Interaction 11 of The Podium Season 2 – Mr. Sharad Gupta

90 very much for the introduction to swallow let me just quickly or give you a me so three years yes in the industry maybe are varied across the segments of TF mcd’s the consumer durables media industry and now seven years with Xerox so hope everybody knows about brands are rocks yes okay good so here are 30 minutes it’s it’s not too much actually no to speed but what I request you all please for God’s sake be interactive but what I heard outside the US ask lot of questions so if that is the case being active at please okay so just to start with I would term guys don’t interpret it wrongly please so what’s the future of Martin so yeah so you know what I start with and I always do with all the colleges when I go you all know about marketing okay but what’s exactly today’s marketing that’s I want to know from you guys shoot whatever you want to say you have anything in your mind shoot what’s marketing for you but it’s kind of consumer centric approach okay sorry we should be marketed co-creation mark okay consumers customers okay yes 10 he’ll be here consumer and then deliver the product is our regarding to them custom apparel asses okay needs about market okay sorry who is that grading credit customers okay English ok sorry flying the beach ok call noisy you should should the lantern actually that grandpa sex TV brand awareness very sales long-term customer relationship I understand these innovations all both philip kotler customer lifetime value hey come on man speak to me speak to me out what’s it making people realize what he making people realize so they don’t know about it okay yeah anybody else I’m I’m happy nobody said product price place promotion on the I saw the item one okay so this is all what you were talking about positioning perception blah blah blah blah it’s all crap and I say crap please don’t make it i interpreting meaning it’s crap because that’s not today’s model and believe me that’s where and I from my personal experience of hearing your voice audience and their yo guys this is Mary making steaks really dr. Drucker Oh movies blah blah and we make a set for Bella mine marketing is all about customers price place promotion by the way which are the other three piece has been added in a television series dependence is you get it where do this okay anybody else process program performance crosses program that’s your piece you it’s okay which are the other piece which are official three more things that has been added rather there’s a fourth at a new dimension also been added to today’s words know so people definitely packaging anybody heard of that where’s the product sense because of packaging third very common very intuitive and which leads to be part of

all marketing scenarios something that creates perception you dare common birds something that creates positioning think sorry covered policies great perceptions would be negative though something that creates perception in the market okay I give you a cue somebody said this VR how many of you said that everybody so great PR is the most relevant the P dash been added in four keys and added by boom who gave this four piece was a process one poopies inventor because I’ve got love so for the toddler was in dairy a couple of weeks back and I was spotted not 2 ask for them so what he said the p that makes positioning of the bronzes PR okay so so these are so all seven piece now our product price place promotion public relations equals and welfare okay okay in 30 minutes here I don’t want to give you a plethora of gone here right because does not lead you there is no gendrich marketing okay what we’ll do is I take you through some important aspects or the commonalities of marketing that we all need to envisage because I think majority of you would be planning for marketing as major is that so some people would be for finance HR legal high tea whatever but everything boils down at the beginning with marketing only so I think it will be born for all to understand what are the important sections of marketing today which end the Sarge’s today’s marketing strategy okay so what are the important facets every video if you talked about ethnicity process people packaging blah blah blah but nobody spoke around what does marketing n is enough corporate have you guys heard of something called marketing communications that is what we were talking about right now okay and you thought that’s where marketing ends which is not the truth marketing is beyond marketing communications we talk about product management you guys are go to product management what is product management that’s where you position the product particularly right wherever how through advertising communication at all then something very important is channel marketing you heard of distribution mechanisms right how many are planning to go in operation with the solution okay quite a few of you so this forms a very big part of your marketing today because why you have a who’s at the top of the ladder distribution sorry then then so say sup discreet okay then retailers so how many of you have how many elements were there channel marketing say for commonly average all these four needs a specific marketing manufacturing markets distributor stocks but what does he needs he needs market equal to let the simplicities stock from a distributor what r sub the strychnine sub this fee need that if I am yeah retailers they want reset us to push that run to the end customer so what does he require ma cream full bush and what does a reseller require I well it was a interactive trust sorry hold for from the consumers so what happened your marketing touched four basic elements in distribution do you think it’s a very important facet today every brand believe me every brand you know today what happens is the resources budget in a company is very less innovative okay and what needs to be done effectively to build a brand or to promote their brand

