BMW E65 E66 How To Replace Your Water Pump

hey what’s going on guys Chris here from DIY 6566 dot-com and tonight’s video we are going to be working and replacing the water pump and just in case you’re wondering my car is the 2006 II 65 750i it’s the 4.8 liter engine so you guys with the 2002 s through 2005 s you guys might be a little bit different but similar here so I’m at this point already I have other videos that show exactly what to do to get up to this point but right now we’re looking at the thermostat here we’re looking at the water pump pulley here and of course you’re like whoa how do I get this far well I do have other videos that explain step-by-step process of what to do but pretty much let me just sum it up you got to take the cover off here then you got to take off the the boxes here which are on the ground each one right and left and then be careful of your little your little valves here and your sensor here and I just flip-flopped it up of course there is you get the loosen up this one as well pull it off of right here flip it up here and now I’m this spot here literally took me about five minutes because I’ve done this quite a bit oh sorry also you have to remove the the nuts for this part right over here anyway I do have videos that explain all that so let’s get into the video tonight guys um what we’re going to do we’re going to start off for here first is we’re going to get a course we’re going to get to the water pump here so we need to take off our serpentine belt and and then what we’re going to do it and we’re going to pull off the pulley and kind of go from there so let me go ahead and show you exactly what it is to take off the serpentine belt we’re going to get our breaker bar pull our tensioner to the right pull off our belt and then go for our pulley here but the best thing to do here before I start I always take a look at the brand new one and here’s my brand new one right here beautiful and german-made let’s go ahead and take a look at it here so what I like to do is I like to size it up so right there is where your thermostat goes into and then of course we have the upper pipe here that goes in right here and then we have this little one this little pipe down here you have a little pipe running from your overflow right into the bottom of it there which is right here where my thumb is and then of course right here is behind the pulley and then the one up here by my middle finger you also have another line right there running into the back of it so I always kind of like to get myself acquainted with how I’m going to be putting it in notice how there’s bolts here here here one right there by the thermostat up there by my middle finger down here and then we have two holes down here I haven’t been that far yet and then one over there where my hand is so let’s go ahead and get our breaker bar out and let me show you exactly the size on that we’re going to pull it to the side take off our serpentine belt all right we got our breaker bar here and we have our torques t-50 five side here size here and the torques t-50 five a little shape like that and what we’re going to do here is we’re going to slip it right into our tensioner here and right here there’s a little slot where the the T torques goes in to right there let me get a little bit more light on that to show you guys all right guys what you’re going to do here is you’re going to take your T 55 again and right down here in the slot right there is the slot where you I’ll go ahead and stick on T 55 in here let’s go ahead and do that here and then again we’re going to be pulling it to be the right okay we’re in the slot here and what we’re going to do is we’re just going to pull it to the right and you’re going to see the tensioner loosen on the belt there we go there and there we are so now the belts loose and be careful your fingers guys and what I do is I start on the top one here take it down below and then once you’re this far off that top one you can go ahead and release the pressure here and for kicks I’m going to go ahead and remove the whole belt I do have another video that explains exactly how to put everything back on in the proper so what you can do is you can tuck this off to the side if you want but I’m going to go ahead and take it off just in case I spill some coolant on it when I’m doing my water pump so just unwrap it around all the pull these and belts and if you forget how to put it back on take a picture or watch my how to put on your serpentine belt video and you’ll see how to put it on exactly the properly way so let’s stick that out of the way then what we’re going to do is grab a ten millimeter and we’re going to take off four bolts here so we get the pulley off this is the water pump pulley alright guys what you have to do is if you haven’t took this off before you’re gonna have to hold it and these bolts might be in there a little tight mine I just took it off the other day so let’s go ahead and unscrew

