Cadillac CTS How To Add Cameras – Rear Camera Interface Apple CarPlay Android Auto HDMI Mirroring

Add cameras to your Cadillac CTS years 2010-2015 In this video, Apple CarPlay Once in interface mode, go ahead and press CarPlay. CarPlay appears on the screen. This 100% original CarPlay and just like found in any other car that is 2018 or newer you get full touchscreen just like would be in 2018 Cadillacs. Everything is controlled through the original touchscreen and we’re gonna show you how everything works In this video Android Auto Press and hold top left of the screen to enter the Android Auto of the interface. Click here and you enter in the Android Auto. In this video, HDMI smartphone mirroring HDMI mirroring is very easy. Just like in your home TV, whatever you connect to HDMI you will see on your car screen. In this video, camera operations Cameras can be operated automatic or manually in the interface mode press and hold top left of the screen and you got four camera inputs. This is a two part video part one is product demonstration part two product installation. Navtool established in 2002. See description below video for product information must expand description section if watching this video on a mobile device. This is a demo of iPhone or Android smartphone mirroring with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto plus for camera inputs. Interface is compatible with Cadillac CTS years 2008 to 2015 This interface does not replace factory radio or factory screen. This interface enhances the factory screen with features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, HDMI mirroring and extra cameras. All factory features work the same as before. This interface is “see-through” meaning the vehicle does not detect that the interface is installed in the car. This product is made and manufactured in the United States. Please support American jobs This product is a 100% automotive-grade product Apple CarPlay feature of the interface Apple CarPlay demo. Set the radio to auxiliary On top left corner press and hold for a few seconds and it’s going to switch into the interface mode. Once in interface mode, go ahead and press CarPlay CarPlay appears in the screen. This is 100% original car play just like found in any other car that is 2018 or newer. You got full touchscreen just like would be in 2018 Cadillacs. Everything is controlled through the original touchscreen and we’re gonna show you how everything works. This button returns back into your menu. This button obviously gets out of the menu. Press and hold to re-enter the menu. Now, when you’re in here and if you accidentally switch by using the audio button on the panel, you can switch back to auxiliary and so when you basically connect the phone, the phone is going to connect, Apple CarPlay is going to get recognized by the phone. It takes just a few seconds just like in any other car. Apple CarPlay appears on the phone screen. Apple CarPlay is booted and you go into the Apple CarPlay mode. So now, Apple CarPlay will always stay on. It doesn’t matter even if you want to get out and watch camera or if you want to get out and let’s say you want to enter adjust something at the factory and go back into the the interface, the Apple CarPlay will be ready for you. You got your three recent applications here. So, we got the phone calling, tuner radio and maps. If you go into your phone settings, because we have a lot of applications and you go into your general and then you go into CarPlay, you can rearrange the icons. So, in your menu you have all your icons and you can rearrange them any way you like. So, if you want let’s say maps to be the first ones, go ahead switch and the maps, once you press down, it’s going to be the first on the screen Okay, so if you want to move the maps into the third location… third location first location… first location. If you want to bring some of the other apps to the front let’s say you want to have Google Maps you know on some other app or you can click reset… reset home screen layout and it’s going to reset say one

Phone Maps Messages. So, you have the ability to rearrange icons any way you like You can swipe to switch the screens but, there’s a faster and easier way which is you see those dots? So, if you press on the bottom right it switches to the right You press on the bottom left. Now, I press the home button by accident but, press on the right screen swipe to the right left swipes to the left.Super responsive. If you go onto the phone and let’s say um let me just show you let’s say you want to dial the number right look at the response of how responsive the screen is to one two five five five one two one two No lag, no anything. Everything works just like it’s supposed to Alright, let’s say you want to listen to the radio or you want to change the station, Tune In Radio’s right here. There is an application, you press, go to your favorites select anything you want to hear you can click now playing and see what is already playing so we got Planet Perfecto playing already on the station. You can use the volume from the steering wheel to make it louder or here Make it loud or lower it here You can also say “Hey Siri”. Siri comes up and you can tell her whatever you want basically. it’s gonna as you you know Hey Siri Pizza. So basically, everything works just like original you have a “Now Playing” on the Home Screen Whatever audio apps you’re running when you press on here, it’s gonna take it to your app. You can pause it. You can play it Now, one important thing to remember Apple CarPlay exists only inside your phone and your phone only. It does not exist anywhere else. So which means today twenty years from now, it will always work the same because all updates happen inside