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(sirens wailing) ANNOUNCER: Tonight on Nightwatch: -(cheering) -Happy New Year! It’s gonna feel like somebody punched you in the chest (screams) Did you see anybody running this way? MAN: He… He down the street ANNOUNCER: In the city of New Orleans, there are as many as 1,000 emergency calls every night These are the stories of the heroes who risk their lives to answer those calls Police officers firefighters and emergency medical technicians (siren wailing) This is Nightwatch (siren wailing) HOLLY: New Year’s Eve Not our easiest night, by any stretch Even though some of the calls can make for some really good stories For us, it’s not about the champagne, countdowns and kisses It’s about everything else going on And making sure everyone comes out okay (fireworks popping, whistling) (indistinct radio chatter) NICK: Hey, boo boo HOLLY: Hey Funny seeing you here -I know, right? (chuckles) -What’s up. How you doing? -Good -Yeah? HOLLY: New Year’s -NICK: So you know what that means tonight? -Yeah, it means it’s probably gonna be a catastrophic night The start of New Year’s night usually just feels like a calm before the storm (crowd yelling, whooping) NICK: Any holiday, anybody in this job knows not to say the “Q” word Once you say “quiet” all hell breaks loose (whooping) DAN: Well, with big crowds come big problems. Big crowds draw a lot of drinking You get drugs out on the street and all the other troubles that come with it It can be taxing on our service KEELEY: 6266, what area are you looking again? What-what’s he supposed to be wearing? -Stop walking in front of them, you… -(laughs) HOLLY: People are just gonna get drunk to party, but the world is still turning People are still gonna get sick, they’re still gonna get food poisoning, they’re still gonna have heart attacks, you know? Strokes don’t stop on New Year’s Eve TITUS: Dude, they’re giving us a call, -man, come on, let’s go -A’ight People still need us GAVIN: I was offshore And since the oil prices started dropping, contracts started going down, so I came back to New Orleans -HOLLY: What’s up, boy? -What’s up, girl? I see you got your land legs back, huh? Yeah. They let me go Ooh, you got a little chunky out there -They feeding you good? -Hey, hey -Three times a day. Steak twice -Yes, indeed -So what’s going on? -Well, I’m back For a little bit You miss me that much? -Well, we had to get on the same shift. -(laughs) HOLLY: I knew Gavin was gonna be back I told Gavin he was gonna be back And, I mean, you know, this-this place is it’s your family It’s very easy to come back to it It’s what you know -Who they got you with? -I been with Paige -That’s right -GAVIN: Who you with? -Nick -Manning? -Yeah -He’s as good as me? Uh… You don’t You really want to go there? -No. (laughs) -It’s different It’s different, but it’s working It’s a good partnership. Not one that I would have expected Paige can work with anyone I guess the only thing I would tell her is, you know, if Gavin starts to get a little attitude, sometimes you just got to pluck him right in the nose But he’ll be just fine All right, babe, well, I’m going to work Good to see you All right Y’all have a good night I’ll see you Oh, yeah RANDY: Tan Altima 10-4, we’re heading that way (siren chirps) Somebody’s vehicle just got jacked Yeah The call came out as stolen vehicle What’s wrong? You-You had a… You had a-a Nissan Altima? Which way did they go? How many subjects? JUSTIN: Where was the car parked at? Right on the side, on two? All right It was on pump two RANDY: What all you had in there?

