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the Internet of things or Iot as we know it has gained prominence with the rise and advent off Internet It is not far away that we would be seeing our lives being impacted very differently with the use of Internet off things And it’s amalgamation with their lives in the session would be understanding how to implement I ot on Clough and exploded to use this on different platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web services So let us quickly go ahead and take a look at the roads end after decision We would be focusing on falling point as you would understand the use case that we’re going to implement in the session We understand how you d services woken cloud that is Amazon Web services and Microsoft Azure And then we’ll go ahead and build a 90 application on these cloud platforms So let us get started Let me take the example which is like ah which I will last week only So it was Ah ah you know kind of a proof off concepts which touches a real world problem and it has I OD and I would have the edge flavor in it So let me explain the problem to you first No These uh ice cream manufacturers or very soft drink manufacturers right What do they do Journalists Whenever Ah you are Let’s say uh shopkeeper right And your um you are You start buying drinks from Coca Cola So Coca Cola’s a company will also give you a fresh in which you can keep this stuff and they will also pay you rent for keeping a fresh off Coca Cola at your shop But at the same time there expectation would be that you will store only Coca Cola related in wintry invented from Coca Cola Company into your fresh into that reference traitor That doesn’t happen Um I’m shopkeepers keep inventing from competent er also in the fresh which was given by some other manufacturers So that’s one So it’s more like let’s say you have a car You hire a driver that’s a have a full time driver that you have now while you are in office or at some other place being the back is you know running your car as a taxi without you even knowing it’s Similarly you have given that refrigerator to the shopkeeper your being the rain to him for keeping that refresher training his shop because there is some logos and nice branding off your company And your expectation is that the shopkeeper should be keeping only the products off your company in tow That reference traitor But he’s keeping products off the computer or some of the perfect says to uh they wanted to ensure that this doesn’t happen or that least want to know at what magnitude is it happening Wall are doing these kind of things and then then they won’t do kind of incentivize it that Okay If you don’t keep these kind off computer protects then we will give you additional incentive So they want to incentivize the process so that they can encourage these people do not have those computer projects in their refrigerator That is number one number Do is um ah lower frames like think Think about yourself Also if you’re going to a shop for buying like the soft drink right now every time you go there you don’t find the soft drink Is school in afford It’s it’s ah pretty much on the normal room temperature You might struggle You do that show for that soft drink You would rather juice to go to some other place where you can find a soft drink with the school enough or old enough for you So a lot of time What happens is these shopkeepers to save their electricity will they will You know they won’t turn on the fragile that I’m They will keep it on and off more kind of a stuff s so that they can save on the bill And that also has an impact on the overall sell off the product or if you take some of that example But let’s see if you talk about a beer shop right You want to go there You want to have that beer at the right temperature s so that it can be consumed immediately Now if if those things are not maintain it is indirectly impacting your ah sales So they also who want to monitor that Okay how that how the refrigerator is doing in terms off the temperature and all the tournament is Ah and this is more towards ice cream in So I’m talking They use casing pretty general because solution will discuss that is also kind of a generalized solutions So when I say Gen req or general or day means I’m talking about the let’s

say alcohol manufacturers or the soft drink manufacturers or the ice cream manufacturers So there is one specific thing in case off ice creams right If you recall you Havel or off Wavell Ah refrigerators like the ah a move Laura Quality walls All those things that you you see that small refuge around the wheels now that there’s also something which is actually given by the company So ah that is something that can move as well So you might also want to track down that Okay Ah we’re exactly my refrigerator Sorry if I if I won’t applauded at crossing If I’m talking only special to India region and I know it’s for my invent trees So far I have given out let’s say 80,000 refrigerator two different shopkeepers retailers arm um or some other people I want to have a heat map as an in what particular area region I have those refrigerators How much sales I’m getting from that region Worse is the region where I have your so basically the kind off inside that you can get There’s like See you are a sale said Rain and ah in in this portico are rather I should draw a map Let’s say this is a region here You say that a freezer truck count is high and your sales is also high in this region You say my refrigerator councils lesson My seal is also that’s the point is it might help you to draw some correlation It might be totally in verses Well or it might know that I will be correlated But today you don’t have that kind off inside because you don’t really know where your refrigerators are You might have given them to retailers but where they’re setting and end of the day is not kind of visible to your known to you and on double off all this the solution that you want to obey You wanted to be very very ah cheap in terms off course like you don’t want to spend too much money on this particular system So this is a problem statement that we will see how we can solve But before we get into that piece anyone has any questions at on the use case I want to ensure that all of you understand the use case Ah very clearly So severely Be only focusing on the location off our devices Are is there any other parameters between recovering No We will be covering that Ah there should not be a competent ERP correct Inside the refrigerator we would be covering the temperature of the refrigerator We would also be covering the location part off it So there is Ah ah um like a involved in it But I’ll keep it very very simple So don’t worry about it The a part Because that is not gonna be off the main focus for us Ah we are going to use a true hyoty so we will talk more about the irony pie But ah I’ll also tell you where the eye is involved Because in this case of course if I have to um the friendship between my product and the competent er protect trade Now um if as a human I’m sitting in front of the fridge I will use my eyes to look at the product and of course use my brain toe Make that classifications in that In this case our eyes are going to with a camera and our brain is going to be a machine learning mortal which will do that for us So we will cover that s what One simple question the predator sends data to our servers Way will talk about that We will technical part We will talk about from the use case perspective If you’re asking then that there would be a device which would be in stolen that refrigerator which is capable off talking over data So if you if you have heard off like your lord off cars um that discordant element X control unit Basically So there are devices Ah like our phone also phone is actually for talking but there are devices which connect to the Internet using the same or they can also use a WiFi So if it all a shopkeeper has a WiFi then it can take advantage of dead Otherwise ah they can have ah data card in it So here the exemption is your WiFi is capable of talking over Internet either using WiFi or using data card But we will also discuss towards and if time permits we will discuss a scenario wherein we say you know what Let’s no

talk about a device which can capture all these parameters but is not capable of talking over Internet So we will cover that part as well Yes we recently in the World Cup you might have seen a great with respect to the pizza place man Okay Whenever the feeder more from one space to another it used to show laid So did they use you think I know where technology in order What was it Quietly Something like that Ah I don’t know exactly what they used Ah the uh I mean because there are multiple raise off doing this Ah in terms off for ah When When it comes to technology strike there are multiple ways off achieving that particular experience Okay Yeah but I also modify it is Yes Yes yes that’s good Ok any questions on the use case or I’ll quickly summarize So what we’re gonna do we are gonna braille a system Ah we’re in There are manufacturer for these gold rings who are giving these refrigerators so easy Refrigerator is equipped with a device which can send it over internet And this device has a camera This device also has temperature sensor humidity sensor Let’s say And the same device also has the sense of for ah like location sensor and all this This is a device capability Now we have to grill a system using Richard the end of the day There should be some kind off report that can be created which will give me a pit Sure in terms off how much off my invent tree how much off my refrigerator campus tree is actually going for The competitors are invent rivets does not belong to you So if I ever every if I have during the refrigerators in doing the presenter how much percentage off the invent trees there which belongs to some unidentified Ah you know manufacturer Let’s see how much offered is that belongs to me Kind off there is one second house The temperature of these refrigerators are the refrigerator whose temperature is like pretty high Or are there temp refrigerators who are maintaining their temperature below a certain point and so on And third is about location off course Okay so shall we go Yes So this one actually um I I build it on a raspberry pi B plus model So what I will do is um my first trial should have some Very This is Evan Ah basically where that flu is actually So if you’re looking at this particular slide right Know what is happening right now So we Ah we had ah by Cameron the raspberry pi which we mimicked as up Ah camera which is on the phrase doors Essentially Now think off it if you have a freezer too right If I keep on taking pictures inside that refrigerator I have a refrigerator In this I have various let’s say brings or whatever you call it These ah different bottles are fruity Maza Okay Now unless if If I have a fresh which is closed and I’m continously taking pictures every one minute let’s see one picture every one minute It does not make sense because nothing is changing inside that fresh Unless a door opens and closes that is only time The stuff inside the fresh can change when the door is closed Once you have done the men’s airport in their stuff on till the next time you will open the door and try to take something out of put something in Nothing is changing inside the fridge So there is no point taking continuous images that you wouldn’t necessarily be wasting your memory wasting your ah compute unnecessarily It’s always going to be like this Still image So here what we did is we said Okay so we will take there would be a camera But rather than continuously capturing images the camera should start capturing the image as soon as the phrase door opens up and the surest stop capturing the image after the first door closes But the skin you can make it look after the fridge door is closed I want to capture it Ah you know even like until one minute later than that even because after that also for one minute

I won’t do see the final state of the fridge But all that is something which is devised can be programmed to it And ah I’ll show you that piece in the court also like quickly But the idea is that okay So rather than continuously keep on taking images generating the still later I’m generating I know that OK in this particular case in case off refrigerator thinks change Only when opening and opening the three story went Of course Even then it is not got indeed right Somebody when I have just so Burnett located inclusive But one thing is for sure If it all anything will change it will change only when the door is opened Then only stuff Phil coming our goal So changes on the board was often than which could impact the item to the beach No So basically right now when I’m take I’m saying Kember of what I mean is camera is therefore identifying the competitive products So you have We are talking about temperature which is a temperature sensor that is an ever since in their temperature Then we’re talking about the very first use case Was it in this fresh even though it is Coca Cola fresh But I am putting Pepsi here I want to ensure that there is no Pepsi in the fresh if it is given by Coca Cola So this camera is on Lee capturing the images and trying to find out if at all there is any image off a product which does not belong to me So this coalition of some rules exactly exactly so uh for that Ah you can keep so right now I Let’s say there is no Pepsi inside Different Fresh has everything which is later toe Coca Cola All the Coca Cola Breck Like Tom serve limb kinds on Now somebody if off Pepsi has to go in for that Somebody has to open the fridge and put the pepes inside Now what we’re saying is while a fresh is opening closed so that is rare here Fridge open even suckers here The fridge is closed Now before that Violet is just closed right I need Noto continuously Keep capturing images and try to see for computer products Because when the first open close will ever could I would have done that anyway Now things will change only when I will open it again Toe put something inside or take something out off the fresh So this is a window in which I will capture images and analyze them He when I can extend it a little bit I can say OK even after the door is closed Take one more minute Like 60 more seconds to keep on taking pictures What After that just don’t do it until the next time it opens up Is that clear Yeah okay We have sent I learned out so far Don’t be close in a specific time Like five minutes And maybe there’s a business time and no door has a problem right Many times open door and all toe So maybe door doesn’t close properly and you don’t get allergy Our door is properly closed so yeah absolutely So all those see at the end of the day here everything that you have to do here is more on how smart you can make your device Right now let’s say in your case of what you’re talking about as long as this devices capable off sending the telemetry data about door status in the cloud it is so easy to do exactly what you’re saying So as long as my devices sending a telemetry message in which it is saying Let’s say door status and in the door status harassing open Worse is closed Now if I have to write a simple rule in the cloud thing they do you know what If the door is open for like five minutes continuously I want to send alert It is very easy but holding comes around Oh my device should have that capability And what do I mean Whether that when you have the door and when you close the door there should be a small sensor So whenever door opens it your sense that whenever a door closes it should sense it And then it should send it to the main board in the device itself which is actually doing there transmission to the club But if it can do that then a force This is also something you can I don’t top off Does it do anything you may possess in kind of a magistrate Yes it does So basically the case we’re talking today is not just I od that case we’re gonna discuss today is I over the edge and I o d I think I spoke about I would be his last time right Do they talk about I ot