your phone only. They do not happen anywhere else. So basically, if Apple decides to add 20 more apps, you will get 20 more apps that same second Today or 20 years from now, you never have to worry about updating anything here. Everything updates inside the phone When it’s updated in the phone, instantly it works here. There is nothing to do as long as Apple’s in business and they have CarPlay, this will always work the same and you don’t have to worry about updating anything. iOS 13, iOS… whatever version comes out, it’s automatically here. So, you know, you got Google Maps. You go into Google Maps, obviously you have your settings and you can change layouts and everything. This is CarPlay just like in 2018 car, no different. Let’s get out of here and let’s go into Waze Waze is loading. Waze has loaded up on the screen You can click over here on the bottom right and you can do police accidents so if you want to report police for example, you can send the report. If you want to do it, if you want to send an accident, you can send a report so everything is just like original, you know. You can do the voice controlled if you want to It’s listening to now “Take Me Home” Oh it doesn’t have my home address. But, it’s all 100% like original If you want to call someone, again, you got your favorites, recent contacts, keypad, voicemail. You can call the directly from the thing. You can hang up directly from the thing. You have the microphone I mean, CarPlay supports all the apps that, you know, Apple supports. They got five pages of applications so we got the regular apps from Apple with your phone Apple Maps, Messenger, Now Playing. Go back to get out of here. Audio Books and then got bunch of apps so, we got two radio station apps. We got Amazon Music Audible, At Bat, Audio Books, audioBoom, Dash Radio, Free Books. We got Google Maps And you can put it on the front page if you like. And we have iHeartRadio, Mixcloud MPR radio My Tuner Radio, NBA, NPR One, Overcast, Pandora. We got Play Music, Radio Disney, Radio Haven,, Slacer, SomeFM, Spotify, Stitcher TuneIn Radio, Waz, WhatsApp. So basically, everything that Apple approved as an app so if tomorrow

they approved a new app, instantaneously it’s gonna work here. You don’t have to do anything Apple CarPlay only exists inside your phone and nowhere else Everything is here, all the updates happen here, everything only here. So basically, you got the same Apple CarPlay that would be found in a 2018 car. You got the same experience. Technically, you never have to go back into your original stuff. Got your audio, you got your radio if you want to listen to the radio So basically, that’s everything. Everything you need is here You go into your Waze. You want to get out of Waze and you want to choose any other application. You want to go into Google Maps, your Google Maps You never have to go into your factory menu because everything you need is here. You can control the volume. You got all your applications so pretty much, there’s no reason to get out of here. You start your car press and hold the top left corner, get into the Apple menu and that’s it You can put your iPhone anywhere you want and you’re enjoying CarPlay and whatever apps are available, you know, they’re going to appear here Pandora if you use it Spotify if you use it. Everything is here This is how CarPlay works. A lot of people don’t know that But, watch this. This is my Home Screen. If I was to launch an app, let’s say TunedIn Radio. See? TunedIn Radio launches right on my phone If I was to press home, it would take me home The interesting part is if you use Waze, they give you a special menu on the screen of the phone and you can not use Waze on the phone anymore It just gives you that specia Waze screen and everything is operated from here. I don’t know why they do this. Usually, apps don’t for safety reasons because Apple wants you to be safe but, you got true CarPlay experience with all the features if you’re driving you want to report the traffic, go ahead Moderate Traffic and submit report traffic go ahead stand still and submit it. You want to report a hazard on the road construction, go ahead and submit it. Everything is just like the original. There is no difference and that’s it. You should go ahead and enjoy it and if you’re in Waze and you want to quickly change the radio, you go back and you want to do local radio station and you want to listen to something else. Let’s say, you know, this station, you go ahead, you’re already listening to a different station That concludes the demo of the Apple CarPlay Press and hold the top left of the screen to enter the interface, Click here and you enter in the Android Auto In Android Auto mode, you got your “get out” menu so click this twice… return to… this gets out of this menu so you can get out into the main menu and let’s say, you know, watch your left lane camera. Press to go back in. This is your home screen where you got all your stuff. This is your audio apps so whatever audio applications you have here, this is going to be playing and you will hear it through your car speakers. So, you can go ahead and press play… press pause…. press play…. If you’ve got other applications, they’re also gonna work Okay, over here you got your Maps and you can choose between Google Maps and Waze so if you press on the maps, you got your Waze right now. It’s your Waze application. You got all your menus here. Over here, you can press and you can do anything you like so, if you want to report police, you press the report police… visible / hidden. So, if you want to report invisible police it’s gonna report. You got your traffic, crash, cameras, you know. You can report your hazards. You’ve got all the options just like Waze on the phone that you use. Keep in mind, Android Auto exists only inside your phone. You never have to worry about updates or anything else 100% of it is inside the phone You can go back to your home screen or if you’re in Maps and you want to change, you go ahead and you change to Google Maps and you can have Google Maps right on your screen. You got all of your Google Maps menu over here