694, okay, I got a plate on that Altima JUSTIN: Then we have to put the car out as stolen, because at any point, any officer in the city could, you know, run that plate and know that the vehicle is stolen, so that’s the first thing we need to do DISPATCHER: It’s a 94 JUSTIN: They have 94s Got gunshots While I was on the call investigating, another call came out It was a shooting not too far away from where we were (siren whooping) (indistinct radio chatter) (siren wailing) DISPATCHER: Code 3 and a third was fired En route So we’re going to a gunshot wound to the chest -HOLLY: Great way to start out the New Year. -Yep 34S Gunshot That’s the car Look at that thing Ooh, ooh No way What’s the make and model of that, uh, vehicle? It’s not uncommon for people that steal vehicles to go commit other crimes -That, uh, stolen vehicle, huh? -Yeah It’s probably gonna be a perpetrator vehicle, too You see him? NICK: He’s in the house -(man yells) -Is he awake at all? NICK: There was a gentleman laying on the floor in a house, got a gunshot wound to the chest People that were in the house did not know him Apparently he had came up to their house after he had been shot, rang the doorbell, knocked on the door and they were nice enough to let him in HOLLY: Okay, we’re gonna carry you out of here -Stretcher’s ready? -NICK: Luckily for this gentleman, he knocked on the right door RANDY: I guess he was running and they were shooting at him and some kind of way, he made it all the way over here in this lady’s door, where he collapsed HOLLY: Put your arm in; move your arm Come on, babe -Aah -Sorry, my man -Just got to get you on here -HOLLY: Pull him up NICK: Unless you brought your X-ray goggles to work, you don’t know what’s going on inside. Bullets ricochet in weird patterns You never know what it hits, so you gotta treat every bullet wound with the fact that he probably gonna have to go to surgery -(man grunts) -Slow down, deep breaths, all right? See your scissors? HOLLY: No problems breathing, right? You do? -HOLLY: Mm-hmm. -NICK: Yeah, man, you gonna be all right HOLLY: Give me a 16, prep Vinegar Are you feeling hot, like you’re about to pass out? Okay -Just take slow, deep breaths, okay? -Yeah, you got to relax Don’t move your arms, don’t move your arm He’s starting to move like he’s getting hypoxic, though We knew that he was not breathing well at all. He was definitely lacking oxygen, um, which is what we call hypoxia There’s no taking your time on that You want to do what you got to do, and get him to the hospital as quick as you can All right, we out 3232 Code 3 -Is that blood? -Blood, yeah Man, it’s all the way down there? That’s where it started? Yeah, yeah, wait till you see down here He started running this way This vehicle got hit -Damn. -This one took two through the windshield JUSTIN: Ooh RANDY: Got a casing and stuff over there That’s that nine millimeter That’s the high point Yeah, that’s a nine That’s what our girl said she had in her car, too We ain’t found her car yet, but we… everybody’s looking, everybody’s trying to locate it, so we’ll see Hopefully we can find her car, hopefully, we get some DNA off of it He told me he was coming from the barbershop, just heard a shot, -got hit and then ran -No idea where it came from -or nothing. -Yeah. But I looked at the X-ray and it just hit and shattered everywhere, so it’s probably a hollow point Yeah We found out the bullet actually tore up his spleen And he had to go into surgery immediately He’s got a long road ahead of him -You ready? -NICK: Yup (siren blaring) DISPATCHER: 3229 Here you have a 51-year-old male with flu-like symptoms GAVIN: We’re going to an old guy with flu-like symptoms on Touro Street You know, is Touro up here? -GAVIN: Touro’s actually a couple of streets over. -Okay -Up at North Robertson -PAIGE: Robertson and Villere’s up here GAVIN: Paige is seemingly real innocent I’m definitely not (laughs) I think Paige has been here about eight months I’d say we’re opposites I don’t know. I’ve only worked with her a couple times We’re still kind of getting in a groove of feeling each other out and getting that that good flow going (siren blaring) GAVIN: Come out before we all get a wet ass PAIGE: All right, who are we here for? (muttering) Feeling bad? What’s going on, brother? -(man groans) -What’s bothering you? Oh, man Everything? Well, let’s get you to the front door