all four there and then we’ll hand loosen them up the rest of the way now guys if you are wondering you know bad symptoms of a water pump check out my video I just posted before this video about two videos ago and it’s on my channel or go to do DIY 6 5 D 6 calm and it’s there but my bearing is causing a real nasty squeak on me and it’s really running rough and at first I thought it was now these bolts have little washers on the end of them so be careful guys they’re little itty bitty bolts there but I thought it was my timing chain running rough with my upper timing chain tensioner so I replaced that and unfortunately the sound is still there and I did my tensioner that you just saw me put the t-55 in redid that one put my pole a new pole Ian down below my alternator as well well it was still there and the sound was coming from up above this general area right here so I’m really hoping that this cures the noise but also my water pump had a wobble in it the bearing has a wobble in it I’ll show you that just a second here but now if you’ve never pulled this pulley off this is going to take a little bit of force to pull it off but mine I just took off a couple times already in the last couple months so mine just slips right off but it might be sealed on here pretty good so you gonna have to pop it off but this right here is the wobble in my water pump right there now that bearing should be stiff as a whistle but that is not stiff as a whistle that’s got a wobble to it and has a rough spin to it now let me show you the brand-new one all right guys let’s take a look at the brand new one here silent that’s just my fingers making noise on nice and stiff absolutely no wobble at all stiff as a whistle so my car has about 140 145,000 can’t remember off the top of my head miles again 2006 and what I noticed is that my bearing went bad but it’s still drivable I’ve still up and running but it’s dangerous because this could seize it any minute causing a lot more problems so I’m replacing it now before going an extra week or two another problem that could happen is your gasket seal in the back which mine came with a brand new one let me get that here’s my gasket seal my new one this goes of course in the back in this little slot that could go bad on it and if that does go bad on you and shrinks and lets out some coolant your coolants going to be squirting up and around you’re going to be dripping a lot of coolant and that could come from the back side as well and so let’s go ahead and move on to the next step guys okay guys know what we’re going to do here is we’re going to just go ahead and remove the sensors here and also make sure you have like a little catch bottle here for coolant what I’m going to do is I’m going to try to save as much as possible I’ve already had a little bit of a flush here but just in case you want to do a complete flush and you want to get rid of all the coolant well you’re going to look down here at the bottom and so here’s your fan connector here you’re going to go straight down it’s kind of hard to see I’m sorry guys but just follow this all the way down and there’s a little red knob down there and you’re just going to unscrew that red knob there and that’s kind of your coolant leak out area but you’re going to have to take off the plastic on the bottom to leak it out so I’m going to try to save a step here and save as much coolant as I can so when I unhook these I’m going to keep these hoses in the upright position try to keep as much as I can of course I’m going to lose some so that’s why I might have a catch a big like two-liter with a head cut off of it to catch as much as I can because there’s a little bit of room in here to play with if you’ve seen my thermostat video you see that I do that I try to catch as much as possible so no way back to the project on hand here guys we’re going to go ahead and just pinch that little silver thing in right here and we’re just going to pop off the sensor right there and again guys be careful these sensors because you don’t want to bust these sensors or wires because it’s a real pain in the butt they’re pretty pricey little critters so anyway and if you’re wondering guys I’m going to have all the links in the description box for these products to purchase yourself or read more about them alright next one we’re going to do here is we’re going to get rid of the sensor wire here on this same thing there’s a little silver clip on that one there there’s a silver clip to push that in and then you pop it straight off to put that out of the way without getting dirt and debris on that little wire there alright now we’re looking at the thermostat here and we’re looking at the this is the sensor for the water pump this is the sensor for the thermostat

when you buy a new thermostat normally it comes with this new sensor it’s what we’re going to do here now guys is in order to put in the new water pump we’re going to have to actually disconnect the thermostat here and then we’re going to pull the thermostat out so if you guys do have a check engine light for the thermostat do it with this because it makes that makes a lot easier guys to do all the projects set at once here I’ve already replaced my thermostat a while ago so now it’s the water pump so there’s a couple bolts here and I’m just going to have to redo exactly what I did in my thermostat video but there is I believe one two there’s a really hard one to get to in the back that’s three and then I believe there’s just three bolts and those should be those should be 10 mil guys I’ll double check on that but the one in the back is kind of a pain in the butt and I have a little special IKEA 10 mil screw for for that one but so what we’re going to do here guys is we’re going to go ahead and see if we can go ahead and take off our sensors here first and because we got to take that one off anyway to replace it we’re going to leave this one on but this one we’re going to go ahead take off just to see if we can get as much coolant dripping out of that into our ketch bottle so our hoses when we pull those off doesn’t splash all over the place so let’s go ahead and take