and to the pseudo grand coverage money how do you make a coverage model if you don’t have the drain sales force which can serve the geographies of market you need what to increase coverage you need what distribution channels and who have an effective the street me Monica okay great then comes services multihack anybody heard about services marketing and this is today’s mantra guides what is services marketing services I’m not about to see there you go it’s not post-sale services and come on services marketing sorry so I meaningful concept and ZZ know what is services muck what is the word services and Tails well that’s literal meaning of services which is perfect little mean but what is subsidized in well services intangible perfectly fine what no guys some one thing c1 trying to do is I’m trying to arouse that marketing and collecting you guys hear what the services today services is okay lemme translated you let me be the philip kotler for today please allow me okay today what happens is the product snapshot every company has a product to push but today what I need is because number of any customers or the corporates and this is primarily a b2b segmented activity ok b2b is business to business right so not many cost corporates they don’t have enough Catholics or effects what is capex of it okay everybody spoke together I heard it so capital spends and operational spends right that’s what you call not every company today has enough money to invest in a product or service or any ID requirement of a company so what they do is today they ask a company can you invest on my behalf and I pay you in enmity what is anything right so what do like for example limiting example of Xerox we have something called services marketing and that entails MPs and CMS MPs has managed print services so what we do is we go to a large corporate and we tell them dude you have a document ecosystem in your country but what is happening this in your document ecosystem there are certain printers or multifunction devices which are say obsolete and which is reducing the efficiency and productivity of your organization so you need what you need a new set of machines but to buy that new set of machines they require what capital so we tell them to don’t block your cap we will put our machines in your organizational ecosystem let the productivity enhance and you pay me the charges for my services so that brings you to two phenomena here one is outsourcing and second the new element which has been added to outsourcing dawn guys the newest element in outsourcing is crowdsourcing what is crowdsourcing no growling today is if I don’t want to invest large me on my human resources I expand the services model to crown means if somebody’s sitting today in a rural area and I have an exercise of data punching I open that to the world right the word works on on a virtual open format and they send us the readout so what I am doing i’m using the crown to work for me without involving the spin-off investment on human resources and I pay them on a perfect service okay so that’s crowdsourcing a new helmet ok so what typically design outcomes of any marketing objective improve time-to-market message coordination proximity enhancement return on investment effective media mix and this is all practical this is all practical because this is what you need to enter search Valley o’clock you are getting into marketing and devising a product or

a marketing strategy ok so there is a workplace of today’s market is changing one you can use here Bogie’s there three years back what’s cloud there do you use club to download movies load facebook pic sorry they talk Riley so today’s marketing and believe me five your hands what was happening everything would be orthogonal so your marketing strategy which involved Lord spends through print electronic blah blah get stick reduced and you were you will be working on cloud but there would be important aspect of that marketing which would be security because cloud can have anything but you need to secure your data parameters to work in that then there is one more finger which was not enough used in marketing say three or four years back well yes and usually something called no idea how it is how many of you get product offerings on a mobile sorry stupid question but this mobile today has bought not only a data transfer but also apps okay how many people seen ladle or facebook on the mobile again a stupid question thank you just a bit of exerciser so mobile application and now today mobile can be used for even shooting prints yes you know that so you download a print app and then you are there on the network and you can shoot a print with your Mobile’s you don’t require even a desktop or a laptop or your ipads and all so look at the transformation of marketing that’s moving all in terms of the IOT gadgets okay social media everybody is on social media right have you seen this questianus so what does this talk about look at this this says what happens in an Internet minute in one internet minute six million Facebook views in one minute six million and when you position of brand you position to an aggregate abuse then look at this year 2 plus million search queries forget the linkedin profile zombieland it provides 100 plus thousand new Lincoln profiles every minute and Linden has today a very wide market for you guys because they have their communities so you have CH disabilities IT communities so if today you are marketing a product which is device only for say for example today I one and two months will be launching their fibers right who would be the avid purchaser of a 5s Kelly corporates yes yes simple have you heard of something called H and ice what is that you’re not so there are the people and hn eyes are present where lately because they have their own cxo forums so look at the platforms today google has something called google circles we know that what is good so today if you start a campaign through google circle you can write for a that campaign to a huge set of audience okay have you heard of the youtube channel you will use youtube channel we upload one hit louder here videos right so today if