so we can get you on a stretcher We got the call for flu-like symptoms I notice he’s struggling to breathe a little bit It didn’t look like a flu to me So, prostate cancer, gallstones, kidney stones– what else we got? Have you been feeling bad all day? Nice and slow breaths for me, okay? You got heart problems, brah? GAVIN: Well, I had to give you some medicine, slow your heart down It’s gonna feel like you’re on an elevator and it drop– just gonna make you feel funny His heart rate was, like, 180 to 200 We gave him medicine called adenosine to try and break that rhythm and bring him down to a normal rate PAIGE: He still hadn’t budged He’s still way up there You want the other 12, or is it pads time? : I’m gonna call U.H You ready to go? Yeah Time to go GAVIN: New Orleans EMS, University I’m bringing you a 52-year-old male, short of breath Heart rate 180 SVT No change with six and 12 milligrams of adenosine I’ll put the pads on him, ’cause his pressure’s dropping He didn’t respond to the adenosine Once the medicine didn’t work, we go to cardioversion We place the pads on him, set it at 50 joules The electricity about to hit him will slow that heart rate down All right, Mr. Joseph, I got to get you out of that heart rate, okay? So I’m gonna have to hit you with a little bit of electricity It’s gonna feel like somebody punched you in your chest -All right? -Mm -Okay? -(machine beeping) (screams) GAVIN: All right, Mr. Joseph, -I got to get you out of that heart rate, okay? -Mm-hmm So I’m gonna have to hit you with a little bit of electricity It’s gonna feel like somebody punched you in your chest This patient has a really high heart rate, and if we don’t get it down quick enough, he could go into cardiac arrest, so we have to shock him a few times with some electricity and try to stabilize that heart rate -(screams) -Easy Easy Got one, uh, cardioversion with 50 joules, no change 10-4 (beeping) Doc wants one more, okay? -Oh, Lord, no -I know. One more -(yells) -Easy, easy Oh, Lord, no more of that (bleep) That’s it. That’s all the doc asked for (bleep) Absolutely no change with 100 DISPATCHER: Okay, just bring him on in GAVIN: It’s not easy when you know you’re hurting a patient They’re already in pain You don’t want to make anything worse, but doctor’s orders, and had to do what was in his best interest GAVIN: No break Cardioverted twice -PAIGE: Ready? -Yup, I’m ready GAVIN: He ended up having sepsis, which is, basically, if you have cancer, you tend to be really prone to infection Your immune system’s down, and when that infection gets too bad for your body to control, it can actually cause what’s called sepsis, which It’s a pretty big problem DAN: My New Year’s resolution is to lose weight I’m a fat ass Try to get summertime-ready Got to get my ab my six-pack popping back Get my body ready to show off and wear my RootSuits and (bleep) What the (bleep) is a RootSuit? -(laughs) -TITUS: Well, just, uh… that’s a…? Like a mankini Like, it’s just like a thong Whatever you (bleep) think about Think about root, like, just a little suit -for your (bleep) root -TITUS: All right DAN: You ain’t never heard that? No. I call mine a tree -(laughing) -(alarm buzzing, blaring) DISPATCHER: 3220, a 20-year-old male, possible shot at the location DAN: En route (siren blaring) TITUS: What’s up, man? You all right? DAN: How you doing, my man? -(Bleep) -Where he hit you, man? He was about your height, or he was a little taller than you? RANDY: Blood is everywhere on the floor, and I see this kid just laying down He is breathing, he is talking, so that’s a good thing Then we realized that he wasn’t shot, but they pistol-whipped him, which still is trauma to the head RANDY: Two kids get off the bus, decide they want his iPhone He didn’t want to give it up They hit him a few times with the butt of the gun Like around how old you think? -About 16… or 15? -One of those. Yeah All right, dude– look, we gonna do some things, put some stickers on you DAN: Gonna start a little I.V. on you, man You’ll feel a big stick, okay? And we’ll get you all taken care of And if anything, man, if you start feeling funny in any way, just let him know, all right? Do you need anything, or are you good, bro? No, I’m good, man We can roll (siren wails)

