2008 Ford Escape Stereo Replacement – Aftermarket Radio Head Unit Installation

great so I’m gonna be installing a new stereo into our 2008 Ford Escape now I have the hybrid version I don’t believe there’s a difference between the hybrid and the four cylinder the six cylinder version of this second generation Escape when it comes to the stock stereo now I think if you get the full term package with the navigation and any of the hybrid I think it ties into all your your efficiency ratings and if you’re an Eevee mode and you’re miles per gallon and things like that however if you have one of those this this installation isn’t going to help you too much because it’s a different stereo that I have so if you have the stock stereo for a 2008 escape just the base model which is bad it’s not the best so this should this should help you out so first things first we have to disconnect the negative terminal on our battery and so we can safely access all the all the power cables without without acting ourselves okay here our battery terminals so we’ll disconnect the negative to safely perform the extraction of the existing stereo and the installation of the new one we should tuck it right out of there because you don’t want it to accidentally you know bend back into place and then make connection while you’re you’re working on wires and things like that okay so with that done we’ll head inside the escape and see uh take a look at the existing dash and see what we’re looking at so this is my factory stereo as you can see it’s pretty integrated just a it’s quite integrated into the into the dash design it’s not one of those traditional one or two din stereo units that you just pop in and pop new one you know pop out and pop a new one in so that’s why I had to buy a dash kit for it you can see the color here is uh it’s almost a silver it’s hard to tell but it is it’s a goldish silver and they didn’t have this color in the dash kits that i found they had black and they had a very very Goldie gold if that makes sense and a gray that didn’t match my interior either so I went with the black just because there’s there is some minor black trim already so I think it would stick out the most so so yeah now that we’ve taken a look at the dash now let’s hop inside and we’ll go over all we need to replace the stereo great so things that we’ll need for this installation and swap obviously the unit itself is the touchscreen unit I got off eBay it’s Android 4.4 6.2 inch screen it’s DVD navigation anything that goes on Android so navigation radio it’s got a tuner in it you can you can stall apps just like on you know your Android tablet or your phone so it’s essentially a tablet in in your stereo so it’s kind of nice so we’re going to install this and again we have to remove these screws otherwise we’ll build up of DVDs in the player everything else that comes with it brackets the GPS antenna all the other cables to the back and these are some troubleshooting tips but it doesn’t actually come with installation instructions so I’m gonna have to struggle through that a little bit since we’re doing it I can show you the back to there’s a fuse there this looks like a Wi-Fi antenna your AGP GPS antenna hookup antenna and your ear ports for your other items there so it’s pretty straightforward I mean as far as stereos go we’ll see how that goes as me to struggle through it next up I have a stereo mounting – kit again I got this off eBay everything I got here was off of ebay oh sorry the stereo was about $300 this is this cost me about fifty dollars shipped did come from the US I’m in Canada took a bugger

we can have to get here and it’s just the trim for to replace the trim in that comes with the factory stop we actually think it goes like that but your sale go here and then your existing gals will go there so they had it we have it in a silver that didn’t quite match the silver of my of my escape so I’m just going to stick with this the black with some black trim in the escape so I don’t think it’ll pop out too much there was a silver in black and I think it was a gold as well but that didn’t match it all so I chose mine black I also got a wiring harness or you know radio replacement interface but essentially it makes it so when you take your stereo out all the cords and cords and wires you can just plug in somehow I’ll just again I haven’t looked at this yet so but will essentially have a clean plug in straight into there which I imagine will will plug into here and then have your hookups and all your wires properly marked and labeled for for your new stereo so I guess I’m for the bulletin so I’ll have to read that and see what it says but yeah so if you don’t have a wiring harness it’s going to make your your installation much more work because you’re going to have to splice wires and find the right wires so I helped a lot again I’m sorry I’ve never done something to this degree before so we’re going to be learning together on this and I got this off of ebay as well for about a hundred dollars shipped it was 75 or 80 plus another 15 or 20 so it was 90 or 100 bucks Canadian to get it shipped to me from the u.s. to Canada I also went online and found some instructions on some installation instructions on how to remove and install new stereos and how to take apart the dash kit take about the existing – we can install the new with a new kit and then you set I would suggest that if you’re printing these off find a way to post or print so you can do two pages on each side and save a lot of paper because you know you’re only going to use a once you’re gonna toss in some savings and make as a paper and I also picked up these these – installation tools um from what I read these are really helpful I mean you can use you know a you know your butter knife and some screwdrivers and you can wrap them in electrical tape or something and it protects that you know from jabbing and cutting your leather but you know these apparently are really nice to have so they these were only about eight dollars shipped and they came from again within Canada I’m sure you can if you’re in the States you can find them in the States as well they’re super cheap and from what I get from what I hear very helpful so we’re gonna I’m going to be using these for the first time as well today so said about that and as an option the the stereo itself comes with video cables like I’m from what I believe one from the front and from the back for a reverse camera and one for a dashcam but I don’t have them they’ve arrived for you those are actually coming from China those cost me about $30.00 total but I’m going to install it now and I’m going to use existing because it’s just composite or RCA Kate video cables so I’m just going to use some ones that I’ve had hanging on the house and and feed them under the – and just use these couplers on the end so when they do arrive I can just plug in the video I don’t have to take the whole – part again and just plug in the video and it should work again it’s a little bit of a risk I got these at Walmart they’re about 10 bucks it’s a little bit of a risk cause if the video doesn’t work I might end up pulling the whole unit out but you know I’m feeling pretty confident maybe a little cocky but we’ll we’ll see how it works when those go in and I’ll probably do another video after those are installed as well okay so let’s go take a look at the – alright so obviously the first thing you wanna do is make sure everything all of your personal items are taken out don’t want any CDs in the in the unit itself you know I had some some items down here take them out make sure all your your plugs are undone just make sure it’s ready to take out nothing’s in your way it’s a lot easier if your your work area is clean okay so I’m going to take a look at the instructions now full disclosure never done this before not with something with this you know with the – trim so you’re going to learn along with me if I make a mistake you’ll see and maybe you’ll know not to not to do it but hopefully I don’t make any