edgy I have already given you guys introduction ingots Yeah it was the introduction Yeah that’s fine Okay So Ah you have sort to lay the example Edward talking about has hired th and I already together And ah that’s what we will use What I’ll tell you why I od ages here It’s not really needed but I’ll talk about it OK so now let’s try to get into the solution Like what All should we do So one thing we understand that Okay I need to have certain device capabilities Were indeed Why should have temperature sensor do I should have a camera which can take images And ah device should have some locations And Sir Sandal that is my hardware capability What We’re gonna focus on way We’re gonna assume that Okay My hardware My device has those capabilities in terms of hardware Now what do I do to make a solution which can you know Ah make use off these hardware capabilities and give me what I want that kind off the day So my end goal is ah power to be a report dashboard Let’s say which has some nice special board showing me stuff that I’m looking for in terms of graphs or the ah charts off temperature and so on So what should be the like me Now let’s make it a little bit interactive Like to start from here wherein I have a device and we will go down in detail off each layer But first I want to start from a very high level So the question do you guys is if devices my left mostly Alexei from device And we are right now talking about as you’re right So Ah let’s their devices capable of talking MQ TT Now what should be the first person on the cloud who would be talking to the device What do you What would we that service name with this sort of same study You keep beating it really know Are you have I already have is the right answer Yes So the the service as your service which is Ah um or I should say this way The the many service off Ford by Air Azure for the irony scenarios escort I ot hope if I talked the corresponding eight of us terminology then there the school aws I would be quote but in case off azure it is a name off that many services I ot help So whenever you have to create from the portal you will create an instance off I ot help Okay so this is a job A little we have We have ah seen it before as well So like I was saying the service that there’s response about not responsible I should not use the word responsible But the service which is offered by ah Microsoft Azure to take care off I od scenarios which actually ah And when I said the word take it It’s not like only you if you don’t use I already have You can belive this neither You can still do it but you will end up writing so much off custom code because what I already have is doing it is actually encapsulating so many things which are required in absolutely every single out implementation So it is just taking get off all the core things and giving you that Ah and points where you can customize things that that can be customized But all the core common functionalities something which is black box for you So this is the first place and toe make idea of you What do you have to do Is we discussed it last time also when we’re talking about writing week three So you goto creator source and in the creators source you Kumho whenever we will create a resource this is a place that will take you now And then there’s your portal When you come over here like in AWS you see you will get a degree in under that you will see the list of different services for that category right in aws console here Also you have a similar picture Just that on the left hand side is where you have the ah kind off my degree And on the right inside is where you have list inside that category So if I select Internet of things it will tell me that these are the old things I have right So I can directly search from here I’ll say I only hope And then you click on I

already huh And you click on Create You provide the name of diary of you selected data center and their source grouping the nuclear concrete So that’s how you can simply create a I ot huh No let’s say I have I already have So which means and what does having that I already have means idea Having the idea means is now I can communicate with the device both ways I can have cloud toe device message which is flowing from I would have to device and I can have device to cloud message which is flowing from device to cloud Date isn’t no Anyways tell me Uh ah if I have ah you know Ah very high throughput are I have lower off message is coming And you know delving one off the option that I haven’t azure which can give me a really like streaming messaging system Very And I have a log off message is coming And so for that what should I be using Hit And if if I give you the same example that I think I gave you while explaining this it’s like Ah you want to build a expressway nor just a national heavy arrested So if I want a bill expressway in as you’re wearing I know the flow off message is going to be extremely I What should be this company the Christmas subways buses You gotta stay hungry What is your expressly It is your even tub Okay so again Ah I just again until you have even have you have sarees bus and ah in both of them You you have like both of them are messaging systems but even have is billed for providing you high throughput Okay so we will go with you end up And why are we going with the window Because we are when we’re bringing this ivory scenario late Same talking about ah 100 K devices Like I’m saying they have 100 K refrigerators in the market And that sort the target is this is not the only factor that you have to consider at the end of the river Do you need to find out You need to find out OK how many messages per minute or per second are gonna hit my iota How do you calculate that For calculating that you need to know that total number of devices off course there is one second you need to know how many message where there’s a frequency off messages from each device So like every leg sir devices sending one message every one minute and I have a total of 100 K devices So every minute I’m expecting 100 K messages right So that’s how you and sometimes not some names Actually in mostly all the cases you will end up having different type of devices So in this case on relates to say tomorrow they say you know what out of these 100 k devices 20 gay our legacy ones I can’t have the same device which is getting fitted in the remaining 80 k to refer to it in the in those 20 K devices because off their capabilities those are absolutely legacy devices It can’t work with them So I have come up with another version of device and let’s sedate And their version of devices No Ah s powerful as this Ah as someone which is working with remaining 80 K What does that mean That means it might not have Ah that much off You know uh back tree power compute whatever So that’s why for those 20 k devices a message frequencies Ah One message in war not or one message interdependence or five minutes But it is refrained in the rest of critical devices so you might have and you will definitely have these radiations if north like this starting in future that will come because when the newer version of that device comes that you’re using to living off course it will get replaced in some of the systems or any new ah vending machine which is coming in will now have this new US put in So you have to calculate what is what is The message is that I am Look King for that is going to hit my idea which is called device to cloud messages So how do you calculate it Off course You have to take care off Ah number off devices and multiplied by frequency off messages from device So and when you say frequency off messages from device like I said you have to consider if there are multiple types of devices then you have tow consider the frequency according and Ah because there we are We are willing a system for high throughput So

we are using that even Come there now One more thing I told you guys uh earlier which was that uh Yeste Yeah I told you that when you create I already have been there is a built in endpoint which is ah even have only And you can use routings Any anyone who remembers that outing concept we talked about about the routing in Ayodhya Do you guys recall the example off business class versus economy class Ah check in process I mean ah on boarding process right So what is routing And anybody explained quickly the edge basis on the Friday Yeah So basically if you if you have tow ensure that certain types off messages are being processed at a higher priority then you can define those routes in the air Tea huh And what do what does that mean Let’s say define a route for service lesson There would be one more arrow coming over here and the rule based on which it could without it But that is not the case with us I just wantedto you know kind off give you guys a revision on that concept So now I have a you end up and the messages are coming inside the U N toe But then what There has to be somebody who has to read those messages from the U N Now let’s leave it as fill in the blanks and let’s go to that final destination So finally what I want to do is I want to have my data shown as a report and that is a power bi dashboards So I want this power bi dashboard to be prepared for power bi A to prepare a dashboard It needs to fetch that data from Modesto So I need to define a data store in which I have to put this state up Now let me give you guys option Let’s I was sequel I have a cosmos which is no sequel right Document db So in this case wearing I’m saying that Okay the volume off my data is gonna increase over there Time and my query pattern is kind off Very well defined as And I’m always gonna query based on some specific things So which one should I pick Should I pick sequel Did a vase or should I pick Ah no sequel databases It’s no secret way ever find Grady We are You know where to put the blocks Think faster access If we’re going resembling unpleasantly it’s not going to change that perfect great And one more thing And just ah I mean keeping in back off your mind He wanted for let’s say on the ah ah query things and all and performance and all You find that okay Both are gonna be seem just as you and ah you go You have argument that you know what my data is not going to grow over the time So in this case of course it will grow because they desired the scenario What Let’s say you’re talking about some of the scenario where and you say okay you know what If this is my data growth it’s gonna sustain after a point whether it is sequel Er no sequel No because it is gonna sustain And I’m gonna get exact same performance Then the ah finally weight is coming to the cost off course because there’s only factor remaining So if you are running your documented were the cause mostly be with the least possible Ah configuration is still it will be cheaper than the sequel because there you have to create a server so just wantedto call it out So sorry it didn’t want to delete that one So here we have this power bi I And before power bi I I am putting no sequel What is a no sequel service Name off measure course must Yes Absolutely So we have a Cosmo sales now My power bi a is basically pulling data from cosmos But I have to put this state in the cosmos I have to put these messages in the cosmos legs eg the other factor also to this So from the device I’m getting two types off messages Oneness My pure sensor data Right So when I say

my sensor data it has just Ah actually let me show you that So that then you ways we’ll get a better picture I would have loved to show the and do anything working but because there there is very pie And also it one with that dear But I will actually uh we will walk through the designing Then we will actually see things which are there in joint dumps off data or the report which which is s so we’ll go through that What I want to show you is I want to show the course most really And there I will show you that how it is laid out And then we will tried to fill in the blanks between even have been cost Mostly so Ah let’s see what How we want Toby how we want the data that we present in the cosmos And then what all do we need to do between the event of an cosmos toe the stairs so this Ah invent tree Mourners The goes mostly we now let’s go to date exploder Yeah let’s take community tail also so that you always will be aware of this as well So right now I’m in the cosmos Libyan again When you have to create across most TV it’s gonna repent Same very new Click on create a resource You cosmos here and you get that your costs most really you click on it and then you click on create And after that you provide the information in terms off the ah name resource group and so on Okay no going back Teoh And once you have your cosmos TV created this is a view that you will represent it Now in this view on if you see there is something called eight Explorer So if you click on Data Explorer this is a place where you can create the continuing the databases So 11 right No I went to entry Ah database inside that I have two containers oneness camera feed and others sensor data Now what is there The friends between their two Let’s open one of the message Ah if I go down Yeah If you see the message over here So there is a message type called analytics and it has a tag name which is all All this is not important for for discussing the design part right now but l quickly walk you through It will help us in the second part Ah very in So what is happening here is under the camera food So I think off it this week I want Togo and in my cost mostly be I want to create two containers See one Let’s say and see toe Now the message which are coming in from the device are off Who types one off The one is analytics in the analytics message The basically there would be a type defined inside the message itself So either it will be analytics or it will be Ah censored it or the west It I don’t recall with sensor data So if you guys see under the sensor data you have the messages off type sensor data in the sensor data message It’s really simple You have humanity you have temperature off course The device I d and ah we are also talking about like long here That is very by that I used it Doesn’t have Of course a location sensors So there is no like long but with a device that we’re right now talking about it will also have let long So any sensor data from all the sensors and for the question asked about the door Uh if door is left open right If I have a sense that about that then is door ah door straight us open close All that will be part off it So I have the sensor data and then other type of messages Analytics message in that message Will them getting I am getting the tag I am getting the image name I am getting the type type Is analytics device idea in the probability So what is it happen Anger from my camera I have taken the image After taking that image I have run some analytics on top of it That is where I would be as you’ll come into play We’ll talk about that design also but right now I think offered as a black box your camera took a image After taking that image it’s saying that they missed

