s a lot going on when I think the message rockin Cameron you crisp Madonna and Tom Miller yeah thank you guys so much for coming I had no idea well skal so you guys friends attempts yes and Tim also worked on our wrench he was a heck of a Roper made of rubber yeah he was quite the cowboy tim was a cowboy when was the last time you saw your friend son well we were best friends growing up just went separate ways after high school my coworker took a phone call about his death but unfortunately there was a mixup with dates I took the first train here at La as soon as I heard probably head back tomorrow though were you staying tonight I’m in a plane let’s head out to the ranch for some dinner and we can take you to the cemetery tomorrow looks like it’s been a while since you’ve had a home-cooked meal

what do you think so far it’s quite a place you have here 5500 acres let’s take a lot of people to keep it up right well we can always use an extra hand if you want to stick around for a while yeah why don’t you just sleep over after dinner tonight you can stay in Timothy’s bunkhouse yeah we’ll see this smells delicious by the way why thank you thank you mm-hmm so do you a rodeo that was a calf roper still wrote don’t let him fool you he can still throw a rope with the best of them Chris before we of course I’d love to say grace oh but dear Heavenly Father please bless this food we have here do you have any father please bless this food do your heavenly father dear Heavenly Father please bless this dear Lord please bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies amen that’s right Chris you haven’t met our daughters anything this is May Lauren April Claire and Lisa this is Chris so Chris you say you’re a chaplain yes sir I am recon Valley Christian College in California how closely to the beach yeah about an hour movie starts I thought one guy from that show I love that guy he’s so dreamy he’s California Dreaming do you have coyotes in LA or the Bobcats tarantulas forth new rattlesnakes I know you started get scary good thing I wearing any but California’s really not too much different than here more cactus here and it’s hotter but it’s a dry heat right oh it’s a dry heat tell that to the turkey when you stick him in the oven and there’s all the stables here we’ve got all this land out here so my boy should I show you to the bunkhouse or should I call you a cab well as much fun as this has been mr. Miller I was your ride honey there’s a section of fence over on the west side that needs or you looked at okay I’ll get rain Zeke on it first thing in the morning all right well there’s some chili in the bunkhouse if you’re hungry no I’m good I’m good Amy this is mr. Christian Andrews Chris this is my oldest Amy chris is a friend of Tim’s how do you do I think you blow to the stables so Chris we were saying well it’s not think about yeah so to all of your daughter’s help the other ranch yeah they each have their own responsibilities and duties Donna and I’ve been doing this a lot of years and we’re just not as spry as we used to be Amy grace she’s our right hand some of the comforts of home I miss that young man just when you think you’ve got your whole life figured out nobody’s promised tomorrow are they well make yourself at home this is this was Tim’s room I appreciate it thank you dawn

all rise dinner’s honor versus very Hawkins they seek Montaigne is now in session judge stone presiding be seated and take those combo hats off in this courtroom I don’t care if you’re in Arizona you should know you boys have been in my courtroom way too many times over the last few years you way past the three stripes mr. prosecutor one [ __ ] your honor mr. Hawkins is charged with disorderly behavior and public drunkenness in a brawl that allegedly was instigated by mr. Hawkins and his accomplice Zeke Montoya they caused the destruction of a pool cue and one overhead coca-cola lamp now Your Honor I am NOT saying that these are the worst criminals in the world but they are repeat offenders with no regard for society I say throw the book at them quiet quiet in my courtroom mr. gray hmm yes your honor my client mr. ray Hawkins and my other client Zeke Montano have been arrested 22 I’ve been arrested 22 times your honor so we are requesting leniency I object it’s okay you boys have some pretty good friends over there at the 8-ball they’re willing to drop the destruction of property if you pay $1200 in restitution my clients agreed to full restitution Your Honor I object I don’t have that kind of money they are both gainfully employed more than happy to pay restitution your honor that only is the charge of public drunkenness mr. Hawkins I’m going to order you to do three days of a a meetings over the next 30 days after which time you’ll report back to me take advantage of this or you good jail time three AAA meetings judge I can’t do that and that’s the truth Oh three days too much how about five judge you can’t do that oh I can’t you want to go for two you keep it going 365 I got days come on didn’t think so get him out of my courtroom should’ve taken the three now city slicker thanks to