off this one first then we’ll work on the thermostat Bowl alrighty guys that is a 22 millimeter 22 millimeter and when I took it off there was no there was no coolant that died dripped out of there so I took it off there there’s your water pump sensor there and again coolant in there but it’s not running it’s not running out so I add my catch bottle down here in my little funnel just in case there’s a little bit of if you do put anything down there be careful of your fan don’t crack your your cover to your fan yeah what you want to do guys is you want to put this in a safe location so it doesn’t you know get stepped on or whatever because the sensor is about I want to say at the top my head twenty seven dollars or something like that just this little guy right here so be careful so let’s put that out of the way somewhere safe so something I want to mention guys here is that when you do take off your water pump course there’s going to be a lot of cooling going here but I do have a crack in my reservoir tank that was fixed and now it’s gone back to being broken again with the coolant seeping out so I’m going to repair that as well but that’s going to be another video so what you can do here to lose less current on the ground if you don’t use that button down there to unscrew that and flush it is you go ahead and unscrew your top here set that aside and then grab a turkey baster like your mom uses to like bass turkeys know where you squeeze in and sucks the water up well you’re just going to suck the coolant up as much as you can until you get it to a proper level and then you can either set it aside if it’s clean or if it’s dirty I recommend you go ahead and just do another fresh distilled water and and BWW cool anyway because what you’re going to do here is this at the bottom here that runs into your water pump etc etc and you’re just going to lose all that as well so be careful about that guys so now we’re going to be pulling off this hose here that’s connect to the top of the water pump here and these clips are really cool guys just grab your flat-head screwdriver slip it in this little gap right here you’re going to pop it up and be careful not to break these because you don’t want to and I had a why how will I pop it up is I just kind of just simply just twist your screwdriver over like that and then these little clips will up pulling out guys there we go just like that okay so that clip is now freed up and we can go ahead and slide it back but we’re going to get our catch bottle and we don’t want to leak all over our alternator etc all right guys I’m about to pull off my upper hose here connected to my water pump now as you see right here where my fingernail is here there’s a little slot that goes into this little hole that kind of secures on the upper hose here or sees your clip there’s a little notch right here so if you’re having trouble removing it and pulling it back just pull straight back because that notch knees go back in there don’t twist just pull straight back what I did is I just kind of wedged a little flatted in there and just kind of gently wiggled it a little bit like that kind of twisting it to the side being careful guys because you don’t want to replace that if you don’t have to and so now my notch is completely out and it’s sliding pretty good no coolants drop yet so I’m going to set the camera back here just in case I’m going to again straight back and dump it in my catch bottle it customized a BMW coolant gallon there slid it straight down I’m very careful course not to lay it on any hoses it’s kind of wedged in there nicely I’m going to go ahead and hold it with one hand so the weight doesn’t drop it down there and we’re going to catch all the coolant possible here alrighty guys not too much came out of that which was good here my catch bottle only has probably maybe about maybe 10 ounces 12 ounces like a

can of coke some spilled at the bottom but it’s okay here so I have a little bungee cord keeping that out of the way so you can just tie it up with a rubber band or just shove it off to the side so we got that upper hose out of the way or disconnected here now what we’re going to do here is we’re going to disconnect the lower hose here from the thermostat and a lot more is going to come out of this and now maybe because I don’t have so much coolant again my leak in the reservoir tank could be the problem there guys so you guys might have more might not so it’s up to you if you want to remove this one fur or the lower one first to dump it out it’s up to you you can go either way but now again we’re going to go ahead and lift up this clip here and slide that one straight back as well all right guys same thing on this here this one is a little bit trickier because you kind of have to go in from this direction here but again just kind of whip it up there and what I like to do is these things are pretty pretty easy again so you just lift it up with your screwdriver there and then grab it if I didn’t have a glove on I could get it right there we go and then just lift it up exactly like that and now this one again you’re just going to slide it straight back now I replace this lower hose not too long ago if you’ve never replaced it that thing is going to be sealed on there pretty tight so again there’s little sloshes so don’t twist these off you’re going to have to just jiggle it back and just go straight back guys it might be a little pain in the butt but keep at it and you’ll be okay and the sloshes you can see the slots right there where I’m pointing with my