mistakes first step obviously disconnect the battery terminal we’ve already done that so it says unclip and remove the AC vent panel above the radio I’ll grab some of my – tools and I’m going to see if I can’t figure out how that comes off it’ll be really easy and that wasn’t so hard it just uh okay I’m gonna say right now these things work very well so that pop the cover up pretty easy looks like it’s actually hardwired in there so we’ll probably have to let that dangle I’m going to say that probably now that we have it out we’ll just I think we actually have to move that too much that’s exactly right so now we’re going to want to remove these two bolts that’s the that’s the next step and then the step after that is going to be removing this this bottom piece here it’s behind my shifter it’s got some some buttons that I think would have been used on a higher trim level maybe heated seats and then your auxilary and and your your cigarette adapter so we’ll remove these bolts and then we’ll unclip the lower panel here using a number seven Mastercraft socket probably get away with a wrench or pliers if you like it’s pretty simple so now we’re going to remove just this lower panel here and it looks very similar to the top panel as in we’re just going to need some of these tools to pry it out and the clips will release once again these tools did the trick major big time so really like those I would highly recommend them now there are two screws just under here seven millimeter that’s what the number seven that’s what seven millimeter of course and we’re going to disconnect those pretty far back there so when you grab an extension let me grab my ratchet so stick on the bottom my screwdriver and see if I can get a little more torque out of it you lose it because there’s some wires going in you for the auxilary in the well there’s a button here I might have to definitely do anything there’s no buttons that do anything that there’s a wire that goes to them and then the the power outlet as well we’re going to need to remove those from this front plate because they’re going to need to slide through this as we remove it and then slide through the new one as we put it on so all right so I just learned something I was trying to actually remove the Union out of the trim but of course just remove the plugs out of the back of the unit it’s probably something uh someone who’s done this before would know but again as I said I’ve never done this before so it’s a learning experience for me so we just removed the cables off of it off of the girly outlet and they said that I’ve done it’s just a placeholder it doesn’t there’s no buttons here because my trim level doesn’t have it and then this is the auxilary and that was just uh you just pull on these side things and it pops out this one there was something you push in here while pulling out and this one there was a thing on the side it just popped out so we’ll set this aside and move on to the next step Oh we removed the bottom panel we removed the screws now a slide radio out and

remove one eight millimeter bolt from the right side securing the ground strap to the brackets unplug and remove the radio oh actually I didn’t even need this a little bit of muscle on the bottom just popped it right out there we are okay I found it take a little video with my phone so that is what we’re trying to remove right there that’s the ground cable as I pull this out I can tell quite obviously that there’s something on the right side that’s stopping it from being removed completely and it is this this bolt that we’re looking at here won’t it the light is shining on right there that’s what we need to remove to get the ground cable off and then we can remove the radio and disconnect it as far as I am aware everybody so there it is my hands are covered in it but the bolt is out I’m gonna go give it a wipe down but I think maybe I’d recommend spraying it just the back end like it’s true this way and spray this back in with just a single squirt and as you pull it out it’ll make it looser so you can you can do it by hand because if I could have done that by hand for most of it it would have gone a lot faster so that’s a that’s a pro tip so now we’re supposed to remove all the other wires and connectors on the radio that wasn’t too hard so here we have our our dash unit obviously what’s happening now is everything above this line here this is the stereo everything down here is our climate controls which obviously we want to keep so I believe I’ll double check in the instructions the next step is to remove this climate control panel from from the dash and then I think essentially we’re pretty much done with everything in the top part because we’re going to have a new stereo and we’re going to have a new front so I don’t think we’re going to need to remove this from the back end because this is just going to go sit and I’m just going to set this aside I’m just going to set this aside because we’re not going to need it again so let’s let’s go about removing this part and these are Torx screws so there’s four of them so that’s something you’re going to need okay so that is a number t20 I think that sounds four Torx 20 I’m not sure don’t quote me but that’s what I mean okay so all I did was remove those four Torx screws here and here and then there’s two on this side and two one on this side over here and now from what I can tell that boy just pops right out yeah there we go so those are our our climate control controls and yeah it’s beauty so I don’t need I’m going to set this aside because we want this back but I don’t need this more see I’m not we’re not reusing this stereo and we got different trim so we don’t need any of this anymore we’re going to use a whole new set and the whole new kick so I think this is where the fun part happens we start using the wiring harness and wiring together some of the the wires to make all the items work all right we’re back I actually didn’t