all right Hey ladies I thought I’d come by see if I can help out around here with some some ranch things you’re a little late it’s lunch Oh if you want you can finish up the rest of the seals after we eat yeah I can do that yeah cool no welcome the ranch I guess right on there thank you oh nice day now here we usually do a little work before hey slow Lauren you finished with attackers – more good clarin May you’re on dinner detail tonight menus in the kitchen April Lisa finished mucking the stables uh mr. Andrew said that he’d like to finish up with the stables this true sure I got over my lunch somehow all right I was walking around they were working and well mr. Andrews I think you should know these two were trying to pull something over on you there’s a lot more stables on the other side of this ranch how many we talking about another 30 I’m off let you know what these two they were looking at another half day at work I’ll honor my commitment fine Raines II can show you what to do when you get there Claire please show mr Andrews where to go on your way to exercise the horses the rest you get going you two you come with me find something else for you to do for the rest of the afternoon see you in school Tim your best friends when we were about your age hard to imagine Tim being my age was that she was so serious about everything anything else I need to know about rein Zeke don’t you like to drink a lot No you ever been to jail no you guys wanted much to talk about then ray gets the brown bottle flu every month or two what is that he has a little too much to drink and spends the weekend in jail Oh and they know a city slicker when they see one hey guys mr. Chris volunteered to finish up my stables so maybe you could show him what to do oh we can point him in the right direction I’m Christian okay so you were a friend of tips I was yes hard to believe got a lot more cowboy than you you knew how to pull his own weight guys I’m just here to help oh you want to help hold this I have a PhD in my ecology here’s the muck hey professor the muck those over there you know you don’t have anything to prove hey I’m just getting my second wind you know I can have Ray and Zeke finish up with these in the morning no no I got this you’re very interesting man mr. Andrews

either crazy determined or just plain crazy you know I won’t use your last name if you don’t use mine good night then mr Chris I’m interesting I’m crazy all right let’s get back to it wake up before the sunrise it rolled at the crack of dawn Lord my eyes are getting tired or I don’t know where we hit it yet but I sure know where I’ve been you know I work every single day [Applause] cuz I know he’s gotta for every man yeah I know it’s hard and I keep surviving Liz lying inside me [Applause] aspirin Oh may want to take one more oh I am hurtin in places Amy got a couple horses loose on the North fence can you get them for me yeah I got it oh and take Kris with you but he Oh give me your phone huh here’s my info you’re feeling she’s stored to work tomorrow just text them I’ll be all right okay in about a week you find yourself in a hole first thing to do is stop digging Will Rogers I don’t think that was a hole I was digging today stop trying to be a ranch hand believe me you’re never gonna be a ranch hand just be Chris Andrews I don’t need another ranch in my friend Tim can’t believe how fast a high school years have flown by as we embark on this next phase of our lives I hope we will continue to remain best friends even if we go in separate directions as long as we hold Christ in

our hearts and surround ourselves with those who believe will always be part of faith club your friend Christian why did you keep this once again mr. Jones there’s about a dozen college students waiting here to see you okay ah are you okay Oh Amy Rick what’s up Rick dude what are you getting back I’m not sure yet actually I’m drowning here twenty kids who want me to give them my advice just listen and let God guide you to the answers that’s easy for you I’m not very good at listening just have faith I won’t be here much longer service just please don’t use the Prius story I’ll call you as soon as I know something all right hey what’s wrong with the Prius story kiss hello god help me through this hey Chris can you ride yes yes I can so you’ve ridden before no no I have ok we’ll hike coach wants me to play football this summer I don’t want to be done with that come on Baker doughnuts strudels pies I’m doing my nails this weekend Pete hey I have so many brothers it’s not my fault he can’t take a bunch pastor who do I need to talk to you to get some good doughnuts and coffee in the Faculty room hmm I use a day off all they get is dirt one I think you’re just trying to keep me from wrecking something else my secrets out April and Lisa sure knew how to play you you know I knew I suspected something I really just wanted to help but I did not expect to wake up in a stable she’s such a city slicker so what did up down who Lisa in April I just made sure the alternative was worse how bad was it change and washed all the linens and clean all the bedrooms and bathrooms it’s kinda like what I was doing I hope not did you know it’s him well no he kept to himself he was a good worker though I think Claire got to know him the best and she took his desk pretty hard we want to talk to her probably good for both of us I don’t think I could do that not a very good listener well we all got our strengths you run a ranch that’s no easy task I don’t run this ranch could’ve fooled me I don’t work it alone I do rather enjoy telling people what to do know that I’ve nursed let’s go this way so you know I’m head of the cheerleading team whoa any ideas for a new routine so I’ve been working out adjusting my workout but do a lot of curls you think the coach let me back on the team home sex I was trying to find a great burger near campus any suggestions that I can help you with