It’s all here Updates or anything are all in here and when they release an update it’s gonna automatically go into here RIght now, you have a choice between Google Maps and Waze so if you have an Android you can use either one You got your audio apps Whatever application you install, so if you install other applications here by pressing this button, you can have more applications You got your weather and home stuff in here You got your phone calling and stuff. So basically, you press and you can dial the number two one two five five five one two one two. Keep in mind Unlike CarPlay, Android Auto requires the car to have BlueTooth so if you don’t have Bluetooth, you’ll have to install a BlueTooth device in your car Android Auto calls only through vehicles with existing Bluetooth and for that reason you will need to have one. So, if you listen to your music again, all your controls work… Play… Pause This concludes the demo Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are identical just like in any 2018 Cadillac You’ll have the same Android Auto in this car There is no difference. 100% just like the original You never have to use the factory screen You’ve got everything. You’ve got your two navigations You’ve got your Google Maps or Waze. You’ve got all your applications as far as audio applications go. You’ve got your phone calling. You never have to get out of this menu. You get into the car, you press the top left of the screen get into the menu and that’s it and if you want to get out of this menu, press this twice. Say you want to check out your right camera, right there’s your right camera and then you want to quickly get back into Android Auto Right there you get into Adroid Auto and you can go to favorite apps and listen to music Spotify, Google Play or any other application that you may have One thing again to remember all apps are here so if Android Auto allows more applications, they are automatically gonna transfer here. If there’s gonna be more navigations, they’re gonna be transferred her… more music apps, they’re gonna be transferred here so everything that they will have it will all be transferred here So, if you have an Android phone and if you have two phones, Android Auto or iPhone, you can connect to either one and it will automatically appear. that concludes the demo of Android auto HDMI mirroring feature of the interface HDMI input smartphone mirroring demo Press and hold the top left of the screen We’re gonna enter the interface and you have your HDMI HDMI mirroring is very easy just like in your home TV, whatever you connect to HDMI, you will see on your car screen. So what do we have? We’re going to show you a couple of different applications. Just connect to your phone. The phone is synced up to the screen and we’re gonna basically show you, depending on the phone, so you press HDMI. The entire phone is mirroring instantaneous. You can do Android or iPhone. We’re showing you iPhone but HDMI is HDMI. You can go onto Netflix. You can play Netflix. Netflix is going to appear on the screen. Keep in mind one thing All new iPhones.. look at this… double tap… you see it changes here and there that’s how mirroring works where they connect to your home TV or anywhere else. You zoom out, it’s gonna zoom out, you zoom in, it’s going to zoom in. You can do Netflix You can do Hulu, you can do DirecTV Whatever else you have so I actually have the DirecTV application. So, if you have DirecTV and you’re hanging out and you have nothing to do, you can go ahead and play your DirecTV. So, you’ve got your movie right there on the screen. You’ve got a full screen movie and it’s playing You can change the channel, that’s going to be a cartoon right there

change the channel again… Nickelodeon change the channel again so basically if you have any of those TV applications, you have TV on your screen And see, as I keep changing the screen on the app, you see it’s black on the phone because it’s playing on the screen Next Channel Keep in mind, it’s all in HD Quality…. next channel…. next channel So, now you have TV in your car You get your audio through your car speakers. As I’m changing channels, you see they load up on the screen I’m just going through random channels So basically this is just like HDMI input in the back of your TV but in the car you can use Netflix Hulu YouTube or any other TV application That concludes the demo of the mirroring application or HDMI input Cameras can be operated automatic or manually. In the interface mode, press and hold the top left of the screen. You got four camera inputs if you don’t install any of the cameras Everything will work the same as before just like factory. We installed in this car all cameras just for demo purposes. You don’t have to install any of the cameras RIght lane watch camera. It is designed to see blind spots. We installed the camera, it’s not adjusted to show anything. It’s just there to show you the capabilities so we have a right lane watch camera showing the right side of the car You got lines you can get comment with or without lines and your adjusted any way you like to see the right side of the car. You can move it further out to see the whole lane We’re just showing you that it is possible to see right to If you quickly switch cameras over here on top but this is your right lane watcg camera. To get on to the main menu let’s say you