two analytics This is all happening within the device No From that analytics the device gets back Whether it is eso for dispute See purpose I have trained Maza and Minute Maid Apple as my company predict everything else should be undefined Every other production we undefined No When it looks at it it says that Okay I think it is Mother And what is the probability that it it It is months according to me And it tells you that came talking about referee I’m inside the ref researcher one and ah what does The other thing it will do is what is this image name So basically if I have to retrain my model right to moral exit today my thistles The first version of the model It’s like your brain right So the same example I gave last time the first time you show somebody Okay this is Apple And let’s say now I know this is all the apple looks like but the image that you have shown to me is off apple off color off regular Now tomorrow somebody shows me a image off a green apple But I don’t know that that is also Apple because I was trained on a red apple image So then I have to It has to be read Ring When I look at the image I might So you know what I don’t know what this food is Then you will You know this is also apple So very similarly like to sit this particular image which I’m calling is Maza I mean when I say I’m calling his mother the moralists telling me it is a mother it might not be a mother It might be a very similar product with a very similar picking launched by a competent er It also has a man go on it and so on And it’s very close in terms of how it looks like So that’s why the more duel or the analytics moralists thinking that it is mother But actually it is not How do we ensure that my analytics more Dool is now trained So what I have to do is I have to go back and treating it for retraining it I need tohave the exact image to which it said it is mother because then I will take that image and tell this guy You know what This is not mother This is I don’t know fruity and mother completed or not But let’s sit there So I’ll say you know what This is fruity Not Maza I will train it with that way But again for that I need to have a whole off this image which is taken by the camera that is in the refrigerator Now can I sang that image through I OD message anybody I might not have discussed it I mean I’m not sure if I did but anybody or new congratulated can I saying that image here If you see it’s an image name there is no image that in this message So if I would have wanted to saying that immense traitor to the cloud okay And I send it as part off a message as part off this irony message like the message was just coming in here device to cloud message Can I do that Yes sir Okay so here is the thing Ah I o d have allows maximum messes size off to 56 Gaby your message which you are devices sending toe idea cannot exceed this to 56 k V is a maximum size Okay Now image that my camera is staking is like one ambulance So off course I cannot send it true device to cloud message when But then there has to wear different way Ah we’ll talk about that way But there is another thing we should think about it I think about here Know that image that you’re sending Great When are you going to use this image When will I use the images that I’m sending toe to the club Tohmatsu My competitors productive not to return basically Right So when I’m doing reporting if you if you look at this right my reporting is happening from Cosmos okay And in the course most you can clearly see I don’t ever image data I only have a image name Now the reason I mentioned this is they see this image that I’m getting Actually Mr Them were ignored Just the name the actual immense data Wherever I want to keep it I want to keep it at a very something which is Ah very very cheap in terms office stories because I’m not doing um I’m not gonna read it

very frequently It is I’m going to read the images only when I want to read and let me are tell you this in most of the real world scenarios right You are not going to retrain on a daily basis So the way it works is you have deployed immortal Now Deck model is doing analytics It is identifying It is saying Okay this is Mother This is fully this is some sublime Cason with a certain probability and this is functioning You wait for 30 days to capture Lord of Data or you say Okay Whenever there are 15,000 new records that has come to me I will do that retraining So that’s how you you you want You want to returning every day You will do it after a special time period or after a special X set off New data has come to your system In either case what I’m trying to say is so it’s more like you’re saying OK keep giving me the images Keep giving me that Data and retrieval would be once in a while I know that once in a while it would be every 15 days once every 30 days once every 10 days once kind of thing So this is not something which I’m gonna We’ll run queries lower off I performance and so on Right So I want a store where in I can store it which is very cheap And where in again just load all the images whenever I need to Ah performance is not dead A big concern for me right now They store over here we want to use is a big tester because they’re cheap They’re not Ah you know it’s Ah it’s not something that is my It’s I missed it Absolutely Mr That so Ah I I want to keep it in a big address student in case off as your ivory put it in the blob and it’s gonna cost me really dirt and I’ll show you L sure that cost competition It would be dirt cheap to put this in the blob Now what essentially happening over here is that images actually store in the blob and the name off that images put in this part of the message So tomorrow when I have to retrain right I know that this is the name off the image and this image was referred his mother at the probability off 0.60 So if I go to the blob Ah that I have created very will see all these actually majors are present So in this story’s account again how you create a storage account Very same fresh and goto created resource type in a storage account it will give you It will search for us your storage account and go ahead Go ahead and created by providing the name and so on the source group in the region And when the strategic on this created this is a view that you will get now in the story account you can put blob no file stables and queues here We’re focused on the blobs I’ll go ahead and select the blob here I’ve already created a image club if lyrical images So I go ahead and click on images and here you will see that there would be lower off See all these images which are taken by camera on which anally existent are eventually coming over here in sitting in this blob and in every message I have the name of them And so if I go to the next message right the name would be different And this one if you see this is unidentified It means it is saying this particular product is not something that belongs to you and I can sit it with a surety off 0.98% probability So now if I think there should reason messages for you like this honestly saying I think it’s a minute made Apple So these are depending on what is in front off camera It is capturing it It is sending it to analytics which is a black box for now From there it is getting whether it thinks this tag name is the kind of pretty not kind of tech name is a prediction from the analytics and probabilities of probability Offshore Eddie that analytics model is saying about his prediction And then like I said the image that is taken from camera that the mission has been sent to the Blob And that is saying to the Blob Not true I ot but it’s saying to the block directly when I say directly what

I mean hysterically over Internet that is again we’re doing in ideas so that also I’ll show you But if I come back over here so what we’re saying is that Ah let’s rub this out from the device We have another insert which is happening into the blob And where does this insert This is image no coming back here So in the event of essentially there are two types off message coming One is off type analytics and other one is off types sensitive What I want is I won’t that if a message is is off type sensor data it should come to the um container to If the messes is off type analytics it should come to gun dinner One What can I put in between which can help me achieve this again We have messages flowing in and those messages can be throw off two types irrespective of the device right At the end of the day every message has a property called type And against that type property you will either have sensor data or ah um camera feed as your value Now if the value is camera feed that should go to see one container If the value is sensor data it should go to see two container Any idea How can you do that Or tell me if you if you had to do the same thing in Native Lewis What would be the service You will use anyone but it really Logic camps Uh no Although it can be done with that But we won’t use that in every way We have a couple of options there One like you said it logic caps It could be as your function which is like uh Linda function in air of Louis Or it could be extreme analytics So I would go with extreme analytics And the reason for going with extreme analytics is because again off its speed it is men to deal with that extreme data It is meant to be really quick And what really I’m gonna do in a stream Analytics Very very simple thing Let’s have a look at it So again in the stream analytics Ah it should be here Okay So I subject to fill in this blank I lose stream analytics Now let’s going Simply have a look What is there in the stream analytics when we say stream analytics and that is risible from here also right If in between us extreme analytics sitting which means I have a message coming in here and finally in the output My message should I didn’t go I either go here or go here So how many outputs do I have for this extreme analytics How many but civil outputs do I have I have to post civil outputs right It could be either analytics container or it could be a sensor data container When it comes to the input I have only one input over here So uh if you see similarly you have and put out good that you can define But main thing is the query part that I want to show you bread And we are saying that if so there two outputs Ah look at it And if you look the analytics and cosmos are put down Lady friends that is there Between the two is the container name In the course Mohsen would be the sensor detained The container name in the analytics One would be the camera feed So we’re saying that you know what If the message if the type property is like sense a reader then send it to course most And if the type properties like analytics and send it toe analytics Very very simple Nothing fancy over here Are you going And uh uh you know what Let’s no high Yeah Yeah this is Well uh can you relate this to the adeptness Because we have not gone through the your because I I was a t c I was in D c p Plus so like a little bit difficult to understand that terminology now has your because I never gone for that this I think this classes for everyone I think that’s why I got the

invitation OK okay Not people as your parents Okay My military So uh thank you Yeah let me actually go to the I’ll go to the AWS board also Basically if the basic are directed that we’re talking about here right So here instead off Let’s first quickly complete this spot because we’re at the end of the last component So in case off Ah analytics So all we’re doing is we’re saying that Okay You know what this particular feed One output is for camera feed Other output is four sensor data and then we have written a query which will direct the messages toe either sensor data or to the camera feed So this is ah reading very uh 1 to 1 Mapping for us scenario from the as your perspective Like if we have to build this solution in the azure how will you do it now If you have to build the similar solution in the aid of Louis then instead of fire t have there you’re gonna use eight of Louis I recall So you all if you have gone through AWS I record No I think No no it’s not completely obvious Garden Okay so uh okay So conceptually at least I’ll tell you because ah from as your perspective recovered the ideas part off the sessions that we had But it is a very similar late male organ so that you guys will be able to Okay so in case afraid of us if you think if you look at it right under Internet of things this iron record if I go to the iron core there that is where you can actually do your ah device registration And you can ah all the communications of this fight right We’re in your devices talking over here This part is something which is taken care by Ah aws Iot tick Or now if I go to manage I think I should have some devices Yeah so basically just give us a very brief introduction about it About the AWS 70 hour It works Ah like so you You do a device registration here as well and then the you have to have a certificate for device authentication So ah the for certain based authentication Either you can have your own certificate or you can have a certificate generated by AWS So if you go to the sick you’re under this You have certificate and policies So at the end of the day I’m not gonna go into details because that’s not the purpose of this session to go into a ah I ot core details But it is more to give you a wise idea about the scenarios on I O D And the design across it So uh what do you have to do is you create a certificate you create policy What are policies Policies are like Let’s say I have a device which cannot receive the ah which does not have capability to receive a cloud Pretty waste message Now I want to ensure that because device hardware does not have that capability Nobody from the cloud should even be able to push that messes So one is that device hardware doesn’t have capability But my cloud environment is still allowing toe saying the message and then it is getting rejected because off because device doesn’t have capability is straight off that I want to say You know what I don’t even want to allow it at the club level itself So in the policies if I go to policies and the policies you can define what exact things you allow a particular affordable declared device So if you think if you look at it right here this policy is saying that I Whatever device this policy will be attest to that device would be allowed to connect That device would be allowed to subscribe I Jimmy Wise would have gone through m cu tt s part off Ah ah communication latex stuff