hold all my calls lunch what is this place all the old ranches have these family cemeteries this is the Miller family cemetery this one’s an old cowboy grave from the 1800s old some we’ve got don’t even know who he is [Applause] this is the newest one – yeah and we had to service out here a couple days ago looks like rain Zeke made it out here – I just got the news late to my friend wrap you I want you to meet my parents your parents I thought the Millers room they took me in after my parents were killed Millers and I animal why what happened it was five years ago your block down the street got hit by drunk driver dead at the scene what about the other driver barely scratch he go to prison there not one day case got thrown out on a technicality you lost the blood-alcohol test I’ve moved on I don’t want to know anything about him I feel like it gives him power over me you know hmm to lose your parents I I can’t imagine No are you serious thanks to ya I’m really glad you’re spending some time here yeah you know I really think that’s just what I needed yeah sunshine and hard work can really be healing amen to that hey how well did you know Tim what do you want to know I don’t know it’s the way everybody talks about Tim here just differ than the way I knew him you know and don’t no offense I love this ranch but I just can’t really see him doing a job like like this well you know sometimes people are working at something and sometimes they’re working on something was he happy here it was Tim happy I like to think he was finding some satisfaction in what he was doing here you know he’d been through a lot in life since you and he knew each other I just lost contact with him I got busy too busy well you know we can’t do anything about what’s coming gone all we can do is learn from our mistakes it’s words of wisdom I’ve got over 30 years of mistakes on you hey by the way Donna and I are gonna be leaving town day after tomorrow I was hoping you’d still be here when we get back we’ll only be gone a couple of days okay and Amy’s gonna be running things which she does anyway if you could give her a hand with whatever she needs help with I’d appreciate it I don’t know how much help I’ll be but sure we won’t be gone very long just a few days we’ll tell you all about it when we get home can I go no I’m sorry sweetie and we expect all of you to give Amy the same respect to give us while we’re gone and try to make sure that guy doesn’t starve to death while we’re gone okay Tim spent a lot of time out here the last few months so where you two would

listen to Johnny Cash yeah what’s all this whoa what is it it’s uh stuff buckle here – oh my goodness Tim and I back then we were just on fire for Jesus so I went to a Christian College became a chaplain there right he only went one semester dropped out got a job I had talked to him since then this looks like an outline to fix this place up you never told you anything about this you know they used to talk about how they had dances out here in the old days just thinking my doing services here like a church [Applause] maybe this is why I’m here finish what Tim started here I think I know how with you you’re with me you see we’re in step up on or down like family our strength carries on we could fall spits run off track on a train to another place come right back to see each others face smiling that smile to let each no it’s all we are best friends disdainfully Timmy senator ranching never figured him for a country boy had me end up here and guys that want your help all right I found out Tim had a vision he wanted to start some kind of cowboy church here on this ranch you know place for people to come who wouldn’t feel comfortable in a traditional church setting thing is his first service was set for next Sunday this isn’t a church it’s a concrete slab no you know a few lights chairs facing this way pulpit here Calvillo cathedral this cowboy want some air conditioning come on guys let’s – Tim your other faith club after all that’s right no man yeah have faith and God faith club faith in Tim yeah faith they’re not faith is gonna take more effort than we mentioned over the phone Amy watching me my friends Maria Donovan Justin guys this is Amy hey well Maria we have room at the house you can stay in okay okay if the guys bunk with you Chris yeah unless you guys want sleep in a stables I just clean those up the other day well meet us up at the house once you’re settled in okay what Amy it’s not like that oh it’s like that he’s just a few staples over here there’s about 40 more stables on the other side of there hey that’s a lot of horses you’re telling me I spent a whole week someone else stables one afternoon hey ray looks like you broke the heifer yeah it looks like we got a few more hands he’ll clean up stall yeah we were just talking about that actually use my buddies Justin and Donovan come on these guys were jerks they are alright an ATV I’d just ranch hands I could give me a hard time you’re right up they mock me and then they’re right out god molding your character this is perfect much better than the bunkhouse so you knew Timothy – yeah Tim and Chris were best friends back in high school he seems so different Timothy was so quiet never got to know him well in the three years he was here