have to do it here I went side and I got all my wires put together and spliced and other knock on wood supposed to be there’s a few extras in here that weren’t part of the common the common wires that I was a familiar with from the beginning like there’s a green one here that’s for the reverse light and then there’s a red one here for the parking brake so we can play a DVD player things like that but the most part was pretty straightforward splicing the the wires together and now I’m ready to plug these into the Ford unit the Ford wires and then I’ll plug the this bad boy into the stereo and we’ll see if our preliminary tests fire up power on the car and see what happens that’s a good sign hi guys no that’s again it’s essentially the best I could hope for at this point so everything is good so I’m gonna unplug it for now and I got to finish putting the dead – a bit of putting the dash back together and we will continue the installation but so far so good alright well after a lot of wrestling with it I realized how to put this in this is my replacement this is the radio and we got the trim around it and it’s bolted on the only thing that holds it on are these two bolts and one on the side on each a little disappointed because then um you can probably see through here it’s not a perfect two din fit so it’s a little bit wider you can see on the sides here I mean everything still works successful but it’s just not as flush and clean as I’d like it but I did wrestle with it for quite a bit and I wasn’t able to get a better than this so it’ll have to do now I’m not sure the trim package I got is a little surprising as in where these to pick this peg here and this peg here are essentially holding the whole weight of the unit and it leans up against the inside so it’s gonna go in like this it’s essentially gonna sit like that and it popped out but we’re going to have the trim around up the other outside of it and that’s gonna be bolted in so I think that’ll hold it in but I mean I guess it works it just seems very it just seems like it wouldn’t work but I mean if it made it seem like what’s your get it in there you’re holding in there I mean it’s pretty solid in there just trusting it just to these two tabs on a piece of plastic is it’s a little disheartening but it is what it is it’s what I have so I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to rehook everything into the back of the unit and then test it one more time with it just resting in there and I think after that it’ll be pretty easy to just pop everything back the way it’s supposed to go so we’ll go from there earlier I was showing you the this is the buttons that don’t do anything because I don’t have a higher trim level so I used them as a entry point down into my console area here so I can have my auxilary in and I guess there’s a USB going to the unit as well which i think is for either additional storage for if you want to play music off a USB stick or if you want to hook gum they cook your phone up to order for whatever reason anyways it’s nice to have that accessible as well so that’s just going to hang down below and now I’ll pull it in pretty tight so it’s only hanging out about that much but they’ll still be it’s better than just you know out from below I think so so now that I’ve had that I’m going to put all the pieces back together and I’m going to wrap this

up I think I’ll just black trim here and these are black as well so and over here in the back that’s in black as well so it’s not such you how to play scene I wish it was a little better but it’ll do alright so thanks for watching and bearing with me a few lessons learned on this I would say make sure you get the radio adapter as well beforehand it’s really handy to have a socket set to do this I think you could probably get away with not having one if you really tried but it would make it makes the world different if you have a socket set I would say make sure before you pattern your unplug your battery unlock yours I forgot to do that so I couldn’t get I couldn’t unlock my power locks put your power seat back open your back tailgate if that’s what if you want it open I wanted it open for some air airflow and the biggest concern I have and maybe I’ll take a close-up of this is just the way that these this actually doesn’t fit perfectly in here the bottom lines up okay the tops little sunken in but this is sucking in behind the trim and I it’s not too noticeable but it’s not it’s not great so that’s my biggest my biggest gripe thus far it’s pretty good though I am I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out all things considered I did go budget on it I did did go as cheap as I you know inexpensive as I could so we’ll see how long it lasts I’ll do a review of the of the device itself and maybe another one in you know six months to see how well tailed up it said it was an Android 4.4 i i got an android 4.2 so maybe they can send me a firmware update or something but other than that i mean it works as described i would say yeah so thanks again for watching if you have any questions post them in the comments I’ll do my best to answer them but yeah thanks again and take care