Yeah Yeah you can Okay Okay Yeah So these are the sub Styron published are actually um good really subscribe in publisher where so your devices that line and you’re ill de corps is your impudently broker And whether you want your device to be able to subscriber publish is the ah permission You won’t You will be giving us part of this policy So essentially Ah you This is how you do device registration Like I’m sure it won’t give you inside But at least there is a certificate for every device There is policy for every device And based on that policy if in a policy for our device I have said that this device should not be able to subscribe I’ve said I already subscribed Denied Then if that device if the court from the device is trying to create a subscription that will fail that won’t be allowed because the policy does not allow it There is one piece Now let’s get harder Hardman or do is estimated Historia Yes Absolutely Absolutely That is on These things are very similar in ah whether it is aws scorer I would think over this right If you’re if those devices are not resisted here it means I’m saying that Okay You know any device can connect to my system so it’s like giving you the name and password right So whenever you register indoor device into a website right you create a user name and password for yourself You provide your information Maybe first name last name for number and so on And then you create a password So that’s how your account gets created Now if I have not created back on I wouldn’t be well don’t know going to the website Similarly in this case if you want to connect which means if you want to log and let’s let’s compare log and connect with the log in if you want to log And here you have to have a account to create account You also need to provide certain information What is that information that information is What is your device I d That information is if at all you have your own certificate give that certificate information So if you simply goto manage right And if I say create a new device Ah create So yeah uh also another thing that in AWS I od terminology like I o d terminology devices always re for this thing I’m so bored I create a single thing which means create a single device I give it some random name You can have types right So let’s I have a manufacturing unity in which I have devices which are cool And there are some devices which are ah boilers and so on So you can ah create types and beggar Do I sister there types And ah Then I said next Now here you have to add a certificate to your device So either you can have ah certificate created by eight of Louis or you can have your own certificate Or if you skip this right now then until you attach it Ah your device to a particular certificate you won’t be able to communicate So at the end of the day you have to ever serve degree certificate for your device So that’s how your complete registration processes And then sir difficult as policies also desperate So you’re ah so you’re ah certificate has two things Certificate will have devices and it will also have policies So all the older devices which are destined this particulars are difficult will have all the policies applied that are attest to the certificate so that this is kind of device registration How it works in eight of Louis No that is fine Used ones devices registered off course Now I can My device can talkto aws What about the part Which is Ah what about this part Right Which is happening right here So for that and I think you way should we will do good that real quick because we have gone through Ah this already But let me consider it I want to come back it now Here What you can do is if I goto act I can Ah any input message Richest coming in I can sing that message toe some specific outputs I click on act here and I can create rules Basically no Ah so I

have one rule also So basically But this rule is right Now whenever there is a messy which comes with the temperature higher than a particular limit then it will send the email So I’m using simple notifications obviously Ah let’s have a quick look So that then you can is really so that the rule we will talk about so in the all of your Ah where with SNS rate you guys ever awarded as far Of course SNL Yeah Okay so basically in the Senate’s creator topic and then what we’re saying is whenever I receive any message on the so Ah At the end of the day every devices like I said I’m beauty declined trike So when their devices sending the message essentially it is doing a published So and uh and when it is bring a publish It would be doing a published your topic So all we’re saying is every message which is coming to a particular topic I want to send that message Stoda as email So here we simply created an action in the action We see that Okay You know what This is a target This is under I’m roll and then ah that’s sick Now based on this let’s go and try to create a new rule No what All you have to do for creating a new rule It’s fairly easy in our case The case that we are discussing were saying that I want to send these messages into two separate parts So basically I want to send message in two C one and C two depending on word is a mess s type For that I can have a rule here which considered you know ah all the messages in which we’re type is a call do analytics So it will filter out the messages off Oh analytic state No When it comes to a action So in the early action I will select their dynamodb Dynamodb Dynamodb is Ah no sequel Livio for jobless rate Yes Okay And ah please forgive me I’m not So I’m Ah as your diet of Lucy I have gone I have worked with Coyote but very limited part off it So I might keep asking us some of those They have legislated stuff but any So here you can have um you can create a rule And based on that rule you can put the message in the nose equal Ah this way So what we’re seeing here is if I have to just translate it right If I come back here and I say OK this is a device This is aws I ot so messages are coming in here Now here I have created basically two rules R one and R two in the Armon I’m saying the messis type is a call to physical toe analytics in the rto I’m saying messis type is a cold Too physical too Ah sensor data And in the are Wonder destination I have given us Dynamo our TV and their altered Stan Ahmadi So but then this is where I have that routing Ah not exactly holding but the kind of for your ah filtering happening based on Gus type of the message and you ever idea of options like in the previous one the existing rule that I was showing right that this for SNS push notifications so that one is more about ah like triggering our email based on if it all you are receiving a message with a certain ah perimeters and you want to trigger immediate L’Art incomes off email or SMS you can easily do that from here You can create a accent for sending this portion of navigation and ah then you can put a rule in there When I said Well I’m in the right area where you can say you know what Whenever temperature is more than this humidity is more than this and so on blah blah blah The reason you have to send them as a select saying the same sensor It can capture door open duration So now I can simply say if there is a message which is off type sensor greater and the total door open duration is greater than five minutes Then I want to trigger immediate push notifications I can do that from male and these are the other options that you have So I think the Guinness is a stream is nothing but a stream analytics Ah ah like the don’t apart for that image of Louis But these are various different options and it also has Ah ah Now

that one is actually different That’s not Ah ah yeah That one is a different thing So these are the various sections that you can take So ah you have all these every level and you can plug it in directly So the topic on which you’re receiving messages in date of Louis I already and that message will be accordingly rotated to the destination So if I have to achieve this like I said there you will simply create to action rules and your action would be the no sickle TV and any rule your criteria would be In one case your type would be analytics And in an under case your type would be ah sensor data I I think they should have this Ah So this is Ah basically Ah the it of Louis device within you Whenever you’re sending the message you would be sending it to a particular Ah you would be publishing it toe a particular topic And ah So like I said right you you have to have those certificates and ah ah your configure credentials is nothing but the certificate So don’t worry about the court peace and all Just want to show you this thing Where in Yeah Right now I’m publishing the message to our topic Ah which is Dem a topic and that sort of we were seeing ah in the in the rules were in the previous rule that we had were in your saying that you know I want to ah raised alert for everything which is coming on demo topic Like in this case you had the select star from demo topics So that demo topic is a place where the device is publishing the message Any questions So far so like no for those who have not gone through as your it’ll at least you guys are able to correlate as in that with aws How will you build this part The part which is here Yeah you are Okay you know Okay cool Know what we’re going to discuss is we will come back here but before that we want to talk about this piece because so far were saying that Okay we will have Ah I have a Cam Russell Let me actually make it Yeah So we are saying Let’s no focus on one Let’s dissect the use case like at the high level we have seen Okay this is how the flow could be But whatever that detail as in the lower level design Right So I have this camera and ah let me see if I we actually have it So this is Ah the power bi a The final report right This is again right Notice getting from the ah cost moose PB from where you’re getting this But you can integrate it with a jobless as well Like you can have the aws ST Ah visualized this way or if it all there is of it I’m sure there would be a relations service or aws also so that’s a risk Amused But if you see here it is right now in showing that overall across all that A free jitters I have in those refrigerators I have 48.94% minute made Apple and I have 29.79% off a new identified inventory A gross All that I refrigerators that I have and then Maza Now this is overall it breaks it down That Okay you know in the freezer one I have ah 14 on identified And that different things So that raspberry pi day I have is actually refrigerator When the device I before that this refrigerator burning for the refrigerator do I actually just went into the course Mostly be the news equality being added one or do manual records just to have them Who view of what Aaron exit and get the boredom You have these temperatures off humility and sorry Ah

humility or system in temperature By times This one has humanity as a less temperature 2nd 1 is only the temperature No The reason I showed you this first is because I want to know dissected as in let’s school one level for their down You’re reading We know that there is a camera adjusts kept showing photographs Fine No How does that photo getting converted into our prediction Like how Where is it happening that once I’m taking the photo and then how is that photo getting converted One Maza are Ah minute meat or ah setting How is it getting converted Two minute made Apple or Mazar unidentified Who is doing that piece Right And here is where we are using I od edge again Either the edge is something which is from Microsoft But if I go back to the services for AWS here if you see there is something called I ut green grass so I o d green grass There is nothing but it is a similar toe I already edge in Microsoft now Ah we’re not gonna talk about the Ah you know that technicalities there were more going to talk about the concept so that uh I’m sure it’s gonna become an across the board We will Don’t talk about the technical terms person Okay so I have a camera and this camera has taken image Okay Now this image I need to know Ah What is this images off Like which Which particular drink it is If we’re talking about drinks over here So for that there is Ah I am immortal And you guys understand machine learning model right Like understand is And as if I say think off machine learning model as a black Both you guys understand what I am Immortal canto What What is it in concept Are any Do you guys want me toe Explain it real quick You can believe it Okay Okay So basically when I’m saying a model what Essentially anything I’m saying that you have trained a piece off good rich and it’s not just a piece off courted as a lot of things in it But let’s think off it Let’s say there is this piece off cold which is strained in identifying whether this is a or B or C So basically you pass it one of these l for one of these letters and it can tell you whether it is a B or C This is a very bad example because so let’s say this strain toe identifier Well oh are a mango or something else like some of their food basically But this black Boggs once you have trained it once a data scientist has strained it Then he has given it to me he said You know what this is Let’s say container So this is a container rich now Ah is which can which is not train toe identify these foods So it’s like you know what This came This six year old kid is now trained Toe identified these 10 fruits which means now in his brain you have trained his brain or it could be true self learning When I say training literally doesn’t mean trains off in case off human being it would be self learning It could be experience It could be Ah ah but football that um um trainer driven learning anything But some of you have trained your brain that this is what it is So you you can say this is a five year old kid which knows everything Now you can ask him anything and he will soon back to you so that five year called Old Care There’s nothing but I interface But actual training which has been done is the brain where all things are trained Similarly here there is a piece off court which is strange but if I have to say in the image and need to know what this image is According to this scored I need to have a way to interact with this court So there are a couple of ways in which this court can be hosted When I said the school I’m talking about a machine learning model So either you can host machine learning mortal as a P I n point So what is happening in

that case you at the end of the day get ah you are ill and you make a call to that You are Ln you pas the image that you have as your body basically request body and you will get a response with the predictions of one way of doing that is you’re hosting your image in the cloud which means it is being your model in the flower Demel mortal in the cloud You are gonna get a endpoint You will hit that endpoint to get your predictions Secondly off hosting I’m immortalised in a container so venue I want a hosted in a container You don’t cry The originator Dr remains you create a docker image off it and now you can host that gun team there even on the device Do you guys know what this world is A beauty off containing A What is this container concept Yeah Perfect So now because that container will have its dependencies that ah it requires it has a minimal dependency on the hosting platform per se so you can have that container running on your device also So what is happening in this case In this case I have a camera with this taking pictures And then I have a machine learning model ML model which is strained toe Identify or rather classify these drinks No this is being hosted on the device and it’s being hosted as a kind in their image So this camera is taking the picture making the call toe this particular guy toe Get the prediction back and it is Let’s let’s quickly have a look Okay Here does This is own So So basically there is this guy called camera capture which is capturing the ah images And then there is this guy invent reclassification which is a machine learning model But it is something which is gonna be doc raised And ah if you see there’s ah like go doctor files So if we will dock rise it We will create a container image and that there’s a maze which will finally go to the device But ah let’s we’re not going to the court Only thing I want to show you is the communication that is happening So if I come over here right Ah in the camera More do Only part I want you to see is that this is where the camera has taken the image Fair enough after taking the image What it is doing is it is making a call to this U R l know What is this Europe This you are a listen a thing but it because both this camera model and invent reclassification both off them are the containers running on the same device So this is nothing but the name of that container image by which we are running this invent reclassification model So it is making the call This guy at this port and they paid out classified Now if I goto invented classifications and ah if I go over here you will see that we are exposing port number 80 80 And if I goto f by there you will see that we held around called Classify So what I’m essentially doing over there is fairly easy thing We’re in just taking the image and after taking the image making the call to machine learning mortal which is hosted as a docker container in the same device So I’m making that call to the classifier out which is defined in that ML model And then what That Emily Mortal is gonna give It’s gonna give me response back And this part off the response it is telling me the predictions in the response it is receiving the image after receiving the image it is running it through Ah it’s ah l gotta timeto do the classification And finally it is giving me response in which it has a tag name and a prediction Magnum like weathered smiles over six minute made worse is unidentified in prediction What is a percentage off confidence that test if you just quickly off there where after getting the protection we are also putting that particular image in the big data store off measure in the blob store And ah like I mentioned earlier