finger right there there’s one slot and then there’s one on the back side it slips right into like all righty guys my lower hose is off and what I do is I just wedged it right up here by the fan here and just be careful you don’t want that to come loose and spill more coolant and you probably want to put a nice clean rag over the top of that to prevent dirt from jumping on inside so we got our upper hose over here we’ve got our lower hose down here right now we’re looking at the thermostat and water pump so now what we have to do is we still have the expansion tank one right here that’s hooked into the back but I’m going to go ahead and first I’m going to go ahead and do this one over here to the right that’s connected into the side so same thing same exact process just get your flat-head screwdriver in there flip up that tab pull that off there and and then go ahead and dump that coolant and then we’ll move on to the expansion tank one all right guys that one is off and that did again has a little clip right there I just slide straight off guys and this one that did produce a lot of coolant coming out so what I did is again I had my little catch bottle down below I put a little funnel and I and it just properly so when I was coming out of that and out of the water pump I just kind of angled it up like that so so far I’ve caught pretty good amount guys it’s quite a bit I didn’t get a little bit drip down but just be careful watch your alternator watch your your pulleys down here don’t dump that all over the place down there so if you guys want you know again drain it from down below first so you don’t do all this and so now what we’re going to do guys is we’re going to go ahead and get on into and we still have the expansion tank hose running right here down here and then it’s clipped on right on the bottom right below right here where my finger is right here again slap another screwdriver in there pop that little clip up pull that straight back and then we’re going to work on our water pump bolts all righty guys my extension cords here are coming in pretty handy here that one just popped off the bottom again and a little bit of coolant will come out or a lot depends on how much you have in here or if your turkey baster it out I went ahead and fold that up and then my sensor is down right here careful those guys now we’re sitting right here and what we’re going to do is we’re going to just go ahead and if you’re a little bit confused again about where the bolts are come back over to your brand new one so again know where your bolts are one two looks like I’m not sure if that’s a small or not but let’s count that as three four five and then six up here by my pinky and again remember when we pull this off don’t forget to put on the new gasket there all right guys and those bolts are ten millimeter bolts here my first one right here I’ve already backed it out let’s go ahead and take that off let me show you what it is there’s bolt number one they’re about this long have washers on the end of them so go ahead and put those out of the side carefully not to lose any of those and let’s proceed to the next one alright bolt number two guys is right underneath this here straight back so get yourself an extension ten millimeter and go ahead and get that one off there and both two guys is a lot longer than bolt one so remember the placement of the bolts when you put them back alright guys bolt number three is a

little tricky but it’s down here by the hose that you have latched underneath here now let’s go to our new one and we’ll take a look here so here is bolt number three here this is exact same direction it’s facing here so this was bolt number one bolt number two this longer one bolt number three right here and what I’m doing is after I take them off I’m putting them back in here to map out the right direction shall we should have just one and two left all righty guys I thought I didn’t have to but I had to take off the big large pulley right down here I’m sorry yeah goes right over this little net right here the reason why the last bolt of the water pump is just too hard to get to I even tried to take off the tensioner over here getting back there with a 10 millimeter I could I can loosen all the way up but the bolt just won’t come out it’s back of the large pulley here so what I did is you have to take off the AC bail AC belt does not have a tensioner so what I had to do okay this is this goes on right back on there like that guys what’s that little plate in the middle I’ll get to that in a second but it slips right back on there with right in the middle is you guys just saw that that large nut okay what you have to do is you have to grab your breaker bar because it’s very firm grab yourself a 28 millimeter it might be a 27 but it worked with the 28 and no problem with stripping just make sure it doesn’t slip off jam that 28 mill on this nut of course you’re going to be blindsided because this this big pulley he’s going to be in your way you’re going I what I did is I cranked it to the left and when I cranked it to the left right over here with my other hand with a glove I went ahead it’s very tedious work but I went ahead and I just pulled it over here gently and carefully right over here to the left and then again rotated it pulled it rotated it pulled it finally it came off guys it’s a pain in the butt you’re going to work up a sweat but have some pizza afterwards guys or if you want to if you’ve already bought in a new one then you say forget about it you can just go ahead and use some