[PL/EN] Przyzwoita i tania stacja multimedialna 2DIN – test Atoto A6

Once again, I welcome you warmly Numerous positive comments that you posted under my previous multimedia station test motivated me to check another copy of Far Eastern production This time, for a change, a device with dimensions similar to the 2DIN standard I will try to put as much information as possible in a short material so as not to waste your time but because of the length of this video, I recommend reading the movie description to find interesting parts I will start with the fact that not all of you must accept the conditions of Chinese stores like Aliexpress for example on customs or how to pay for the goods My last material regarding the Chinese equipment’s life test showed additionally that considering the warranty can also be dull For those who did not watch, I recommend a look – the link in the description and in the pages For this reason, I purposely chose the device available on the European Amazon portal for the current test The Atoto brand comes under the microscope with its A6 model because he has very good opinions among this type of budget equipment The device is available in several different equipment variants I choose the intermediate called “premium” by the manufacturer As usual, a link to this particular option is placed in the description of the film Higher models offer a dual band wireless network, two analog video inputs instead of one, additional high quality Bluetooth audio codec, and a cosmetic change in the power amplifier of the built-in amplifier I would like to take Aptx, but I only buy the radio for testing purposes without intending to use it in my car The factory headunit fulfills its role, and I personally do not like this type of tactile frills In addition, I doubt that the equipment will survive the tests at all That’s why I’m focusing on RAM and processor This is the highest option in this model, so I expect sufficient liquidity of work and if this turns out to be satisfying for you, then you will consider the possible additional payment for other additions Note the specific dimensions of the headunit that do not cover the full 2DIN size and no Polish in the device menu Suitable mounting accessories are available for purchase separately, and Android in English does not deter me On January 15 this year, i.e. 8 days after placing the order, the package ends up in my hands Inside the Amazon carton lives the right one as you can see, not very well secured during transport It remains to be hoped that nothing has been damaged Inside the right box I find a satellite navigation system antenna terminated with a quick connector Another element of the set is the adapter from the manufacturer’s standard connector to the standard ISO plug ensuring speaker and power connections It also contains a bundle of additional control wires Next are: the computer cordless antenna, additional optional microphone, whose cable has a monaural mini-jack plug, a very nice addition, i.e. an additional connector in the manufacturer’s standard Adapted for own connection and equipped with an extensive cable description, two universal serial bus ports to be connected e.g. in the glove box, masking frame, user manual, two pieces of display protective foil (also a nice addition), warranty card and a bag containing small mounting accessories Below is a very well secured main unit I will return for a moment to the instruction manual and the warranty card If you would like to read them before buying then you can do it right now by pausing the movie at the right time I am positively surprised by the quality of papercology because it exhausts the topic of connection and basic operation of this equipment In this respect – exemplary The front panel of the device almost completely fills the display Starting from the left on a modest border I find a built-in microphone I will discuss the quality of the speakerphone in the rest of the material Another element is the Micro SD memory card connector Here briefly: I checked compatibility with high capacity standard cards or HC and they are easily supported up to and including 64 gigabytes A 128-gigabyte medium from the same manufacturer formatted in the same file system, unfortunately it was no longer detected Next is the universal audio input with a 3.5 mm stereo mini jack connector I measured the signal-to-noise ratio and it is about 76 dB so pretty good considering the price of this equipment You won’t notice the annoying hissing from the speakers during breaks between songs The frequency response fully covers the range audible by humans I also checked it using a generator and an oscilloscope Universal serial bus connector

ensures full compatibility with all storage devices as well as mouse input accessories The output voltage present at this connector is standard, as is its stabilization Loading the connector with a traditional disc disk does not make any impression on it, and the maximum load capacity is 2 Ampere After exceeding this current, the electronic short-circuit protection is activated completely disconnecting the power supply of this port for a few seconds At the bottom of the head unit is a microswitch in case of no response that requires no comment On the bottom edge of the display border I find the power and mute buttons Holding down the button for more than two seconds apparently turns off the headunit (more about this during measurements of current consumption at a standstill later in the film), and a short press mutes the station using the Android audio mixer Another short press returns to the original level The volume buttons also control the system mixer and require no comment On the right side I find the “previous” and “next” keys They are useful and work with virtually any multimedia application This is also a plus, because switching a radio station or song does not distract you while driving The last physical button calls up the home screen of the station from anywhere minimizing all active applications The keys work with palpable comfortable resistance As for the display itself, the quality of the reproduced image is very good Maximum brightness copes with the strong summer sun, and the minimum doesn’t irritate at night Saturation