right we are putting the image names of the same image name that we’re putting in the blob with the same image name We are making a message So we’re saying OK this is the device I d This is the image name This is a tag Mazar minute mate This is a probability and type is analytics and I want to send this particular menses to the cloud So this is how we’re sending here And if the same thing I have to do in aid of Louis right If I a nor the edge part but at least sending the message and all so that there’s something also we saw that in AWS he will saying that messes something like this where we will publish to the topic Okay So I’m not going to the court because ah I I assure you just to show the communication between the two models But let’s come back over here So what is essentially happening I if I go back to the PPT and um I want to come to this one Okay Now what is happening here is we have this left inside which is that as very play No inside that is very by or in disgrace It is rest very pie but in real world it could be some other device also which would be there in the ref researcher But we have four day frank more duels running So one is a camera module which is responsible for capturing the images whenever door opens Second is the ML model which is uh a model that can classify the images And 3rd 1 is the sensor model The sensor model is taking the sensor data from various sensors and then building a message and singing it So the pie camera model is responsible for capturing the image Sending that image to a male model after it received the response construct a message with the image name the response attack The probability inside it to the cloud Also store the image in the cloud in the big data store So that is the responsibility of fi camera ml mortal container image is fairly simple Responsibility when it safe release it is the most complex toe building but everything off its responsibility It is as simple as it has to predict When they’re this image What is this image is uh ah mas a minute maid Pepsi Cola What it is So it just has to do that classification and give back the results Sensor module simply has to generate a sensor data and the ideas more dualism ordeal through which it comic It’s with the idea So this part on the left hand side is the i o d Edge part wearing You have all these models running on the device invite Why are we calling it over the edge I can have 1/4 earning on the at the end of the day devices Nothing right It’s a hardware which has which has a a memory a CPU or compute unit Right So I can just word connected the device and deploy any quote Why am I even giving it a name off all I ot edge So let’s actually look at it And this is so amazing that if I yeah if I goto ah the portal again and let me go to the authority Help to which this is connected Ah this so this If you see invent dreamin desire d have I goto this idea like in need of Louis right We have to register their devices similarly nature every also you have to register a devices and it is located lease Iot devices and ideas So in eight of us if you see here itself you have I record and Nordic dingus In case off azure you have a single I already have service inside the same service You have good options So in this case I’ll goto I only edge because like I said the rest very pie device is I really s device And if I select this rest very by right you will see that it has all the information in themselves It is running a camera capture model It is running a moment Reclassification It is running a sensory to know what is even more amazing If tomorrow I say you know what I have retrained my Emel model and now I have to deploy a new image I have to deploy a latest version off my animal model for elementary

classifications I have 50,000 devices on the field They are different locations to do this deployment toe do toe push the latest image All I need is I need to create a new deployment wherein I have to select a version that I want to push and I have to put that new image somewhere which is called leisure container Registry From where ideas can be basically But essentially you can manage these different containers toe all the devices which is on the feel from this one single place which is in a cloud It’s so amazing because it gives you so much control Now if I Let’s say I’m talking about this inventor classification right I say You know what I have Duke push the latest image and this one is not delayed estimates So I have to give the image you are I over here And once I give the image you are I click next next next and it will create a deployment And this particular new image will be pushed to the device Now this question will be How will this happen Like how How is it going to happen The very it happens is the answer is right here This I od edge So basically whenever you want your device to be I ods device you have doing stall on the device something called i O B edge runtime And what happens says if if your device has I really Estrin time than on the device you will have something called edge Agent This would be running on your device Now what will happen This as agent is continuously talking toe I already have behind the scenes and this aging to to install it A friend stalling it You have to provide it your device idea Also know this suggestion knows that Okay I am the agent for device I’d even it this country It’s like a regular outlook agent or any other region trade So it is Agent was just continuously talking toe idea Whenever you create a new deployment request because this is continuously checking for all those things it will quickly find it will check Okay There is any request for me so it gets the deployment little information That’s part of that information It will get the it means you are I continued image You what I Once it Gordo you are I It goes to student particular u r i n it starts downloading that image Once it is downloaded image Then it will start that particular container So this agent is responsible for the communication which is happening behind the scenes of die or d of and it will keep the things upend running as and it will keep those things Ah your uh um any new deployment coming in or any new version off your model that you want to put in all those things will be taken Care by the edge aging the um like I’m not sure but it is totally based on the interest But if if there are guys who are interested in let’s say going in deep with i o d programming or going in the with either the edge programming which is the next level off I d programming I think they’re there right now There’s no But there could be assert separate uh you know um separate training material planning for it So ah right now what We focused more on us to give you guys a complete overview but it doesn’t have any hands on at this point off time because that is completely it I o t in itself is a complete training Where you get to Laura off hangs on You got to build all these resource says you get to build your own device you can simulate your own device on from your machine and soon but ah Dennis part off those things you will get to do You will get to build these images push those images to the agent toe the device and soon Right now I don’t think they have any sense Such force Maybe in future they might plan toe Maybe uh I od itself is a quite a big topic and ah ah there are so many flavors that you will get when I say flavors What I mean is you might have a scenario where in your devices are all time connected and all time able to talk to Internet You might get into a scenario where in your devices are

very low power devices so they can connect on leave on our each day Or they can connect only one are in five days Or think off the third scenario where you don’t have a predictability So I don’t know if you guys are using their smart watches right Maybe Ah ah I watch or any other watch from any manufacturer So let’s say your watch is also sending elementary data about your heart rate or whatever it is capturing like the messages coming in and so on So it is your data related to your personal health or your personal ah stuff which it is sending to the cloud And you have a nice move my lap using which you can do the analysis Now in this case your watch is not gonna be all reason right It would discharge them You will charge it and you will put it back again so many times you will leave it discharge for days and days like I really forget or you start using different porch So basically then the I don’t The frequency at which your device is gonna connect is not something which is predictable in this case It it really varies Then there is another variation wherein you might have their devices which are always connected but they’re connected using the SIM card and their removal device a select strict example off car so they might go into a territory There is no network or let’s say they might go in the low power mood But the cloud have option to wake up that device in the car If I want to say OK I should be able to remotely start my car essentially what I’m trying to say I’m saying my car is turned off I literally my its key off My card is currently key off and I want to start it remotely So in those cases that device was just sitting inside The car is also in the low power mode and then you call it wake up estimates which you saying to the God that will bring your device on and then it can start communicating with the cloud So you have suman being flavors but ah but if in this particular case that that we discussed to the right Ah it’s a very very simple scenario It’s a very simple wearing You are just trying to communicate with the cloud you’re trained to say It doesn’t have any clout to the West communication as yet All we talked about this device to cloud we were sending sensor data We were sending analytics data and analytics is happening on the device itself Based on that data we are generating some reports and those reports were showing in the power bi I So it’s a very very plain scenario But then the at one scenario also talk about clothes to device message like ah someone mentioned right If the door is open then I want to send a notification That is one thing Like if I leave my door open for more than 45 minutes find more than five minutes I want to send a notification That notification could be email or SMS What about I say OK Notification is fine but there is a small buzzer on the door So if door is open for more than five minutes I want this buzzer beater known There’s no for turning this on Ive this five minute will you don’t think of it right If I say if it is always open for more than five minutes I want to turn on this buzzer Do you really need a I ot for that Because this is aesthetic decision right I can just program it in their device Where And I can say ok whenever door is turned on using the sensory it at the moment it goes well earned Five minutes Just blow the buzzer It’s very similar to in your cars or in your bikes You have this um ah service in bigger That right I’m not troubled I think that s pretty static like It’s based on the number of kilometres that okay you have covered these many kilometers than it should turn up or son So it’s kind of aesthetic sense if it is always fixed on five minutes how about I have a very mature system I am receiving telemetry data from across India from my all shopkeeper surrenders about for how long the fridge is usually open So based on that in the out I have analytics which is running on top off that data and Dead Analytics service has created what is the maximum time and what is the minimum time in last one year for which the phrase door was open Just hypothetical scenario I’m ah what I’m going to call odors that ah how

thinks ah change by bringing in the i o d end a Now instead of keeping it toe five let’s say the this is something which is Ah ah cultural It’d serve over Do I mean by that now in a particular part off India in some specific estates Let’s save people Culture are not really culture but habit Let’s they are habitual were in their little bit lazy When Lizzie whenever they’re working They’re always talking as well So usually they have seen apart and that Okay you know what Usually in this part if your devices in these states usually every time the fridge opens the every time is one minute while in the other part the rest time off between fresh open and closes only 20 seconds So note other than I’m putting a limit the same yardstick everywhere Because when my fridge is coming out off manufacturing unit I don’t know where ill be let go It might go to region a and then maybe they’re shopkeeper returns it because it is closing down the shop where he is moving to a different franchise E it comes back to me now the same fridges going to regionally right So you really don’t know Don’t know where that device will be Lloyd When it comes out of many of extra unit I don’t born toe Keep it Keep the same yardstick for everybody I rather wanted to be smart I wanted to be more behavior driven I want toe drive it based on very to sitting right now If it is in my house it will behave the way I the people in that house wanted Toby And if it is in a different house it will start behaving in a different way So on that kind of a smart necessary day that will come on Lee And only if you have the i o t around it like one way off Achieving it is having idea round it So in the very similar situation it’s a very simple example Right after how much duration I sure to start the buzzer now if it all there is If we let sensor a five minute I keep it to one minute Just hypothetically You know there is a place where in people are usually there If if I’m ah I don’t know I don’t know force It might not be a very well example but somehow culturally the every streamers because of heaven’s every stream off keeping the fridge open is one minute 15 seconds Let’s see there it would be so much annoying So now all that thing would be driven by the behavior off people were My refrigerators isn’t stolen Number one number two It will also give you Lord off insight because these fresh right even today like locally if you see in my fresh temperatures still something which is there because there are some court off saying songs It has a temperature sensitive I know that But what is the output off The temperature sensor is consumed by the fresh Azzan the within a phrase by the cooling mortar or whatever it is right it is consumed with in there And then it is gone That’s it Instead of that what this will allow me It will allow me to saying that data onto the cloud it of us I really cool I’m in azure Google wherever it is What that sensor data whose life was very very shortly until now is now every level to you on the cloud and you can do magic so that like once you have that kind of data of we’ve were talking about the ah this ah refrigerator for shopkeepers and all right forget about it for think off the fridge that you have at your house So now technology is moving in the direction at least seen lore of smart for just coming wherein you can use a mobile app to control certain stuff over there right But like ah if all this leader if even if you don’t think from end user perspective even if all these represented it is going to the manufacturer beat LG Simpson or anybody else right they can get so much inside out off David No Okay like event If a fridge is not working every is going to the service center They have the telemetry off that fridge with them for last six months one year It can help them identify so many issues It can help them make future for just much better Based on that