DAN: So, did you see what he hit you with? It was definitely a gun? Okay. He shot it, as well? All right That’s crazy, man. Look Hey, getting hit in the head is a lot better than getting shot, right? TITUS: 3220. We’re at the hospital Hey, dude, I talked to his moms on the way in Dude, I’m just so glad that she was there Said the kid She heard the shot, right? She comes outside Her son is tussling with the kid I mean, as a mother, dude, I can’t even imagine me seeing, like, a guy with a gun to my kid’s chest -Yeah. -…and he’s about to pull the trigger -Right. -Like, she was, like she was, like, “I didn’t know what to do “Do I run over there and bump him? Do I run back in the house, call the police?” She said the only thing that came She couldn’t move, but her mouth was open, and she, like, “Don’t shoot my son.” All right, baby, maybe, you know, the guy had a little humane in him, ’cause he ain’t pull the trigger And this kid was catching the bus home to be with his family For that to be taken away in a matter of seconds over a phone? Man, that’s not right That’s not what this city’s about DENNIS: George, do you want to try your move? -Huh? -DENNIS: Do you want to try that stripper move that we were talking about? -No. -DENNIS: No, you don’t want to do that? MAN: That would be pretty cool I’d pay good money to see that How much you talking about? (laughing) DENNIS: George is He’s the fill-in captain, and he has a way of making everybody laugh I mean, I think we could round up probably -a dollar a man in this room -GEORGE: A dollar?! This is a million dollar body here -(laughter) -This is a Ferrari body We don’t have Ferrari money We are firemen Give me a beat (laughter) DENNIS: Come on You got to do the potty-belly spin Pot-belly spin? (guffawing) There you go. There you go There you go! (laughter, alarm ringing) We have a car accident, gentlemen (siren and horn blaring) Car flipped DAN: It was supposed to be a Jeep flipped over, I think Injury is located directly in front of the bar (siren blaring) How the hell you flip over your car, and you haven’t even got on the interstate yet? (speaking indistinctly) Damn! -(siren wailing) -GEORGE: How the hell do you flip over your car and you haven’t even got on the interstate yet? DAN: There’s supposed to be a a jeep flipped over, I think TITUS: I mean, New Year’s Eve, it wasn’t, like, a big surprise that a car supposedly flipped over in the middle of the street -Man, they sure did -Yep All right DENNIS: This car is flipped over in the middle of the road We need to make sure that no one’s trapped or hurt inside of it DISPATCHER: 3231 DAN: Anybody in it? DENNIS: Yeah, the keys are in it GEORGE: No. Ain’t nobody -in there at all -DENNIS: She said he rolled out, he jumped in that white car -He just ran out of the car? -Seriously? -Yeah. -Yeah That white car that’s going around the corner right now, -he’s in that -Okay DAN: No occupants in the vehicle Uh, some bystanders are saying that the driver of the vehicle just left in a different vehicle He said he was drunk… so, I mean, that’s reason enough -for some people to abandon it -Yeah They say your boy was limping, bleeding, or anything like that? No, he just told me He was, like, “Hey, he’s rolling out in that white truck.” There we go God (bleep), there’s a lot back here If I could get in this mother(bleep) -Uh-huh -(grunts) -He left his phone -They got another one -Where you see another one at? -Look. Right in the front -right here -Uh-oh. This… Uh-oh -Was he texting and driving? -Let’s see That’s it That’s what it is, huh? Oh! “Don’t ever -call me again.” -(laughter) That’s what it says? “Don’t ever call me again Please!” He said, “What?” If I got something like that, I’d get pretty teed off myself -Oh, he received that text message. -Yeah. Oh, here it is “Stay the (bleep) out of my life.” -(laughter) -This dude has class I’m gonna let your boys get back to do what y’all do, man GEORGE: All right, baby Y’all be good out there What’s going on, my man? DAN: It’s up to NOPD to come remove the vehicle and call a tow truck At that point, it’s-it’s done for us TITUS: Got the little man’s name, bro He talks like… (squeaking) You know? He got that high-pitched voice (Bleep) captain now (Bleep) That’s all right HOLLY: New Year’s Eve helmet safety! -And selfies -I’ve got

to do something with this This is not DISPATCHER: 10-4. Yes, ma’am Becca’s been wearing hers for the last two hours -Oh, man -Let’s get this over with -Helmet on, sir -Oh, God DAN: Oh, this is so heavy HOLLY: You know, only in New Orleans do you have to wear a helmet for an hour, on New Year’s Eve Yep because of stray falling bullets Yep I wonder if I just walk in my girl’s bedroom, man, with a helmet and some socks on -(laughing) -DISPATCHER: 3227 KEELEY: 6266 at Rampart and Orleans Think it’s gonna be a few minutes before we get a unit We spending the stroke of midnight with random people I don’t even know DISPATCHER: 3232 Go ahead -(siren wailing) -Our first call on New Year’s, Nick, -will be… a drunk -A drunk person NICK: Go figure REVELERS: Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! -(cheering) -(band plays Dixieland