of colors and black surprises positively as for a panel made in liquid crystal technology with an active matrix because he is a bit lacking in AMOLED Very good viewing angles allow the station to be installed in virtually any vehicle regardless of the location of the radio recess The capacitive touch layer supports five-point multi-touch technology and works without reservations All the positives of this screen are spoiled by its strong reflectivity After using the device for several months, unfortunately I couldn’t get used to it Here a big minus that strongly interferes with everyday operation Films included in the set to protect the screen from scratches also do not help I don’t even mention fingerprinting, it looks very unsightly For this reason, most of the material presenting the device during the work will be recorded in total darkness because during the day it is practically impossible – everything is reflected in the screen So much for the front panel The back of the device has a connector for connecting an optional IR receiver remote control not included All in all good, from experience I will tell you that at least with me These types of remote controls only collect dust on the garage shelves Next to it, an external microphone connector in a 3.5 mm mono mini jack standard, fuse as well as a speaker connection connector with power supply in the manufacturer’s standard I will not discuss the electrical harness in this case, because it was exemplary described both in the manual and on the housing You will find there everything that is necessary, along with polarizations of specific control signals Next, a set of connectors in the Chinch standard which includes: Universal audio / video input it consists of composite video signal and stereo low frequency input (audio quality the same as the connector on the front) rear view camera video input video input dedicated for connecting a front camera as well as low frequency audio outputs for amplifiers: subwoofer, stereo front stereo back As for the latter it is both the signal / noise ratio as well as low pass band filters for the subwoofer they have parameters in accordance with those declared by the manufacturer that’s why I decided not to bore you with a detailed analysis of this topic consisting of viewing waveforms with an oscilloscope from a generator passed through the headunit Right next to the USB type A connector, an additional electrical harness connector containing two more USB type A ports, Antenna computer network connectors and a satellite navigation system signal receiver, as well as FM antennas in the DIN standard Adapters to the ISO standard used include in French cars, unfortunately, not included Time for a few tests just before mounting the device, as I say “on the table” Standby power consumption for a fully charged lead-acid battery is 13 mA A lot, but within tolerance By lowering the voltage to a value that corresponds to a completely discharged battery I am receiving 15 mA current I lower the voltage even more to check for any abnormalities in the device’s operation because I know from experience that some factory head units can have a problem with that and consume very high currents in such conditions, but in this case nothing bad happens Generally, the device works perfectly up to the 8.7 Volt threshold,

below this value it goes into hibernation Of course, with such a low voltage, the built-in amplifier is not able to give up nominal power, but it is natural Please note, however, that the currents collected are at a standstill refer to a de-energized device with the cable labeled “+ accessories” Permanently connecting this station to the battery and turning it off using the power button is out of the question because the device goes into a state of apparent sleep consuming a current of approximately 400 mA I waited 24 hours hoping that the device would eventually turn off completely but nothing So do not connect this model in this way Total power consumption for quiet listening does not exceed three amperes which is good information, e.g. for taxi drivers The main wiring harness for the headunit is designed to control an external antenna and amplifiers can be easily loaded with 100 mA current, and comparing the device’s supply voltage with the voltage present on them makes it clear that they are protected by Zener diodes. Very good With daytime running lights, a backlight wire is present in the headunit wiring harness can be safely connected to the vehicle’s position lights, because it works as expected by calling two independently adjustable display brightness levels The harness also has an input that supports resistive steering wheel control A standard adapter should be made here as standard to customize the interface for a particular brand of car, e.g. earning a resistor ladder for Renault I checked the input by connecting resistors of different values ​​to it and it works correctly For testing the device’s video inputs (e.g. rear view cameras) this time I used a CCTV system camera, because it has smooth regulation of the output signal level Thanks to this, I am able to simulate a signal loss caused by a longer than usual connection cable which corresponds to a camera mounted e.g. on a van or motorhome You see here the image reproduced for an input signal at 1V Unfortunately, it is impossible to set up less but it is a very good result Not every device can handle such a weak signal well The USB connectors on the cable work the same as the socket on the front panel, i.e. okay Here, too, voltage stabilization works perfectly and the maximum load capacity is 2 Ampere Well, that’s probably all at the moment I temporarily mount the device to the car I use most often which is to the tow truck queen and I start road tests The lagoon has a radio headrest with standard dimensions of 2 DIN which simplifies the hardware spacer because there is no need to modify anything My variant of this device is slightly smaller because as I said before I did not purchase additional masking and mounting frames offered by the manufacturer due to the test nature of the whole Therefore, I am forced to screw the device from the back of the housing so that it does not fall out I am also temporarily mounting a