I already gotten to know Chris better in just a few days he’s been here Tim inspired us all he was always up never afraid to step out on faith you know like they say you got to get out of the boat before you can walk on water you like Chris yeah he’s great we’re just friends I don’t know chris is a great guy I just haven’t been interested in anyone in a long time well the horses are happy to see me let’s get you settled hanging out just like high school I know man I’m glad you guys are here bad beer man so uh what’s up with baby you asked her out yet I’m I’m just getting to know her carpe diem my friend well we did go on a nice hike the other day oh yeah to a cemetery ouch now that’s a cheap date what a beautiful night all this fresh air gonna have that no way I think I’ve seen so many stars before gotta say I think the ranch life is starting to grow on me your friends are nice you guys are hilarious together yeah Tim should be here though from the way you guys talk about him he seems like a completely different guy yeah honestly all of this makes me miss him that much anymore Kenneth Oh feel like I let him down you know I should have tried harder to stay in contact with him yeah new wish though God would let me see him just one last night you’ll see one day right you believe ray me my mom and dad were Christians so yeah I was saved when I was 12 my aunt and uncle they’re good people so Sunday Christians Sunday morning Christians me too yeah well God knows what’s in your heart can be a scary thought sometimes you want to go to dinner Amy not really hungry not tonight like on a date okay Chris it looks like the stage area goes over here and the Popo goes there and all of the chairs go right back here we could string lights all over that would be pretty odd sounds great okay okay let’s get back for the important question here were you taking Amy for the date what you asked her out on a date it’s just dinner tomorrow night and she said yes is that surprising I think she’s been on one date since I’ve been here and it did not go well what happened first dates can be tricky Claire what happened well I’m just a little sister so what do I know Claire knows off she’s clairvoyant to words and less Buffay ooh first date red flag think I was a cheapskate yeah even I know a first day of buffet was a real bad idea unless I’m real hungry so what would Amy like something romantic something with candles something Italian something new to wear I need to get you phone cowboyed yeah that ranch hand look and they work around the ranch but you need to look like a lady if you’re gonna do thanks to remember that last night that had nothing to do with what I was wearing that buffet boy doesn’t deserve you chris is definitely no buffet exactly so we’re gonna need a fancy dress and to do something with your hair what’s wrong with my hair just leave all day guess you don’t see

[Applause] with many years [Applause] [Applause] to say guess you don’t as a kid you’re coming my way and wouldn’t be on you you see a man should feel extra special when his day is Lee that means she’s taking extra time to look good for you teen girl magazine September issue I hope you’re taking her somewhere nice not a buffet right I’m not taking her to a buffet molest him you had a date I probably shouldn’t tell you this but the reason our sister doesn’t go on a lot of dates is because she’s been waiting for the right person well I’ve been waiting too patience is a virtue don’t thank you for waiting thank you for being worth waiting for I’ve been wondering daily what it would be like if you’re next me wonderful it would be to have you next to me face-to-face you as my friend know what makes you smile and laugh when talking to you and would be to have you next to me I’ve been really blessed really just want to be I envy you since my parents died I don’t really know what I was supposed to do I guess working at the ranch has really saved me this sounds wrong but I feel guilty for my parents death I keep thinking maybe if I’d done something differently if I’d gotten better grades I prayed more something maybe they’ll be here they’re gone because of somebody else’s bad mistake it’s not your fault we’ll never be your father take time but just really have to convince yourself that whatever you feel guilty well sometimes I’m not my favorite person my Jesus said love God and love others as you love yourself it’s important to love yourself you know I love this so we’re double picks make it sound so easy sometimes love is easy we should probably get back okay girls come on what’s going on Laurens in there she won’t come out Lauren come out here this minute no

young lady hey hey hey just give me one minute one minute trust me this is what I do Lauren it’s Christian just me leave me alone please well I really need your help with something what it’s about my date with Amy and you know her better than I do I could really use your help can I come in okay I wasn’t trying for red alright well lucky for you this is not the first case of unwanted red hair I’ve ever had I’d say about three hair emergencies a semester but I know just what to do I hope you’re right no one about five minutes we’re in a bit is everything okay yes well good night then did you do something to your hair not gonna tell me huh ministerial counseling confidentiality it’s getting late though I should go we’ve managed to do something no one’s done in a long time what’s that surprise me thank you we waited long enough yet it’s paradise and to that’s between like Elaine it was nice to you go now we’re gonna see her again thank you for sharing that part of yourself away