suppose your brand has audio visuals you don’t even have to go to a electronic medium because today a youtube channel is being visible to millions of people and what you can do is you can just create YouTube channel page and market your entire audio visual a demonstration okay so you heard about Gen Y myspace not guys so I’m showing you you can then go up to put some niche and check this out so this would be with you guys they important yeah very very important we as a marketer believe me even after 20 years of my experience in marketing I sometime very impossible you heard of market research in martensite M is gone to the mapping and then what comes on at the end is our oh I right how will you measure a ton of investment by see what’s your revenue or say autumn versus what you invested but you are invested in so many medium today each electronic media social net wherever cumulatively watch my average spend and is what’s mine so as our stats in industry every one penny spend should give you back how many pennies 1.2 marketing to be heading and this yogi one bedding in today’s word as the stats needs to give you back six things that’s a marking months ago today so all your divestment sand all your investments and all your marketing campaigns today need to be spending we’re to the right media mix and now them only if you do a measured Oscar okay this I have only touched upon so hope you guys really hard very own thing and very very very bonding how many people want to spend it at 7p to see how many we will want to enter into pans which are serving me to see and if you get you to be you not get it like that so okay so see this is a common link b2b b2c not lot many of you will get into a b2c cenarion lot mainly will get into a p2p scenario but until unless you know the elements of B to B and C believe me you will fall flat how many of you can’t tell me that you know exactly what happens in a b2b and b2c another don’t worry I will forget now I’m standing here with your limited knowledge or your netscape’s your information okay what is we do we let’s just quickly have a look at it let’s see this is it a typical b2b scenario what happens in to a video is now so you have you sitting here when you said manufacturer right you sitting on a market of rich one this is the most important model that you need to sink in your b2b model marketing then it comes to who I are being touted you in love you to be s amis soho’s enterprises date of your own agencies IV setups DDP operators whoever are serving to a large bit of any customers which forms of body which becomes a business and you serve it to them again becomes a meal to be business for you right which is served through the entire coverage model and you geographies can be anything metro to your won a world of sec analysis sec social involving classification so when you talk about metro tr12 at all your ABC car classifieds you also go through TD + in email you know that because now rule has become a very rich marquetry right and then what are your parametres of b2b to really work on would be a

revenue man third spend and next work what is the most important thing which you want to touch when you are into a PDP segment building relations with whom so there are two audience in a b2b segmented market have you heard of something called tdms and ddms okay so great good that you heard oh no I have something to trying to talk to t realist technology decision vehicle video this business decision so suppose today I am say suppose Microsoft okay and I have something called small business server or I enterprise server technical in nature and suppose I need to sell it to a corporate say I need to send it to iron Shalom there will be new audiences here one would be a technology this issue maker just make video market volatility need it I need a stocking space for my data online backed by a highly security please tell me what is it all about and how can I source it so who will give him gone under the TDM the technology decision maker will say okay this is good that your brief so I know these are certain solutions which are the weather in the market by these e these players and they can help you there so who influenced aperion medium so as a Microsoft chap who would like to have that mediums so all my campaigns communication thought process will be diverted and ugly to a technologist shoemaker on what parameters IP security robustness productivity warranties blah blah but what happens when it comes to a billion so even in one organization medium becomes a customer and helium becomes the seller you wanna say something that’s your CDM videos very important for you to understand that so that’s where your revenue and all comes in the p2 season are you so what happened distribution to remain head chan little different but still you have the channel will place and your entire segment of target units victims individual customer and where you have metro tier 1 into you have urban roof and then you’re open it Rudy can be subdivided into a resi ve plus for it for you but also maybe no Reagan d yeah perfectly fine but as a b2c player you know I will not target the end customer because i have a budget in hand see my ex mount is there for my mark in Spain if I take a share of that X to work on my end customer I use on my websites so neither i will be there doing anything for my partners because Ebola it is all these authors work with us in something called in marketing language school marketing so what they do is they take from the manufacturer a pocket by which becomes a coma in spain where it is they’re my partners they put say forty percent of fifty percent and be with fifty percent it becomes a win-win situation for both okay then they influence the end customer from their own money and the wallet on the corporate hope there are some dimensions fantastic well oh so the demands will push the strategy if you see for a b2b it’s a backward Texaco versus a different shape very very very good point yesterday you have in it you will be the market differentiator so what did blackberry which is a blackberry recent launch sorry sorry GJ c said over your