want to go back to your CarPlay for example You’re gonna press here. Now, it depends what are you trying to achieve so we’re going back into CarPlay so that’s what we want to see you’re driving and let’s say you want to watcg right camera you just push right camera as you drive you just keep watching the right camera on the screen press in the middle to get out into the main menu. Now, left lane watch cameras same thing Press the left land watch camera You can get camera with lines or without lines pointed anywhere you like. Typically, it’s good to see the entire side. You put the camera in the mirror or out of the mirror and shoots the entire angle just like the picture shows and you’re gonna have a left lane watch camera and again if you want to get out and go back to the CarPlay right away go back into the CarPlay Now right and left lane watch camera can operate automatically with turn signals Put the right turn signal on, right lane watch camera comes on Put the left turn signal… left camera comes on If you don’t install any of the cameras and just ignore it and with the left and right turn signals nothing’s going to change this is front camera and we installed the front camera again it’s not adjusted You’ve got some distance lines and front camera is your drive. You can watch it you can switch quickly between all your cameras or get out again and when you get out you can go into any other mode. Let’s say if you want to go back into a CarPlay or Android Auto or mirroring. Now basically front camera works for parking, when you put the car

in reverse in the factory or aftermarket camera comes on when you put the car back into drive front camera stays on up to ten miles an hour and then it’s automatically shuts off rear camera You’ve got a rear camera on the screen again you can switch to all the cameras very fast as you driving rear lane watch camera or rear view camera action in this case on the screen automatic in reverse. If you have factory cameras, you will see factory camera on the screen in reverse. If you have factory camera and you want to watch it while driving, you either have to A. install another camera or B. you have to rewire complete the factory camera because it gets power only in reverse and you’re gonna have to supply power to it constantly. We’re given our CA wiring harness so you don’t have to do anything upfront but the camera itself will have to be rewired. If you wish to watch the factory camera while driving So again you got four camera inputs If you want to use it for DVD, you can use one of the camera inputs for DVD and we can turn off all the text on the screen. So the rear camera is automatic in reverse Front camera, you can watch while driving or, it will work out of reverse into drive up to 10 miles an hour Your left lane watch camera, you can watch while driving or with left turn signal. Right then watch camera you can watch while driving or with the right turn signal. To get out of the menu, press the power button Using a removal tool, remove this wooden panel and this wooden panel. Once the panel’s come out, this panel just pops open so you can get access to the two screws on the bottom over here. Let us show you this is a very simple task Just take your panel, tool insert it into any place you have, set it right here Panel comes out… and the other way and it comes out it’s very easy there’s nothing holding them and then this panel… just pop up shift the gear and then you have these two screws that you can access because you’re gonna have to remove this panel in the next step Using a removal tool, simply remove the wooden panels that are found on left and right side of the screen of the panel. Simply take the tool and they pop right out. They just have clips holding them in the back however, keep in mind the panel on the right hand side after you remove it you have to pull it to the right a little bit as you see they have two hooks but it’s also just clips so just work your way thrrough the entire panel to get it removed To remove the faceplate simply remove those two screws that are found here. Once the screws are removed, the faceplate simply pulls out because there’s nothing holding it. There are no screws anywhere else and remove two connectors that are found here for the front One connector is here… one connector for the cigarette lighter. This removes the front fascia. To remove the radio, remove the four screws holding the radio and the radio will come out to gain access to the back of the connectors. To remove the screen, simply remove three screws one, two, three Once you remove the screws, the screen will simply come out and you can remove the connectors from the back of the screen Once the screws are removed, simply move the radio, unplug three screen connectors in the back of the screen and the screen is removed That’s all, disassembly is complete Now that we have the radio removed, let’s see what’s in the box We have the Made In USA on the interface We’ve got the main connector that’s gonna give you data and audio/video inputs. We’ve got two digital connectors. The one on this side. That’s the radio side and the one more towards the inside is the cable for the screen side you data and audio/video inputs we got two digital connectors the one on this