jazz) (off-key): ♪ Happy New Year, Nick! ♪ I love you -Love you, too, boo -Oh, the pretty fireworks KEELEY: Ah! Oh, there it is -There it is -CHRISTIAN: Happy New Year! Yay. There we go He went to sleep, it was 2014 And he woke up, it was 2015 (chuckles) -(siren wailing) -Hey It’s Keeley (chuckles) Protect your cranium! All right, first things first -Happy New Year -Happy New Year -Happy New Year. Mmm! -Happy New Year NICK: So who couldn’t make it to New Year’s? HOLLY: I’ve seen him before -CHRISTIAN: You have? -Yeah He looks like your kind of guy HOLLY: Your mom looks like my kind of guy You couldn’t handle my mama, baby -NICK: Oh! -(laughs) Be my first call of the new year! Best start to the new year ever! -See about this -Later RANDY: It’s holiday season time, you know? -A lot of robberies -Yeah On robbers A lot of those What they’re doing is they, um, are sticking up people Th-They’re robbing people as they’re walking by -People need things -Want things Want things Will get things by any means -they say… they see fit -Will take things Robbing some-someplace or someone They will get what they want (indistinct radio dispatches) (siren wailing) JUSTIN: Somebody just put out a chase -We’re close in the area -Yeah RANDY: A call came over the radio that a unit is chasing a pair of armed robbers that held up two women at gunpoint We hear it’s in our area, and we jump into it (radio communication continues) JERAIRE: All available units have been called to assist with the foot pursuit of two armed suspects, and we head to the scene Oh, well On our way to the scene, one of the other units apprehended one of the two suspects, a man in a red hoodie Now we’re hunting for his partner in crime, a man in a white hoodie -Turn it off -♪ Oh, where ♪ ♪ Oh, where did the criminal go? ♪ ♪ Oh, where, oh, where he may be? ♪ Excuse me. Did you see anybody running this way? I would say that he’s back in there JUSTIN: 694, we’re on scene Brown, go around the other side of this house It’s gonna be a black male subject wearing dark-colored jeans 95G Go back inside Go back inside, ma’am JUSTIN: When we’re chasing someone, it’s like the ultimate game of hide-and-seek We pretty much try to put ourself in their shoes Where would I hide? You know? Where would I go? Yeah, right. Yeah Nope Clear

Where would you go? There’s nothing back there There’s no exit on that side Unless he got inside the building -That parking lot -Huh? There’s a parking lot here There’s a parking lot Right there. Right We have to be extremely cautious when searching for a subject around dark corners We know he’s armed We know he doesn’t want to be found I think he’s in here Jeraire, he-he down the street Stop! You got to! You better stop! Stop! JUSTIN: We got a call to assist in tracking down two armed robbery suspects The first guy was caught as we arrived on scene We’re on a hunt for the second suspect, reportedly wearing a white hoodie I think he’s in here WILLIAM: Jeraire he-he down the street Turn around! Shut up, man -Good job, fellas. -All right, we got a Code 4 on it Good job, baby. Good job Put us on that subject It’s Code 4 What you running from? What are you running from? You staying here? Why did you ask her that? So, why’d you ask her? Mister… I’m gonna tell you you have the right to remain silent Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law (panting) -Good job -I don’t give up, buddy He was hiding in there, in the parking lot Got you We’re looking for maybe a white sweatshirt, and maybe a gun JUSTIN: Our suspects were caught without weapons on them, so now, we’re hunting for the weapons that they reportedly had on them I got the sweater Got the sweater and the gun RANDY: They got it? I love this work I love this work Dropped the gun? (chuckles) -Ooh! Standard clip -Oh! Standard magazine One in the chamber -Yeah, one popping in the chamber. -Yeah Still was ready to go, though All right, so, we got us a .45 with extended mag– Glock Yeah Teamwork makes the dream work I was just about to say that, man HOLLY: We are getting a call NICK: Friend fell on a fence and cut her belly button Ew! NICK: 32 enroute -What you doing on a fence? -HOLLY: The way the note sounds, -like, this sounds legit -NICK: Right -You know where…? -I mean, I’ve seen people fall on fences, -and it’s bad, so -HOLLY: Exactly ‘Cause we had so many of those, like, wrought-iron fences -with the spikes at the top -NICK: Yeah Yup That’s not good 3232. We’re on scene -Pull the stretcher out -Yup I would let you know in just a second, baby What happened, sweetie? -(woman groaning) -Oh, my God Okay, okay. No, no, no, you’re