satellite receiver system antenna in such a way that, in everyday language, “see the sky” The whole is now ready for my attempts Let me start by testing the built-in speakerphone The phone application is very intuitive and you will definitely find it in it, I will therefore skip its description Pairing the device with a mobile phone was quick and easy All you need is permission to access your contacts and I can start the test This is a big problem because the application edits all contacts by default in your Google account by changing your name to surname and vice versa It helps to block editing permissions for this particular device but this is a big disadvantage and I hope that the manufacturer will release an update to fix this state of affairs Okay, I make a call to the second number from a phone paired with the radio which has a connected digital voice recorder The test verifies the quality of the reduction of ambient noise Test number one: The device’s internal microphone Car at a standstill with the engine running Test number two: External microphone placed on the sun visor Car at a standstill with the engine running Test number three: Internal microphone, road vehicle. Speed ​​110 km / h And the last attempt. This time, an external microphone, as before mounted on the sun visor The vehicle is also on the road, speed 110 km / h The test conditions were the same every time i.e. all windows closed and the airflow set by the machine to 50% As you can see, the reduction of ambient noise is exemplary and there is practically no difference at all between the conversation held at a standstill and the one in motion I also eliminate the external microphone from further tests because the built-in one is doing great Another important system present in every hands-free device is the echo cancellation system

which, wanting or not, is created during duplex communications without using a handset To check it I will call the reliable Dominica as usual πŸ™‚ This time, to accurately reflect the quality of mutual communication, for recording I will use a landline analog cordless telephone It is a device manufactured in 1998 and they are characterized by the lack of any encryption of transmission between the handset and base Hand-held frequency scanner, usually used to listen to services so he will have his five minutes in this material because on the operating frequency of such a telephone base during the call we will hear the entire conversation Who among you did not listen to the conversations of neighbors in the heyday of landline telephony let him throw the stone first πŸ™‚ Therefore, I turn on the conversation mode in the handset and by using the function of finding closely placed transmitters I search for the current operating frequency of the database which by the way depends on which channel the handset will randomly draw when making the connection The Panasonic system has 25 channels, two frequencies each Okay, a few seconds and you can record – Listen – Good morning – Good morning sir – Good morning, Mrs. Dominika, how are you today? – I feel very well because of a very pleasant bike trip – Very pleasant because together, as usual – Of course – Tell me how you hear me, is there any echo? – No, I hear very well, i.e. the test was completed successfully? – I think so, it’ll be fun Thank you so much for your time and official thank you will be at the end of the film, of course – Okay, thank you very much, take care – Kiss, bye – Bye As you hear, echo cancellation also works correctly Renault Laguna second generation on which I carried out all the tests shown so far the best muted is not a phone call at road speeds is not a problem I also drove on purpose, which you can see in the movie to further increase the noise level, but this did not significantly affect the test result In addition, the presence of a certain amount of white noise in the background of the conversation has a positive effect on the sound of the interlocutor what in the era of ubiquitous total filtering of ambient sounds and strong audio compression definitely a plus Thanks to this, there is no problem with understanding the recorded messages, for example for digital answering machines because they have something to filter out and don’t distort the useful signal too much In fact, the only problem for this system is an open body car Together with Dominika we tested the headunit using both the factory built-in microphone as well as connecting an accessory placed in different places such as a bollard or sun visor In the convertible, the air swirls do their job and it’s natural During the recorded conversations, only the momentum of air can be heard However, I do not consider this a disadvantage because the factory hands-free kits also do not cope in such conditions even in much more expensive constructions Okay, I think that’s all you need to know about making calls using this station As for the factory-built applications, it is worth mentioning that there is a possibility such configuration of the rearview camera application so that it slightly reduces the volume of the system’s mixer thanks to which you can hear better the sounds emitted by the reversing sensors The radio application is stable and intuitive We have everything we need here Receiver sensitivity and selectivity very good This is due to the Philips radio system Of course, as with Chinese equipment, I was not given performance tests because none of the testing applications I knew would cooperate The device is simply not supported The station’s hardware parameters can now be seen on the screen We get what we pay for here, remember about the price of this equipment Budget specification, nothing to cheat on On the plus only the fact that in this case there are no special restrictions when it comes to installed applications because the device manufacturer’s overlay that surrounds the Android system has been well thought out So you can quite easily use the device avoiding unblocking the system or using other secret tricks As for the work of Google maps – it is good It could use more computing power and more memory for faster route planning, but only during navigation the device works smoothly while playing e.g. mp3 files In such a situation I did not come across “whipping” applications working in the background which is the bane of Chinese equipment Deviation from the route results in its rapid correction