scissors and cut it off and then I’ll show you guys how to put on the new one towards so it’s up to you if you want to cut it or put the new one on but now as you saw previously on that shot down below there are a total of let’s count them up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 bolts that are sitting around this right here and remember there is a plate there guys so don’t lose that so there’s 8 bolts that are in the center of that that size guys is a t 4t T 4 T and I reached in there with an extension with my T 4 T and they’re on there tight guys so you’re going to have to pop them loose and then again you’re going to be blindsided because you can’t see in there you’re gonna have to reach your hand in there after you loose them up unwind them pull them out again guys watch that plate and that’s that procedure guys and that just again once you’re done with the last bolt so after you’re done bringing up the pulley again guys just set it right there on the ground and you’re good to go after that alright guys now we can officially reach down here with that last bolt and I already loosened it up like I mentioned earlier when I took out my tensioner to get that tin on there to just to do a little experiment but I held it in here with this bolt here so let me take this one off too ok so again put them back in the correct order and your little map and the new one let me do that let me put my fifth bolt pain-in-the-butt one back alright guys now um if you haven’t already you know there’s going to be more coolant coming out of here so what we do now is you got to watch your pipes don’t bend it just pull it straight back and I already kind of loosen that up but as you can see right here there are two pipes right here one and two that go on right there one and two so again don’t rip it off just pull it straight back like that and then then the whole entire water pump will come on out guys there she is right there there’s the old one with the thermostat so again don’t throw that thermostat thermostat I’m going to reuse but again if you haven’t already done yours guys you need to go ahead and do this with this so now it makes it a lot easier to get to that really tricky bolt in the back of the thermostat back guys when I put in my thermostat it was a pain in the butt but now what I’m going to do is I have free access to go ahead and remove all three of those bolts pull that thermostat that’ll be the next step alright guys now we’re looking at the thermostat on the old water pump let’s

take it off ten mil one two and the third one right there that will release the thermostat there and make sure you put that in a safe location because we’re going to reuse that something I did notice guys is the old genuine BMW water pump it’s actually a plastic propeller and very interesting now the new one I bought the OEM made in Germany that is a metal / paler a pillar and so let’s go ahead and wrap that around real quick and show you that see there we go nice and metal there beautiful quality so let’s go ahead and put the new one on in and here guys if you are experiencing a very strange leak from the back of your water pipe water pump coming out the back there is this small little hose right here that is replaceable it’s total about this far here and let me show you how to back that out you’re just going to grab a hold of it and gently slide it straight back now this top pipe right here guys again be careful here but you’re just going to grab it and it’s a little bit of a snug fit that little pipe pops right on up alright guys first thing we’re going to do before we put the new water pump on we’re going to go ahead and do the same thing like I did in my thermostat video I’m going to come down here with a light you know cleaner or not not cleaner but I’m actually going to use like a plastic paint scraper so I don’t damage the the rim here and I’m going to go ahead and just scrape off a little of the film of the old gasket because I want to make sure it secures nice and tight guys let me do that now all right so we’re just going to come around guys we’re just going to go ahead and clean it a little bit using a plastic one my thermostat video I think I used a metal one and it was totally fine just be careful and then just wipe off the excess dirt off of it and then start again we just want a clean nice clean seal so we want to get off any grit any sealant from the old gasket so work on that for a few minutes there being careful and then we’re going to go ahead and proceed to put the new one on all right guys looking at my old water pump I’m seeing 100 ring which is incorporated into this little slot here your I believe that’s your heater return pipe and so there’s a little overhang incorporated here here’s the old gasket already incorporated in here now when I bought my new one my new water pump have the overhang already incorporated in it guys so if you are just experiencing a leak out of your possible heater return pipe that’s a five dollar Oh ring and that’s going to save a lot of money instead of replacing the whole thing so let’s go up to new one here to take a look at it here and mine again is incorporated into the little return slot there that black Oh ring there to the right-hand side so that’s the only O ring and then of course I need to put on my gasket which goes right in this little slot right here and that gasket again guys is right over here and so I’m going to go ahead and put that in now and we’re going to go ahead and put that on all right my new gasket is on we’re looking really good