gonna be just fine, okay? I want you to calm down I don’t want you to cry right now I need you to stop crying -Hey, boo -Take some deep breaths -You’re gonna be fine -Calm down, all right? -No, you’re not -No, baby, you’re not -You’re gonna be just fine -That much I promise you -All right? -You are not gonna die– what’s your name? HOLLY: This patient was trying to climb a wrought iron fence, and she kind of slipped down on to it, which caused her to have two really long lacerations to her abdomen Come on. Give me that You’re gonna be just fine, baby Come on, relax HOLLY: Hey, listen. Listen, you don’t want to use your abdominal muscles right now, so you need to take some deep breaths NICK: All right, so we’re gonna pull you up HOLLY: Calm down This patient is obviously very distraught We need to keep her calm You know, the more she’s using her abdominal muscles to cry, the more she could potentially injure herself -NICK: No, you’re not -HOLLY: No, baby, you are not NICK: You’re gonna be just fine, baby It’s just adipose tissue It’s not your intestines, okay? Couple stitches, everything is gonna be fine -I’ve seen way worse, trust me -NICK: Listen NICK and HOLLY: Baby, you are not gonna die HOLLY: What had happened is, that spike went right through your skin and came right back out, that’s it, that’s it NICK: It didn’t even go into your intestines, boo It’s just skin tear, that’s it HOLLY: And they’re gonna make sure that I wouldn’t lie to you You’re gonna be just fine, okay? Just relax HOLLY: Y’all ready? Let’s go (siren blaring) NICK: 3232 en route to U.H HOLLY: Oh, she is extremely, extremely lucky that she wasn’t impaled by it NICK: Yeah, I mean, the worst case scenario for her is an infection from the nastiness -that was on that fence -Yeah Yeah Uh, girls (Nick laughs) -Hello? -What were you doing on the fence? What is she gonna do, Tweet her scars? Nobody wants scars like that– no girl They’re not gonna ask about that, they’re gonna be, like

-NICK: I would just make up a story. -“Two kids -At least two.” -Make up some kind of story HOLLY: I wouldn’t want that Well, you know what? Me being me, I would want that I’d want, like, eight of them, though, and be, like, “Dude, my I went like this on the fence.” (laughter) (siren blaring) DISPATCHER: 3232, stand by for a code DAN: We’re going on a little car accident on I-10 I am always working New Year’s Eve Either, I’m working New Year’s Eve night, or I work New Year’s Day I don’t like being on the road late, man, on New Year’s Eve -Right -DAN: You know, if I’m off So, that’s why we usually stay around the house Too many people out making bad decisions on New Year’s Eve, man TITUS: Just having fun, man -(indistinct radio chatter) -That’s it, right there Um… dude, pull up in front of that car and take the lane (Bleep) cars are flying Dan and I pull up, we notice it’s in one of the worst possible places on the interstate that a car could be stalled So, the first thing is our safety Got to watch the traffic What’s going on, baby? You was in that, right? They over there? -DAN: Hey, darlin’, you okay? -(baby crying) Why can’t you walk? What hurts? All right. All right, I need you to just sit down next to him, and we’re gonna get some stuff and get you taken care of, okay? TITUS: How many babies they got in there? Hey, little man, look, I’m gonna get you out the car, all right? DAN: It’s chaos There’s kids in the car There’s blood all down the side of the passenger side of the vehicle We’re all going to the ambulance The person that was driving was apparently driving her friend to the hospital in haste, because she sustained some injury of some sort that we’re unaware of -(baby crying) -Oh. All right, all right But in that haste, she’s flying down the interstate, ends up wrecking her car -(baby crying) -Oh, I know The kids that were involved in the accident weren’t in a car seat or wearing seatbelts, so when they had the impact, you know, they were kind of thrown around inside the car You got to keep your legs straight WOMAN: I can’t I can’t straighten it TITUS: You can’t straighten it? WOMAN: No. (screaming) (woman screaming, wailing) TITUS: I got you. I got… I got you -(woman shrieking) -All right, baby, baby, baby, relax! WOMAN: I want to stand on my leg! TITUS: Look, look, we got, we gotta keep your legs straight -You can’t straighten it? -Mm-hmm We get this call for a motor vehicle accident involving a woman and her two small children TITUS: Where is it hurting– at the bottom or the top? Where at? Right here? (screaming) Don’t All right, all right Actually, she have a femur