ami what do you want us to ride together on horseback ami what do you want really what my parents back see I can’t give you that ever since we met you have this this wall and I can’t fix it what’s going on something happened dude I just think I’m starting to realize that maybe God doesn’t want me here Chris I’ve never seen you like this do you think you could ever forgive the man who killed your parents no of course not who could and I don’t think I can’t either okay because he’s the one who gave you this wall and I know we have this connection but to do with us Amy Tim killed your parents Tim my friend Tim is the drunk driver who crashed that car I spoke to his parents tell me about the crash they told me about a couple he killed you through that whole time I spoke to your uncle told me it was here to be a guardian angel he tried to make amends he let that me you showed up I thought it was God bringing something good from something bad that’s what they say right God can take a bad situation to make it good I thought all this was to bring us together and your friend your friend just bring you here you brought you here to kill me to me Amy is done just surrender here and now all the food won’t do any good soldier Slayer where is done and you come don’t your strength you gotta buy just you gotta buy just a little bit Amy Amy Amy stop stop why are you here can’t be because of me and I thought you weren’t interested in being a cowboy I’m not maybe right was right what’s the one the calories count that’s not my point what is your point why are you in front of me listen I just couldn’t leave with the way things are between us right now I just wanted to talk talk all you want just not to me I’m gonna do this service Amy okay and it’s not gonna be a celebration it’s not gonna be an honoring for Tim okay it’s gonna be a warning about trusting people too much

okay then I’m gone then Brae was right about that building by next week that church will just be another mess for me and the girls to clean up just go back to playing at college the people there can come and go in your life and you don’t even have to ask you said God doesn’t want you here neither do I shelter you know I’m a shelter so why do you turn from me have you passed by all the answers are you torn by what seems to me I was always the rest you saw there’s your struggle in mine I was always the brave you come if you need shelter come to me shelter you know I’m a shelter just place your face than me when you lay down your [Applause] you find the strange I will always as you saw just drag Lucar if you need shelter if you need shoes to it’s like you texted her yet man she doesn’t text me back no you’re not supposed to text ago after three times the shin takes you back right how many times you text her anyway more than three longer man let’s go to help one of the other girls with their hair I don’t know what you did to Amy last night that cold bossy look just don’t you dare talk about her like that yeah what are you gonna do about you don’t have a clue what she’s going through oh yeah as if some old Runkle knows anything about being there for someone who remember what the judge said one more fight your ponytail yeah what’s up hey I just wanted to talk to everybody not talk but apologize I’m afraid I just brought you all out here for something that’s just not gonna happen are you talking about man we can get this done no I found out some stuff about Tim I don’t even know if doing his service is gonna do any good I just uh I don’t know I’m beat down are you talking about Tim’s crash drunk driver accident he told you yes he trusted all you guys not me it wasn’t about trust he was about shame he was ashamed of what are you done he knew he’d let you down he couldn’t face it so we turn this back on you it’s a lot more than that oh you don’t know okay have a dead friend just pull the rug right out from under you like that when you get hurt like that it just shows how much you care come on remember we always used to say where there’s faith there’s faith Club afraid I just don’t have much to say these days nothing this is the end of the faith Club hey nor didn’t see me yeah may was out on the ATV and got it stuck in that south wash can you and Zico pick it up before it gets dark no I can’t do it today it sounds like a two-man job and Zeke’s in town picking up some gear I’ll get my gloves I’ll go with you I’ll go sounds like a two-man job thanks Chris right all right you can carry the toolbox

Oh amia screwdriver built ray I really should apologize to you for what I said nothing you said needs any apologizing for you probably should be thanking Zeke usually want to stop me from knocking your block off I’m probably going to jail anyways jail why is that none of your business well maybe it’s something I can help you with stop stop trying to preacher me kind of busted up a place a few weeks ago I get out of control when I drink a lot of people do george ordered me to go to a few AAA meetings and if you know you go to jail most likely so you’re saying you’d rather go to jail then go to a few a meeting ten well jail doesn’t scare me like those a meetings do I don’t really like talking in front of people you well I’ll tell you what when’s your next one tomorrow I’ll go with you why would you do that ransom or friends oh we’re friends now huh Zeke oh let me knock your block off [Applause] mom dad found the man who killed you and took you away from me I didn’t want to see him with someone real I didn’t want to know anything about him I thought that keep the hate away but it just buried it deeper inside I’ve been working beside him for three years he was a good man how could I forgive him for something like that the bad keeps spreading can’t stand to look at his friend because they’re connected and Tim’s not there so I can’t how could I lie to me like that how can you let that man near me Amy I walked up here for Tim I just had to forgive him for hurting somebody that I really care about and will forgiveness as an act of faith isn’t it faith is about love I just connected Jesus loves us has faith in us so he forgave us for all our shortcomings as hard as that may be it’s up to you it’s up to us to accept that forgiveness and faith that love and forgiveness sets you free game it’ll set us free you want me to leave no I think I want