side that’s the radio side so the radio and the one more towards the inside is the cable for the screen side on the other side we have your HDMI input We have your USB charging and apple CarPlay / Android Auto port if you’re installing Apple CarPlay or Android Auto Programming port, status LED Future use port. This interface comes standard with four camera inputs and HDMI input We can also pre-install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with touchscreen controls so there’s no separate box. It’s all going to be all-in-one We will pre-install it inside for you So, you have an all-in-one interface and you don’t have to connect two or three interfaces together and it will work with factory touchscreen controls. So we’ve got the main interface. Next we have the harness for the main interface This is the harness that plugs in at the main interface connector. So, it plugs in right in here. On the main interface harness, you’ve got four camera inputs or you can use them for video, two audio outputs that are going to be connected the main harness so you can have auxiliary audio in the car you’ve got a 14 pin connector, which is pretty populated That connects to the plug-and-play harness and you got 14 pin auxiliary connector that has just six wires in it there is your microphone input. Then we have the harness for your microphone input. This is the harness for your microphone input. It has the remote input which you don’t use, you only need the microphone input. We have the microphone itself. We’ve got the microphone. The microphone mounts with the clip. You can mount it behind the mirror or anywhere else. It has a clip and so it’s discreet and it has a lot of wire so you can run it through the ceiling So, your headline is gonna pull down, you’re gonna run it through the pillar under the dash and behind the radio, the wire is long enough. You put the clip in. So, your headliner, you’re gonna mount this inside your headliner So, your wire is gonna go up into the headliner so you don’t see it. You’re gonna put it behind the headliners edge. Then, you have the two digital cables digital cables that connect in here they’re both identical cables so it doesn’t matter which one you use for radio screen. They’re both identical. You just need to plug them to the correct ports here and then you have the main plug-and-play harness in the box with your audio inputs and everything else So, this installation is 100% plug-and-play. So now, let’s proceed to the actual installation do not forget the program the interface all interfaces are strip blank as they need to be confused by the Installer or end-user programming process will take less than one minute and can be performed using Windows or Mac computer. How to update the software it doesn’t matter what you’re updating whether you’re updating the camera interface video in motion interface Wireless mirroring interface or apple CarPlay interface the process of update is identical. The updater works on Mac and Windows based PC so we have for both Windows and Mac. To update, you need a cable like this, the standard cable one end of the cable is microUSB and the other is a standard USB this goes to the computer and the microUSB goes into the interface. Connect this end into the computer, Mac or Windows. Connect the other end into your interface you’re updating… Again any interface. Once the interface is connected, all of the

information is gonna appear on the screen and install the desired software. Just for the test purposes, we’re going to show you how to update it with Cadillac CTS software Video-In-Motion in here Hit install… so now, it’s installing and shows your progress bar in a percentage It takes only seconds to update it so you download the app data from the website for mac on Windows that’s gonna take you approximately 60 seconds and then the update process takes only another minute or so. This is how to update the interface so we’ve shown you the update process and the entire process only takes less than a minute okay the update process is done and it’s 99% it says do not disconnect in about a second it’s going to tell you that it’s complete and you can disconnect the interface there you go device settings update it and you’re done so entire update process takes only about two minutes you download software from the website for mac and Windows about a minute and the update takes another minute and all you need is a cable like this so USB cable to micro USB. First, let’s install the microphone. So, what you want to do is you want to take the microphone and you want to mount the microphone to the headliner so let’s go up to the headliner. This is your headliner right here and so what you want to do is you want to pull down on the headliner a little bit we’re gonna show you right here and this clip is going to go onto the headliner look at the microphone you don’t even see it anymore now the wire is going to go inside the headliner so you gonna pull down on the headliner, put your wire through and then you’re gonna run your wire all the way through the headliner and then you want to bring it down this pillar all the way down and then you want the end of the microphone to end up over here behind the dash for you and we’re going to plug it into the main harness. Next step, you want to take one of the digital cables you want to plug it into the screen. The factory cable you no longer need to use because originally you had this cable run from here into the radio. Now, we gave you two identical cables so previously, you’d think of it as if they were like this right connected as a single cable something like this Now, the video is going to go into the interface from the radio into the interface and out to the screen because everything in the screen is in this radio. We don’t really care about that this radio. We’re using the screen as a monitor to project the HDMI or Apple CarPlay / Android Auto / camera inputs At the end of the day, this screen is no different than the screen that is found in your house we’re just giving you the inputs that are missing from the factory that are found in the back of your home TV. So, you want to take one of the cables one of the two digital cables they’re both identical so it doesn’t matter which one you take. Take one of the two cables you want to plug it in into the screen and we’re gonna reinstall the screen we’re never gonna close the car full until we test everything but we’re gonna slowly reinstall and start testing stuff. So we’re going to take the screen and plug one of the cables that we supply into the back of it. We’ve got the port over here for it Black and gray also plug into the back of the screen Then, we want to re-install the screen in it’s previous location