head it’s over q5 shop instead jordan not a BB q5 is the latest launch okay what has q5 done as a differentiator is a very basic thing which we use today has any blackberry till today had a front camera so you could have never used a black be four slides or video calling what are you five dude has a differentiator apart from the pricing to french only 24,000 999 with a wider screen they put up front camera i hope the other front camera there is so that was a quick different shade of what will that do maybe people who wanted a blackberry as a business won’t see any which way blackberry is going down whatever whatever but majority of a business operation use a blackberry phone right and it’s supposed to rain I had a curve and I wanted to upgrade to it but I wanted a Samson because Samson is smart enough to have a front camera wider features blah blah but now today blackberry also got a front camera so at least that becomes my shortlist of affairs I will not negate it completely small differentiator let’s sync up quick you guys tell me in the recent App brands today what is which brand do you see with a big differentiator that sells it what I’m Andre there oh yeah has not yet launched a phone recently is a funny one column oh yeah maybe six ready doc no sorry 10 20 and go to this Lee differential of 10 20 guys everybody knows that’s a big defense you what do you want megapixel camera and you know what in the dance champ chamber they have eight lenses group together so even if somebody and you take a picture you all the jumping okay very good question actually how many people of among us today knows about pixels believe me pixels words never ever be buying parameter functionality was today everybody knows about because every talk about made a camera me Ethne pixels it I working on a 16 megapixel 14 megapixel 8-megapixel so nokia heard that they said yep Elliot harmonicas why don’t we rebrand with a refurb occasion of my product if you see the new 1020 what they do is they have given you additional socket so you have the phone and you have a socket so when you plug that solve it it completely becomes a camera so it’s a repackaging that was your fifth be added by somebody in the 4p segment packaging so you can launch anything for example let’s say oh let’s take a typical brand of carrier which governor which car brand do you guys not desired car and more total body so let’s say what’s the basic differential between no se toyota and tata service the biggest yet topic ah sweetie get toy de la suite again toyota has a perceptible value upper and hn eyes but what matters the differentiator is that if you go to a toyota service center you treated like a king if you go to tata you treat me like a truck driver somebody said right differentiators here so there’s not many brands which are doing that today are so I just wanted to take a hearing you won’t die want me to

go so you heard for item one everybody who get item on go to this footage would ever even I have but uh I don’t forget it here so I did you see your Ida works attention interest desire action you heard something called David with me yes so attention it is Vlad action but in b2b it changes which you will not study in your books that only will happen when you are working what happens Abby to see where you try to gather our eyeball of a customer you have to I be approached to a TD em or a BBM right where you can I interest a b2b of business segments once a consideration that they should consider you as a supplier to them wait awkward desire what does it doesn’t want to do they want to evaluate that’s why they said come demonstrate showcase and we think about it action goes to purchase intent this is a very common so my last distant with microsoft india taught me that believe me they have something called bcc build customer journey cycles or DVP drive business performance and this is the model they don’t use these words but this becomes the outcome so please your marketing today should not be ida your marketing today should be approached concentration evaluation in which means i am giving you very little t basics of a deal which will help you so h-here everybody heard of idea what is it here meteor dtl jahan tourism Nile are there what is he peered through the line click away again very good great and PR you guys know what is TTL today through the line what does not encompass it is our today’s new marketing thing Etienne is your all electronic blah blah blah media’s tenth media which should ask is just getting to a wider audience meteor below the line way talking to your trade you know Greg marketing shows what is TTL here could be a social media could be a CRM what is the rme is it still policy arm is it suitable CRN what I see haven’t changed too no the crn board has changed to see mr customer you you should maintain a customer relationship now customer mainly in the relationship with you so CRM has changed to CM our customer managing relationship so the words the definitions the paradigm everything is changing that’s why the work today is not just work you know what marking today’s coil is marketing so mottley today is marketing how you smartly work in the forum with your limited budgets with your limited resources that’s why I please guess marketer don’t be a marketer believe me become ass marketer and you will win you’ll grow quickly because they will be hundred people in the corporate life you guys who have come out full of the Institute but you would have an edge because you have oppressed you with the trends but people again would not know so in this forum ninety percent in Dover TTL right one hundred percent in robots EMR these are the changing trends because believe me today’s audience is not domestic only have you heard global and local right so the global word has changed to Broken Bow so which has both global and locally so your audience who also comes from the West world expects you to know certain things which they know there and then they give your testimony this guy is a bright cookie and you love to hear that word in your marketing forum when you would be working believe me if somebody comes in say you’re a bright or a smart cookie that’s where your day is made okay also sorry I just took it book if you see this axis and leave this