just go ahead and you know feed it in there and just push it down with your thumb and of course the pressure when you screw it back on will seal it completely just make sure it’s in there and not hanging out the side guys you don’t want to get a leak on you after you’ve done this job all right guys when you’re putting the new one back on here again know the pattern of where it goes and what we’re going to do here is right here is our heater return pipe and then our other big pipe here we’re going to make sure that the o-ring seal of course there’s the one right here where my thumb is that’s already embedded in there and then the one it’s not removable but that little small pipe that you saw there that just seals on to the big one here there’s no over in this one again examine your old one when you pull it off to make sure but this particularly 65 2006 there’s only the one where my thumb is alright so let’s go ahead and pop those on right into the heater return and the large pipe there and then of course that we want to line up our bolts and so what we’re going to do here is we’re just going to go nice and easy and we’re going to pop them on those o-rings and then of course guys as always we’re going to hand tighten the bolts on first before we start popping those on here so let me go ahead and set down the camera and we’ll get this going here alrighty guys the new ones on we got the bolts tightened and when you tighten the bolts make sure you tighten all five again and tighten them about the same tighten strength that you when you took them off there and if you’re worried about the o-ring sealing if you’re not really sure exactly well when you tighten it up it’s going to shove it a little bit more on because it’s nice dry oring there you can lubricate it if you want with a little bit of coolant to be able to slip on that return heater pipe a little bit better but it will seal on nice and just make sure there’s

no wobble right up in here and then of course before we put the car all back together test it before you put the hood back on to make sure you’re not leaking anywhere out of your gaskets or anything like that alright guys wookie mistake but I put my water pump in without putting my new my old thermostat back on my new water pump so anyway rookie mistake but easy to get to I just use one of these and then I’m going to reach in there with an extension and tighten it down a little bit easier when all those pipes are out of the way so anyway put the thermostat on the water pump before you put the water pump back on alright next step guys here now that our thermostat is fully tightened down there really nicely and again real quickly guys um when I tighten the bolts I didn’t just go around in a clockwise position I did just like a tire I went klom star shape so I tightened that one then that one and that one then that one then that one just so it’s a nice even seal same thing with this one that one that one that one so there’s only three so that didn’t really matter but anyway so back to this on hand here we’re going to be putting back on I have a new a/c belt this isn’t it this is the old one I have a new one that came in my kit when I did my serpentine bail and my tensioner and all that stuff anyway I never put it on because I couldn’t figure how to take it off but now that I figured out how to take it off I’m going to go ahead and get rid of how much I’m going to save this one because just in case of belt breaks you want to be able to put one back on the same day so I’m going to keep it just in case but I’m going to go ahead and take a clean rag we’re going to clean off the AC compressor pulley here and get all the filth and grit and any oil or coolant that is a spill down there we’re going to go ahead and wipe that off and then what we’re going to do is we’re going to come over here and we’re going to put back on our large pulley here with our metal plate in there again all eight screws and we’re going to go ahead and set this on in guys and for the duration of this video I’m going to maybe just show the tail end of connecting things just to keep this video under however long this is because it’s fairly long and I do apologize guys if my videos are pretty long but I just try to get into complete detail because that’s how I first started I had no idea what I was doing and more details the better so I’m just trying to help you guys out so my apologies if my videos are a little long all right guys now be careful when you’re putting this big pulley back on so underneath this little bracket here you’re going to see all eight bolts but then you’re going to see this little guy right here a little notch okay be careful about that one guys so when you cover up that of course the notch is missing right and when I get a little bit closer here and I take a little look here let me get a little more light on there alright guys so when I get a little bit closer to look here there’s all my eight bolts there and then there’s my little notch so when you put it back on before you put that bracket on guys make sure that notch goes in that little hole and then put your little metal bracket on and then go ahead and put on your eight bolts there and again that’s a tea for tea alrighty guys I’m putting back on my AC belt after I tighten all eight screws t40 again in a star pattern down here a little bit of pain in the butt but just have a seat on your bumper and kind of get your arm in there backwards wiggle it around you’re good just make sure it’s on the knotch now when I went to go put back on my new