element tree off the bus tree so it can help revolution in in a big way This is we focused a lot on phrase refrigerator but now I want to give you another dimension off it Everything remains exactly the same Like there is a camera cameras taking photo after taking the photo It is drink some analytics and then it is talking to sending it at a wild and so on I’m just changing the scenario Forget about representative part Tinkoff Ah construction site or or a place Ah it’s like very in security is important Know what outweigh defense Security Let’s say for me securities ridden this Prum eyes You should not be talking over your phone within discrim eyes You should always revealing a helmet within this reminds You should always be wearing a waist It could be different rules Like I have these rules I want doing 46 I keep everything the same but the model the classifications model later I have trained I train it toe identify do security breaches So I trained my model with people wearing helmet worthless people not wearing helmet I tried to train my model with people Ah keep holding their ah cell phones to their ear and so on Right now I might have to install multiple cameras like in a fresh I might go it away with 23 camera But when it comes to Upromise depending on how big the Prum ices I might have to install multiple cameras But then cameras are taking continental continous pictures there in the fridge It was like only when door opens and closes But didn’t that case it might be taking continous pictures One picture every two seconds or five seconds and that picture is going toe the similar classification mortal which is strange for classifying better Somebody’s breaking that particle Those rules or north and accordingly will give a reserve And based on the results you can do so much You will send that result of the cloud now in the cloud If my result is coming as somebody is reaching that cruel I can blow up aside and I can make an announcement I can send an email to supervisor but and then it end of the day I can have a nice stressful report against saying that you know what These many percentage off people broke this rule on day one day two day three Why Why do I need to have this report Actually most of these reports are usedto kind off incentivize Good There is Ah there is study Ah in neurology neuroscience which says that if if you try toe enforce something with a scare our body rather than trying to do it cause in our defensive more desserts like if there is an animal even if it’s a land right if you do something which is really scary if you certainly make a very loud noise or something the instinctive reaction is learning of the same ends with us as human beings If somebody tries to score get us If if somebody smokes and you say you know it’s smoking kills you So there is a state in which says that the smoking kill to telling them smoking kills you puts them in a more defensive cell were in rather than trying to quit this Start thinking off the okay You know my grandpa great great grandparents home for so many years Nothing happened And so on they go into that mode So some those kind of sciences are known to all these companies big companies years and all right No The formed these kind off data so that they can build a nice incentive ization They can build a nice and centers around it and then they really want to track that Okay now I have incentivize this I want to see if this is making any change Am I making any progress and themselves We well who are no longer ah breaching those rules So initially on day one if it was 50% now from month So I brought in this nice and scientific that if you never break this rule you will get something like this Um coupon or something Am I seeing any change So these I od scenarios help enforcing Ah Ah Like ah the solutions that you bring with I already they can help you in this space also So it’s like ah nor just manufacturing Nor just automobile Like when its ultimate Oh Mobile I’m in order Norma scars and so on Any were really even if you don’t have other device like in this case right Um all let’s save in this case there In airports you have

cameras and ah with the cameras there might be people who are sitting in a control room monitoring those images in north Now can I build some analytics models which can take care off their job Like as And when I said there’s your white injury where I mean it’s key whatever they’re doing can it do that automatically And based on that can it also send data to the cloud on that I can retrain that mortal further so that we can make it more and more final All these various scenarios their own you can be Ah Can we you know translated into the i o d kind of scenarios and lof industry The big the biggest part right now which is moving marching towards I ot is manufacturing You might have heard of older industrial Iot T we’re in industrialised standard for and Lords and Lords off manufacturing units What they want to do is they want to ensure as much data whether this predictive maintenance or whether it is ah controlling their different pipelines in the manufacturing unit based on the sensor data that the devices are sending Day I and this is not um hypothetical When there is a manufacturing plant I think it’s in a ah northeast side somewhere where they are absolutely doing a project for no touch factory and literally they mean no touch isn’t it is 100% automated all using I OD and I O PH And the movement is a rarity is of course a I will also come into play because you have to be lower off mortal surrounded But that is the kind of revolution Ah this particular concept is bringing in So I take a pause Ah for cautions or any thoughts that you want to share or if there is any specific thing you want me to go in detail No the question is like since we’re talking about and sure And let’s say we have been better person in the Senate which you have bean showing us as a refrigerator Yeah yeah Thanks Not only say if I have to migrant toe another cloud wonder So how That can be a possible here So and you know that’s a very interesting one Actually I remember being in one of the discussion we’re in Ah that I I wouldn’t take the name of the restaurant and all but what they were saying that you know what We are doing this and measure But at the same time I also want to know Ah if tomorrow I want to shift it toe Google Cloud or AWS I want tohave designed in such a way that that migration should we really is very smooth for me So if we talk about the same thing right we’re in You have a device and you have this as your cloud And there is aws Go now If you’re building a solution which you want to say you know it should be as good as I can do this versus this so I should be able tow plug in play If you’re going there then off course you have to have Ah ah I know Uh interface created off your own That would be running in front off the azure or AWS service But then the discussion would be off course That’s fine But that interface that I’ll create that would also be deployed somewhere right So that Ah either you have to add end of the day deploy that to one of the cloud So that does one thing wherein you have to rule on off stump boarding unnecessarily Just because you think in future you might have to do that Second is do institutionalizes So if it all I have been a full fledged solution the same that we try to be right now And I say now I want to move it to them Eight of Louis so forced thing First you provisioned the resources as part of your resource provisioning You create a AWS I 30 corps Ah you create your notification service animal the way you create all those resources that you need Then the first thing that you have to migrate over is your device registration Not actually Isis yet you have to register all your devices and AWS Iraqi court because until you register those devices there you won’t be able to come Nick get your device Won’t be able to communicate to AWS Now you have registered or late of us devices And then I’m not going into the data migrate because all the historical later that you have received in as you’re right all that data all is also something that they would like to move to AWS But that is something which is pretty standardized right Data migration part

is something that can be easily taken Kids So now I have all my devices here There is great which means our device should be able to talk to the AWS But device right now which is stalking toe I o tee off course has a You are all right Which is the u r l it is using So if I if I come back here and ah let’s did Ah is Ah yeah for example the aid of Louis Right So at the end of the day uh this is a you are let I need for connecting to my dear Similarly for I already have Also there is a Ural that you need S o ah yeah Let it come I’ll show that you are real But the point is that device has a U L which is uses to connect to a particular service In this case it is right now connecting toe I ot help now moving their devices to date of Louis creating provisioning new resources and AWS migrating the historical later All that has no business impact in the community because I’m still continuously My business is running with the authority of right the movement I say Now I want to make a switch which means I want this revised to connect with this guy for that My device needs it of us You are now There are 50,000 devices sitting right Let’s say 50,001 leg devices sitting and ah ah If if somebody says you know what we’ll go there and physically change that you are in love The device like somebody goes to the device Use a laptop eyes engineer connected the device engineer off that particular ah company and reschedule with its to all the refrigerators wherein you have to go and do that it would be a very very bad solution as an it will take lower Bad in the sense division will be really high Our time taken would be high The cost would be high You have to travel so many places Ingenious meant power in stone writes off course That’s not a good solution So what should we do So if a tall I think that okay are even if I don’t think that I have to move it in future But I want to make my system extensible that if tomorrow any Cecil situation arises then I know that cloud part is something which is not a big deal to take care off because this is also something that I can take by building the sources and migrating red and so on And it has no business impact I’m doing it in parallel Well system is already running on azure and once that this provision I wanted to work toward so what There is ah ah one off their design that we ah used ah rituals kind off giving you a capability wherein you’re no longer your heart Your device is no longer have Ah hardcore dependency on this particular Ural as And it doesn’t have to remember it It doesn’t have to keep it burned on the chip So in that case what we did was we created a a p I And whenever device turns on whenever device comes online it will always make call to disappear And this a p a will give it back the U R I It should connect And this is simply reading it from the database Nothing fancy Now whenever you register a device in the idea you also go end up great in the database and New York So this realize now ah is getting the you are And then it is trying to connect to the cloud It could be a i ot have It could be aws I would depending on the um just coming back So what do you do in this case is you will restore your devices you will abrade the database and then you will bring down this coyote The moment you bring down the authority of all the devices will enter out and disconnect and then they will try to reconnect And it’s not only the first time it will go here The way we handle it is if there are five ADDers five Ah guardedness Ah ah Connection Anderson Also to try to one check the New York If it all there is a New York so it will go It will get there you are I from here now In this case I don’t have to goto any single device All that is something I have kind off handle less part off My initial design were in rather than hard According those things onto the device I am taking care off Ah third person in between which is again a service hosted in the cloud which is my a p A service I created And devices always making accord with this guy to get the U S So I changed the mapping in the back I bring it down and then it should get the

new your and it should start connecting toe through it of Louis Does it answer ago Ocean Oh yes Yes OK Any other questions I want to show like No I did not hard That is coming depending on the other honoree Cameras in paralytic right So are other than this like say I have some scanner or something good can share in the hospital on scanners Yeah so very good over this guy And images are produced every day or every can Correct But I just want you said some agent that will be in starting the machine right Yes There’s a war isn’t if you’re using I ot edge So Yep Then there will be a coyote edge agent training on the machine Yeah Yeah So we don’t I mean using any other harlot like maybe camera or sent serenity Is it possible to directly connect with the uh hired er Brendan does Yeah Is okay As long as your devices you know call comments coming up It s so initially It was like OK if if you think off airport again I’m coming back to that example where you have these cameras in store and those cameras are sending the feed And then there is a late sales server room on which that we use being played right and people are monitoring those will use to see if there are any threats or something Now called comments come with cameras which are um capable off running I ot edge So these Ah ah analytics ml mortals is something which which takes compute and memory right Because of course we’re saying that I’m gonna run analytics So initially like for any learning the analytics you need big servers But know what we’re saying If your devices capable if it meets the criteria off the compute that do you need for running that particular ML model then you can have it running on the same device it can winning on the camera itself Also you don’t need any other device to connect toe it as long as it has the capability to talk to Internet It can saying that data directly So you need what Have a think off guard right That’s the best example in this case In the car you have so many sensors there is a speedometer there could be if you’re talking about like of ah very latest and greatest models there would re sensor for your tire pressure as well There will be off course sensor for your fuel tank Great Uh how much is the fuel and so on And whether you put in the seat pressure or not because you get a notification on the dashboard So you have so many sensors Now if all these sensors start behaving as individual devices then it would be a mess It would be a high cost investment because now every single small sensor has to have the capability to connect over Internet Second once you have elected in the cloud actually that this part of the same card that is a physical boundary But if each one of them are sending the individual messages you will be increasing your course your data and your headache Instead of that you have one device in the car which is capable off talking over Internet And all these sensors are connected toe that particular device using canvas So all these sensors are sending their data toe that device and beg devices making one single message putting data from all the sensors and sending it to the cloud representing that I am this particular car But at the same time you are right in saying that this is example off enclosed physical environment But like in a hospital really in there might be a device which is moving around the scanner or something else which is moving around from one patient room to another patient room Even as far off ambulance let’s say so There that could also be treated as individually wise as long as it is capable off talking over Internet If it is not capable of talking over Internet there is another option that you have very and you would have seen Lord of Devices What it does is it keeps those state are Let’s Iskander is a scanning 10 doing tennis skins throughout the day So what it will do it will keep that data stored locally And then that data can be taken out through a USB cable And then you have ah let’s say small lines dashboard application through which you can upload it to the clothes So these are various solutions for those kind of devices But yeah you have declaration Okay Any