you to stay so much the world hello everybody my name is Christian and I want to introduce to you a friend of mine hello my name is Ray you know what could you guys help your mom with the bags yeah we’ve got everything taken care of you know your aunt and I aren’t getting any younger and we’d like to pull back some from the ranch I can take more the responsibilities myself no we already made our decision and the papers have been signed hold the ranch not exactly we’re giving it to you you know you’re so much a part of this place that it’s more yours than ours now I don’t know what to say it’s not gonna happen tomorrow we’ve still got a lot of work to do but for now why don’t you go up talk with your sisters I’m sure they found out by now Wow how long you been planning this I probably knew from the first year she was here you know Chris when we talked the other night I didn’t tell you that I’m the one that found Tim that day I saw his horse from my truck and by the time I got there I could see he was breathing but the way he was laying there I know I couldn’t move him then he said something that really blew my mind he said this is the day that the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it and he said this is the day that we’re all waiting for I’m gonna see Jesus today so I sit there for about 10 minutes with him smiling me crying and then he passed over the procedure that’s been a long day for me hey what is this that’s Tim’s bike Tim had a motorcycle at a dirt bike when I was kid he would never get on a thing cause I think he’s a bit afraid of pain lies beneath mice things that no one else plans and went astray from me [Applause] [Applause]

[Applause] enjoy is a service routine job yes I was a friend of his my name’s Christian Andrews he was one of us latest colors down just trying to get his act together being obedient to God you need help getting this place in the shape though not unless you know where to get 100 shares how about sitting on bales of hay hold powerful that no guys loosen straw [Applause] [Applause] who because and the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant with faith and love which is in Christ Jesus this is a faithful saying and worthy of all acceptance that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am chief that’s from the first chapter fourteenth and fifteenth verse of first Timothy the books of Timothy in the Bible or about building Christ Church here on earth building it on truth truth of God the truth of the good news truth of love and to get to that truth we got to have faith it’s only done through faith this Timothy here is one for the ages for everybody I was blessed enough in my life to know my own Timothy the best friend since childhood because of him place were in here tonight he was a reason for that he first had a vision to see this but then also had the faith to work towards it as well in his faith influenced our faith to keep working on it until here we are tonight all of us here together and even then Tim knew that church didn’t have to be some white clabber building with a tall steeple or even a cathedral made of stone on spiring in its grandeur no we knew the church is us it’s us here with our changed hearts our saved Souls whether you’re in a cold jail cell or you’re here free Wallace in the very masterpiece that is God’s creation no church is here in us the Timothy I know just passed recently and his grave just up there in those hills and I still see him here in each and every face that I look into his faith in God kept him going through a lot of terrible terrible times that’s what faith and love do they keep us going in his days and this old world at least are over no more roaming on the range just cowboy talk Casey didn’t know that I didn’t know that but he’s home he’s home and while he’s there we’re all here still on our own trail let’s hold onto that faith that faith that keeps us and my friend Tim I’ll really miss you I’ll see you again you are the reason my heart beats like it does you are the air I breathe

the sun shining above you are the dream of half a million times or more yeah you show me time and again what I’m living for homie just told me don’t never let me go you are a miracle by answer tell me just tell me always be here to let me with spoon my dear Avenues I’m thinking it’s just a moment you have to realize that everything that’s common with all there is to be just so clearly connected I’ve had that moment it was right here when I first met you it’s a moment I stopped being me and we became us well I think about it first thing I think of in the morning last thing I think about at night and in between you’ve become my best friend my inspiration I can’t imagine my life in news I’m the man to you hey you’re the one worth waiting for thank you by the way Amy we marry yes I will homie just told me don’t ever let me go you are a miracle tell me just tell me you’ll always begin to let me whisper I love you forever my dear you are the morning the first day of I you are so beautiful I can’t believe my you are my everything on the joy of real you give me time and again a heart to come home homie just told me don’t ever let me go you are chemical body and tell me just tell me you’ll always be here – let me whisper love you homie just told me don’t ever let me go you are body and soul tell me just tell me you’ll always be here to like me my dear I you you