Say, Chief? She’s gonna need X-rays to confirm, but my best guess is that this patient probably has a femur fracture That’s a serious, serious trauma There’s a lot of arteries that run through that bone As soon as we walk in the hospital, she will go straight to surgery All right, all right, ma’am (woman shrieks) I’m gonna do a little I.V right here. Don’t move TITUS: The kids have no major injuries They might have had a couple of bumps and bruises, but nothing that they can’t pop back from I’m ready, Woody TITUS: The driver– she had some extensive trauma injuries Definitely not how you want to start your New Year’s off, but, I mean, you look at it this way– it could’ve been a lot worse (siren blaring) Man, look at this WOMAN: That should have been mine VICTOR: Look like they had a big right right here That’s probably why they shut the party down That dude running out with hair in his hand You know there a fight Look at all that hair I’m gonna swing in front I want to see It’s at the end of the night on New Year’s Eve People start stumbling out of clubs People been drinking too much Fights are bound to break out That’s why we’re out patrolling, helping to keep the peace You all right, ma’am? You was fighting? WOMAN: I was just having a good time -in a bar, okay? -DYLEN: Do you need EMS? I understand that They pulled my weave off of my hair Oh, that was your weave that was walking out the…? -Yeah -Oh, Lord Uh, y-you got a purse or something? WOMAN: It-it was lost in the fight You got somebody you could call to come get you or something? How you gonna get home? Well, l-listen Walk back, walk back to the club, we-we gonna follow you We gonna get you your stuff VICTOR: Uh, she really wanted to go back to the club to see if she could find her purse and her keys So, at that point, we told her we would follow her back to the club so no one nothing happens to her DYLEN: What up, big timer? It’s gone? Her keys and everything? -Huh? -And jacket? Y’all didn’t take that girl purse out of there? What purse? I didn’t have nothing to do with that She was fighting me for nothing She didn’t even know what she was fighting Oh, so you the one that all right WOMAN: No, she was just pulling my hair I was just trying to break it up -Oh. -She was just pulling my hands, though -I’ve got nothing to do with it -Okay DYLEN: That’s the wig, right there Is that the wig? They say your keys gone and the purse

We found out that she was the instigator, according to the security, and the people that was working the door low-budget-ass club DYLEN: We’ll get you to your house, come on VICTOR: Still felt bad for her ’cause she couldn’t get home, and we didn’t want nothing to happen to her And once we learned that she stayed in the area, we decided to, you know, help her get home safe They don’t like my style, they don’t like my spirit You heard me? I’m comfortable in my skin What’s that say on her dress? “I’m my own medicine…” VICTOR: “Guess who sick haters” -“Guess who sick…” -“Haters” Watch-Watch yourself (laughing): Shut up No, she’s not I can’t take this, bro (suppressed laughter) -Oh, Lord -WOMAN: All right -VICTOR: All right -Thank y’all And stop making them dresses, ’cause they cause problems -All right, yeah -Knock on your door It was nice to meet you (whoops) It’s the night life, bro -They see it all -They right (siren wailing) TITUS: Call came out for a pregnant female, imminent delivery, which means she could deliver any time, and I’m excited, being a father-to-be, you know, it’s something that you want to see, you know, the miracle of life My son come, I want to have that group, Creed, that song “Arms Wide Open,” playing as soon as I deliver him So how hot is that? You and this (bleep), seriously, it’s got to stop I am typically a “get ’em in the truck and let’s go” type, when it comes to women and delivering their children TITUS: How you doing, baby? Who’s going, “Ooh-woo”! We have a New Year’s baby coming tonight, y’all DAN: What number is this for you? That thing look low Come on, let’s go TITUS: That thing look real low DAN: After the first pregnancy that they deliver, the rest of ’em just… they come out real fast So I prefer that to happen in the hospital, not in the truck with me What hospital are you going to? Ochsner Baptist TITUS: That’s too close. I’d rather your hospital be a little distant -I feel like delivering one -WOMAN: Ooh, ooh That belly look -bigger than you, ma -TITUS: I know I-I think that belly coming This woman looks like she’s about to explode And I was ready to go– pop the gloves on, I was ready to deliver You said it’s number seven or number Mm-hmm. Ooh! Ooh DAN: Titus turn on that monitor real quick, and we can go right to the Baptist Now, we gonna-we gonna have this one back here -DAN: No, we not. -All right, all right, all right Don’t push, don’t push, I’m just playing Are you having one right now? Yeah, are you having a contraction right now? They seem to not stop They just keep going? Oh, yeah. Ooh. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! -You got that look -(woman shrieks) -WOMAN: Ooh…! -DAN: Titus -What? -Turn on that monitor real quick, and we can go right to the Baptist Now, we gonna-we gonna have this one back here -DAN: No, we not. -All right, all right, all right, don’t push, don’t push, I’m just playing DAN: It’s her seventh pregnancy and that thing is ready to come out, like, let’s go Are you having one right now? Yeah, are you having a contraction right now? They seem to not stop They just keep going? Oh, yeah. Ooh. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! -You got that look -(woman shrieks) All right, we gonna have to take a look, ma -Nah. We’re not -We’re not– so she ain’t…? Her water ain’t broke Water ain’t broke, there ain’t nothing coming -That’s true -DAN: I’ve gone through a neonatal resuscitation program, my wife works in the neonatal ICU and, I mean, I see the things they deal with and, I mean, we’re just not equipped to deal with children that deliver prematurely DAN: My partner don’t like to talk about it, but he expecting his first one coming, so he always all-all about these pregnancy calls He want to, he want to get his hands dirty and see what’s going on before his come in, you know? -Yeah -So He don’t want to admit it, he a little nervous about it You could probably give him some good advice, huh? TITUS: 3220, we’re at the hospital Hold it in, ma– don’t let the thing out, yet I say let it out, ma, let it out I told you, he just want to get his hands dirty I’m rooting on it I told her that you’ve been looking to, uh, practice -since you got one on the way -I, no, hey, look I definitely would have let you out a quarter, like a football DAN: One of the biggest attributes that you need to master working here is staying cool and collected You walk into these scenes, and people are looking at you for help And the best way that you can do that

is pretty much walk in there with your head held high, and say, “My name’s Dan “I’m a paramedic with the City of New Orleans And I’m here to help you today.” HOLLY: When you talk about EMS, fire Let’s hump it, let’s hump it! and police in New Orleans Police! Let’s see your hands! you are talking about the best -(howls) -(laughs) What we do is not simple Through and through, D in the back, man Straight through the cords HOLLY: We run ragged for the residents and the visitors of New Orleans He is breathing, and he does have a pulse Whatever they need us for, we run ragged for them You better stop! (siren wailing) VICTOR: There’s just something about my city by being in the city, you take a love to the city You love where you work at I love this city You know, we just try to keep it safe -There it go -All right, it’s on I feel like this is a humanitarian’s job I enjoy helping people I love people, I love dealing with people, and I love helping people I don’t know, man, I like feeling like what I do makes a difference New Orleans is a resilient city -It is a tough city -100 percent! It’s a city that no matter what you throw at us, whatever it does, we can come back from it, and hopefully we come back stronger and better than we were before WOMAN: I will say a prayer for city, because one day, this rain will have to stop falling on New Orleans HOLLY: I don’t know how it is everywhere else, but I know here, we are like a family Aw We have pride in not only ourselves but in each other and our service and our city And it’s very much a family -Very good, my man -I love you Without family, you got nothing DISPATCHER: Adam is 3551– 3-55-1-3 2-3 in the central fire, at 2248 Wait on Code 4 on channel one -TITUS: Hey, what’s going on? -DAN: Hey TITUS: Brother man! No problem, big daddy DAN: New Year’s has brought a new part of the family for EMS as well as for my partner Titus TITUS: He’s not even 24 hours old Still got the new-car smell (all laugh) His name is Tanner Owen Tero WOMAN: So how’d y’all decide on Tanner? Uh, all the boys’ name in my family has T.O.T And this is a great kid, you know Has my nose and my eyes, so, you know, no blood tests here, you know (laughs) -Cute -Oh! My little tater tot That’s his nickname -Tanner tot? -I’ve decided (no voice) CAPTIONING PROVIDED BY A+E NETWORKS