other question I needed isis like devices I’m not just talking to us like device a proper back to your flaky four years Five years later you know there is Ah there is a very nice let me share that link they have are gonna quite a good job Ah get a local as your what they have done they have created ah higher D device catalogue And in that they have also created it on a scale especially when it comes to edge They have created it on a scale from left to right We’re in the most powerful devices on the right and least powerful devices on the left But ah let me Okay I’ve just pasted this link So it has a list stuff for although two devices And there you see the results Shin off I as your ideas which is like edge certified So these are all the devices in which you can have already s well so And you can if I told let’s say you’re going into us project Right Where In summary sing Okay this is a device we’re gonna use so you can quickly sort if it is Ah ah Certified device And also it’s a It’s a good link toe have basically with the device kettle Oh okay So if I want to start a career in a I ot analytics or big Data Analytics with Hioki is there any programming language or programming foundation like more bread or no no Js What Kind off Uh Bagram should I have if I need toe Yeah In the technology that back the first thing is Ah you the totems that you used right Ah you need not Togo them go together for them So you mentioned Uh ah big but I I really big did analytics right now I o t and analytics There you have I o t And you have analytics And big readers usually cover this part off it so I o t that’s for if you are making your career in I’ll be right Then you’re kind off specializing in the device communication getting that data and putting it in a big data store That’s it Your job bangs there You you dump it in the big data store you’re done But you’re building the entire pipeline off the communication from device Until this point and different all there is any communication which is to the device that is also your taking care off Now if you are trying to build a career in bigot and analytics then lower of times I would think I will ask you that You know what This is my volume off data This is a kind off mix I hell and ah you tell we which is a right big data store for me So you will You will decide that And then on top of that you will do the analytics Now let’s the reason I want to Ah keep that segregation very clear is that sometimes your interest might be just in this area or this area So you need Noto makes them together They in individual are very big trees is off today Right now there is I like even if you are specialized in just one off them and has the basic idea off the just the basic idea you are pretty solid so they in themselves can sustain you now Then it comes to programming language right when we talk about analytics part especially analytics there Ah you if you go with so ah the like data bricks is something which is coming up very nicely when it comes to the analytic services So there you need If you know it’s scholar or fightin Spuyten is actually if you are going in and a little exploiting is one language that you should definitely have a grasp off More stuff Your data science related stuff happens inviting So if you go and do the fightin I think you should be good And ah if you talk about I o t I think as off today Like if I say if I talk about a jurist specifically that um for most of the services there are options for C sharp Norges spite and ah job These are these are mostly available in all the services So as long as you know fightin this part would recovered I was a c sharp engineer for Law off for a big part off my career Right But the moment you try to enter this space there the C sharp

and all won’t work because it won’t work Isn’t one Ah the library’s air coming in now for the analysis and all But the other thing is off course you have dot net DreamWorks were processing time and all would be more in that So this space is mostly all your number by or ah I don’t recall other ones But most off that is fighting because fighting has really good libraries for the ah analytics especially for the Mets Spuyten has awesome libraries that so a lot of fighting is used in this A space Does it add cereal question Yeah Are you I have appointed Want about machine learning lab CIA Yeah Yeah So if you want to make a career in machine learning right with all my experience I work with Lord dress in destined All ah machine learning in itself is Ah I would suggest you to go for a proper Ah Like I think there are six months or two year course successful because as part of machine learning you need to go through the S statistics all over again Your data structural algorithms statistics and then on top off that you will start building the machine learning formation I mean there is a foundational work for machine learning and on top of that you will start building the algorithm sandal So when it comes to language again fightin is what I have seen being used most for machine learning There Another computer is our but uh if you if I recall correctly the market captured off our was a little bit harder than fighting But the way Buyten was making progress in the recent years Ah this is where most of the people are willing But you can either go with our or pipe and these are the two options that you have And ah if you are serious about building a career in ML that would be you would have to invest time and we’re in a ZAY said like if you if you meet any day that I destroyed Laura people say Okay we are two writers Industrial hole appears to degree and all but there are a lot of very good courses which are coming from M tech as well Ah and there are some nice courses by the institute’s which are for six months which actually takes you from way six again Revise your straightest experience structure And then on top of that this teach you the ah machine learning so And that’s how in my open and you should take it I mean I’ve with Emily I don’t think the shortcuts would help like when existing Good What I mean is ah just learning language and doing a very quick course might not help you So from language site fight on our R and ah then try to look for a course which covers the basics as well aside one spot off any Any other question But they’re all a interdependent right Yeah So that’s the beauty right When you said they all You mean the already big data machine Learning analytics That’s what do you mean Yeah Yeah you are absolutely right So Ah that sort of thing there So much interdependent that unless you have i o t Which is getting you Lord off sensor data you won’t have enough data to build a ML model No I have I already scenario but I don’t have a mortal to take decisions It will be more legs just together in the data for me So they are truly interdependent to it with each other But ah this complete pipeline is actually dissected when it comes to a special Asian So you can literally be just Ah I am for it Even I od specialist today If you look at the market train you will find very nice high celebrate portions for just biotic device security engineer there is focused on the security for your device with I re scenario so similarly from the analytic side Ah you have this big data and basic analytics piece and then comes the data scientist part which is more related towards machine learning So your simple analytics could be like you know based on the big data you might be more dealing And then you are creating some nice reports you are making some Ah by making some graphs you’re taking some decisions and that kind off interjects But when you talk about machine learning in the machine learning now you’re talking about taking that decision also sparked off her ml mortal so But here you are right they’re all related If you take one out

of the question the rated off other two in a real world and win scenario might go drastically Don’t like if I take a machine learning out off hired the scenario my output or my roo I might be much lesser than what it could be with a machine learning if I take out I already from somewhere m trying to bring the machine learning more than my roo I might be much lesser because I might not be getting blown off data for training and any any more questions My house How especially size Like which feel he has to start right A I know that’s So um basically see if I’ll give you some idea Ah on the three If something that ah like a business Ah problem Right If you are very much influenced by Okay uh how how do I solve this business problem How How exactly When I say business problem I mean a really am business prop problem Nor the logical problem wherein it’s not about writing accord and trying to find out a logical issue It’s more like if you are very much towards I want to understand this domain as a business Then machine learning might be a freely which which might interest you because the data scientists that are there one of the key part off it is toe understand the business Because as as a data as I did it I might be getting 54 threes But unless I know that domain I won’t be able to define that out of these four Onley too should be impacting the out come for this particular problem So you need tohave the domain expert e for this piece And if you are interested if if that interest you then this is something you can definitely try When it comes to the authority detectors more about skill and trust me if um it’s like whatever we discuss right now right That was a very basic scenario But even if it is a complex scenario ah the motivation for delivering ill dysentery of want to be through How many services are there How much court No it would be How well can a performance tune it at the end of the day In 90% of the higher the scenarios it comes down to Okay I have one million devices I have 50 million devices How do I performance student my system So it goes to that extreme programming wherein you have to really try to see it every level Where can I bring it down So if you’re like too much into according and that is what motivates you most and that going into too much depth maybe you could be up I o d r Director of the system in Virginia over the cloud engineer So many abortions are there and l it expired is kind of fun A little bit of both the words because in in terms of analytics off course you need to know the business part of it Because when you are trying to bring the report and but with analytics usually what happens is business really tell you Okay this is a kind of reporting I want This is a kind of view that I want Now they are the one who will tell you all those things and Greenstone that you will do manipulation on the data You will do transformation on the daytime Then you will finally try to build that kind off you while in case of data scientist you will have that domain knowledge So you will get the road it or you will massage You might have a help off somebody from Big Data team who can massage tolerate about you will be taking decisions that okay out of these wheels These are the firefighting got off most importance Like strive with them forced and so on Ah and you know with all honesty I don’t think like if you’re fresher you can immediately choose between these two Because in yourself I I’m sure you won’t have that kind of clarity within yourself in terms off Ah ah which one you want to do But one thing I can tell you except for ml part if I leave this one because like I said this is a very specialized thing between these two You can very easily move around like if you know this it would It’s not like that Ah Moving here is a fairly easy thing for you or by civil Yet this is again Like I said it’s something which is some ah which requires a lot more specifications learning So it’s not like Okay if I know I already pretty good I can very easily take a project as ah someone will in an animal model No that is a specialized knowledge that you have good choir But here between these two you

can take one project on already next reactive in us for a big data literate so and you should still be ableto quit You learn into it And all three of them admission rates Yes yes that’s for you know I did my first started the project in 2014 At that time there was no idea about anything We build it with all custom design But since then um I mean that is Ah Since that time the very people so I would be the reason I mentioned that is like in 2014 and it was a very largest circularity project But since then the flavor of diary projects which I have been working with I haven’t seen any I would be predicted last one year in which um machine learning is not involved Every single project in 2018 that I did has a flavor off machine learning in it So although there means but somehow they’re becoming more and more Ah like reading a I ot itself People are putting in even latest and greatest components together but they are all three Off them are something which in terms of technology is their niche in terms off market Like if you as ah if you want your company as and as a return off investment If you think right then also I think all of them are pretty Ah appeared like pretty nicely this one being highest As far as I know the m l part like did assigned dis portion But even the business like and a little big data and I already both are being pretty nicely Yeah I know Pushing here You You mentioned that it can be so differently here understanding the year participating and forces and get an answer carrier And no can’t get better paid Yeah yeah but how The costume introduced by OT device Sister at another thing Because it’s Yeah So definitely been paying far how that things will work right now The solution will be cheaper right Since the beginning you mentioned like the guy Okay I got it So social cheaper Yeah So that that ownership lies on the hardware engineers Ah hardware engineer says in Oh I am so basically see this is all everybody’s every industries evolving now part of the IOC’s device that is agreed But as I ot cloud architect or engineer or developer you don’t have you can’t ah do Lord about device because that is again hardware engineering and itself is like embedded electron ICS and on that is a skill set which is lead it for the device But there are engineers who are doing that and dead industries also evolving So when every rebuild I the solution right we don’t take decisions on which device to use Only thing we can take decision is this is the feature that I need This is the data I want my device to send me Now who is the right guy to say OK for this data This kind of data that you need This should be that I do I This is the cheap s devised This is the best performing the West That is somebody who has the monastary in the hardware So there are Williams which are manufacturing these devices and as a company you will reach out to those Williams with your requirement and deck William building over Who will tell you that this is what the cost would be for the uh coming to the point about cost reduction Think off time when computers were so expensive right Or think off Well phone like Apple is exception but all other mobile phones said you talk about Look at the smartphone cost today worse is what it was like maybe 10 year back So hardware industries also level There is a revolution going on there It is happening in every industry but their devices the cost of devices I kind of agree with you partially that in Lord of Scenarios that could be too much as off today But I am pretty sure because most off the big companies want to move towards I od normally become like even the consumer based products I really something that now we’re talking about the already connected human beings through Internet Now it is about connecting the devices right So what is moving in that direction I’m sure there is hardware industry which is working behind the scenes and over the time that cost will also come down I mean that is that