secure it with the screws that you previously removed so just secure with couple of screws on the side so the radio screen does not fall out and we got the cable run here you just go ahead and secure it and that’s it okay that cable is installed plugs are reconnected we’re going to continue we’re going to take the supplied plug-and-play harness we’re going to unplug the matching connectors so we have two connectors like that we’re going to unplug them from the back of the radio. We’re going to plug in the factory connectors into the matching female connectors of the supply plug-and-play harness and the male connectors of the supplied plug-and-play harness we’re going to plug back into the radio. So, it makes 100% plug-and-play installation. Okay so on the back of this radio let’s go to the back of the radio we need to install the main harness so we need to move it out We have a shifter here… if you didn’t remove you want to protect the shifter with a piece of cloth. When you pull the radio out, you don’t want to scratch the shifter pull the radio out and on this side of the radio you’ll find two matching connectors. You need to find these two connectors right here gray and black square They’re on this side over here one is on top and one is on the other end You’ve got one here and one here so I’m going to pull everything out to show you you don’t have to do that. These are your connectors right there The black one and then right there at the end is the gray one let me show you behind this black one is the grey one that you need so you’re gonna take the second digital cable that we gave you the blue one and you’re gonna plug it in here the factory one you no longer need to use so you take the supplied cable plug it in take the supplied black square cable plug it into the back of the radio Once you plug it in you have the other end and in here you’re going to plug in the factory cable which you unplug from the back of the radio. Now, you’re going to go ahead and take this one and you’re going to plug it in here into the back of the radio On the other side, you’re going to plug in the one you unplugged previously into the one we supplied you with. So the only thing that should be left unplugged is this blue factory one whatever else you unplugged should be back plugged in now From the T harness, you have this plug left. That’s gonna plug into the main harness that was supplied to you And the audio RCA’s of the main harness that plugs into the interface are going to connect to the audio RCA’s on this harness. You’ve got two RCA’s, those are your audio inputs. This is how you gonna hear audio through your car speakers from mirroring, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto So, let’s connect those together So the main harness, you want to open up the tie wrap they have here installed so you can open up the harness because you want to hide the module elsewhere so going to open up the module harness this end where all the wires are populated is going to plug in in here to the T-harness. Now, on the main harness plug

that plugs into the interface, you got two RCA’s. We’re also going to connect all four cameras while this car has a rear camera we’re going to connect front left and right cameras. If you’re not connecting the cameras, you don’t have to worry about those RCA’s but for the demo purposes of this video we are going to connect to all the cameras so in that case you got to run all your cameras to the module somewhere in the dashboard. You’re going to plug in one….. and two The two other ends plug into the main harness… one and two… alright so that completes your installation. We want to slide the radio back in and we’re gonna connect the interface and start testing. Also, if you’re planning to install the microphone we gave you this harness for the microphone. On the main connector harness, you got this little harness right here. This is where the microphone is going to be connected. So, you want to plug in into this little connector right here. So, on the main harness you got this little connected this is where the microphone harness is going to plug in for the microphone and then the label that says “microphone” You’re gonna plug in microphone here all right so basically, this is your connections and we’re gonna slide the radio back and start testing everything Only after you tested everything do completely secure everything back Do a test drive and when you know everything works, only then you permanently close the car. You don’t want to start closing the car, maybe something’s not plugged in right something’s not connected right you want to test everything 100% before you start closing the car so let’s start sliding the radio back into its place. You have plenty of space in the back after when you finish everything you can start doing beautification everything else you need to route the wires but for now we’re just gonna put the radio back into its place so we can test everything out. I recommend routing all the wires to the side so on the side behind the carpet it’s probably the best location for the module because the wires are long enough to drop down there through the openings and just have it sit there before the test purposes we’re gonna have everything sitting up front but