presentation with you guys the axis divides the share of these vehicles so just a common thing me to see a TL is large it need to be this eight years a smaller percentage which becomes your co-marketing ok b2c there’s a way less of direct marketing but in b2b that x increases so this is a very nice be to be CLB to be mazda but you might like to use which you might might not write to you but believe me this is something that make you a winner time stay it will believe there’s also that much bigger but are given is an obstacle de roxas i really want to talk to you about the news rocks yes this is not coffee today you guys need to know about it socks today is the leader in business process and often management do you even know that rock stop making copies when who is it how do you know you know he said some kind of eases with some kind of resources the fantasticks 2004 we stopped making copies and it still we are known as copious be sued we sent a notice to American productions for 3 idiots when they used a word when they were stealing the question paper so obvious a is risky stocks curly and he sued him he sent us apology letter sorry because Xerox cannot be used as a verb is Xerox copy so what happened because he was soon for another did make a mistake when he didn t na milegi dobara hrithik transfer on your neighbor kees rocks coffee you know so the brand hold still a huge value in the market as a serrano as a work of coffee but we are not copying our 52 person market revenue comes from services model where we supply and hand hold large corporates to increase their productivity in the print ecosystem today on an average every large company spends as a I East at six to eight percent on their documentation of their admin costs so if somebody’s finally 500 roses on your six to eight percent somebody says she knows I so good at Avery or good so this is about Xerox news a lot because they’re just so many other language that’s what user lots of you guys’s huge guys you guys need to read about it here so we have 80 workers we are a go vertical we have BP are we have we recently acquired a company do not have some kind of research which is that junkie for us measure metrics so we have acquired a company called ACS or affiliate computer systems a six million dollar company so we are not in business process till the last few years back but today when we solve that is a huge demand of this cross is really great vp on apos and all we are quite a company as a mother neck position while ACS and now we have the words largest business prop process reengineering set up with us entire us toll market the toll that you have these plazas and tools for vehicles and all and iOS is managed by ACS and now that is a Xerox so ma n becomes our huge fire so I stopped here this got me let’s make marketing simple now i open the flow please shoot some questions this is why we’re doing very business and I could do something for you guys so any questions only how many questions indicate you have time for bed okay should get it focuses are we dressing for you guys okay I said I’m vacation I was working the industry previously very rough the service marketing was implemented and especially because if the third party vendors limit or political will be maintaining the machines especially being a bad reputation with this product

as well so how are you basically take your dispatcher issue when RC filter question as in not mine is to do my a butler institution yeah it is waiting for this service providers / whenever it comes to the photocopying and about other things so because the third party people who will be maintaining these machines yeah and because then that is not so good yeah not used better place with his British company as well that company who you are asking to supply it yes okay so like a now that you know dealing with big corporates so exactly you are dealing with this particular problem what is the major question ok so in your distribution i think i have tons upon this today you have serious partners and also now you have got sales and service partners okay and these sales and service partners are nobody but deep technical intellects of the corporates who have worked earlier in those organizations and they know the nativities of services so for example what we do apart from our 363 EU partners we have two large distributors we have one large distribution mechanical services so today if you face a problem and you think that my supplier has a problem or this postal service’s you can just go to my service spot so there is a dotted line now either and you will contract within all happiness because as a customer in thousands I might working service I might not be able to service you properly but what I’ll do i define up territory for my service partner who say in shillong only deals with i am shalom okay so he will in regularity we’ll be in touch with you for all your domain has us where it there and he takes care of that mean is in deep you know it’s a direct feedback that the ayah apps it has to be else livia you know the considerations would break adelphia vacuum there that’s back to you yeah good morning so sorry William sir I want to know what exactly is the role of marketing in or b2b domain Vickers so when we say b2b sir it’s so don’t using marketing is more applicable for b2b if it’s a large organizations because since last six months I was and what any transportation logistics company so the company’s pretty good last ten years over the company did not undertake any marketing efforts in stuff until the company is pretty well so I want to know what can be the rule of marketing and logistics company circuit or so it’s entirely an unorganized sector where you are fine for a tender if you get the job and you do the operation scar there is no any better marketing at all okay i’ll give you a small example on this because you take a lot of sticks either okay today oh my gosh it’s fixed it name three big larger low serum transports then he has some good ways naturally we are so yeah these are national aeronautics on this area doctoring would you not take la sticks as do lots theaters or not so i was talking about sin for drugs my second gap so when you say lot of sticks its large to me suppose today Yoshi rondo districts you know and it has to me to competition if today shriram is the conference as a marketing communication like dominoes and done 30 minutes or it’s free and say I will take only 24 hours else no money what happens my marketing gives me an edge over the other two who have not even signifies the logic what is a three to six days three to seven days whatever whatever but what I go is the customer very for us or no money thing is that gives me a marketing difference thank you so what’s up look it has an insight into the latest changing concepts in marketing which is in industry and share the one enjoyed a lot okay I hope thank you very much you