is the same cycle that happen burned with other things like computer or mobile phones is gonna happen with these devices because that is what we’ll end off the day Ah make your condemnation go high consumption of those to Isis But yeah If if you’re ocean was around that how do you bring that device Cost stone No you can’t It is It is Ah You will have those prettify inside of devices or you will contact the e m And if you don’t have the expertise another thing that in this completing right if you don’t have an export e don’t be Don’t make a decision Even if you’re given that responsibility clearly all it out before this you need to talkto hardware expert which I’m not clearly call it out because oneness more Listen one a small Ah you know wrong decision in these things We are talking about a large number of devices right It could have ah impact Very high impact in terms off course symptoms off your system redesigning and all So you have to have ah specialized person from hardware industry So we reopen to make calls on which do I should come in for these features which is a low cost A wise What is the battery life off their device and so on Visit Answer Question Yes Yes I think Yeah Yeah I know we’re well past time but that’s okay Yeah See I mean now we’re talking about a I ot and how Ah you know millions of devices actually talkto a particular I ot herb and things like that right How to be secure that communication apart from the connection string that we’re using Yeah So it is all over ssl So all that communication that happens is over ssl So it is all your Ah it is encrypted Ah transport layer that this one But I give you another example from one off my past The 30 project experience Although all that is over SSL right So while your messages traveling it is all in captivity is perfect This is secured But then at the end of the day it is gonna hit either tea or ah ah I ot herb or it will hurt your AWS I pretty in either case from this point onwards it will start its journey within your cloud Now in your cloud Let’s say let’s speak about Aws Example right So Ah tell me a message What is a counterpart off He went up If you guys know or any messaging system in the Arab Lewis So let’s way forward it to dynamodb or somewhere Some messaging system No even this communication is secure for their enough But when the message is sitting over here or let’s say it’s simple notification service right now messages sitting in the simple notification service stopping violet is sitting here It will be immediately picked up by somebody like after all the mess in that your pick maybe to local clipping up in process But this isn’t transit right now so there are certain customer who says that You know even when my message is in transit I want it security I It’s okay I understand while it is traveling Ah sorry Yeah You call transit only right Violet is traveling I know that this is all secured through SSL but I want to ensure when it is it final destination the final resting place which would be a sequel It would be a dynamo or it could be any energy I want the security here and I want also the security in the in intermittent stores like in transit So one of the customer they worked for what did it When you create a mess is right it is adjacent They encrypted the message payload itself and they have returned their own encryption algorithm So they encrypted the message payload so that wherever this message payload is going it is always in represent when you have to process it that is when you have to decrypt it But that is like a extreme case Other ways if and from major point of view I can tell you that better This sequel Leisure Let’s say you’re using sequel azure So as you’re has Ah encryption out of books encryption Every data that you put in sequel is always encrypted So it’s encryption on and you also have a capability Were you going to find your key to encrypt that data But from the security point off you whenever it is traveling it is always over Ssl so it is always incompetent Safe Ah whenever it is a transit yes you might have to do some if it all it is like I listen your data and

even Vidin your even though it is in the bone re off her data center inside your cloud But if it all you have to do something to make it secure even doing that transit then you have to encrypt the message payload which again would be done at the device and in the cloud Wherever you’re processing the message it has to be decrypted So you need to have And in that in my case that I was talking about every device encryption Decryption key was unique So basically a sparked off device registration as part of device meta data we also have to take care off a story in that device encryption keys So that is how Ah you can put additional layer off security Okay So basically over the Internet it’s only a Cecil And then in the cloud you can have your own ways of encrypting Yes so in the cloud basically because one approaches Now see one thing you guys might already be knowing right that uh as you want the higher security costing security are proportional directly proportional to each other Right now Ah there are some some customers who will say You know what When it is traveling over Internet off what I wanted to we absolutely secure But when it is making called between your services in the same readers and drains on it’s OK it’s within the cloud I mean there are the kind with different different types off where I d around it so Ah but the more and more secure you want toe make it There are certain I would scenarios where in user data is involved We’re absolutely You can not have any leeway there It has to be in it for sensical There is some artisan areas were in This is just an anonymized data and you are not too much worried about it There you might You are only border about while it is traveling at rest in transit You know Kate’s like a couple of seconds life for the message that it’s OK We will leave it directly So yeah but all along the communication and ah in the if I come back here right where we Ah if you see this impunity like you guys said we have gone through it So I’m good Really Triple ITRI’s Ah secure em country today So that’s where you’re connecting to your um um in the AWS you’re connecting to triple a tree using six your MQ treaty Any other questions with respect are so learning machine learning can be helpful Invading the bars Yes Late barren You have the ideas Watson are with Rose Bowl Yeah Yeah So that is my understanding right there Could get based on whatever machine burning off because we are able to build The bard said that he wanted to be the I watched the platform or with post holes Yes Ah the discord like natural language processing Like make sure you so whatever it is like a month back I had made as very play and a build uh Alexa like functionality on this Ah And for that I have actually deployed aboard here And I also heard a a machine learning model which is strained So I again I won’t go in the court but uh what I want to show you is exactly what they are So here basically if you see this NLP natural language processing What is this functionality Basically in my resident by I heard a mic Right So you you speak so that like you talkin Alexa Then I was making a call to the speech to text Analytics service which was translating where they were ever spoken into the text I get the text back and then I was making a call to this ML model which is my NLP mortal now inside this Actually word is there Once it receives a text right after that it has the decimal model can calculate the intent So what is intent This is a training It’s ah in the machine learning You have a standard training it and testing with the right So if you see in the training later If I’m saying say a joke then in 10 days asked you if I’m saying tell you it’s still ask you So this is a test state of it And I said These are the various ways in which I can I want you to tell me the joke And every time one off that variation comes in the intent that I’m looking for is asked you So my ML model was giving me were designed And now based on that intent I have these commands created were in If my intent is asked joke it will execute the joke among which would randomly tell me one off this you So Ah this is exactly what you’re managing wearing You have this an LP mortal And at the end of the day this NLP model

is used for finding out the intent because of the church board Also I’d end of the day when I’m typing something I need to find out what is intent off me What is that I’m looking for right That is very used that NLP and ah yeah you build those mortals and then ah you know use them in case of So this is again This was on i o th But if you if I have a child but right So I might have my nlb mortal running on the cloud And whenever I am receiving the request I would be making called with that and get the response Is indicative videos a refuge I think that the hologram it’s translates the language in the Japanese Yeah yeah yeah So uh that was vice Ah during the Microsoft ready Even by that Yeah So that’s right It was a hologram that from Japanese to English realtime Translation So I think don’t make a badger Yep Yep that is Microsoft I’m not sure whether it is in the school Never teach I wanted to get clarified Not whoever it comes in the whole course of the Piper Religions revival Downing’s getting it every day you can It’s Nutanix type urban regions Okay clothed And also you have a B block and or how these things are 11 toe media as the person taking the sport So are you saying something very different from eso Actually because I am focused on Lee on the azure part off it So basically I overall course curriculum I don’t have much of the inside I know the parts which is especially to azure So maybe Ah someone either from like HR department or from AWS said Yeah I think from someone from my Charlie Brotman might be the right person to connect you with a guy who has absolutely understanding of the complete course Yeah Any other questions Anyone I think someone of those on the inner musician You’re dealing there so like this has bordered by the floorboard And so if I have like on my own animation or security in between the US and the clothes so that using somebody is it possible like before I upload when I get it Uh data from the device So I don’t don’t do well Send the same data to the floor for in between I allow my moral And then in fact what you just mentioned is one off the use case off I o th I mean you can have a layer in between So see the way it works is what you’re saying is I have a device and here I have this coyote either AWS or azure doesn’t matter In between I have a layer which is doing the street and minimization on the message and then sending the message Worry Right now Here comes students This is perfectly fine principally But this layer at the end of the day it would be running somewhere So either it could be running It’s part of the device which we say it would be leaning on tra mice or I might run it Also in the cloud itself are as another service right now If it is this particular box the 1st 1 then you can have this s part off I ot edge itself You can have one more more duel which is Let’s they are et al more Julia colic And there you are just doing the state and minimization or translation And this is a property use case If you go toe if you search for i o ts goto mst in They’re one of the use case off for Audi ages If you want toe do some data manipulation from security perspective or you want to do some their data manipulation for some aggregations and so on This is a good fit for you Anyone If you don’t want to do ideas you have created a separate server and your devices always talking to that serving that service Sending data to our idea This is that is one second is when you deploy this on the cloud only and your devices talking to describe And then this guy’s doing that An immunization So that is a second way of doing it Only difference between the two is that in the second Sorry One is in on premises and a woman and yeah So basically when it is in the cloud then all the device are requesting to the same place And if it is on Brendan for every device or all the device in the same reminds you have one side So it’s scaling is one part richer which is something that ah ah de force in both the cases But yeah you are right It can ridden and more division in the prison

of us gets will bring difficult right Absolutely EPS if you’re using Iot th you can do that by pushing it from the ah I would itself But if you’re creating a server light severly NetZero then off course you have to all those physical locations racism Okay And one more last from last question is like you said the if they die if I want to send a maid Switches off like in embassies or something Yeah Yeah The bill not myself Usually not support more than 256 You said there is a do it Yeah so there is They have come up with a feature and this is again unspecific to measure But in *** they ever let me come up with a feat came up with a feature of which is called file upload Let me quickly We’re here Uh yeah This file upload So they have come up with this feature which allows you to upload these files which are of big size to the cloud But I haven’t used it ever Instead what I have mostly there in most of the cases that have been has always used a blawg and saying those images to the blob and then have a reference off dead image in the actual message because you blow And I think I should have that because I also mentioned that I’ll talk about it No Ah the blow Right But a