that’s where I recommend putting everything you to the side over there. On the right side you have enough space you can run your wire over here put them to the side everything can go in there so I went ahead and router all the wires to the right anyway they’re right there they through this opening because I’m gonna put everything behind on the side behind the carpet now I can slide the radio back into its place Put the radio in… don’t forget this is your wire for the front panel. Do not hide it behind the radio It’s black with a white connector. This is the front panel connector Slide the radio back in now. The wire that are routed from the back to the front over here through the front… do not route it this way.. Route it from the back to the side Do not route it from the front. This is all for testing because I’m gonna remove it and make it all nice before we close the car but this is just for testing purposes so you know at this point it doesn’t matter how it’s routed We’re gonna hide the wires in the back we’re gonna push them through there’s an space of the radio can go into its location and this way we can test everything out. Now, we want to make sure that we connect everything right and that everything works. So you’re going to take your module you’re going to plug in the main harness in here. The cable that’s coming from the screen it’s gonna go in here and cable the coming from the back of the radio is gonna go in here Let’s plug it in. The main one we’re gonna plug in the screen side and then we’re gonna plug in the radio side. After you plug everything in you might want to hear a sound like that or view off the ignition on you know the beeping sound which means it’s getting the data. You wanna put the ignition on and you want to see the screen come on. Now, if the screen is now wake up automatically, you want to shut the ignition off, reconnect the panel, put the radio on, bring on the screen Next, we want to start checking everything. You want to set the radio to auxiliary Front auxiliary input is activated and once that’s activated, let me get it to the screen so you can see alright so let’s focus on the screen

So, front auxiliary is activated Your car must have auxiliary for auxiliary to be activated If your car has auxiliary, we will activate that for you so AUX is working. Press and hold top left of the screen for it to switch to the interface so that’s what we’re gonna do but first you want to set the radio auxilary because that’s how you gonna hear the sound from mirroring or anything else when you press and hold top left of the touchscreen the interface should switch over. If you have a factory camera put, the car in reverse See if your camera works. In this car, we’re actually adding a camera there is no factory camera but we’re gonna show you once we install the camera We’re gonna press and hold the top left of the touchscreen and it’s going to switch. Now, you’re in the menu of the interface. Keep in mind… One of the wires in our harness has a label “cut if screen is blinking” if you switch and the screen is blinking on our harness there’s a wire you just snip it in half. So now, you want to test to make sure that everything works You can plug an iPhone or Android or if you doing mirroring, you can plug in something to the HDMI input or both and your cameras To get out, press and hold here to To switch into the interface, press and hold the top left of the touchscreen. Now, you want to switch to CarPlay if you have CarPlay or Android auto if you have an Android phone. You can use an extension cable like this to extend your USB from the interface from here you can route it because you have everything open to inside your center console and then you can plug in different cables or you can just buy a long lightning cable with it Let me show you… We have a really long lightning cable as you can see this cable it’s very long this is a lightning cable because while i’m gonna be using an iphone this is a very long cable or if you’re planning to use hdmi from mirroring… if you want to watch YouTube or any other apps inside your center console for factory look and feel or you can get one of these things it’s even better. We have them available this is HDMI / USB in one with a very long cable You just install it This way you will have HDMI and USB You can install it in your center console or drill into the center console you will have it. So, we know that the interface is working, we can switch to the menu. You can proceed to testing all the features. You can see demos of the features in the beginning of this video connected. So, in CarPlay mode, you want to go on like TuneIn Radio here in your recent applications. It’s all touchscreen just like it would be factory. Let’s go into music let’s see.. let’s go into podcasts let’s go with the trending ABC radio you want to make sure you hear the radio Make sure you have audio from auxiliary so now we know that everything is working we can go ahead and put the car together and test the rest of the features. If you want to see the rest of the features go back to the beginning of the video but the installation is complete Neatly, put everything back and reinstall your radio. Reinstall the panel hide the

interface. After you screw everything in, test everything one more time But, we know your installation is proper, we know we connected all of the wires correctly We know our audio is working. We can switch back and forth and that completes our installation Thank you for watching. Please click the logo on the left-hand side to subscribe to the channel. Subscriptions work on smartphones, tablets and computers. Please like the video and leave a comment If you’d like to watch another video, please click the link on the right hand side