AC belt which I didn’t put on when I did my serpentine belt because this thing is tough and it doesn’t have a tensioner so you got to buy a special tool so there’s a couple ways to do it you loosen up your AC compressor bolts fiddle with that and then it goes on real nice tighten up your AC bolts I really don’t have the time to get underneath the car so what I’m doing is I’m actually just putting back on my old one and as you can see here my old one is a little bit more stretchier than my other one now it’s not bad stretchy I have two options because I got to go to work and of course I am a chauffeur driver so I need to be professional I can a have possibly a loose belt um but it’s probably it’s it’s on there pretty tight or I could just leave it off completely not run the AC it is wintertime so I we know we should be okay anyway but I’m putting my breaker bar back in the slot here cranking it I’m actually going to the left the manual says go to the right but it’s you know it’s just a pole you’re not going to you know ruin anything and then with my other hand here I’m slipping it on like a bicycle tire and as you can see I’m almost on there so I’m going to go ahead and put the camera down do it a little bit more get that fully on put it all together so I can get to work alright guys good news I got the AC built back on course the old one and it’s lined up real nicely here in the grooves all the way around front and backside same width over here front and back sides we’re looking really good I’m really excited about that and so now we’re going to go ahead and clean this large pulley here and and first though we’re going to put on the hoses alright first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put back this hose here and

again guys that’s on the back side of the water pump there underneath the thermostat and go ahead and make sure your clips are down and everything is secure and remember with these hoses guys there’s little notches so they need to go straight on see this one here there’s little notches here so don’t twist them on shove them straight on just like you pull them straight back next guys we’re going to put back this hose the one that goes right here and again just slip it on and then it locks into place and then sorry guys camera was a little bit low but just push it straight on push down your thing snaps into place good to go next one we’re going to go ahead and do this one right here on that one right there and guys remember with this upper hose here you have this little slot here that needs to go in this little itty bitty hole right here when you put it on when you put it on make sure that goes inside there next guys we’re going to put on the thermostat hose which I have right over here so remove any covering if you put any covering in and we’re going to go ahead and slip that on now this one has the sloshes for sure in the thermostat so make sure that goes on correctly some have notches some have little grooves like this so just pay attention to that all right with that hose hooked on let’s go ahead and plug back in the metal side on your left plug back in thermostat sensor now we’re going to come over here and we’re going to grab our 22 millimeter wrench or socket if you have a deep one let’s put back in our water pump sensor here I always do it hand thread it on first I want to strip that and let’s grab our 22 mil let’s finish that up don’t put too much pressure on this plastic part now we’re going to go ahead and take our 22 mil tight Nayana all righty guys and we’re just going to put a little bit of into it not much at all probably tell it’s just nice and straight all right that’s good there don’t want to do too tight but tight enough where it’s not going to leak on you all right now let’s take our water pump sensor here and again it’s going to be the metal side on the bottom go ahead and click that on in all right beautiful we’re looking good guys and let’s go ahead and check over our work here okay guys before you put back on your serpentine belt you want to put back on your water pump pulley there’s four two millimeter bolts and the pulley goes right on and then screw on those four ten millimeter bolts all right guys the serpentine belt is back on last thing we need to do now is all right guys the last thing we need to do is just fill with coolant so use distilled water and BMW coolant fill that guy on up fire it up start the engine check the level and then inside is going to say max or minimum right in there and the level is going to sit right on top there I have a video for that properly filling that up guys and then just put back on your ear boxes you know cetera et cetera the top over there and you guys have just saved hundreds of dollars doing your own water pump and/or thermostat and belts or whatnot I have videos for all these things guys thermostat this one is the water pump serpentine bill have another video for that tensioner and idle pulley down there got videos for that guys I got videos for these these so check it out hope you guys enjoyed the video sorry it’s so long again but look in the description box below for tools and parts you see in this video for your own purchasing pleasure and also visit me on DIY e65 east 66 calm thank you guys so much and be prepared because tonight I’m also going to be doing the expansion tank I’m going to be putting my new one in very simple and so before I fill up this obviously I’m going to put in the new expansion tank so as far as the water pub goes thanks a lot guys you guys have a wonderful night you