There is also not much to fault when it comes to browsing the map in manual mode YouTube works smoothly and steadily The maximum supported resolution is 720p in this case Subtitles and other additional functions also work without reservation Scrolling, skipping, playing video in the window – perfectly If you purchase the premium service, background playback also works Close to my heart, PowerAmp also gives advice, without decoding also files saved in lossless compression formats such as flac Streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify I also tested in battle – they perform impeccably When it comes to cooperation with on-board diagnostics, this is a curiosity The device is equipped with two Bluetooth modules operating independently One of them is dedicated to ELM interfaces and cooperation with Torque applications This program is, by the way, pre-installed on the device In general, the operating experience is very pleasant Of course, you can’t compare the smoothness of work, e.g. to flagship smartphones because it’s not this class of equipment, but nothing annoys excessively, and that’s what it’s all about The equipment was installed in my Lagoon for exactly 7.5 months During this time it worked stably and there was no need to restart the headunit It is true that this type of device lacks mechanical elements such as a compact disc reader or retractable display, but my last lifetime test showed that electronics can also fail Therefore, I decided to simulate the use of the device by freezing and subjecting it to repeated switching on and off The conditions of this test were the same as in my previous film, if you are interested – link in the description and cards The radio survived the test simulating 3 years of operation and continued to operate Therefore, I developed the test and for the next 2 months the station was on all the time, connected to the laboratory power supply in the basement Screen set to maximum brightness, connected cordless computer network, running PowerAmp application in loop playing several flac files from internal memory Instead of speakers – an artificial load of 4 pieces 50 Watt 4 Ohm resistors Volume set to half Thanks to these treatments, the device kept the housing temperature within 50 degrees Celsius This test was also successful I decided to dismantle the whole to check the quality of the laminate and the components used I thought that efficient and trouble-free operation of the radio is simply a coincidence but here is another surprise After unscrewing the upper part of the housing, the integrated power amplifier immediately catches the eye As you can see, thermal paste was not regretted, which of course is a big plus The manufacturer did not lie in the specifications, as you can see, the original Japanese TCB001HQ system from Toshiba was used here Maximum power delivered according to the specification is 45 Watt per channel, and the useful one is 22 Watts To see more I disassemble the motherboard of the device from the housing, I disconnect the tapes connecting the front panel and unscrew the metal shield shielding the digital part Under it I find the MT6625LN Media library system responsible for Wi-Fi connectivity and the first Bluetooth dedicated for the ELM interface GM7150BC is a 9-bit video processor dealing with image processing from the rear view camera and the analog AV input Maybe I will skip this type of less important systems in the following description so as not to extend this video It is worth mentioning that the main memory of the device is based on Kingston’s fast chip so it’s not a no-name Branded Qualcomm QCC3007 is responsible for Bluetooth connectivity with a smartphone placed on an additional board which in higher models is probably replaced by the aptx supporting module Popular TDA7729 as an audio processor This is a good quality system, which is why my frequency response is measured and signal to noise ratio were favorable There are still many USB hubs, a power management processor and the like I will not discuss them in detail, but I have read the catalog notes of each of them and these are mostly familiar to me from service practice manufactured by popular manufacturers with relatively good parameters It is thanks to this that the device works without any problems The only thing I can fault is high capacity electrolytic capacitors occurring in the supply section. It’s some no-name The display touchpad communicates with the headunit via the I2C bus just like in Seicane, and the display itself is made in IPS technology a product from the HannStar company that has been providing matrixes for laptops since the 1990s HP, Toshiba, Dell and Sony Okay, maybe these stories are enough To avoid creating electronic waste, I put the equipment back together and give it to a friend It is still fully functional so it will use it on the plot to listen to music because it only has a 12-volt solar installation there

Overall, I was very positively surprised by this headunit As it turned out, not everything that is Chinese is bad As for such an amount – there is absolutely no shame and even this station aspires to a slightly higher shelf when it comes to quality of workmanship If you only need this specification of the equipment, do not deter the reflections of the display and the manufacturer will correct the hash software error in the contacts in the google account I can recommend this device model The test is not sponsored by any of the companies and at the same time thank you for such proposals coming to my email inbox Do you really think I need a week or two to test the equipment? It’s unreal, durability tests take a long time and I’m not going to ridicule myself by recommending devices with which I meet with for two weeks I would like to thank the reliable Dominica as usual for help in implementing this material Only and only thanks to you we managed to finish this film Thank you very much for being: * I hope this standard too long video was useful for you Take a look at the Laguna Fana and Rysiuncia canals Thanks for watching and see you next time;)